two silhouettes

ok but can you imagine dan and phil watching the london fireworks out from one of their windows, each holding a wine glass and when the clock hits midnight they just look at each other and say “happy new year phil” “happy new year dan” then smile and have a new years kiss, curling up together with the lights of the fireworks behind them causing them to look as if they’re two dark silhouettes kissing in the light

two silhouettes move in closer in a secluded alley. one whispers about the other being at their side. a hand touching the other at all times. one of them, suppressed by religion, is scared, but the other’s touches are “almost seductive” and “attractive.” a hand over the other’s heart. 

the straights™: you’re reading way too much into this 

…. now I want to write a high school au with jock!dean doting on his adorable artist boyfriend Cas and Cas comes to all of Dean’s baseball games and actually gets Dean in a fair bit of trouble because damn that boy has a dirty mouth when he’s shit talking the opposing team and Dean goes to every single one of Cas’s art shows and his jokes and teasing keep Cas’s anxiety at bay as strangers appraise his work. Actually he distracts Cas so well that Cas doesn’t even realize his painting sold until the end of the night and he never finds out who bought it… until he’s a senior in college moving into his and Dean’s first apartment and he drops a box of plates off in the kitchen and sees a single piece of art on the living room wall, a painting of two silhouettes holding hands in a sea of green and blue and when he turns to find dean leaning in the doorway with a sheepish grin he launches himself into his fiancé’s arms and absolutely no unpacking gets done that night

Credence Barebone - Silhouettes

Part Two to this imagine. 

Warning: angst

Dearest (Name),

We would absolutely love to meet you this Friday at 4pm. Kowalski Bakery sounds just fine.

P.S- The sisters say they miss you loads.



As soon as I read this letter, I gasped. It was Saturday! How like Newt not to remember that No-Maj letters don’t get delivered immediately, he had given me no time to clear my schedule!

Well, it wasn’t like I was very busy or anything. Working at a nearby ballet theater wasn’t exactly glamorous, but it paid well. Heaven knows I needed the cash- I couldn’t live off John’s kindness anymore.

Hastily putting on a charm necklace that blocked Seers and throwing on a coat, I left a note for my wonderful roommate and started walking to Jacob’s bakery. Although it was quite chilly, the cool breeze was refreshing after spending a day moping around.

I was almost at the bakery when I saw one of my favorite beasts from Newt’s suitcase sitting forlornly outside the establishment. “Aw, Niffie, what are you doing outside?” I cooed, scooping him up, “You’ll get cold!”

“Th-thank you for finding him, (Name). He hasn’t been the same since you left.”

Looking up, I crushed the lanky man in a hug. “Newt!”

“Ey, (Name), didn’t you miss the rest of us?”

“Of course I did, Jacob,” I hugged him and the sisters too.

Most of the evening passed like that, with us just joking around and catching up on all that had happened. They, thankfully, tactfully avoided the Credence topic entirely.

After an hour or so, I noticed Newt getting increasingly fidgety. “Somewhere to be, Mister Scamander?” I joked.

“I have something to… tell you, (Name).”

Jacob shot him a warning glare, “Really, it’s not that important.”

Disregarding his friend’s obvious hint, he pushed on, “You deserve to know, there’s- there’s a girl.”

“I know that, you nitwit,” I rolled my eyes. He had told me about his predicament with Tina.

Queenie intervened, “He means that there’s been a young lady hanging around at our apartment lately. She works at the library down the street.”

“So?” I missed the point.

“Well, she doesn’t come to talk to us,” Tina gestured to herself and her sister, “or Newt, or Jacob.”



“Like that, huh?” I joked with a half-smile, blinking rapidly to dispel the moistness in my eyes. “Is he happy with her, at least?”

The silence at the table conveyed more truth than their false refusals ever could.

“That’s good to hear. Hey, I have an early morning teaching some juniors at the theater tomorrow, I should get going. But let’s do this sometime again, yes?”

As I rushed into a side-alley and Apparated home, I didn’t notice the weight of an extra wand in my pocket.

~A few minutes later~

“Gosh dang it!” I would have to go to the Goldstein apartment to return Queenie’s wand. Apparating there, I knocked on the door.

When no one answered, I shrugged and unlocked the door for myself. Noticing the silence, I assumed that there was nobody home, and moved to the living room to leave her wand on the table.

I wish I hadn’t, though. Because I passed by Credence’s room. My Credence.

He was there. And he wasn’t alone.

She was pretty, with her short red hair, and innocent doe eyes, wearing a flowing dress with little snowflakes patterned on to it.

They were laughing silently at something she’d just said, and I suddenly felt as though I was intruding on something personal, because he’d never laughed like that with me.

Was it always just me imagining us happy? Was I actually just forcing my affections on myself, so much so that he couldn’t be free around me? Was I just an obligation to him? 

How could I be so stupid and selfish?

She was leaning closer to him, and the color was rising from his neck to his ears. I had never seen him so flustered, forget making him feel like that.

Unable to breathe, too cowardly and unworthy to look at them, I turned my gaze to the hardwood floor.

I just stood by and watched as their silhouettes molded into one, their shadows kissing as if they had always belonged together, fitting so perfectly into each other.

(A/N): HOOOOO boi this was so difficult to write, because I usually do more fluffy stuff. What d’you say, guys? Is there enough life in this story yet for a third part? Maybe something to ease the pain of watching silhouettes dance on the floor?

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What happens next?

Just wondering…Have you noticed the two silhouettes kissing when Sherlock and Culverton Smith’s daughter his sister were talking at the bus stop? The man was unusually similar to Jim Moriarty (the hair, the profile, even the nose structure). 

So…what if Sherlock’s sister and Jim Moriarty met each other in a mental hospital (probably the Sherrinford Asylum) and worked together on the Game? And now Euros is gonna finish what they started?

Also remember this:


Particularly striking in this respect are the furtive meetings between one of Mary Lou’s charges, Credence (Ezra Miller, bringing to mind a lost Addams Family relative), and a charismatic enigma, Percival Graves (Colin Farrell, doing much with little), with uncertain designs. 

 These scenes read like sexual predation, especially when Mr. Farrell’s character leans close to Mr. Miller’s, his voice seductively purring as their two black silhouettes nearly blur into one. They’re especially unsettling because they play into deeply noxious stereotypes that can still emerge when an older man meets a sensitive lad in the shadows, a suggestion that is further complicated by the movie’s free-floating Fascist iconography. With his slicked, shaved hair and swirling black coat, Percival looks a few alterations and goose steps away from the Waffen-SS. – from The New York Times, 11/18.


You slump against the harsh cold wall. To your right was Sam and Dean, each separated.

Being imprisoned wasn’t exactly a vacation but being imprisoned by vampires was significantly worse.

“You guys hanging on alright?” Dean asked when the vamps had left for more blood no doubt. You nodded, not even bothering to look at him and Sam mumbled a ‘yeah’.

“Ah, the Winchesters.” came a smug snarl. A tall, pale man appeared, his nose scrunched up with disgust. “Hey.” You huffed, going for the sarcastic commentary time passer.

“Hellooo.” Dean waved, joining in with you.
His face turned sinister and two other vamps silhouettes loomed next to him.

“Grab her.”

He pointed at me, his long bony finger tainted in a harsh red.
“You leave her alone!” Dean warned, sitting up from his slouch. Sam flinched: he looked pissed.

The figures moved instantaneously, untying your rope and gripping your arms. Their long finger nails digging deep into your skin as rivers of blood flowed from the wounds. 
The leader of the trio smirked as he wiped his finger across your cuts, licking the crimson. His eyes never leaving yours.

A crash sounded and you whipped your head to see Sam sprinting for the vampires. He rammed into one of them who let go of you in pain.The other held onto you tighter but now you had a free hand and smacked her in the jaw. She screeched and threw her arm up in defense. But you were quicker than her and had the upper arm (A/N: oh the puns xD). You blocked with ease and sliced your leg into hers in a scything motion. She fell in a heap and clutched her jaw- it oozed red.

The man was busy fighting Sam and you ran over to Dean, untying his rope. “Thanks.” He managed before punching the female square in the face after she’d managed to drag herself back up. 

You turned to help Sam but Dean tugged you back and turned your head to face him. “Hey, sis. You okay?” His eyes filled with concern.

“Never better.” 

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Any more KaraxIvette headcanons?

Oooooooooh boy, buckle your seat belts kiddos (but not really because I don’t know how long this list is gonna go on for lol) 

  • Karamatsu and Ivette met after he’d been punched by an enraged mother for ‘stealing’ her daughter’s cat. She saw it all happen and panicked when he hit the ground seemingly unconscious while no one even bothered to help him or look shocked by what had happened (silly little foreign girl not realizing that this happens a lot to this guy around here)
  • For the first 10ish minutes of their first encounter, Karamatsu couldn’t see clearly. All he had to go by was a voice, a-barely even distinguishable as human-silhouette, and two ice cream packets for his eyes when he refused her offer to take him to a hospital. He’d already ‘fallen in love’ with the surely beautiful goddess who’s noble soul and gentle hands had brought a healing balm to his bleeding heart (Ivette worried her Japanese wasn’t good enough because she had no idea what he was talking about, noble soul?? Bleeding heart???) When his vision returned and he saw her clearly for the first time he nearly exploded.
  • As crazy as it sounds, she actually likes his fashion sense (excluding some of his more glittery pieces because it gets everywhere). The only reason she had been looking his way before he got punched was because of his clothes. She loves vintage fashion and seeing him had confused her because she didn’t think there were greasers in Japan (which, you know, he’s not lol)
  • It wasn’t love at first sight for Ivette. For Karamatsu it 1000000% totally was.
  • While comfortable with her conversational skills, Ivette isn’t 100% confident in her Japanese. While 100% confident in his English, Karamatsu can’t hold a full conversation without the words bingo, bang, or love, to save his life. They help each other expand on their language skills. Even though Ivette is the American in Japan, Kara is the one with the most questions. 
  • The first time Ivette met his family, Matsuyo kept up a friendly appearance for about 5 seconds before snapping and throwing herself at Ivette’s feet, crying hysterically that as much as she loved the idea of one of her NEETs actually bringing a girl home and grandchildren being an actual possibility, she couldn’t just stand by and watch a nice beautiful foreign girl be corrupted by her demon children. Matsuzo stood by her side as she sobbed, nodding solemnly and Ivette could only hold the hysterical woman and try to calm her down while the boys just watched, unhappy, yet not surprised with their mother’s true feelings about them lol
  • Ivette loves the heart shape, so naturally, she has heart shaped sunglasses. When Totty saw them for the first time, he sighed because of course, terrible taste in sunglasses, terrible taste in men who wear sunglasses.
  • Kara doesn’t call her 'flower’ or 'my flower’. Too many negative connotations tied to the last time he had a flower haha.
  • She really likes his hands, he has a few callouses from playing the guitar but there’s just something about his hands that she really adores.
  • After witnessing a particular unnecessary dig at Karamatsu’s clothes by all his brothers, she did a small photo shoot (for his eyes only lol) to prove to him that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his style (this photo shoot may or may not have included only his sunglasses, gold chain, leather jacket, and a couple lollipops she found in the pockets of his jacket. And the pictures may or may not have almost sent him to the emergency room for drastic blood loss)
  • Ivette had to leave once. Her time in Tokyo was cut shorter than expected and her next job was in Paris. She didn’t think things would wrap up so soon and had even berated herself for getting into a relationship knowing her time in Japan wouldn’t last forever, Karamatsu wouldn’t let her blame herself for anything though. Everyone had gathered to say their goodbyes and see her off-the bittersweet mood being disrupted by Iyami latching onto her waist and begging her to take him to France with her followed by Kara having to hold onto her from behind while Oso and Choro attempted to rip the surprisingly strong conman off her. Kara was the only one who went with her to the airport. Ivette couldn’t bring herself to say goodbye without choking up, Karamatsu pulling her to him and whispering cheesy lines to her to try and make her feel better wasn’t helping much either. She kissed him goodbye and boarded her plane. He went home to sit on the roof only to be joined by Jyushi, the younger brother resting his head on his shoulder and sitting beside him wordlessly.
  • (On a happier note) The time Ivette was in France was the only time Totty decided to be a little easier on Karamatsu by helping him stay connected with her in any way they could. The thing they had both worried about with long distance was the idea that the other could find someone else (yes, even Ivette was worried) but with Totty’s help they figured out the time difference and tried to keep up communication as best they could. At some point they even started sending packages back and forth, Ivette usually sending treats and things she thought the Matsunos would like and Kara usually sending candies she loves and things from Matsuyo like scarfs and sweaters because ‘Who knows what the French winter is like, Karamatsu, I don’t want my future daughter-in-law to freeze out there!’ It would always make them all happy when Totty would scroll through instagram and see a selfie of her at a shoot wearing the things Matsuyo had knitted for her.
  • When Ivette came back to Japan the first thing she saw after collecting her bags was a certain someone in sunglasses and a snazzy looking suit holding up a sign with ‘MY LOVE’ written in English on it. She didn’t even think twice about it before running across the floor and throwing herself at him, kissing him passionately, much to the shocked stares of the people standing around them.
  • Kara has proposed to her on multiple occasions (all at various inappropriate times and places)
  • Ivette proposed to him (at an appropriate time and appropriate place lol) He burst into tears when she dropped to one knee and took his hand, and for a few seconds she worried she had offended him. To her major relief they were tears of happiness and he didn’t mind one bit that she was the one proposing, it just reassured him that she loved him just as much as he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Unlike all the other times Kara had proposed to her, she actually had a ring to give him, and he tried his best to hold back his sniffles as she placed it on his finger. 
  • Everyone was a strange mix of happy and angry because first he gets a GIRLFRIEND before them, and now he’s getting MARRIED before them. Whatever they were feeling though couldn’t compare to the amount of pure joy their parents felt at the news. But of course, because this is Kara and there’s a certain quota to be met when it comes to embarrassing each other in this family, Oso wrapped an arm around both Kara and Ivette and leaned into Kara, smiling wide, “Marrying the first girl you sleep with? Laaaaame!” Matsuyo shoved him out of the way and continued to congratulate the two as the other brothers laughed because how could Osomatsu possibly think he could ruin this moment for their mother?

Aaand that’s all I can really think of for now (*´ェ`*)


so I traced the silhouettes out of curiosity, and by gosh do some of these look familiar or what?? maybe wishful thinking, maybe we’re on the right track. who knows?

edit; apparently I missed this one but I have no idea what to make of it


00:00  Runaway
02:19  Hats Off To Larry
04:21  Hey! Little Girl
06:48  So Long Baby
08:50  He Doesn’t Care
11:00  Wide Wide World
13:01  His Latest Flame
15:22  Ginny in the Mirror
17:32  I Won’t Be There
19:33  Cry Myself to Sleep
21:53  The Swiss Maid
23:59  Little Town Flirt
26:48  Two Kinds of Teardrops
29:17  Kelly
31:52  Swiss Maid
34:00  Two Silhouettes
36:18  Sue’s Gotta Be Mine
38:18  That’s the Way Love Is
40:43  Mary Jane
43:06  Stains On My Letter
45:28  Give Her Lots Of Lovin’
47:29  Keep Searchin’ (We’ll Follow the Sun)
49:38  I Go to Pieces
52:06  Why Don’t You Tell Him?
54:12  Needles & Pins
56:17  Rag Doll
59:04  Stranger in Town
1:01:33  Break Up
1:03:53  Move It On Over
1:06:45  I Can’t Believe My Ears
1:09:06  The Big Hurt
1:11:16  For a Little While
1:13:44  Show Me
1:16:05  Under My Thumb
1:18:52  Led Along
1:21:19  Mind Over Matter
1:24:18  Cut and Come Again
1:27:18  Runaway ‘67
1:30:47  The Letter
1:33:00  Thinkin’ It Over
1:35:57  Gemini
1:39:20  Raindrops
1:42:19  Sister Isabelle
1:44:51  What’s a Matter Baby
1:47:47  And the Music Plays On
1:51:23  Sea of Love
1:53:55  To Love Someone
1:57:06  Cheap Love
2:00:02  Life Without You
2:03:49  Callin’ Out My Name
2:07:34  Walk Away


【 ɴᴀʀʀᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ  01。】

    Often depicted in various forms of media, they saw there’s a flash of white once you’re born; supposedly an angelic moment & blessing for the parents who’ve created a new life. Sadly — it’s mostly a blur, though I feel there’s a smile I can see in that unclear memory; so warming & assuring that I don’t even bother to make out her features. Supposedly, I can distantly hear the sweet coos & hushed whispers of parental love being spoke as I looked up in wonder & awe ( I think I even noticed how I have hands that can just barely open & close ). Everything is warm, the two people ( at least I remember two silhouettes staring at me ) are the ones who make me feel safe, I just knew that’s mom & dad. 

    I don’t have to worry about anything as long as I have them…. 

   As hard as I try, as often as I could — I attempt to try & remember more of the mother who I lost when I was just an infant, with no inkling of anything else in the world outside of what she’s shown me, given to me & left with me. The latter, I know included this vacant space in my heart, but dad did everything he could to occupy both roles; with that of a king stuck in there too. During these kinds of nights, when I actually can’t get a wink of sleep, I lay back & just stare at the ceiling in hopes that some buried memory surfaces so I can remember her. Be able to know her outside of recollections told by those who knew her, the woman he was with & know what she looked like in person ( there are portraits & such but they feel cold ), the mom he knew he once had. 

    I sigh, I wonder & I wish circumstances had been different — now away from the city, being right in the middle of all this crazy mess, I realize how he may have struggled to balance all these roles. I tried my best, I hated the pressure, but dad & home is important to me that I never complained. I never said anything, but it was painful as hell when I saw him suddenly relying on a cane to walk properly. Again, my thoughts are drawn back to mom, in wonder of what she could have done & said if she was here. 

    What could she have told me — ?

    Again, I can only exhale as I roll over to my side; still at loss as ever, but I know as I recall this warm fuzzy feeling that I had ( at least, that’s how I feel when I think back to that blurred memory ), she was my mom & I already loved her being that person in my life…. even for a short moment. Regardless if it had been her hair color, or her eyes, or her nose or any of her quirks I could have inherited — she wouldn’t be anyone else.

    I miss you … I’m sure dad does too…

Ouranodromeus artifex

Height: 1m
Weight: 20kg
Classification: Maniraptora, Paraves, Troodontidae, Neotroodontidae, Dexteropterygidae, Sapiornithoides

As promised, here is the droman skeleton!  They look pretty silly without feathers, which is why I’ve included two silhouettes.  To be honest, the whole reason I designed them with prominent head feathers was to hide the awkwardly large braincase, which made many dinosauroids ugly imo.  Also, as a cartoonist the feathers will prove useful for emoting.

Below is a brief list of key anatomical features.

Enlarged braincase - Self-explanatory, really
Reduced jaw muscles - Allowed more space for the brain to grow
Reduced muzzle - Correlated with reduced jaw muscles, as well as the increasingly omnivorous diet, the lack of need for a killing bite, and the increase in neotenous features
Short, thick neck - Supports the enlarged head closer to the center of gravity
Long head feathers - For display and conveying emotion
Long forearms - Used for flight in juveniles and for a lengthy reach in adults
Opposable thumbs - For manipulation
Dexterous feet - Reversed hallux is held off the ground while walking
Opisthopubic pelvis

I promise I’ll have a write-up on how/why dromans are sapient soon!  I’ve put tons of thought into it and every new piece of information I’ve learned over the past few months has reinforced my ideas on how it happened.  As a bit of a teaser, they’re an extremely social species with a huge emphasis on showing off in every way.  Intelligence, creativity and dexterity, while moderately useful for survival, are expensive traits that wouldn’t really need to develop past a certain point…that is, if it hadn’t been for runaway sexual selection!