two sides to ever story


in a galaxy far, far away challenge

day 4: favorite relationshipanakin & padme (anidala)

“you love me? i thought we had decided not to fall in love. that we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives.”

“i think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. i truly… deeply… love you and before we die i want you to know.”

This is what our mothers mean when they warn us that we will one day act like them. They mean the men in our lives will one day act like our fathers. They mean this wretched, beautiful inheritance. They mean knowing the full range of night, a time when we kiss up and rub up and feel up on him out of love, and for insurance. Marriage is often seen as something rigid, contractually and as a metaphor — there are only ever two sides, two stories.
—  Doreen St. Félix, “A Love Profane.”