two shades deep


Milan-based tattoo artist Mirko Sata focuses on serpentine designs, snakes that twist around his clients’ arms, hands, and legs. The snakes he creates are typically done in just two shades— stark white and deep black. Layering and curling these creatures around each other, Mirko Sata produces a sort of yin and yang, placing opposite colors together with a force that seems to transcend traditional black and white tattoos.

BTS Aura Readings

~~These are my readings & only my opinions of the members energies~~

Seokjin: Soft/Baby Blue 
Peaceful soul. Communicative, sensitive, helpful, truthful & intuitive.

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Yoongi: Light Purple/Violet
Intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical, deep feelings & wisdom.

Hoseok: Bright Yellow fading into soft glow
Awakened, inspired, intelligent, creative, playful, optimistic but also a fear of losing control.

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Namjoon: Gold
Protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, intuitive thinker.
Divine protection, enlightenment & he’s following his highest path.

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Jimin: Pink
Loving, tender, sensitive, sensual, artistic, affectionate, pure soul, compassionate.

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Taehyung: Green (two shades, dark deep green and fading to yellowish green)
Personal growth and balance, a lover of people, animals, nature, a teacher and highly social. Love-centered person, creative and communicative.

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Jungkook: White
Influenced by the energies of those around him.
A pure state of light. New and un-designated energy.
Purity and truth; angelic qualities.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Spring 2016 9 Artist Shadow Palette #3

Swatches, first-impressions review, and three eye looks done using the MAKE UP FOR EVER Spring 2016 9 Artist Shadow Palette No 3!

I’m a big fan of the MUFE shadows because they have this very intense, creamy feel although I don’t always recommend them for newbies because the pricing of single shadows leans on the high side. So when they came out with the first neutral 9 Artist Shadow Palette for just SGD$69 it was a bit of a dream come true.

For 2016, they are releasing a limited edition Spring palette filled with fresh soda-pop colors. If you love colors in general, and want a mix of soft and strong ones, this is a more wearable alternative than Palette No 2 (limited edition in 2015), which leans towards strong, acidic tones.

This is a fun purchase to add to your collection if you already own some neutrals. It isn’t an item I recommend as a “first palette” purchase because you probably need a few neutral/matte shadows (brown, black, grey, etc) to use as transition and definer shades in the socket and along the lash line. That’s optional of course - if you like colors in the socket and along the lash line just go for it.

What I Like:

  • Colors are a mix of wearable dusty Spring pastels and rich iridescent brights for softer and stronger looks
  • The palette is a great supplement for anyone who wants to add some colors into a collection that is mostly neutral
  • Every single shade is beautifully pigmented and great quality
  • You get great value with 9 x 1.5g shades - each pan is a full-size MAC shadow - at $69. This price usually can’t even get you 2 single MUFE shadows

What’s Lacking:

  • Lack of low-sheen or matte shades as transition or definer colors
  • Only two shades deep enough for the lashes and outer corners, so you need to supplement it with other shadows from your collection

Tips for use:

  • Don’t feel you need to pick all shades from this palette for an eye look; see it as 9 individual shadows. Wear them together, or pick 1 or 2 to supplement another palette or a neutral look.
  • Most of the shades in this palette pair quite well together so feel free to experiment. Try vertical columns, horizontal rows, diagonal, and more. (I just wouldn’t wear the bottom row altogether as they’re all too pale.) Other than that, go to town with it.
  • For 2 of the 3 looks I did above, I used a matte brown shadow in the socket. That’s often all you need to “complete” this palette.