two season was not enough

So I went to transcribe the Dirk Gently casting video of Mr Priest talking to a nameless CIA goon and sweet mother of mercy, season two looks dark.

Hey hey hey, what happened? I got a little foggy around the edges there, I’m sorry.

You were speaking.

Was I?

Yes you were. You were telling me what happened after you arrived at the premises.

Oh. Oh well, I saw the two of them. Hold on.

Who are you referring to?

The two subjects, you know. the Tweedly-Doo and Tweedly-Dah standing out there in the paddock with their heads in the clouds and I mean I, I had approached with intent before I even got a wide eye on them, I don’t even know if they saw me. I’ll tell you what. Subject one? Freckles. He, he pulled a gun and that did not work out too nice because I shot his hand off with a shotgun and then subject two retreated into the, the uh.

At what point did you call for backup?

Who do you think I am, the stagehand? The firefighter? I mean, I’m not a doctor.

You were in violation of protocol.

I’m not sure if you are aware that if they send me out, I don’t do violations. I don’t do protocol. You know, my name’s in the logbook but ethics are not a priority. No no no, hear me out. I’m a bad person. I’m a really scary monster. I’m a no-good man. I’m troubled.

Alright alright alright. And then what happened?

Well, so Freckles is screaming because his hand is now confetti. So I shot his jaw off.

You shot him in the head?

No. I shot his jaw off, so that his jaw couldn’t be going, you know, yadda yadda yadda, driving me a bit you know. You gotta get this straight. I did not shoot him in the head. I shot his jaw off his head, which is a completely different thing. A totally different thing.

And then?

Well I am troubled, you know.

Did you do your report?

You know, you want me to get to the part where I cut the other guys nose off. That’s what we’re getting to. You’re mad cause he’s mad cause the world is bad and sad and the mean old fella cut his nose off. Don’t come crying to me about it. I mean, you ring the bell and I answer and I do the thing that I do. I’m really, I’m rather a specific tool and you have to use me in a really specific way. I cut people’s noses off. I’m just not an asset cause I’m nice.

And I’m going to tell you what, if you keep using that tone on me, I’m going to find ut where you live. I’ll find out your name first, and then I’ll find out where you live and I will come to your house. Tonight. And I’ll cut your nose off. Because I’ll just, I’ll just cut it off. And you know what they’ll say? They’ll say you shouldn’t have pissed him off.

These people, your bosses, they have empowered a psychopath, a dangerous psychopath who loves to inflict pain, and they have given him ninja assassin training. Of course, I’m referring to myself.. And they said yes to me, and by saying that they basically said fuck you to every other person in the whole wide world. So anyway yeah, two subjects retrieved, minus a hand, a jaw, and a nose.

Mission accomplished

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best trainee reactions to performances: part one

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I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

“Little Witch Academia” Director Wants to Do Another Season, Spinoff

Because of Netflix’s annoying policy of holding onto series so it can release them in bulk, you can’t see it yet, but Trigger’s Little Witch Academia series is airing at this very moment.

The series, which began January 9, is set to air for two seasons and run 25 episodes. But even that’s not enough, according to an interview with director Yoh Yoshinari.

According to excerpts from the interview, Yoshinari says he has so much stuff he wants to do it won’t fit into 25 episodes. He added that it’s hard enough just to fit Akko’s story into 25, and with the current limit, the team doesn’t have enough time to delve deeper into what’s going on with Diana and Amanda.

Finally, Yoshinari mentioned he’d like to do a spinoff series centered around Shiny Chariot, the witch who inspired Akko, and the Night Fall books that appear in the series.

If the Little Witch Academia series succeeds financially, Yoshinari may just get his wish.

honestly at this point i hope su fans who still 100% see nothing wrong with the show are starting to get it like…

su has been baiting us from day one. they baited us with bismuth and made it look like everything was gonna be cool and she was gonna be a new crystal gem

they baited us with the diamond arc promos, promising answers but giving none

they baited us with kindergarten kid and gem harvest

they’ve always fucking been baiting us. at this point i don’t know how anyone can ignore it. that’s like gritting your teeth as you eat terribly cooked, frozen food and pretending like it’s fine

steven universe has been shit since the third season. the third and fourth season were mostly filler, the art has gotten progressively worse and terrible on the eyes, and the storyboarders straight up don’t give a shit anymore. the new episodes honestly feel like they were written up when the crew was drunk. they’re boring and don’t make any sense in concern to the actual plot, which we haven’t had in years it seems

we’ve been forced to sympathize with colonizers, watch peridot yell at a monster for eleven minutes, lapis tell connie to suck it up when she pointed out that she literally tried to drown her

we’ve had to sit through a fucking 22-minute piece of shit episode about being nice to fucking racists because they’re your family or some bullshit, while the gem that actually gives a shit about other people is left to fucking rot in a goddamn bubble

where do y’all draw the fucking line? hasn’t it been enough? two seasons of complete shit and you’re still breaking your necks tryna defend the poor crewnibabies? at this point i’m done hearing whiny su fans cry over su criticism lmao. when will y’all wake the fuck up

here is such a beautiful edit that i found, (i wish i was this talented) and it just shows the beautiful relationship between jonah & cyrus. tbh, they have one of the healthiest relationships on the show atm. the only person who hasn’t left jonah, is cyrus. i just really hope for a happy ending with both of them, because they are honestly so happy when they are together, i mean seriously.
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Re-watching VLD and throughout the two seasons, not once did Zarkon ever raise his voice at Haggar, lower his gaze to look at the small thing, nor even flinch at her failures. The closest thing we got of him silencing her is a dark look or a silent treatment by walking past her. Maybe I missed a few things, someone correct me if I missed anything.(Edit: the one time he raised his voice at her was when he was falling off the slippery slope, she suggested leaving the black lion and it’s our cue to understand that this is not like him and his obsession is taking over).

 Also despite how small Haggar is, we never really see a scene where she is looking up at Zarkon. Both of them have their gazes levelled, a clear indication of equal power and respect between them. She never once bowed to him, she’s always by his side. Like I’d bet you all that when Lotor shows up and Zarkon is back in action, he’ll be bowing to his father and looking up at him, a clear sign of submissiveness and power imbalance, a complete contrast to the equal and almost co-rulers that Haggar and Zarkon are. 

It makes me wonder what Hagger and Lotor’s relationship is going to be like next season, and if for example he did get bratty with her in Zarkon’s presence, would it push a button for Zarkon? He did violently slam his hands at his throne to silence Porok when he was doubting Haggar, so it makes you wonder. 

So @quantum-oddity and I have been talking about a kinda Supernatural AU where Alex and Eliza are both hunters, and meet on a hunt where Eliza saves Alex’s reckless ass from becoming monster chow.

World Enough and Time + Disability Representation

Warning: Spoilers

I expected World Enough an Time to be an amazing episode because, hey, two Masters and Mondasian Cybermen.  I did not expect this episode to be amazing because of disability representation, but it was.  In fact, I might call this episode one of my favorites, not because of the story, but because it was the first time I have seen myself onscreen.

I don’t talk about my disabilities on this blog since my main blog @spoonieswimmer is my platform for that.  I am chronically ill.  I am disabled.  I have been sick for four and a half years.  My illness was actually what got me into fandom in the first place, and it effects every second of my life.  In all that time, tonight was the first time seeing someone like me on screen.  And the character is the co-star on Doctor Who, my absolute favorite show.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Disability representation has been getting better.  (Class, anyone?)  In the past two seasons of Doctor Who, we have had 2 disabled characters.  (3, counting World Enough and Time.)  That’s great, but still a little weak.  And, disability is not one size fits all.  As a person with an invisible illness, my life is very different from someone who is D/deaf.  So, tonight was not the first time I have seen disability on tv, but it was the first time I have seen someone with a disability like mine.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about Bill Potts.  Up until this episode, Bill was not disabled.  I am not even sure she was written to be disabled in this episode, but that does not change the fact that she is disabled.  In the absolute broadest terms, a disability is a condition that causes limitations in a person’s life.  Now, it is actually much more complex than this, but Bill’s fake heart definitely posed limitations on her.

I’m going to break down aspects of the episode and how they relate to me as a disabled person.  We’ll start with some superficial comparisons between Bill and myself and get deeper as we go.

  • Bill has a large device (her artificial heart) sticking out of her chest.  This is what keeps her alive.
    • I have a device implanted under the skin of my chest called a portacath.  A thin tube connects this device to my aorta and the tube ends just above my heart.  Every week, I have a needle inserted through my skin into the port and it can be used to deliver lifesaving medication.  Although my port is much smaller than Bill’s heart, it is still noticeable and uncomfortable.
  • Bill spent a significant portion of the episode dragging around an IV pole.
    • As part of my treatment, I get IVs done twice a week, though it used to be daily.  I spend six to ten hours a week hooked up to an IV, and, let me tell you, those things are really hard to drag around.  I actually spend most of my time watching Doctor Who while the bag drips.
  • At one point in the episode, Bill sat down into a wheelchair.  She could still walk, but it was on hand, which means she was likely a part-time wheelchair user.
    • Mobility devices are part of my life.  I have used a cane for some time, and lately I have been thinking of getting a wheelchair for part-time use.  I can walk, but it is painful and takes a lot of strength and energy that I don’t often have.
  • Bill cannot leave the hospital or her heart stops working.
    • Due to my disabilities, I am effectively housebound.  I leave my house about once a week, and get extremely sick every time I do.  I have had to quit school, sports, and all social activities because of it.
  • Bill has one friend for her entire stay in the hospital.  
    • It is very alienating to have a disability.  This is not only because it takes so much energy to go out and often you aren’t able to, but it is extremely hard to make and keep friends when your lives are so different.  
  • Bill’s one friend betrays her.
    • When you get sick, you quickly learn that friends don’t stick around.  Once they realize you won’t get better, they slowly stop talking to you one by one.  Four and a half years later, I have no friends left.  I thought that they were true friends, but they betrayed me, just like Bill was betrayed.
  • Bill spends the entire episode waiting for the Doctor.
    • When you are disabled, you spend a lot of time hoping, praying, and waiting for someone to help you.
  • Bill gets turned into a Cyberman.
    • Help does not come fast enough for the disabled.

I’ve cried over this episode.  I have spent a long time writing this, and I still have not managed to convey how important it is to me.  How important it is to have representation.  I could probably spend days pointing out metaphors for disability in this episode, and I sincerely hope that this is not the only time I will ever see myself on screen.  Representation is so important for every minority, but please, please, do not leave the disabled out of your activism.

I just rewatched One Day at a Time and I have four notes.

1) I would die for Elena, Penelope, or Lydia. Or Alex. Or Carmen.

2) I will personally hunt down and kill Leslie Burkowitzs daughter for being so horrible to him, HE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS.

3) Schneider is me. I am also a white idiot who doesn’t know shit but is trying their best and also loves the Alvarez family with all their heart and wants to be with them always.


Hopefully, they are overplaying Eva’s anger just to flip the script and have Eva be the one on Sana’s side.

I find it interesting that the reveals happen with Chris and Eva, when those are the two fans were complaining about not being in season enough earlier.