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Look, everyone making Sherlock has said this series is the best one yet. The writers, the actors, the producers, the set crew. They say, with genuine enthusiasm, that this is the best. Benedict says to treat this series like one long episode. We have watched two very screwed-up acts in this “three-act play”, so to speak, and in order for this to be “the best series yet” and to “make television history”, these people have to seriously tie up the 100 loose threads still dangling free. I know Benedict says “Love conquers all” so I’m not worried about that, but all of us – literally everyone in the world watching – demands this madness come to an end. If they do not deal with Moriarty, if they do not deal with Sherlock and his ability to love, if they do not deal with these corrupted points of view then they will lose all of their audience in exactly one week. 

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  • Albus: I don't have a thing for older women!
  • Albus: (muttering under his breath) I don't have a thing for women at all.
  • Scorpius: What was that?
  • Albus: NOThiNg. I SAID N OT H I NG.

Okay. So I’ve been seeing some people who’ve read Killing Stalking and have been responding with “I wish I was Yoonbum” or “I want Sangwoo to be my boyfriend”. And you people fucking disgust me.
This shit is not beautiful. Stop romanticizing this shit. I appreciate this comic for existing, it opens eyes to a lot of people, including me, but some people are so blinded by the obsessive love that you don’t see how disgusting it is. Both Yoonbum and Sangwoo are two fucked up characters now using each other to balance off their wrong tendencies. Now, in this situation, I would understand these two because I think this comic is aiming towards how two screwed up people could work together, but the habits that this pair is still wrong nonetheless! You people are just as sightless as Bum is for thinking like that (*cough* Stockholm syndrome). KS is a really cool story, and shows us the emotions of what these two wrong people could have whem mingled together, but you DO NOT want to be like these people. I doubt you people reading KS are much like this, and if put in the situation, this would be very emotionally scarring. I recommend everyone read it, but read it openly. You all are under the Stockholm syndrome spell, and that, my friends, is nothing beautiful.

Wayfinder trio personality flaws


  • pride. he’s too proud to admit that he might not have the strength to hold back his darkness, which makes him defensive against Eraqus’ and Aqua’s concern.
  • too emotional. when Aqua’s accusation hurts him, he walks out rather than stay and talk. when he’s upset over having used darkness against Braig, that disappointment in himself (among many other factors) temporarily overshadows his trust in Eraqus and he turns to Xehanort’s tutelage instead. minutes later, he walks out on Ven again rather than confide in him.


  • doesn’t trust her friends enough. she had zero evidence that Terra had done anything wrong besides Maleficent’s vague claims and still accused him; protective or not, she didn’t trust Ven enough to take him with her even though he’d proven himself in battle and his ability to survive on his own (he mentions having battled Vanitas prior, she walked in right after he’d obviously beaten the crap out of Maleficent, and she even fought alongside him and Terra against an Unversed). rather than asking Terra to explain his motives in pursuing Vanitas, she accuses him of having done wrong.
  • somewhat hypocritical. she questions Terra’s motives in ignoring their Master’s orders and pursing Vanitas, but then takes up the same mission on her own shortly after. she assures Ven that Terra would never willingly hurt anyone, but then accuses him of doing that very thing (”I’ve seen the things you’ve done” = only Maleficent had accused Terra of anything, which was stealing Aurora’s heart, and again, she had zero proof and saw evidence of no such thing).
  • besides misjudging Terra (as mentioned above), she also misjudges Ven in assuming he’ll actually go home just because she told him to. girl pls.


  • easily the most gullible of the three. He takes Vanitas at his word despite knowing him for all of ten seconds, starts to doubt Terra very early on going by nothing but the old hag’s and Maleficent’s words, and allows Xehanort to trick him into turning against Eraqus despite how suspicious that entire situation was.
  • too emotional/bad temper. he automatically takes Terra’s side against Aqua without inquiring about her part of the story. he threatens to start a fight with Vanitas over the Terra issue. he assumes Terra and Aqua aren’t his friends anymore just because they wouldn’t take him with them. he gets angry at Eraqus without even trying to confirm whether Xehanort’s words were true.

All three:

  • trusting. very trusting. all three take Maleficent at her word, Ven and Aqua even after they know she’s a hostile force. none of them saw Xehanort for who he was until it was too late. all three of them are sheltered babies who didn’t know to keep their guard up around strangers – but it’s still a flaw.

in summary, none of them are perfect. all of them screwed up. this is what makes them human and this is what makes them interesting. I’m all for the “[X] did nothing wrong” sentiments, but some people take this too far and assume only two of the three actually have flaws, or blame two of them for things beyond their control while only victimizing the third. that’s not how these characters work, yo.

Just think about Neil talking about Exy in his sleep, loud enough that a sleeping Kevin across the room hears him. And sleeping Kevin starts mumbling too, disturbed by the noise but not enough to actually wake. Then slowly he starts talking about Exy too, prompted by Neil’s mumbling. And then they start having a conversation. And Neil is dissing a play Kevin made them try the week before and Kevin is adamantly defending it.
All in sleepy mumbles.
And Andrew just sits up in bed and stares at the two of them. Screw them if they think they are going to talk about Exy all of their waking hours AND all of their sleeping ones.
Neil is woken up by Andrew pressing his lips very very close to Neil’s - not in a kiss, just a hair’s breadth away, his forehead just about touching Neil’s and his nose against the skin of his cheek - and saying “Neil, shut the fuck up.”
Neil mumbles a sleepy “huh, fine” and goes quiet.
Kevin gets woken up by a thrown alarm clock.
“Fuck you, Andrew.”

little dazai/atsushi things that sometimes pop into my head:

  • dazai taking the longer locks of atsushi`s hair into his hands and kissing it, a shadow of amused smile playing on his lips as atsushi’s eyes widen and pale rosy shades start to rise up to his cheeks.
  • atsushi wrapping his hands around dazai’s wrist and putting his thumb above where his pulse thrummed, counting one, two, three silently in his head and finding solace in the knowledge that this wonderful man is alive beside him.
  • and when atsushi is feeling particularly bold or sentimental, he’ll bring dazai’s wrist to his lips and presses a kiss there, soft and lingering.
  • sometimes dazai ruins the moment by letting out a gasp and clasping his other hand to his mouth; then, with a blush adorning his cheeks, he’ll said, “oh my, atsushi-kun, how forward!”
  • atsushi is confused as hell, but when dazai explains that a kiss on the wrist can signify desire, he turns beet red and mumbles, “you know that’s not what i meant, dazai-san.”
  • dazai does know. that’s why, on other times dazai will simply look at atsushi with an almost tender look in his eyes and no words from his mouth.
  • on the nights where sleep clutches on atsushi first and the younger’s body is pressed close to his, it’s dazai turn to count the thumps beneath atsushi’s chest as he lets it lull him to his slumber.
  • dazai casually laying down on the sofa of the agency and plopping his head on atsushi’s lap, continuing to talk to atsushi as the younger strokes his hair.
  • as a matter of fact, atsushi loves running his hands through dazai’s hair—it’s thick, fluffy, and soft to the touch.
  • dazai taking off atsushi’s glove and running his fingertips through atsushi’s palm, humming and appreciating the slightly rough expanse of skin.
  • dazai knowing how to speak english and french, beside japanese. atsushi not knowing he has a thing for foreign language until he heard dazai speak a full sentence in french fluently.
  • of course dazai notices the way atsushi’s shoulder tensed up and his burning face, so he files away this information for later use.
  • them having a date after finishing an investigation.
  • dazai swinging their intertwined hands back and forth as they walk.
  • a sitting dazai wrapping his arms around atsushi midsection while atsushi is about to go somewhere, leaving atsushi no choice but to continue walking while dragging a whining dazai behind him.
  • “aw, atsushi-kun, you had a crush on me… that’s embarrassing!” “dazai-san, we’re married…” “still!”
  • dazai being all-too-happy to satisfy kyouka’s curiousity about their relationship.
  • dazai showing atsushi’s embarrassing photographs to kyouka.
  • naomi giving atsushi tips on how to spice up things between him and dazai.
  • “those bandages ought to be useful for something else…” “naomi-san, no.”
  • tanizaki is mortified.
Dating Johanna Mason Would Include...

Requested by anon

  • You being one of the fellow tributes in the Quarter Quell
  • And knowing that you didn’t want to end up like Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark
  • Being one half of a pair of “star crossed lovers”
  • Until you laid on eyes on the female District 7 tribute - Johanna Mason
  • And you suddenly knowing that you were screwed
  • The two of you having an automatic connection
  • Which led to making out
  • And hot sex
  • Getting to know each other’s minds after getting to know each other’s bodies
  • Thinking she was even more beautiful on the inside than the outside
  • (Even though she was plenty beautiful on the outside)
  • Johanna thinking she’s not good enough for you
  • Both of you knowing that only one of you was going to make it out alive
  • But not willing to accept it
  • Because you cared about each other too much
  • Training together
  • Whenever one of you ended up under the other
  • It led to making out right then and there
  • All of the other tributes knowing about the two of you being together
  • Flickerman asking about the two of you
  • “Rumor has it that you and Y/N may being having a fling… is that true?” “You’re out here murdering people and you’re asking about my love life. Fuck you. And fuck all of you who think that this is okay!”
  • Here anger outbursts kind of turning you own
  • Eventually being thrown into the arena together
  • Johanna doing everything she can to protect you
  • Johanna deciding about half way through the Hunger Games that she would let you live
  • Johanna constantly doing stupidly suicidal things to keep from getting hurt
  • “Johanna! Why the hell would you do that?!” “I won’t let you die.” “Why?” “Because I love you!”
  • Both of you making it out alive
  • But getting separated 
  • Once you’re reunited after the Rebellion begins, you reassure each other that you love each other more than anything
  • “I love you, Y/N. I love you so fucking much. I never want to be away from you again, alright?”