two roses on a tablecloth

justgettingxstarted-deactivated  asked:

Shawn knew the challenge wasn't going to be easy, but it was worth a shot. In the middle of Ray's living room, there was a table set for two, with a fancy rose-print tablecloth draped over it. The only light was the candles he'd placed all across the breakfast bar, and one on the table. Along side the candle on the table, was a single rose in a vase, and Shawn actually had a tux on to complete the look. Even if it didn't fluster Ray it would still be a nice treat for him.

Challenge: Fluster my muse until they can’t speak!

It was a long day for the New Yorker, you could say. Multiple recordings, exhaustion from the GO they recorded, editing, and so on. It was nice to finally go home. Pale hands nudged black frame sup his nose, nut brown eyes blinking as he adjusted to the darkness of his apartment, a shocked look on his face. “I- Shawn, what is all this?” he asked, a small chuckle in his voice.