two rays of sunshine

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It was a good manip. It looks quite real; good job, Haylor fan or whoever made it.. That being said, I would hardly call Haylor a power couple. Even with the short hair, he looks like a boy to me. The ultimate couple aesthetic to me is the HS Rome pictures; two gorgeous, long legged, rays of sunshine that they were.


The Magcon Boy You Are Compatible With

Aries - Shawn Peter Raul Mendes

Taurus - Jacob Whitesides

Gemini - Carter McCoy Reynolds

Cancer - Jack Finnegan Gilinsky

Leo - Christian Collins

Virgo - Cameron Alexander Dallas

Libra - Benjamin Hayes Grier

Scorpio - Matthew Lee Espinosa

Sagittarius - Jack Edward Johnson

Capricorn - Taylor Michael Caniff

Aquarius - Aaron Brayden Carpenter

Pisces - Hamilton Nash Grier

Perfect Flowers for You

Aries Tulips

Taurus - Poppy

Gemini - Lavender

Cancer - Lily

Leo - Sunflower

Virgo - Daisy

Libra - Rose

Scorpio - Geranium

Sagittarius - Carnation

Capricorn - Magnolia

Aquarius - Orchid

Pisces - Water Lily


mulan week, day 2: favourite side character