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I can hear Americans saying “we got freedom”. Yet, they claim that their freedom is being taken away.

Freedom went from an idea and principal to a buzzword. When marginalized groups gain a little, we hear “they are forcing us to accept this reality! They are taking away my freedoms!”

Gay Marriage? *gasp* You are forcing us to watch two men kiss? How can we explain this to our kids?

Black Lives Matter? *shock* You’re forcing us to acknowledge that Black people may not face equal justice in the judicial system? Why we are the MODEL of equal rights!

Yeah, so equal that you’ll force someone to carry out kids they don’t want to birth for reasons that are too numerous for me to mention in such a short post. 

How about the freedom to be “below average”? You know, just be a member of society with a job, just to live for the weekends? We need to work 2-3 jobs to afford to live by ourselves.

The freedom to go to school and get an education? Oh, you got to be able to afford that, or you’ll have to do a few things after school… like work over 10+ years paying off the debts or give up part of your “freedom” by joining the military to protect the “freedoms” of this country, which is slowly being chipped away.

The “free” market is preventing new jobs and tech development so that you don’t go into coal mining, but no, you rather have the “freedom” to live a short life.

What about other people that want this freedom from another country? Yeah, you have to pay your dues, sir. Like the people who were born here. 

Oh, wait… they were just lucky to be here. They get to smell gasoline, riding in pickup trucks, singing the national anthem in the jockey shorts, while holding a woman of their choice, calling her “da trophy wife” dressed in a two piece bikini while she shooting a shotgun into the air, shouting “MERICA!” 

Letting the eagle soar over the White House while wearing a “Make America Great” again trucker hat, standing over the bodies of the enemies, only to find out that they are other Americans, people who helped build this country and make it run, the same as the blue-collar workers.

And yet, those workers feel that they are special, listening to Alex Jones, B-Media News, and AM radio late at night, talking about alien life forms. 

When I hear “freedom”, I used to picture me doing what I want. Now, this is the image that comes to mind.

Cause ‘Merica. 

So I know that summertime/swimsuit season is coming up for many of us and I just want any of you who are panicking/dreading it to know that it’s going to be ok. 

I know for me that summer is like my worse season and everyone’s like ‘oh yay summer!! the best time of the year!!!’ and i’m like no!!! let it be spring again!!! It really gets me in a mood because I struggle a lot with disordered eating and body image/self esteem, like before last year I hadn’t worn a two piece bikini since I was 14. I was wearing a full face of foundation, concealer and powder to the beach because I hate the way my skin since i have a lot of acne scars and I wouldn’t take off my sarong until I was basically in the water because I didn’t want anyone to see my stretch marks. 

Even still I want you all to know that whether it’s body hair, weight, scars, stretch marks, cellulite etc etc you’re going to make it through the summer and it’s going to be okay. There are millions and billions of people, especially women, who will be feeling the way you do too, even your friends, even celebrities, even your crush. At some point you’ll feel the sun on your skin or the sand between your skin or the first taste of whippy ice cream from the ice cream van or laugh so hard your stomach hurts or realise that it’s 4am and you’re still watching Brooklyn 99 or something and things will feel okay and you’ll realise that you can still be happy despite whatever it is that worries you.

Whether you get through this summer by plucking and waxing and shaving or baring every hair without a care or sweating in long sleeves and scarves you will get through it and I’ll be here if you need me. 

Love from your hirsute buddy 💞 xx

(P.S. I know I’m really behind on messages, I have people who messaged me in January and I still haven’t gotten back to you yet - I’m sorry!! Tbh I find instant messaging kind of stressful, but do feel free to contact me via messaging if that makes you happiest, so if you get a message from me to a message you sent like 5 months ago don’t be surprised lmao)

Dirty Imagine #5 - HOLIDAY TO BORA BORA - Part One (For Sophie)

First imagine I’ve written in 11 months, I’m back! This is part one, there will be a part two soon. It’s quite long, but the build up is worth it. This is for Sophie. It’s very sexual, so don’t read if you aren’t into that. 


It was the day of the family holiday. I’d been waiting for this  the whole year. It had been a long and stressful year of high school but finally, I was on holidays. Me and the rest of my family were heading to Bora Bora, a small but beautiful island near French Polynesia. Basically, in the middle of nowhere. I’d never been there before but I’d seen photos and wow – it looked simply amazing.

“C’mon Sophie, it’s 8:30, we don’t want to be late for our flight”

“Coming mum! I shouted back”.

After a 40-minute drive we were at the airport and it wasn’t long until our flight boarded. I sat patiently, browsing Tumblr and Facebook on my phone, until finally, our flight number was called. Within a few minutes we were on the plane and it wasn’t long until take off. I took this time to browse my phone one last time before I had to switch it to flight mode. That’s when I read something that made my heart race. 

“Singer/Songwriter Justin Bieber spotted holidaying in Bora Bora” 

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. Justin was in Bora Bora, literally the same place I was about to go!? While all this was going on, the flight attendants had requested flight mode be activated on all phones. I tried quickly clicking on the article but the internet was slow and the flight attendant soon spotted me. 

“Flight mode now, please” 

I apologised and had no choice but to switch it over to flight mode, which of course meant I couldn’t use the internet, and therefore couldn’t read the article. Damn. 

As the plane took off all I could think about was the article headline. A lot of things were running through my mind. Was it true? A lot of media articles are just false, only written to attract readers. Also, so what if it was true? I would probably never catch a glimpse, and even if I did… He is on holidays. I probably wouldn’t be allowed to bother him. I tried not to think about it too much, but it occupied my mind for most of the flight.

After many hours, we touched down in French Polynesia. From there, we were loaded onto a small-ish barge (boat) that took the people holidaying to the remote island. There weren’t many other people going to the island by the looks of it, just my family, and two other small families. The boat trip took about an hour, and then we had finally arrived at our destination. Bora Bora. 

The place was beautiful, and for awhile I was so blown away by the views that I had forgotten that Justin Bieber could actually also be on this island. We arrived at our resort, found our room and began unpacking.

“First thing I want to do is swim at that nice beach we saw!” said my mum. 

We all agreed, as the water looked crystal clear and fantastic. We finished unpacking and then headed down to the beach. I put on my brand new two-piece bikinis/swim suit. I would be lying if I said it didn’t show off my curves well.

We headed on down to the beach, and it truly was amazing – the best beach I had ever seen in my life. That’s when I saw him. Swimming in the water, I noticed him straight away. JUSTIN. BIEBER. He WAS here! The article was true. He was here, and he was right in front of me! What were the odds of me seeing him at all, let alone on the very first day of the holiday! I couldn’t believe my eyes. My family soon realised something was wrong so I told them.

“That’s Justin Bieber. Right over there, swimming with his friends. OMG. I can’t believe it. He is right there!!” My heart was pounding in my chest and my legs felt like jelly. 

My family all knew how much of a fan I was.

We began swimming but my mind was elsewhere. Should I try and get a photo with him? Just talk to him? He was obviously on a holiday, and I wanted to respect him and not spoil it. I decided that I would just try to say hello to him when he was getting out. So for the next 15 minutes, me and my family swam at the beach, with Justin only about 20 metres away swimming with some friends.

All of a sudden, things took a dramatic twist. Justin started swimming towards me. In fact, he swam right over to me. I froze. I couldn’t even say anything or move my body. 

“You’ve been staring at me for the past 15 minutes”

I stumbled with my words still in shock…

“Uh um I’m so sorry for staring Justin I just can’t believe you are here… I love you so much, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to bother you because I know you are here on holidays, I’m so sor…”

“Sshhh. It’s okay. So you are a fan… Well that’s very kind of you to not want to bother me on holidays… But I always have time for polite fans like yourself. What’s your name?” 


“How are you Sophie?”

For the next two minutes me and Justin talked. He was the nicest person and he took a lot of interest in what I had to say. He was so polite, and I was so star struck. 

“Anyway, I gotta get going. It was nice to chat to you” Justin said as he gave me a hug in the water. He was shirtless so I felt his back muscles as he hugged me, and they were perfect.

As he headed for the shore I couldn’t help myself. I yelled out.

“Justin! Wait… Can I get a photo with you before you go?” 

He seemed hesitant at first and then I realised why. He was swimming in his undies. 

“Ummm.. I didn’t bring a towel, I wasn’t expecting visitors… Ahh what the heck, it doesn’t matter. Sure, we can get a photo, just don’t put it on social media if that’s okay” he said smiling.

I headed for the shoreline and signalled mum to come as well, so she could take the photo.

Justin reached the shore first but I wasn’t far behind. He came out of the water and turned around to face me. My eyes widened as I looked down at him in nothing but his Calvin Klein underwear. I realised now that I was staring for a long time, but I couldn’t help myself. His bulge in those Calvin’s was massive, and it looked so nice. His whole body looked so nice.

“It’s rude to stare you know” he said to me, as he winked. 

“OH MY GOD, I’m so sorry Justin” I replied, blushing.

“It’s fine” he said, as he laughed. “I get it all the time” he added, this time with a sexy smirk.

I kept blushing, I was so embarrassed. Mum was now at the shore, and I gave her my phone. I stood side by side with Justin and he put his arm around my waist like he does with most photos with his fans. My mum snapped the photo. I thanked Justin and hugged him one more time. That’s when the craziest thing in the world happened.

As I hugged him, Justin ran his hand down my back to my ass, which most of it was exposed because I was wearing my bikinis. He grabbed a handful of my ass and squeezed. 

“That’s for staring, naughty girl” he whispered in my ear. 

He let go of my ass, and he left. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I immediately felt damp in between my legs, and it wasn’t just water from the ocean. Justin Bieber just grabbed a handful of my ass, and I fucking loved it. 

It was almost dinner time so the family and I headed back to our room, all still chatting about the encounter with Justin. As I said they know I am a big fan, so they were all very happy for me. They didn’t know that he had grabbed my ass though.

We got back to our room and got ready for dinner. It was night 1 and the resort was hosting a big, FREE, all-you-can-eat dinner in the community hall as a thank-you to all the clients staying with them at Bora Bora (it wasn’t cheap to stay at Bora Bora!). I put on a short black dress that was my favourite, and off we went. 

There weren’t many people in the hall, probably twenty max. So it didn’t take long for my breath to be taken away when I AGAIN saw Justin. He was there, sitting at a table with some of his management team. He saw me walk in.

“Hey! We must be staying with the same resort company. Pretty great they are doing this free dinner, huh?”

I could barely find any words “Uhh yeah, yeah. Yeah it’s awesome. I can’t believe you are here again..” I stumbled…

At the point, the memories of Justin grabbing my ass came flooding back and something just snapped inside of me. The people he was with all seem preoccupied so I spoke quietly to him: “What you did earlier at the beach, that was cheeky” I said with a smile and a wink. 

“So you liked it huh?” he replied.

I blushed again. I had to say a quick goodbye as most people were now seated for dinner, so I returned to my seat with my family. Dinner was delicious. After dinner, drinks and dessert came out and it was a free for all. It was time for the people staying on Bora Bora to have a few drinks and chat with the other people, and get to know them. Mum and Dad were off chatting to some older couple which I found boring, so I went and sat at a table by mself with a drink. I didn’t think Justin would stay for this ‘after party’ and I thought correctly – well sort of. Him and his team were heading out the door when he must have seen me out of the corner of his eye.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later” he said to his team as they left.

He came over to me. “You’re all by yourself?” he aked.

“Yeah, mum and dad are talking to some oldies about stuff I don’t care about” I replied.

He laughed.

“So, you never answered my question before. Did you or did you not enjoy me grabbing that perfect ass of yours at the beach” he said, almost aggressively.

Immediately my heart was racing and I felt a tingling between my legs. I was never usually one to talk sexually, and in fact, I never had many sexual encounters with boys in school. But this was Justin, the sexiest man on Earth, and something in me had changed.

“I did enjoy it, almost as much as I enjoyed seeing your massive bulge” I replied. 

“Ohh, you’re good. You’re a horny little girl aren’t you” he whispered seductively.

“Justin… there are people everywhere, you’re making me wet” 

“Whats the matter? I’m making your pussy all wet?” he again whispered, this time right in my ear as he sent shivers down my spine.

Right as he said this, he put his hand on my inner thigh. We were sitting at a table with a large table cloth hanging down, so nobody could see what was going on under the table. On top of that, I scanned the room and everyone, including my family, seemed to be engaged in conversation. I couldn’t believe nobody else in the room even noticed Justin Bieber was here. 

“Yes, you are making it wet, you can’t do this here. Someone will notice”

“Cant I?” he said, moving his hand up under my skirt to my panties.

He ran his fingers along the fabric of my panties, right over the top of where my pussy would be if I wasn’t wearing panties. I felt his finger run over my clit through the fabric and I swear I almost orgasmed right there and then.

“Justin I.. I can’t believe this… I”

“Shhh, I know you want this, you naughty little girl”

I was still speechless, but he was right, I did want it. Before I could say anymore he pulled the fabric of my saturated panties to the side, exposing my pussy to the cool air. He ran a finger up the middle, collecting all my wetness on his finger. He pulled his finger out from under the table and looked me dead in the eyes, before shoving his finger in his mouth. He was a freak.

“You taste delicious Sophie” 

This just made me more wet and now I was hungry for him. He returned his hand under the table and inserted a finger inside of me. I jumped as he did this banging my leg on the leg of the table. I looked around, but nobody seemed to notice.

“You want Justin Bieber to finger your little pussy?” he said calmly.

As much as I wanted to say no because of how many people were in the room, I couldn’t

“Yes… Please Justin”

“That’s what I thought” he replied. He began fingering me slowly, before deciding to add another finger. I was scared at first, but I was so wet his 2nd finger slipped right in. 

“Look at me Sophie” he demanded. 

I looked at him, and he was staring back at me. Whilst doing this he picked up the pace, and he was now fingering me quickly with two fingers. I could feel an orgasm building as the boy I always loved, Justin Bieber, was fucking me with his fingers under the table. His pace only got quicker and quicker and he was looking at me with a look of aggression now. 

I started shaking, trying not to let out any sound at all.

“Justin I’m going to come… Stop I don’t think I can be quiet! Stop!”

He looked around quickly before putting his hand over my mouth with his other hand 

“Do as I fucking say, you’ll cum on my fingers right now Sophie. Come on, cum on Justin’s fingers! You want to perv on my bulge at the beach? Well you’ll cum on my fucking fingers when I ask you to!” he said aggressively in my ear, still covering my mouth. 

I let out a big moan – luckily he was covering my mouth. My orgasm arrived. Justin kept fingering me as fast as he could without being seen, and I was now shaking. FUCK it felt good, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. I felt all my juices come running out, I cummed more than I ever had in my life, and they went all over Justin’s fingers that were still instead me. After my orgasm washed over me, he left his fingers inside me. He kept staring me dead in the eyes. I had a quick look under the table and saw my juices running down his fingers onto his hand and even down his arm. A few seconds later her took his hand out and showed me. It was saturated with all my juices. He looked at me, and one by one sucked every one of his fingers clean.

“Look at you, you’ve made a mess of the floor”. 

I looked down to see that some of the juice from my pussy had landed on the floor. That’s how wet I was and that’s how big my orgasm was. I bet whoever had to clean that had no idea what it was, that made it kind of hot.

I stood up from the table, out of breath. 

“Justin, that was fucking amazing”.

He smiled. “Give me your number, I’m not done with you. You’re a dirty girl Sophie”. 

I gave him my number and headed off back to the room. My family was still talking to other people on holidays, they had no idea Justin Bieber had just fingered me and made me cum in a room full of people. As I made my way back to my room I realised I still had juice running down my leg just thinking about what had happened.

This was going to be the best holiday ever.

spoonful of sugar | m

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◇ He enjoys teasing you as much as he enjoys loving you.

◇ Jin x reader

◇ sugardaddy!au

◇ more sugardaddy!jin -  sugar & spice


It was a sunny day in Bora Bora - the waters were clear, the sun was hot, and the atmosphere was beautifully serene. You lay by the poolside, head tilted back onto the woven pool chair as you took in the warm rays of the sun. Beside you, on a pristine glass table, sat empty glasses, previously filled with sweet, alcoholic drinks that you had no idea existed until now.

You really wouldn’t be drinking alcohol if today was a normal day - Jin knew you had the worst hangovers even if you’d only consumed one drink, and therefore rarely allowed you to drink alcohol. But today wasn’t a normal day - it was your 1 year anniversary with Jin, and, as usual, he was off somewhere, discussing business deals and talking to a board of people in suits who would ultimately make or break him.

You were angry, of course. You loved Jin - he was your daddy, and he was a wonderful man to you - but one of the biggest problems you had with him was that he was very often away on business trips, galas, and banquets. You had thought when he had proposed a vacation to Bora Bora (suspiciously close to your anniversary) that he would at least take time off to spend with you.

You thought wrong. He left early in the morning, leaving you by yourself, and returned late at night, falling asleep beside you, only to start the process all over again the next day. It was your 5th day in Bora Bora and you had barely spent 20 minutes with Jin. The most you had heard from him was when you got up an hour or two early and watched him get dressed from your king-sized bed, since he insisted that you stayed sleeping.

Sighing, your eyes fluttered open, quickly adjusting to the bright weather that Bora Bora was blessed with - even if it was nearing sundown. The pool in front of you was quiet and tranquil, no soul in sight except for the waiter who would occasionally pass by and ask you if you wanted more drinks or would clean up the glasses you already had.

 Jin had bought the private pool for you in what you think was an attempt to amuse you for the duration of the week - but you could barely swim and even if you could some part of you wanted to be petty and completely ignore his gifts for abandoning you during the week.

You felt a light giddiness wash over you, the drinks taking affect and making you unaware of the growing darkness around you. You lay your head back, sniffling as you thought about how unfair things were for you. You had thought you had made your insecurities clear to Jin last time - and it seemed to be fine for a while, before he was back to only seeing you once or twice a week. You understood that he was busy, but that didn’t stop you from getting upset.

Stretching your hands above your head, you yawn into the quiet air - a day of doing absolutely nothing but drinking had taken a lot out of you. You leave the glasses on the table as you see the waiter scurry over to you, shooting a flurry of questions at you at the speed of light, are you okay, have you had enough, get back safe. It’s sad to say, but the waiter has spoken more to you in the past day than Jin has for the past week.

Grasping the Heidi Klein kaftan you had brought with you to the pool to cover yourself - still aware of Jin’s possessive nature -, you grin weakly at the waiter, nodding your head in thanks for his services before trudging off to the overwater bungalow suite, where you knew nobody would be waiting for you - maybe a pair of Louboutins or a new collar, but nobody that you wanted to see. 

Knowing that you wouldn’t be caught, you decide to skip dinner as well, wanting nothing more than to sleep, and cuddle something (somebody) in your arms. More than likely, it would be your duvet - again.

The night air is beautifully warm, a slight wind blowing against you and leading you to your room. You walk along the walkway that leads to your hut, completely transfixed by the sheer beauty of the water around you. You only wish daddy was there with you to witness it as well.

With a sigh, you push open the door to the hut you were staying in, your hopes downing as you saw that the place was empty. You knew that daddy wouldn’t be there, but you guess a part of you still thought he would come through on his promise and spend more time with you. Slipping off your Valentino sandals, you rub at your eyes. You’re tired and you want to cuddle and you’re suddenly hungry even though you decided to skip dinner-

“Stupid daddy,” you mutter, tears pricking at your eyes. You feel stupidly emotional, but then you remember again that it is your 1 year anniversary, and you were alone, in a beautiful suite with no-one to share it with. You pout, folding your arms angrily and plopping down onto the fluffy bed. “Always gone…”

“Really?” A voice muses. Your head shoots up and your heart is in your mouth as you look for the source of the voice. Your confused eyes fall on him - daddy -, blonde hair fluffy from running his hand through it, eyebrows cocked, dress shirt still prim and proper and tucked into Neiman Marcus dress pants, deliciously tight and fitting. 

Jin sighs in disappointment, running his hand through his blonde locks for what must be the millionth time that day. “And here daddy was,” he continues, cocking his head to the side as he inspects your upset self, “Returning from a meeting early to please his princess…”

“Please his princess,” you scoff, looking away from him. “Daddy doesn’t know how to please his princess. Daddy’s always gone, and daddy almost missed our anniversary, and we haven’t played in two whole weeks, and daddy probably doesn’t care about his ‘princess’ anymore, anyway-”

“Why would you think that?” You know he’s angry. His jaw is clenching, one hand in his pocket, the other clenched at his side. He frowns, looking at you, sitting on the bed, irritated and upset all because of him. He walks towards you, slowly, carefully, not wanting to upset you anymore than you already are, and bends down beside the bed so that he’s face to face with you.

 “Come on, princess,” Jin coos, bringing his hand up to soothingly rub his thumb over your soft skin. He sees the irritation and sadness mirrored in your eyes and he sighs at the huff that escapes you. “Didn’t we already have this talk? Daddy works hard so that he can buy pretty stuff for his princess-”

“I know that,” you whine, averting your eyes to the pretty view of the calm sea and night sky outside. “But that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t have time for me anymore-”

“Don’t say that.” His tone is assertive and he’s starting to get annoyed. He doesn’t know how he can fix this problem when there’s no solution. He needs to attend those meetings, those galas, those banquets and whatever else it is keeping him from you. “_____, princess, don’t you dare say that.”

The use of your actual name surprises you. Jin preferred assigning you pet names and you preferred calling him daddy - it was just how you were. He rarely uses your real name unless you were in public, but the way he says it now shows that he’s not messing around.

“Meetings are important,” he starts softly, holding you between his hands so that you don’t shy away from his gaze. “So are those galas that you like dressing up for, right?” He waits until you give a tentative nod of agreement.

“But you’re always going to be more important than them, to me. So while I may not be able to skip out on some meetings, or sometimes I’ll absolutely have to attend something…” He trails off, his hand rubbing loving circles into the skin of your neck. “Just know that daddy will always have time for you, okay? And when you start to doubt that, I’ll reassure you.”

The conversation has tears pricking at your eyes and your bottom lip trembles at the emotion Jin has conveyed to you. He raises an eyebrow in question - do you understand? And you’re lunging forward, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and burying your face in the crook of his neck, and his arms are wound around your waist and he’s muttering sweet nothings into your hair and he has fully convinced you that he will always be by your side.

For the next 10 minutes, he holds you in his arms, smoothing your hair down and pressing kisses to delicate skin that has you shivering. Your tears are dried and your mood has improved by 100, and you’re eager to finally play with Jin after two weeks of no playing and one week of no Jin.

“Daddy,” you mutter against the skin of his neck, warm and content and happy, “For our last night, can we…?” You trail off into silence, and Jin chuckles. He knows exactly how needy you are, especially after two weeks of no release.

“Of course, sweetheart,” he smiles, releasing his grip on you and standing up, already starting to undo his belt and button down his shirt. Grinning, you untie the two piece bikini you had on (a wonder Jin had let you wear it, actually), and place yourself on the soft bed, thrilled at finally getting to experience being fucked on the sheets you had been cuddling with for the whole holiday.

“Good girl,” Jin praises as he sees you on your hands and knees, completely bare except for the thin collar wrapped around your neck. He sets himself beside you on the bed, running his hands down your back, taking in the feel of your soft skin forming goose bumps. It’s been too long since he’s felt the way you tremble around him, how you gasp and pant and moan. Too long.

“Usually, I’d punish you for doubting daddy so bad,” Jin comments casually, running his hand through his hair again and positioning himself behind you, before bending down so that he’s arched over your body and closer to you. 

“But you had every right to be mad at me…” He continues, “So I’ll excuse the drinking and skipping dinner, as well.” He must’ve smelled the alcohol on you, and realized you had returned too early to the suite.

He;s pressing another smooth kiss onto your shoulders, trailing them from one to the other, sucking and marking and claiming and loving, rubbing the tip of his cock against your slit that glistens with your arousal. Gripping your hips with one hand, he presses into you, guiding himself with the other hand.

“So good,” he pants, throwing his head back and rolling his hips. “You’re so good, _____.” 

You practically glow at the praise through your own moaning and panting, grinding your hips back onto his cock that’s filling you so incredibly well, and then he’s bucking his hips, making to hit the sensitive spot on your walls with every thrust.

His hands are roaming up and down your body, from your hips to your shoulders to your hair and back again, all aiding in the growing pressure in your stomach.

“Daddy-” You break off, gasping for air as you feel yourself clench around him, “Please, can I-!”

“Go ahead, baby girl,” he grunts, voice trembling and control dwindling. His stomach clenches at the feeling of your walls, tight and warm around him. “Touch yourself.”

One of the hands that were holding yourself up was removed awfully quickly from underneath you - you begin to rub at the bundle of throbbing nerves desperately, chasing the release you needed. 

“Oh,” you frown at the immense pleasure, your pussy clenching once, twice, three times-

Your climax hits you hard; your vision goes white for a second as you cry out, barely registering the alarming amount of cum seeping out of you. You’re twitching at the over-sensitivity of Jin still pounding into you, who’s groaning at the sight of you squirting over his cock. He lets out a low groan and screws his eyes shut as his release shoots into you in spurts.

His hips are slowing down but they still roll into yours lovingly; he’s bent down again, pressing open-mouthed kisses onto your neck and hugging you close. The feeling of love and raw emotion in the air makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter - how did you get so lucky?

It’s only once Jin has removed himself from your warmth and cleaned you up as best as he could, tucked into the fluffy sheets, that you realize how in love with him you are.

Not just for the sex, or the money, or the vacations or clothes or anything else - but for him. Kim Seokjin, millionaire and CEO of Kim Enterprises, a surprisingly gentle and sensitive man who can give professional chefs a run for their money. Seokjin, who has become a protector, a lover and a friend to you during the last year; Jin, who always takes care of you after making love and makes sure you’re completely satisfied.

“Jin?” You question quietly, cuddled into his bare chest, his arms tight around you, his face close to yours but not close enough. “Do you love me?” Your heart pounds even though you already know the answer to his question.

Jin laughs, his eyes becoming crescents and his chest rumbling. “I thought that was obvious, baby,” his eyes twinkle as he peers down at you, a fond smile blooming on his face at the mere sight of you. “Why do you ask?”

“I just…” You frown, wondering how you should put it into words. “I guess I just… I realised that I love you so much, and I guess - I guess… what I’m trying to say is…” You sigh in irritation, eyebrows furrowing as  you try to ask him without embarrassing yourself or getting rejected.

“Why don’t we get married?”

It’s silent for a second between you two; the waves outside lap gently against the sand, the wind blows softly past your window, but all you can think of is Seokjin, arms around you in an embrace, blonde hair messed up from your session and the bright smile that was on his face a second ago.

“Actually,” you decide, “forget I said that, it was a bad idea-”

“I think it’s a brilliant idea,” Jin mutters. Your eyebrows raise in shock as he nods, a small smile reserved for you on his face. “We’ve been together for a year and I trust you more than people I’ve know for 3. I’m sure I love you, and I hope you love me - you do love me, don’t you?”

He knows the answer to his question already, but he enjoys teasing you as much as he enjoys loving you.