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A kind person asked me to post some of my older works so here’s a little compilation! The top row is “frontal, hands behind back, pencil only” drawings, middle is the dawn of digital art, and bottom are my most recent pictures.


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

I Love You

Jimin X Reader


There was something soothing about watching the wax slowly drip down the sides of the candles. They had been lit for well over an hour now and their soft glow was just a gentle reminder of your reality. The sudden urge to cry was overwhelming as you sat at the dinner table alone. He had promised to be home no later than 6:30. However, as the clock easily moved to 7:34 you realized what had happened again. He was with her. You didn’t know who she was or what she even looked like but you would be a fool not to be aware of that’s he exists. A secret part of his not to secret life. Any sensible woman would have left him already but for some reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to. You had never found solid evidence of his cheating and anytime you tried to steer the conversation to a break up he would talk you right out of it. It was like he knew what you were going to say and he would selfishly keep you from leaving. You sometimes wished he would be crueler to you. Maybe then leaving wouldn’t be so hard… but every time you looked at his smiling face something in you faltered. All the words you promised yourself you’d tell him flew out the window. The way he would whisper your name and tell you he loved you while gripping your hands tightly, his thumb rubbing the tops of yours tentatively. It was the same old song and dance every single time. In the end, you were only hurting yourself more. So convinced that he really did love you and the late nights that left him coming home smelling like someone else’s perfume was just in your head. You wanted it to be true more than anything. You wanted the last three years to mean to him what it does to you.
The sound of the door being clicked open disturbs your thought as the previously silent apartment is filled with the sounds of his footsteps. You slowly stood from your seat and smoothed down your dress to face him. When he walked into view you noticed that the color of his shirt was slightly crumpled.
There seemed to be some realization settling into him as he looked at you because the smile on his face quickly disappeared as his eyes drifted from you to the table of cold food. In that moment you felt so small and embarrassed. You just wanted to throw everything away and go to sleep. Just looking at him made you feel so pathetic.
“Oh my god baby, I’m so sorry for being late. I had no idea you were going to do this or I would have called. I tried to get out of the office earlier but they kept stacking the work” Jimin pleaded to you with sorry eyes.
All you could do was stare at him. He seemed so genuinely sorry for being late. But maybe you were just a fool for thinking so. You knew where he had really been. You had called the office at 7 and his boss had informed you that he had left work at 5:30. What a worthless person you were to stand here and let him lie to you like this.
You opened your mouth to say something… anything. You wanted to accuse him, tell him that you knew everything and that he was a piece of shit for treating you like this. But before you could get the words out he was making his way over to you with his arms outstretched. He enveloped you in a hug as he whispered sorry after sorry. He told you not to cry as he gently stroked the back of your head. He told you not to be sad and that this wouldn’t happen again. But you knew that it would.
As he hugged you, you couldn’t help but stare at the wall behind him. Pictures of the two of you neatly hung in a row. You focused your gaze on one in particular as his embrace grew tighter. It was a photo of the two of you on your one year anniversary. You looked so happy and in love at the time. You felt like a shell of your former self. So empty and broken. All because of the man you just couldn’t bring yourself to leave. As you stared at the picture you began to push yourself slowly from Jimin’s grasp. He gave you a questioning look as you walked around him and pulled the picture off of the wall. He seemed really confused by your actions but only watched as you ran a finger over the image of the two of you.
“Do you remember how right after we took this photo you pulled me into a kiss and then the people in the restaurant started clapping.” You laughed at the memory of that night. The waiter who had taken your photo had proudly wished you a happy anniversary for the whole room to hear and when Jimin had pulled you into him the room erupted in claps and cheers. Back then anyone would see just how in love the two of you were.
“Of course I remember, that was one of the best nights of my life. I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment, how I still feel. I love you so much Y/N” he whispered with a smile on his face.
Or some reason you couldn’t help but laugh when he said that. As you held the photo in your hands your grip grew tight. How could he say those lies to you when the truth was so obvious? Was it fun for him to torment you like this?
Jimin’s face looked shocked when you laughed. There was no smile on your face as your arm fell to your side, picture frame still in your grasp. You looked at him in the eyes and studied his every feature. How could such a beautiful and caring man be so cruel you thought?
“What’s wrong, baby?” he asked with worry on his face. He reached a hand out to you but could only stand in astonishment when you jerked away from his touch. Enough was enough.
“How do you do it, Jimin?” you asked him while you fought the tears from escaping your eyes.
A wave of panic seemed to set over him as he tried to think of what you could possibly mean, hoping that it wasn’t what you both knew was the truth. He stood silently, unable to muster up a response as you stared back at him.
“I said. How do you do it.” You began again with a more stern voice. “How can you do this to me, to us?” You asked as a silent tear streamed down your face.
Jimin followed the tear with his eyes before looking back up and meeting your gaze.
“Baby, I said I was sorry for being late. You know how my job can be sometimes it ju-” he was cut off by you throwing the picture frame onto the ground. Thousands of tiny little shards spraying across the floor between the two of you.
“DON’T STAND THERE AND FUCKING LIE TO ME, JIMIN” you screamed at him as the tears rolled down your face in hot streams.
Jimin’s surprised face quickly turned sour as he took in your angry form. He suddenly stood taller before crossing his arms over his chest, a sign hat he was angry.
“What the hell are you talking about Y/N? Why would you throw that huh? What do you mean lie to you, I would never do that” he finished with a clench of his jaw.
Oh, that was funny you thought. He would never lie to you, the idea was almost laughable. You felt all the rage and sadness from the past two months bubble up as your breathing became more erratic.
“This isn’t about you being late tonight, Jimin. This is about whoever you’ve been seeing these past two months. This is about how you can stand there and tell me you love me when just a few hours ago you were probably balls deep in somebody else” you spat at him with spite. Your blood was boiling at this point, ready to just scream and cry at him for all that he had put you through the past two months.
Jimin’s face went from angry to pale in a matter of seconds as he looked at you. He knew he had been caught and for a moment you thought he might have even regretted it all.
“How do you know about that?” he spoke quietly this time, his gaze shifting to the floor as shame swept over him.
“I would be an idiot not to have noticed, Jimin,” you told him with a wavering voice.
“What do you want me to say,” he asked you as he bit his bottom lip awaiting your response. Maybe even preparing for another outburst from you.
You wanted to demand an explanation from him. You wanted to know who she was when it started, and why he wouldn’t just leave you. But as you looked at him you couldn’t say any of those things. You were completely and utterly broken.
“Nothing. I don’t want you to say anything to me” you spoke as you started to shake your head and back away from him more.
He watched in silence as you made your way to the bedroom and started to gather up your clothes and put them in a suitcase. You felt his presence behind you as you moved from the closet to the bed, stuffing your things in a hurried manner. He said nothing as you pushed past him to get to the front door.
“W-Where are you going,” he asked you, still unable to meet your eyes.
You stopped in your tracks, suitcase propped behind you as you steadied your breathing. You turned to face him. You took in his whole appearance before answering.
“Anywhere is better than being here with you” you whispered as you turned back around and walked out the door.
As you walked down the steps and out towards the street you couldn’t help but look back at the door as if you were expecting him to come running out and beg you to stay. But there was nothing. As you stared behind you the only thing you saw was the closed door and the still night air. No excuses, no pleas, and no yelling. He let you leave just like that. Didn’t even try to explain himself or persuade you to stay.
As reality set in your tears stopped. You got in your car and started to drive down the road ever so slowly. When you were about a block away you stopped and turned the engine off. Suddenly unable to move another inch. You started to sob again as you gripped the steering wheel. Then suddenly you started to laugh. At yourself? At the situation? You weren’t sure. You looked out the window as you leaned back in your seat. You thought about Jimin again, about how real every little emotion felt. You thought about the way he spoke to you. The way he touched you. You thought about what he meant to you, and as you sat there in your car you leaned your head back and thought of his smiling face and whispered those words that would haunt you forever.
“I love you”

Two days in a row!!!

This picture does not do justice to how sweaty I actually am 😂😂😂. I walked on the treadmill for an hour at varying elevations I even did 10.0 for like 7 minutes 😳. And maintained at least 5.0 for the rest of the time. 👍🏻. That’s all I did tonight but I feel good. My legs feel a little sore. But a good sore! Happy Tuesday y'all. Have a great night!

Guide To: Placing Patterns Like a Pro with RAM Editor

If you haven’t thought about placing patterns with the RAM Editor yet, you should. It will make your life a whole lot easier in terms of placing patterns – and I’m even here to teach you a little trick to make it twice as easy.

This guide assumes you already know how to DUMP and INJECT your RAM files, and have used the RAM editor before.

Let’s take a look at the RAM Editor and its Pattern options:

In the red box I’ve highlighted, you can see that there is a Pattern option in the Current Item list. There is only one pattern option here.

To the right of that, you see another dropdown menu labeled Flag. This is where you can manually select which QR pattern you want to use. You can select from all four player characters’ patterns.

Going back and forth between the Flag menu and the map to lay down patterns can be a bit tedious, especially when you need to alternate patterns a lot – thankfully, there is a quicker way.

  1. Load your ACNL game with the player character that has the patterns you want to use.
  2. Find an easy spot to lay down ONE OF EACH of your player’s patterns on the ground. If you look above at the picture, you’ll see I laid mine out in two rows of five by the train station in the black box I have highlighted. 
  3. Now that you have one of each pattern laid out on the ground in an easy-to-remember order, save and DUMP your RAM file.
  4. Open your RAM file in the RAM Editor.
  5. You will see your patterns laid out on the ground as little gray squares, as shown above in the black box I have highlighted. They will all be gray, regardless of what pattern they are.
  6. To select a pattern for use, RIGHT click on it. Right-clicking on an item in the RAM editor copies that item. So if you want to use pattern #4 to lay down some paths, right click on gray square #4 in the RAM Editor. 
  7. Now, you can LEFT click anywhere in the RAM Editor to place that pattern down. Everywhere you left click, you will place pattern #4 down.
  8. To switch to a different pattern, simply right click on that pattern in your handy “pattern template” you laid out. (Demonstrated in black box above.) So if you want to switch to pattern #7, right click on gray square #7. You have now switched. Voila! You can now left click to place pattern #7 down anywhere you want.
  9. Once you are done laying down your patterns, SAVE the new RAM file.
  10. Copy the new RAM file to your SD card and INJECT it into your game once your game is loaded.
  11. Enter and exit the nearest building.
  12. All of your patterns should now appear on the ground! Congratulations, you are done. Unless you are not, in which case, get back to work.
  13. Remember to save and quit to keep your changes.

Note: To DELETE a pattern you have placed, right-click on an empty square somewhere, and then left click on the pattern you want to delete. :)

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Hello! I was wondering if I could ask you a question about something I noticed in post 136427994491 (and in tradition Chinese photography in general). I've noticed that there are sometimes a red marking on a women's forehead. Do these markings mean anything? I'm particularly curious about the one that looks like a flower and the ones that are a dot

Hi, of course I’m happy to answer your question!

The forehead markings are called “huadian/花鈿", and they are a purely ornamental type of accessory that was most popular during the Tang Dynasty. Huadian came in a variety of colors (red, green, yellow - but mostly red), shapes (flowers/petals, animals - birds/fish, etc.), and materials (paint, paper, gold, pearls, petals, fish bones, seashells, feathers, etc.). Nowadays it is usually painted on/a temporary tattoo. Fouryearsofshades has a write-up on huadian here. Below - historical huadian:

Huadian can be worn on the cheeks, as seen in the two left pictures in the 2nd row above - these are called mianye/面靥 or xiaoye/笑靥. They usually took the form of a dimple about one centimeter from each side of the lips, and came in a variety of shapes, including coins, peaches, birds, and flowers.

There is a legend about the origin of huadian, recounted by Hua Mei in the book Chinese Clothing (pdf):

“The Huadian or forehead decoration was said to have originated in the South Dynasty, when the Shouyang Princess was taking a walk in the palace in early spring and a light breeze brought a plum blossom onto her forehead. The plum blossom for some reason could not be washed off or removed in any way. Fortunately, it looked beautiful on her, and all of a sudden became all the rage among the girls of the commoners. It is therefore called the “Shouyang makeup” or the “plum blossom makeup.” This makeup was popular among the women for a long time in the Tang and Song Dynasties.”

The flower/petal shapes typically represent the plum blossom. I’m not sure if the dot represents anything significant, besides being a common shape.

Below - actresses wearing huadian and mianye in film/tv:

Hope this helps! :)

I Love You

Requested by: nobody lol but it was made for @chronicfangirling

Submission: n/a

Summary: Y/N and Jin are crushing on each other and after Y/N graduates from medical school Jin finally confesses

Genre: Fluff

Word Count is 1,174

Originally posted by wood-storm

               Growing up things were never easy for you and your family but you always managed to get through It with a smile on your face and hope in your heart. When you were fourteen you lost your parents in a car accident where they were hit head on by a drunk teenager. Your mother died on impact and your dad lived in a coma for weeks before being announced brain dead. You were angry and upset and when you found out that the kid who had caused this was barely harmed your anger worsened. You were in therapy and anger management for years before you could finally forgive the kid. You had lived with your aunt ever since the accident and she took good care of you. She still did even after you had graduated high school and went off to medical school.

               Now here you were standing proudly at twenty four years old graduating medical school with a degree and a residency lined up for yourself. You smiled proudly at your aging aunt as she sat in the front row beside two chairs that had a picture of your mom and dad placed on them. Tears pooled in your eyes as you looked up at the sky and smiled hoping your parents were looking down on you proudly. After all you had went into medicine to be able to prevent death and help people to make up for not being able to save them.

               After the ceremony you met with your aunt and your cousin Jimin who had arrived late due to being an idol and having tight schedules. You had also noticed that he had brought his other group mates and you let a bright smile spread across your face as your eyes landed on the eldest member. Kim Seokjin, the man you have known since Jimin joined BigHit and the man she had slowly fallen for. “Congratulations Y/N!” You heard them all call out before you were pulled into a huge group hug and you couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. “Thank you guys!” you said softly as you enjoyed the hug and once you all pulled away your aunt pulled you in for another hug. “Your parents would be proud of you Y/N, I’m proud of you” your aunt whispered in your ear causing the tears in your eyes to slid down your cheeks.

               You managed to pull yourself together and your cousin announced that he was going to treat everyone to dinner to celebrate your graduation. You tried to refuse but you cousin just shook you off and pushed you to the car before you could say anything more. You shook your head softly and quickly buckled your seatbelt as the other loaded up into the large van. You smiled softly as you looked at the picture of your parents that sat on your lap before you placed it in your bag. When you looked back up you noticed that you were squished between Jungkook and Seokjin. You felt your face flush and your cheeks heat up at the feeling of your side being pushed against Jin’s. You quickly turn your head to face Jungkook and engage in a conversation with the younger male.

               Behind you Jin lets out a small sigh as a pout forms on his plump lips and he sits back in his seat as he watches you and Jungkook giggling away and he wonders why you don’t talk to him like that. To anyone around they knew he was jealous as he made it painfully obvious when he took to glaring at Jungkook behind your back. From the moment he met you Jin had fallen madly in love with you and spent the years he’s known you to get closer to you and finally confess. That was harder than he had thought because you seemed to avoid him at all cost and flee the room when your alone together. He had begun to think you hated him until he overheard you talking to your best friend about him. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop but when he heard you say you liked him he was frozen to the spot.

               That was almost a month ago and he had taken that time to build his courage and plan the best confession for you because he knew you deserved the best. He had decided weeks ago that today would be the day he would confess and he had more than a little help with his plan. First he had Jimin invite everyone out to celebrate your graduation and then Jimin would tell you that he had something for you. He would then lead you to a secluded part of the restaurant that he had set up with candles and flowers and their own meal away from everyone. From then on Jimin would leave and he would finally confess his love for you.

               When you arrived at the restaurant you immediately went to the bathroom to take off your cap and gown and once you were out you saw Jimin waiting for you outside the door. “Hey Chim what’s up?” you asked your voice showing off your confusion and Jimin just smiled “I have something for you, follow me” he said. He grabbed your arm and pulled you away to a secluded area and once you got there you saw Jin sitting at the table surrounded by flowers and candles and in the dishes in front of him was your favorite meal. You raised your eyebrows in confusion as your heart began to race and you quickly turned to ask Jimin what was going on but he was long gone. When you turned back Jin was now standing a few inches away from you with a nervous smile on his face.

               "Y/N, sit down please" he said softly before pulling out a chair across from his and you hesitantly sat down while watching his every move. Once he sat he let out a nervous giggle and looked up at you and you noticed his cheeks were bright pink. “I know this seems a bit weird but this was the perfect scenario in my head” he said softly as he noticed your confusion. “I’m just going to be straightforward since I’m nervous and I’ll end up blabbing forever if I spill my feelings like I want” he said. “Y/N I like you and not as a friend but as something more and I guess I always have” he said “I was wondering if you would do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” he asked. You felt your cheeks heat up and you immediately stood up which made Jin’s eyes widen in panic to which you giggled. “Calm down Jin, I’m just getting up to give my boyfriend a kiss” you said confidently as you walked over to him. His eyes widened as you pulled him up out of his seat and connected your lips. “I love you Y/N” he muttered between kisses “I love you too Jin”.

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did you noticed that Selena scrolled all the way down her ig back to 2013/2014 when she posted the star dance tour M&G on her insta yesterday? I'm wondering how she felt when she saw the Justin related pictures, especially the one two rows over the M&G picture because this was in Justin's room lol

Lol this girl.Selena is being too nostalgic for someone that like to pretend don’t have a past.She is really something…

“human” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 950

Request:  Yo bro, wassup. Yeah. It’s me again. I’m here to request to my fellow squirrel. Can you write a Peter imagine for the song “Human” by Dodie and Jon Cozart? THANKS BROSUFF ~ @-alltimelilly-

Warnings: none :)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So sorry, Lilleh, this took so long to come out. But you know me brosuff, I get distracted really easy. Whale, I hope y'all enjoy!

Human by Dodie Clark feat. Jon Cozart

I wanna pick you up and scoop you out
I want the secrets your secrets haven’t found

Oh, I’m so human;

we’re just human.

Rain poured down on the city of Queens, ruining Peter’s book-bag and the “brand new” DVD player he found in the dumpster. The day didn’t start off so great: Peter’s alarm clock never went off, he missed the bus, and he thought the worst part was when he asked out his long-time crush Michelle and got rejected. But no, a rainstorm decided to hit New York the one day Peter wasn’t prepared for one.

“Of course, everyone closes their shop early,” Peter muttered, shuffling his feet along the watered down sidewalk. He continued down the street, trying to find some shelter as the storm got worse. Peter gained some hope as he saw bright lights coming from a small coffee shop at the end of the street. As he got closer to the shop, he watched as you slowly turned over the sign that read “OPEN’”, leaving it to say “SORRY, BUT WE’RE CLOSED.” Peter ran towards the door and knocked, signaling for your attention.

“Hey! Wait!” He yelled, causing you to jump.

You turned around and quickly unlocked the door, “Here, come in before it starts to rain harder!”

Peter rushed inside, leaving small puddles as his shoes squeaked. “I’m so sorry for barging in but it’s raining cats and dogs out there.” Peter babbled, cringing as the words came out of his mouth. “Why did I say that…”

You giggled, “It’s fine, wouldn’t want you out there anyways. I’m (Y/n),” you said, holding out your hand.


“Wait, I know you,” you smiled, pointing at him. “You go to Midtown High, right?”

“Yeah, you remember me?” Peter asked.

“How could I forget?” you continued as you started to wipe down tables, “You won the science fair two years in a row, and some of the pictures you took from photography class were put in the school magazine. Really cool, by the way. You are an amazing photographer.”

Peter’s cheeks started to boil. Not only did you remember him from school, but you remembered him as something other than Flash Thompson’s punching bag.

“Oh, wow. Th-thanks, (Y/n),” Peter stumbled over his words as he sat down in a booth.

“No problem, I speak the truth,” you smiled, setting down the towel and sitting in front of Peter. Peter gave a small smile in response, but you got a weird vibe from him.

“Hey, are you okay?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.


“You just… you seem a little down, is all.”

“I just- today hasn’t been the best day,” Peter confessed while rubbing his sore eyes.

“What happened? If you don’t mind me ask-”

“Hey, baby, can you do me a favor and wash the dish- oh!” Your mother walked in, removing her apron. “Who’s this?” She asked, gesturing towards Peter.

“Oh, hey Mom. This is Peter, he goes to school with me.”

“Hi, Mrs. (Y/l/n),” Peter said awkwardly, giving a small wave.

“Well, hello Peter!” Your mother effused and shook Peter’s hand. “(Y/n), I need you to wash the dishes. But after that, you can continue your little… date.”

“Mom!” You exploded, “It’s not like that… and I’ll get to it!” You yelled at your mother, who had already left the room. She liked to embarrass you whenever she could, mostly because she rarely got the chance to. Your mom worked all day, keeping the small cafe the family owned running while you went off to school. You loved her, she worked so hard.

“So sorry about that,” you laughed, shaking your head while slightly cringing.

Peter chuckled, “It’s alright.”

“I was gonna ask if you wanted to talk about why your day has been so fabulous.

Peter let out a sigh, “It’s just… I had the worst luck today. I woke up late and missed my bus, then when I got to class, I asked out my crush. And she sorta rejected me… so that was fun. No better feeling than rejection,” Peter scoffed. “I don’t really have any friends, so I kinda had to just- act like everything was alright.”

“Wowza, sounds like you had a tough day.”

“Yeah,” Peter’s head sunk, “Guess you could say that.”

“Well, how ‘bout this,” you started, leaning over the table so your face was right in front of his, “I’ll make you a deal.”

Peter felt like he had a frog in his throat, you were so close to him.

“Oh-okay,” Peter croaked.

“If you help me out with the dishes, you got yourself a friend, Mr. Parker,” you drawled, wiggling your eyebrows while your lips pulled back, revealing a beautiful expression that Peter had never seen shine so bright.

“Ye-yeah,” Peter struggled to say those last words. The only thing he could truly focus on were your features. The dimples that formed when you smiled, the way your eyes twinkled when each word flowed out of your mouth with a hint of sarcasm and enthusiasm.

“Great!” You exclaimed, quickly pressing your forehead in his before making your way over to the dishwasher. Peter smiled, today may have started out like a disaster, but it had come to a happy end. He made a friend, what more could he ask for.


Paint me in trust,
I’ll be your best friend
Call me the one,
this night just can’t end.

Will you share your soul with me?
Unzip your skin and let me have a see.

Paint me in trust,
I’ll be your best friend
Call me the one,
this night just can’t end.

Oh, I’m so human;
we’re just human.

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Camie - Chapter 608