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Chapter 167: DOWN goes another EXPENDABLE

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Chapter 166: The MIGHTY strength of Yang Meng's FEET

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anonymous asked:

I really need a one shot of Lucas and Zay's potential conversation outside before the "tree kicking". Did Zay talk him down? Did Lucas confess his feelings for Riley to Zay? Did the poor tree get kicked? Did Zay convince Lucas that there was another way to vent his feelings?

Here you go, anon! 

**Note: If you haven’t seen ski lodge part 2 yet, DO NOT READ!! I repeat - DO NOT READ! Lol it’s spoiler city up in this one-shot. Okay, now that we have that out of the way and you’ve been warned - enjoy!**

“Lucas, don’t do it!”

Zay burst through the doors of the Mount Sun Lodge, following closely behind Lucas as he made his way out onto the front lawn. “That tree is innocent, it’s done nothing to deserve this!”

“Relax, Zay,” Lucas spun around, his eyes blazing and his fists clenching tightly together. “I just needed some fresh air.”

“So, you’re not going to kick the tree?”

“I want to,” Lucas admitted, glaring menacingly at the large oak located directly in front of them. “I can’t tell you how much I want to.”

Lucas took two long, deep breaths, trying everything he could to reign in his anger.

“But you’re not going to because you’re better than that now. You know that there are better ways to express your feelings,” Zay reminded him, giving him a pointed look and placing a gentle hand on his tense shoulder. “And I think you know why.”

“Yeah, I do,” Lucas breathed, his anger finally starting to subside. “Which is why I needed to get out of that room.”

“Because you were jealous,” Zay said matter of factly, as he made his way over to the bench located near the right side of the ski lodge.

“Jealous?” Lucas scoffed, trying much too hard to play it cool. “I wouldn’t say I was jealous, necessarily.”

Lucas and Zay sat side by side on the bench, and Zay turned in his seat to look at him.

“Look, I know a new guy can be kind of threatening, but you have nothing to worry about,” Zay assured him. “You have no need to be jealous.”

“Was it really that obvious?” Lucas shifted in his seat uncomfortably, and Zay patted him on the back.

“Come on, Lucas,” Zay shook his head sympathetically. “You said - and I quote, ‘If ya’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go over there and maybe, I don’t know, kick a tree,’ right after you found out that conversation is the most important part of any relationship, and that Riley had just had an all-night conversation with Evan the front desk, mountain-guide guy.”

“I didn’t mean to get angry like that. Something just sort of snapped,” Lucas explained. “When it comes to Riley and other guys I just kind of - lose it.”

“I know,” Zay sympathized. “And I know that I pose somewhat of a threat - “

“What?” Lucas furrowed his brows in confusion and Zay’s eyes went wide with embarrassment.

“Huh?” Zay played dumb, using every bit of strength he had not to run in the opposite direction. “Who were you talking about just now?”

“Evan, the front desk, mountain-guide guy,” Lucas explained, as if Zay was already supposed to have known this. “Like you just said, he and Riley were up all night talking. That’s kind of a big deal.”

“Oh, right,” Zay stammered, acting like he had known that all along. “I knew we were talking about Evan.”

“Zay, do we need to have a whole different kind of conversation here?” Lucas raised his eyebrows at Zay, giving him a bemused smirk that let Zay know that he was only joking.

“Haha very funny. Lucas, listen to me,” Zay brushed him off, returning the conversation back to him. “It’s obvious that you chose Riley.”

“It is? How obvious? Do you think the girls know?” Lucas panicked, already running through how he was going to explain himself to them in his head.

“And because you chose Riley,” Zay ignored him, and continued with what he was going to say. “You know that she’s the friendliest person on the planet. She’ll talk to anyone willing to listen. No, scratch that she’ll talk to anything breathing. Sometimes things that aren’t breathing - need I remind you of the hairbrush?”

“True,” Lucas nodded, smiling to himself at the memory of crawling through the bay window to find Riley singing into her hairbrush.  

“Anyway, my point is that you know Riley. And you know that she was just talking to that Evan guy because that’s who she is. She likes you, man. Not some stranger with big sherpa dreams,” Zay assured him, and Lucas sighed in relief. “But she’s not going to wait forever so you need to tell her your decision. And I mean soon. Like today soon.”

“You’re right,” Lucas agreed. “I know you’re right, I just don’t - “

“Want to hurt Maya?” Zay finished for him. He knew his best friend all too well, and all he wanted to do was fix this for him.

“Yeah,” Lucas sighed, rubbing the back of his neck nervously and nodding in agreement.

Zay’s eye wandered to the two people sitting in the bay window inside the ski lodge. He could only see their backs, but he knew exactly who they were.

“Something tells me that Maya’s going to be just fine,” Zay smirked, as he watched Maya hold up her and Josh’s interlocked hands through the window. “You got the ring box?”

“Yeah, I’ve been carrying it around for weeks,” Lucas admitted, removing the box from his back pocket and showing it to Zay.

“You’re telling me that you’ve been carrying around a ring box with a jellybean inside, since that day in Topanga’s?”

“Yeah,” Lucas muttered, his eyes dropping to the bulky red box he was tossing back and forth between his hands. “I’ve wanted to give it to her so many times. It just - it never seemed like the right time. And then the whole thing with Maya happened and we put the breaks on the triangle.”

Lucas turned in his seat so that he and Zay were facing each other head on. “I just want it to be right this time, now that I know we’re ready to have a real relationship. I want my moment to be perfect.”

“That’s so romantic,” Zay sniffed, dabbing the corners of his eyes with his shirt, as if attempting to dry up the falling tears.

“Are you crying?” Lucas asked, raising his eyebrows in amusement.

“So what if I am?” Zay snapped, but then immediately smiled as he realized that his joke had gotten through to him.

“You’re ridiculous,” Lucas smiled. “But you’re also a great friend to talk to. Thanks for stopping me from kicking that tree. And for helping me decide what to do with Riley.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Zay smirked, nudging Lucas in the arm with his elbow. “Now, I know that you can’t tell Riley your decision without talking to Maya first. So. Go back in there and solve this triangle!”

Lucas sprung off the bench and headed towards the front entrance of the ski lodge. Before he could get very far, Zay called back to him, and Lucas spun around to listen to what he had to say.  

“Remember,” Zay yelled, standing up and pointing to Lucas. “You’re a secure western hero, man!”

“Yeah, I am!” Lucas stomped his foot, and pointed to his chest for emphasis, showing that he had all the confidence in the world to tell the girl he cared about how he felt about her. 

With that, Lucas opened the door to the ski lodge and stepped into the beginning of the life that he had been waiting so long to live.