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Today was a big first for me - I wore a two peice swimsuit in public in a looong time (like, before puberty long) and I felt CONFIDENT doing so. Sometimes you realize that the PRs aren’t everything.
The gym at the hotel is laaame (to be expected) amd only has cardio equipment and one bench, some dumbells and med balls. Where da squat rack at tho?

It’s once again Time for my yearly Update

I’ve been on Tumblr for two years now. Yes, a shock and a shame since this place is clearly a mess. But I think is a great place to keep track of my artwork and other shenanigans. In case you’re curious about my first year of digital art >> here's the post << I did for it.

Now did I make progress this past 12 months? I’m gonna say yes. My first art piece I posted was this piece showing me and my new(at the time) friend Cabbage which I posted on May 4, 2016.

I mean its, not a terrible artpiece all things considered but there are a lot of elements in it that make me cringe now.(I still LOVE wHy I made it THO)

Now on to the ones I am proud of and worked hard on:

May 25 (spent two days on this one)

June 24(I spent nearly an entire week to get this one right)

November 8 (my first post to hit 1000 notes)

February 11(my first comic not very good flow but ehhh)

March 8(my first post to hit 2000 also I love my Altean Lance au)

April 23 (My most recent piece, took me about 3-4 hours)

Yep, I’d say I’ve made a bit of progress. Thanks to everyone who has appreciated and supported me and my work. It’s been a long ride this past year but I hope the next year challenges me even more.

Who the Hell is Dick Grayson: Part2

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Prompt: Being Tony Stark’s daughter and dating Dick Grayson

Words: 756

AN: My first time putting a gif on one of these things. Do you like it? Or should I not? 

Part 1

The world goes silent after the name leaves your father’s lips. You’d almost be willing to bet your heart stops too. Dick Grayson. You tune out anything else your father says as you launch yourself across the room and towards the computer. It takes you less than two minutes to trace the call back to a S.H.E.I.L.D. facility. You say nothing as you sprint out of the room and to the elevator. The last thing you see as the doors close is our father’s very confused face.

You break every speed limit as you drive through the city. More than a few people blow their horns at you. The tires squeal as you pull into the S.H.E.I.L.D. facility. You don’t pause at security you stroll right through.

You pass by Clint and Nat, and you’re so focused on your objective that you don’t hear them talking until Nat’s hand lands on your shoulder and forces you to stop. You face the redhead, and you can see the worry in her eyes. You see how tense Clint is next to her. Your father called. You’re certain of it. But even as Nat tries talking to you again you can’t hear anything. Instead you yank your shoulder back, and simply say, “I have to see him.”

You full on sprint to the end of the corridor, stopping at a peice of two way glass. You want to sob at what you see there. He’s sitting at a table, handcuffed, dressed in his police uniform. You can just make out the word Bludhaven on it.

You brace yourself against the glass, soaking in the chill, and do your best to slow your heartbeat.

“Richard Grayson. AKA Nightwing. Twenty-four years old. Originally a member of the Flying Graysons. Parents murdered when he was eight. Immediately taken in by Bruce Wayne. Became the Robin shortly after. Engaged to one Y/N Kent, before she mysteriously disappeared eighteen months ago. All of this information has been verified by one Amanda Waller.”  

You scowl, “Of course you know Waller.” You turn to face Fury. “Some friendly advice, stay away from Waller. The woman has more power than you could dream of, and she has a right hook that out does Nat.”

“Funny, she said something very similar in regards to you.”

Your eyes narrow, “We’ve had a few run-ins.”

“Care to tell me how you ended up in another dimension?”

“Nope. Care to let me see my fiance?”

“Sure. After my questions are answered.”

You cross your arms against your chest, “You’re playing a dangerous game here Fury.”

“You rushed in blind, little Stark.”

You smile, “I never rush in blind.”

He eyes you for a minute, and then the lights go out. You listen to the sounds of machines being turned off, and people yelling. You can’t see Fury, but you can hear him growl, “Stark.”

“Yes?” You make sure to keep your voice light and innocent.

“What did you do?”
You flick the light of your phone on, “Nothing that can’t be undone.” You let the sentence soak in for a minute before admitting, “I’ve had backup plans regarding S.H.E.I.L.D. and the Avengers for months now, and make no mistake this is only part one. The next part is so much worse and deals with plumbing.”

“You’re interfering with a government facility.”

“Last time I checked S.H.E.I.L.D. had been disowned by the government. Last time I checked you were no longer director. Just because you crawled out of your hidey-hole because something interests you, you do not get to play your little games with me or mine. And make no mistake, Richard Grayson is more mine than anyone else in this freaking universe. Now. Let. Me. See. Him.”

Fury regards you for a second before stepping to the side. You stride forward and pull the door open. Dick turns to face you and that smile you love takes over his lips as he says, “Hey there pretty lady. Miss me?”

Tears stream down your face and you brace yourself against the door. Dick simply stands up and walks over to you and wraps his arms around you. You cling to him, and bury your face in his chest. And as he holds you, strokes your hair, and presses a kiss against your temple, you feel at peace for the first time since you woke up in the kitchen of Stark Tower.

Companions react to sole planning a beach day

Ooooh Nice one! I love it <3

Cait: She’d have a simple black two peice bikini and would probably go around squirting people with a water gun. She’d busybherself woth spiking random drinks.

Codsworth: He’d be sitting in the sand, just enjoying seeing everyone especially Sole having fun and enjoying themselves he’d also be enjoying the suns rays hitting his metal body. he’d help sole plate the food.

Curie: She’d be wearing a cute blue and white striped one peice and would go around trying to find different things like shells and hermit crabs. She and Piper would be filling up plastic cups with drinks for everyone.

Danse: He’d be stubbornly sitting in a chair under a large umbrella, he thought it was a waste of time to come splash around in the ocean but secretly he wanted to join Sole and the others since they seemed tp be enjoying themselves so mich. He’d be wearing a white tank top and some navy blue swim trunks along with a pair of aviator sunglasses. He’d be the one frilling, he’d love to frill the food and he’d probably have one of those corny aprons that said something like “kiss the cook”.

Deacon: he’d be wearing light pink swim trunks and black sandals and he’d be making sand castles with MacCready and also joining in some splash wars with Sole, Piper , Preston and the others. He’d keep playing around in the water since everything was pretty much covered for the bbq stuff.

Dogmeat: He’d happily run around the edge of the water and either roll around or try and follow Sole. He’d beg danse for some food when danse started grilling and he’d be very happy when danse would actually give him food.

Hancock: He’d be wearing some red swim trunks, a black tank top and suprisingly his usual hat. He’d be lazing around under a beach umbrella laid out on a large towel enjoying the heat of the day. He wouldn’t help much with the bbq stuff unless Sole really needed him, so he stayed on the towel untill everyone started eating.

MacCready: he’d be wearing green swim trunks and he’d be making sand castles with Deacon and also joining Cait in squirting people with a water gun. He’d help Curie and Piper fill plastic cups with different drinks but he’d probably help Cait spike a few drinks just to mess with whatever poor guy or gal gets the spiked drink

Nick: He’d be wearing a hawaian styled shirt and cargo shorts woth sandals and he’d be sitting in a beach chair because he really didn’t want sand or water getting in his parts. Once the bbq was set into motion he’d help corral everyone back to the groups little area so everyone can come eat together

Piper: she’d be wearing a red one peice with gold trimming and she’d be making sand castels at one pint with sole before filling up plastic cups with drinks for everyone.

Preston: He’d be wearing light grey trunks and he’d be mostly hanging out with Sole and Piper but also would be helping out people around their little set up if he saw that they needed it. Once everyone started the bbq stuff he’d help Sole hand out the food to everyone.

X6-88: he’d be wearing a white t-shirt and black trunks. He wouldn’t be happy to be there at all and would probably just sit on a beach chair with the most stoic look on his face which kinda scared onlookers. But when it was time to cook he’d help Sole out with whatever they needed. He would be in charge of making sure segals or dogmeat would take the food or eat it.

My Tumblr is acting superrrrr dumb and im really irritated (: i hope yall liked this

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My first time getting high was with edibles, I have a super high tolerance to everything so I ate two peices of a really potent chocolate bar even though only one piece was recommended. It hit me so I hard I watched my hallway morph into a jungle, my bedroom floor fell out from under my feet into the grand canyon which had piranhas at the bottom for some reason, then I did the typical sit in a corner amd laugh for like an hour at nothing, and I thought icecream was my life force.

Oh my goodness, hearing you describe this is just something else entirely. I was hallucinating, but not as much as you were. To see things morph before your eyes is… Damn. What you experienced sounds beautiful, if not frightening. If my hallway turned into a tropical jungle I’d never want to leave my hallway! Ice cream could definitely be a life force though, if you believe hard enough.

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So I went to the pond store today to find water lettus. I thought one small plant would be good for my 5.5 gallon betta tank. I get there I ask if they have some. The guys seems really friendly I ask if they have water lettus he’s like “yeah how much you want?” And I look and I’m like “two little peices” because what if one dies I need to think of that. Well he goes over saying something about getting me two nice sized peices and he pulled two giant plants bigger than my head out of the water. It’s to late for me to back out now he is so excited that he has such big plants for me. My awkward self wouldn’t have been able to back out even if he wasn’t so proud of the monster. So I just stand there staring at the monster lettus and nervously laugh at his excitement. So I spent $7 for more lettus than I needed and I can never go back there. Luckily the giants had babies growing out of them so I just trimmed those off… but now I have like 8 plants plus the giants I don’t know what to do with.

Hello all! After seeing the new short film ‘In a Heartbeat’, I had to create some fanart right away! This short film was so amazing and represented so much, and in such an adorable way! If for some reason you haven’t seen this short film, I urge you to go and see it! This is a two hour peice I made for it and I hope you enjoy!
Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, I would love to read them!

In case you haven’t seen the short film:…
The speedpaint!:…

In a Heartbeat belong to it’s respective owners.
Art belongs to me.

Rain - Klaine Oneshot

A short fic from the prompt: You are camping when your tent completely collapses and you have to share with your arch enemy.

Word count: 702 (sorry for the shortness)

Rain, rain, rain.

Rain sucks. It could be the way that it messes up your hair, or maybe the way that it makes your clothes heavy and uncomfortable, or perhaps it could be the way that it keeps you up all night, wondering if a storm is going to grow from it.

That was what was currently happening to Kurt.

He was tired, exhausted actually, from pitching his flimsy tent in the wet wind. Well, he could hardly call it a tent. It was two peices of fabric, buttoned together and tied with some bungee strings to a tree trunk, with a groundsheet placed on the ground. It was completely useless as a shield from the weather, so Kurt was completely soaked, shivering, and not comfortable in the slightest.

You may be wondering, dear reader, what a young boy such as Kurt is doing alone in the woods on a grim night such as this one, yes?

 Well, in all truth he wasn’t alone. He was actually here with his scout troop, camping overnight to understand what it can be like in emergency situations like this one. His dad had signed him up for scouts as a hope that it would discipline him, and (although Burt never admitted it,) Kurt was sure that he had done it so that it would turn him straight. But Kurt knew that no amount of dirty work could convince him that he was supposed to love people of the opposite sex (because he wasn’t). 

He found it humorous that in an attempt to straighten him out, Kurt’s father had sent him on an all boys camp in the woods for a weekend.

God, this rain is getting seriously heavy, Kurt thought, as it pattered down even harder on the canvas sheets above him. Then he felt it. One, then two, and then three droplets of water coming in from outside. Kurt sighed.

As he was rummaging through his bag to grab his torch, he heard the tent groan, as it swayed in the wind. He held his breath, and after a second of calm, he continued diving into his bag. As soon as he found it and clicked it on, the tent just collapsed. It fell on top of Kurt, and he swore under his breath.

“Guys?” he murmured.

No answer.

“Gu-uys!” he whispered a bit louder.

“What is it, turdface?” a voice hissed from a few meters away. He couldn’t work out who it was, but he was pretty sure that he wasn’t a close friend.

“My tent, it collapsed. Can I share yours?” He requested, cautiously. Kurt could almost hear the other guy rolling is eyes.

“Of course it fell down, you’re terrible at physical work.” the other voice mocked. Kurt was impatient.

“Can I or not?” he pestered.

“Come on then.” the other voice groaned.

Kurt crawled over to his unnamed savior.

“Thanks,” he muttered. His face was soon crawling with horror as he realized that he left his sleeping bag in his (now very collapsed) tent.

“Crap,” he started,” can I share your blanket? I left mine over there.”

“Geez, Hummel. If you wanted to sleep with me you should’ve just asked.”

Kurt could feel a blush creeping into his cheeks as he snuggled under the blanket of this mysterious person. He could feel his heavy eyelids falling to a close, and before he knew it he was sound asleep.

* * * 

“Wake up blokes, breakfast time!”

Kurt moaned. He was so comfortable. He felt warm and he was lying on an unusually comfortable pillow. 

“Hummel, Anderson, get a room!” sneered one of the other scouts.

Kurt blinked open his eyes and, with dread dripping from his bones, he realized what - or who - his amazingly comfortable pillow was.

“Blaine?!” he choked out. This was horrible, terrible. He had been snuggling all night with the one and only Blaine Anderson, his arch enemy!

“Morning Hummel.” he smirked. “You’re a good hugger.”

Kurt couldn’t believe it. He dressed in silence and left the tent as soon as he could, and avoided eye contact with Blaine for the rest of the camp.

He was never going to live this down!

SS Harley Quinn Jacket Tutorial

Hey everyone! This tutorial for how i made my Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket was requested by an anon. Unfortunately i didn’t take too many photos during the construction of this Jacket since I didn’t anticipate creating a tutorial, but what I did didn’t stray too far from the pattern I used, so I don’t think it should be too hard to follow! 


Letterman Jacket Pattern, I used McCall’s M7100 which I definately recommend

1 yard shiny red satin and 1 yard blue. The shinier the better!

½ yard red and white stripe knit. I ended up cutting up a T-Shirt from goodwill 

Gold Separating Zipper

(Optional) Gold J charm

2 yards gold sequin trim about an inch wide

¼ yard gold satin

¼ yard white satin

Heat n Bond/ Double sided Interfacing

So first thing you’re going to do is cut out your pattern pieces cutting each piece out of red satin once, and then out of blue satin once (excluding the pieces that will be your knit trim). The only thing that needs to be altered is the back. This is usually cut on the fold, but instead you’re going to add 5/8″ seam allowence to the center back and cut one out of red and one out of blue, so that you have two halves instead of one whole. 

Now we get to sewing. 

First off you’re going to prep the sleeves. This pattern has raglan sleeves with a small shoulder dart. You’re going to sew that dart closed and then topstitch your sequin trim starting over top that, and going down the arm vertically ending at the wrist. Do this to both sleeves. 

Nest you’ll sew the two back peices together, and sew the back half of your raglan sleeve to the back of your jacket. I wish i had photos of what this looked like but essentially its going to make a M shape.

Once that’s done you have a nice flat surface to start adding your appliques. 

To create my appliques i used white and gold satin and heat n bond.

Unfortunately i lost the template i made for the ‘Property of’ the Skull swirl thing, and the white background of the ‘Joker. But i do have the gold pieces of the Joker as well as the lettering for the bottom of the jacket, below: 

(Sorry that they’re backwards and a bit crooked, they got messed up when i scanned them) What i did with these is cut each of the pieces out and traced them onto heat and bond and then ironed the heat and bond onto the backside of my satin. Note: You WILL want to trace then backwards onto the heat and bond

For the white border on the Joker I just traced around each letter to create my white pieces, and then ironed the gold down on top. To give the applique more depth, i used a zig zag stitch ontop of the white as well. The rest of the lettering is just done with the gold satin. 

After that you’ll just follow the rest of the directions that came with your pattern and your jacket is done! Enjoy!

One last thing, Harley’s Jacket in the movie has a little J charm on the end of her zipper, i haven’t gotten one for mine yet, but it will be super simple to add with some pliers.

I hope that helped and wasn’t too confusing to follow!

Enzo Amore x Reader - One in a Million (17)

“So whatcha wearing??” Enzo purred down the phone. “None of your business…” You giggled back earning a scoff from him. “Come on… Is it a one or two peice??” He pressed. “Mr. Amore you’re getting quite nosey don’t you think??” You teased on earning a sigh from him. “Mrs. Amore in just a few days don’t you think you’re being hard on your man??” He laughs. “Gotta keep your imagination going.” You state honestly. “Woman you’re going to be the death of me. You having fun so far??” “Yeah. Good friends and wine. Perfect night… Would be better with my man here but… You know how these bachelorette  parties go… You and the guys at least trying to behave??” You shake your head at the thoughts of what could happen at a party with Enzo and all his close friends. “Yeah a few of the guys haven’t got here yet… Just goofing around until they get here and the real fun starts.” “There better not be any strippers there or you’re gonna have to wait later until way after the wedding if you get what I mean…” You try to keep your voice as strong as possible at the thought of Enzo’s shocked face. “Woman you better be glad I aint there right now.” He chuckled. “Or what??” You challenged. “Or I’d smack that perfect butt of yours.” “Is that supposed to be a punishment.” You laughed with him. “Dear God I miss you you incredible woman.” Enzo sighed. “I miss you more handsome… I gotta go. Carmella is rounding everyone up for something.” “Okay love. If I can’t have strippers I better not catch you on the front cover of Girls Gone Wild.” Enzo scolded. “Scouts honor. I love you.” “Love you more. Have fun and know I’m thinking about you.” 

Enzo gladly took another shot of whiskey along with Cass. As he sat down the shot glass a hand clapped around his shoulder. “I don’t know you ever did it man… Landing a beautiful woman like Y/N with your ugly mug.” One of his old college friends laughed. “Maybe as a wedding present we should all pitch in and get her some glasses.” Neville added in earning a roar of laughter. “Ha ha ha… Very funny.” Enzo laughed along with his friends. “She’s something ain’t she.” Enzo beamed proudly. “That girl is the definition of class.” Someone agreed with him through the dense cigar smoke. “My mother would be the happiest woman on earth if I brought home a girl like her…” Another friend shook his head to himself as he took a shot of whiskey. “I just don’t get it… The more I think about it the more it puzzles me… Enzo ain’t got the looks or cash to land a dime like Y/N especially one with morals like her…” “She must be an angel sent down to keep Enzo on a tight leash.” Cass answered out causing another wave of loud laughter. Enzo wanting to take the attention off of himself turned to Cass now. “What’s big boy here gonna do if his lady catches the bouquet huh?? Been thinking about that?? Huh?? Mella ain’t gonna wait around forever…” Enzo wiggled his eyebrows. 

“Alright now a silly one.” Carmella requested as she held her phone up again to take another selfie with you. You and all your close girlfriend were sitting around poolside clad in beautiful swimsuits of your own design. The hotel roof was lit beautifully with lights and a playlist of your favorite songs played in the background. “Y/N you are so lucky… What I wouldn’t give to be a week away from getting married…” “Better question is what wouldn’t you do to just get a man.” Two of your college friends bantered at each other. “How did you do it?? How did you get a man like Enzo… Once a wild little man sleeze to just settle down with you… A magic spell??” A former co-worker pried before taking a sit of her cocktail. “What can I say?? Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone change you… The right guy will come around… He may not know it at the time but he will get the message soon enough.” You shrug as everyone giggled. “Come on lets go get another round.” Carmella stood up from her seat by the pool and motioned for everyone to follow. Once at the bar and a drink in every hand Carmella moved to stand on the bar and make a toast. “Alright so as the maid of honor I feel like its one of my many jobs to brag on this beautiful woman right here.” She pointed down at you. “We all know and love her. She is an inspiration to us all. She is classy and sticks to what she wants. I know deep down that you and Zo are gonna have an amazing life together. A beautiful family and many sweet memories for us all to be jealous of… TO Y/N AMORE!!” She giggled as everyone raised their glass to that and took a sip. “To the biggest bitch to ever grace this earth.” A sour voice screeched out from behind a few of your brides maids. Turning around everyone collectively rolled their eyes as they noticed the unwanted guest. A half drunk Tati. “What the fuck does this piece of trash want??” Carmella jumped down from the bar and handed you her drink. Carmella along with the other WWE Superstar Women that were at your party went to make a move on Tati when you spoke up. “Nah I’ve got this.” You downed the rest of your drink and Carmella’s and set them on the bar. Everyone moved out of your way as made a bee line for Tati. “Look… Give it up… I win and you lose… You have no pull here… No one to whine to or to stomp those cheat shoes too… Not one single person here is on your side since you’ve showed your rotten attitude… To be honest I feel bad for you… I pray that one day you grow up and realize what you do is immature… And when that day comes I hope that a carbon copy of you butts in and tries to ruin your life just like you tried ruin mine.” With the end of your little snarky monologue the intoxicated homewrecker before you gave you a swift shove causing you to stumble backwards. With a wicked smirk you shove back with an even greater sober push nearly knocking her down to the ground. That was enough to cause both of your pent up anger to explode in a fury. The fight that started between you was scrappier than any pay per view fight that had ever been on TV. Right as Carmella was about to try and pull you off Tati both you and Tati landed right in the pool causing the fight to end. Not just because you two were soaked but because hotel security and a few police officers had showed up to place you both in handcuffs. 

Enzo sighed and rolled his eyes as he pulled his phone from his pocket. “Sorry guys hang on.” He looked to his friends who were just in the middle of a big story about Enzo. “Yeah hey Mella whats up??” Enzo asked a bit annoyed. “Whoa girl slow down I can’t understand you.” Enzo covered his other ear with his hand. “Come on now this ain’t funny…” Enzo scolded as he rolled his eyes again. “You swear?? You’re not joking??” Enzo stood up from his bar stool and grabbed his keys from behind the bar as he hung up his phone. “Whoa man what’s going on?? Where’s the fire??” One of his friends asked out. “Yeah what did Mella say??” Cass asked standing up to follow Enzo. “Y/N’s getting hauled down to the station… And she thought us guys were going to have the wild night. Sorry about cutting it short guys.” Enzo announced as he made his way to the door leaving the rest of the guys to continue drinking and betting on what you were getting arrested for. 

Running into the police station a wild eyed Enzo made a beeline to the front desk. “Y/N Y/L/N… I need to know… If she’s okay…” Enzo managed out as he gasped to regain his breath. “I’m sorry what??” The cop at the front desk asked with a raised eyebrow. “My girlfriend… Y/N she just arrested like an hour ago… I need to know if she is okay… What happened?? Did she get rough housed by a cop?? Is she in a cell with a bunch of crazies?? Is she okay??… Why aren’t you making any calls or typing on that keyboard… Come on!!” Enzo was near a panic state as he stared down at the seated cop. “Sir please… Calm down… We haven’t had any crazy arrests today… I’m sure your girlfriend is just doing paper work and fingerprinting right now… All we had tonight is complaint about a public fight at a hotel pool… Only exciting thing was that one was in a bikini…” The young cop held up his hands as Enzo let all the information set in and try to fight the grin on his lips. 

Enzo couldn’t help but smirk as he opened the car door open for you and holding out his jacket to you (since you were arrested in nothing but your bikini). You didn’t even look at him as you got in the car and buckled your seat belt. Enzo closed the door for you and made his way around to the drivers side. Once he was settled in he turned to look at you. “First off… Are you okay?? Are you hurt??” He asked genuinely sweet. “Yeah I’m fine and no I’m not hurt…” You sigh and finally look over at him. With that good news Enzo stifles out a laugh. “I can’t believe I just picked you up from a police station… For a fist fight on an upscale hotel roof while wearing a bikini. When Carmella called me I thought it was a joke.” Enzo smirked over at you as you just cross your arms and turn to look out the windshield. “I get it I get it.” Enzo sighs as he cranks the car and pulls out of the parking lot. “Gotta say though… I have always had a think for good girls gone bad.” You give him a glare that melts into a smile. 

Back at your place after you took a shower you collapse on the couch beside Enzo who was killing some time with some late late night TV. “So did you have any fun at your short party??” You ask while looking at the TV. “Yeah… Just guys sitting around taking stabs at each other.” Enzo shrugged throwing his arm around your shoulders pulling you up against him. “What about you??” He smirked down at you. Turning your face to finally look at him his smirk falls as he looks at you in horror. “Babe that is a major shiner…” Enzo’s hands fly up to your face and turns it this way and that to get a good look at the black eye forming on you right side. “Yeah… I know and our wedding is in a week…” You pout as Enzo continues to check you over. “You’ve got make up to cover it up…” Enzo tries to help out the situation. You shrug and wrap your arms around his middle burying your bruised face in his chest. He rubs his hands up and down our back in an effort to sooth you. “You know tho… I think it’s super sexy…” He mumbles into your hair as he places a kiss on the crown of your head. “Only you would.” You laugh as he gives you a tight hug. 

Enzo waited until you were asleep for a little longer than 15 minutes before he eased himself out of the death grip around his waist. Cradling you to his chest he picks you up and easily carries you to your bedroom. After laying you down and making sure you were still asleep he tip toed out of your room and climbed down the stairs. Whipping out his phone he perches himself up on the counter in kitchen and dials his bosses number. Stephanie could only get out a confused greeting before Enzo laid into her about the whole hellacious night that had went through. “Hello?? Enzo what is you problem?? It’s like 4 am…” Stephanie sighed as she shifted the phone to sit on her shoulder. “I’m not the one with the problem. Its Tati… I don’t want what just happened today to get out in the news. Y/N has been through enough and I am drawing the line.” Enzo gruffed. “What do you mean?? What happened??” Stephanie asked obviously confused since she hadn’t checked any of her emails. “Tati snuck into my fiance’s private party and assaulted her. And when Y/N defended herself she was arrested as well and to top it all off she has a huge black eye the week before our wedding.” “You’re joking right??” Stephanie scoffed at the idea of Tati still lashing out. “No I’m not and I want some action taken on this… Y/N is an employee of the WWE and was assaulted by another employee… I want you to handle this and take some permanent action… I don’t want Tati anywhere near me or Y/N… She is just trouble and if she is willing to fight with Y/N she might be willing to do more.” “I hear you loud and clear… I will make some changes as soon as I get into the office… Oh and Enzo… If you call me with this kind of tone again it might not end well…” Stephanie said before sharply hanging up the phone. With that Enzo let out a partial sigh of relief… Until he got proof that Tati wasn’t any where near his work place and he go the restarting order against her for both him and Y/N he wasn’t gonna be able to enjoy much of anything. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… And a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for legit being the most patient person I know… This chapter took way too long to write and it is all my fault… I am so sorry for this delay and to everyone who requests I have just been soo busy… I hope you enjoy this part it was super fun to write :) please let us know what you think… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

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“An orbiting light planet, Prospit, is charged with its defense, while the distant dark planet of Derse covets its destruction. The Armies of Light and Darkness duel there in a perfect stalemate until a player prototypes a Kernelsprite. Then, their real battle begins, one that Prospit is destined to lose.”

I think I finally found a style I like to do digitally. When I got asked for more stained glass, specifically two more peices, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to personify the moons. A lot of color variation disappeared with the addition of texture effects, but I don’t want to go back and recolor the flat colors again.

Traditional peice number two! This one is another oil painting, although it was done before “Red Dress”, and it’s own name is “Green Tea”.

Unfortunately for this one there are no sketch book entries since it was done in a paint mixing class I took way back in the fall. We had to either use oil paints or charcoal- and then we were given landscape pictures to paint. So while I wouldn’t say this carries much originality in its origins, I think it does work well towards showing my growth in color mixing and basic color theory (while it’s easier to see in real life). As well as various other technical aspects. Plus, with all things considered I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t carry my heart and care in it. It took roughly a week to finish all together because of all the layering and how oil paint takes weeks to dry on its own. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you have!