two palms press

Hold Still (part two)

Josh’s eyes slowly started to close, the cold rushing air brushed up and around the two. His palms pressed up softly against Tyler’s jaw. Inching closer and closer to his best friend, his mind started to wander, ‘Was this really what Tyler wanted?’. Before their lips could make contact, bright lights flashed. Eyes snapped open to see neon lights circling around them as the ride slowed down to an eventual stop. Josh quickly removed his hands from Tyler’s face. He wouldn’t dare look at the brunette anymore. The intimacy was shattered by reality and left the two shifting around awkwardly. Tyler sat silently, putting his hat back on. The drummer immediately got out of the “car” once the lap bars released.

“Josh! Wait up dude,” the singer practically ran after his embarrassed bandmate.

“That wasn’t cool dude,” Josh snapped, his flushed cheeks refused to cool and his eyes stung with tears. He continued on his fast paced stride, wiping the reminiscence of tears that stuck to the sides of his face. Dismissing the photos that were taken, the pink haired male exited the gift shop and walked out into the hot sun. Feeling Tyler’s hand grip onto his, Josh turned around to face him. Stern eyes easily shot down the brunette.

“Jish,” he whined and swayed about softly. “I didn’t want that to happen. The ride was moving around too much,” his arms flailed around in a way to imitate the motions of the ride, “Let’s just go on the Pirates ride,” Before the drummer could even answer, he was being dragged off towards the next ride. Leading the way, Tyler skipped, giggling like a child at costumed characters that posed for photos with tourists.

“Tyler…” Josh said, trying his hardest to not laugh at his bandmate who was acting like a six year old. Caving in, he started to skip alongside with his friend. Their fingers intertwined and hands locked together.

While waiting in line together, the two waved to fans and tried their hardest to not look so preoccupied with one another. Jumping onto the boat, they were seated together in the back. “Just us,” Josh hummed, flicking one of the ears on the brunette’s hat. The boat jerked a few times before being released into the shallow water. Tyler’s wide eyes gazed around, examining the ‘fireflies’ that buzzed about on wires and styrofoam crocodiles that could easily fool anyone for a real one. As their boat plunged down a small drop, Tyler threw his arms up before getting splashed with lukewarm water. A wide smile grew on his face as he looked around. Soft lights illuminated his face, just enough for Josh to see almost every detail. Soft hands trailed up Tyler ever so carefully. As their eyes met, the drummer could have sworn he heard his friend’s racing heart.

“How long have you been waiting for this,” Tyler asked, his lashes batted and lips curled into a soft smile. Josh wasn’t quite sure in how he could answer such a question. He couldn’t remember when it first struck him that he was 'sexually’ attracted to his best friend. Shaking his head carefully, he was hardly able to whisper out,

“Too long,” Tension quickly built up, the two sat next to each other awkwardly, gazing one another. Tyler knew every single detail about Josh. He swore he memorized how many creases formed around the drummer’s eyes when he smiled, or how his tongue poked through his teeth when he would giggle. He loved his shoulders and how they were always littered with freckles. He knew everything about Josh except for his mouth. Unexplored depths were only inches away from him, and he wasn’t sure how he was going to react to it. Pale lips parted slowly, the drummer’s teeth flashed a nervous smile as he spoke up once more, “Tyler, are you sure,” His pupils dilated as he moved closer.

“Please,” Tyler slung his arms around Josh’s shoulders and linked together just behind his neck. “Before this ride ends too,”
Josh’s hands cupped the brunette’s face gently, the air around them was still and the sounds of the ride was drowned out with their own heart beats. He couldn’t get his eyes off of Tyler’s. He wasn’t sure if his friend would change his mind at the last moment.

“Tyler, I love you,”

Before Tyler had time to react, Josh pressed his lips against the singer’s. It was everything Tyler had imagined and hoped it would be, but more. As their lips collided, heat radiated from the two. The taller male pulled Josh closer, parting his lips slowly. Pink flesh danced together, tongues slowly met, cheeks burned red, grips tightened. Pulling away for a moment, Tyler’s eyes slanted open slightly, his gaze moved up from Josh’s lips to his eyes.

“I love you too,”

You want a tragedy - kiss me on the mouth
we can touch each other like a eulogy
I hear you fuck like a seraphim, a cascate,
bring me to the knife fight, I’ll
show them something worth dying for.

Knock me off my feet, let go of this
a swingset over heaven
holy light bathing our feet, an altar,
the space heater in the corner - humming
two palms pressed against one another,
a tongue on the knuckles,
poetry that sings hotter than hell.

There’s been enough of stealing hearts
I’d rather rip the chest out of it
you can keep your heart, I’ll take
the ribs
and your oblivion, that fire -
I’ll take that too, how much?
Our love feels like being thrown through
a screen porch door.

We didn’t care - happiness,
found suffering and they had a hell
of a night, a language, within itself
the way you always know it’s blood
even if it’s colourless.

We lay in each others mouthes,
you heard I fall in love like a deck of cards
and yeah, I guess that’s not far
from the truth.

—  Isaac Frank, “Colourless