two otps on the bottom what what


Perry Cox and Bob Kelso: Synchronized Grumps

Imagine Your OTP

-Imagine your otp outside by the lake, the sun is setting and the lake is giving off a chilled breeze, as calm gentle waves fills their ears while they are blissfully watching the sunset in each anothers arms

- Imagine your otp taking a cooking class and them horribly messing everything up to the point that the instructor can’t even help them

- Imagine your otp taking their dogs to the park and them meeting another couple who are as enthusiastic about dogs as they are

- Imagine your otp as spies and each of them are sent to see if one another is a mole but they end up falling for one another

- Imagine your otp in high school and them both in the same sex ed class

- Imagine your otp arguing over who is the better ping pong player

- Imagine your otp is living together in a small apartment with dreams of having children and animals one day, and them being super excited that it will be a reality soon

- Imagine your otp is going on a road trip but instead of finding their hotel, they get horribly lost and now they have to sleep in their vehicle and it is such a shame the vehicle is so tiny, and there isnt much space for two, what ever shall they do

- Imagine your otp are both trying to get use to being vampires and since they are both new, and don’t know the rules they test every hollywood movie rule

- Imagine your otp getting stuck in a tree because both of them are scared of the spider at the bottom

- Imagine your otp having to babysit their bestfriends child and both of them having no idea what to do


ENDLESS LIST OF MY FAVORITE FICTIONAL OTPS (18 / ∞) Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch 

He discovered a herd of cows standing far away and two young men standing very close. It was, in fact, Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch. He looked down at them. They looked up. Neither party said anything. Both of the boys were unsettling — (…) They continued standing there, looking like a pair of horror movie twins, one dark, one light. Adam Parrish smiled a little; it took two years off his age in a second. He had teeth on both his top and bottom jaw. “I know what you are.” This was interesting. “And what am I?”

  • guarnere: i can see what's happening
  • toye: what
  • guarnere: and they don't have a clue
  • toye:
  • guarnere: they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line
  • toye: are you fucking talking about babe and doc
  • guarnere: our trio's down to two
  • toye: people are dying bill. right now
James: I can see what's happening
Peter: What?
James: And they don't have a clue
Peter: Who?
James: They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line:
James: Our quartet’s down to two.
Peter: Oh.
James: The sweet caress of twilight
James: There's magic everywhere
James: And with all this romantic atmosphere
James: Disaster's in the air
(time skip)
James: And if they fall in love tonight
James: It can be assumed
Peter: Their carefree days with us are history
Both: In short, our pals are doomed