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Alas, I do not know the source of this clip. But apparently it is taken in New Zealand. Two Orca in crystal clear waters. Just magical…

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LLSHP Ch6 - Calling

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A/N: I have no excuses. I’m sorry this chapter is so delayed (눈_눈) anyone still remember this AU? lolool Maa, I would consider this a rest chapter? At least, the plot is moving =A=;;; Anyway, any feedback is very needed greatly appreciated!
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Trunko, aka “The Margate Monster” is a globster from South Africa. Many witnesses saw the beast fighting two Orca whales and described it as a giant polar bear with a trunk. Many more people observed its carcass when it washed up on shore and rested there for ten days. One of the most fascinating things about the case is that no pictures of the beast were known until 2010, when four pictures were discovered in old records. Based on the newly discovered pictures, some experts believe that trunko was a known marine animal, possibly a partially decomposed basking shark. The orcas weren’t fighting it, but instead were tossing its already dead corpse out of the water.

Post your last selfie along with 10 FACTS about yourself.

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1. I moved to the UK 2 years ago from Canada, and my ethnicity is Metis

2. I have 5 tattoo’s and and have a list of the next 20 I plan to get

3. Foxes are my favourite animal, and I’ve had a special connection to them since I was very young. Metis culture believes in animal totems and I was told from child that I have a fox that will follow me through life, The animal is incredibly important to me.

4. I’ve seen every episode of every show Gordon Ramsay has ever produced or been a part of- Including his youtube videos. I’m currently practicing to try out for Master Chef in the next couple of years.

5. I suffer from three different illness that will be with my for the rest of my life

6. I have a section on my book shelf just for Daniel Radcliffe movies. Of course I own every single one he’s been in, I also make a point to see them all in theatre

7. Speaking of collections, I own all but two of the Collector editions of WoW, the figurines, art books and I have even been to Blizzcon. It’s been a dream for more then half my life to work as a Concept artist for Blizzard Entertainment. 

8. I adore watching nature documentaries, but nothing beats a good documentary about the sea/fish. Sharks and Orcas are two more of my favourite animals and I hoard stuffed animals of them.

9. I wanted to be a medical examiner and even interned at a morgue. 

10. I’m getting married in three weeks :D

Whoever wants to do this can and tag me :3c <3 


Spent two days on Orcas island soaking, hiking, eating well, relaxing and laughing. Feeling blessed for a chance to get out of this fucking city for a couple of days to reset my mind and body. Take me back. I miss it already 🏞🙏🏻

A Ninja’s Gaiden: Chapter 7

Warning: Blood, Violence 

“Arriving to Lijiang Tower.”

Everyone who was aboard the Orca were silent as they were doing one last equipment check before they arrived at their destination. Angela holstering her pistol and grabbing her her staff, she looks around the ship watching her teammates prepare.

Lucio, who was in full gear, was working on the console helping D.Va do some last minute calibrations on her Mekka suit. Fareeha was by the door in her Raptora suit ready to get the go ahead to fly out. She was mouthing some kind of prayer as she looked out the window. Towards the front of the plane, Lena was piloting as usual and Mei was manning one of the side terminals.

Angela now looking to the back of the ship, she sees Genji sitting on top of his legs, his hands on his metal thighs. ‘A quick meditation session before going on a mission?’ Angela thought to herself.

“We’re sixty seconds from your drop off point, Genji.” Tracer shouts over her shoulder.

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Senses of Autumn

One more late-posted work! This is a commissioned piece I finished back in October. The characters here are two orcas, Nick and Notch, and one of them has no eyes! This led me to the thought: what such whale could feel? The warmth, touches, sounds of the ocean and it’s inhibitants.

I’m a little confused of the top left part being a bit empty, but besides it - I’m quite proud of this work!


Happy 22nd Birthday to Keto!

Keto is the biggest and oldest orca currently at Loro Parque. For a male, he is also really dominant. He gets along with every orca and has fathered Adan and Vicky (deceased) with Kohana. 

Keto is one of the few orcas alive that have lived at all four SeaWorld parks. Keto was moved to Loro Parque, together with Skyla, Kohana and Tekoa, in 2006. In 2009 Keto killed one of the most experienced trainers at Loro Parque, Alexis, making him one of two orcas to have killed human beings in a zoological setting.

Today Keto lived with his pod consisting of Tekoa, Kohana, Skyla, Morgan and Adan. He’s one of the most regular performers there.

I could have sworn there was an article floating around a year or two ago about orca that kept a dolphin in their pod as a “pet” or something?

Trying to track it down but I’m coming up empty. If anyone else knows what I’m talking about help would be appreciated.

so I was inspired by @oh-my-goshawk to make my own royal seawing dragonets :V

they don’t all have names yet but the one on the far right is seashell. And she’s trans! She probably won’t ever take the throne tho cuz they a pussy lmao.

the other two are from Orca’s batch of siblings, so they’re basically adults now. The one on top helps his mom with her scrolls since Whirlpool died. The other one is still caught in an inferiority complex so he’s kind of a jerk and doesn’t have his life together. He tries to be cool and help his little bros but it never works out. turtle doesn’t like him.