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I also want to take the time to thank everyone for the support not only in purchasing items from me, but also enjoying the content I produce. It makes me more determined to look for something better than the job I’m at now. I feel I don’t say this enough, especially as of late. But thank you, every single one of you guys! So here’s the store link if anyone is interested in getting a charm or 3, just know I’m down to 2 Chara charms until I get the new ones.))


SCANDAL’s RINA; “Going to Shibuya’s TSUTAYA from now onー! Those who’re nearby, please do come meet us alright🌹

Today, SCANDAL’s “Take Me Out” has been released nationwide in Japan! The short version of the MV has also been uploaded onto Youtube (HERE). The band will also be split in two teams to act as special temporary store managers at Shibuya’s TSUTAYA and TOWER RECORDS respectively (more info HERE.)

I need to tell you something (Jimin Drabble)

1. I need to tell you something

Word count: 1041
Genre: Fluff

A/N: Yay! This is the first drabble I do for the Drabble Game. It turned out a little long for a drabble but I hope you still like it. 

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“Today’s the day” you thought while doing your hair. You knew Jimin liked it straight, he told you that once the first time he had seen you wearing your hair like that. It was crazy that you still remembered it after all those years, but sadly for you it was also the only thing you remembered coming from him as a direct compliment for you.

You two had been friends for so long that you were pretty sure he saw you not even as a sister but as one more of his dude friends. You wouldn’t have minded if you were not in love with him, but you were, so you did mind.

Anyway… Today was the day you were expecting things to change.

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Every summer for two or more years now I have dreams that are somehow very similar, almost the same. Me and my sister realised that last year, because I always used to tell her my dreams when I wake up. Today I had the ‘’same’’ dream and I remembered this again. Anyway, it’s very interesting, so I’m going to share it, this is how those dreams look like:
The atmosphere is always peaceful, but I have lots of strong emotions in those dreams. Love, most of the time, and then some sort of happiness combined with nostalgia. But I’m always calm and I always know and expect that something great will happen. Next thing that happens: I’m outside, most of the time on the road or in front of the houses I used to live in. And I’m surrounded with family, friends or someone I care about. It doesn’t really matter, that’s different in every dream, but now I’m getting to the main part which never changes. It doesn’t matter where or with who I am, I’m always feeling powerful and I always look at the sky. And now the best part of the dream begins: The sky is magnificent. There are so many stars, planets and galaxies, everything is so close to me and in every dream, always, I see a planet that’s next to the Moon and it’s literally burning. I can see the flame, it looks like that planet is made of boiling lava. I’ve never seen anything like that, I can’t even find the words in my language or in English to describe it. Everything in the sky is moving, there are two Moons, that boiling planet and thousands constellations, everything is dancing across the sky and the stars are dying right in front of me. I’ve never felt anything similar while I’m awake, it’s just astonishing. I had to share it.

TMNT TIMELINE ( how much time has passed since season 1 and when they turn 16)

So, this is just my thoughts (I could be wrong) but, today I was watching the episode “Trans-Dimensional Turtles” and Leo was telling Master Splinter that they are really 6 months in the past. At the end of the episode the worm from “Wormquake!” went to the the ‘87′s dimension. Those two episodes are right in the middle of the seasons they appear in. So those two episodes are 6 months apart.

So from that, that means each season is 3 months apart. So, season 1 and 3 are 6 months apart. 

Then season 3 and 4 are 3 months apart. 

Season 4 and the middle of season 4 are 1.5 months apart.

But, the season is ¾ of the way done. So, we have to add another .75 of a month.

So, its been 11.25 months since the turtles 15th mutation day and they will turn 16 at the beginning of season 5!!

Tom in SDCC 2016

Today is the day!

  • 11:30 am PDT (07:30 pm London) Warner Brothers Panel in Hall H
  • 06:00 pm PDT (02:00 am London) Nerd HQ panel

Before, between and after those two expect tons of photos, interviews, hopefully TRAILER and basically everything else from SDCC relating to Tom/Skull Island/Ragnarok to fill this blog AND our Twitter feed.

Let’s do this!!!!!

hello everyone i’m sorry i’m doing another text post i’ve done quite a lot of those lately but i just wanted to give you a heads up that tomorrow night in atlanta is my last 5sos show and i go home monday, at which point posting and updating will return to normal! i’ve also got some really cool ideas for the blog when i get back to get it up to date (like my sad and lonely events page) and i’ll finally have time to put my gallery back together after it was deleted! (and i went through today and tagged all of the posts i missed tagging from the past two weeks by the way)

(also in case you were wondering i’m also going to do a video montage of all my videos of michael drinking water when i get home because….why not)

Fairy Tail Chapter 493

The White Dragneel

After a much appreciated break from all the drama and action, Mashima’s right back at it with some shocking plot twists and reveals.

Today’s chapter began right where the last one left off - with Irene casually dropping by to see who was messing with her “children” and I just can’t get over the fact that so many details got revealed through her interactions with other characters in this chapter.

First of all, note that she calls her swords her “children”. We know that those swords were made to look like young girls by Irene’s magic. Those two facts combined give me yet another reason to believe Irene is Erza’s mother. She lost her little daughter and most probably couldn’t do anything to save her. This may have led to her blaming herself and deciding to become so powerful that no one can ever touch, let alone harm her children. And that seems like a good reason to join the powerful black wizard Zeref and let him train you.

And it seems like she’s achieved her goal. Acnologia being surprised by her magic was one thing, but it’s further emphasized how powerful the Scarlet Despair is by Mira’s reaction. The white-haired mage is terrified by the sheer amount of magic power she’s sensing in her opponent. And Mira is no ordinary mage. She’s on par with Erza and that is why I think it was no coincidence Mashima chose Mira out of all Fairies to meet Irene. If someone who’s as strong as Titania is petrified by an enemy’s magic, that means that when the scarlet-haired women finally meet, Erza will have a very, very hard time against her relative. It might seem like something obvious given how many manifestations of Irene’s magic power we’ve already seen, but Titania is known to be one of the characters who are always surpassing their limits in a battle. I don’t think Mashima will let Erza be defeated by her own relative, but this time she’ll certainly have a very hard time winning. I also hope that means she’ll finally let herself be saved by her friends, just like it was foreshadowed in her bath scene with Wendy.

Another surprise in this chapter - August and Brandish joined Irene, which means that the two most powerful Spriggans are now gonna work together - bad news.

Two things were made evident by their interactions. The first one is that August is the General of the Spriggans. That means he’s considered more capable than Irene to lead Zeref’s elite squad, which in turn might imply that he’s stronger than her and we’ve yet to see what he’s capable of.

The second thing is that Irene is not happy that August commands her. There’s obviously tension between them and I wonder if it will escalate at one point and lead to them fighting each other (or maybe one of them backstabbing the other?). Let’s just hope their differences get resolved after Mashima clears some things out (for example, August’s magic and Irene’s relation to Erza). It should also be noted that in all the panels in which Irene refers to August, we don’t see her eyes. That just goes to show how unhappy she is with her current state and that she’s more or less faking her loyalty towards him specifically. I’m really interested in how Mashima will further develop their relationship. It certainly has a ton of potential.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it once again, because it’s something I really like. That is, Mashima’s established by many character’s words that Irene and her magic defy logic. I really enjoy the idea of a villain so strong, that even powerful mages like Mira state with tears in their eyes that said villain’s amount of magic power is just ridiculously huge.

Given how nasty and sadistic the Scarlet Despair is (even more so than Dimaria), I was actually relieved to see August kill Mira off. His actions should actually be considered as showing mercy to Mira. Had he left her in the hands of Irene, she would’ve had a long and very painful death. August is also slowly starting to live up to his alias, the Calamity, and I quite like that, because he’s one of the Spriggans I’ve been most looking forward to seeing in action.

The long-awaited Aguria reunion happened in the previous chapter and it was a pleasant distraction in the middle of the confusion that was caused by Universe One. I’m glad Mashima didn’t leave their conversation for another chapter and just let it happen in this one. Even though both sisters were really shocked and happy to see each other, Sorano is not yet ready to face Yukino. She’s truly embraced Crime Sorciere’s ideology and wants to first atone for her sins, then come back and act like the big sister Yukino deserves. It was a really sweet scene between those two and I personally very much enjoyed Sorano’s behavior. Even though tears are more often associated with sadness, I took her tears as evidence that she’s really happy to see her little sister, but doesn’t feel like she’s the role model Yukino deserves. It’s basically a version of Jellal and Erza’s relationship, but on a sisterly level. With that being said and even though I completely understand why Sorano said what she said, I would’ve been happier if they just ran towards each other, hugged and lived happily ever after.

Did I say Mira died? Well, she didn’t. And to be honest, even though I saw the spoilers and the panel with her being pierced through the heart, I had no doubt she’d survive. My theory was that since she mentioned having absorbed many souls in Tartaros, she also absorbed the thing that revived the demons (the tentacle thingy in the tubes). I thought that she managed to activate it just before August attempted to kill her, but alas, that was not the case.

Mira survived thanks to Brandish and her magic. At this point I’m starting to question the Spriggan’s alias, Nation Destroyer, since almost all she’s ever done in this war is use her magic to help. Joking aside, even though I really enjoy seeing her change, I wouldn’t mind seeing her kicking someone’s ass. And since we’re talking about Brandish and fighting, I think this is gonna be the last time we see the green-haired girl help the Fairies. Yes, many of them did trust her and she trusted some of them, but her loyalty lies elsewhere and being used by Mest to attack one of the people closest to her probably made he pick sides for good.

Another thing that intrigued me is that the Spriggans are now gathering. Universe One is gonna make that happen even faster, so I’m definitely expecting to see Zeref + the Spriggans trying to get their hands on Fairy Heart while at the same time fighting the Fairies. I wonder if we’ll once again see Ajeel. I’d also love to see Wahl once again, but at this point I’ve lost almost all hope for this ever happening.

One thing is sure, though, Dimaria is gonna fight again, which also means Mashima hasn’t yet forgotten about Gods and God Slayers. The one thing I didn’t like in the panels with her was how she was treated by some Lamia Scale wizards who happened to come across her. Yes, she’s an enemy and this is war, but defeated enemies should be treated with respect. The same thing happened when Brandish was imprisoned in the FT guild, but I’m not gonna talk about that now.

Good thing is she was saved by no other than Larcade/Rahkeid Dragneel.



While this is certainly shocking and surprising, I can’t help but feel he’s not a real Dragneel. The Dragneels lived 400 years ago and unless he was cursed or also time traveled to the current era (which is highly unlikely), he shouldn’t be alive. Maybe he’s an illusion, a ghost-like creature, a machine (Wahl, is this your doing?) or maybe the first “demon” that Zeref ever created (maybe he was deemed an unsuccessful experiment since he turned out to be… pure and innocent? at least at first sight, though)?

This was definitely a big reveal and I couldn’t wait for the chapter to come out so I could discuss this with you, fellow FT fans. ^_^

Next week’s chapter is called “The Hill Extending Tomorrow”, but so far I have no idea what it might be about.

I’ll use this post to remind you to tag FT spoilers until the chapter comes out. ^_^ I have nothing against FT spoilers, but many other fans don’t want to see them before the chapter comes out. Let’s respect that. ^_^ Please and thank you! ^_^

So, did you like today’s chapter? ^_^ Were you surprised by another Dragneel appearing in the story and what theories do you have about him? I’m really curious to know what you guys and girls think about him! Also, was I the only one who didn’t notice Frosch and Lector were with Yukino and Elfman in the last chapter? :D

Do let me know what you thought of this chapter, I’d love to discuss it with you! ^_^
Kepler Spots 100+ More Exoplanets, Some Potentially Habitable
We've got exoplanets on exoplanets

NASA announced today that its Kepler spacecraft has discovered a “crop of more than 100 planets” orbiting the M dwarf star K2-72, 181 light years away from Earth.

Of the 104 planets found outside of our solar system, four seem Earth-sized and rocky, and two of those are within the “habitable zone,” with the potential for liquid water on their surfaces. They orbit their star closer than Mercury orbits ours, but because K2-72 is cooler and less than half the size of our sun, it keeps them in the sweet spot for temperature. One is 10 percent warmer than Earth, while the other is 6 percent cooler. All of the planets discovered are 20-50 percent larger than Earth in diameter.

These discoveries come after thousands of exoplanets landed in Kepler’s sights, including three dozen planets or planet candidates in the habitable zone. The odds keep getting better for life outside of our own solar system.

A thought for Democrats

Hi internet users. I’d like to take a moment to discuss Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. As I’m sure many of you know, Bernie endorsed Hillary today which has angered quite a few of his supporters.  This is mildly understandable as he has been preaching against the establishment throughout his campaign but is now supporting one of the most establishment candidates possible. HOWEVER, those who may feel betrayed should not vote for the Green or Libertarian party candidates and certainly not for Donald Trump. 

Unfortunately, the writers of our Constitution created a system where any candidate not running from one of the two major parties has no chance to be elected. This system, the Electoral College, uses a winner-takes-all system for most states. Basically, whichever candidate wins the majority of popular votes in the entire state wins all the electoral votes (even if it is a 51-49 split). Third party candidates are too niche to win a majority in any state so they will never win any electoral votes. Hence, even if you feel that the third pary candidates are better choices a vote for them is a vote for Trump. 

Next I’d like to draw your attention to the talk of the election: Donald J. Trump. I’m going to be blunt. Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic xenophobe catering to the most primal emotion humans posses: fear. He has proven time and time again that he is unfit to run this nation from using the Pulse nightclub shooting to compliment himself to saying he’s going to ban Muslims from entering the country to his impratical plan to deport every illegal immigrant in the country. This is not the man we want to serve as our Commander-in-Chief, head diplomat and leader of our nation. Voting for Trump over Hillary is like consuming cyanide instead of eating a random berry of the forest floor. You may not trust the berry, but you know the cyanide will kill you.

Sen. Sanders has had an enormous effect on the democratic party, including the creation of the most liberal platform in the party’s history. Their platform stands as a testament to his ideals including a $15 minimum wage, expanding social security, and tuition-free post secondary education for anyone in a family making under $125,000 a year. His revolution will live on through his followers as long as Donald Trump does not come to power.

Sanders supporters who don’t approve of Hillary, please do not allow Trump to become president by wasting your votes or supporting him. If Secretary Clinton turns out to be as bad as you think, we can vote her out of office in 4 years once Trump is gone from the political sphere. Thank you for your time.

Imagine meeting Jared at a bar

Two hours more and I’m done. I’m free for the weekend, free from this miserable job and free to do whatever the hell I want.

Fridays are always busy, and today is not the exception. I run all over the bar serving beers, bourbon, even champagne to a group of friends celebrating that one of them got fired. I don’t stop until those last two hours, when the group of friends decides to go dancing, the solitary drinkers realize that it’s time to go home, and I end up with just a few customers left.

I’m finishing serving a beer to one of my regulars when the door opens once again. A solitary guy enters the bar, walking at his own pace towards one of the stools. When I get near the new guy I immediately know that something’s wrong.

“What can I help you with?” I ask him, showing the nicest smile I can provide.

“I don’t know, a beer?”

“Well, you look like you could have something nicer” I mumble, examining the man in front of me, “What about a margarita?!”

My sudden enthusiasm shocks him and I’m sure he ends up nodding just because I startled him.

“I’ve never had a margarita before” He says, and I can sense he’s a bit ashamed.

“Really? Margaritas are amazing” I say as I put all the ingredients on my side of the bar, “You have tequila, and a bit of lime. It’s the perfect combination!”

I start explaining the whole process of the drink as I prepare it. The man looks at my hands impressed as I mix everything. When I’m done, I give him his drink, wishing that he likes it.

I leave the solitary man alone to prepare more drinks for my other customers, always keeping an eye on the guy enjoying the margarita.

Half an hour passes before I get a call from the guy, his eyes have been glued to his phone for the last couple of minutes.

“Everything okay?” I ask him.

“Can I have another drink?” He asks, and I can see that whatever is troubling him isn’t good.

“Sure, you want another margarita or you wanna have something new?”

“I’m not really a bar type of guy, I’m not sure what other drinks you can make” He says, and I can feel the same shame as before on his choice of words.

“Have you tried martinis before?” He shakes his head and I provide a new big smile to him, “Great, I’ll make you one!”

I do the same as before, explaining all the ingredients that the drink has, the process and some variations you can make to it. Once I’m done, I stay with him as he tries the new drink. A smile appears on his lips as he finishes his first sip.

“Oh, that’s good” He says, with the first smile of the night, I provide my own smile as I watch him take another sip.

“I’m glad you like it!”

Most of the people have gone home, and I’m left with only two people in the bar. I leave the solitary guy alone once again as I receive the payment from the last customer. The solitary guy notices that he’s the only one left in the bar and calls me to his side.

“Do people tell you their names? Because I just realized that I haven’t said mine and I’m extremely ashamed of that”

“Only if they want to” I laugh, “It’s okay if you want to keep your anonymity”

“I’m Jared” He presents himself, offering me his hand to shake. I shake his hand, presenting myself with a kind smile. “Have you been working here for long?”

“Two years… I think”

“Wow, that’s why these things taste so great” Jared laughs, taking another sip of his martini.

Jared starts making more questions about my job, about the people that comes to the bar. When I tell him that I still got 45 minutes left at the bar he offers to accompany me for the rest of my shift.

“Why are you the only one working here? It’s Friday night and this place must have been full a while ago”

“It was” I say, raising both of my eyebrows, “And I wasn’t supposed to be alone, I work with my boss, but his girlfriend’s water broke, so…”

“Oh” Is the only things he says, and I can sense that what’s wrong with him has to do with what I just mentioned.

“Are you okay? You’ve been checking your phone ever since you arrived here”

“It’s complicated” He mumbles, fixating his eyes on his drink.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I was just… worried”

His eyes shift from the drink to me. He seems pretty down, his shoulders low, bags under his eyes. And let’s not forget about the fact that he’s alone in a bar.

After a few seconds of silence, Jared drinks his whole drink in a second, asking me to make him another. As I start working on his new drink, he starts talking.

“I just thought I had the perfect relationship, you know? House, dogs, engagement ring, everything” He stops for a second to catch his breath, I lift my eyes to see him rub one of his eyes with his sleeve, “At first I thought she cheating on me”

I don’t want to interrupt him with unnecessary comments like: “What? How could someone cheat on you? I mean, come on, what you watch yourself in a mirror? You’re a god!”. I just bite my lip, waiting for him to continue.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asks me, it takes me a minute to shake my head no, “But I’m sure you’ve experience that feeling of not being wanted, when your partner just… avoids you”

“Yeah, I think so. That usually means bad news” I mutter.

Jared nods, giving a sip to his drink.

“That’s why I thought she was cheating on me, but no, she wasn’t doing that”

“What was it then?” I ask, way more interested than I should. I end up biting my lip again.

Jared does not answer my question immediately, instead, he takes a second to check his phone again. A new message appears on the screen, I want to see the name on the screen, even though I know I shouldn’t. His expression does not change as he reads the text, and once he’s finished, he looks at me again.

“Sorry, it was my brother, he’s a bit worried”

I’m the one nodding this time, waiting for him to continue.

“She thought she was pregnant” He finally says, and I can feel my eyebrows raising again.

He stops again to drink the rest of his drink, and I don’t like where this is going. Jared does not ask me for another drink, but continues to play with the glass on the table.

“Do you want to be a mother?” He suddenly asks, fixing his gaze on me.

I can feel the heat on my cheeks, the way my hands start trembling as the words connect on my mind.

“So, what happened with your girlfriend?” I ask to change the topic of the conversation, “Is she pregnant?”

“No, she’s not. She was so relieved when she found out, she hadn’t even told me that there was even a possibility of her being pregnant when she appeared at my work telling me the ‘good news’. What good news?!”

“Some women think that a baby could be an obstacle in their careers, or they are not prepared. Maybe she just…”

“It was not that” He interrupts me, “It was because of the dress. A fucking wedding dress!”


My eyes open wide as I hear the explanation. I need a drink.

“'It’s Vera Wang!’ She screamed” He says in disbelief, “How twisted can her brain be if she cares more about fitting in a goddamn dress than the possibility of bringing a child to this world?”

I finish making two drinks, handing one to Jared and drinking mine in a second.

“It’s on the house” I say, as I see him looking at me confused.

Jared does the same with his drink, receiving another text, and this time his expression changes.

“Is it her?” I ask him, he just nods, starting to type really fucking fast. “Are you okay?” I ask him when he leaves his phone aside.

“Yeah, she’s asking me to come back”

“You’re leaving then?”

“No, she just want me to go home to convince me not to cancel the wedding, so she can wear her fucking dress”

“You cancelled the wedding?!” I ask, taking both hands to cover my mouth.

“I can’t marry someone that shallow” Jared sighs, resting his chin on his hand, “I should have done this a while ago, my brother even congratulated me, my mom is the happiest of all”

“She was that bad?”

He shrugs, checking the time on his phone.

“Apparently I was the only one who hadn’t notice how awful she was. Anyway, I think is already time for you to close this place”

He shows me the time on his phone, it is already 4 in the morning. Jared lends me a hand with the whole closing process, letting us surrounded by a rather weird silence. He’s looking directly into my eyes, and I can see that he got a bit drunk with all the drinks that I gave him. And it is that same drunkenness the one I blame when his hands cup my face, as if asking my permission to get even closer.

“I don’t think you should” I mutter, “You’re drunk”

“I know” He whispers.

His hands fall from my face, both getting inside his jacket. A smile takes over his expression, and I feel a weight leaving my shoulders.

“Come, let’s share a cab” I tell him, clasping my arm with his.

Jared accepts and we start walking in silence to a more crowded street.

“You didn’t answer my question” He says after a few minutes.

“Which one?” I ask him, even when I know exactly what he’s talking about.

“Do you want to be a mother?”

I sigh, taking my time to find the perfect answer. His eyes do not look away as he awaits for my answer. Out of nowhere, a smile takes over my expression, and all the cheeriness that I had a couple of hours ago returns to my body.

“Well, I am a mother”

“You are?” He asks, stopping our walk, “But you… you are so young!”

“This sort of things happen, and I’m more than happy that it did” I say, never leaving the smile disappear from my face, “Her name is Zoe, she’s five”

“Wow, does she look like you?” Jared looks amazed by my revelation.

“I don’t know, everybody says she does, but I can’t really tell”

Jared starts invading me with all sort of questions about me being a mother, and how it is to have Zoe as my daughter. I answer them all, giving this little joy to a drunk broken hearted man.

In the end, it turns out that we are going to two different places, really far from each other, so we are not allowed to share a cab. A bit much like our lives. Jared is not the kind of man who lives in my sort of neighbourhood, the one where you have to be extra careful even during the day. But Jared doesn’t leave until I am inside a car. I receive his number before leaving, and a promise of coming to talk to me again at the bar.

Taking a rest day from running today but I figured I would do a little update. About two weeks ago I decided to transition into a more plant-based diet. I’ve made very VERY tiny changes and am trying to ease my way into it. I’m one of those people where I am usually all or nothing but I unfortunately see every setback as a failure. I’m not using the term “vegan” because there are a lot of heavy connotations with it and right now this is trial and error for me. I’m trying to be healthier, treat my body better, and see how it reacts to the changes. So, here goes nothing? Also, if you eat plant based and want to share some of your favorite foods and products to help me expand my diet, feel free to comment😊

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anonymous asked:

First kiss or proposal with Dino please?

First Kiss - Dino

Dating a member and being friends with Seventeen meant you didn’t get to see them all the time, but today was one of those days where Pledis allowed you to stop by for a hour or two. You could hear the music loudly from outside the door of the practice room, you cracked the door open a little to see the 12 members practicing ‘Nice Very Nice’. Once the song had ended you walked in and started clapping, startling the members.

“(Y/N)!” Chan yelled in excitement before he ran over to you and hugged you tightly. You blushed deeply the 11 other members either cringed or teased you. Chan pulled away and glared at his hyungs before turning to you, “you made it.”

You nodded, smiling, “I told you I would, I thought I could take you for food, but if you guys are busy, I can come back later.”

“We were actually just about to go check on Wonwoo,” Mingyu told you excitedly, obviously wanting to see his boyfriend best friend.

Joshua nodded in agreement, “besides Dino won’t stop bugging us about you.” You blushed even more as Chan yelled ‘yah!’

“Hey, who are you yelling ‘Yah’ too?” Jihoon asked as he dabbed his face with a towel.

Chan blushed and apologized before he did the same with his towel. Once he was done, he turned to you, “are you ready?” You nodded and he said bye to his hyungs who were calling after him like they were his parents.

You took your boyfriend to a small dog cafe that was partially empty so the two could be alone without fans or people taking pictures. His sweet and cuteness towards you the whole time reminded you as to why you were dating the boy in front of you. When you walked him back to the studio, you two hugged not too far or too close to the door.

“I wish our time could’ve been longer,” he says when he pulls away and looks down at you.

You nod in agreement, “but now it’s time for you to make amazing music and have girls fall in love with you.”

“I only need one girl in my life,” he says making you blush.

“Go practice, I’ll see you later,” you tell him making him nod and hug you again before he starts walking towards the practice room door. “Chan?”

His foots stopped before he turned and looked at you, “yeah?”

You were hesitant before you made your way over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down a little before pushing yourself on your toes and connecting you lips softly with his. He didn’t kiss back at first, shocked by your actions but he finally closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you back.

You guys didn’t even hear the sound of the door opening, only the sound of someone’s voice behind Chan. “Chan, come on we need to prac-THEY’RE KISSING!” Hoshi yelled immaturely, making you two pull away quickly as the other members came to the door to see the red faced couple.

“Aw Chan’s first kiss!” someone yelled as you looked at the floor shyly.

“I..I guess, I’ll see you later,” you tell Chan before glancing at the 11 boys and waving at them. As you walked away, you could hear the boys teasing the maknae, making you blush even more.

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24 with logan/wolverine Please and thank you

24.  “Wait, are you jealous?”

Having Logan Howlett as your best friend was the greatest experience… But it was also a pain in the ass. 

He was the best sparring partner ever- he challenged you in ways you’d never been challenged, pushed your limits with your mutation, and encouraged you to consider new strategies at ever turn. 

But he was moody and could be an asshole often. He was a good man, but he was wild. And that made communicating with him hard. Sometimes it was like he was more animal than man.

Today was one of those times.

Dragging him forcibly from the bar with your hand firmly holding his, you were seething and fighting the urge to let your powers free.

When you two made it outside, you growled and turned to look at Logan with an intense glare. “You’d better have a damn good reason why you’d interrupt me and him like that, Logan.” Your voice is low and threatening, and to your surprise, Logan hangs his head a bit instead of meeting your threat head-on.

“He shouldn’t be touching you like that. It’s disrespectful and crude.” Logan grumbles, practically growling, and it takes you a second to process his words. 

Wait, are you… Jealous?” You try to keep your voice neutral, but part of you wants to laugh- it’d be just your luck that he was jealous, and pretty damn ironic since the reason he was jealous was that you were trying to get over your feelings for him.

Logan swallows thickly and half-shrugs, looking bashful and completely unlike himself. You take a step closer to him, now only a few breaths apart, and rest your hands on his chest. “Logan, look at me. Are you jealous?” You repeat your question and he mumbles a ‘yes’. You curl your fingers, gripping his shirt, and stand on your tip-toes, pressing your lips to his. He doesn’t respond for a moment, stunned, and you pull away slightly, only for him to reach up and cup your face in his hands, pulling you back in and kissing you gently.

When he lets you go, you take a deep breath, and he looks at you with wide eyes, which makes you chuckle softly. “Don’t be jealous. I’m all yours.” You promise, a smile lighting up his face just before Logan kisses you once again.

iamanemotionaltimebomb  asked:

Aside from that. Gimme Solider 76, Reaper and Genji. S/O is having a bad day. How do the boys make it better?

Soldier 76:

  • Would not leave you alone since he knows how bad it is to handle those kind of feelings alone
  • Hugs you
  • a lot
  • He will snuggle with in you while the two of you are watching really crappy movies
  • Awkwardly tries to encourage you
  • “Uhm, you did great today soldier”


  • Has no clue on how to handle the situation
  • He just kind of sits next to you and tries to think of something to make you feel better
  • If you start to cry he will let you lean on his shoulder or he will pull you into a hug (whatever you prefer in that kind of situation)
  • He awkwardly pats your back
  • “sshh, yeah. Let it all out. You’re gonna be fine.”


  • He would try to take you for a walk outside, just to take your mind of things
  • If you don’t wanna go outside he will just stay with you in your/his room
  • Makes you something to eat or drink
  • Hugs, hugs everywhere
  • Tells you stories about him and Hanzo when they were younger
  • “Without tasting the worst situation, no one can taste the best things of life.”

Guess who made up for their crimes when it comes to taking care of my first ball python, a big thanks at @wheremyscalesslither they didn’t help me directly but I fixed some major mistakes. I added a lot of cover/enrichment today for Harding. Before he didn’t have any of those plants. I added a glass panel on top of the screen door because I didn’t know a screen top would be an issue until I learned how much humidity and heat I was loosing. I will soon be cutting it to fit. I added all the green paper on the sides because it’s cruel to have the entire world watching and it can lower a snakes self confidence and heighten anxiety. I bought a temp gun today because I didn’t know surface temp from ambient. I also bought two hydrometers that are currently taking the salt test because I didn’t realize that even if I sprayed the tank with water everyday that my humidity could be awful and I NEED to know it. Once those are done they will be going in. I’m not a great ball python owner yet but I hope I have repented by some. Also look who gave me a smile (actually it’s a yawn but hopes) and began to watch me and take interest as soon as I started to place the plants in his tank. Sorry for the glare

Submission. What If...

…Mark’s videos weren’t up yet, today. A couple minutes late would be another story but, it was two hours past the second update’s usual time and absolutely nothing was up yet. No tweets, no videos, nothing. It was like he had disappeared.

Maybe he was doing something today? Sighing, you walk towards the kitchen, searching for the cookies you bought yesterday. Suddenly, your phone dings. A tweet from Mark.

‘Hey guys! Videos will be up in about an hour! Sorry! Not at home right now.’ Attached was a photo of Mark with a sympathetic face with drapes behind him. Funny, you think. Those look like the drapes in your living room. Where are these damn cookies at? Another ding comes from your phone.

‘At least I have cookies.’ You frown. He has cookies and you can’t find yours. A silent munch comes from the window area hidden behind your couch. A quiet 'What the fuck’ falls from your lips as you walk towards the living room, baseball bat in hand.

As you yank back the curtains, you see Mark sitting there with the cookies you haven’t been able to find. Crumbs sit upon his lips as his eyes become full of fear. Sighing, you look down. “Mark, why are you in my house and eating my cookies?”

“Matt ate all the cookies in our house.”

“Mark, go home. The internet is waiting on you.” He nods, climbing out from behind the couch. “I’ll see you later.” He nods, grabbing his phone and picking up the cookies. “No, leave my cookies.” Mark glances over before clutching them to his chest and running out the door. “GOD DAMN IT, MARK!”

//Submitting What If’s takes me back to when I first saw your blog. You still the queen, Oosh. w-shadowwalker26-w loves you!//


My Day So Far

So I went to the mall today with Roslin which went really well! I got new bras for the first time since before she was born (been stuck wearing sports bras for like the last two years, holy crap I can’t believe it’s been that long).

Passed a ton of people playing Pokemon Go (there’s a gym there) got accosted by one of those nail buffer island salespeople (I made eye contact, it was my fault) and bought Roslin a Nemo TsumTsum from the Disney Store (it’s super cute).

Bought some macarons, which I’ve never had before, so I’m about to try those here in a minute now that I’m settled in and Roslin is down for a nap.

I’m a pretty introverted person, but getting out of the house and getting stuff done was nice and invigorating!


One of these stupid bras has skulls all over it and I had to get it because it was one of the few that fit in the size I wanted and I can’t even take it seriously. It’s so outrageous.