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Ok but Andreil where Neil is high from getting his wisdom teeth out??

Neil sat in the waiting room, trying desperately to ignore the agitated foxes around him.
“You’re sure you don’t want the drugs?”
“They’re great, Neil, I’m telling you.”
He sighed and put down the magazine.
“I’m fine with just having it numbed. It’s cheaper that way.” The Foxes had taken turns telling him about their own experiences with the drugs they gave you. Nicky said he’d had to be removed because he wouldn’t stop singing and annoying the other patients. He wasn’t afraid of singing, but no matter how comfortable he’d become with his new family, he didn’t want to have all of his inhibitions taken away in front of them.
“Neil, really, the school insurance will cover it, nothing would be coming out of any of our pockets.” Abby gave him a pat on the shoulder. She was the only one he thought should technically be there, being the only health professional, but he had asked Andrew to come so no one in the office would bother him if they knew about his past, and the others invited themselves along.
“Mr. Josten?” A smiling middle aged doctor entered. “We’re ready for you now.”
Abby made the others stay put, something Andrew especially was unhappy about, and followed Neil into the small room that seemed to only have one dental chair and a small cabinet and counter. It was hardly the surgical chamber he had expected. Abby stood by the door while he got in his place, the doctor putting on gloves.
“So, would you like the shot or the drip?”
“The shots are fine.”
She nodded sagely. “My bravest son got that one too. The others couldn’t handle it.” She removed a large needle from a drawer. “Alright, so we’re going to put one through the roof of your mouth, and one an inch in along each of your gums. How does that sound?”
After everything Neil had gone through, a few needles shouldn’t have been so bad, but now that he was safe he didn’t like the idea of unnecessary pain, especially not needles going through the roof of his mouth. He looked to Abby, who smiled back knowingly.
“Actually, I think he would like the drip better. Is that alright?”
The doctor nodded and began setting up an IV with a much smaller needle. Neil wondered if they got kickbacks from how much extra the drip cost.
“Not a problem. Now Neil, you’ll feel a slight pinch at first but that will only last a second. It won’t kick in right away so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything at first. Before you know it, you’ll be out.”
He watched the needle go in and, as she had said, did not feel anything. He looked to Abby again, wanting to ask if he could at least watch practice tonight if he couldn’t play, but he found her face seemed to be stretching infinitely before and behind her, the door twisting into unnatural shapes next to her. She waved the five hands attached to her arm, and he was gone.

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Hug Me

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Genre: Romance

Word Count: 2271

Group: Bangtan Boys

Member: Jung Hoseok

Help Me II Save Me II Hug Me

“And then he says he wonders why he married me! Can you believe him? I know I said something that shouldn’t have been said, but for him to say that? That is too painful to hear from someone you truly love.” Yuri wiped away her tears as the two of you made your way down…somewhere. The two of you had been wandering these woods for two or three hours, and you were beginning to wonder if you were ever going to get out of there. Yuri stopped in her tracks. “This is as far as I remember coming,” she sighed.

You gawked at her. “You ran for two hours all the way from here?”

“Well this is where I had the fight, and then I ran that way”—she pointed in a direction—“before I got lost. I remember because there’s the paper he ripped.” She pointed down at a shredded, yellow paper. “I don’t remember where we came from here. I’m sorry I’m not much help,” she muttered, head down, and hands quickly wiping away more tears.

“You’ve been so helpful. I would have never gotten this far if it weren’t for you, so thank you so much,” you said, taking her hand in yours. She looked up at you, surprised evident on her tear stained face. “I’ve never been so happy to see someone. You were practically an angel when I first saw you. You’re like my guardian angel, so stop crying so we can go home and take a nice, warm bath.”

Yuri laughed. “Usually a lot of people aren’t straight forward with me. Usually they betray me when I least expect it, but you’re different. I’m hoping that meeting someone straight forward won’t betray me like the rest of the people I once knew.”

“Well I’m not the type of person to hurt them behind their backs. An ex-boyfriend did that to me with who used to be my best friend. You’re too sweet for someone to betray,” you stated, looking around to see if anything looked familiar to you.

“I think it’s because I’m too sweet that people took advantage of it,” she sighed, walking in a direction, and you just followed. You were a bit confused as to why she had suddenly started walking, but you said nothing and followed her. “There was this one girl I knew in high school. I thought she was a friend, but it turns out she wasn’t.” Yuri shook her head as she continued on with her story.

You walked in silence as she continued to tell you stories about people who betrayed her, people she met along the way on her travels around the world, ex-boyfriends, and then she talked about meeting her fiancé. You watched her as she talked so brightly about him. Her face was beaming, a huge smile revealing itself on her slightly dirt covered face. Her eyes shined, and it was as if she had just fallen in love. She reminded you of yourself when you first met Hoseok.

You rested your hands on your knees, breathing heavily, as the music died down before coming back to life. You had been practicing two hours after everyone had left. You had been so lucky to get a call from BigHit to be a backup dancer for Bangtan Boys and their upcoming tour.

You originally wanted to decline, but they made an offer that you couldn’t refuse. You have been saving up so you can buy a studio you had your eyes on for months. You were close, and with the offer BigHit told you, that amount could get you that studio.

Your mind had wandered to thoughts of what it would be like once you buy the studio. You would open it up for those who had the same dream as you. You would teach your students dance moves, and keep fingers crossed that they would get recognized for their talent. You would have a big smile on your face as you watched your students appear on television, or come running to you telling you about how they got a chance to be a backup dancer, a teacher just like you, or even become an idol.

Even though you got the dance moves perfectly, you didn’t want to risk the chance of messing up.

Something cold touched your cheek, causing you to come out of your thoughts and stand up straight with eyes wide open. You looked down at the water bottle, and followed the hand all the way up to a pair of eyes. He gave a small smile.

“You look exhausted.” The water bottle was still held out to you. You took it and gave a small nod. “Everyone left. Why are you still here?” he asked, twisting the cap to his own water bottle.

“Practice makes perfect,” was all you said, taking a swig of your water.

“From what I’ve seen, you have this down perfectly,” he laughed, walking over to the stereo, placing his water bottle next to it.

“What are you doing here?” you asked, closing the lid, placed the bottle on the floor, and kicked it. You watched the bottle roll till it hit the wall.

“Practice makes perfect,” he mimicked. He walked towards the center and stretched. He looked at you from the mirror. “Mind if I join?” he asked, leaning to the side to stretch his arm.

You shrugged. “Go right ahead. I’m Y/N, by the way.” A song came on as you got into position.

He smiled and stood in the center. You were a bit confused as to why a backup dancer was in the center where the idols should be, but you said nothing.

“Hoseok,” he said and began to dance.

You were stupid to not realize that he was one of the idols, but because you didn’t know, the two of you hit it off well. You became great friends, and eventually a couple.

“Are you okay?” Yuri asked, and you were brought back from dreamland.

“What?” you asked, blinking at her in confusion.

She stopped walking and stood in front of you, worry etched on her youthful face. “You look like you’re going to faint any minute,” she said, cupping your face with one hand while the other was placed on your forehead.

You smiled weakly. “I’m just tired. Really tired.” You laughed.

She looped her arm through yours. “We need to find help before you collapse.” The two of you began to walk again. “Tell me about yourself,” she said, patting her hand on yours.

You laughed. “I’m not that exciting compared to you.”

“You never know. Plus, I want to know more about you. I feel like we could be great friends after everything we’ve been through together.”

You smiled, knowing what she was trying to do, and you were grateful. “Well I own a dance studio where I hold classes to experienced people and new people.”

She gasped. “Oh, that’s very interesting.” She turned to smile at you. “Tell me more.”

You smiled and began to tell her about yourself, keeping yourself awake.

The two of you were practically dying of laughter. She was wiping away the tears as you two stopped to catch your breaths. “So he just fell right on top of the cake?” she asked, trying to even her breathing.

“Yeah, he tripped right over his own feet and landed on his birthday cake. It was the greatest moment I have seen ever,” you laughed, wiping away your own tears.

“You have to tell me more about your clumsy boyfriend,” she said, looping your arm in hers again as the two of you began to walk.

“Well there was this one time—” You stopped talking as you stared up ahead.

“What it is?” she asked, worry blending itself in with her voice.

“Do you see that?” you asked, pointing up ahead. She followed your direction and not that far ahead were blinking lights. Red and blue lights. “I think—” she interrupted you.

“Help is here,” she whispered, glancing at you with such hope that you nodded to confirm her hopeful beliefs. She beamed as she lightly dragged you. “Come on! Let’s get out of here.”

You nodded happily and followed her. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest as the two of you got closer and closer to the flashing lights. You’ve been stuck in these damn woods for two days, so you felt your feet moving a bit faster. The two of you ran onto a parking lot and stopped to catch your breaths. You could see two guys next to the police car. The guy talking to the police did not look familiar to you.

Yuri quietly gasped before she began to cry. “Jiseok!” she yelled. The unknown man looked up and met eyes with Yuri. The two of them broke into a run towards each other. She was in his arms within seconds. You could hear the two of them crying, kissing one another, and telling each other how sorry they were.

“Miss?” You looked away to see the police officer standing next to you. “Are you Y/N?” he asked.

You nodded. “Yes I am.”

He looked relieved as he brought his hand up to his radio and began to talk into it, “This is officer Kihyun. The missing person Y/N has been found along with Yuri.”

“Y/N,” Yuri said, coming up to you along with Jiseok. “This is my fiancé, Jiseok,” she said, placing her hand on his forearm.

You smiled at him, and were in his arms within seconds. You froze from the sudden action. “You saved her. Thank you so much. I am forever in your debt,” he cried before taking a step back. He wiped away his fallen tears.

You shook your head. “Yuri saved me. I’m the one who should be thanking you,” you said. Officer Kihyun came up to you and placed a blanket around your cold body.

“The ambulance will be here within ten minutes to take a look at you and bring you to the hospital,” he said to both you and Yuri.

“I’m not hurt,” Yuri began, “but please tell them to hurry. Y/N has been in there for days. I want to make sure she’s okay.” You smiled gratefully at her.

Officer Kihyun’s radio went off, but you didn’t hear it because all you heard was a familiar voice call your name. You froze and your heart was racing as you turned to look past the officer.

Off into the distance you could see a panting Hoseok staring right back at you. He was wearing grey sweats and a black hoodie, and to be honest, he looked like a mess. However, to you, he looked so beautiful. So comforting, and safe. You felt as if you couldn’t breathe. “Hoseok,” was all you said before you were slowly taking off towards him. You were running towards him, but you felt yourself dragging your feet. You fell, but Hoseok was quicker and caught you in his arms. “You’re here,” you whispered, wrapping your arms around his neck as he wrapped his own against your waist. “You’re here. You’re here,” you repeated yourself as if it wasn’t true. He was holding onto you so tightly you couldn’t tell whether you were shaking or if he was. You slightly moved back to see that his eyes were red, and tears were rolling down his cheeks. Your hands went to cup his cheeks, thumbs brushing away his tears. “Please don’t cry,” you said, your own voice breaking.

“I thought I lost you. I thought I lost you for good. I was so scared that I would never find you.” His forehead rested against your own. “I love you so much. I’m sorry for leaving you. I’m sorry for not being there for you. I’m sorry for being such a horrible boyfriend. I love you, Y/N. Please don’t ever do that to me again. Don’t leave me like that again. Don’t leave me alone. I love you so much.”

“No. I’m the one who should be sorry. I’m so sorry for making you mad that day. I’m so sorry for fighting with you. I’m so sorry for everything. I love you, Hoseok,” you said, closing your eyes.

His lips met your chapped ones. “I love you,” he said between kisses. Your heart was racing. You felt lightheaded. A familiar feeling you welcomed happily.

“Y/N.” The two of you broke away. You turned to see Yuri standing next to Jiseok and the officer. “The ambulance will be here in five minutes,” Officer Kihyun said, and you nodded.

You looked towards Yuri and smiled. “I hate hospitals, so I’m going home.” You nodded, watching her as she held out her hand. You took it, but she turned it over to write on your arm. “This is my phone number. Call me when you’re out of the hospital. I’m going to take you out for a spa treatment.” You were ready to decline, but she interrupted your unspoken words. “I’m not taking no for an answer. You helped me find Jiseok, so this is the least I can do.” She smiled and left without you uttering a word.

You looked towards Hoseok and smile. He smiled back and gave you a sweet kiss. “Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked, kissing you again.

You shook your head, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Just hug me please.” He complied, holding you tightly. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. So much, Y/N.”


~ airport adventures ~ preference ~


Whenever you and Dan go on trips, whether it’s for YouTube events, conventions, or just for a vacation, he always helps you in anyway he can to make your airport experience relaxing. We all know that staying at an airport during a 6 hour layover can get boring and exhausting.

Dan would offer to carry your luggage, even though he’d be holding quite a few of his own. You’d refuse his help, but he’d keep pushing you until you say yes. It made you laugh, thinking how Dan would never voluntarily exercise, yet he’s inviting himself to lift additional weights.

When looking for a place to eat, Dan is willing to go wherever you would want to go. McDonalds? Sure. Panini’s? No problem. Sushi? Whatever you want sweetheart. Not only does he let you eat wherever, he pays for it too.

After a few hours, the exhaustion sets in. Sitting down at the terminal waiting for people to start boarding, you could feel your eyelids getting heavier and you start to yawn. Dan would pull you closer to him and you rest your head on his shoulders. His steady breathing lifts his shoulders up and down, lulling you to sleep.



Phil would be the greatest company you could ever have at the airport. His fun nature keeps you alive and excited, never a dull moment. Anytime the two of you get stuck with a hefty layover, the first thing on both of your minds is to wander around the airport. You would go into every store, one by one, checking out all of the goods the airport has to sell.

Whenever you come across small souvenirs, Phil immediately spots for the ones with your name on it. He has been buying you all sorts of goods with your name, leaving you with a box full of goodies back at home.

Few hours will pass and your arms would start to hurt from dragging a suitcase behind you. He’d offer to take the bag every few seconds, each time with a response of “no, I’m fine”. Eventually, he would convince you.

When arriving at the terminal, you notice how packed it is. Unfortunately, there aren’t any seats that are adjacent to each other, only single seats between people. You consider standing, but Phil motions you to sit down. You ask him where he plans to sit and he just answers “I’m not going to”. You ask him if he’s sure and he responds “absolutely”.

So, uh, yeah. This is me and Mark Foster. No big fUCKING DEAL. (I look like a big nerd don’t talk to me about it please)

Honestly, seeing Foster the People on August 9th was the best day of my entire existence so far. To be able to see and feel and hear the music of the band that got me actually LISTENING to music in general, was absolutely mind blowing and heart wrenching and disgustingly incredible. I swear I’m not trying to brag, I’m just really excited and beyond amazed. Read if you would like!

We got to the venue at 10:00am, because I really quite obviously wanted to get front row. I met these two lovely ladies who had gotten there at around the same time and got to know them, and we all promised each other that we’d all help one another to get front row. I met up with my friend Shania whom I’d met online who was also a HUGE ftp fan, and we walked around the venue looking for something to do for, like, the next 8 hours. ‘Cause, you know, that’s a lot of time. We head down to where the tour buses are because we were hoping/worrying that the band would be there. And, sitting beyond the gate far from us, was Sean (the guitar player) and Mark, playing… ping pong. Shirtless. Yeah, uhm, I’m not gonna elaborate too much on that because none of you want to hear about me crying, but that happened. At that moment, Shania looks at her phone and goes, “Hey, doesn’t Roadie hide stuff around the venue for fans to find?” Me and Shania found one of the places and asked for a member of the staff (all of whom were absolutely LOVELY) to possibly go grab it for us. She did. We got Ponsi’s drum sticks. We cried for too long, man, too long. But it gets better.

We begin to walk up to where the line is, because we don’t want to lose our spots or piss anyone off, when Shania goes, ‘Oh fuck, isn’t that Mark?’ and, uh, he’s like, riding up to us??? In a gold cart??? Which I guess isn’t something you see everyday. I just, kinda, stare awkwardly because WOW Mark Foster is a living breathing human being, that’s so weird, and I wave and smile and he waves and smiles back. By this time my soul had already left my body, and Shania practically had to drag my ass back up to the line. Mark exits into the hotel that the venue has, and me and a couple other fans kinda sit in the shade near the hotel and the trees. We didn’t wanna harass him, just wanted to be near in case he… like… wanted to talk to us. So yeah, we kinda did want to harass him, but we were POLITE ABOUT IT SO WHATEVER. The fans I met were so lovely, absolutely beautiful people with great tastes in music, and they all knew how much this concert meant to me. Mark comes out, and one of the absolutely fantastic ladies I’d met in line practically screams “STOP LESGETAPICTURE” and Mark’s like, oh geez, yeah, sure thing, cause he’s so mellow all the time. I wait till everyone is done because I didn’t want to be a bother considering I had a letter to give him. When it’s my turn, I begin talking to him when the girl who stopped him is like “SHE’S BEEN A FAN FOR FOUR YEARS” and he asks where I was from, and I say Winnipeg MB, and he goes asks where that is and we tell him it’s like, right in the middle of Canada. He was really amazed that I had come so darn far to see him and was all smiley and stupid and I wanted to punch him GEEZ. Okay, so I get the picture (the one in this post obviously) and when everyone starts to kinda go away a bit, I look to him and say something like, I’ll try not to take up too much of your time, but you’ve really helped me a lot, so I wrote a shameless 6 paged letter. I told him he didn’t have to read it and he could turn it into fire kindling or paper airplanes, but he told me that he really appreciated it and that he couldn’t wait to read it.

I was really happy and all but like, didn’t expect him to actually read it until loooong after the show or something or even ever, but TEN MINUTES later, Shania says to me, “Sophie, Mark is tweeting.” She showed me her phone, and on his account he had tweeted this:

“@Magomuffinz I just read your letter. I’m moved beyond. You have an incredible gift with words and expressing yourself. A true poet and thinker. I’m so glad that you are here and that you have taken the sour grapes of past and are turning them into wine. Sanford Meisner used to use that as a metaphor for how artists take the hard things they’ve been through and turn them into beauty. I’m so glad you took the time to write this, and were persistent in finding me thousands of miles away. It lifted my spirits today. We all have things in our lives that we have to overcome. The size or weight or difficulty is relative - it’s the willingness to overcome that defines us. You are a true hero to me. Never think that what you are doing is insignificant. And please keep writing. You have a gift.”

I think I sat and stared at the sky for like, at least a good 20 hours, before I stopped being a crying mess. It was really beautiful to know that Mark had actually read what I had spent so much time writing, and that he knew how much he had helped me. And to know that MY words had inspired the person who got me into writing, was the greatest gift I could have ever been blessed with. Ugh. Oh my God. I can’t breathe even though it’s been 2 days since it happened.

So, after another 6 hours of waiting, it was finally time. We were literally front row, I was about two feet from the band, and straight in the middle. My friends were so kind and sweet for getting me there, I couldn’t imagine the concert without their kindness. The opening band, NONONO, was genuinely good, though they had a lil equipment meltdown so they could only play five songs. But when Foster the People came on, I was kinda, like, deported to a different universe? I was the happiest I had ever felt in my entire life. The opening songs were incredible, and I was dancing and singing and having a rockin’ time. But then. Mark Foster sits down at his keyboard, and I knew immediately that he was gonna play Houdini, which is my favourite song song on the entire record. I had written to him about how much that song had meant to me and why it was such a brilliant song, and he really HAD read my letter, because right before he turns to Ponsi to start the drums, he turns to me and POINTS and SMILES at me. Like, what the fuck? What the FUCK? WHAT FUCK THE FUkcK WHAT??? I honestly couldn’t breathe and the friends I was with were screaming and cheering oh my god, it was absolutely incredible. It was just proof that he had really read my letter and had appreciated what I had said. I couldn’t believe it. I realize it’s not that big a deal to you guys, but it was really big to me. And the performance of the song was STUNNING. The bridge part they changed it up into this weird rhythm and, ugh, UGH, WOW.

But yeah. Skip ahead to around ten songs later. The show was coming to a close. They came back on for an encore, and I knew that they’d only play two songs. It was the last song, which was Don’t Stop, and when the song finished everyone was screaming and clapping and going nuts. It was such a beautiful and kickass way to end the performance. Mark is about to leave the stage, when he picks up a guitar pick, kneels down RIGHT in front of me, and tries to hand me the pick. There were a bunch of hands that were reaching for it and he literally shook his head, put his hand underneath all the other arms, and hands it directly to me.

//shots in the distance

I honestly owe that man so much. I have never felt happier. I still have the guitar pick and am very scared that I will lose it, so it’ll probably remain locked inside a drawer for remainder of it’s/my life haha!! But really, that concert is always going to be a happy memory for me, and I thought I was going to be sad about it the next day, but in reality, I’m just happy that it happened. I hope Mark knows how much of an impact he’s had on my stupid lil brain and heart.