two of the biggest dorks and best friends of the whole game

I had so much fun drawing the entire Dash family! I apologize, though, if some of the colors are a bit off, especially for Windy Whistles. Ah well. :’3


Determined to write her a report on her hero, Scootaloo finds a way up to Rainbow Dash’s hometown of Cloudsdale to do some research. There, she comes across none other than Rainbow’s parents: Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles! Through the young filly, the couple are stunned to hear that their daughter has achieved her lifetime dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. With Scootaloo in tow, they waste no time in heading out to cheer Rainbow Dash on in every little thing she does. As supportive and loving as they are, Hothoof and Whistles are a bit too exuberant in their praises – to the point where poor Rainbow Dash is left completely humiliated and reluctant to have them around.

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Comic Con - Ben Wyatt

Requested by blackfridayismyhero

“Are you sure he’ll like this, April?” you asked your friend and coworker.

“Yes,” she grumbled. “Ben is the biggest nerd in the whole world, he’ll love to be with his own people.” 

“It’s not too forward is it?” you asked skeptically.

“I mean you wanna sleep with him anyways s-”


“Okay, okay, it’s not too forward. He’ll love it and you and you’ll get married and have little nerd babies.”

“Thanks, April.”

“Hey, Y/N!”

“Ben! Hey,” you said nervously.

“April said you wanted to see me?”

“Uh, yeah, I just wanted to give you your birthday present. I know it’s a couple of days early, but I wanted you to have it as soon as possible.”

“Aw, Y/N, you didn’t have to get my anything. I mean we’ve only been dating for a month.”

Yeah, you thought, but you wanted your relationship to last much longer than that. Especially since you were so much younger than Ben, you wanted to make sure he was still interested in you. “Open it.”

“Oh my god. Is this, really?” Ben said shocked as he opened his gift. He pulled out two passes to The Pawnee Comic Con. “I didn’t even know that Pawnee had a Comic Con!”

Just them, Leslie Knope walked by and interrupted.

“Yes, our comic con is quite impressive!” she said. Always bragging about Pawnee. “This year there’s gonna be a cosplay contest!”

Ben looked at you and enveloped you in a hug and kissed your cheek.

“Thank you so much, Y/N! But who will I go with?”

“Seriously? The only person who might love Game of Thrones more than you is me!” you laughed.

“But, I really wanna enter that cosplay contest,” he whined.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’ve been working on my Daenerys Targaryen cosplay for two weeks now.”

“Does this mean?”

“Yes. You can dress up as Ned Stark.”



The day of the Pawnee Comic Con was fast approaching and you and Ben had decided to meet there, so you could impress each other with your costumes.

You had to admit, you looked quite fabulous. You had dressed in Khaleesi’s dress from the season one wedding. If this whole present didn’t make Ben love you, this dress certainly would.

“Y/N. Oh my god.”

You turned around a found Ben standing in front of you. Well, Ben in an incredibly accurate Ned Stark costume.

“My lord,” you said with a bow. Ben giggled and bowed to you as well.

“My lady,” he said, barely holding back a grin. 

“Do I look alright?” you asked self consciously. 

“Babe, you look amazing.”

You smiled and took his outstretched hand. You walked around the con together, fangirling (yes, even on Ben’s part) at everything you saw. Including, convincing Ben out of some ridiculous purchases. Ben was convincing you to leave the artist gallery as you were both leaving to get something to eat.

“Did you have a good time?” you asked awkwardly.

“Yes. Oh my god, thank you so much, Y/N. This is the best birthday present I have ever received!”

“Good. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and I thought this would be a good way.”

“Hey, you know I love you, too, right? This was amazing, but it wouldn’t of been as amazing had I not been with you,  Yer Jalan Atthirari Anni.” You broke out into a grin. 

“You’re a dork.”

“But I’m your dork,” he replied, pulling you close to him, closing the gap between the two of you.

A Touch Too Far

A/N: An anon request where the reader and Spencer work together, and the reader is the kind of person who teases others in a friendly manner. But sometimes people can say things that hurt others, even when they don’t mean, and the reader hurts Spencer’s feelings. I couldn’t be too mean to Spencer, so I went with something tame-ish. Being made fun of myself makes me not want to do it to my babies. lol :) @coveofmemories


“Hey, shorty,” you said to Garcia as you walked off the elevator into the BAU.

She responded by sticking her tongue out at you, “Hey, Y/N, I’m not short today, I have four inch heels on!”

“That’s true,” you replied, walking toward one of the your best friends in the whole world, “but without them, I can rest my head on top of yours, like this.” As you got up on your tiptoes and rested your chin on her head, she just cut her eyes at you. Good thing you’d been working there long enough for people to understand your sense of humor.

Morgan walked by and poked you in the side - something he had started to do to combat your teasing. It always riled you up and he laughed every time he did it. “Gotcha, Y/N,” he said, before running away from your retaliation. You had a little something you tended to do or say to tease your teammates - with all of your friends, really. Except Hotch. You didn’t dare make fun of Hotch.

You were to tired to run after him. Caffeine was of the utmost importance. “Morgan, I swear to god, if you do that again, especially when I haven’t had my coffee yet, I’m going to have to kill you.”

“I dare you, small fry,” he laughed, before handing you a cup of coffee to fix for yourself.

As you mixed in half and half and three packets of sweetener, Spencer walked up, excited to have finally finished what was considered one of the most difficult New York Times crossword puzzles of recent memory; he could normally finish them in minutes, but this one had quite a few clues that stumped him. He’d been trying to finish it on his downtime for weeks.

“I finally finished the crossword,” he said with a smile on his face. It was cute how nerdy he was, but you’d never tell him that. “It took me weeks to figure out it all out, but I finally got it,” he said, pumping his fists and leaning back on his feet. “Two down was killing me, but by process of elimination I found out the answer was Prince Xizor.” He was so proud of himself.

“Huh?” You and Morgan said simultaneously. It was too early and you hadn’t had enough coffee to know what the hell he was talking about.

“The clue was ‘This lizard-skinned head of the Black Sun criminal syndicate was added to Star Wars canon in 1996 and removed in 2014. And the answer was Prince Xizor, he was the leader of the syndicate in Shadows of the Empire the novel, comic book and video game, but I’m really more of a Star Trek guy, so it took me forever to figure out the answer. I only know maybe 50% of the Star Wars Universe. Apparently I need to brush up on my trivia,” he prattled, winded from his geeky tirade.

You were definitely a geek, but in other areas, and you couldn’t understand a word he was saying. “Oh, man, Spence, you are really the biggest fucking geek I know,” you deadpanned. With that, you clapped him on the shoulder, downed your cup of coffee and refilled it, heading to your desk to start the day.


For the past couple of days, Spencer had been really curt with you and you didn’t know why.

Is he mad at me? What did I do?

No matter what you said or did, he turned away. He’d barely said a word to you in the past two-to-three days. It wasn’t like him. He and Penelope were your best friends in the world and you thought they felt the same. 

Three days without talking to your best friend was driving you crazy, so considering you were the last two to leave the office, you cornered him at his car to ask him what the hell his problem was.

“Spence,” you called out, watching as he picked up his pace to get to his car, attempting to ignore you. “Spencer! Stop!”

Angrily, he turned around and screamed, “What?”

You jumped back. He never yelled, especially at you. “Spencer, what’s wrong? Why are you mad at me? What did I do?”

“Nothing, Y/N,” he insisted, “nothing at all.” He turned to walk toward his car again and you ran after him, grabbing his wrist and spinning him around to face you.

“It’s obviously not nothing. Now, I don’t know what I did, but I can’t apologize or change anything if you don’t tell me what’s wrong!”

His rubbed both of his temples and spoke, mimicking your voice. “Oh, man, Spence, you are really the biggest fucking geek I know. Does that not sound familiar?”

“Spence, I-I..” you stuttered, realizing you’d hurt his feelings. Granted, you weren’t normally that harsh with him, you tended to keep it low key. “I joke with everybody. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Well you did,” he said, uncrossing his arms and sighing, “I used to get that kind of crap all the time when I was a kid, so hearing it from you of all people, especially with the tone you used the other day, a mix of exasperation and disdain, it hurt.”

He’d told you about his troubles in school, but considering you did this type of thing with everybody, you missed the connection. “Spencer, I-I’m so sorry. You’re the last person in the world I want to hurt. Your geekiness is one of the things I love about you.” You looked down at your feet, blushing at what you were about to admit. “I’m really sorry. I’ll never say anything like that again if you don’t want me to. I just don’t want to lose you. I don’t know what I’d do…”

When you looked back up, his face had softened, seemingly accepting your apology. “I forgive you,” he said, “I don’t mind a joking ‘dork’ every now-and-then, but what you said and how you said it was just a bit too much. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but…”

“No,” you blurted, “if I hurt you, I hurt you. I don’t get to decide why or how it’s okay or not okay. I’ll never say anything like that again. I promise.” You hoped that you got your sincerity across well enough.

“Okay,” he said, the corners of his mouth forming a smile once more. “But what did you mean I’m the last person you’d want to hurt? Why me?”

“Spence, isn’t it obvious?” you asked, wondering how he hadn’t caught on by now. “I tease you more often than anyone else…because…I like you.”

“Me?” he sputtered, “Romantically?” He was stunned at your confession.

You reached out and rubbed his arm, closing the space between you, “Yea. You are a dork, but you’re my dork.”

Hey, I like you

Summary: College AU- Jungkook calls you in the middle of the night to meet up for advice on how to ask out the girl he likes.
POV: 1st person, friends with Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: I don’t know what this is, or where it came from. Fluff maybe?
Word Count: ~2,700 (One shot)

We need to talk.

The text message popped up on your screen just before you were about to set it down for the night. Your phone was plugged in, already charging your battery that was only at 28%. You were in your pajamas, your hair was still damp from your shower, and your breath was minty from just brushing your teeth. You were set for bed, not feeling ready to meet up with a friend.

This wasn’t just any friend, however, this was your Jungkook, the boy you considered your best friend, though neither of you had said those words aloud. You had only met a year ago, but he was for sure the person you felt most comfortable with, the one that knew about your dorky side and never judged, because he had his own.

I’m going to bed, you sent back, sliding under the covers so you wouldn’t be tempted to give into his inevitable pleas.

But I really need to talk. Tonight. Please.

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random aus

They’ve prolly been mentioned before somewhere else but meh i’m gonna do it anyway have some aus

  • “I’m a dancer and was trying out this new move in public but accidentally crashed into you and you got hurt so I brought you to a nearby clinic and I am so fucking sorry about that what can I do to make it up for you (also fuck I broke a hot person’s arm I am absolute trash)”
  • “I am legit the BEST fucking cheater in this classroom I have never been caught once but then YOU came along and found out that I had marked the windows with a special ink that is only visible through the type of material I made these glasses out of and I REFUSE to be beaten by you I’m gonna find a way to cheat successfully in your class I swear”
  • “I am a new teacher and I encourage all of my students to try and cheat through my class because the subject I’m teaching centers around problem-solving and critical thinking and if you ACTUALLY find a way to cheat without me knowing then you’re utilizing the knowledge properly”
  • “There’s a curse on this entire city and we literally cannot speak without it being a direct line from any song at all which is why I’m explaining it to you using this note also my singing voice is terrible”
  • “I accidentally wrote your last name instead of mine when I was writing my full name in the test and I totally forgot about it but then the teacher suddenly started giggling to herself in the middle of the class and I didn’t know until she called both of us to the front”
  • “My dog escaped last night and so did your dog but when my dog came back your dog followed her and is now trying to bang her and um this is kinda awkward”
  • “We accompanied both of our little siblings/cousins to this birthday party and now we’re handcuffed together because the shitty magician they hired fucked up his trick and is now trying to convince all the kids that the reason the cuffs wouldn’t come off is because destiny is binding us together do you wanna corner him later and beat the shit out of him”
  • “I just asked the most inane question in the entire world rhetorically but then you barged in and gave a legit response and I actually didn’t know that and now I am ashamed”
  • “My little siblings LOVE going to this trashy pizzeria so I pass the time by beating all the high scores on every single arcade game they have but then one day someone beat all of my high scores by exactly 100 points and I KNOW it’s the same person because they used the same fucking name on the scoreboards each time my pride is on the line who the hell did this I will fight them”
  • “So this couple just passed by and they’re singing to each other and all of a sudden the passerbys just joined in and it’s become one huge musical number and suddenly I know the song and start dancing along then started dancing with you and we had the same confused/horrified looks on our faces and then the music stopped and everyone went back to normal like nothing happened and we’re just looking at each other and we’re so confused are we in a Disney movie”
  • “The local government hired me to paint a mural on this extremely long and blank wall and I’m pretty sure I only started at end of the wall I didn’t do the stuff at the other end but somehow the entire thing is coming together as this panorama story thing and I NEED to know who that other artist is because really they’re making my job easier plus their work is beautiful”
  • “I’m the English lit teacher and no one must know that I write fanfiction of my own students and publish them online so I’m TERRIFIED when I learn that you - the art teacher - know about everything but turns out you make fanart for them and turns out we’re both fans of each other’s work online do you wanna work together and hook these guys up”
  • “This really fast paced song came on and I started dancing to it using these dance moves from this very specific video somewhere and it turns out you know the moves too so we end up dancing together and now everyone is staring at us I don’t even know you’re name”
  • “Am I cross-dressing at this costume party yes yes I am and it’s fantastic”
  • “We’re both at this costume party held by mutual friends and you’re dressed as the person I heavily ship with the person I’m dressed as also you’re cute can you pls make this ship come true for a while for me I’ll buy you a honey bagel”
  • “I just met you but I’m PRETTY sure you’re literally Captain America no really what is a perfect specimen you doing in this danky-ass coffee shop that I work at is that your drawing oh my gods you really ARE Steve Rogers aren’t youuuu”
  • “Did you actually fucking make a fully functional technological suit of armor for this cosplay competition- oh my gods you DID I’m gonna have to step up my game during the presentation. What the hell though you should be making a self-sustaining energy source or something not wasting your talents on a fucking cosplay convention”
  • “I animate a bunch of music vids on YouTube and decided I’d try out doing a cover for this one song so I go out of my way to use and actual recording studio because my mic is shit and I’m really flustered about singing this in front of a total stranger but you’re being really supportive and keep giving me tips for making my voice sound better and eventually we end up singing a duet and it sounds amazing and I am subjected to listening to it over and over again and I end up animating a love story using our vocals and it’s got so much positive feedback and they want us to do another duet? What? No, I didn’t make it a love story bec I fell for you at first sight what no”
  • “My jam went on while on the bus and it’s REALLY hard not to dance to it in my seat and you’re staring at me weirdly I apologize for being a strange creature but you don’t understand this song is perfection”
  • “We’re the only two people in the class who know how to sing this one Russian lullaby and the whole class goes totally silent while we do a duet and apparently it sounds REALLY creepy when we sing it wanna dress as dead Russian children and sing together in random dark alleyways”
  • “The teacher accidentally left his music playing on his laptop so when he opened it it started playing a Japanese song very loudly and we just start belting out the lyrics we’ve memorized by heart and I’ve never really talked to you but you seem like a cool person plus you’re singing voice is great why is the teacher looking at us with sparkly eyes
  • “I make really cheesy/nerdy pick-up lines and usually when I tell them to people they groan at how terrible they are but then you overheard me telling one and cut in with an equally cheesy/nerdy pick-up line so now we’re just shooting each other pick-up lines back and forth”
  • “I play the cello really weirdly and you play the guitar really weirdly so our friends decide to hook us up and now we’re composing a hella good song it’s gonna be a huge hit”
  • “You are literally sparkling in the sunlight are you okay you’re not a Twilight vampire or a shoujo character are you?”
  • “I am a tech wizard and am so sorry for your loss, and I will do my best to try and restore your laptop to its former glory with minimal pay, also you should probably avoid looking at funny videos and drinking milk at the same time”
  • “What the hell kinda vine are you tryna make that involves me holding onto your legs as you dangle haphazardly out your apartment window that is on the eighteenth floor”
  • “That is the most neon shirt I have ever seen a person bear to wear pls burn it”
  • “As your doctor I would advise you to stop from using yourself as reference I don’t care if it’s for your novel you can’t just walk into a bar and ask the biggest guy you can find to punch you really hard in the shoulder my gods”

I’ll add more when I think of them if yer gonna use them tag me maybe idk

Weiss Schnee’s Guide On How To Deal With A Vampire Roommate Chapter 20

okay, here you go, this took a long time cuz


brain words fingers??


Summary: Please don’t kill me.

Chappy listy

Chapter 20: Dance with her. Vampires love that romantic shit. Get a bit of romance in before you die.

“Welcome back, you two,” Blake greeted. She pulled Weiss closer and pressed a kiss to her forehead, suprising Ruby by doing the same to her. The brunette blushed furiously, stammering out a “A-and to y-you too…”

The evening was occupied with Weiss bragging about her new weapon, and Ruby fawning over it. The boys were rooming with Yang and Blake, and how the prefect still didn’t know was a mystery.

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Round up of the best fics I’ve read this month, divided into two categories: Canon and AU. Favorites are marked with a ♥.
↳ for more detailed fic recs, visit wintershield recs // monthly recs tag.

  • CANON:

all we have to lay on the line by tigriswolf (5,118 - NR)

There is a difference between justice and vengeance, and Steve’s not digging any graves.

and never be forsaken by hitlikehammers (4,318 - T)

Truth is, Bucky’s always been giving up something, sacrificing pieces of himself on the promise that the trade would keep Steve with him, keep Steve breathing, keep Steve here.

Steve’s just never noticed, never put it all together, until now.

Chip Away at Your Sanity by Alexicon (2,333 - T)

Steve and Bucky are competitive. Potato chips (and the bags) are an unexpected weapon between them.

Cuts Like a Knife by StilesBastille24 (3,645 - NR) ♥

Pietro shrugged. “The four of us, we would be invincible, because the ties that bind us to this world are not memories or dreams, they are a single strand, one that is tied unequivocally to another person. If she dies, I die, and the world shall die with us.”

“That’s insane,” Bucky huffed out a dark laugh. “That’s not a normal way to think or feel.”

“That is love,” Pietro said unapologetically.

Five Points of the Star by TheRedMenace (4,902 - T)

The shield. Sketching. Cooking. Clothing. Touch. Five ways Steve Rogers finds his place in the modern age.

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play your ace; a deancas au

Cas is okay with no one knowing that he’s asexual, but that all gets blown out of the water when Cas gets chosen for ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ with Dean Winchester. [3,759]

“Cas, c’mon! Anna’s parties are always the best and you’ll be missing out if you don’t go. Please?”

Cas looks up from the book he’s reading to throw Ruby a glare. “For the last time, I’m not going to Anna’s party with you. I hate parties, and isn’t Sam going with you anyway?”

“Yeah…but why not you?” Ruby whines, throwing down the Biology homework she’s working on. “You can’t miss out on the biggest party of the year. Everyone at Lawrence University will think your a dork if you don’t go. You don’t want that when we still have another year in this hellhole of a college, do you?”

“I couldn’t care less about social standing,” Cas mutters under his breath as he brings his copy of A Tale of Two Cities up to his face again, his eyes trying to take in the words before him. However, that’s impossible with Ruby pouting right in his line of sight, making little whimpers as she throws Cas her best puppy dog eyes.

“…Just for a few hours?”

“No!” Cas practically yells, which gets him a glare from the librarian. He puts down the book and runs a hand through his hair, then gestures for Ruby to follow him out into the hallway for privacy. They pick up their items and head out, Cas turning towards her the minute the door closes. “For goodness sakes, Ruby! Why do you need me to come with you? You’re outgoing enough and you know everyone in the school. Why do you need your socially awkward best friend to accompany you?”

Ruby groans like it’s obvious and takes a seat on the ground. Cas follows. “Because you need to get out more, Cas! When is the last time you’ve been to a function that didn’t involve your church? Oh wait, I can answer that! Five months ago when you broke up with Crowley! Five months, Cas! I’m sick of you sitting around in your room wallowing over Crowley of all people. He wasn’t good for you anyway, so why don’t you get out there again?”

Cas curls in on himself and brings his knees up to his chest. “It isn’t that easy…”

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General Imagine: Touring With Your Friends 5SOS

Author: Rhine


There was never really a ‘normal’ day with the 5SOS boys - least of all when you were on tour with them, travelling the world and attending concerts and interviews practically every other day.

You were lucky enough to be close friends with Calum at school, and even luckier that the rest of the band accepted you as one of them when he introduced you to the boys.

And this time, you were lucky that they invited you to come with them for their summer tour, and even luckier that their management and your parents could work something out.

Just like that, you were signed up for two undeniably incredible months with the four biggest dorks you knew, travelling the world together.

Lucky, indeed.


Your days always started abruptly with sound. Whether it be Ashton yelling excitedly over something or Luke singing off-key in the shower without a mute button, you were always launched straight into your day through the sound of one of their voices.

And you knew if you didn’t wake up from the sound of one of the boys, then it’ll be through the soft tickle of a marker on your face; probably Michael drawing something on your face again.

In all honesty, you weren’t quite sure which one you preferred.

You’d have to fight your way into the washroom, making sure you practically dead bolted the door - you weren’t taking your chances with any of them pulling pranks on you like what happened last time - taking your sweet time while they stood outside the door, either whining about how long you were taking or cracking jokes, trying to make you laugh and mess up your eyeliner.

They’d always be overdramatic when you’d finally come out of the washroom, but they’d never miss out on an opportunity to tell you how beautiful you are to them throughout the day.


Any and every meal would be like a war - running towards the food and grabbing what you could before it was gone, pouting at the boys when you only came out with half a burger and a meager collection of fries, or a war-torn pizza slice. They’d laugh at you while they ate from their own plates that usually consisted of enough food to feed a small family, teasing you for being slow and too tiny for them. 

But they’d always slip some of their food onto your plate when they thought you weren’t looking. A handful of fries from Luke. Some chips from Calum. A couple of meatballs from Ashton. And a mozzarella stick from Michael - only after the rest of the boys nudged and glared at him until he grudgingly handed you a single stick. That pig.

But they always let you have first pick when it came to dessert without any complaints, waiting as you took an agonizingly long time to choose what you wanted.


Shows were the best because you always got backstage pass and a front row seat. Playing tag in the stadiums, leapfrogging onto the stage, banging on Ashton’s drums - even though the boys had to do their sound check and practice, they always managed to do a game of hide-and-seek with you (sometimes 'forgetting’ to find you again, those jerks) and laughed as you danced crazily by yourself in the empty stadium as they practiced, hair flying and limbs swinging, lost in the music.

We’ve brought a nutcase with us onto our tour, they’d laugh at your breathless form, hair in a mess but eyes glowing with elation.

A nutcase who likes your stupid band at least, you’d shoot back with a grin that stretched your face. 


You’d be there backstage before every show, fussing over them before the show started and huddled in a circle with them before they left for the stage. You’d be there to hold Luke’s shaking hands before he stepped out, smiling at him encouragingly. You’d be the one who runs onstage with new drumsticks when Ashton accidentally breaks his again; the one who’d sing along to every one of Calum’s lines at the top of your lungs.

And you’d be the one who’d headbang with Michael because let’s face it - the whole band knows that’s your specialty, and not even Michael Clifford can compete with your moves.


But at the end of the day, you were there on the tour as a friend to the boys - the one who’s there for them when they’re at their lows, even on tour. 

You’re the first one Calum finds when he needs to talk about something weighing him down, or the one who tells the crew to give Luke a minute when he just wants a moment to himself. You’re the one Ashton goes to when he just needs someone to cuddle, and you’re the one who’ll make Michael pizza and finish a family-sized bag of Doritos with him at three in the morning when he’s in a funk. 

You’re the one running with blankets and hot soup when one of them is sick, the one always ready with hot tea when one of them has a sore throat. You’re the one who ties up all their phones and hides them when the hate gets to be too much and you’re the one who organizes a bad movie night to get their minds off of it.

It’s just what friends do. 

You have their back, just like how they have yours.

Just like how Luke is always guiding you through fan-packed buildings, holding your hand tight and using his body as a shield against some of the crazier fans, constantly checking up on you.

Like how Calum just sits besides you when you’re homesick, offering his shoulder for you to lean on - you didn’t need his words, you needed something solid and he always gave you that. 

Like how Ashton never fails to make you laugh even when you’d be down from the hate, whether it be through a bad joke or a silly face or a crazy dance  - he’d always make your days bright again.

Like how Michael would try his hardest to get you out of bed when you were just having one those days where you’d just give up, wrapped in your blankets and he’d come along with a bowl full of your favourite ice cream, nudging it to your face with a smile on his own.

You couldn’t ask for better friends than these four incredible dorks.


Your days on tour with 5SOS were made up of shows and interviews and keeks that the rest of the world saw, but behind the scenes that only you and the boys lived. 

Getting lost in a new city with four loudly confused boys, fighting over who gets the map and ending up eating at a new restaurant, choosing the strangest foods from the menu and daring each other to eat it but end up fighting over who gets to lick the plate.

Piggyback races in the parking lots as the bus filled up on gas and having one of the boys carry you back to your bed when the show ended a little too late, having fell asleep while you waited for the boys to finish cleaning up the set.

Midnight movies and conversations ranging from llamas in an interview to your deepest dreams in the ungodly hours of the night, the sun rising in the windows.

Seeing who could find the coolest shape in the clouds as they passed by the bus and flying over them on planes to another continent, another world. Counting stars when none of you could sleep and naming a wish for every one to seeing four of the brightest stars tear up a show, leaving their hearts on the stage as they lived their dreams.

Nothing quite made you happier than being a part of their dream, being able to live in it for a short while, being lucky enough to call them your closest friends. 

It was a summer spent on an amazing tour that you’d never forget.


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