two of my favourite things in one video

are we not gonna talk about this video??

like, just hear Dan’s raspy voice and look at that super cute jumper and wow. why are we not talking about this.

Feel like getting into Hotshot?

Here’s a list of things to help you! I really really do recommend that you give them a shot (haHa) because they’re so incredibly talented, and not to mention the members are super extra and funny and sweet and cute and etc. They’re just really great and you won’t regret stanning them I promise! 

First off, an intro to Hotshot - this is going to be long so brace urself ok

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Autistic Archie Headcanons

In honour of my new URL I want to share with you all my most favourite and treasured headcanons. (Also I’m sorry this is so long with no read more I’m on mobile lmao)

- Archie stims by hand flapping
- Archie: Hi let me introduce you to my one-billionth Special Interest
- Doesn’t go non verbal, but used to when he was little. Still sometimes automatically replies in ASL
- Can remember random conversation from seven years ago about the way Jughead likes pie. Can’t remember what Jughead told him two minutes ago about something important.
- If You’re Not Talking About My Special Interest I Don’t Want To Know
- Main special interests include: Music, Football, LGBT+, His Friends, Superheroes, Space/NASA
- (After seeing Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts) Archie: I have never related to a character more in my entire life.
- Don’t forget his hand flapping. Always hand flapping. He’s excited? Flapping. Anxious? Flapping. Bored? Flapping. Happy? Flapping.
- Will get distracted by a spiny stim toy for Hours
- He loves stim videos. Especially paint mixing ones.
- Glitter jars are his Favourite Thing
- I Got Motivated At 3am And Cleaned The Whole House
- Archie: Hey could I have a glass of water?
Ronnie, jokingly: Nope, of course not.
Archie: Okay.
Ronnie: ?? Dude just go get some water.
Archie: ????? But you-? Okay.
- Person: It’s a stim blanket.
Archie: It’s a blanket full of balls??
Person: Yeah.
Archie: How would that be good for stimming???
Person: Try it!
Archie: *uses it* Holy Shit.
- Struggles with eye contact
- Hates when people change the rules on him, eg:
- Fred: Hey Arch, I thought you could use a break so I did the dishes tonight.
Archie: ???? But that’s MY job?!!?
- Petting Vegas is a BIG STIM
- Archie: Sometimes when I pet my dog I forget the world exists
- Constantly checking his friends actually are his friends because honestly how can anyone be sure???
- “But as friends, right?”
“So friends who wants to go to pops?”
“Good morning friends!”
“So my good friend-”
Kevin: Archie please I will never stop being friends with you just please stop using the word friends.
Archie: That’s fair.
- Social situations??? Beyond him.
“You were just doing it as a favour to me, right??”
Took him 4ever to realise the Blossoms were trying to buy him and that it was a Bad Idea
Doesn’t even realise his music is Sad Time Music
- High Empathy, Low Emotional Control – doesn’t like people hurting and always tries to defend them, sometimes to his own detriment (confronting Reggie, the bar scene), apologises for things whether they’re his fault or not (Jughead, Betty, Valerie, Veronica, Fred)
- Won’t wear pyjamas to bed but will wear them all day if allowed.

The drummers (Part 1)

Warnings: None, I think…


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“Hi guys!” you screamed hapily while you recorded with your mobile phone. “We’re in a music festival being the guests for the first time as a band!” 

 Your best friend and bandmate, Lisa screamed with excitement while she walked behind of you so she could appear in the video too. It was the first time that you and Lisa went to a music festival as the guests of it, you two always had to pay to watch your favourite bands and now you were the favourite band of lots of people. Two teenagers’ dream were becoming real. 

 You wanted to record everything you saw to post it on YouTube, on one of the daily videos that you both usually filmed. You two could get into the V.I.P. areas of the festival, so it was very possible that you would meet some of your favourites artists that day. The hype was real. 

 “We’ve already arrive at our first day in the festival and we can’t be more excited.” you explained to the camera. “Now we’re going into one of the exclusive areas of the place. Maybe we’ll meet someone cool.” 

 “If I see Halsey I will bite her!” Lisa shouted and caused that some people turned their heads to look at her. You couldn’t stop laughing. 

 You had to stop recording because you arrived at the V.I.P. area. After some people checked your accreditations, finally you could get in. Not only artist were there, a lot of youtubers, viners and that stuff where there too. You saw that girl called Gabbie recording with her mobile. She realised about you and Lisa and she went directly at you two. “Hi!” she said with excitement. 

“I can’t believe that I’m talking to you.” 

 “Hey, we know you!” you smiled while hugging her. “I’ve watched your videos.”

 Gabbie hugged Lisa too, she seemed to be happy to see you two. And that make you feel good with yourselves, you two were doing things in the right way.

 “Girls, I’m obsessed with you two! You’ve become one of my favourite bands now! I swear that when I listened to your songs for the first time I got in love with Lisa’s voice. And I’m impressed in how good you are playing drums, (Y/N)!”

 You kept talking with her for a while. She was pretty nice, even she recorded you two to be in her video. But after a few minutes, a security guy came into you and said that someone wanted to see you and Lisa. So you had to say goodbye to Gabbie and follow the security man. 

 “My gosh, this place is huge.” Lisa whispered. She grabbed you by the arm and walked really close to you. “Who you think it is? That ‘someone’ who wants to see us.” 

 “I dunno. Let’s discover it.” 

 The mans guided you to a zone full of little trailers. Maybe one of those was yours. The security guy pointed you a trailer with his finger and said that there was where you had to go. So you did, you went there. Before doing anything, you two got mentally prepared for whatever you could see on the inside, then Lisa knocked in the door.

 Like If he was an angel, Josh Dun appeared in front of you view. You had to get sure that your mouth wasn’t opened. 

 “Oh, hello there.” he exclaimed. “You’re here!” 

 He went out of the trailer and hugged you two. “I’m grateful to see you, girls.”

 “You are?” Lisa asked. “I mean – Why would you – I’d better shut up.” 

 Josh laughed. “I’m a fan of yours. Your music is amazing.” 

 “Aww. Your band is fine too, Josh.” you joked causing him to laugh again. “Now being serious, are you the one who wanted to see us?”

 “Yeah. As soon as I’ve heard that you were going to be here today I sent someone to find you.” 

 “I want to ask why, but my brain is telling to me that I don’t really want to know the answer.” 

 In fact, you knew why Josh wanted to see you. Once in a interview, you said that you could beat him in a drum battle. 

 “I saw the video. And I accept your challenge.”

Quotes from my two absolute favourite video games.

Persona 5 (2017)

“Remember… There’s no such thing as the “real” world. What each person sees and feels— Those are what shape reality. This is what gives the world infinite potential. Even if you feel that only darkness lies ahead… As long as you hold hands together… See it through as one… …the world will never end! The world exists within all of you…!“

The World Ends With You (2008)

“The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they’ll go.”

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Personally noticed that whenever Vmin interact, Kook is there kinda lookin jelly and during Jikook interactions Tae sometimes look salty af too. But like during Vkook interactions we never see Jimin with anything other than a smug expression like he totally ships those two (throwback to when he wrote V + Kook in a huge heart in the sand). And I hate it when during Vkook moments ppl are just all "Omg Jimin will be so jelly" like nO Jimin is totally supportive of his two babies being together imo

Preach. Personally, I hate when people try to take a taekook moment and turn it into a Jikook one?? like Jikook have loads of moments themselves so why u tryna take away our moment by bringing up Jimin (Ik not all Jikook fans are like that but most of them are.) Like one of my favourite Taekook accounts on YouTube got loads of hate on her taekook analysis videos by Jikook fans and they kept saying she was stealing a Jikook analysists idea but!!! analysing!!! has!!! always!!! been!!! a!!! thing!!!! it wasn’t created by this one bun ass account. They kept commenting and harassing the creator but like bitch why u even on a taekook video like fuck off to the hole u came out of tch 😩😩 They do this on almost all Taekook videos I’ve seen. Taekook fans are def problematic too but Jikook fans sometimes take it to the next level. 👀

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Where did your blogs' names come from? caustic-synishade? incendiary-synishade? Just curious

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get to this! I’ll answer it know, due to recent posts.

See, I was inspired by the top creators of Youtube to create an original name, that people would know me by. I’m also a fan of making shit up that sounds nice. Synishade, means literally nothing but me. It’s the thing that brings everything together around me. My online alias of sorts.

Though, followers have said that it means Syn=sin. and Shade. Because I’m too sassy for my own good apparently lol. Caustic, can add to that bitterness I can have sometimes, especially in arguements and debates. To put it blunt, well, … yeah.

The Elementals before my name, which I have two more, are based on Borderlands, one of my all time favourite video games. I guess you can say it is my favourite. I have DAYS, maybe WEEKS, logged into that game. 36 hours for one character alone, in which I have multiple that I’ve hit UVHM with so.. heh. It’s not as impressive as some people with mmos and junk, but yeah, I’ve spent a lot a time in the game. (even have a cosplay of the jack double coming together that ive been working on for two years for some goddamn reason)

Growing up with the game really, from like 11-now? Idk 2 came out in ‘11, I was 12 then, playing B1 for awhile before that. I played B1 forEVER. Mordecai, which is another name I’m still looking into, was my all time favourite Vault Hunter. Caustic, was and still is my favourite elemental type weapon in the games. (However, I use a lot more incendiary, which used to be my close second) I had a revolver in game that was a x4 caustic level that I primarily used against everything, so. Yep.

That’s it really lol.

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What's your fave moment for each boy? Like "I really loved when Jaebum did this thing back in Real GOT7 Season 2" or "Jackson cracked me up during [blank] dance practice video video", sorry if that's too wide ranged, you can choose to do only one member if thinking about all of them is too hard haha

It’s so hard to pick one moment because they all do so many great things but I’ll try my hardest to pinpoint one (or two if I can’t help myself.

My favourite JB moment would have to be when he’s watching their debut trailers and he’s freaking out from second hand embarrassment. It’s so funny and I can’t help but cringe with him. His reaction makes me want to laugh at him and hug him at the same time. (Link)

The Mark moment I like the best is whenever he pops out from under the table when everyone is getting scared in that Real GOT7 video. It’s a side of him that I’ve never really gotten to see before since he’s so quiet and everyone else kind of over powers him sometime. It was really cool to see and I love anytime he laughs because he’s got the cutest smile. (Link)

Now Jackson is my bias so it’s hard to pick just one favourite moment because he has so many that I adore. One of them is whenever they’re debuting the new light sticks (I really want one btw because they’re super cute) and he’s just being really excited. (Link) It’s so cute. Another one is when he’s alone in the dorm and his shirt is off most of the time and it’s just ugh….really really nice. Shirtless Jackson gives me heart palpitations. (Link)

One of my favourite Jinyoung moments is when he flicks someones heart away. I know it’s really savage of him and the person was trying to be really sweet but it was just really funny to see him flick it away. (Link)

Youngjae has had so many of my favourite moments that it’s actually hard to pick but I think my favourite moment of his is one where he isn’t even in the frame. It’s when he Bambam and Mark are in the park and he’s struggling with CoCo in the background. (Link)

My favourite Bambam moment on the other hand would have to be when he gets mad when they try to scare him in Real GOT7. The fact that he throws the headphones and then gets scared anyway is really funny. (Link)

Last and definitely not least comes Yugyeom. He’s so cute and squishy, I just love him. Not my favourite moment of his is when he’s on Hit The Stage. Honestly I feel like a proud mom watching her child do really well in a dance recital. (Link)

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I've always loved dancing. Since I was a little girl it was really easy to me to move and learn the steps and I have danced a lot of styles from flamneco (I'm Spanish), to hip hop and breakdance. Now I am like obsessed wit ha Latin dancing style called bachata, which is really sensual because of the lyrics in the songs and the dance itself (look some videos on youtube, and you will understand - Romeo Santos is my favourite artist in this style). The thing is that in one of Tony's parties, (1/?)

In one of Tony’s parties, a bachata song sounds and since I believe Sam would be the besta dancer in the Avengers and you kind of have that thing where a latin song is played you two dance salsa or whatever the style it is, he starts dancing with you that song, making Bucky jealous. Some weeks after, on another party or just listening music in the common rooms, another song is played and Bucky rushes to get you to dance with him, surprising you by his fluency (2/3)

Because he have taken in secret lesson to impress you with his dancing skills (end)

Aww man I’d love to see Bucky dance like that - Gen

Everything Day™

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What are your favorite things about Michael Emerson? His best attributes in your opinion.

oh anon…where do i even start?? there’s too much to say about this!

above all my favourite thing about michael is that he seems soooooo freakin nice. i’ve had a lot of celeb crushes and from all of my extensive stalking research he sounds like he’s the nicest, sweetest, kindest, most friendly, least problematic, most humble, grateful and generous one of them all. people who’ve worked with him from fellow stars to volunteers at comic con have said he’s just the greatest and the loveliest. according to fans he’s approachable, kind, friendly (see the recent fan post in his tag but there are endless accounts of the same kindness and friendliness) and always has time for them even if he’s walking his dog or on the train or out with carrie. (he’s even nice to paparazzi and those annoying tmz guys). 

just look at him taking time out of his day to give these lost fans/tourists directions in hawaii in this video. he’s so focused on the task it’s adorable

and look at how his poi castmates feel about him

also just scroll through his twitter feed and you’ll see most of his tweets are shout outs to other people like small theatre companies, student radio stations, little-known writers and artists he likes, other tv shows. he’s always complimenting everyone else lol it’s adorable

and aside from being in an ad advocating aids research he and carrie also made this video for lgbt rights in like 2009 or something and posed for noh8

apart from his niceness which is my NUMBER ONE FAVOURITE thing about michael emerson my number two favourite thing is how much he loves his wife. there’s soooooo many examples of their cuteness that make me die but i think the best example of how much he loves her is in this video from :54

other things i love about him: he’s extremely talented as an actor and as an artist, he’s funny, he’s cute and sometimes a bit shy, and a big dorkhe has a super eclectic taste in music just like me, he’s dapper af and he’s sexy as hell

then there’s this pic

oh and his dog’s adorable

i’m sorry for the essay! but really i could go on and on and on about him lol


Your Obedient Servant - Hamiltron - Lance & Keith

I seriously can’t get enough of this video!  Two of my favourite things in one place and the creator was brilliant in the way they got both Lance and Keith to portray Hamilton and Burr!  

Most of the views are mine~

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What are 5-10 videos that you feel every new Got7 fan should see? Something that will help to really get to know all the members better and is entertaining?

(I’m going to link videos that aren’t music videos. For my international fans, I’ll provide you guys the subbed ones as well!)


10. “Pops in Seoul: Secret Box - GOT7” - I love watching Secret Box, so seeing that they did it was nice! This was during their debut days, so they are still a bit timid and stiff on camera, but it’s nice to get to know answers to questions you wouldn’t normally ask. A real #tbt if you ask me!

9. “I Like You Dance Practice #2 (Boyfriend Ver.)” - This dance practice just gets me. You can tell that they know how to mix work and play very well together. Their dance execution was solid but they also had a lot of fun along the way. With their greasy winks and kisses to Jackson being.. Jackson, it’s fun to watch over and over again!

8. “After School Club Ep 77 GOT7” - I chose this one over their GGG one because they seemed more comfortable on this one. Eric and Kevin really know how to get the show going and it’s nice to see their love and interactions (and the dumb things they do) for the fans!

7. “Global Request Show: A Song For You 3 - Ep 2 with GOT7” - This show is actually pretty neat in which fans send in videos showing a video and requesting a group to play a game or sing a song. Jinyoung definitely owned the dancing, Jackson’s commentary was hilarious, and you can see their close relationship with Amber, which is adorable!

6. “GOT7 on Weekly Idol” - Weekly Idol is probably my favourite variety show next to Running Man, so I was super excited to see them go on it. GOT5 nailed the Random Dance segment (cries for GOT2) and the interviews were hilarious (omit the fact that Youngjae and Mark weren’t interviewed /cries more).

5. “GOT7 Olleh TV Interview” - They’re still a wee bit stiff since it was one of the first interviews I watched of them, but they begin to open up more along the way. What really got me was what the members said of what GOT7 is to them. Sure, they may use cheesy metaphors and cringe whenever another member used one, but you can just tell how much they love each other.

4. “#hashtag: GOT7” - This is when you see that they’re really comfortable with the camera and interviews now. They always tease each other but they all just laugh about it. What’s really funny is when they all act out their “A” teasers (JB’s reenactment is still the best). It’s a nice cheering up video if you ask me.

3. “REAL GOT7 Ep 6: Eat, Play, Talk” - I think this is my favourite REAL GOT7 episode from both season one and two. Is it weird that I find it really entertaining when they eat together? I don’t know why, but there’s just some sense of naturalness that comes along with it. They’re together, they’re eating, they’re laughing, etc it’s just them in their natural habitat.

2. “MNET 4 Things Show Ep 9 - JB” - I love this video to bits. It focuses on Jaebum since he’s the leader, and you can just see what he thinks about the members and the struggle of a leader. You can also see the members thoughts on the leader as well. I think the best part of this video is that you can just see how much they care for their leader and how much Jaebum loves them back.

1. “I★GOT7 Ep 10 Special Video” - This video hit home for me. This video made me realize that the chemistry that they show on variety shows, interviews, etc is real. This group has probably the best teamwork I’ve seen any group have, and it shows in this video. The letters to each member are so heartfelt and you can tell that they actually wrote it from the bottom of their hearts. At the end of the video, I just found myself a bit teary eyed because I’m so happy that they were brought together. This was the video that made me think, “This is why I love GOT7.”

BTS Reaction to their girlfriend laughing like them.

Request: “Hello! I’m so glad you figured something out! Could you do the boys reacting to their girlfriend laughing like them? Thank you~” -Anon

A/n: Ah, I loved writing this! I had to watch loads of videos of them laughing individually and honestly, if anyone knows me, they should know that Jin’s laugh is LITERALLY my favourite sound in the whole world. Honestly. I love Jin’s laugh so so so much! (also, why are videos of Suga laughing so hard to find?)


You were hanging out at the dorms again for yet another movie night. Tonight’s movie was the funniest anyone could find; you googled it and yet again it did not disappoint. You and Jin were on one sofa, Jimin, Taehyung and Yoongi were on another, and the rest were on the floor.

You and Jin always found things funniest out of all of you. You two -although it didn’t seem like it- would always be the first to crack bad jokes and howl with laughter at the tiniest things. Today was not any different.

As soon as you started laughing along with Jin at something not even that funny, clapping your hands together like a seal and bobbing up and down at the shoulders, all of the other members turned to you and Jin with confused yet amused looks on their faces. “Hyung.” Jimin stopped laughing for a moment and caught Jin’s attention, “She’s laughing exactly like you!” Jimin laughed, and Jin turned to you to see you now, eyes closed and hand in front of your mouth, muffling the sounds of your laughter. When you opened your eyes and looked to Jin, you both burst into laughter again, and Jin pulled you into his side to hug you while you both laughed it out while everyone laughed at you both. And for the rest of the movie, yours and Jin’s laughter was the loudest thing in the room; no matter how hard you tried to muffle it with your hands.

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You walked through the door to your living room, laughing at something stupid on your phone until you sat down next to Yoongi who was now looking at you rather oddly. When you finished laughing, you looked at him, grinning. “What?” You asked as you took in his astonished face. When he realised you had no idea what you were doing, he shook his head and looked away from you with a prideful smile. “What?” You pressed, poking his stomach and silently giggling again.

When Yoongi turned to you at last, he flashed you a gummy smile and whispered, “You’re laughing like me.” In a low, husk voice that made your face flash red. Yoongi laughed at your now red face and you realised that you had started taking on his laugh without noticing. Batting his chest, you suppressed your own laughter. He pulled you into his body and laid down on the couch with you draped over him like a blanket, “Don’t stop it,” He whispered into your hair as he rubbed circles into your back, “I like it.”

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You and Hoseok were at a theme park. You had always wanted to go, and up until yesterday, Hoseok said no. But after years of begging he finally gave in, so here you were, clinging onto his arm to try and drag him towards one of the rides. “Come on Hobi! It’ll be fun!” You insisted, pulling at his arm and putting on the cutest face you could muster.

“I’ll hold the bags. Can’t trust staff these days.” He shook his head and pulled your bag off of your shoulders and hugging it into his chest. Shaking your head too, you pecked his cheek before running off to go on one of the roller coasters. This was how it went for every roller coaster. But one.

You were determined to get him on at least one while you were there for the day, and you found the perfect one. It wasn’t too small, but it also wouldn’t bring him to tears; hopefully.

“Just this one! I’ll buy you ice-cream!” You promised, taking both of his hands into yours and swinging them between you.

“Just the one?” He asked.

“Just the one.” You confirmed, and reluctantly, he followed you to the line. While you were waiting, you leaned into Hoseok’s chest and listened to the rapid pace of his heart while he rested his trembling hands on the small of your back. “You’ll be fine.” You chuckled, pecking his lips as the staff opened the bars and you all ran on. Well, all except Hoseok.

When you eventually got him on, you took his hand and told him to squeeze as tight as he wanted too; and he did. And as it took off, his eyes screwed shut and you could tell he was trying not to scream even though you were just going up slowly at this point. You let a small chuckle escape your lips and stroked your boyfriends hand with your thumb. As you reached the top, you instantly burst into laughter and then, you dropped. Your laughter increased as you heard Hoseok’s screams, but as you howled with laughter, is screeching died down and he started at you instead. You would have looked too but you were too busy enjoying yourself.

The ride stopped and all of the passengers hopped off. Hoseok kept hold of your hand, and you didn’t want to let go in case he fainted. “See, you got through it.” You grinned, picking up your bags and slinging them over your shoulders.

“Only because of you.” He shook his head, still looking dazed. But inside he couldn’t stop smiling at the sound of your laughter. Exactly the same as his.

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You and Namjoon had always done this, and you did it without realising. At night, you would both lay in bed, staring at each other, and just speak your mind no matter what was on it. Sometimes, you had intelligent conversation, other times, it was waffle with no meaning. And tonight, as you laid in bed, his hands linked with yours while you played with his fingers next to your pillow, you just listened to him talk about his day. It was nothing very interesting, he knew that, and he also knew you weren’t listening to the words flowing from his lips. You were focused on his voice and his hands, nothing else. Eventually, his voice faded away and you were left playing with his fingers, and all of a sudden, one retaliated.  As you were about to take one in between your own, it flicked you away. Letting out a hearty laugh, you attempted again and he gave in, smiling widely at you. And as you played with his hands as usual, you kept laughing lightly and casually.

“You don’t even know you’re doing it do you?” He asked after minutes of silence. Peeling your attention away from his hands and towards his face, you furrowed your eyebrows. “Your laugh. It’s mine.” He smirked, engulfing your hands in his and pulling you closer to him so he could embrace you. Chuckling lightly, you nestled yourself into his chest and fell asleep in his warm, comforting arms.

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You and Jimin were just sat on the sofa talking about something when he suddenly said something that made you burst into uncontrollable laughter. You were rocking back and forth and whenever you tried to calm down, you just remembered what you were laughing about and started laughing again.

“Jagiya~” He sang, placing a hand on your back while you doubled over in laughter. At this point, your laugh had turned almost silent and you were merely shaking while making the occasional sound. As soon as you stopped laughing though, Jimin deliberately made you laugh again, just to hear it. He could never hear enough of it, and it just told him everything he needed to know.

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It started with his smile. The oval smile that was loved worldwide. Without you realising it, you had started doing exactly that. Grinning with your mouth so wide it almost hurt and so your teeth were on full show. Taehyung didn’t notice, because when you were smiling, he was smiling, and when he smiled his eyes screwed shut.

Then when his laugh became yours the members knew. They had noted that your smiles were now almost the same, but now it was your laugh too they knew it all must be real. That you weren’t just messing around.

You had left late one night because you had spent the day with the members and you were in no hurry to get back, even though you had to eventually. And when you did, Taehyung was left with the other members who all looked at him with amused expressions.

“He has no idea does he?” Namjoon laughed, turning to Jungkook.

“Not a single clue.” Jungkook laughed, and Taehyung looked at them all in confusion.

“Do you never look or listen to her when she’s happy?” Jimin giggled, and then it hit him. His furrowed eyebrows lifted and his face broke into the widest smile ever as he giggled like a child. He pointed to his own mouth as to ask for confirmation, and the other members nodded, which made him giggle even more.

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Walking hand in hand down the street, you looked at the night sky above you. You and Jungkook had gone out for a walk together around the town. Both of you had accepted that you were going to get noticed, but honestly you didn’t care. The company however would care, because even though you two had come out as a couple months ago, it was still seen as a scandal to some. And a few people hated you. But others saw how happy you made Jungkook and, even though it took a while, they warmed up to you. You even had gained a few admirers of your own.

As you stopped near a fountain, you spotted two girls not too far away watching you. They weren’t watching you in a creepy way, or in a way that made you uncomfortable. By the looks of it, they had only just spotted you. One of them -not realising you could see them under your glasses- hit the other on the arm and pointed to them. The friend jumped and tried to conceal her squeals, and as she went to lift her phone, the first pushed it down and by the looks of it told her it was rude. When they both turned to look at you and Jungkook, you tugged on his sleeve and nodded towards the girls. Jungkook looked down at you and then towards the girls before smiling. This seemed to give them the courage to walk over to you.

“Hi.” The first girl squeaked, bowing her head. You and Jungkook greeted her back and then the other friend said hi too.

“How are you?” You asked, trying to ease the slight tension and let them know that you were people able of holding a conversation. They replied and you had a conversation about you and Jungkook. It started by them asking how you met, and you replied, answering most of the questions they asked. One of them said something that made you laugh and then they both smiled at you.

“You laugh like him you know?” The second girl grinned at you, making you both blush.

“Really?” You laughed again. Both of them nodded rapidly.

They left after getting photos and you and Jungkook were left feeling overjoyed. “You laugh like me then hu?” Jungkook nudged you a few times, smiling ear to ear.

“Shut up.” You mumbled, walking off to hide your own smile. But he didn’t shut up; he did quite the opposite. For weeks to follow, your ‘Jungkook inspired laugh’ as he called it came up in all conversations, and he just wouldn’t let it go.

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Got Game?

Summary: Who would’ve thought that the chain of events that led to Dan getting a date with a guy completely out of his league started with a bucket of popcorn dropped on the ground and a broken down car? [Ft. Pj and Punk!Phil if you look hard enough]

Genre: fluff | AU

Warnings: none unless you’re scared of slight cockiness and dropping popcorn on the floor

Word Count: 1.3k

Authors Note: I POSTED THIS A WEEK LATE IM SO SORRY. Im finishing up school for the year so thats gross and tumblr is blocked at school so thats even worse but please forgive me. Also Dodie’s ep and Yuri!!! On Ice are my new favourite things, okay enough rambling this was v v fun to write but it has the shittiest description ever but yeah I hope you enjoy :D [oh yeah incase you can’t tell its based in 2013 okokok coolios]

part three of “The Ways I Met You”

part one here

part two here

part four here

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Nickname: People usually call me by my full name, but I am occasionally called a “witch”, a “philosopher”, and a “encyclopaedia on two feet” by my friends… 99% of times in an annoyed tone of voice :P

Zodiac: Aquarius.

Height: 160cm/5’3’’

Last thing I googled: How to make those 3x3 little square pics set on Tumblr for another thing I was tagged in :P

Favourite artist: Which kind of art? Sorry to be a bitch about it, but this is not a very precise question.

Song stuck in my head: I made the mistake of watching the video for Fergie’s MILF $ and now I can’t get the chorus out of my head :’( It’s by far one of the dumbest songs ever but it’s catchy as cooties.

Last movie I saw: Ghost in the Shell. It sucked so much that not even the pretty colours and special effects could save it for me (and I have notoriously low standards when it comes to entertainment, so that about tells you how bad the movie is).

Why did I choose my url: I needed a name with lots of As for listing purposes :P

Do I have any other blogs: Nope. 

What did your last relationship teach you: That it’s better to be alone than with just anyone, and that you can do every single thing right and date the best person ever and STILL get your heart ripped to shreds. 

Religious and spiritual: I can’t do religion, I don’t have it in me. I do believe, however, that there is a god… but I also believe that he’s an asshole who likes to mess with people for shits and giggles, so there you go.

Favourite colour: Green.

Average hours of sleep: 5 to 8.

Favourite number: 3, 8, and 13. 

Favourite character(s): Oh, so many! Harry Dresden, Tiffany Aching, Kamala Khan, Lucifer, Edna Mode…

Dream job: Writer with 9 pseudonyms and a steady, decently paid gig.

I tag: ufff… a lot of my mutuals are mutuals amongst themselves, so I’m presuming a lot have already filled this out or been tagged by others to do so… I’mma tag @croatsandbosniansandserbsohmy, @lilium-bosniacum, @phydia63, @annjonesbooks, @noncreativa, @selfhatingfortunecookie, @lophiusdragon, @tugomer, @aberrant-eyes, @showingpeoplethings, @maja-and-the-slavic-languages, and literally anyone else who feels like joining in on the fun, and you peeps feel free to ignore it if you’ve already done this/been tagged by someone else/don’t feel like doing a survey :P

A Little Less Sixteen Candles...

A/N: This one shot was inspired by the “A Little Less Sixteen Candles…” music video. I discovered it two nights ago and immediately saw the connection with Supernatural. I’m a huge fan of Fall Out Boy and I’ve already written an imagine for the band… so I thought, why not put my two favourite things together? Of course, this being an spnxreader blog with many people who don’t know or even like FOB, I’ve written this one shot in a way that the members of FOB are written like any other characters that could appear in an SPN episode. They’re not even singers. ;) So this one shot is very AU-y, obviously. More information in the background info section. Oh, yeah… and I’ll be writing two more parts at least because it turned out I had a lot more to write than I anticipated earlier. Let me know if you guys are actually interested in hearing more!

P.S. I totally meant to get this out first thing in the morning, but do you know how difficult it is to find gifs of fetus!Jared, Jensen, or any of the boys from FOB? It’s extremely difficult for Jared and Jensen and virtually impossible for the boys of FOB. *disgruntled sigh* So you guys are just going to have to watch the music video and remember how they look… or whatever floats your boat.

Part 1 of the “A Little Less John Winchester, A Little More Pete Wentz” series

Songs: “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’” and “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy (these are songs for the entire series, so I’m going to keep putting these in every part… they don’t really apply to this first part)

Words: 3207

Writer: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader (+Sam Winchester + FOB cameos)

Themes: Family, Hunting, Fluff

Background: The reader is Dean’s twin sister; both are in their last year of high school. Sam’s sixteenth birthday and the reader’s prom are coming up in the same week, two events that the young!Winchesters are looking forward to. John Winchester has had a falling out with the group of four hunters that the the family have been good friends with for quite a long time. But when John is out of town for the weekend and the four hunters need backup on a case, what are the Winchester kids going to do? Leave them alone? Of course not!

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answer the questions and tag followers you wanna know! repost please.

name: Jeanette
nickname: my two-year-old niece calls me Net, does that count?
pronouns: she/her
zodiac sign: Aquarius
height: 5’5″
orientation: bi
ethnicity: American (if you want the specifics, uh… I think it’s mostly Italian and some German? I honestly don’t know tbh)
occupation: student (my actual job is helping get online classes set up and helping professors when they do stupid things with their online classes, and over the summer I’m doing some video and graphic design work for the college my dad works at)
languages: English
favourite fruit: apples
favourite season: fall
favourite book series: I cannot possibly pick one… well the book series of my childhood were Warriors, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Inkworld… lately I’ve also enjoyed the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and the Unwind Dystology, both of which I need to reread sometime, and while I haven’t read the entire series, I really really really enjoyed Ender’s Game
favourite flower: …I honestly don’t know, roses, maybe
favourite scent: freshly baked bread
favourite colour: purple
coffee, tea or cocoa: hot chocolate
average sleep hours: varies wildly
cat or dog person: dogs
favourite fictional characters: Reg Barclay (no, really?), John Crichton, Vir Cotto, Nyssa of Traken, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
number of blankets you sleep with: one, unless it’s really cold
dream trip: traveling is honestly very stressful for me, so… nothing’s immediately coming to mind, but I’d like to go to Star Trek Las Vegas sometime


As today is our 2 year friendship anniversary, and the 1 year anniversary of our joint channel, it’s only fitting to talk about my Jim.

Most people who know me from the online internet web system are aware of my best human friend, Jimmy0010. I love Jim.

Way back in 2007(?) I used to be a huge Jimmy0010 fan. This was when Jim was funny, chubby, and in SD. You know, before he went AWOL for a couple of years and came back all thin with a hair cut (I unsubscribed (sorry Jim)).

During his emo Co-op years, I’d watch his videos and it was like watching myself. I KNEW if we met we’d be best friends. A lot of YT commenters say that, and it’s often not true. But with Jim it was like a brain twin I’d been separated from. I obviously had no way of distinguishing myself from everyone else commenting the same thing, I didn’t even make videos then, so I just watched in happy silence.

Cut to 2013. I’ve been making videos for a year. It’s the SitC after party. Everyone is on a boat. I hear from Daniel J Layton that Jack Howard wants to meet me, so I sit down with Jack, give him a hard time, and we get on really well. Obviously. As I’m talking to Jack, Jimmy0010 walks by, and I gasp, ‘Jack, that’s Jimmy0010!′ Jack knows him and shouts Jim over, despite my protests. I felt bad for Jim; he’s trying to have a nice time and someone’s forced him to talk to me. 

Next day, Jim tweets me saying it was nice to meet me, because he’s a beautifully sweet and polite fuck. I see him a month later at a charity thing, and we immediately fall into the patter that we have now. We made a video together soon after and started hanging out all the time. We were as similar as I knew we would be back in 2007. We went from strangers to ‘chelsandjim’ almost immediately. SoulMATES.

Exactly one year later we started our joint channel, ChelsandJim. And now he’s my best friend and favourite human. I’d love to go and tell 2007 Chels how right she was.

Anyway, our birthdays are two weeks apart and this is the middle week, so to celebrate we’re now off to Soho to get food, drinks, and see The Mentalists this evening <3

P.S. I have since re-subscribed.