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Carl. I saw what you did. With Deanna. Yeah? You should’ve left her or killed her. No, that’s stupid. What’s stupid is you being out there when you don’t have to. You did the same thing. You didn’t… you and Spencer didn’t have to go out there, but you did. That’s different. It’s not.

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Prompt (if you want): captain america zimbits where Bitty is the unlikely super solider candidate and jack is the hot/intimidating foreign training officer (bonus for shitty being howard stark???)


Based on this scene 

And also bonus featuring shitty

(in which the super soldier serum did work but didnt change how bitty looked)


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

I really wish Bioware would give us a Thedas tour.
I wanna see the cheese race in Ostwick and see the Grand Tourney. I wanna see the Grand Necropolis and the heart of Magisterium. I wanna see the busy streets of Antivan City and the grim landscape of the Anderfels.

I just want to see it all.

IT’S STILL VALENTINES WHERE I AM so here’s my super late secret meihem valentines gift for @saiyanshewolf !!

They requested a scene from their fanfiction We don’t need another hero - Which I absolutely love and I definitely recommend if you want more of these two.

This was one of my favorite scenes, which you’ll have to read that fic for context. Here’s another favorite scene.


day 1/8 | tomarry christmas special 🎄

To take you where you are most needed,” he reads, but Harry is too busy staring up at the man he killed over half a year ago. “What a load of rubbish.  Is this a Zonko’s product?”

expect a lot more of this for the next scheduled eight days! :D explanations and more info for this are under the cut, but it’s really long, so i’m warning you on that. also, click on the pictures to see them in full hd!

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Outlander Book Quotes (x) | Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 45

Let me tell ye in your sleep how much I love you. For there’s no so much I can be saying to ye while ye wake, but the same poor words, again and again. While ye sleep in my arms, I can say things to ye that would be daft and silly waking, and your dreams will know the truth of them.


This is my favorite scene of the last two episodes for some reason. Nari’s still kind of mad at him but wants to go to the hospital with him anyways, and I think it really shows Nari’s kind, honest, and active character. (Plus Hwashin’s awkward hesitation is soo cute)


Six episodes later, we find out that they were both wrong.

Day 20 - Favorite Sibling or Friendship scene

This was hard. There are so many friendships in Outlander plus you’ve got Jamie & Jenny and Dougal & Colum too.

But I think my favorite friendship is Jamie & Murtagh. I know Murtagh is his godfather, but they are also friends. Murtagh has Jamie’s back no matter what comes. I expect that in S3, Ep 1 we will see this in action again as BJR and Jamie mix it up.

So my favorite Jamie & Murtagh scene - I have two.

One is in Paris when Jamie tells Murtagh about Claire. Murtagh accepts it - if Jamie says it’s true, and Claire’s a witch, well then it’s true. Doesn’t stopping him from punching Jamie in the face for waiting to tell him for so long.

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The other scene is in the Season 2 finale when Jamie tells him that he had to kill Dougal. Murtagh isn’t surprised. He isn’t upset. He only wondered what took Jamie so long. If you look back over the series to this point, it’s obvious that Murtagh has no love or use for Dougal.

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Honorable Mention:  Murtagh & Claire

I love all the scenes between Murtagh and Claire right from the beginning. He rescued her from BJR and defended her to the others when they said she was a whore.

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He told it to her straight when she screwed up or when he thought she should know stuff.

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He was the best man/maid of honor at her wedding to Jamie.

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My favorite Claire & Murtagh scene was in Paris, when he confronts her about the years she lived in the future. He accepts it. He doesn’t treat her badly or like she’s a freak. He is compassionate and knows that this couldn’t be easy for her.

So basically, yeah, I love Murtagh.