two of my favorite quotes of his


Here is the finished blue tape art! Took a while to do, but so worth it! I might add a few things, maybe funny quotes or their names. Not sure yet. If anyone has any ideas, DM me!! I have two more weeks to work on this project.

I choose to do Jack and Mark because they are two of my favorite YouTubers. Always enjoy watching Jack’s videos because it feels like I’m just watching a friend play games. He’s personal and positive!

As for Mark, he inspires me to donate more. I really enjoy his live stream charity drives! His normal vids are great too, just like watching a friend play games.

My favorite demigod of death and his…person.

(I know the exact quote is “significant annoyance,” but as a fan of wordplay I believe Rick missed a golden opportunity)

Oh, God, I thought it was May (Peter Parker x Reader) (SMUT)

Request: Do you do smuts? If you can! Can you do one where is like…meaningful sex like you know😂 If not that okkkk❤️ Your writing is phenomenal by the way

A/N: I tried my best. You know, it doesn’t always work, but I try my best (yes, I just used one of Tom Holland’s quotes, and yes, I completely understand what he means)(hope you enjoy nonetheless)

One of your favorite things to do was visiting Peter when his aunt wasn’t home. You adored May, but when she was home, you and Peter didn’t usually have much intimacy, so when she was gone, you two used the apartment to just make out and sometimes even take it further.
This was one of the times when May was gone for the weekend because she was visiting a friend, and you took that as a chance to go to her house and surprise Peter.
When you reached her door, you opened it with her spare key, and right as you opened it, you saw Peter trying to take off his Spiderman suit, mostly making a mess out of everything.
‘It’s me, Pete’ you said with a small laugh.
‘Oh, God. I thought it was May’ he said, tired after trying to take it off.
‘What the heck are you doing with the suit on at home?’ you asked, walking up to him.
‘I’m trying to make it more comfortable -the more uses, the more elastic it gets’ he said, laughing a little.
You threw your arms around his neck and softly kissed him, smiling into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, moving his hands to your butt and giving it a little squeeze. Without letting go of you, he walked you to his room, softly laying you down on his bed. You knew he was trying to be soft, but that he was eager as well. He was trying to do everything soft and slowly, but he was also roaming his hands around your body. You arched your back, letting him take off your shirt, which he threw across his small room. He then took off your jeans, leaving you on your underwear. He was really excited, so you decided to tease him a little. You made him lay down, his chest pressed to the bed, as you slowly began to unzip his suit, kissing his back every now and then. When the zipper reached its end, you turned him around so he’d be looking at you, and you helped him remove the sleeves of the suit, sliding it then down his chest, and finally, down his legs, leaving him on his underwear.
You looked at his eyes and smiled. They were so full of love and admiration, just as yours.
‘I love you’ you whispered before kissing him again. He pinned you down to the bed and removed your underwear and his, his hands touching softly your stomach. You took his face in your hand and made him look at you again, and you gave him a small peck. You loved him, and he loved you.
He softly pushed into you, being as careful as the first time. You put your hands on his back, closing your eyes.
‘You are so beautiful’ Peter said before kissing you.
When you two were finished, you just laid there together, your face on his chest and drawing small patterns with your finger, while he was softly playing with your hair, kissing your forehead every now and then.
‘I love you so much, [Y/N]’ Peter said, and that was the last thing you heard before you two fell asleep.


“We don’t get married. We only have concubines.” “Hurrem Sultan is married.” “But that’s Hurrem Sultan, and nobody can be like her.

gif request meme // bethwoodvilles asked: magnificent century + favorite character

And eventually you’ll know all his flaws and all of how he shows he cares. You’ll realize like you’ve got a huge handful but that’s why God gave you two hands. You’ll start to see how he only has a certain smile when he’s alone with you. You’ll know his favorite color is red and he hates the way Carmex feels when you kiss him. You’ll see that he’s crazy for adrenaline, but not as crazy as he is for you. You’ll notice how he try’s to irritate and tease you more during that special time of the month just so he can make you laugh when you get mad. He’ll become your own little puzzle to work on, someday all the pieces you’ll have put down and together… But honey your the last piece that finishes that puzzle and holds it together. And that’s all you could possibly ask for. So when he does upset you or make you mad, just remember the way he tickles you just to see you smile, or the way he whispers I love you and kisses your forehead. He loves you, and he needs you. And you need him.
—  “Quotes from a book I’ll never write”

List of Favorite Bands/Artists → Oasis 

↳ Someone asked me what “Champagne Supernova” is about. I was like, “Who gives a fuck what it’s about?” And he’s going, “But surely when you write it you must know?” On stage, two hours later, in Scotland, with an acoustic guitar, I’m playing it and there’s a 15-year old kid, he’s got his top off and he’s singing it, crying his eyes out, and I’m thinking, “That’s what it’s about.”

Your Top 5: Naruto characters

Just curious who everyone’s top five characters from the anime/manga are! Reblog with your top five!

Here’s mine:

1) Kakashi Hatake

Originally posted by anbu-kakashihatake

Because I relate to him the most. I even quoted him under my yearbook photo. 

2) Itachi Uchiha

Originally posted by 0-f-e-l-e-i-a-u-c-h-i-h-a-0

Because he’s #goals. And also because I have a little brother—who i fondly call ‘foolish little brother.’ And poke his forehead every so often.

3) Naruto Uzumaki / Sasuke Uchiha

Originally posted by minhakunaideprata-blog

Couldn’t separate these two even if I wanted to. They are my life.

4) Gaara

Originally posted by bokumetsu

Because he needs the love. And I want nothing more than to give him a life-long supply of it.

5) Neji Hyuuga

Originally posted by uglikid

Because he’s #flawless #fierce. And I cried when he died. 


I keep two separate notebooks for my Bible study (one specifically for my notes on Scripture, and a separate smaller one where I write favorite verses, inspiring quotes, and where I also talk to God, in letter form), as well as underlining/starring/margin writing in my ESV.

How do you study His Word?

Malec Week Challenge Day 4

Favorite Alec Quote:

Once again, I can’t pick just one. So here’s my top five. The first three are Alec’s wisdom and heart. The last two are proof that Alec is not simply grumpy and shy, as so many people paint him, but he is actually very witty and can hold his own.

“It’s not like a stab wound you can protect me from. It’s a million little paper cuts every day.”

-City of Lost Souls

“Take my hands,” Alec said. “And take my strength too. Whatever of it you can use to – to keep yourself going.”

-City of Ashes

“I don’t want the world. I want you.”

-City of Heavenly Fire

“Alec,” Magnus said. He put a hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder; Alec was standing still, staring angrily at the floor. “Are you okay?”
Alec looked at him. “Who are you again?”
Magnus gave a little gasp; he looked – for the first time Simon could remember – actually unnerved. It lasted only a moment, but it was there. “Alexander,” he said.
“Too soon to joke about the memory thing, I take it,” Alec said.

-City of Lost Souls

“I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually know how to make a pie.” 
He paused, clearly waiting.
Removing his sword and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, “And three?”
“Because I am not your bitch,” Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.

-City of Heavenly Fire

All of these quotes are by @cassandraclare.

I once asked a man what was his favorite color and he had said, “It’s an orange, a warm burnt orange, but not a color that I have ever seen. I think it only exists in my mind. It is the warm crackling light of new love, of warmth between two people who love each other deeply”.

Personally, I never liked the color orange – it was the last color I would have ever come to like. I thought the color was too harsh, too much, and not the prettiest.

I proceed to ask him why and he had said, “Why? Because I cannot think of any other color so inviting”.

Ever since then, I could never look at the color orange the same.

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#24, #25, and #37 for Bakugou, Torodoki, and Deku

24. “You okay? You seem a little off today"
25. “I’m fine.“
37. “You’re a nerd, but my favorite nerd”
Thanks for requesting!
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Bakugou wrung his hands together, the one display of nervousness he would allow considering the fact that it felt like he couldn’t fucking breathe. Those two idiots looking back only made it worse, Deku with his infuriatingly beautiful smile, Todoroki with that delicate, heart-flutter inducing twist to his lips. God, how the fuck am I gonna do this? Carefully, but careful wasn’t a part of his vocabulary on the best of days. He understood things like explosions and fire and combustibles and fighting - he was out of his depth when it came to romance, even after dating the pair for nearly four years.

And yet, somehow, he had gotten the brilliant idea to propose, which usually necessitated a nice, eloquent speech declaring eternal love and devotion and blah, blah, blah.Things that he could certainly agree with, but put into words? Fighting one of the Nomu would have been easier. But Uraraka had told him it would be worth it, and Iida had seconded it. That had only made him want to punch them both in the face- and yet he’d gone with them and searched high and low until he’d settled on a set. Until-


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First Love- Brett Talbot Imagine

-hi! i was wondering if you could write a one shot for me pls? where y/n is really quiet and bashful and doesn’t talk to very many people and brett has a crush on her or something? idk im bad at explaining sorry 😣 - anon

A/N: Written in the third person. Including my favorite book (First Love by James Patterson) and quote from it in this one, because I’m still reeling over how wonderful it is. I highly recommended it! Also, tell me if you think I should make a part two! 

WARNINGS: Crying, Panic Attack, Mentions of body issues

She sat at the lunch table, reading a new book like she did every day. She had an intent look on her face, letting out a small chuckle every so often. Brett watched just as intently. He was eating lunch with his friends, talking about the upcoming game against Beacon Hills. 

Typically, Brett would be all for talking about lacrosse, since it was a huge part of his life, but he couldn’t seem to focus. He was too focused on the way Y/N’s eyes twinkled and danced as she read each word. Her heartbeat was steady and lulled Brett. She had one strand of hair that fell just to the side of her brows. He wanted so badly to go over and push it behind her ear. 

The bell rang and lunch was over. It wasn’t all bad, though. Brett had the chance to see Y/N next period in English. He sat at the table next to hers. That was the closest they have ever been, and the ways things were going for Brett, they will ever be. 

Twenty minutes into English, the teacher announced that for the next section, the students would be presenting a mini lesson to the class in pairs. Y/N’s heart began beating out of her chest. She didn’t want to present in front of the class. What if she said something wrong or stuttered and the class laughed at her? What if they laughed at the little acne scar she had on her cheek, right next to her nose? What if they laughed about the way she could never quite figure out what to do with the strand of hair that always fell next to her eyebrow? A million possibilities of failure raced through her mind.

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The Signs as Filthy Frank Quotes


Aries: “It’s called being a little bitch.”


Gemini: “I remember back in 2nd grade, some kid threw sand at me. So I hung his dog from a tree.”

Cancer: “My favorite sex position is crying alone in my bathroom.”

Leo: “I saw a cat get murdered on the street and I got an erection.”

Virgo:  “I’m gonna be so fucking clean that I’m gonna be shitting Fabreeze”

Libra: “I love it when the seat cushion absorbs my fart.”

Scorpio: “If I had to compare myself to an animal, it’d be a cat. (I hate water and I had my balls cut off at a young age.)”

Sagittarius: “I feel sorry for the poor woman who had to push Charlie Brown’s head out of her vagina.”

Capricorn: “Old Yeller is my favorite comedy. It’s funny when dogs die.”

Aquarius: “I don’t need pick-up lines because they don’t work on corpses.”

Pieces: “I’m gonna start a band called One Abortion.”


Okay. I’m here to tell you guys about Sunblind.

This isn’t really a review, it’s just me gushing about how amazing this piece is. Sunblind is a collection of poems by @ibuzoo / @rmeisel, telling the story of Apollo and Icarus, two mythological figures, as lovers in the modern age. And it is phenomenal.

To give you guys an idea of what ruined me, let me share some of my favorite quotes (I had to cut down the list so I wouldn’t make this too long oops)

“There are no words left in his body so he cuts and punches his way through life. I heard he once woke up in a bathtub full of ice and half of his organs out. Fourteen scars are all over his body. I wonder what made him become such a monster.” (Things overheard about Apollo by passing, Page 8)

“The bitter scent of the sun is all around you, drenches you to the bones and you count the sins on your tongue and dream of a voice that called you crossfire in your sleep.” (Suburbia, Page 22)

“You’re desperate. As if your life depends on me. Selectively blind. Prepare for the kill my dear. This will be ugly.” (I am the Sun, I do not weep, Page 26)

“The twenty-first century leaves nothing of imagination. All burns will heal with time. The rain left scars all over my back. Sometimes the sun shines through the afternoon sky and it looks like falling diamonds. I’ll teach myself to be happy. You stare at me like a criminal right before you kiss me. Falling feels like flying. Nothing spells b r o k e n like f o r e v e r.” (Lies Icarus told recently, Page 30)

“He falls to your feet, knees on the ground, eyes up to the sun, obedient. You watch history repeat itself because you never learnt from your elders and you can’t do anything to stop him from falling. Eventually, you lose count. His name tastes bitter on your tongue now. You blink and he’s gone. You know how this will end. Embrace the flight and kiss the boy goodbye.” (Paperthin, Page 32)

He patches you up in places no one should be allowed to touch. Can’t you see? A strangled shout - Apollo are you even listening? I am, he says, hollow like the echo of an old record, played too often. But I am already his, he doesn’t say but instead thinks of sun kissed backs and the marks on greedy bones.” (Fall of the Sun, Page 38)

“The way he kisses his knuckles right before he wipes away my tears. When he follows every breakdown with a punchline and carries his pain until it consumes him. The act of love that spells murder on his shoulders.” (A collection of things that Icarus loves about Apollo, Page 39)

You’ll get better, they say. You’ll live. Wrong, they’re so wrong. You survive, not live. How brave of you.” (One, Two, Three - Breathe, Page 90)

“When you see him again, don’t say a word. He’s burned and scorched and healed in enough places already. There’s no need to burn him down again…Remember: you’re a God, you’re immortal. You were always meant to lose him to the waves. (On loving the boy with wings, Page 93)

I. Just.

This collection broke my heart. After I finished it I pretty much fell into a coma and I had to go for a walk. (Sounds dramatic, I know. But seriously.) This week at home has been strictly autumn weather, with bright skies but icy wind. I kept squinting in the sun and every time I did I would think about Apollo, his blue eyes glaring in the light, and feel my chest get heavy. Did you think reading just caused emotional pain? No, get ready for Sunblind to sucker punch you and laugh as you slowly bleed out.

I don’t really think I can choose a favorite poem, because every one had me practically crying, but I think the character that I felt most gravitated to was Apollo. He seems so unique to me. The way the author paints him is so mesmerizing and I was immediately attached. So many of the lines from his perspective hit me so hard. (To be honest, he likely reminds me of myself a bit too much.) So thank you, @rmeisel, for ruining me with a boy who used to be vague and one dimensional in my Latin textbooks, but is now very real and smirks at me every time I walk into the sunlight. Also, I adore that Artemis was in a few of the pieces. Thank you for that too. 

Honestly, thank you for everything. Genuinely, thank you for sharing this book with us. It was absolutely shattering, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Also…because I’m a nerd on every facet, if anyone’s interested, here’s some music that I was reminded of while reading: 

Silence - Koven

Intro - Boy Meets Evil - BTS

Can’t Live - Karmin

Wild (Young Bombs Remix) - Troye Sivan

10 Buddha Quotes To Live By

People of every faith could stand to learn a thing or two from Buddha. He has inspired generations of people with his ancient, intelligent sayings. They stand true to this day. Here are some of my favorites.

1. We much change the way we think in order to make things better.

“All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?”

2. We are what we think we are.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.”

3. It’s harder to figure yourself out than to figure other people out.

“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others.”

4. Dream big and big things will happen.

“What we think, we become.”

5. If your work doesn’t move your spirit, it’s time to find different work.

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”

6. Don’t let your fears get in the way of your dreams.

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

7. You won’t get further in life without giving it your all.

“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.”

8. Those who don’t fear themselves don’t fear anything else.

“The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”

9. If your heart is full of hate, you’ll be consumed by hate.

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”

10. Live each day to the fullest and you won’t be afraid of death.

“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”

Vincent and the Doctor is my favorite Doctor Who episode. It makes me cry every damn time. You get to meet this tortured soul, and you see him struggling. He feels so alone and suddenly these two incredible people come into his life. Pretty much out of nowhere.

They save him. They bring him to the future and to an exhibit dedicated to his work. He gets to witness all these people admiring his paintings. Even the museum coordinator said he thought that Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists who ever lived. This scene gets to me every time. After years of struggling and feeling so alone and like you have nothing to live for, he got to see how his work impacted the world. He got to see that he was important. And loved by so many.

What’s sad is that once they return Van Gogh to his time, they again leap forward to the future only to discover that he had still taken his own life. And the Doctor tells a crying Amy “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and… bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant. And we definitely added to his pile of good things.”

I think that is so important for everyone to hear. It should teach us to always be kind. Maybe things are just meant to happen no matter what. Maybe our kindness and willingness to invest ourselves in someone’s life won’t drastically change their future the way we want it to. But in that moment, it could mean everything. We may not even realize what our actions do. Maybe some small act of kindness may seem second nature to us, but it could make someone’s day.

On those bad days, hopefully they can still look back on some good memories. Like that time they tripped and some kind hearted person helped them up instead of walking by and pretending like they didn’t see. Or when someone complimented their shirt. Or even casually walking by someone in the hallway and they flash them a kind smile.

We should keep adding to people’s pile of good things.

Hi! I was tagged by the always lovely @matineeidyll to answer these questions. Thanks for the tag!!💞

Name: Amanda

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 5′7"

Current Time: 21:05

Fav Music Artist: The Clash

Song Stuck In Your Head: “The Ballad Of Geraldine” by Donovan. It’s my favorite song at the moment

Last Movie Watched: Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Last Show Watched: Futurama

When Did You Create Your Blog: I think it’s about two years ago at this point

What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: Music stuff mostly

Other Blogs: don’t have any others.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokemon Team: I don’t play Pokemon Go

Favourite colour: Army green

Average Hours Of Sleep: 7-8

Lucky Number: 1967 :)

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 3

Dream Job: I’d love to work in a record store

Following/Followers: I think I’m following about 500 blogs, and I have 251 followers.

If anybody wants to do this you can say I tagged you :)

Matt Cohen Autograph Story (MinnCon 2016)

I actually didn’t plan on doing any story telling from auto sessions, since I don’t want to shove it down people’s throats, but here I go, because this is super special to me and I’ll never forget it.

I am completely and utterly obssessed with Matt Cohen, so much to the point where I bought his autograph for this con I attended (MinnCon 2016).

I had decided a while back that I was going to write my favorite quotes from Of Monsters and Men songs on the pages of my journal I was getting signed, since their lyrics are some of my favorites (and they’re one of my favorite bands in general).

Mark slid it by without looking at the words on his page, which makes complete sense to me. God knows what I could have written, plus he doesn’t have all the time in the world, so it’s easy to put two and two together.

Matt, however, was different.

By the time it was my turn for getting his signature, I was pretty tired from crappy sleep and waiting in his long ass line, since there were so many people. I first started out by making a joke, saying ‘oh, I really appreciate you staying to finish your auto session" (since about 10 minutes ago he himself goofed around by pretending to be a con worker, calling out 'raise your hand if you have a Matt Cohen autograph ticket!’ when he popped his head out of the room). He had a joking tone as he replied with something along the lines of “Of course, i would never leave you guys hangin’ like that,” though I could definitely hear some sincereity in his voice (which totally didn’t make me melt.)

He looked down at the page, getting ready to sign, but I noticed that he picked up the journal.

He was reading the damn thing.

Naturally, since I was a nervous wreck, I quickly said “my handwriting’s crap, I’d be surprised if you could read it.”

He said “no, no, that’s really beautiful,” as he signed, and since I assumed he didn’t know what it was from, I replied with “yeah, I love Of Monsters and Men. They’re incredible.”

and he said “have you seen the lyric videos?? Ya know, the ones in black and white with those fantastic crazy creatures in it?”

At this point, I’m mentally screaming, but I say “yeah, i absolutely love them!”

(I probably have the next few parts wrong because I was kinda freaking out, so i’m sure I forgot a few lines/they’re in the wrong order, but you get the idea)

Matt: I actually play those videos for my son. He’s only 1, but I think that music makes a really big impact on people’s lives.

Me: yeah, absolutely. That’s so cool. Have you seen the videos from their new album?

Matt: You mean the ones with people in black and white lip syncing to the lyrics?

Me: yeah!

Matt: I think I remember seeing a video with an older man who had a beard. I can’t remember which song.

Me: I think it was from the one you signed, actually.

Matt: That is so cool. It was nice meeting you!

Me: Yeah, you too!

When i got back to the hotel and it sunk in that all of that actually happened, i looked back at his signature for the first time, and I saw he left me a heart right above it.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate cinnamon roll Thomas Müller? The Bavaria Munich football player was part of Germany’s winning team at the 2014 world cup, and is married to show jumper and dressage rider Lisa Müller.

When the media asked Müller about Lisa’s “controversial” decision not to fly to Brazil to watch him play in the world cup finale because she had, you know, HER OWN IMPORTANT HORSE RIDING COMPETITION THAT WEEKEND that got her 2nd place in Bavaria’s dressage riding, he told reporters “My wife is not a hand bag. She’s got her own mind and her own life.” (And added that he missed her a lot because the six weeks he spent in Brazil were the longest time the two had been separated)

He also regularly and very proudly posts about his wife’s successes and her horse riding on his Facebook page.

Thank you, Thomas, for being the precious cinnamon roll you are and for one of my favorite quotes.

↪ favorite Jodie Holmes quotes ; from Beyond: Two Souls

You lied to me. Gemaal wasn’t a warlord. He was the president, he was the democratically elected president. You knew I wouldn’t have murdered him, so you lied to me! This might be a job to you, okay? But I don’t go around killing people because some four star general tells me to!

You ᴍᴀɴɪᴘᴜʟᴀᴛᴇᴅ me… you used me to do your dirty work! I have BLOOD on my hands! Some kid lost his father because of me, because I тяυѕтєɗ we were doing the right thing. What am I to you, Ryan? A toy?! Some fucking puppet that you can do whatever you want with? No ones ever gonna lie to me again, Ryan.