two of my favorite freelancers as best friends

starstruckkittensweets  asked:

Do you plan on reviewing "The Power Inside Her" any time soon? I know you've mentioned it's not your favorite, what with the conclusion of April's Aeon crystal arc. I just want to hear your thoughts on the episode as a whole.

I haven’t even had time to review the first few episodes of season five. =/ 

I have literally 38 days of college left, and everything is in overdrive right now. I have tons of major projects due, I just won two region awards for journalism and one of them is going into a national competition, this is my busiest time in the year with freelance photography and I’m already behind on editing three sets of pictures, my best friend’s wedding is coming up, I’m about to move across the country in 44 days to start a new job and a lot of other things are going on. I literally don’t have time to do ANYTHING fun at the moment. 

I promise I’ll get back to reviewing when I have the time. I just don’t right now. I apologize. =[