two o nine

This post was cooler before Tumblr ate it. Five miles with Kev, five miles by myself. It’s hot and all kinds of beautiful in Canada. But running on asphalt is ridiculous when it’s sunny and 80, so there’s that.

Happy Saturday, eh?! I think that’s what these Canadians say, right @two-o-nine?

Here Is The Current List Of Participants and Tomorrow (10/5) Everyone Will Be Partnered Up After A Few People Confirm Their Interest (sorry for the delay):

USA Only:

Tumblr’s I have met in person and the circumstances.  How many have you met?

@jessilloo (came to my house to watch a marathon and now we’re an item)

@awakemysoul69 (came to my house for Tough Mudder)

@littlerunnergurl (Um…sister wife, duh)

@sagecedarsrunning (came to visit family in MN and went to Surly with us)

@katiegirlwanders (Local girl who *sometimes* calls us when she is home)

@sleepruneatrepeat (local tumblr we have met at tumblr meet ups)

@two-o-nine (Representing Canada, has met up and stayed at our house)

@abqryan (Ran Tough Mudder and let his adorable son hang with me one afternoon)

@zerotomudder (My sister from another mister) 

@iwillrunforfood (a local Tumblr, we celebrated her 40th birthday with her among other things)

@thatgumyoulikeisback (Goof’s dog Mom.  We have shared meals, beers and our love of A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop)

@coffeeandmuscles (Met her in Hell….Michigan.  We ran naked through the woods)

@runlong (He and @trivialbob go drink coffee when he’s in town at ridiculously early times while I stay in bed and sometimes I cook dinner for him while he is in MN for business). 

@erin-irl (Brought a group of students to Minnesota, we had dinner at the Mall of America) 

@runningmyownrace (I have met this lovely lady several times at different Tumblr meet ups)

@rachaelfightsback (Met at the Minnesota State Fair the first time I had Leinenkugel’s Orange shandy)

@roundisntmyshapeanymore (Local girl, met her on multiple occasions, Pizza Luce, State Fair)

@mrcarlosbc (Met in Ohio while staying with @littlerunnergurl)

@amanda-healthyhappywhole (She let me crash at her place and spoil her animals)

@runeatsleeprepeat (Met at Tumblr meet ups)

@aliceinadexterdsworld (cousin)

@trivialbob (spouse)

@rowdynation (brother)

@almondsofjoy (Bug expert, has dog sat, visited our house and even let us meet the “roommate”)

@snapthistiger (Ran two races together, Minnesota and Texas)

@lesliefindsherstrong (Also met her in Hell but she wouldn’t take her clothes off and run)

@nowforthefunpart (Local Tumblr, we have had dinner)

@marathonmelissa (Tumblr meet ups at the Twin Cities Marathon)

@ruralkate (sister in law)

@exitrowiron (met at local Tumblr meet ups)

@mar-kicksass (Met Mar and her Dad with the Airstream!)

I have met 30 in person (sorry if I forgot someone).  How many have you met?


I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend using up items from our garden before the first frost.

I made pan seared Brussels sprouts with cranberries, Gorgonzola and pecans. Along with baked acorn squash.

There was a ton of mint left, so I’m trying my hand at making peppermint extract. Mint leaves + vodka + a month and we shall see if it turns out.

I also finished up my apple butter and canned 6 cans for later use. Yum!

I met up with Brooke and Mr. And Mrs. Trivialbob for dinner at Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis. It’s always really nice to catch up with all of them and share funny stories.

The observant among you will notice there is no picture above of my noggin with a shiny new medal in front of it. Today was the day of the ten-miler that wasn’t.

I got up. I got dressed. I pinned on my bib. All I had to do was get out of the car and get into the corral. Instead, I went home and went back to bed.

Friday night I realized I had a UTI. I started antibiotics on Saturday morning. My system doesn’t react well to them. This morning I was nauseous and having some GI discomfort, so I pulled the plug on my race before something potentially terrible happened.

I’ve never skipped a race before. I felt like a failure for not sucking it up and running. It was hard to see all of the shiny medals on my dashboard and on FB. But it wasn’t my day. I’m really sad and kinda feel like a loser, but I know I made the right decision.

Brooke and I ran to Minnehaha falls this morning. It was fun for me, running with someone. I really should put away my iPod and and run with other people now and then.

Earlier this weekend Brooke ran the Great River (Minnesota & Wisconsin) Ragnar. Afterwards she and her husband Andrew came over to my house.

I forgot she’s been to Minnesota several times. Brooke has run the Twin Cities marathon more than once. Our route today covered some of the same parts of the marathon course. Being all tour guide-like I would point out some landmark and Brook would say “Oh yeah! I remember that.”

After our long run Brooke, Andrew, Sheila, and I went out for lunch. I made a few restaurant suggestions.

“Oh that’s good, we’ve been there three times!”

“Sure, that sounds nice. We liked it both times we were there!”

We finally settled on a place that Brooke and Andrew had been to just once before.

Now they’re in their Swedish car driving home to Canada. I still have in my fridge some Canadian beer they brought me. It’s five o’clock now and about to rain.

The sound of that can opening is an excellent bookend to this weekend.

What a fun weekend.

This morning Sheila and I watched the Twin Cities Marathon. Brooke and her friend Ryan were running. Brooke’s husband Andrew and Melissa were there spectating too.

Tonight Heather joined us for dinner at the ever delicious Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis. Six of us and we ordered six pizzas. I maintained pizzalibrium by thoroughly enjoying a substantial amount of awesome pizza but – and this is important – I didn’t overeat and make myself hate the very pizza I had just consumed.

After some talk about the marathon Heather told us about her recent Hawaiian vacation. Alone time with her husband. Grandma watching the Little Mister. That’s when I realized Heather was drinking WATER while the rest of us drank BEER.


Was there something Heather wanted to tell us? Could it be her Little Mister was about to have a Little Sister? (Not that he couldn’t have a little brother but who doesn’t love a good a good rhyme?)

Heather! Is there something you want to tell us?

In a soft voice she said she has a condition for which alcohol isn’t advised. I was about to order a gift using my Amazon app when she finished her sentence.

What!? A UTI? 

Sorry Heather, you don’t get a gift for that.

I’m back home from the cabin. It was just for one night. More PTO tomorrow so yes, I think I will have another beer of the night.

I’ve never seen Fort Garry Maple Cream Ale at any liquor store near my house. Yet I have one in my hand!

But Bob! How did you get this beer that was brewed in Winnipeg?

Glad you asked. This beer (and some of it’s Canadian cousins) were hand-freaking-delivered to me today. Straight from Manitoba. By two real Canadians. Driving a Swedish car.

This Volvo is parked in my driveway. I have the key to it. They’re running Ragnar Great River this weekend and I’m babysitting the car. In two days they’ll be back. I’ll return the key after they join Sheila and me for some pizza and beer.

Stay tuned for updates this weekend.

Beer of the Night

This is another one that Brooke and her husband Andrew brought to me all the way from Canada in their Swedish car.

I think they picked Hops and Robbers because my name is Robert and my wife is a cop. Get it?

The little helicopter shining the spotlight down is cute. (MAR - that’s something you can see just looking up from your back yard, right?) The hop robbers are a nice touch too.

It’s a 16 oz. can but check it out - the volume is listed only in milliliters. I can buy “imported” beers at the liquor store. They all have ounces printed on the label. Hops and Robbers is a way more authentic import.