two nuts and two bolts

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In case you're still taking prompts from the list, I'd love for you to write #22, please. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

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Summary: And, baby makes for a totally unprepared three…

The last of the below series:

Part One

Part Two

Three Months Later…

The two sat amongst a pile of wood, several nuts and bolts, and a two-page assembly manual using nothing but pictures as well as some Swedish. Peeta looked once more at the photos as Katniss sat next to him, hand on her ripened belly, her eyes on the pile on the floor.

“You’re missing one of these little wood stump thingys,” she told him, picking one up to show him. “You need all of them to stick that piece of wood to that other longer one.”

“That’s not the right piece,” he responded indignantly. “That’s for the legs!”

“No, it’s for the railing,” Katniss argued. “See?” She grabbed the manual and pointed to the third illustration. “It’s that piece right there.”

“No, that’s this piece!” He picked up a wood slack to his left. “Why the hell would anyone not mark the pieces? Is this how IKEA saves money? Don’t print words, but provide obscure pictures that are just each person’s interpretation?”

“Wow, I’ve never seen you so upset,” Katniss retorted, her gaze roaming over his colored cheeks, flared nostrils, and heaving chest. “Is it wrong that I’m kind of turned on by this?”

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