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Full Benefits

Full Benefits

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: smut, angst, fluffy ending (?)

You and Namjoon had a special relationship, you mean there were plenty of people who had ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Then again yours was still a little different because you two were close friends before and still were close friends. You spent most days together, not always have to do anything sexual.

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alys07  asked:

CAN YOU DO Quidnunc PLEASE? You're firefighter story is all I live for XD

How convenient. So you won’t mind me using your prompt for it @alys07​. It’s an 8K word beast. I thought about splitting it in two, but yeah. I had it written so here you go!

Come On Baby, Light My Fire:

Part 1: Grapholagnia

Part 2: Neighbors/We meet again

Part 3: Callipygian

Part 4: Apodyopis

Part 5: Gymnophoria

Part 6: Mamihlapinatapei

Part 7: Basorexia

Part 8: Coitus

Part 9: Hypersexuality

Part 10: Malapert

And now… Part 11

Quidnunc - One who always has to know what is going on.

I finger the dark blue velvet of the curtain and peer out into the auditorium. Most of the audience has trickled out already. A few stragglers remain, parents chatting with one another as their younger children play in the aisles and their older children interrupt every few minutes to beg for car keys, money, or the chance to just stop waiting on the dull adults to finish their conversations so they can get on with living their lives. A camera flash strobes for a second and the kids complain about the blinding light while the father mutters and glares at the camera while he fixes the settings. The typical end to a night at the school play.

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Too Late (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Originally posted by mcfucking-lafayette

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Choreographer!Reader

Requested?: ‘hiii! I have a request for a linxreader: Could the reader be the choreographer for Hamilton? So she comes in later in the game when everything has pretty much been written. Lin and she have a connection and get along very well during the staging process. Then on opening night at the Public, the reader brings her boyfriend and Lin acts v weird (cause he’s in love with her). You could decide where to go from there. love your writing! thanks!!!’

Prompt: ^^^^

Words: 2700+

Warnings: Jealous Lin, Sad Lin, angst, :(



Lin didn’t want to admit it. He was in denial and didn’t want to confess it. Nothing would make him talk. Nothing would break him. Nothing would-

“I’ll buy you dinner if you do it.” You state as an ultimatum as you twirled the gel pen between your fingers.

Lin’s determination and shell of resistance cracked and shattered the moment you finished speaking the ultimatum. Lin mumbled a profanity before standing up from the couch. He took a deep breath before doing a cartwheel, or what he believed was a cartwheel. You couldn’t stop laughing at him. How anyone could keep a straight face as they watched a grown man in his thirties attempt a cartwheel and watching him land it by crashing into the couch is beyond you. You felt your stomach hurt and your eyes grow watery. Lin stood and glared weakly at you, mumbling for you to shut up.

“Don’t be like that, Linny.” You said, nudging Lin in the chest as you zipped up your hoodie and retrieved your wallet from the coffee table. “At least you earned yourself some free dinner.” 

Lin rolled his eyes as he stood and grabbed his car keys and wallet. You both walked out of the apartment complex and into the garage. You both entered Lin’s car and pulled out, driving from the building and down the street. The destination was an old stomping ground of yours and Lin’s. A moderately sized family diner only a few blocks away from Lin’s apartment. This was where you and Lin would brainstorm and work on ideas for Hamilton together. A good amount of your friendship was spent at this restaurant. You would work on homework and last minute projects here, take part of Friday night karaoke and work for tips when you were short on funds. This place was, in fact, ran by your family. Mainly your parents, seven other siblings, and six of your cousins. The food served were all (L/N) family recipes and the decor were all hand-me-downs, giving the diner a homey atmosphere.

You and Lin pulled into the parking lot and entered the diner, inhaling the warm scent of country fried steaks and apple pies. Your sister Beth was working the podium so once she saw you and Lin she grinned and immediately grabbed menus and lead you to your favorite spot; a booth directly diagonal from the kitchen door so you could have a clear view of who and what was coming out of the kitchen. Since you were the chosen heiress of the diner, you tried to visit it was as often as your schedule would allow you to. This means a lot of late night dinner with Lin and falling asleep with a cold cup of coffee and being woken up when your parents went home (the diner runs 24 hours). Although your name was soon to be on that deed, you were discussing with your father about how the heir should be some who worked and wanted the restaurant. But, that’s a story for another time.

Your mother walked out of the kitchen and she noticed you and Lin, smiling although she was tired. “(Y/N)! Lin!” She strolled over to you two and gave you side-hugs. “It’s good to see you two! What can I get you?”

You and Lin scanned through the menu you both know by heart. Before Lin could speak you placed your menu down on the table and looked up to your mom. “We’ll have our usuals and two coffees.” 

Your mom scribbled down your order on her pad of paper and winked at you. “I’ll bring out sugar and cream for you, hun.” And with that, she walked back into the kitchen. You took this time to look around the restaurant and noticed how empty it is. You and Lin were the only ones eating, besides a couple of hungover and stoned teenagers sitting at the bar. Normal Saturday night for the (L/N) Family Diner.

Besides having a favorite diner that worked at a meeting place for meals and study dates, you and Lin go way back. You two graduated from the same high school, you graduating two years after Lin, and you guys stopped talking until four years ago after you graduated college. You came across Lin while touring Aaron Burr’s house and you two picked up your friendship where they left off. He told you about this project he was doing called the Hamilton Mixtape. You were a huge American History nerd so you were excited to hear about it. Some time later, Lin started working on a hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, who happened to be your favorite founding father. You had a Bachelor’s degree in Dance so when you heard ‘musical’ you thought of the dancing and ensemble members of Broadway. When Lin decided to make you the Choreographer for Hamilton, you saw stars. You were positive that Hamilton was going to be a Broadway hit so you immediately accepted his offer. So, for a course of the next few years, Lin would run you through the songs he wrote while you demonstrated the dances you put together for each song. You also helped Lin pick out actors and actresses for the cast and you took it upon yourself to choose the ensemble members. It might have been Lin’s musical but he always said it was a team effort.

You and Lin proceeded to talk about ideas and new changes for Hamilton songs and dance numbers. Your food and coffee were served some time later and the conversations did not cease. After the food was eaten, coffee was drunk, and the conversation lasted for about two hours, the bill found itself onto your table and you paid for it, leaving a good tip for your mom before you and Lin got up to leave, hugging your mom and your sister before leaving the restaurant. You and Lin went back to his apartment and you two ended up having a deep one-in-the-morning conversation about life since that’s how your brain functioned when you were an insomniac and still running on those few cups of coffee. At about three am, you decided to leave since the next day was the premiere of Hamilton. You hugged Lin and wished him a good night before leaving. You lived in the same building, but your apartment was three floors above Lin’s.


Night of the Premiere ~

The theater was packed. The show sold out not that long ago and it was heart-racingly exciting to see all these people and Broadway veterans filling the Richard Rogers Theater. Thank god you weren’t in the main cast or else you’d be having a panic attack and insist on leaving. You were not just the Choreographer but you also was an ensemble member that performed in both acts and even had a singing part in The Election of 1800. You also lend a hand in helping cast and ensemble members get in costume and makeup since you took a class for theatrical costume and makeup in college. When you weren’t helping or going over last minute practice with the ensemble, you were loitering in Lin’s dressing room, helping him calm his nerves.

“What if I miss my cues?” Lin asked, mainly to himself as he fiddled with the sleeves of his shirt. “What if I make a complete fool of myself?”

“Lin, calm down,” You said for the hundredth time that night. “You’ll be fine.”

“But what if the spotlights go out?” Lin continued to be nervous. “What if everybody doesn’t like the show? What if-”

“Lin, oh my god, calm down!” 

Lin looked at you with wide eyes. You stood up from the couch and was grasping Lin’s shoulders, looking him dead in the eye. “You, Lin-Manuel Miranda, are a brilliant man. You wrote this musical in seven years and you had to deal with me forcing you to practice dancing during those seven years. You mastered the dances, you’ve mastered the songs, and you can do anything you put your mind to.”

“Yeah, but-”

“No buts, Lin! Now you go out there and do your best! If you get nervous or anxious, look for me. If I’m not on stage, I’ll be in the wings.”

Lin smiled and hugged you. “Thank you, (Y/N).” He said, kissing you on the cheek, making you blush. “I’m not wasting my shot!” 

You laughed as he finished his hair and finished getting ready. You mess with your hair before the five-minute warning comes over the P.A system. You and Lin hug again and you go your separate ways and take positions in the opening song. 

The musical goes on without any problems. When you weren’t performing on stage, you were watching from the wings. Lin would glance at you ever so often but you’d flash him a smile and a thumbs up. During the intermission, you snuck off and Lin didn’t see you until the first song of Act Two. Act Two brought you to tears and you were silently crying when Alexander died. The audience were brought to tears and enjoyed the show very well, calling for an encore during the curtain call. You disappeared from the stage and Lin went searching for you. He had something very important to tell you.

Four months ago, Lin came to the realization that he loved you. It was at a rocky point of his life when he realized this. He had just finalized his divorce with Vanessa after four years of marriage and they decided to share custody of their baby son, Sebastian. Besides working on Hamilton, Lin was a mess and wasn’t getting enough sleep. You’d force him to sleep and make sure he’d eat. You cared so much about him, just like you did in high school. You were loving, witty, funny, beautiful, and very talented and smart. Lin couldn’t help but fall in love. He didn’t think he could after his divorce but he did.

Lin scanned through the group of actors and ensemble members for you but to no avail, you weren’t found. Lin asked all the actors he saw and they all turned up with nothing. Then, Phillipa said she saw you in the lobby. Lin thanked her before racing to the lobby, still in costume. As he made his way to the lobby, he went over what he was going to say to you. He mentally cursed and finally made it to his destination. Lin scanned the crowd and saw you but his heart stopped once he saw him.

You were standing up against an empty part of the lobby wall. You were still in your ensemble costume and the blue and red coat you wore during Yorktown. Your hair was still in its braided updo and your makeup looked to be touched up recently. Your arms were crossed against your chest and your head was tilted every so slightly to the side. The guy you were talking to was about Daveed’s height, with curly blonde hair and he was dressed in a white dress shirt, a navy blue blazer, black slacks, and brown loafers. His neck and cheeks were covered in freckle patches. His hands were making motions as he spoke, making you laugh once and a while. 

You see Lin in the corner of your eye and you smile. “Lin!” You called him over, motioning with your hand. Your ‘friend’ turned around and he had an anxious smile on his face. Lin felt a pit form in his stomach as he walked over to you. His hands became clammy and he expected the worst from this guy he never saw before being all friendly with you.

“There you are, (Y/N),” Lin said, forcing a fake smile on his face. “I’ve been looking for you.”

You smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of your neck. “Sorry.” You nudged the blonde guy in his side as you stood up straight. “This cutie has been distracting me.” The blonde guy blushed and stepped closer to your side, placing a hand on your hip and you leaning into his touch, leaning your head on his shoulder. Lin’s speculations were confirmed. And it broke his heart.

You had a boyfriend.

Lin tried his best not to look hurt and heartbroken. He wanted to look oblivious and happy. His forced smile looked convincing but he was breaking on the inside. When did you start dating this guy? Why didn’t you tell Lin about him? Does Lin know this guy? He did look kinda familiar. Maybe a guy from your high school? Lin didn’t care. He instantly hated this guy. This guy took you away from him. Lin could make you happy. He could satisfy you. If he was able to, he’d make you a happy person.

“(Y/N), who’s your friend?” Lin asked as he balled his hands into fists. 

You smiled and blushed. “This is Grayson Peters.” You explained, Grayson extending his hand for Lin to shake. “We went to high school with him. He was in the marching band with me.”

Lin firmly gripped Grayson’s hand and shook it briefly before letting go. Grayson’s hand was clammy and cold and Lin wiped his hand on his pants before stuffing it in his pocket. Grayson looked like one of those guys you’d see on Glee or The Office but also has that anxious glee like one of Lin’s fangirls. His eyes were brown like Lin’s and his face is clean, no shadow of facial hair. Maybe you liked men with brown eyes? Clean shaven guys? Musical guys? Lin fit two of those three traits so he had a good chance with you. Besides, Lin knows you better. He could make you so happy.

“How long have you two been seeing each other?” Lin asked, a lump in his throat forming.

“Four months.” You explain. “We’ve been seeing each other online since he worked overseas. But now he’s living in the city!” Grayson planted a kiss on your head and you blushed, making Lin’s heart break even more.

‘So that’s why she’s been online so often.’ Lin thought as he felt his eyes water and the lump in his throat growing. He wanted to pull you away from Grayson and tell him to get lost. He wanted to kiss you and hold you and make you feel special. It took him four months for him to realize how much he needs you and you went off and got yourself a boyfriend. Lin was so disappointed with himself that he took so long. He loves you. He wants you. He needs you. But he was too late.

Lin turned around and walked away, not being stopped or noticed by you or Grayson. He walked all the way to his dressing room, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to him. He locked the door behind him and took a seat in front of the mirror. He stared at his reflection and then looked at the picture he taped to the corner. It was a selfie polaroid you took of you and Lin on your thirty-third birthday, which was six months ago. You both had on those stupid plastic birthday hats and you both held full wine glasses as you toasted to ‘one more year closer to death’, as you put it. You both were smiling, which what made Lin’s heart ache more. He wanted that smile. He needed that smile. But it now belonged to someone else.

And he cried.

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It’s Hard Enough - Cooper!Reader X Jughead Jones - Part 3

I’m obsessed with It’s Hard Enough! I was think you should do a part 3 where like in the episode Jughead gets in a fight with Reggie and reader somehow gets involved…And Alice Cooper is not a fan of their relationship?

I love it’s hard enough, could you possibly make a part 3? :3

If you’re new to the series : Part One , Part Two . I kinda took this part in my own way, I hope you like it!

Originally posted by aestheticsprouse

It had been around a week since you shared your first kiss with Jughead Jones and things were going quite well. Betty convinced Jughead to join the school newspaper team, which gave you time to hang out together. Luckily for you, Betty was far too immersed in the Jason Blossom case to notice the stolen glances between you and Jughead. You found yourself spending your time after school in the newsroom, helping Betty sort out papers while simultaneously spending time with your boyfriend. Just thinking of the word, and Jughead, made you feel giddy.

“I don’t think I’ve seen Y/N smile like that in a long time,” Betty teased as you were busy sorting through pictures for the Blue & Gold. You glanced up at your sister, then at Jughead who was staring at you softly. Your felt a blush warm on your cheeks under his gaze and he smiled.

“Don’t you have a murder board to build?” You asked in order to change the subject, get the attention off of yourself. Betty smiled playfully and turned back to Jughead. They started talking quietly about the case, never loud enough for you to hear. You didn’t understand why exactly they tried to hide it from you. You were only a year younger than the two of them. Jughead explained himself one night at the diner. He had said he likes to “keep his work away from his personal life. It makes things less messy.” It was a very cold, business man-like answer that had caught you off guard. The conversation had grown quiet after that, until Jughead spoke up once more.

“It’s a way of keeping you safe,” he had murmured, looking around the diner to see if anyone from school was there. When he realized no one was, he had reached his hand across the table, grabbing yours and gave it a squeeze. You smiled at the memory, the feeling of the skin of his hand against yours.

“I just don’t know Juggie,” Betty said, breaking you from your thoughts. “I think the mystery behind my little sister’s smile is slightly more intriguing to me.” You looked up from the images and saw Betty looking at you again. You could feel Jughead’s eyes on you as you straightened your back to face your sister.

“I’m just happy to be helping you two out. It gets me out of the house, and you’re more than willing to share your friends with me.” You gestured to Jughead who smiled proudly at you. Betty nodded and walked over to you, hugging you tightly.

“I’m glad you’re happy Y/N,” Betty whispered, “with everything going on, Polly, you deserve to be happy.” You wrapped your arms tightly around your sister, returning her hug. From over her shoulder, you noticed Jughead smiling softly at the two of you. You offered a smile to him, hoping that your eyes could convey your thankful message.

“Alright,” Betty said as she pulled away from your embrace. “I gave cheer practice, so you two can either head home or keep working.” Betty walked to her bags and you looked up at Jughead once more. His light eyes were bright and he nodded quickly. You returned his gesture.

“I think I’ll stay and help out Jughead,” you said and Betty smiled as she picked up her bags from cheerleading practice.

“Okay, good luck you two.” With that, your sister walked out the door to the newsroom and left you and Jughead in a brief silence. When the sound of Betty’s footsteps faded down the hall, Jughead darted towards you. His hands grabbed yours, squeezing them gently. You looked down at your joined hands, wondering how on Earth it was humanly possible for someone’s ands to be as cold as his. You looked back up at him, meeting his gaze. You smiled when you noticed how his gaze flickered from your eyes, to your lips and then back again. You leaned up on your tippy toes, pressing a small peck to his lips. You smiled into the soft kiss, and giggled slightly when his chilled hand tickled the sensitive skin of your neck.

“Sorry,” you murmured, “your hands are freezing.” He let out a breathy chuckle, causing you to grin. Your faces remained a mere inches apart as you smiled sickeningly sweet smiles at each other.

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That Silly Old Hat

A/N: I promised Riverdale imagines, and here they are! I’m also tentatively accepting prompts <3

“I’m telling you Ethel, it was the best sale in Hobby Lobby history. I should get an award.”

“Economical home decor choices are their own reward, I suppose.” You both sat down for your 1st Period class, and you pulled a crochet hook from your bag, hoping to get a couple more rows done on a lace shawl before your teacher showed up. 

Out in the hall, you heard raised voices. You looked over at Ethel, who just gave a “what can you do?” shrug. Peering over your desk, you saw a couple guys from the football team playing keep away with something. You saw a flash of dark hair and realized it was Jughead’s hat. 

Jughead got teased for a lot of things. His name, for starters. His good-for-nothing father, his mom who split town. His loner status and past history. But also for the hat, which he had worn daily since…well…ever. No one knew where it came from or what it meant.

No one but you. 

Jugheads mom had been a regular at the yarn shop your family owned. She always came to Thursday night knitting circle, and your mom let her borrow her pattern books whenever she liked. That hat was one of the last projects she worked on before she left. She had sounded so excited, talking about her sons current obsession with the 1930′s and how she had researched these silly hats mechanics used to wear, and wouldn’t it be cute to make him one?

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why he was so attached to it. Even if it was worn out, a little wonky, and, okay, kind of silly. You saw Archie chasing his laughing teammates down the call, Jughead and the new girl peering down at his hat and frowning. 

Lunch came, and you were still plugging away at that shawl, when a pair of shiny black heels appeared in front of you. You looked up to find the incredibly gorgeous, incredibly intimidating Veronica Lodge. “It’s Y/N, right?”


“I was talking to Ethel and she says you’re good at knitting?”

“Knit, crochet, cross-stich, weaving, quilting–”

“Point made, Martha Stewart.” She cut you off. “Can you fix this?” She pulled a scrap of grey fabric from her purse and you unfolded it to find Jugheads hat, ripped nearly in two and unraveling into shreds. 

“…No. This thing was on its last legs before the boneheads got to it.” You fingered a loose thread, feeling how weak the fiber had gotten. “But I think I can do you one better.”

Two days later, you casted off the final stitch and smiled. It was perfect. Lightweight, since he wore it every day, but strong, so it would hopefully last a few years. You texted Veronica, letting her know you would bring it to school on Monday. 

Shoving everything in your bag, you walked out of the yarn shop, deciding to treat yourself to a celebratory milkshake at Pops before turning in. “Late night for you, Y/N.” Pops chided you. 

“I was working on something, you know me.” Glancing down the aisle, you saw a shock of black hair peeking out from under a hoodie, illuminated by the glow of a laptop screen. “That Jughead?”

“Yeah, kid’s real torn up about somethin’.”

“Thanks Pops, I’ll have a strawberry milkshake.” You smiled at him, then rusted in your bag to grab the hat. You plopped it down on his keyboard, and he picked it up and stared at it for a moment before even glancing at you. 

“Where did you get this?”

“I made it. Veronica asked me to. I uh, I knew how much it meant to you.” You suddenly felt embarrassed. “Go on, try it on.” He pulled the hood off his head, but he just held the beanie, thumb tracing over the hem. 

“It’s…” He was trying to say something nice, something polite. But he looked like he was about to cry.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay.” You sat down across from him, smiling at the waitress who set down your milkshake. “I get it. Grief is weird.” His eyes popped up to meet yours at that. “My mom had this entire closet full of yarn. Some of it was already separated for projects, and some of it is really nice, expensive stuff. And my grandmother told me to help myself. Said it was my inheritance. But I just….Can’t.” 

“I called her.” He cleared his throat. “Told her what happened. She said it was about time I stopped wearing that silly old hat. Said she would make me something new…For my birthday.”

“You don’t have to wear it. I wont be offended.” You assured him. 

“Nah.” He slid the hat on, smiling for the first time since you had come in. “I think this one suits me.”

“It certainly does.”


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Request: Could u do a Jonathan Byers oneshot in the very very beginning where the reader is like El & she doesn’t really understand human emotion that well but she does speak normally & she’s staying with the Byers until they figure out wat to do with her & she literally HATES pants so she’s always walking around in large comfy sweaters & 1 day she sees a couple kissing and instead of asking John what that means she just randomly pulls him into a kiss but he doesn’t think much of it bc he knows she’s not well with those types of things but she’s always doing things to him bc she absolutely loves the shade of his face when he’s flustered & she just loves kissing him bc she loves the feeling.

Fandom: Stranger Things

Word Count: 1,441

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Anguish // Bucky Barnes

Summary: AU where Reader is an FBI Agent and best friends with Detective Nat Romanoff. Everything changes when Bucky and the reader meet each other. Soon Nat has to decide what’s more important…her happiness or her best friend.

Characters: agent!reader x detective!bucky, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers x nurse!Sharon, Wanda x Vision, Pietro Maximoff (mentioned), Nick Fury (mentioned), and Peggy Carter (mentioned)

Words: 2692

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or the characters involved. This is also an AU in which the Avengers are actually detectives.

Warnings: Swearing, talk of death, injuries, infertility by car accident, PTSD (mentioned), and ANGST with just a hint of fluff.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: to hold you over till Sunday, April 23rd when I will be finished packing for home! Requests will be OPEN ON SUNDAY

Snapchat to see what’s coming next: caitsyandash

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Normally it should be one the happiest days to watch your best friend get married but for Natasha it was the exact opposite. You had been best friends since you were roommates during your police academy days having bonded as the daughters of former officers. When you went to different cities for jobs you had kept in contact and celebrated when Nat made detective and you worked your ass up into the FBI. She was so happy when you took your two weeks off following a botched operation landing you with a bullet to the shoulder.

During those two weeks you had met one of Nat’s co-workers and friend Bucky Barnes at a game night. It was held at Steve Rogers house in Brooklyn, he was a recently transferred detective from Bucky’s childhood, and Steve’s wife Sharon. Sharon was an ER nurse going back to school to become a Doctor. Nat had straight away invited you over not expecting to have you bond so well with everyone.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N-“

“Agent Y/L/M, dumbs.” Nat laughed poking you in the side. You giggled.

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Accident at Rehearsal (Phillipa Soo x Reader)

Originally posted by dailyphillipasoo

Pairing: Phillipa Soo x Reader

Requested?: ‘dudee you should write some phillipa or jasmine x reader (angst, fluff, whatever you’re up for)’

Prompt: Reader is a nurse and Pippa, her wife, twisted her ankle during a Hamilton rehearsal.

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Lesbians, FLUFFF



Being a nurse was fun. 

You were twenty-three. You graduated from nursing school a couple years ago with a Ph.D. and managed to get a job as a night nurse a few days later. Because of your schedule, you’re mainly sleeping during the day because you work all night. The only problem with this is that you don’t see your beautiful wife anymore. You two have been together for seven years, dating for four years and now been married for three. You got married the summer after your Freshmen year of college and have been happy and much in love ever since. She was off making her dreams come true on Broadway while you went and went to school for what you wanted to do. I mean, yeah you didn’t see each other that much because your schedules didn’t align that often but at least you actually got to see each other when you could. You always called in sick to go see Pippa perform and you were on your college swim team so she’d come to your swim meets and competitions. But now that you were done with school and now working all night, your relationship started getting strained. You’d make Pippa dinner before you left and she’d make you breakfast when you came home. You didn’t work weekends unless the hospital was short-staffed or an emergency happened. Weekends were when you at home with Pippa, watching cheesy rom-com and cuddling. Weekends were when you caught up with Pippa, giving her all the kisses and touches you weren’t able to give her during the week. You’d also catch up with Pippa’s friends and fellow cast members in Hamilton by coming over and watching them rehearse.

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And now everyone’s favorite hobo teacher, Aizawa!

1. Can eat spicy food like it’s nothing. Mic once put a ghost pepper into his sandwich during lunch and Aizawa didn’t even notice.

2. Once, when he was a younger pro hero, he punched a reporter in the face hard enough to break their nose. He had just finished a mission that took four sleepless nights to complete and involved two civilians getting severely injured with minimal chance of recovery, so he wasn’t in control of his emotions at the time. If asked about it years later though, he’ll say he doesn’t regret it.

3. Can’t stand bitter food.

4. He and Mic are friends only because Mic wouldn’t leave him alone in high school, so he kinda just stopped trying to get him to buzz off at one point. He does enjoy his company though…not that he’ll admit it.

5. Feeds cats on his way to and from work.

6. Low-key workaholic. He’s been getting better at it though, mostly thanks to Mic.

7. High-key caffeine addict. Those who chose to stand between him and his first cup of morning coffee forfeit their lives.

8. Doesn’t shave. His facial hair just doesn’t grow more then what he has.

9. Mic called him a father of 20 one night while they were out drinking and Aizawa said, to his eternal horror, “Well, you’re not exactly wrong.” Has made Mic to swear under threat of death not to tell a soul.

10. Actually admires All-Might. Even before he learned the truth about him, his dislike of his methods and how prone he was to show-boating and buttering up the media just rubbed him the wrong way.      

restart [yoongi&you]

Summary: yoongi clearly seemed to have moved on after a misunderstanding, but why is he knocking on your door later in the night with a bruised lip and knuckles?

a/n: fhjsakdkadkalda just updating something early for ya before my bornday

Originally posted by sugakookiefactory

“It’s okay,” you mutter under your breath as the rain comes pouring. “It’s really okay, Yoongi.”

“But wait, you didn’t even listen to me yet!” Yoongi yells, his hand reaching out to hold onto your wrist but you pull away from him immediately. “Please, let me explain.”

You stare up at him with a forced smile and shakes your head. “I have always listened, Yoongi. I’m always waiting and listening to you, but you never did the same for me,” you mutter before jumping in your car and driving off from where the man stands.

Three weeks ago, if only you could turn back in time, would you have been able to fix everything?

You had no idea that Yoongi would move on so quickly, despite the chances he would have with different girls after what he witnessed. Nevertheless, must he date the one person your heart had assumed would who one day become his? Your tears pour out of your eyes and you had no idea how long since you’ve been home and is crying on your driveway.

It was a misunderstanding and Yoongi didn’t care to find out about your situation. He couldn’t even look at you in the eyes and listen to your story, yet with his friend Namjoon, their friendship rekindled and is better than ever. So where does this leave you? Who are you really to Yoongi if his body, his mind, and his heart now belongs to his best friend, Kwon Jihyo?

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Spidey Kisses - Peter Parker Imagine (requested)

Request: Spiderman one shot where you patch him up after fighting with a villain lots of fluff and kissing LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW 😁🌺👍🏻

Warnings: fluff, a tiny bit of smut

Words: 3142

Queens, New York at night time was a place police officers were afraid to visit. The city had a reputation for leaning more on the dangerous end, but not as bad as Brooklyn. 

Your parents had strict rules for you, curfew was at 11 and after that time no one leaves or comes into your vast apartment. You could stay up as late as you desired as long as you were in your home and not wandering about on the dangerous streets of Queens. No windows were to be left open and would remain locked throughout the entire night, or at least that was your father’s rule.
Every other night your best friend since childhood, Peter Parker, would swing around the city on patrol. He had revealed his little secret identity of his double life to you rather so by force than choice when you accidentally barged into his claustrophobic bedroom to find him struggling on his twin mattress trying to pry a homemade red mask off his face. 

It took a full week for you to process that your best friend was in fact the crime fighting superhero Spiderman. To you he was just Peter Parker, you’re adorable slightly nerdy friend. His second persona didn’t change much between you guys truthfully it made you two grow closer. 

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Long story. I’ve never been more proud and disgusted with myself…

I’m home on break from school, so I start swiping looking for possibly a few fun hook-ups during my weeks off. Match with a good handful of women right off the bat, but didn’t want to date or anything, besides maybe a night out or a short drink knowing our intentions at the end of the night. I use a line to ask if girls are down, which works well because its direct, but not super creepy. Two girls were free the next day…so I made plans with both of them.

Typically I like girls who are very talkative and witty in their message, as I am. Both of these girls seemed plain and short in their messages, but they were cute so I went with it anyway. Typically, I also like to get coffee or a bite with a girl before hooking-up.

So the day came when I had plans with both these girls it was a blizzard ALL DAY. Snow turned to rain, and the ground was covered in ice, slush, and puddles 10ft wide. As the weather was awful, I also decided to use public transportation as I thought it would be easier to get around than driving in the terrible conditions. Mistake 1. I also wanted to get some school work done so I carry my backpack with me all day. Mistake 2.

I had plans with girl 1 around 2pm, so I decide to do some work at a coffee shop near her place. By the time I get to cafe, shoes and socks are soaked. My hair is a fucking disaster because I used some product in it, and it mixed with all the snow and rain. I’m a mess. I planned to meet-up with this girl at the cafe, but she messaged me saying its so bad out, to come to her place and she’ll make me coffee. I get there and she’s kind enough to get me out of my coat and soaked clothes. I thought looking in shambles might have been a deal breaker, but thankful I’m normal and talkative enough to keep her intrigued. As she’s making me coffee I say we should break any awkwardness right away, so I go in for a long passionate kiss. We talk on her couch for 30-40 minutes which was wonderful, as were in similar fields. I finally tell her I have to have her, and we make to the bed. I messaged her before nothing that drives me more wild than lace lingerie, as she certainly indulged me. Her bed was next to a huge set of windows that exposed her apartment to several neighbors, which we barely closed. We began have incredible sex, where she kept quivering she was cumming over and over, and begging me to hold her down. The windows kept opening up which made me feel like an exhibitionist. It was incredible. I could have stayed there with her all afternoon and night….but had to meet up with girl number two.

Girl 2 lived alllll the way across town, so I had to take two buses just to get there. It was an hour and 15 min trip, and it started with me waiting at the bus stop in freezing cold for 20 min. As I got on the first bus, it began to sink in just how ridiculous this day was getting, my feet soaked again from walking in puddles. As I was sitting on the bus, my stomach was starting to feel upset, like, bad. I knew I needed to get to a bathroom asap. I finally got off at my stop, and again walked around for 10min just to find a public restroom (I wasn’t going to stink up this girls bathroom two seconds after meeting her). I found a grocery store in the area, and used their gross public bathroom for 10 min and began to feel better. Sorry if this is all TMI haha. Anyway, it was at this point I had my second “wtf am I doing” moment after the bus. Anyway, I soldiered on because, well, sex. We were planning on grabbing dinner together, but she told me she’ll order a pizza to her place as it’s so cold outside. Cool.

I get to her place and ring the apartment bell. Nothing. Ring it again. NOTHING! Call. text. nothing as I’m AGAIN in the freezing cold STILL lugging around my damn backpack. I decide to go to this pizza place across the street to wait, where she finally texts me back 10 min later. I walk back to her place and she’s actually even way cuter than her pictures. We kiss within seconds of meeting and I push her against the brick wall to passionately kiss her more. We head inside. So I find out she’s from this REALLY rural part of the north, so keeps saying “jeepers creepers”. It was equally weird and endearing. She’s says all this weird/cute stuff about how I’m way more handsome than she expected, and how most dudes on tinder are creeps. Won’t lie. Nice little ego boost haha. Anyway, we talk a bit, I realize she’s fun but dumb as bricks, but still cute…so I start kissing her and we’re having sex on her couch within 15 minutes of walking in the front door. Her bare chest was absolutely stunning and her breasts swayed and bounced as she rode me. We ate pizza and quickly went back for round two. We talked a lot as we were fucking, and I realized very quickly this girl was a bit of a freak, and probably started liking me way too much after this first encounter. She started saying how she’d love to let me put it in her ass, and fuck other girls with me. Very hot, but very very weird. Ummm, we’ll see.

Anyway, we kissed and talked a bit more, but it was getting late. I decide to call an uber as it would have been another 2 hours to get home on the bus/train. Got home. Went to bed. That was a weird day

Surprising Forever

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re officially graduated from college and on your way back home to Kansas to take care of your sick Mother, when you run into an unexpected someone that is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Word Count: 3,326

Warnings: Talk of cancer, angst if you squint, language, lots and lots of fluff

Author’s Note: I’ve seen so much beautifully written angst lately that I just feel like I need to throw out the fluffiest tooth rotting fluff I can to try and balance it all out. Feedback is always welcome considering I am a newbie author. Thank you so much to @jalove-wecallhimdean for being my beta for this fic! I hope you guys enjoy!

College was officially over. You graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and instead of staying behind to celebrate with your friends and classmates, you headed straight home to your Mother in Kansas. She hadn’t been able to attend your graduation due to being diagnosed with cancer last year. As guilty as you felt for not being at home to be with her more, you knew she would have been disappointed in you if you didn’t finish college. All she ever wanted for you was to accomplish more for yourself than she had been able to do. She wanted you to have a better life, a life where you could support yourself and any children you might have

Lawrence, Kansas was a small town. Everyone knew everyone and that included their business too. You were not surprised to see the normal hustle and bustle of the townspeople walking around the shops whether to work, grab coffee and breakfast, or if they were just enjoying a Friday morning. It was peaceful, a great place for families. Your destination, the hospital, just happened to be in the center of town.

Parking into the hospital parking lot you quickly made your way up to the fourth floor, room 329, to see your mother. You made good time from your drive and only made two stops along the way. One for a gas fill-up and bathroom break, another to stop by the florist shop in town to pick up a bouquet of your mother’s favorite flowers, purple and white lilies.

Making your way to her room you halted in your steps outside of the partially closed door hearing your mother’s laughter along with a much deeper laugh. You didn’t know who could be in with your mother but if they could make her laugh like that, you were more than grateful to them. You waited a few more moments before interrupting, not wanting to kill the moment.

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Beauty and the Beast

During a high school production of Beauty and the Beast, where I was assistant costumer and assistant prop master, our director decided that we needed to spice up Gaston’s introduction. You know: in the movie, when Lefou runs in trying to catch the duck/goose that Gaston has just shot out of the sky?

Originally, the actors were going to stroll on stage with our Lefou hauling in the really neat (and real!) taxidermied deer head that we had found in a local thrift store. Now, two days before opening night, our director wants Lefou to run in from off stage and catch a stuffed duck that Gaston has just shot. This, of course, requires two things to work properly as a scene: a gunshot noise, and a stuffed duck.

The gunshot noise, we had covered. Blue-collar, redneck school? Guns a plenty to record. The stuffed duck? Harder than you might have thought to obtain.

Three hunting stores, two taxidermists, and one Pet Supply Store ™, I’d finally found a semi-realistic pheasant squeaky toy. What follows is an account of the ways this dog toy managed to be the nightmare prop of the six show run.

Opening Night: The stagehand, who was supposed to drop the bird from the ceiling catwalk, missed his cue and didn’t drop it. Lefou’s actor rolls with it and does an excellent job of looking around foolishly before getting cuffed upside the head by Gaston. The stagehand then drops the bird squarely on Gaston’s head. Cue laughter.

Saturday Matinee: Different stagehand throws the bird instead of dropping it and beans Lefou directly in the face with the prop. Lefou falls over. Cue laughter.

Saturday Night: Bird is missing during curtain call. Director hauls the deer head down from it’s place on the tavern wall and tells Gaston and Lefou to revert to the old blocking i.e. no gunshot, no bird, just walk in with trophy. During Gaston and Lefou’s conversation, gun shot sound goes off and a stagehand throws the bird onto the stage…from the wrong side of the stage. Lefou and Gaston stare at it in awkward silence for a solid thirty seconds before Lefou makes off-script, subtle joke about Gaston’s gun going off late instead of early. Cue adults in the audience laughing.

Sunday Matinee: Director begs the stagehands to get the cue right at least once. Gunshot and bird prop go off without a hitch. Lefou accidentally catches the prop when it falls from the catwalk. He’s so startled that he caught it that Gaston runs right in to him. They drop both the gun and the bird props, and grab the wrong prop in their scramble. Gaston spends the rest of the scene gesturing dramatically with a stuffed pheasant, instead of a gun.

Sunday Night:  Director is fed up with bird prop, decides that Lefou should just carry bird prop in after gunshot happens off stage. Lefou accidentally squeezes the prop during the intro conversation, startling both actors into silence with the squeaky toy noise - apparently, neither of them realized it was a dog toy.

Monday Elementary School Show: Lefou walks on stage with the bird. Accidentally drops the prop during conversation with Gaston. Gaston doesn’t notice the dropped prop and steps on it. Cue depressingly sad squeaky toy noise. Cue ten years olds laughing.

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“Home remedies” - h.s. Part 7

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6



“Life, if anything, is nothing more than a series of moments captured frame for frame as our eyes take in those around us and impact us monumentally,” Harry said, attempting to not sound like he was reading from a card but you knew he totally hadn’t memorized the whole speech completely. You couldn’t help but smirk as you leaned back in your seat and just let it happen.

He’d been keeping the speech a secret from you for weeks. You knew he was presenting and you’d come to terms with that, but you had been nervous for whatever flowery declaration of love he may attempt to pepper into the whole thing. But he was doing a pretty good job, and so far you weren’t as embarrassed as you thought you’d be. 

“That’s why photography is so important though, right?” Harry continued, “Because we have so many moments during the day that cause so many different emotions, that we oftentimes look over the most important ones. I know, that with two kids, the little moments can sometimes go unnoticed. But that’s what photography does for us - it allows us to ponder and remember on those little moments that may have passed up by, that make us feel something we didn’t know we possessed, and to help us give thanks for the moments we’ve cherished with others.”

Okay, so maybe now you were crying a little bit, but you weren’t going to let the small tears show as you continued to slouch slightly in your chair, your arms crossed lazily over your stomach as you attempted to act as cool as a cucumber. 

Internally though, you were freaking out.

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Fresh Start - Birthday Boy

A/N: Part 24 of my Fresh Start series. This is a Mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. After this there is just one chapter left, and then I plan on doing an epilogue. I love making this story, and I love all the amazing feedback i’ve gotten. Thanks to my awesome  and ever patient beta @thorne93 for sticking with me through all of this series, you are the best.  

Characters: Dean x Reader, Beth, Sam, and a bunch others that are mentioned.

Warnings. FLUFF!!! And some drinking, but I think that’s it.

Wordcount: 1862

*Not my GIF*

Originally posted by hunterchesters

“I love the smell of pancakes in the morning.” Dean wrapped his arms around you from behind and placed a tender kiss to your neck.

“I know,” you smiled, turning around in his arms. “Happy birthday.” You raised up on your tiptoes and kissed his lips.

“Happy birthday, Dean,” Beth shouted as she came running through the kitchen. Dean crouched down and accepted the hug she offered him. “I have a present for you, but mom says I have to wait until later,” she pouted.

“We best listen to your mom then,” Dean said, lifting her up with him as he stood.

January had been a busy month so far, with Dean moving in and the construction starting on the gallery, so you were very much looking forward to all spending the day together. Almost all day. Dean had to go into work to confirm an order and sign off on some other paperwork and you were going to go shopping and make a nice lunch for all of you, even Beth was staying home from school.

“Maybe the two of you can set the table? Breakfast is almost done.”

It was nice to have a morning without any stress. Beth and Dean were involved in a hefty discussion about something they had watched on TV last night and you just sat back and enjoyed the moment, watching them grow closer together.

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A request for an anon. An Ethan Dolan Imagine based off of the song N Y L A by Blackbear
“You’re in New York
I’m in L.A.
I drive to work
You take the train”

I lookout the window into the darkness as the commuter takes me back to Brooklyn. It had been the longest day. I loved working for this firm and I needed the money to finish law school, but Fridays ran long and I was missing him like crazy. The night was unusually warm for February so I strolled a little on my walk back to the loft. When I come in, I find my two roommates, Mike and Leo asleep. They usually fall asleep after a good hockey game and beer session together. I laugh and shut off the TV.

As I’m getting ready for bed, my phone rings. I almost don’t answer it when I see who it’s from, but something pushes me to do it.

“Ethan?” I say quietly, wiping off my makeup.

“Hi” he sounds ashamed. “Well good, he should,” I think to myself.

“How’s LALA land party boy,” I say, slightly bitingly.

“I miss you,” he says bluntly, “I made a mistake”

“Yeah, you did Ethan, but I’m so happy with where my life is right now, I would never come back to LA for you at this point.”

“Oh, okay” I hear him upset and imagine those droopy puppy dog eyes.

I pause for a second and can’t help myself. “But, I miss you too.” It’s true, we were miles apart but sometimes I felt like dropping everything and taking him back.

“Really?” He says, perking up. “You’re not too busy becoming a kick ass lawyer to remember me?”

“Every now and then I find time”

“We were pretty great, weren’t we?”

“Yeah” I say after a second. He was right, the sex, our friendship, the moments we shared, the dates he took me on; everything was spectacular. I always thought he would be it. But, then he hurt me and told his friends dark secrets about me, then said I couldn’t go to a special NYU law and paid work experience program and we broke up. I couldn’t be with someone I couldn’t trust and who didn’t support me. I dropped everything and fled to my dream job and have been putting all my energy in to it for a few years since. Ethan and I were so in love, but sometimes we have to give up the things we think we love for the things we think are best.

“Well, I wish everyday I had supported you more, that I had appreciated you fully.”

“Oh, wow. Thanks, I think,” I say awkwardly, pajamas on as I head to the kitchen to make some tea.

“I mean it. Uh! I hate apologizing over the phone. I’m much better and less awkward in person.”

“Well, I don’t have time to fly out to LA to listen to this” the phone cuts out and there is a knock on my door. I open it slowly.

“Then don’t,” he smirks. I nearly pass out from the sight of him in my doorway. I secretly dreamt of this moment since I left. He would come and apologize and everything would be alright. “I am so sorry. I loved you more than everything and completely let you down. I have tossed and turned every night without you. I don’t need you to move back to LA, I don’t need you to do anything. I just wanted to drop off this plane ticket out to LA for an open date; I’m always one plane ride away.”

I meet his eyes and they are even more dark and beautiful than I remembered. He is so tall and broad and beautiful and the words that spill from his lips make me weak. “Ethan Dolan, you and your shenanigans will be the end of me,” I say after a while, slipping my arms around his neck. “I’m not saying I forgive you, but,” I say quietly before bringing his LA lips to my New York ones.
I hope this is what you wanted!
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Solangelo One Shot #10

Movie arguments
(Bear with my dates and times in this, they’re never accurate. Idek when the movie came out)


Nico Di Angelo shrugged up his jacket even further, letting the upturned collar cover his ears and even a bit of his nose. His breath could be seen in the cool air, and he shivered, keeping an eye out for the movie shop he wanted to go to.

He had been waiting so long for the new movie, Captain America: Civil War to come out in DVD’s and he’d spent a long time searching for a shop to find it in, when he’d gotten the word that it was now selling at a nearby shop. Nico had to admit he was too much off a nerd when it came to mythology, Greek Gods, superheroes and therefore resulting in his obsession with the new movie. And also his little man crush on Robert Downey Jr.

Nico almost collapsed from relief when he saw the movie right along the corner, and ducked in quickly, sighing at the warmth inside the shop. He went up to the cash register, his hands numb from the cold.

“Hey,” Nico said through gritted teeth. “Um, I was wondering where the, uh, Captain America: Civil War DVD was placed?”

Nico was a little embarrassed as he was already 18 and it seemed a little silly to be watching such movies, but the sales girl looked at him and winked, “Just the second aisle, you’ll find it according to alphabetical order,”

Nico nodded, finally feeling the blood rushing to his face and hands, causing goosebumps to appear all over his body. He gingerly walked over the the second aisle the sales girl had mentioned.

In the second aisle stood another young man, about Nico’s age with the brightest blonde hair and bluest eyes Nico had ever seen. He wore a full sleeved Henley, and Nico wondered how he wasn’t cold.

The blonde turned to Nico, sending a quick smile before continuing to browse the shelves, a concentrated look on his face. Nico did the same, looking for the ‘C’ section (ha ha) on the shelves.

His eyes scanned quickly and spotted the DVD case, but right as he was about to reach for it, a warm, tanned hand did as well, making him jump back. The blonde boy did the same, and both looked at each other for a few seconds before jumping for the movie.

It ended up in both their hands, a stern look in both their eyes as they glared at each other wordlessly.

Eventually, the blonde spoke up, “Look mister, I’ve gone to five stores, FIVE, looking for this movie but it’s been sold out in all of them. Now that I’ve finally found it, will you please let me just-”

“No,” Nico shook his head, “Excuse you, I’ve been waiting so long for this to come out that I’m surprised that I haven’t turned into a skeleton. You seem nice, and maybe show your kindness and let me have this,”

Nico’s eyes set into a glare and he looked at the blonde with a hard look, but the stranger seemed to become angry, “Look, Death Boy, I don’t know what you’ve gone through to get this but I doubt it’s as much as me. I couldn’t go see the movie because I’m too busy with school, and you should be nice enough to let me enjoy one weekend, just one, off from med school,”

Nico was impressed when the blonde mentioned the medical school but didn’t show it, “And you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this version to come out because hey, guess what? I have school too, and I’m also just as busy, and I don’t have nights off a lot from work either,”

Both boys stared at each other until two deep sighs emitted from their mouths.

“Ugh,” the blonde said, letting go off the movie, “Fine. Fine, go watch it, have a nice time,”

He tried to walk off, but Nico could see how much stress the person had been in, as the dark circles under his eyes suggested, along with his slouching posture.

“Wait,” Nico said, his eyes wide, “Uh, lets, watch it together maybe? Or I don’t know we could-”

“Together like, tonight or?” The blonde asked, tilting his head, “Because, I think-”

“Yeah, uh, yknow, it’s Sunday so,” Nico was red in the face and flustered by this point. He wasn’t one for being straightforward but he felt really bad, “I have popcorn I mean,”

The blonde smiled, and then nodded, reaching out to shake Nico’s hand, “I’m Will, by the way,”

Will’s hand was so warm, Nico didn’t want to let go, but eventually, he pulled back, “Yeah, I’ll go pay-”

“No,” Will said firmly, “I’m paying for half of it, end of discussion,”

Before Nico could say anything else, Will had already handed Nico a ten dollar bill, which was 1 cent more than Nico was required to pay, but the darker haired boy didn’t argue as he trudged towards the counter to pay for the DVD.

Will and Nico ended up walking to Will’s place together, which Nico found extremely warm and comfortable, and they watched the movie with a bowl of popcorn and some sodas.

Will had continuously made comments throughout the movie, which either made Nico suppress a smile or swat his arm for swearing, and Nico kept groaning whenever something didn’t go as he wanted.

Eventually, Nico fell asleep on Will’s arm, making the taller boy carry him to his own bed, too tired to call a cab and get him home. Plus, he didn’t want to wake Nico up, and he didn’t have his address.

Will eventually fell asleep beside him, and didn’t wake up himself till Nico did in early afternoon the next day, which was far too late for Will.

“Will,” Nico hissed, poking Will’s face, “Wake up, I’m trapped,”

Will awoken with start, jumping at Nico’s voice. Groggily, he looked beside him where Nico lay, supported by his elbow. Will’s arm was draped across his abdomen, not allowing him to move.

“Oh, shit,” Will swore, immediately removing his arm from Nico, “Sorry, man,”

Nico shook his head, rolling his eyes, “The real question is, why am I in your bed, sleeping beside you,”

Will blushed, realizing how bad the situation looked, “No, no. Um, I, ah. Well, see last night after our little movie session, you sort of fell asleep on me so I put you into bed. I guess I should’ve slept on the couch or something but I was too tired to think,”

It was Nico’s turn to resemble a tomato, “Oh… I-I’m sorry. I, ah, didn’t realize,”

Will scratched the back of his neck as the boys climbed off his bed, “Im guessing you’re gonna leave, but I kept your jacket in the bathroom. I also have a spare toothbrush in my bathroom, in the lower cabinet,”

Nico squinted playfully, “Are you saying my breath stinks?”

Will laughed, shaking his head, “No, I was guessing you wanted to freshen up, you know?”

Nico nodded, a small smile present on his face. As he made his way to the bathroom, Will grabbed a small piece of paper and scribbled his number on it.

He constantly paced around the room until Nico came out of the bathroom, wiping his hands on his jeans.

“Hey,” Will said, biting his lip.

“Hey, yourself,” Nico smiled, and walked to Will, who fumbled with his pockets, producing the small piece of paper with his number on it.

“I, uh,” He said, as Nico took the small paper, “Was wondering if we could maybe hang out again, you know,”

Nico smiled again and pocketed the paper, “Sure,”

This sucked so bad

Excuses (Dok2)

Anonymous asked: i have a request, it’s a Dok2 one! you catch him cheating on you but he acts like he doesn’t care, an asshole basicaly. Very angst, please

Originally posted by cureeburee

    You threw back the last sip of your drink and paid the bartender before heading onto the dance floor with your friend. It was late and the alcohol had taken the edge off your usual inhibitions and now you let go, your hips moving to the music as your hands rose above your head. “Having fun?” your friend shouted to you over the loud music and you nodded, grinning.

     It had been an unusually stressful few weeks; you were in the final year of getting your master’s degree and the workload was tremendous. You’d hardly seen your friends, let alone your boyfriend, in weeks, months maybe at this point, but you’d just finished your most difficult final, and it felt good to finally relax.

    But then you spotted something; someone, rather- a familiar form in a loose t-shirt and torn jeans, a chain gleaming dully around his neck in the dim lights, a snapback pulled low over his eyes, and his arm around the shoulders of a woman in a short dress as he spoke into her ear.

     Hurt and rage bubbled up inside you and your feet led you straight over to his table. You slammed down the heels of your hands on the edge of the table, making both him and the woman jump and look up at you, she with confusion and he with… indifference? “You better have some hella good excuse for this,” you snapped.

    He just shrugged. “I don’t need an excuse; It’s just what it looks like.”

    Your mouth dropped open at the same time as you felt your heart sink, but Joon-kyung just took another calm sip of his drink before saying, “If that’s all, can you leave us alone?”

      You just stood there, speechless. Where was the warm Joon-kyung you knew? What was even going on? You tried to summon your confidence as you answered, “Fuck you, Joon-kyung.” But your voice wasn’t as firm as you had hoped and you could feel tears welling in your eyes the instant you turned away. Your friend was waiting for you at the edge of the dance floor, her face filled with sympathy, and she wrapped an arm around your shoulders, guiding you way outside.

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