two my fav bands


gmw band au  assorted singles from both Maya Hart and Mad Dogs

“Hope For Suckers” ♪ maya hart’s first single that hits the charts and gets her career really going. a fun, upbeat bop co-written by her and riley matthews (under the pseudonym jexica). it’s the top track on her album release that follows, hart to hart.

“Commonism” ♪ zay babineaux’s vocal solo track on mad dog’s second album, game night, the first of the five band member solos. a five-minute r&b hit, it also features a rap interlude that zay arranged and wrote himself, questioning the importance of individuality in a society that stresses both standing out and fitting in.

“Donnie Barnes” ♪ alternatively titled “regular guy,” farkle minkus’s moody bass solo features his playing skills as well as his voice, whereas only zay and charlie had been featured on their previous album. although the lyrics are somewhat pretentious and not meant to make sense, some fans speculate the song is actually a deep yearning from both farkle (and lucas, who penned the lyrics) to go back to being regular guys out of the spotlight.

“Mr. Perfect” ♪ featuring a quick fifteen second opening of the boys setting up and laughing in the studio, lucas friar quickly launches into an intense and mesmerizing six-minute drum solo, which closes out game night. rumor has it during the recording session, he played so hard there was blood on the drum set by the end of the session.

“Blonde Beauty” ♪ marking the first collaboration between mad dog and maya hart, this saucy duet starts a successful and sacred partnership between the two artists. zay babineaux and maya hart go on to be featured at least once every album the other makes, with lucas penning most of their duets (hence, why he’s included on the cover at their insistence).

“Belgium 1831” ♪ the first single released after charlie left the band, mad dog reassures their fans that they’re not ready to say goodbye yet and plan to continue making music – even if their sound is a little different. dave bumps up to lead guitar and shreds a killer solo that blows even their most critical fans away. yes, it seems mad dog isn’t going anywhere.

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Year and place youd time travel to

I’d go to the UK during the 90′s, that’s it, from 1990 to 1999, and stalk my two fav bands hahaha

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16. Cosmos.

16. Favourite song?

I cheated, and answered the favorite band one with two of my fav songs, but lemme see what else I got for you…

Ooo I got a good one!

COSMOS: I think you’re interesting

Aww thank you. I promise I’m really quite boring :P

Hopelessness - Chapter One - Hopelessness - Austin Carlile and James Cassells

Can you do an imagine for Austin Carlile & James Cassells imagine where you attempt suicide cause of hate from OM&M fans so after you live you leave Austin, and go back your ex James cause AA fans liked you and you missed James, AA & OM&M go on tour together and Austin still misses you even tho it’s been like 1-2 Years. So Austin’s try’s to get you back. You can choose the ending. Sorry if it’s long I just really like this idea. thanks (love ur blog btw)…

Okay -this will be in chapters- this has a trigger warning. I love you bc these are like two of my fav band members

Chapter One: Hopelessness.

Thoughtlessly, I drew the blade to my wrist. I didn’t care. I couldn’t do this anymore; this is the only way I can get out of this stupid hate. I throw my phone across the floor. The bitter jaws of the stainless piece of steel sliced the skin on my arm. Instantly, carmine red was beading up on my arm, like sweet raindrops off the devil’s fangs. I slashed my wrist like a blind person. I guess I was blind; for thinking any of this could’ve ever worked – that I could ever cope with all of this shit. Precious blood leaked out from the vertical stripes and trailed down my arm. But my vision halts to a blur…

I woke up in my bed. My head thumped, my arm stung. However, despite that, I felt numb. My heart, my feelings. I felt empty - useless. I attempted to sit up, but my head twirled around me. My eyesight cleared and I saw Austin perched at the end of our bed, looking distraught. “Why did you never tell me it was this bad?” He asks, clutching my phone in his palm. Naturally assuming he was relating to the fan hate, I shrug. “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings…” I say, dropping eye contact. It was true; I didn’t want him knowing how hateful his fans really were to me. I didn’t want him thinking that his fan base was just a bunch of spiteful, jealous teenagers. “You didn’t want me knowing what cruel people my fans really are? Y/N, you mean more to me than they do. Yes, they’re my fans and I owe them a lot… But you’re my girlfriend and I love you. It’s not right what they say to you.” He mutters, tilting his head.

“I’m sorry, Austin.” I mutter. “I can’t do this anymore: me and you. We can’t.” I alms of stammer. “What? Y/N - are you saying what I think you’re saying?” He asks, frowning immediately. Slowly but definitely, I nod my head. “I was wrong.” I add, sighing. “We promised we’d get through this…” Austin replied, looking concerned. “I know. I know you said your fans could be a bit nasty… And I prepared myself for that. But I’ve gone to lengths I couldn’t imagine to try and get round this. But I can’t go further, Austin, I can’t.” I mumble, not being able to look at him. “But Y/N, I love you.” Austin says, sliding up the bed to me. “I love you so much, you can’t leave me because of this.” He says, feeling over my arm which has now been bandaged up, I assume he aided it. “I love you too, I thought I could deal with it.” I whimper, nudging my forehead to his gently, feeling myself tear up. “But the Asking fans were never as bad as this…” I bite my lip, referring to my ex: James Cassells, Asking Alexandria’s drummer. Because of me and him, I thought I had adapted to owning the title ‘band members girlfriend’. But I guess I was wrong…

"So that’s what you’re going to do. Run back to your fucking ex.” Austin growls, thrusting back from me, mood completely alternating. “A dickhead who thinks he’s the shit because he’s in a band? Fuck that Y/N, no. You deserve better, you deserve me.” He says, temper rising. “James is not a dickhead, and I don’t plan on ‘running back to him.’ You don’t have the right to me what I do and don’t deserve, Austin. It’s your fans that are complete and utter psychos who send their ‘idol’s girlfriend death threats. Now that’s what I don’t fucking deserve.” I yell, beginning to cry.

"I mean it Austin, I can’t do this anymore, I just can’t, I’m sorry.” I add quietly, as we sink into silence of despair and hopelessness. This was hard, harder than I thought it’d be. I love Austin, so much. But I’m mentally and physically tired of this… I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold on. I’m not angry, if anything, I’m the opposite. I’m upset and hurt, that a simple fan base can ruin a love as strong as mine and Austin’s. That’s what people do though, isn’t it? They try their best to ruin and tear apart what makes them jealous.


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I met like a storm and fearless vampire killers on the black mass tour it meant the world to me to meet two of my fav bands. I was very nervous as I am socially awkward but found the courage to aproach them and ask for a picture and autograph.  Yay me!!! Was definitely the best night ever

no one from craigslist will email me back, and the ones that do, somehow never work out. its really stressful trying to find a place to live when ya only got a few weeks to do it.

I feel like I’m about to hurl and I have a bad headache.

I am grumpy.

and I could add like at least three more things to this negative nancy list. but here are some good things about today:

we brought donuts to work today AND the interns brought donuts, donut party!

the new side project of my fav band is incredible (I posted two of their songs today already)!

I get to see my family today and hang out with them all weekend! we are gonna party and adventure and eat good food.

my husband woke up early to put my clothes in the dryer and he also cleaned the kitchen–he is the sweetest.

our car is fixed–Zach did it himself and it was wayyyy cheaper than bringing it in to get fixed! he installed a new radiator and cooler thing AND made/attached a brand new grill for the front! jack of all trades!

we are almostttt to the third trimester. also I love being pregnant and having a belly. also I ate almost a whole bag of werther’s soft carmels last night. and donuts today. cant. stop. give me all the sugar.

ok that’s all.

Day: 1048
Shirt: Descendents / ALL - Milroy

Color:  White

Brand: Gilden Heavy Cotton

Source:  If you are in Vegas this weekend at Punk Rock Bowling and you don’t get this shirt you are out of your fucking skull.  its one of the best shirts ever, encapsulating two of my fav bands in one.  so good.  also if you are there and don’t track down chrisshary and buy one of these great sketchers he did off him you are also missing the boat.

See what i mean.  if you are not In Vegas.  then just have a good day and be like me knowing that in Vegas there are people having a great time at some awesome shows in a horrible city and you are at home watching COPS on Spike.