two more days someone hold me

the foxes as things i've overheard at art camp
  • neil: i haven't slept in two days but i can still hold this pencil [pencil is shaking in hand]
  • andrew: i'm gay and i like this knife
  • kevin: my son has abandoned us for soccer— he's dead to me now
  • aaron: do you think this white pastel is actually just powdered pills solidified again
  • nicky: 'someone called me straight yesterday' <i>'i'm so sorry'</i>
  • matt: not all heroes wear capes, bro
  • dan: <i>'yeah i'm a feminist, i'm wearing pink even though i'm a guy'</i> 'that's not feminism, bitch'
  • renee: everyone is beautiful...
  • allison: ...but some people are more beautiful than others
  • seth: <i>'there's a lot of hostility going on in here, isn't there?'</i> 'oh yes, there is'
  • wymack: i used to avoid them, but then i realized something— i don't give a shit what they think of me
  • abby: do not poison your body with expired plastic and chemical juice or i'll have to hold your hand all day
  • bee: aw, look at you guys with all the life crushed out of you, come chat with me about that if you want
  • jean: my goal today is to be as edgy as possible
  • jeremy: all my professors were like 'ugh, no one uses bright color in serious artwork,' and i was like 'SCREW THAT!' and used Lisa Frank colors in everything
  • riko: i want to use a dead body in my art, like in the horror movies
She picked something from her table and walked towards her bed. She smiled lightly and sat down slowly. “I will never meet a lot of people. I will never be able to know and understand why people act the way they do. Even if I still can’t understand them perfectly, I knew that I can relate to what they were going through. Some things will never happen, some lessons will not be learned. And some of the greatest people I met will be forever strangers to me. Yes , I will never be able to tell you the wonderful memories—if that one thing never happened to me. If it occurred differently. I will not be talking about the stars if I haven’t experience the darkest of nights. I will not be mesmerized by how the sun rises if I wasn’t awake until it comes. I will not be in love with the sunset if I wasn’t waiting for the day to end. I will not be talking about heartbreak if it doesn’t happen to me. I will not be moved by sad movies if I never felt pain. I will not be talking about deep meanings behind things if I only used my eyes for trying to realize something. I will not be here if I made a different decision. If I chose a different option.”. She looked up and gave him the thing she’s been holding. A thing he thought she will never have. A piece of paper where a date was written. The day when they met each other. The day when he had seen her alone, reading one of her favorite books. The day when he was silently listening to his favorite music. “I was starting to move forward when you saw me. And I never expected that there’s still someone who would want to be with me when I started to stand and walk. I am moving on, and so are you—from two different reasons—but it feels more precious when we decided to do it together.”
—  ma.c.a // I Remember You
Dating would include – Twenty One Pilots

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Tyler Joseph:

  • He plans a ton of different dates whenever he has time
  • Ever been in a pillow fort? - Say no more
  • “We are the rulers of this fort!”
  • “I even found two crowns for us, my King.”
  • Super sunny day? - Tyler takes you to the park for a picnic
  • “God, you and your Taco Bell addiction… It’s beautiful, Ty.”
  • “Everything for you, [Y/N]…”
  • Tired to go out? - Let’s have a movie night with snacks
  • “Catch, Tyler! … Geez, we need to train that way more.”
  • The two of you keep the public display of affection as low as possible
  • Yes, there are a few kisses now and there and holding hands
  • But the rest is reserved for your time in private
  • “You don’t know how long I waited to have you for me alone…”
  • “Someone is eager tonight.”
  • “How can’t I? You look even more breathtaking than usual, if that’s possible.”
  • Tyler shows you how much you mean to him through other actions
  • The way he presents you to the world and speaks about you in interviews
  • “With [Y/N] by my side I can accomplish everything.”
  • “I can’t live without my better half anymore. [Y/N] is the world for me.”
  • Everyone can see how much he is in love with you
  • Should Tyler be away for a long time, he tries to keep in touch as much as possible
  • In between times he sends you tons of silly pictures and messages
  • But Ty loves to have endless calls with you
  • “How was your day, [Y/N]? I hope good. If not, I’m here.”
  • “I’m not going to end this call until you are asleep.”
  • “I love you so much…”
  • Fights in the your household is a very quiet event
  • Neither of you raise your voice at the other one –not even once
  • The deadly looks you have say more than thousand words
  • “Don’t you dare to give me the "forbidden look”!“
  • But in the end the fight doesn’t last longer than ten minutes
  • "I’m so sorry for everything. Can I make it up to you, love of my life?”
  • And Tyler knows how to push your buttons so you forgive him
  • You know Tyler will be there for you, when you need him
  • He loves to take care of you and making your day better
  • Massages, cuddles, kisses, cooked meals, everything you want or need
  • He always wants you to be by his side, when he writes a new song
  • You are his inspiration – his muse – if you want to say so
  • Tyler cares about your opinion on his music and songs
  • “Wow, feels like pure darkness, but with a tiny ray of sunshine and hope in it.”
  • Once in a while he writes a song about you as a gift
  • When words fail him, the music will talk for him
  • “Oh my god, Tyler. That’s so wonderful. Sweet. Beautiful.”
  • “I would catch a star for you, if you want it.”

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Josh Dun

  • The two of you take care of each other – almost having a sixth sense for that
  • You know exactly when the other one has a bad day
  • So nightly trips to Taco Bell or skating together are usual things
  • “I feel so much better now. Thank you, darling.”
  • After all this time you two are dating, Josh is still a blushing mess sometimes
  • Might it be the way you look stunning in your clothes
  • Or the most adorable compliment he tells you
  • “I am truly dating an angel. How did I get so lucky?”
  • His love to you gets stronger every day he has you by his side
  • Josh loves you to show your happy relationship in public
  • Matching couple shirts during the trip to Disneyland
  • “The Boss” - “The Real Boss”
  • Piggyback rides whenever you want – in the park, in the venue, …
  • “When is my turn to get a ride?”
  • “Don’t give him bad ideas, Tyler!”
  • And tons of vines you two do together
  • “[Y/N] is my favorite person on earth … right after Tyler.”
  • “… Seriously?”
  • He also tries to stay in touch with you, when he is away
  • Your phone is overflowing with messages, pictures and snapchats
  • To be honest you only miss him more  
  • “How is my love doing today? Feel hugged… I miss you, [Y/N].”
  • Of course, Tyler approves your relationship doubtlessly
  • He is thankful that you make Josh happy without doing anything
  • And the support you give him, Tyler and the band in general
  • “Yes, a match made in heaven… Lucky Josh.”
  • Once in a while the two of you fight – barely but you do
  • There is a lot of yelling, because both of you are emotional
  • But not a single harsh word were ever said
  • It’s not your wish to hurt the other one emotionally
  • “Dear Lord! We talked about this, Josh. I’m done with this topic!”
  • “What if I’m not done? It is important for me, [Y/N]!”
  • After a few minutes both of you apologize for your rude behavior
  • “If it’s important for you, then it is for me too.”
  • You never complain about how loud Josh plays on his drums sometimes
  • He just forgets everything around him lost in his music
  • Adoring the – just to mention – handsome smile on his lips is worth the noise
  • That’s what makes him happy so you are happy too
  • Knowing what you endure from time to time he tries to fulfil every wish of yours
  • Neither of you is really the type for big and expensive gifts
  • The little things in life are the important ones
  • “Hungry? Wait, I get you your favorite snack.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll do the dishes tonight. Just relax and enjoy yourself.”
  • Josh holds you close to his chest  during the night
  • It’s like the place in his arms is perfectly made for you
  • He literally feels how much you mean to him  
  • Your heart beating simultaneously with his own
  • The warmth of your skin on his
  • That’s pure comfort for him
  • “God, I love you so much, [Y/N]. More than you can imagine.”

A cool breeze blew through the city, making you cross your arms a bit to stay warm. The weather was changing from Summer to Fall and there you were, cold and wondering where the time had gone. By the time you got back to the apartment, you were eager to change into a long sleeve and chat with your uncle about buying school supplies.

As you entered the room, you could already hear your uncle’s voice. You assumed that he was on the phone, but your assumption proved itself wrong when you heard a second voice clearly in the living room. You furrowed your eyebrows, trying to place the voice. It sounded awfully familiar.

The door closing attracted your uncle’s attention. “Y/N? Is that you?” He called. Your uncle, since he worked for Tony Stark, knew his job might attract a few enemies of Stark so he was more cautious than other guardians. You didn’t mind, though.

You walked to the living room and peaked your head in. “Yeah, it’s just me,” you replied. He was sitting in his usual seat while the owner of the familiar voice sat on the couch. There were papers spread across the coffee table, mostly concerning your uncle’s job. When you actually saw the boy, you were shocked to see Peter Parker. He was in a couple of your classes. Why was he talking to your uncle about his job?

“Y/N, this is Peter Parker,” your uncle mentioned, noticing your confusion, “He’s the newest intern at Stark Industries. This is my niece, Y/N Y/L/N.” The name sparked a memory in Peter’s memory. He’s never met you before, but he recalled an acquaintance talking about you.

Nate wasn’t his friend. He was a friend of a friend and, while Peter was hanging out with his friend, he talked about you and how attractive you were. He even had plans to ask you out, solely because of your appearance. Peter wasn’t particularly interested in the conversation and shifted it to another.

Looking at you, Peter could see what Nate was talking about. He wondered if he ever actually asked you to be his. Dismissing the thought, Peter stood up and shook your hand. “It’s nice to properly meet you, Y/N,” he stated politely.

You shook his hand with only a smile. His eyes were amazing, you noticed as his glance met yours. There was never a reason to look into his eyes, but you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to look away. You forced yourself to before turning to your uncle. “I’m going to be in my room, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” he stated, gesturing to the papers on the table, “Peter and I were just talking about work. Dinner will get here soon.” Your uncle turned to Peter. “That reminds me. Peter, would you like to stay for dinner? We’re going to have more than we can eat.”

Nodding, Peter smiled graciously. “That sounds nice. As long as it’s not too much trouble.” With that, you went to your room, trying to forget about his eyes. They were brown, not particularly special. It was the kindness that was held in them. Peter seemed like a genuine person, which was a rarity those days.

Since you were still slightly chilly, you threw on your Midtown sweatshirt and picked up a book that you were required to read that summer. School was starting in a few weeks and you heard that you’d be tested on the book, so you were reading it again. In about fifteen minutes, your uncle was calling you down for dinner.

As much as you wished you could say that you and Peter connected during the dinner, the reality was that he was too invested with his conversation about his internship. You don’t know if he was just very passionate about his job at Stark Industries or if he was self centered, but, because of the conversation topic, you rarely talked during the dinner. You didn’t have much to say about their shared workplace, even if you had become acquainted with the Tony Stark because of your uncle.

Despite the poor first impression, you found yourself subconsciously looking for Peter in the hallways once school started. He didn’t share as many classes with you as he had last year so you only caught fleeting glances in the hallway from time to time. You had no idea what about Peter Parker had interested you, but you knew you were intrigued. 

By the time Homecoming was coming up, you were still as infatuated with Peter as you were when you first met him. Michelle found it the tiniest pathetic after hearing you talk about what little interactions you’ve had with him. She convinced you that he wouldn’t be the person you had built him up to be. It made sense, since you’ve only talked to him once. So you were planning on attending Homecoming with your friends, instead of practically pining over Peter Parker.

During the dance, you were with Liz Allan, a senior who didn’t actually know about your kind of feelings, when she spotted a familiar person from the Mathletes team. “Peter!” she greeted with her dazzling smile. He turned around and you felt yourself grow nervous when you saw his eyes again. You could feel yourself almost getting lost in them before you realized that they were focused on Liz. She turned to you and brought you next to her. “This is Y/N. She and I went to the same elementary school.”

“Hello, Y/N,” he replied politely, “I’m Peter.” Your heart dropped a bit, but you refused to acknowledge it.

Hiding your disappointment with laughter, you mentioned, “I believe I’ve met you before.” His eyes held confusion before recognition flooded his features. Peter cringed a bit while closing his eyes at his own ineptness. He opened his eyes slightly and flashed an apologetic smile. You swallowed your true thought and smiled back. “It’s fine. I wasn’t the best hostess that night.”

“No,” Peter corrected, “I was way too excited to talk with your uncle. It probably made you bored.” He laughed a bit. “Tell me. Do you tend to forgive bumbling idiots?”

“I can make an exception this once,” you responded, before letting your feelings overcome your judgement, “It would be easier if the bumbling idiot would like to dance.” Liz looked between the two with excitement in her eyes before excusing herself and running to your friends to see what they had to say about it. 

Peter smirked to himself for a second before nodding. “I’m not promising I’m any good,” he added as the two of you walked unto the dance floor.

What you had hoped for was some sort of closure. Something about Peter Parker that made him seem less appealing in your eyes. Instead, you spent the next twenty minutes dancing horribly together and talking. You actually got along with him rather well, which was not what you wanted, but you didn’t really mind at the moment.

Something on his wrist flashed, making him look down at the watch. His eyes seemed tense, but when he looked back up, he remembered where he was and who he was with. Peter casually excused himself with the reason that his aunt needed him. You only nodded and thanked him for the dancing. He didn’t ask for your number or anyway to contact you at all, which left you dejected. Nevertheless, you spent the rest of your night laughing and having a good time with your friends, who were teasing you for a bit about Peter before letting off.

A few days had passed since Homecoming and Peter was actually experiencing some peace in his life, despite his nightly escapades as Spiderman. During lunch on Monday, Ned decided to bring up Liz Allan. “Did anything happen at Homecoming?” he asked, knowing how much Peter liked Liz.

He shrugged. “No.”

“And you don’t seem very upset,” Ned remarked, utterly confused.

“I don’t know. I guess I just don’t see myself with her,” Peter admitted before stating what had been plaguing his mind since the dance, “You know, Y/N Y/L/N is pretty. Easy to talk to, as well.” He glanced around the cafeteria before he spotted you among your friends. “I know Nate ‘really likes her’,” Peter added sarcastically, “But he’s had months to ask her out and if he really liked her, he would have done it already.” Nate doesn’t have you in his thoughts constantly, though. Peter realized that he was staring and quickly looked away.

Ned nodded thoughtfully. Peter was right, since Nate was talking about you last spring, but he did nothing about it. “Well, do you have her number?”

“No, but I can just go ask-” He looked up to see the previously full table empty. You were no where in sight, but Peter wasn’t particularly distraught. He would just ask the next time he saw you.

As the week went by, you had concluded that since Peter had not made any attempt to contact you, despite knowing Liz and Michelle, he was not interested. It was fine, if not a little disheartening. You hadn’t really known him. He had probably forgotten you again. By Saturday, you found yourself at Stark Industries, waiting for your uncle. You weren’t paying much attention so you were surprised when you heard a familiar voice. “Hello, Y/N,” Peter, who was looking slightly out of breath for some reason, greeted. “I just saw your uncle. He should be right out.” 

You nodded. “Thanks.” The brief one-worded response probably hinted to your disappointment more than you attended it to.

To your surprise, he took a seat next to you in the waiting area and smiled nervously. “Your uncle actually invited me over again,” he mention in what he hoped was a casual tone. “Maybe you can give me your phone number so we can plan a day before dinner?”

His eyes held such hope in them, making them even more beautiful in your mind. You knew that you were absolutely done for. Maybe it was dumb to hold such high expectations for someone, but Peter seemed practically flawless to you. Maybe your feelings somehow overtook your judgement again when you replied, “That sounds like a good idea.” Seconds after you gave him your phone number, your uncle strolled out of the elevator and spotted the two of you. He smiled at Peter before the two of you started to head home.

Before you shut your eyes, a text, the first of many, appeared on your screen. Goodnight - Peter Parker.

  • You look too young to have gotten into medical school. 
  • Are you a genius or something?
  • Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
  • Well, gorgeous, you’ve been rerouted to the Office of Too Friggin’ Bad.
  • Hey, what are you telling me? Not to expect a miracle?
  • Yes, I was a little bit of a nerd. Is that so surprising?
  • I hate not having a plan. We’re looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • Actually, it’s more like we’re looking for a needle in a pile of needles.
  • No, we’re looking for a particular needle in a pile of needles.
  • Yeah, well, see, my code of survival says never mess with a woman who carries a gun.
  • I don’t know everything. I mean, despite the fact that you think that I do.
  • Anybody ever heard of sarcasm?
  • No one gets therapy these days without a healthy dose of medication.
  • Course not. We’ll both go to prison and you’ll be someone’s bitch. 
  • Oh, trust me, sugar. You are not going to want to eat when you see what’s in here.
  • Don’t ever call me ‘dad’ again
  • How do you think he’d feel about 'mom?’
  • Let me know when you’re going to do that, so I can run.
  • Easy there, tough guy. Have some coffee with your sugar.
  • I need something to wake me up.
  • I got a list of things I want to try before it’s too late.
  • Uh, you can have him back whenever you would like.
  • Well, no, you’re totally challenging, but you’re not challenging at all in a bad way, Sir.
  • What if she thinks I’m sweet on her?
  • I heard he was forced into early retirement.
  • You don’t know how to use them, do ya?
  • It’s like trying to forage for dinner with a pair of number two pencils.
  • Live a little? I’ve known you 48 hours. I feel like I’ve already aged 10 years!
  • I wish, um, things had been… more normal when we had met.
  • I’ve never known a normal day in my entire life.
  • You’re holding him like a cantaloupe.
  • What, you think you can do better? Okay, smartypants, knock yourself out.
  • You really don’t know someone till you take a road trip with them.
  • Hey, don’t knock family. I’m gonna get nothing but for the next 336 hours.
  • Oh god, please tell me you don’t have a crush on a fictional character.
  • That cabin was the only thing I had left and this guy took it away from me.
Give a Girl a Book

Day 6 of my 30 day Oneshot Challenge! You can find the rest here. And I hope you like this random fluffy thing!

Prompt: You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking u the fuck down

Give a Girl a Book

“Alright, Andor, where is it?”

Cassian glances up from his report with a frown. He squints against the sunlight as he takes in Jyn Erso’s angry face. It’s not the first time he’s witnessed the passion in her eyes or the hard set of her face when she knows what she wants and has decided that she’s going to get it, no matter the cost. Honestly, it’s a bit of a turn on. Not that he’ll tell her that when she’s angry, but her passion is exquisite.

“Where’s the book?” She demands, dropping into the seat beside him.

He casts around for an inkling as to what she’s talking about, but the answer eludes him. “What are you talking about?”

The History of Intelligence? The book you checked out of the library three weeks ago, the same book you know I wanted to read.”

Right. Now he remembers. It’s under his bed right now, an old receipt stuck between the thin pages about three quarters of the way back. He got distracted a couple days ago by another one of Bodhi’s ‘secret missions’ and hadn’t picked it up since then. At the time, the joy ride in the helicopter had been worth it. Now, staring into fierce brown eyes, he’s a bit on the fence. On one hand, if he had finished it Jyn wouldn’t be angry. On the other hand, he now gets to spend more time around her.

“I haven’t finished it yet.” She’s not going to leave it at that, but Cassian returns to his report all the same. It’s kind of fun to rile her up.

“Doesn’t matter,” she crows, leaning on his desk and covering his report. “Wanna know why?”

Cassian taps his pen on the paper, which he can’t write on because she’s covering the next section. He sighs and looks up at her expectantly.

“It’s been more than two weeks, which means it’s overdue.”

He sighs, wondering what her game is here. “So what? I can renew it.”

“But you can’t!” She grins at him. “Because someone else has it on hold.”


“Me!” She sits back with a huge grin, clearly pleased with herself.

“But you can’t get it until I actually return the book,” Cassian points out with his own smile. If he keeps the book, then she’ll come bug him every day. It’s childish, but it allows him to spend time with her, to witness her playful side. And no doubt, she’ll attempt to return the book for him, which would be interesting. Really, it just amounts to spending more time in her presence, which is always a win for him, and maybe – just maybe – it would convince her to say yes when he finally asks her out.

“Oh, you’ll return the book.” Jyn stands, confident in every moment.

Cassian frowns. She’s still light and teasing. There’s something up her sleeve, and it’s not the cards she uses to cheat. “And why would I do that when I still haven’t finished it?”

Jyn leans over the desk again, her facing pausing inches from his own. “Because Kay says you like me.”

He freezes, unable to look away from the mirth that twinkles in her green eyes. It looks good on her, like it’s meant to be there. He should probably be embarrassed by the fact that Kay spilled his secret to his crush, but all he really wants is to find out what Jyn’s smirk tastes like.

She draws him in, like gravity. Her breath catches in her throat, as her eyes drop to his lips. And just like that he’s got the upper hand once more.

“And what are you gonna do with that information?”

Jyn’s eyes search his face. It’s a game of chicken now. Who will make the first move? Who will the sexual tension get to first? He can’t be the only one who feels it, the only one effected by their proximity. Her dilated pupils speak to the veracity of that.

Cassian likes the thrill, so he feels a wave of regret as Jyn pulls back and her breath no longer fans his face. She backs from the room, biting her bottom lip as she watches him. He would give her just about whatever she wants right now. He’d walk all the way back to the room to grab the book and hand it over.

“If you return the book, I just might say yes when you finally ask me out.” With one last flirtatious smile, she disappears out the door.

Jyn finds the book on her bed when she gets back to her room, her library card slipped between the pages. But what really brings a smile to her face is the pink sticky note on the cover that reads:

Coffee. Tomorrow. 10am.  

She shakes her head. It’s about time he asked. Of course, he would do it in the most Cassian way possible.

It’s a good thing she likes him too.

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You are really starting to motivate me to actually exercise and become a hot ass lesbian ibe dreamed i could be. Im ready now there is no holding me back. But would you say only working out twice a week is enough?? I just havent got much time between my two jobs as of rn ):

10.   Is it better to work out all your muscles on one day or different muscles on different days?
It generally depends on your schedule. I do recommend giving yourself a few rest days! For someone that has a super busy schedule they may go only 2 to 3 times per week vs someone with a more flexible schedule that can go 4 to 5 times per week. As long as you can hit all your muscle groups in 1 week you are golden.
example of workout plans:
3 days a week: push day (chest/triceps) , pull day (back/biceps), legs/abs day
4 days a week: chest/tricep, back/biceps, legs, abs and shoulders
the possibilities are endless and are completely up to you

to add on to this.. two days is just fine and id recommend for you to do a UPPER body day (chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back) and a LOWER (legs, glutes, abs, etc) body day split! that way you can hit all of your muscle groups in one week :) 

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Hey can you do some prompts for someone breaking out of jail, thank you and keep up the awesome prompts

“Nothing could have kept me confined for too long.”

“This is going to be easy- just give me two days, at tops.”

“They really made the mistake of putting me in here and not somewhere more secure.”

“Hold the applause for when I get us out of here.”

Today, 5 years ago, I married the best person that has ever been in my life. She was the most amazing woman ever. Strong. Devoted. Loving. Selfless. Smart. Funny. Bright. And sexy as fuck. She gave me my two children. And she gave up her life to give me one of them. I will be forever grateful that I was given a beautiful daughter the day she passed. My two beautiful children are both so much like my wife was physically and in personality. Especially that stubbornness.

You can’t put into words how you feel. You can’t tell someone “I’m okay” because I’m not. I’m a wreck today. Today I want more than ever to hold her again. To kiss her again. To see her smile when I smile at her. To hear her laugh because of my stupid dad jokes. To tickle her side for no damn reason. To play with her hair while we watch tv together. To smell her hair while I cuddle her in bed. To feel her hold me when I’m feeling sad. To take care of the kids while I sleep in from staying up too late. To hold her hand while we walk to a BBQ or taco place. To grab her butt secretly where only her and I knew it was happening. To hear her say “I love you” for no reason.

There’s so much I want again. And I can’t ever have it again. One day I’ll find someone else to be with me, but she will be a different person all together. My late wife will never be replaced.

She used to always be so concerned with her tone. That she was talking to harshly to me or my son. And she would always, ALWAYS, binge watch ahead of me so she could have the one up on what was gonna happen. She never got my dirty jokes. Only the dad jokes. She knew when I needed to go have guitar time and would take over whatever I was doing and say to me, go play your guitar, honey. Honey… I miss being called her honey.

I’m trying my best to raise these kids in a way that I know both myself and her would have done together. She was a teacher so I work hard to educate my children with letters, numbers, and crazy good motor skills. Any time I meet someone that’s a teacher I always try and encourage them to be amazing, because that’s what she would have done. My son still remembers his mama and asks for her every now and then. It breaks my heart when I have to tell him that mommy’s not here anymore. That she is with God in Heaven because God needed more angels like her.

I can feel her with me today. My heart is heavy. My shoulders feel weighted. My body feels like it’s a different temperature. Maybe I’ll just keep to myself today and hope that I can feel her around me.

I love you Sarah. Sweet Pea. See you again someday.


Moving on after Breakup

Reaction: Simon, Jay and Dean finding out from a friend that you’re trying to move on after your breakup


//In denial// He was the one who ended things, stating that he didn’t need someone bothering him and distracting him from his work. Jay told Simon he saw you then showed him a picture of you with a guy. The whole thing would kind of shock him how fast you were moving on from him, the more he thought of it he started making assumptions that you were trying to hurt his ego by trying to find a rebound, thinking you will come back to him.

Jay Park

//Cocky// You two got into a heated argument, you kicked him out and before he closed the door behind him he said, “You’ll never find someone better than me.” After hearing Loco say you were going on dates with people, he took that as a sign of you accepting his challenge. Couple days later he runs into you holding hands with another person, “ So this is who you are trying to fill in the whole I left in your heart with.”


//Hurt// When he got to his home he called your name getting no response, found a note on his bed that basically explained that you were leaving him because you couldn’t handle it any more, was hurt that you didn’t tell him in person and left behind his back. After he processed everything his friend told him he would overthink things and get insecure, “What is he giving them that I couldn’t.”

Going Back

Requested by @little-dis-kaalista-pythonissama :Can I have a request where the reader used to live in Charming but she was very “chubby” and she was always bullied, so she leaves town. And returns years after completely changed and when Jax sees her is shocked because he always had a crush on her. And then he asks her to ride with him and the end of up to you. Pretty please.

Trigger Warning: Bullying

AN: This one got away from me!

The group of mean girls chased me down the hall, Tara leading the pack. I rushed to my locker, I just wanted to get my things, and leave. Two more days, and it was over. I could leave Charming and never look back.

I hated this stupid little town, the only reason I was here, was because my Aunt Luann and Uncle Otto was my guardian. Tara shoved me against the locker, laughing when I fell roughly. 

“God, you’re such a fat slob….so pathetic.” The group of girls laughed, I emptied my locker, shoving everything inside. I rushed outside, feeling relief seeing Uncle Otto waiting for me.

The group of girls were still following me. “Oh my God, that poor bike! Is it going to be able to hold your fat ass?”

“TARA!” I heard Jax shout at her, I rushed to Otto’s bike. Later that night, I packed my things and left early. I decided to start summer classes at Harvard.

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Grounded (Dally Imagine - Requested)

I watched out my window as the sky began to darken and the sun began to fade. The cool summer breeze blew in through the half-cracked open window.  The sunset was always beautiful on this side of town, but I knew it’d be much more intriguing if I wasn’t trapped in my room. Once again, I was grounded. Ever since I’d been going steady with my boyfriend Dally, it’s been more than a struggle to stay out of trouble. Not only have we gotten into it with parents and teachers, but I’ve started to become a regular down at the police station. Him and I had gotten caught last Saturday slashing Tim Shepard’s tires. It was all fun and games for us, but the fuzz didn’t seem to agree. I didn’t mind messing around though. As long as I’m with Dally I’m happy. But let’s just say, my parents weren’t too thrilled to get a call from the chief of the station.

I was currently lying on my bed, reading a magazine and listening to music. I’d been doing anything and everything to distract myself from the boredom. I sighed, turning the page when suddenly I heard a tap on my window.
I whipped my head around quickly, only to see nothing but darkness through the glass. Curiosity took the best of me as I climbed out of bed. I walked  slowly, peering out into the night.  As I walked closer and closer I could almost hear someone. My brows furrowed in confusion as I pushed the window up further.
“Hey baby”
“Dally!” I gasped at my boyfriend suddenly standing in the window.
“Dal, you scared the shit out of me!” I said, slapping him on the arm playfully.
“Hey-hey, go easy on that arm. There was a rumble last night.” he said, rubbing his right bicep.
“Oo did we win?”
“Come on babe” he smirked, “It’s Dallas Winston you’re talking to here”
“Oh, I see” I said, pulling him close to me.
“Wish you could’ve been there, I had two guys in a choke-hold as soon as someone threw the first punch”
“Well you know I’d gladly watch you roll around in the dirt with other guys any day” I teased.
“Funny” he said sarcastically.
“Nah, but you know I love seeing you all worked up and angry and sweaty” I smirked, pulling towards me as we locked eyes.
“Oh really (Y/N)? Well maybe this dirty greaser’ll have to get into fights more often”
“Now that’s the Dally I know” I said, pulling him in for a kiss.
Dally’s hands gripped my waist tightly, pulling me against him. Soon enough our mouths were moving in sync, my tongue dancing with his as my fingers tugged on his hair.
“(Y/N)” he said breathlessly as he pulled away.
“Yeah Dal?”
“I love you so much”
I smiled and planted a slow, passionate kiss on his lips.
“I love you too Dally”
He flashed me a smile and suddenly lifted me up playfully. I giggled as we gently fell onto the bed. His lips soon met mine again as we continued what we had started. I straddled his lap, slowly grinding my hips into his. I let out a small whimper as Dally let out a frustrated “fuck”.
“Come on baby” he begged, “don’t tease..”
All of a sudden there was a knock at my bedroom door. Looking at each other wide eyed, we jumped up suddenly. Dally hid under the bed as I adjusted myself.
“(Y/N), is everything alright? I thought I heard a noise” my mother said when I opened the door.
“Um, yeah I’m alright mom. I was just finishing up some homework.”
“Alright, well I want lights out soon. Don’t stay up too late okay?”
“Sure mom, yeah.”
“Goodnight hunny, love you!” she called, walking down the hall.
“You too!”
I shut the door gently then let out a huge sigh of relief.
“That was a close one” Dally said in a silly voice, popping up from the bed and holding one of my stuffed bears over his face. I walked over to him, laughing at him.
“You’re stupid”
“Yeah but you love it” he said, putting his arms around me.

1. I get sad when I’m in bed and the only thing I want is to be next to you and I know you don’t feel the same. But I want you like I haven’t wanted something in quite sometime and no matter how much I try it’s not enough. Be mine be mine be mine, please, I love you!!

2. Sadly silence speaks volume and with every insincere touch and smile you told not me but my brain and heart and each inch of me in between, that she’s always been what you wanted.

3. I don’t know why I’ve been waking up so often during the night, but tonight is different because I know tomorrow morning I’m not looking too forward to having to sit with you in class and act like I don’t care that we’re over. - 5:48AM 01/20/14

4. I keep trying to write a poem about you but no matter how many times I try, no combination of words can capture how beautiful you were to me.

5. I need you now more than ever, but if you’re not going to be there for me then I can’t be around you at all.. I don’t even want to put this kind of pressure or obligation on you, I want you to just care.. After all this I wanted you with me more than anything, crazy huh. Now I’m confused because I still just want to be close to you and give myself to you. But I can’t do that now, I know I’m a hypocrite but like I said, you might be okay with it but the same fucking day? I could’ve forgave you since I’ve already done it too. I bet you have secretly also. But thanks for proving to me I wasn’t good enough. - 6:54pm 03/23/14 

6. I love you

-1:27 AM 03/28/14

7. Rise and shine beautiful! 
The sun may not be shinning but you are in my eyes; so wake up quickly so I can run over all comfy with my hair and make up half done just to see that smile I’ve been dying to be close to all week. Tell me that I’m pretty before you embrace my body close, as it becomes in sync with yours, each motion and moan following the next so naturally like the tempo of my favourite song which you’ve played for me one too many times. 
In awe I can lay there and stay with you for hours, easily, effortlessly, and I’ll kiss your spine and wrap your hair between my fingers which long to be held again. All the while you’ll turn ice cold, no longer shining but dull, the smile I’ve been missing, disappears as we part to our own ends of the mattress.
That’s when I realize time after time that this is the final wake up call, so rise and shine lovely, this is all it’ll ever be. - 10AM 04/05/14

8. it’s raining and each drop is reminding me of you
I’m not exactly sure why, but
I’ve always wanted to kiss you in the rain.
my tears right now are similar to the rain drops
one at a time they’re falling
each one another reason why I can’t be without you
- 11:07AM 04/07/14

9. you’ve built an empire around my heart and no one else is strong enough to defeat it. 

-11:08AM 04/13/2014

10. I can’t stop shaking these days. I never sleep quite right. I may have given you too many pieces of me. I don’t feel whole anymore.

11. I know you probably think I’m weird when I compare our love to ice cold finger tips, but the first time I met you, you held my hand over ice and from then on I’ve had a burning fire in my heart.

12. You said poetry was all lies dressed up to sound pretty. When I look at you these days, I want to ask if sadness sounds pretty to you too.
- 04/17/14 10:01AM

13. We were never in love, but, oh God, we could have been

14. You always said you hated being skinny but you have no idea how beautiful I thought it was.
- 04/22/14 12:52PM

15. I decided on you, don’t you get that? I decided on you. I don’t want to go fucking other people and then walk around feeling thrilled and then sad, or empty, or whatever. I like the smell of your hair, and I like the sound of your voice, and I fucking decided on you.
- 04/22/14 6:24PM

16. I forget how to feel
 and maybe I don’t exist in your world anymore
 but damn it,
 you were my whole universe. 

17. You’re inside my fucking head. Please don’t leave it’s all I have left of you.

- 04/25/14 10:38AM

18. You told me you’ve been thinking about me, you’re feeling everything I hoped you one day would.
- 05/10/14 10:39AM

19. I missed the sight of your eyes rolling back and the taste of my name on your tongue when you moan.
- 05/10/14 10:40AM

20. I find it best to not allow ourselves to get attached again. Because recently I cringe at the touch of your skin after we are intimate together. And don’t take it wrong, I do love you. But let’s make this easier on the both of us. Seeing you again has been lovely but this time I know better. That’s why last night when you visited my dream, you reached out to hold me and I kept running.
- 05/19/14 9:33AM

- 05/23/14 7:15PM

22. I am sad that I wasn’t the one you chose to spend such and important day of your life with because I am the one who loves you.
- 05/30/14 6:00PM

23. I miss you and need you to hold me while I sleep. I want your breathing in my ear and your cock on my ass.
- 06/05/14 9:53PM

24. wake up I miss you
- 06/06/14 3:44AM

25. Someone asked me to describe home and I almost said your name but I stayed quiet instead, people expect you to say a damn place but I felt more at home in your two arms than I ever did in my own house.
- 06/10/14 10:00AM

26. you were the star of my nightmare last night, I woke up grasping onto our memories for dear life.
- 06/13/14 10:56AM

27. I don’t know if I still miss you or I just suck at adjusting to change but I met a boy who makes me smile last week and I’m still waiting for an answer to the text I sent you 3 days ago.
- 07/03/14 7:44AM

28. I passed your house 12 times the last few days and each time all I found was darkness and an empty driveway. I haven’t seen you in what feels like three weeks and I was beginning to wonder if you hopped on the first plane out of here without saying bye
- 07/04/14 8:10AM

29. You had to mention her name. Are you trying to throw it in my face or remind me why I despise you?
- 07/05/14 8:45PM

30. ✨ my clit throbs 4 u ✨
- 07/08/14 3:22PM

31. I’m just tired and scared and sad because you don’t see me the way I see you and you’re the humming in my veins while I’m just dust on your fingertips
- 07/10/14 8:27AM

32. If you’ll be my star, I’ll be your sky, you can hide underneath me and come out at night, when I turn jet black and you show off your light, I live to let you shine.
- 07/11/14 10:15PM

33. I stopped on your back porch and broke down and when I turned around your lights were already off.
- 07/13/14 3:00AM

34. Cause at the end of the night I’ll always love you
- 07/13/14 3:19AM

35. It hurts being with you but I’d probably die without you
- 07/14/14 11:21AM

36. My voice cracks like leaking pipes, and I forget to apologize for the flood. Some days I pretend that you haven’t seen the dirty parts of me already. That you don’t know the alleyway in these veins.
- 07/18/14 2:54AM

37. When you kiss your new girlfriend I wonder if she appreciates the fact that you taste like thunderstorms, if she can feel the crackle of lightning on your tongue. 
When you toss your hair and laugh at something she said I try to recall the last time I lit up your world like that.
 When you don’t look my way, I remember when you didn’t love me anymore.
 When you look at her, I remember when you did.
- 07/21/14 2:56AM

38. let me wake you up with conscious clear thoughts and stained sheets beneath you, let me crawl on top of you while you trace the goose bumps on my inner thighs, as you push the hair from my face, as you moan into my ear everything I want to hear.
- 07/22/14 9:31AM

39. I opened my heart to let you in but you were toxic and now you’re under my skin and no matter how deep I cut you’re in my veins and I can’t get you out of my system.
- 08/01/14 10:42AM

40. please tell me that I’m not as forgettable as your silence makes me feel
- 08/03/14 12:18AM

41. If I could, I would nail these hands to the edges of stars, I would sacrifice this body to the sky; hoping to resurrect as somebody spiteful enough to not care about you anymore.
- 08/05/14 12:17PM

42. You’re the cause for the bags under my eyes, for keeping me up at the thought of our touch. I’m tired. I’m drained. I want you.
- 08/09/14 11:19PM

43. I don’t care anymore, but sometimes, it just hurts a little.
- 08/13/14 1:18AM

44. I woke up today and realized that what we had is dead.
- 08/22/14 2:24AM*

45. who are you, I think you’re finally getting your wish because I have no aspiration of seeing you anymore.
- 08/27/14 9:41AM

46. every time you hurt me I apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad
- 09/01/14 1:06PM

47. nostalgia creeps the empty halls in which your voice use to echo. Loneliness fills the empty seat on either side of my body; the seat you once possessed.
- 09/04/14 10:21AM

48. Your words went deep down my throat and so did the pills when I tried to figure out how I was to survive without you.
- 09/06/14 1:49PM

49. I could be doing better if you were here right now
- 09/08/14 4:29AM

50. am I suppose to rip the two separate parts of heart from my chest for you to see that you broke it
- 09/09/14 3:55PM

—  I don’t want to write you anymore (Jp)

Two years ago I endured the most powerful journey a woman can take in order to meet the most incredible human being. As I met eyes with my little girl for the first time my heart grew more than I thought possible. In that moment I remember thinking “I could never love more than I do right now”. Boy was I wrong. Every day for the past two years my love has grown stronger and deeper. It’s the kind of love you feel in every cell of your body, the kind your soul holds onto. We’ve been through a lot in these two years, and Wesley has learned a lot. I taught her to walk, talk, to pet dogs nicely, to say please and thank you, to count, to go up stairs, and go down stairs, to jump, to climb, to stick out her tongue, and much more. In fact someone seems to think she learned all her weirdness from me. But for everything I’ve taught her, she’s taught me more. She taught me to love unconditionally, and to love and nourish myself. She taught me to be protective and to listen to my intuition. She taught me patience, selflessness and forgiveness. She’s taught me to slow down, a virtue I must be reminded of constantly. She’s taught me about feelings, and how sometimes we just don’t have the words for them. She has taught me to look at ordinary objects with new eyes. By association she taught me every word to Trollz, seriously we watch it every day. She taught me how to laugh over and over and over again. And finally, she taught me how to be a mom.

So, baby girl, Happy birthday. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom and allowing me on this journey with you. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

We spend the early hours of the morning planning our future, in between cups of coffee and toast smeared with butter. We think about what our children will look like, and if we’ll have a dog or a cat or both. Even if I tried, I could never change how I feel about her. She is my morning sunrise, sleepy eyes that remind me forever exists and a home is nothing more than a goodnight kiss and an arm around my waist in the middle of the night. Someone reminded me the other day that people still stare. Their brows crease wondering why we are holding hands or why I lean in to kiss her lips on the escalators. Small children pause in their thinking, speculating whether two women are meant to be in love. But they say each year brings new change, so I will have hope. Maybe next year we will be in Paris or London, maybe even Rome. A few years after that I hope we come home and people won’t stare so much. It’s your choice they will say, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you and her. I hope we have a family one day, with stars in their eyes and nothing but love in their hearts. Maybe even grandchildren, and they’ll laugh and write poems about how silly the old days used to be.  And yet if nothing changes, and people still stare and our home still holds onto all its fears, it’s not going to change how I feel about her. How she lights up even the darkest of days. Because even if I had nine lives, and you still refused us marriage equality, I would still spend each one loving her.
—  Equal Marriage is still not legal in Australia. 
A Brief Story About Hamilton

Hamilton has ruined my life in a variety of different ways over the past few weeks including, but not limited to, impromptu sing-alongs, inspiring my mother’s apparent rap career, and my newfound love for not one, but two founding fathers of these here United States.  It has truly been a struggle, but nothing—nothing—has been as tragically affected as my work life.

You see, I work at a library for a fairly large city.  The local college has one of the best theater departments in the country, so we know when a new musical comes out and we know when it reaches the success that Hamilton has.  It’s just how things are. There were some local Hamilton parties, people were checking out the soundtrack—usual things.

But then.  One faithful day, while I was working in the back room, I found this in my returns:

THIS.  BOOK.  HAS CAUSED ME SO MUCH STRIFE.  If you were to scroll through our library catalog, you would see somewhere around twenty Alexander Hamilton biographies.  He was, after all, crucial to our country’s founding, so he’s gonna have a book or two.  However.  Those other books have, in all likelihood, not been checked out in years.  Those other books are lucky to have holds placed on them—are lucky to even come off the shelf.

But.  This book.

This book (and it’s copies) has been checked out a total of sixty-three times in the past three months.  There are currently forty-two holds on this specific biography.  Do you know how rare it is for a biography to have more than a few holds on it?  And even when it does happen, it’s usually Amy Poehler’s book or someone with an active twitter account.  BUT NO. We’ve had to order new copies of this founding father biography, just to accommodate our patrons.  I have checked it in at least once every shift for the past week.  Patrons—teenaged patrons—have stopped me to ask if we carry “the Hamilton book.”  Just the other day a little girl, no older than seven, asked me if I liked Aaron Burr.  

I don’t know how to handle this.  My commuting co-workers don’t understand why teenagers are asking them for an Alexander Hamilton biography.  We can’t keep up.  WHAT FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN?

I still tell our story.
I tell it to random strangers.
The intricate love of two teenagers.
I tell everyone how I met a complete and total stranger
Someone who’s name I had never heard
And somehow he became my world.
Somehow the random boy I sat beside of in a few of my classes turned out to be the person who turned my world upside down.
Who changed me.
Who saved me.
Who also destroyed me.
Who showed me that everyone who said “you can’t truly feel love until you’re older”, was wrong.
And at 12 years old,
I fell in love with the black haired greenish-brown eyed boy.
The boy who’s laugh could make anyone smile.
And at 13 years old,
I told him.
Not in person, but I remember the exact moment I got the message and I remember my life changing, suddenly falling into his hands.
And at 14 years old, our lips touched.
And in that moment, I realized, he was someone different.
Someone so much more meaningful.
I realized that no matter who I met,
No matter how long I lived,
No matter where we went on this earth,
Your name would still hold a very strong spot in my fragile heart.
And I’ve realized, that the people we never knew existed,
Become the only ones we can ever know.
And not a day goes by where your name doesn’t cross my mind.
And I play every memory,
Of two years,
And over
You’re still the person who can give me butterflies.
And you’re still the person who can truly make me smile.
After two years,
And countless heart breaks and times where I sobbed on my bedroom floor, begging God to end it all,
You’re still the one I love.
And you always will be.
But I don’t know if you feel the same.
—  {via cheerupsavvy}

















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Warning: Just the Joker giving you, a teen, illegal jobs. 

“And you speak German, Spanish and Polish?” The green haired man asked you, a huge smile on his lips. His metal teeth make you swallow hard, even harder than the rest of his appearance. You asked yourself who the hell did that to him. 

You nodded approvingly and added: “And a little bit Italian and French. But just the basics.” 

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” A deep, playful laugh erupted from his chest. “I have a proposition, little [Y/N]. I need someone who… lets say, smuggle things into my city.” 

“What kind things?”

“The usual.” He waved dismissively his hand. “A little bit dangerous but the payment’s good. But who would suspect a liitle kid to smuggle things into the City?” He started to cackle at his own words. “You should be safe.”

You were unsure about his offer. You didn’t know this man nor wanted to get to know him. He was weird, his appearance giving you shivers and a very strange feeling in your stomach. “Uhm… I don’t know.”

“A kid with your skills, no family and no strings should take the chance.” You stiffed as he put his arm over your should, squeezing is slighty and pulling you against his side in a playfull manner. “Imagine, you could be filthy rich in a month or two. No one could hold you back with me being your tutor.” He turned much more serious. “Be my apprentice and maybe one day you’ll be my legacy.” 

You had to confess, the offer did cast a spell on you. Filthy rich? You always wanted to have your own flat, a car and a normal life. And being someone’s legacy? Having someone to guide you like a parent? It did the trick. “Okay.” With a hestitant nod you agreed. “I’m in.”

“Fantastic!” The man cheered. “My name’s Joker but you can call me J.” 

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The Outsiders Headcanons: Arguments with Darry

- You two didn’t fight often but when you did you hated every second of it.
- You fought over small things at first such as one or the other being moody or someone doing something that the other had asked them to not do repeatedly and then it would escalate to fighting over every little thing that bothered you about the other.
- Lots of yelling. Like a lot of yelling.
- Ponyboy and Soda hATED being in the house while you two fought, mostly cause it always ended with someone storming out and then the other was left to vent angrily to them.
- Darry rarely gets jealous but when he does, those are the worst fights that you two have.
- “Don’t you trust me? You’re overreacting.”
- “It’s not you I don’t trust, and don’t tell me I’m overreacting I know what I’m talking about.”
- Those most always ended in you two not talking for days.
- Darry hated more than anything when you cried so if your fights ever escalated to the point where he brought tears to your eyes he’d stop immediately and hold you until you felt better. Apologizing right away.
- He has a very short temper, and is very stubborn.
- No matter how big you fight may get you two always find a way to work it out somehow. There wasn’t anything you two couldn’t overcome.

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