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movienut14  asked:

What are five movies you seldom see mentioned on this site?

This is a FABULOUS ask. Thank you SO much.

  1. The Right Stuff (1983, dir. Philip Kaufman) This is in my Top 10 Faves of ALL TIME, and despite the 3+ hour length, it feels short, and moves quickly as it sketches out the beginnings of the American space program. I love so much about this movie, from the pacing to the cinematography to the clear influence of filmmakers like Nicolas Roeg and Peter Weir to the unbelievable score. AND IT’S NEVER ON TUMBLR. AND I AM SAD. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. 
  2. Dodsworth (1936, dir. William Wyler) Another fave. Gorgeous drama that never really descends into melodrama about a middle aged couple coping with being middle aged. It’s beautiful and poignant, and Mary Astor has a fabulous role. And I never see it on my dash. And I am sad.
  3. Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993, dir. Francois Girard) Another fave. These will all be faves of mine. Easily one of my favorite biopics ever made, and this from someone who sort of hates most biopics. This creative approach to the Canadian classical pianist/recording artist Glenn Gould’s eccentric life is… just one of the most enthralling and engaging portraits of A Life I have ever seen. Each of the eponymous 32 films is some different aspect or comment about Gould’s life and work. In addition, this film has some of the most beautiful and reverential portrayals of classical music I have ever seen.
  4. I Know Where I’m Going! (1945, dir. Powell and Pressburger) This is my favorite romance. Of. All. Time. I will never, EVER get tired of the beautiful little romance about a riches-seeking working girl who gets distracted by the dashing-but-penniless Scottish laird. Wendy Hiller is perfection, Roger Livesey is crush-worthy, and the cinematography is stunning. There’s a reason Martin Scorsese counts this as one of his favorite films. 
  5. Forbidden Planet (1956, dir. Fred M. Wilcox) I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why tumblr doesn’t love this movie more than they do, because this is a PERFECT film for tumblr. A campy space action movie about crash landing on a new planet that’s actually Shakespeare’s The Tempest, complete with cheesy-but-awesome special effects and a super young Leslie Nielsen? WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE? WHY DO I NEVER SEE THIS ON MY DASH?

Honorable mention: Mostly anything by Preston Sturges, but especially The Palm Beach Story because it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Jacques Becker’s amazing prison break Le Trou. Robert Redford’s Ordinary People, because it’s AMAZING. Kon Ichikawa’s moving drama The Burmese Harp. And, although it’s hardly Oscar-worthy, a personal cheesy favorite of mine, that camp-tastic Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore romcom, Laws of Attraction.

THANK YOU! That is GREAT ask.

Also, I might pass this ask along to other film blogs, or encourage others to post their Five Films They Seldom See on Their Dash.

i was rewatching that episode of haven where they’re hunting a wendigo and ok i need a haven/spn crossover stat bc imagine sam and dean arriving on the scene and being like “we’ve got this covered everybody go home before you get yourselves hurt” and audrey ain’t gonna take none of that shit (omg her and dean would butt heads so bad) but later after they start begrudgingly getting along (thanks to sam doing his puppy eyes/heartfelt routine with audrey because he can relate to being troubled/cursed) dean totally geeks out over dwight’s crossbow and pesters nathan by poking him (“you seriously can’t feel that dude?”) and duke gets totally jealous because *he’s* supposed to be the one annoying nathan :3

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Random Mass Effect headcanon -

(a century after the Reaper War)

Her brow furrows. The echo is faint but still distinct. “It would be easy for a single ship to get lost out there”

“It’s been years. A century. And you’re still wondering.”

She lowers her head slightly, regarding her untouched drink, and smiles. “You’re one to talk, Dad.”

Aethyta shrugs, looking away from her daughter and blinking out over the city. The congestion, the hum of activity and life, compact and yet empty. “You got me there. Guess we’re suckers for that true love shit, eh?”

She raises the glass to her lips finally, but holds it there, suspended and still. “Or we can’t let go of the memories.”

“Just a bunch of ache to drive us to drink or to punch things.” Aethyta ventures a glance at her daughter, at a profile lost in thought, or regret, or a hundred other emotions that feel a mirror image to decades she herself would rather forget. "Aw hell, babe… if you had left–”

“I know.” Liara puts the glass back down with a sigh, a strange pendulum of movement. “It would have just been a matter of time before they found us. There was no escaping what was coming. We… she… had to face it directly.”

“You had some good years. Rough, but–” Her tone is soft, tentative.

“I know.”

“More than most.”


Aethyta scratches at her forehead, a nervous twitch of frustration. “Dammit. You know I’m no good at this. Diplomacy, saying the right thing… that was Nezzy’s specialty… well…”

She turns to her, one eyebrow arching high.

The matriarch gives a loud grunt, half laughter, half cough. “Yeah, yeah. Inappropriate. Look. I’ve said it before, and it all comes out wrong and too weak to make a difference–”

“Dad. Why do you think we talk about it so much?”

“Cuz we’re gluttons for bittersweet punishment?”

She inhales slowly, then reaches over to grasp her father’s hand. “Because it makes a difference. Each time. A little bit each time.”

Aethyta looks down at their hands, at the entwined fingers. Family wasn’t something she had ever been seeking, but… “Well, shit. We’re going at it slow, huh? At this rate–”

Liara smiles, a little more at ease now. “It’s okay. Maybe it just needs to take as long as it takes.” She raises her glass and takes a sip. “For both of us.”

[W: Two Worlds Episode 10]

Okay, but after a scathing indictment on only creating characters who exist with one singular purpose, let’s take a moment to appreciate the irony that is Yeon-Joo’s place in this drama. She literally exists to deus ex machina Chul from certain death. She has no other purpose but to save his life–even when she is unimportant to him and means nothing.

She doesn’t get to be the main character in her own story. She’s stuck as the main female lead wherever she goes.

But I’m not going to complain about that too much tonight. I’m just gonna leave it here while I thank the drama for giving me exactly what I wanted in the way I wanted it. I did not want to spent the last six episodes complaining about the weak ass romance. It could crash and burn again in the next episode but I’m too high on getting what I want to think of all the ways it could go wrong again. Just some of the ways.

I am now completely on board with the memory wipe, the frustration of not being able to connect, and the absolute terror with being stranded in a world with no identity. I love Yeon-Joo. I love how quick thinking she is. I love that she tried to feed herself with the free cafeteria food. I love that she is written to be competent and that her plans mostly work.

I am terrified for her with the preview. I’d hoped, that because the Man in Black is not her creation, he wouldn’t have any power over her and that she really is the only one capable of fixing the manhwa. 

Because the gun appearing in Chul’s hand was just as terrifying as it was meant to be. It is terrifying that the Man in Black can rewrite history. I tried to count my Holy Shits tonight but lost track after about eight or so. 

So the ability to cook reasonable amounts of food had generally eluded me. This is what was left AFTER @pod7et and @unforth-ninawaters and I went to town on these plates of fried veggies.

I just always forget how much veggies expand when you batter them… I was worried there wouldn’t be enough.


Just thinking about how many times Allah has protected me on the road makes me not wanna feel anything short of thankful