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Septima Poinsette Clark (May 3, 1898—December 15, 1987)

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Septima Poinsette Clark was a civil rights and education activist. Originally barred from teaching in Charleston, SC schools because she was Black, Clark petitioned for that right in 1920. She won. And she did it while teaching children during the day and adults at night in a nearby town. MLK Jr. refers to her as “The Mother of the Movement”. 

Mae C. Jemison (October 17, 1956)

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Mae C. Jemison was not only the first Black woman in space, she was the first Black female astronaut for NASA ever. She launched in the Endeavor in 1992, just 25 years ago. 

Maria Weems (1840—?)

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Above is Anna Maria Weems, a woman who escaped slavery by posing as a male. With a $500 reward for her capture, Weems spent over two months on the road until she found freedom in Canada. This art comes courtesy of the Smithsonian Libraries’ (@smithsonianlibraries) yearly celebration of BHM, which includes stories, art, personal histories, and lots more from their massive collection.

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There are more in the search results, of course. More Black women in STEM, in music, in sports, standing up for their rights, and have you read up on the Motorcycle Queen of Miami? One thing to note: some of these posts aren’t just highlighting women from 10, 20, 30, 100 years ago. They’re also highlighting Black women today, because Black women are still making history. 

VENEZUELA. Caracas. June 7, 2017. An opposition protester hides behind a handmade shield. Protesters have been on the streets near-daily for more than two months demanding elections, foreign humanitarian aid, freedom for hundreds of jailed activists, and autonomy for the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Photograph: Miguel Gutierrez/EPA

Tsubasa Chronicle Month: Day 8 - Oaths and Vows

“I will…I made a promise to protect Sakura”

The words are almost too strong and determined for the tiny, damaged boy who says them. His eyes are full of desperation and fear; but also with the shine of stubborn determination, born of hope of saving the most important person in his life, even if that means giving up his happiness and family. The witch will grant his wish, knowing it’s just the start of an even bigger, painful road; but her job is never to intervene, but to give people what they want. And hopefully, if all goes well, these choices will lead to a brighter future for both of these children. 

The seal meant to end the princess’ life, inevitably, activates. And the boy feels his oath being broken. From desperation comes a wish: to turn back time. The price is high, the consequences catastrophic, and all the pain and despair he will be accountable for, too much. They can’t be together, not yet, maybe not ever. But he still wishes, because he has a promise, because he won’t let her die.


“Even if you were able to return all her memories back, the part about you won’t return. That’s your price”

“I will go…I won’t let Sakura die!”

The boy is not the one who came to the witch’s shop years ago and at the same time he is. He’s a clone of that determined little boy, and it shows in the way he clings to the princess’ body, how it just takes one look at her face to make the choice that will shatter his own happiness. His oath mirrors the one made by his real self, in a sad repetition of fate.

“Who are you?”  The question, the eyes who look at him like an stranger, feel like knives straight to his heart. But he smiles nevertheless; because she’s alive, but lost and with her soul missing, only a shadow of the person he knew; and she needs him to be strong right now. The price for his promise is too high once again, they’re still together in body, but it feels like they’re miles apart.


“I will surely be punished, because I did all this….but even so, I want to get back the heart you’ve lost, Syaoran-kun”

Her body is soaked in blood, her damaged leg sends painful aches all over her body, and her feet ache for the acid she walking on. But she does not falter in her resolve. No matter the price, nor than doing so will only advance the plans of that man further, but she owes him that, and she will get him back.

His sword is on her chest the next time they meet. She’s melting away and her confession is being cut down again. But his eyes look at her with pure horror and fear. It hurt to see him like this, but at the very least, those are not the eyes of a person without a heart. She’s been successful in the worst way possible. He holds him until they depart again, hoping he will see him again, in much better circumstances.


“With this power, I swear I will find the way out of this loop”

“Until we can meet again, I will be waiting”

This time, it was a shared vow the one who put them apart. For the sake of their other selves, they once again sacrificed the lives they had made. They will spend a long time in this vessel, so close and yet unable to even touch, all for the sake of a still unknown outcome.  A terrible price to be paid again, but for their son, for their friends from their other life and to stop that man from destroying everything they love, they will bear being separated again.

(And they know, when Fei Wang disappears, they will too. Though, their other selves would do something about that, they’re sure. They’re two versions of the same people, after all)


“We will definitely meet again”

Their journey together had ended, and a new one began. In order to keep existing without altering the time and space, both of the existences that should not exist paid. To always move forward, and never stay in one place was her most precious person’s price. He will use that journey to try and give their other selves new bodies to reborn to. And she knows if she goes with him, it would just be more painful. So he starts his travel, luckily, with the rest of their companions beside him (and for that she will forever be grateful). They give each other their true names, and they make a final promise.

Hopefully, even if they can’t be together forever, they will wait for each other and cherish the moments when they meet. That’s their final vow, and they swear this one will be as free of pain as possible.

cloeslut: Broken Pony, Puppy, And Milk Cow... PERFECT Slave

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the final part for poor Chloe. I’d like to thank the requester for giving me the idea of what she was seeking. I hope you all enjoy this, and PLEASE, let me know if you wish to have a story of your own.


chloeslut pulled her Master’s cart, like the obedient animal she had finally become. While her initial acceptance of her situation had occurred shortly after her piercings, she had still not fully embraced what she had become.

Indeed, she had, in fact, gone through her very own five stages of grief. In her case, mourning the loss of the life and existence she had previously known. He had fully expected this, of course, and he had used this knowledge to both further her training and breaking, and judge her progress.

Denial had been first, and she’d tried to fight and resist, during her initial capture, and then sporadically the first week. These failed efforts were always accompanied with anger, at him, at the situation, but mostly at herself. He took advantage of that, and always made it a point of reminding her that it was her own actions that had brought her to his attention.

She’d tried denying this and would shake her head in an effort to refuse to accept her new destiny and situation.

The repeated beatings served to drive home her reality.

Just as her forced sexual service reminded her daily of her true purpose.

Since she was never allowed to speak, and anytime she’d tried she’d been punished, severely, he was spared the “bargaining” step. He’d long ago gotten bored with the same tired lines repeated over and over again by the countless slaves he’d captured, broken, trained, and sold. There was nothing new she could say to him, so he didn’t bother giving her the chance.

This denial of even the ability to speak, and her forced piercings, had helped to protel her headlong into the fourth stage, depression.

chloeslut had been more or less obedient but sullen. Simply going through the motions of any training he used. She resisted when tortured, she wasn’t that capable of disconnection, but other than that she seemed completely out of touch with reality.

He worked hard to put her in the moment, using pain, and/or severe stimulation, usually of her newly pierced clit and soaking wet cunt to keep her from escaping into herself. At the same time, using severe bondage to never let her ignore the truth of her situation: she was here to be used.

 It was obvious to him, early on, that she’d still been holding out some hope that she might be rescued; might still be able to beat the odds and regain her freedom. She seemed to cling to this hope with a desperation he’d not seen for a long time. She was always looking to the door of the dungeon, or looking around anxiously anytime he took her outdoors to train her.

He always chuckled at the new level of defeat she suffered when she found herself, at the end of a training session, once again back in the dungeon, bound as she had been the day before, and the day before that.

He used that to push her further and further into her slavery, and over the last six months had made sure that the possibility of “rescue” had been completely erased from her mind.

Of course, that was not the only thing that he had erased.

He’d erased every aspect of her former personality and the person that she was. For him breaking a slave was an art to be savored, and it was to be done as thoroughly as possible.

The result was awe-inspiring. Five months ago, four months ago, even two months ago, if she had somehow, remarkably, regained her freedom. There was still a chance that she could have regained something that resembled a normal life. She would’ve, of course, required years of therapy, and psychological help, but it would have been possible.

Now, she could never be free again. The simple reason was that she no longer knew how to be free.

Freedom was for persons, for human beings, individuals that possess their own sense of self-worth, and individuality. For the slave formerly known as Chloe, all those things had been stripped away and eradicated from her psychological makeup.

Whether it had been through repeated forced orgasms, and then the punishment for orgasms that she had no permission for. Or being held, just at the edge of orgasm four minutes, sometimes hours, denied that release, crushing her psychological resistance, or even the vicious infliction of pain, and degradation.

These tools, and others, had been used by her owner to completely subjugate chloeslut to his will. To take away all concepts of “person”, “woman”, “human”, and “me” or “I”.

She had accepted her classification as an “it”.

Servitude had become her lot, disobedience, an impossible contemplation. Now she embraced her servitude as if that was all she had ever known.

Indeed, in many ways, it was.

Her pony training, was a perfect example of this. When she had first been strapped into her harness, and the bit and bridal wrapped around her head, she had balked at the realization of what he inteded. She mentally jerked away from the very idea of being nothing more than an animal.

He had dealt with that resistance quite simply. He had strapped electrified vibrators into both her cunt and ass, both coated in a Habanero Pepper paste. This same paste was liberally applied to her pierced clit as well.

The pain, as expected, did its job, and made it feel like her asshole, cunt, and clit were literally being burned from her body. She had never imagined such pain in her entire life.

Added to that, the occasional electric shocks from the dildos, made the pain even more pronounced, and she had literally no place to escape to.

 During all this, he continued to use the buggy whip, forcing chloeslut’s struggling, straining, and suffering form to continue always moving forward, pulling the cart, just like the trained animal he sought her to be.

After that session, it was a very contrite, and desperate to please a slave girl that was strapped to the buggy the next time.

Every attempt at resistance, whatever form it took, always met the same kind of fate.

Whether she tried to hesitate as she pulled a cart, or the first time she tried to struggle as she was strapped into her puppy suit, or the first time her Master attached her swollen breasts to the milk machine. Whatever the situation, she was always taught that even the slightest hesitation, the slightest resistance, even the perception of refusal was met with horrific brutal punishment.

And so, faced with that overwhelming level of domination, where any resistance, or even the perception of it, was met with savage pain, and brutal torture ensuring she bent to the will of the person training her, a will that proved to be unbending and unyielding in its demands of perfect instant obedience, and complete and utter submission, it was no shocked at all that Chloe surrendered, accepted, and then abandoned all sense of herself in order to survive.

What now pulled the pony cart, was what was left. A biological masturbation and amusement tool.

Three fuck holes, two tits to milk or punish, and flesh for torture, and modification.

A simple slave, called, chloeslut. An animal so low, it’s name didn’t even deserve capitalization.


As her training continued, seemingly unending, chloeslut had become exactly what she was intended to be from the moment her Master first kidnapped her.

Her days were spent either pulling her Master’s cart, perfecting her pony training, or, locked in a puppy suit, arms, and legs folded up, forcing her to walk on her knees and elbows, and perform tricks for his amusement.

Sometimes, when he was feeling kind, her face was left uncovered, most times, however, it was completely encased in a leather hood, rendering her blind and deaf. During these times her Master oftentimes would play, “remote-control puppy”.

In this case, she would have electrified dildos in her cunt and ass, electrified clamps on her nipples and clit.

The lessons and directions were very simple.

A shock on her left nipple meant to go right.

A shock on her right nipple meant to go right.

A shock in her cunt was for forward, and in her ass for backward.

Shocks to her clit were administered if she hesitated, made a mistake, or simply for amusement.

As with her pony training, the repeated training in the puppy suit had, slowly, bypassed her conscious mind completely. Now, after months, and months of this training, she didn’t even need to think about her directions anymore.

She might as well have been a true remote-control animal for all the level of conscious thought she was capable of. She obeyed without thought or hesitation. More than once, for his own amusement, her Master had walked her right into a wall, just to see if she would follow her signals and continue to do it if so directed.

In every case, she had done exactly that.

Mindlessly, automatically, and obediently…almost, desperately so.

She had so fully embraced her role as an animal in fact, when put outside, chained by her collar, she sat obediently on all fours, without her suit, waiting like the obedient pet she was.

As hard as the training was, during the day, her evenings were not, in any way, a time of relaxation. In fact, when a stray thought did, occasionally, enter her mind, she missed the days when she would simply be chained to the wall, and left to sleep on an old, dirty mattress.

To her modified mind, those were the good old days.

Now, her nights were spent strapped into the milking machine, her tits, after multiple hormone injections, stimulations, and training, had begun to produce milk.

Each night, Master would strap her into the machine, watching her silent and broken acceptance even as she displayed the fear of the pain that was about to come as she was, unforgivingly, milked by the machines. He smiled often when he saw that there was no longer a look of humiliation on her face when he did this. She was so broken at this point, it was impossible to muster the self-worth that was required in order to feel humiliation.

Humiliation was felt by persons, she was an animal, a slave, and for her, whatever was done to her was exactly what she deserved.

Which was why she would so willingly open her mouth to accept the ring gag. He liked to use her wet mouth to service his cock as she was painfully milked. The gag wasn’t necessary, of course, as she was long past the point of trying to bite. However he used it because it was a reminder that he was taking what he wanted, she was never in a place to give anything, because she was nothing, and had, nothing.

A reality she had embraced completely because, as with the rest of her situation, he Master left her no other possible alternative.

She was now producing more than a liter of milk a night. That production came at the cost of very sore nipples that she had to deal with the next day. More than once, her Master had sadistically taken advantage of that and brutally tortured her nipples, usually with electricity, as a means of furthering her complete and utter subjugation.


Her Master thought on all of this, as he sat in the buggy with a proud smile on his face, watching the gorgeous, churning ass before him. He reveled in the control he had, and watched, amused, as the shit fell out of her body, through the hollow butt plug she was forced to wear. She didn’t even register it anymore. She was an animal, and of course, an animal shit where it was.

He had, more than once, admired how obediently she would now stand, her tail plug already installed, only the most basic bindings to hold her, as she waited for her bit, bridle, and other pony fittings. It was these moments, when she would unresistingly accept her tack, where she truly displayed how broken she had become.

He did notice she still shifted, uncomfortably, when the flies would crawl around, and even into her, using the opening of the hollow butt plug to access the soft sensitive flesh inside. But the shifting was all she did, just as one would expect from a horse, but even this discomfort was accepted with the complete obedience, total silence, and utter submission of the true slave that she had become; that he had created.

He regretted the fact that it would be time to sell her very soon. He had enjoyed her thoroughly. She had been one of the most responsive, and difficult slaves he had ever trained while at the same time being one of the most enjoyable.

Her early, temporary surrenders followed by a pathetic attempt to muster some form of resistance had been a delight that he had not experienced in years.

However, business was business, and her trifecta classification as both a trained pony, trained puppy, and a milk cow, would bring him mid six figures easily.

That thought brought another large smile to his face, and he “celebrated” by snapping the whip quickly twice across her ass, and then once over her shoulder.

That shot was rewarded with a severe squeal as of the tip of the whip met one of her tender nipples.

“Get a move on cunt,” he said in clear delight, “we have a long night ahead of us, and I’m going to need to put together your final sale information to find your new Master.”

The pony registered the words with seeming indifference, as she mindlessly followed the guidance of her reins.

However, deep inside her mind, past the training, past the degradation, pass the humiliation, and virtual, “reprogramming” that she had gone through. Past the whippings, the beatings, the electricity and the rapes, Chloe was still there. A small, insignificant, and, ultimately, flickering piece of who she was, still existed.

That part of her cried out in strangled, silent anguish and pain at the thought of her, of its final future.

That knowledge, of what was to come, and, more importantly, that there was no hope of altering her future or destiny in even the smallest way, served to all but snuff out this final ember and ensure the young, beautiful, intelligent, conniving woman, person, human being, and free person known as Chloe was, for ever more, nothing more than the chloeslut,

The absolute slave.



This is for @sluttttysurveycorps because she is my BAE, and this whole road trip idea is entirely her’s (down to Mikasa dropping mad lines). It was too funny/sweet/cute for me to get out of my head. I’d say this is like, a solid T rating. ALSO I wrote this in like, LITERALLY 30 minutes so like, sorry if I can’t language.

Also forgive me my RivaMika fans.

Mikasa puts her bare feet up on the dash and rolls down the window of the shitty ‘98 Crown Vic.

But don’t tell Eren that, this heap of shit on wheels is his new pride and joy that he saved for two summers to buy, all $550.00 of it.

It makes an unsettling clunking sound when Eren accelerates to get on the interstate.

He definitely overpaid.

She sighs and looks outside, watching as the Indiana cornfields turn into the grassy rolling hills of Lower Michigan.

Eren is fiddling with his phone that’s hooked up to the auxiliary port tapedeck. He starts to veer into another lane while he does this.

“Let me do it,” she says, reaching for his phone.

“Stop fussing it’s fine.”

There’s nothing he hates more than any implication that he can’t do fifteen things at once despite the fact that he just got his driver’s license (after failing the test three times; one more time and he would’ve had to write a letter saying why he deserved another chance like Connie had had to).

She grabs his phone anyways and he scowls.

“Put on the road trip playlist I made.”

“Is it in Spotify?”

“Duh, what do you think it’d be in, Apple Music?”

She rolls her eyes. He’s developed this odd crusade against Apple products despite the fact that he just recently switched to a Samsung phone after he dropped his iPhone into a toilet.

She scrolls through his playlists, all of which are as spastic and unorganized as he is, until she finds a playlist titled summer roadtrip vibes (no capital letters of course).

She laughs while she scrolls through it.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Did you make this playlist while drinking a pumpkin spice latte and wearing Ugg boots?”

“Shut up, it’s a great playlist!”

She presses play and she won’t admit it but she loves every damn song on this list, partially because he picked them and partially because she actually loves top 40 music even though she’d never let anyone know this.

Eren knows though.

He knows everything about her. He’s known her since she was a girl. Knows her hopes, dreams, fears better than anyone, even her parents. They grew up neighbors and his parents are like her own, trusting her far more than Eren because she’s “the responsible one.”

Which is why they haven’t gotten around to telling either of their parents that they’ve been dating since prom two months ago.

The both of them are far too attached to the freedom that their parent’s ignorance affords them. There’s no way either of their parents would’ve let them drive up to the Jaeger’s summer cabin in Northern Michigan alone if they had known that Eren’s current favorite hobby is putting his hand up her shirt. No, they would’ve made them ride up with Eren’s creepy older brother Zeke.


The interstate starts to wind through the forest. An odd thing about Michigan is there are plenty of “scenic” outlook points, but very few rest-stops and even fewer gas stations.

She has many fond childhood memories of visiting here over the summers; another reason she and Eren haven’t told their parents about them dating because she’s not entirely sure her overprotective parents would’ve let her come up to the cabin since Armin couldn’t go this time (he’s at an archeology dig for brilliant high schoolers in South America because he’s Armin).  

Mikasa hears a familiar beat start playing and she glances at the radio.

I fucking love this song.

It’s Panda by Desiigner and Eren, completely shameless, starts rapping along to the track, getting maybe every other word correct.

Mikasa can’t hold it in anymore when the verse comes around.

“I got broads in Atlanta, Twisin’ dope, lean and shit, sippin’ Fanta, Credit cards and the scammers, wake up Versace shit–”


Eren starts laughing so hard that he’s crying, tears streaming down his face as she finishes the verse in its entirety.

He can’t stop laughing and pulls over the car at an outlook, his head resting on the steering wheel as he laughs so hard his entire body shaking.


He shakes his head, he’s laughing so hard he can’t talk.

“What’s so funny???”


He’s overcome by laughter again and she huffs, irritated.

He thinks I’m totally lame.

After another minute or so he collects himself, still chuckling and wiping tears from his eyes.

“You mind telling me why you’re laughing at me?”

He shakes his head.

“No, you’re just the best fucking person I know, I just love you a lot, that’s all,” he laughs.

Any irritation she felt instantly vanishes when she looks at him. He’s so genuine in his affection, so kind. He’s so free with his emotions in a way that she sometimes feels envious.

So she expresses herself the only way she really can, pulling him over and kissing him.

He makes a surprised sound but quickly catches up to her mood, crawling over to the passenger seat and straddling her and holding her face in his hands.

She deepens their kiss, grabbing at his shoulders and pulling him closer, until they’re both breathing heavily and his hand has found its way up her t-shirt. He grabs her over her bra like he always does but she wants more, wants him to touch her skin, so she clumsily fumbles with the clasp and shrugs it off and pulls it out her sleeve. He looks at her like she’s just performed some sort of wizardry.

She can tell he’s shocked, watches his adam’s apple bob as he touches her.

She pulls off her t-shirt because she wants him to see her, has always wanted him to and they’re alone off the interstate in rural Michigan.

“Mikasa,” he gasps, his eyes so wide as he looks at her. She feels so nervous because he’s never actually looked at her like this.


Words are clearly not his strong-suit at this point.

She grabs his hand and puts it on her breast.

He looks like he’s in absolute awe, like she’s the best thing he’s ever seen in his life and she blushes so red she feels a little dizzy.

He gets over his initial shock and then he’s kissing her throat just the way she likes, down her chest and on her breast. She feels like her heart is going to pump right out of her chest when he gently sucks on her nipple. She grabs his hair and sighs breathily.

She wants more, she wants everything with him and she doesn’t care about the consequences.

But when she reaches for his shirt, he grabs her hand and stops her.

“We should stop,” he pants.

The moment breaks.


“I mean, for one, the only condom I have is the one sitting in my wallet I bought from a gas-station four years ago with a quarter on a dare.”

“I have six in my purse,” she says dryly.

His eyes widen and he swallows again, his eyes suddenly far away.

I am the responsible one, afterall.

She reaches again for his belt buckle but he shakes his head no.

“Still, Mikasa,” he takes her hand and kisses her knuckles in a gesture so sweet it makes her heart swell. “We’re in my car, and even though it’s the best car in the world, don’t you…y’know, want it to be a little more special?”

She can’t help but smile.

He gets off of her and goes back to his seat. She grabs her bra and makes to put it on.

“Hold on a second,” he says.

She turns and faces him.


“I just, y’know, wanna remember what you look like without a shirt on,” he says simply.

She swears that her whole body must turn red because, outside of the moment, she feels totally embarrassed.

Still, she lets him look for a moment before grabbing her discarded bra and shirt.

She clicks her seatbelt again and sighs.

“Okay, we can go.”

“Give me a minute,” he says.

She glances down at his pants.

Oh my God.

“I can’t help it!”

He’s so embarrased, covers his lap with his backpack and bites his bottom lip. She starts laughing so hard that she’s the one crying.

Even if she’s a little disappointed, she looks over at how flustered he is and can’t help but think about how much she loves him.

It’ll be great, someday soon.

I don’t really ship Eremika but I fucking loved every second of this SO. I also based it almost entirely off a road trip me and my now husband then boyfriend took in high school. WE WERE NOT AS PURE AS EREMIKA THOUGH.



GENRE: fluff

SUMMARY: You didn’t listen to them when they told you it wouldn’t work out. Life after high school is hard, and friendships are tested; with not many surviving. You two were inseparable. But was it really possible to maintain a friendship between idol and stylist?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: my last Jimin scenario was angst and full of it, so I made this one fluff :D (the smiley is a lie, I am in pain, so much pain, R.I.P Ido my bby, I’m gonna bring you back to life istg)

also Anon, I’m so sorry this was late! 

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“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT,” Yuri squealed, clapping her hands. “We’re graduates!” You grinned, feeling your own excitement match hers. You had two months off to enjoy your freedom, and then you were set to work as Kim Mei’s assistant, which made your heart burst with joy. Mei was an extremely well known stylist, she didn’t work for anyone specifically, rather she had people running after her. Her understanding of physical features and accuracy in accentuating them made her one of the most sought after stylists in the country. 

And she had accepted you as her assistant. 

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Living Together AU - The Tours

I’m heading to bed my lovlies so take these headcanons for my AU prompted by the recent tour announcements!

- Figuring out what to do with Dark and Anti when going on tour is difficult, but Mark and Jack come up with something between them.

- Jack’s first tour is in America and not on dates that Mark’s tour is, meaning Anti can stay with him and Dark while Jack travels and then go home with Jack.

- Anti is a handful in the short space of time he is there. Dark is good at dealing with him, Mark thinks he’s going crazy.

- However, Ready Player 3 and the You’re Welcome tours happen around the same time in October, with only a few days different, so figuring out what to do then is difficult.

- Eventually, Dark and Anti are allowed to stay alone, in Mark’s house, with Chica.

- They have to make certain promises and agree to certain forfeits if they break said promises.

-It’s safe to say Mark and Jack are a little apprehensive, but when the tours are done and Mark comes back to his house, he finds none of the rules broken - that he can see, and Anti happily returns to Jack.

- When the You’re Welcome tour picks up again in January, at first Mark decides to take Dark with him, in the void.

- Dark quickly grows sick of that and it clearly isn’t working, so when the Europe leg of the tour starts, he goes to stay with Jack, Signe and Anti.

- There are only 11 shows in Europe, but the team spend 12 days there, meaning Dark spends 12 days with Jack.

- It’s enough for them both to say they need more concrete plans if they ever go on tour again.

- Anti whines about wanting to go on tour but Jack refuses. Dark doesn’t even bring it up, to Mark’s relief.

- In honesty, the two egos enjoyed their month of freedom in October, not having to stick to completely strict schedules.

- Mark and Jack consider that in the future they may be able to be left alone again.

- Dark is particularly happy about that, since it means his ‘plan’ to get them more freedom worked.

- Neither Mark or Jack realise they’ve been played.

Special Kinda Woman: Overwatch

Laying in bed, your eyes settled on your alarm clock, the red numbers showing bright and distinct against the black face. 10:00 AM. With a groan, you went to roll out of bed, slightly annoyed when two strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you back into bed and holding you in place against a strong, fuzzy chest. Again.

“Jesse, I gotta get up. I have chores to do.” Again you tried to get up, and again you where pulled into the man’s warm embrace.

“Just a little longer, darlin’.” He hummed, nuzzling his nose into your hair as his strapping arms gave you a squeeze.

“You said that three hours ago.” you chirped, making no effort to hide your irritation.

“Ten more minutes.” The cowboy muttered.

Rolling over in his grasp, you studied the face of your love, brushing his dusty brown locks out of his face so you could cup his cheek. He looked tired, both physically and mentally, eyes weary as they looked up at you.

“What’s wrong Jesse?” your voice was soft, soothing as you stroked his cheek. “You never stay this long. Did something happen at work?”

It was true, things had changed since that visit three years ago, when you and Jesse had finally been honest with just how much you needed each other. He visited more often now and for longer. His visits could last anywhere from a couple days to a whole month, and he rarely was gone for more then six months. He even called more often now, your phone usually ringing every other day, his gruff voice on the line, checking on how you were and keeping you updated on what he was doing. You enjoyed what you had with the cowboy. You loved him, and knew he loved you in return, but you also enjoyed the space and freedom your relationship allowed.

For two months now Jesse had been staying with you. The longest visit he had ever had. You knew something had to be eating at him. He wasn’t acting like his usual self. He slept most of the day, and was up all night. He was drinking more then usually, and just moped around the house. Today marked a full week since he had been outside.

“It’s nothing, darlin’.” he said, unconvincingly. Leaning up, he captured your lips, though the kiss was half hearted and weak.

“You say that every time. But your not acting like yourself, Jesse.” Grabbing his shoulder, you refused to let him roll over, making him face you as you insisted on getting an answer. “Please, I’m worried about you. After all we’ve been through, you can talk to me.”

Looking up at you, you could see the reluctance in his eyes, brows turned up in uncertainty as he argued with himself. He trusted you. Lord knew he trusted you. There wasn’t a thing in the world he couldn’t tell you. But he wasn’t sure he knew how to put what he was feeling into words, wasn’t sure he wanted to open that dam. But as you looked at him, concern and uncertainty in your eyes, he felt compelled to open up. He hated to see you so worried. He had worried you enough already for one lifetime. With a sigh, he sat up, closing his eyes as he tried to think of where to start.

“We lost Captain Amari…”

“Oh, hun. I’m so sorry.” Wrapping your arms around him, you held him close. At first he just lay there, but as you stroked his hair, laying gentle kisses on the top of his head, the man caved, burying his face into you as he clung to your soft form. Taking deep breaths, you could tell Jesse was fighting back tears, something you hadn’t seen him do since he was a young teen. You had heard about Ana Amari upon occasion, Jesse spoke of her with great respect and admiration. But you hadn’t realized they had been this close. A small pang of jealousy lodged itself in your heart like a thorn. “I didn’t realize you two were so close.” You hated the words that slipped past your lips. You should be comforting him, not acting like an insecure teen. Luckily, Jesse didn’t seem to notice, or maybe he just ignored the statement.

“She was exactly what I needed when I first came to Overwatch. She was so rigid about training and rules, but she was understanding. She never judged me for my past. She cared so much about the people working under her. I hadn’t had that before.” I cared about you like that. “I thought I did with the Deadlock gang, but when I saw how Ana treated her people, how hard she fought to protect them, I knew I had never had that.” You thought about how you had left home, the only time in your life, you had hopped on a train, alone at seventeen, just for the chance to save the man you held now. “For thirteen years I fought with that woman. She inspired me. She made me want to be better. Make something of myself.” You fought back the bitterness that clouded your heart. You had been there for him. You had believed in him when no one else had. You had always known he would be great someday. “I guess, she was everything I had always imagined my mother should be.” Your hand stilled, no longer stroking his hair as you looked down at the man that lay curled up in your arms.

Jesse had never spoken of his mother. In the twenty four years you had known him, he had never once mentioned his mother. You had always assumed she had died giving birth to him. No one in town spoke of her and your parents had diverted the conversation the few times you had asked. But Jesse, he had never once even acknowledged the fact he had a mother, not even to you. Just as he feared, as he opened up to you about Ana, so many thoughts and feelings overwhelmed him, pouring out as he remembered so many things he had buried away for so long.

“My mom left when I was five. I still remember the way she looked at me that day. Like I was some piece of trash she wanted to throw into a burn pile. I begged her to take me with her, but she said I had too much of my father in me. That I’d end up just like him.” Rolling out of your grasp to lay on his back, Jesse’s arm rested over his face, hiding his eyes from you as he drudged up memories that had lay dormant for so many years. “I met you about a year later. I was so full of rage and pain. I tried so hard to push you away, guess I was just afraid of being hurt again. But you never left. No matter what I said, no matter what I did to you, the next day you’d greet me with a smile and a wave. Like nothing had happened.” In your mind, you saw a six year old Jesse, dirty and tattered, always lashing out, always getting into fights. But you had never minded. He had never seemed that bad to you. “I made a lot of stupid decisions when I was young, but you were always there, standing by my side. I can’t imagine how bad off I'da been without you.” uncovering his face, glossy brown eyes looked up at you, sad and remorseful as they studied you. “If it weren’t for you, my mother would have been right. I would have ended up just some good for nothing nobody, drunk in some alley.”

“Jesse, what’s going on? This isn’t like you. Where is all this coming from?” You were frightened by the look in his eyes, so weak, so vulnerable. A part of Jesse you had never seen. Laying there in your bed, he seemed so frail, spilling all his deepest, most personal thoughts. Thoughts he was afraid even to admit to himself most of the time.

“Overwatch if falling apart.” He continued, gaze shifting to stare at the ceiling. “Jack and Gabe are at each others throats more then ever. There’s so much in fighting. It’s chaos. Nothing makes Gabe happy anymore. He’s always sulking and picking fights with people. He’s been doing all this secret stuff that’s coming out, stuff I’m not sure I can support, even if he was doing them for the right reasons.” As Jesse’s hands clenched around the sheets, you moved to lay your small hands over his own, fingers barely able to wrap around the back of his hand. “The man is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a father, I want to stand with him, but he’s going down such a dark path. I’m just not sure I can follow him there.” You gave his hands a squeeze as Jesse closed his eyes again, fighting some internal battle as he was overcome by the struggles of his current situation. “I finally got to a good place, I can’t go back to that life of hate and anger. I was so lost in it when I was younger. I cursed the world for letting my mom leave, sticking me with that bastard. All that hatred was eating me alive. I can’t go back there. I- I just cant follow him there.” Leaning over him, you lay a soft kiss on his forehead, bringing him back to you before he became too lost in his problems.

“Then don’t.” Combing your fingers through his hair, you were comforted by how he leaned into your touch, welcoming your reassurance as you gave his lips a soft peck. “If Overwatch is in as much disarray as you say, maybe it’s time you move on. You need to take care of yourself. There’s plenty of good you can do outside of Overwatch.”

“I’m just not sure I can abandon everyone. They’re like family to me.”

“Jesse, Overwatch is going down. With or without you. You need to protect yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be dragged into the middle of things.” He knew you were right, knew he couldn’t stay. He had known that for about a year now. But for almost half his life now, Overwatch had been is world. It was scary, they idea of leaving, finding something new. Where would he go? What would he do? There was still so much in his past he wanted to atone for. With Overwatch, he felt he could do that. He could redeem himself from his past crimes. What was he supposed to do now?

As he lay there, mulling over all the possibilities in his head, you waited patiently. Petting his hair, you offered silent support as Jesse struggled with his conflict. Finally, after several moments of deep meditation, brown eyes met yours, vulnerable and sincere.

“No matter what happens, you’ll stay with me, right?”

“Always.” Leaning down, you took his lips, his fingers tangling in your hair as he reciprocated. It was a needy kiss, as if he was looking for all the answers to his questions in that contact. But as he pulled away, you were sure he found at least one of them.

“Alright. I’ll set out tomorrow. I’ll get my stuff and tell Morrison I’m leaving. Then I’m coming home.” Sitting up, he wrapped his arms around you, holding you close as he kissed along your neck. You let out a giggle, his scruff tickling your neck. “Come on, darlin’. I’ll help you with those chores.” Climbing out of bed, you admired the man’s butt as he walked out off the door, stocking off to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.

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Hey! I just wanted to share this, So in two days it'll mark my 3 months of self harm freedom. My real parents think that I just need friends but I have social anxiety and depression so it makes it difficult for me to talk.

Congratulations! We’re so proud of you!
That’s such a big step. I’m so overwhelmed with joy. That’s so amazing. We’re always here for you to talk. Thank you for coming to us with this.

-Dad Steven

The Burden Revealed

Nesta discovers what part of Cassian’s past haunts him. And it comes in the form of a dreamer with bright brown eyes.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

“Now that was some good pizza!” Feyre said after finishing her last slice.

“It’s too bad Elain had to meet up with her group for a school project,” Mor shut the empty pizza box and went to place it near the trash bin.

“She’ll be happy that we saved her a couple slices though,” Nesta stretched her legs out under the table. After consuming the delicious pizza it made her long for the cozy bed that awaited back at her apartment.

“You know what sounds good right about now?” Feyre leaned back in her chair with her hand rubbing circles over her stomach. “Cassian’s brownies with powdered sugar would be the perfect dessert.”

“Don’t tempt me,” Mor laughed as she returned to the table. “Now you’re making me want to call Cassian and force him to deliver some to us!”

The abrupt mention of Cassian made Nesta startle. She hadn’t been able to forget the words he spoke to her at the dog park. They constantly kept popping up in her mind and it was becoming meddlesome.

“Just know that we all make mistakes Nesta and sometimes the price of those mistakes linger for the rest of our lives.”

What sort of mistake still haunted him? Cassian didn’t appear to be the type to let history plague the present. He lived for the moment and didn’t let anyone stop him from enjoying even the most mundane activities. So why did he suddenly become closed off from her? Usually Nesta was the one with walls to defend herself, but with Cassian it was as if someone had doused his spirit.

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I'm so sick of the people saying"well Harry wrote with other people, not all the lyrics are his." Bullshit. It's HIS album and represents him and if he hated or disagreed with lyrics he would not have it be a consideration for his album. I'm sure people are going to say he didn't have a choice and again I say bullshit. If he wrote a song with his band and didn't want it for his album I'm sure they wouldn't go behind his back and give it to the label. It was HIS choice.

yes. and the fact that there are people still trying to act like harry was forced into releasing this album with these lyrics as if he’s a small baby with no ability to say no to anything is ridiculous.

he’s 23 years old, not 3. Obviously he’s not completely free in the way that we hoped he would be free but come the fuck on. He wrote those songs (with a team but he was still very much part of the creative process) and he sang them and he chose to include them on his album.

weren’t people crying out about how a distribution deal meant he had so much more creative freedom just a month ago?

even two days ago people were still harping on the fact that his album was what he wanted it to be and that clearly that’s why tess was around. 

trust your own gut and trust your own interpretation of things because it should be abundantly clear by now that the people who act like they know everything are just as clueless as the rest of us.


Lena had hope that Supergirl would come to save her. Or, least of all, Mon-El. They had tried to escape the first few days aboard the Daxamite ships but then Supergirl had shown up and Lena and Mon-El were escaping and then–

Rhea decided to cut her losses. Mon-El had barely any time to react as Supergirl was forcibly transported off the ship and there was a jolt and the engines roared and Lena had crashed into Mon-El, the ship leaving Earth’s atmosphere so quickly that even the Daxamite guards were affected. 

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I Have Never

A/N: This is going to be exactly what you think it is when you start reading…
Rating: M

It had been awhile since the team had really been able to let their hair down after a string of cases had kept them on the road for almost two months solid. To celebrate their freedom, Derek had offered the team a night of drinks between friends at his place. JJ and Hotch politely declined in favour of seeing their children and Rossi had made plans to visit some old friends but the rest were game, bringing a bottle of wine each.

So the night went on. Two bottles of wine became four, which in turn became harder liquor as Derek retrieved a bottle from the kitchen that he’d been given by Rossi. With each passing round of the game, the statements had become more and more suggestive as each of the tried to feel out how to get the others to drink.

“Ok… ok….” slurred Y/N. “I got one… ‘I have never’ made out with anyone of the same sex.”

“What!?” exclaimed Emily before taking a drink. “Not even in college?” Spencer, too, had taken a drink but more surprisingly, so had Derek.

“Wait…. you?” spat Spencer as he tried to take another sip of his drink.

“Hey, I was in college once too,” he retorted.

“Ok, ok, but more importantly,” started Emily, returning to the subject of Y/N. “How have you not?”

“I just… never got round to the experimenting stage,” she replied, blushing heavily.

“Oh, we gotta change that,” said Emily with a dark grin. “How can you go on not knowing what it’s like?”

“I knew there was a reason I brought out the good stuff,” laughed Derek as he picked up Rossi’s bottle of scotch.

Emily shifted off her seat and moved around toward Y/N with a determined look on her face, causing her target to tense up in sheer panic. Derek and Spencer watched on in awe and delight, shifting around to get a better view of what was about to happen.

“It’s ok,” said Emily in a calm and smooth tone. “I won’t bite unless you want me too.”

Y/N relaxed a little as her coworker lowered herself down in front of her, the dutch courage helping to steady her nerves while loosening her inhibitions. The pair came face to face, bringing a little excited yet nervous energy to Y/N’s body as she prepared herself for what was to come.

Emily’s lips were much softer than any lips she’d kissed before, each moment of the kiss felt much more sensual than any man could have been. Y/N couldn’t help but let her hand move to Emily’s cheek as the kiss deepened, her tongue exploring beyond the borders of her colleagues lips. When Emily shifted closer, Y/N instinctively parted her knees to let her in, getting as close to this first female encounter as possible. Derek and Spencer watched on with complete engrossment, unable to look away as the two attractive female agents began to intertwine.

“I have never seen anything quite this hot,” said Spencer with very little attention to what he was saying. Derek simply looked at his glass, with no intention of raising it to his lips before he was drawn back to the spectacle before him.

Y/N let out a small moan as her lips parted from Emily’s, partly disappointed that it was over and partly wishing that she could have tried something else too. With her lips still parted she stared into her deep dark eyes with an unexpected longing.

“Ok, my turn,” exclaimed Derek with a grin. “This is a lie but I’m curious. ‘I have never’ had relations with more than one person at a time.” The moment he finished speaking, he took a long sip of his drink. Prentiss had to lean backward to pick up her drink, shuffling away from a still recuperating Y/N to take a sip of her drink.

“Ok, I wanna know too,” started Spencer with a beaming grin. “How many and what gender?”

“I er… it was a man and a woman,” said Emily with a degree of bashfulness. “They were a couple and we were all very drunk.”

“Interesting,” added Spencer. “What about you, Morgan?”

“Oh, two women, of course,” he chuckled. “I guess they decided there was plenty of me to go around.”

“So no one tried four?” asked Y/N, causing both Emily and Derek to look at each other. After a long moment of silence, all four of them were looking to each other as if weighing up what they thought of each member of the group till finally Emily turned back around to Y/N.

“Did you have anything in particular in mind or did you just want to give the boys a good show?” she asked with a seductive grin.

“If you girls want to give us a show, I won’t complain,” Derek added.

Before she could reply, Emily turned and pulled Y/N clean off the seat to her knees so that they were a little closer to Derek than before. Their lips met with force as both were prepared for it this time, their arms wrapping around each other as their mouths collided. Writhing together, the female agents put on an intense show right in front of their two colleagues but it wouldn’t stay a show for long.

With an outstretched hand, Emily ran her fingers up the inside of Derek’s leg with every intention of ensuring he was sat uncomfortably. Y/N had begun to tug at Emily’s waist, pulling their bodies together as hard as she could while trying to pull up her top. Spencer watched with growing discomfort as within a few moments the entire situation had escalated and both women had removed the other’s top and were pressing their breasts together with their closeness.

It didn’t take much longer before Emily ran her fingers along the edge of Y/N’s pants, teasing their way below the material as she began to moan lightly into her lips. Gasps escaped from Y/N each time they parted lips even slightly, becoming heavier as Prentiss slid her fingers lower and lower.

“Why don’t we… make this more interesting?” asked Emily in a whisper as her fingers reached Y/N’s warm, moist, lower lips. The grin that spread across her face was almost wicked as she watched the control leave her colleague.

The sound of a belt being undone caught Y/N’s attention and her eyes glanced sideways just in time to see Derek’s hand disappear down under his jeans. With the loosened inhibitions and the already enticed sexual drive, an idea popped into her head that would have shocked her under normal circumstances.

“I think someone else needs a hand,” she managed to gasp, leaning her head over her shoulder to whisper in Emily’s ear.

The sight of both women slowly turning to look at him made Derek freeze, not knowing if he should continue. His question was answered when Y/N edged toward him, followed closely by Emily, each of them tugging his pants down to enough to reveal a surprisingly generous length. Spencer looked away as his male colleague became exposed, trying not to let the others see his interest or excitement for that matter.

With a broad grin, Emily took hold of Derek, letting her hand work him for a moment before her lips pursed together to lean down and kiss his tip. At the same time, Y/N slid her fingernails up the bare skin of his groin, teasing him as she stared up into his eyes.

“What’s the matter, Derek?” she asked. “I thought you were experienced in this kind of thing.”

Derek was about to answer but, at that moment, Emily’s lips passed completely over his throbbing end, causing him to gasp loudly. Y/N chuckled at his pleasure, sliding her hand back down to play with his balls as Emily tasted as much of his length as she could take in.

Emily’s free hand slid down over her own behind, pulling down her pants so that she could slide her fingers between her own legs. As she began to pleasure herself, she also began to moan lightly against Derek’s cock. The added sensation caused him to let his head roll backward but Y/N had decided to take more of an active role, swapping sides with Emily and allowing her to step up out of her pants.

Instead of dropping to her knees, Y/N sat on the edge of the seat, brushing up against Spencer as she leaned her head down into Derek’s lap. The contact was more than he could handle, having already palmed at his crotch in an attempt to relieve a little of the pressure. Without any thought of what he was doing, Spencer shifted to face what was going on, placing a hand on Y/N’s behind, sliding his fingers down the contour till he teased her through the material.

In the meantime, Emily had pulled Derek’s hand down onto the seat and had proceeded to sit on his fingers as she knelt on the last seat of the sofa. Rolling her hips, she pleasured herself with his hand, letting her own slide across her body with increasing sensory delight but Derek had gotten a more effective idea.

Leaning to his side, Derek half lay down on the sofa, allowing Y/N to continue using her mouth to pleasure him but he’d lifted Emily from his hand. Emily needed very little instruction as she positioned her hot, wet pleasure over his mouth, letting his lips and tongue lap at her as much as he wanted.

Spencer couldn’t take any more waiting. He was practically trapped in his own pants as his excitement grew and grew. Taking hold of the edge of Y/N’s pants, he tugged them down, baring her behind as she continued to let her lips slide up and down Derek’s length, aiding him with her hand. When he didn’t receive any objections, Spencer pulled himself from his pants and placed his tip against Y/N’s dripping hole, teasing himself in a little as she moaned onto Derek’s cock.

Emily had begun to roll her hips atop Derek’s face, gripping her own breasts as his flattened tongue pressed against her clit each time she writhed. Moaning loudly, she could feel the heat build from deep within her body. With her knees buckling a little, she leaned forward so that she could let her fingers pull up his shirt and play with his sculpted abs.

Y/N had also begun to moan loudly but was muffled by the enormous length of Derek in her mouth as Spencer pushed deep into her from behind, his waist slapping against her with each vigorous thrust. He couldn’t help but grip onto her hips for extra leverage, almost pulling her backward onto him.

“Oh my… fuck…” exclaimed Spencer as he felt Y/N tighten on him inside her.

“Mmmm,” moaned Emily happily. “Are you enjoying her, Spencer? Does she like that?”

“Mhmmm,” answered Y/N, with a mouth full of Derek, hidden between extensive moans.

The sound of both Spencer and Y/N’s pleasure drove Emily on, causing her to begin to tense a little as she rocked on Derek’s mouth till finally she let out a cry. Her entire body tensed and shuddered as she was taken over in the grip of an intense orgasm.

Spencer watched Emily collapse downward and dig her nails into Derek’s chest, having to remove herself from his face as the intensity became too much. With his face free, it was finally possible to hear Derek groaning with each pump of Y/N’s hand and mouth. Y/N’s voice vibrated on his cock, helped along as Spencer picked up pace, thrusting harder and faster into her. Every now and then, she was forced to pause, whimpering as Spencer’s cock delved deep into her pleasure, making it difficult to focus on what she was doing.

“Come on guys, cum together,” Emily instructed and Spencer pushed even harder. The pair of them breathed with increasing labour, indicating that she might get her wish.

“Fuck… ah fuck…” exclaimed Derek, covering his face with his hands and smelling Emily’s cum on his lips before crying out and exploding into Y/N’s mouth, his body jerking and convulsing as he was overtaken by it.

Y/N had to swallow quickly as Derek’s orgasm set off her own, tightening against Spencer and crying out vocally. She wanted to feel his hot, thick liquid inside her badly, pushing back against him with desperation.

“Do it, Spencer…” she panted. “Cum in me… do it…”

The words seemed to spur him on with furious thrusting, each impact sending jolts through Y/N’s body. Every time she pushed back into him her breasts bounced within her bra and she continued to moan as his cock prolonged the feeling of her orgasm.

“Fuck, push… harder….” moaned Spencer as he slammed into her again and again till finally, he too cried out, spurting into Y/N from behind before letting himself fall away against the sofa.

The four colleagues sat and lay in their resting positions, sharing glances of disbelief over what had just happened. Partially naked, completely dripping with sweat and panting, the four tried to come down off of their high and gather their thoughts but it was Derek who spoke first.

“We should… we should probably keep that between us…” he panted, trying to sit up and look at the mass of empty bottles and glasses before starting to laugh. The others slowly began to laugh too, realising just how easily they’d given in to each other. Y/N just hoped she’d remember it all come the morning so she had something better to say next time she played ‘I have never…’


Request for: anon

Pairing: Reader x Sam, Reader x Dean

Word Count: 629


“I’ll go and grab us some popcorn.”

You smiled at your boyfriend, Sam, as he gave you one last kiss before walking to the kitchen to grab the popcorn he promised.

As soon as he was gone, you let out a sigh. You and Sam had been dating for two years. At first, you loved it. The two of you had the perfect relationship and you felt like you had been floating above cloud nine, but now, your feelings had changed. Over the past year, you felt yourself falling more and more in love with Dean and less with Sam. But you knew that you would never be able to leave Sam and date his brother, so you stayed.

“Hey, babe, I got the popcorn.” Sam smiled, sitting down next to you. You returned his smile and took the popcorn, pushing your thoughts away.

You shuffled on the couch, laying on Sam’s chest as the two of you watched Pulp Fiction.

“You guys are watching Pulp Fiction without me?” Dean asked in disbelief, jumping over the couch and sitting down. He smiled down at you and took a handful of your popcorn as his eyes lingered on your lips before focusing up at the screen.

Butterflies fluttered in your stomach, trying to break free and recreate the kiss that you and Dean shared two months ago. Both of you knew how wrong it was, but when your lips connected, it felt like nothing in the world could be wrong. It had consumed your thoughts everyday for the past two months, taking over any mental freedom you had left.

Your eyes shifted from Dean’s pink lips to the screen, trying to distract yourself. After all, you were laying on Sam’s chest. Your boyfriend’s chest. Throughout the movie, you and Dean took turns stealing glances at each other as your hands brushed up against each other in the popcorn bowl, until Sam paused the movie and stood up, fuming with rage.

“What’s going on between you two?” Sam asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Nothing, Sammy.” You reassured him.

“Oh really?” He raised his voice. “Because you two keep staring at each other. That’s not nothing.”

“Sam-” Dean began, but Sam cut him off.

“No, Dean.” Sam pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath before continuing, “You two kissed, didn’t you?”

“Sam,” Dean began. “It was-”

Sam cut his brother off again. “I trusted both of you!”

Dean stood up, ready to defend himself. “I know, and I’m sorry! Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t plan on falling for your girlfriend.”

You felt your heart stop in your chest as you looked up at Dean. The man you fell in love with.

“Y/N,” Sam looked down at the floor, unable to look at you. “We’re done.”

You stayed quiet for a minute before muttering, “I’m sorry, Sammy. I really am.”

“Do you love him?” Sam asked.

You took a deep, shaky breath. “Yes.”

Sam walked away with a single tear falling down his face, leaving you and Dean alone.

“So you love me then?” Dean asked.

“Yes.” You told him. “And you?”

“I love you, too.” Dea admitted. “But we can’t be together. At least not now.”

You nodded, looking up at Dean. “I know.”

When Dean didn’t make a move, you stood up, ready to pack your things. Dean grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you into his chest, pressing his lips to yours.

“Don’t you dare fall in love with anyone else when you’re gone.” He muttered between kisses. “Because you’re it for me, Y/N, and I fully intend to be with you one day.”

With that, he walked away, leaving you with a heavy heart and a promise for the future.

Be Mine (VI)

Characters: Taehyung (V) & Reader & Seokjin (Jin)

Genre: A little bit of everything, but mostly angst

Series: Intro, Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 Chapter 8Chapter 9, Chapter 10 Chapter 11Chapter 12, Chapter 13Chapter 14 , Chapter 15

Summary: You were introduced to your best friend’s university friends, but none of them seemed to appeal to you like Taehyung did, and no matter under what circumstances, you couldn’t seem to get your mind off of him. But there was a set back to all this..

Hello Again! I’m back with Chapter 6 of the Be Mine series :) I’m so so happy to hear that some of you are really loving the series! I always love to hear what you think ❤  I will try and post Chapter 7 as soon as I can :) Until next time, remember to like, reblog and share! Happy Reading~

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After that day you never talked to Taehyung again, and did everything you could to block him out of your life. You even had to stop talking to Jennifer for a few days, just so you’d stop thinking about him. You never went back to visit Jin’s workplace either, because whenever you went, you would only think about Taehyung. You barely slept most of the time, but when you were lucky, you would cry yourself to sleep, but it would only last a few hours before you woke up again.

Sugary and caffeinated drinks were now your new best friend whenever you were sleep deprived. Food and sleep were your enemies since they never seemed to want to be on your side. You were okay with that though, since almost everything made you think about Taehyung, the caffeinated drinks helped your body and mind hype up and forget about him. Not permanently, just temporarily.

Days left like weeks, weeks felt like months, months felt like years, until finally the last day before Christmas break came, which meant two weeks of freedom. For the past couple of months, you’ve been throwing yourself into school work and helping at the cafe that Jin’s friends own. It was pretty evident that even the guys knew that something was up, but they never asked, mainly because Jin told them not to. Through the last couple of months, Jin has gotten a lot closer to you, even closer than before. He practically felt like family by now, always comforting you when you cried, hugged you when you wanted to be loved, and like before, always helped you in school. You didn’t want to believe it, but you felt yourself slowly falling for him, but the memories of Taehyung were never gone. They weren’t as vivid as before, but they would just come and go, leaving time for yourself to think about Jin.

Once you got to work, you quickly got to helping Yoongi at the coffee machines, only to see Jin also changed into the cafe’s employee uniform.

“Why are you wearing the uniform?” You confusingly asked Jin.

“Well.. Y/N.. I mean there’s only one reason why I would wear the uniform while standing behind the counter.” He smirked.

Of course. Stupid question. For the first time in a while, you felt your cheeks flush a pink colour.

“Right.. but don’t you have an assignment that’s due tonight?” You asked.

Before Jin could answer your question, you heard Yoongi grumpily say,

“If you two love birds are about done chatting, Y/N could you help me here?”

You quickly apologized and was about to walk away only to have Jin grip onto your wrist. You confusingly looked at him wondering what he was doing. He didn’t say anything besides push a piece of stray hair behind your ear. You blushed at his action, and playfully pushed him ignoring his playful stare. You quickly moved beside Yoongi to help him with the drinks, as Jin went to help Namjoon at the cashier. Once in a while, you watched how most of the girl customers gushed at Jin, and they all lined up in his lane so he could help them order. Sneaky… Without even realizing, you noticed that you were starting to become a little jealous. He wasn’t yours, and yet you were already starting to feel possessive, again.

“Do you like Jin hyung?” You heard Yoongi ask.

“What? No.” You nervously lied.

“Sure you don’t.” Was the last thing he said, as more and more orders came rushing in. You didn’t want to try and say that you didn’t like Jin, because by now even you knew that you couldn’t even fool yourself.

Once it was finally time for closing hour, the boys all hurried to change while you lazily slouched onto a chair. You groaned at how sore your body felt, and didn’t even bother to get up and change. You were so sleep deprived to the point that if you just sat still, you could fall asleep, but you knew that sleeping would only lead you to thinking about Taehyung again. You would think about how beautiful his face was, how warm his touch felt, how soft his lips felt on yours, but then you would also think about how he hurt you, how he broke your heart, and how he left you in tears for months. Stop Y/N… don’t think about him right now. You’re at work. You thought to yourself bitting back your tears. As you were about to get up, you felt how sore the muscles on your back felt, and winced every time you tried to move your arms. Suddenly, you felt a pair of hands rubbing your aching muscles, and you heard Jin’s voice as he asked,


You simply nodded, enjoying the relief that his hands gave your overworked muscles.

“You’re good at this.” You complimented on his nice handwork.

“I learnt this when I was little. It was the least I could have done for my mom and dad when they were busy working and talking care of me and my brother.”

A caring man who loves his parents, is a man worth keeping. You thought to yourself. What am I thinking about? He’s not even mine… Feeling slightly awkward after realizing that Jin was massaging you, you stopped him and said that you needed to go get your stuff from the staffroom, leaving Jin confused as to what just happened.

As you headed towards the staffroom, you heard Jimin say,

“Let’s go guys! I know a place that is holding an party tonight. I invited some of my friends from outside of town. It’s going to be fun, and I heard there’s going to be a lot of girls.”

“Let’s go!” Hoseok and Namjoon happily cheered.

“I’m too tired. I’m going to go home and sleep.” Yoongi said as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

As he was about to leave, he saw you at the doorframe.

“Are you eavesdropping on us?” He smirked.

Being caught red-handed, you playfully pushed past him to get your bag from one of the lockers.

“Y/N! Let’s go to the party that Jimin is talking about. Let’s have some fun!” Jungkook said smiling at you.

You were about to decline when you heard Jin say,

“Okay, let’s all go!”

The guys all cheered, besides Yoongi, but that was always normal, Yoongi was always the quiet one.

“I never said I was going..” You said silencing the guys.

“Way to ruin the mood.” Jimin pouted.

Before you could grab your bag, Jin took it and grabbed your arm walking towards the door, but before the two of you left, he looked back at the guys and said,

“Don’t worry. She’s going. We’ll meet you there!”

“I said I’m not going.” You pouted.

“Come on. We can have some fun tonight. Just tonight. I’ll make sure you won’t get drunk and that you won’t walk home with some stranger okay? I’ll bring you home tonight. Promise.” He smiled.

There was that word again, promise. Unlike with Taehyung, you didn’t hate that Jin uses it, because you knew whenever Jin said it, he meant it. You gave in and finally agreed to going.

“Where are we going?” You asked as Jin continued to hold your wrist.

You stared at his hand, thinking about the dramas that you watched, and wondered why do the guys always held onto the girl’s wrist and not hand. I wouldn’t mind holding his hand.. no.. Y/N… what are you talking about? You always caught yourself off guard, sending Jin mixed signals, because honestly, you didn’t even know what you want. You were never sure whether you wanted Jin out of love or lust.

“I’m driving us to the party.” He said as he accidentally dropped your bag, spilling most of your  bag’s content out.

“Smooth Jin. Very smooth.” You laughed at him.

He apologized as the two of you crouched down to put everything back. Noticing an orange envelope, Jin picked it up and asked what it was.

“Oh. My East Asian studies teacher gave me it, saying that she wanted me to try studying a year aboard in South Korea, because apparently she thinks I’m smart enough for it.” You snorted.

You knew that the only reason you were decent in the class was because through watching multiple dramas and music videos, you were able to learn Korean here and there. Sure the course wasn’t only about the language, but also about history, which for you was entertaining since you always loved learning about it.

“Do you plan on going?” Jin nervously asked.

You shrugged and said,

“I’m not sure yet. Maybe.”

As you picking up the rest of the items, you saw that Jin stopped moving and just stared at you.

“Are you okay?” You asked him.

“Don’t go..” He quietly said, almost too quiet for you to hear him.

“I said I’m not sure. I’m probably not even going to go.” You said picking up the last item before pulling your backpack over your shoulders and stood up. Following you, Jin stood up and engulfed you into a hug. You were shocked by his action because although the two of you have hugged before, he would only hug you if you asked him to.

“What’s wrong Jin?” You asked as you hugged him back.

“Don’t leave me…” He quietly whispered. He knew it was selfish of him, but he wanted you to always be by his side, so he would take care and love you.

Patting his back, you said,

“Jin. I never said I’m going. Save those words for when I really think about going.”

You pulled away from the hug and ran your hands through his hair, because you knew that always calmed him down.

“I’m not going anywhere, and if I was going to leave, I would tell you.”

He nodded and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feel of your hands running through his hair.

“Now come on let’s get drunk!” You smiled.

Once in the car, Jin drove the two of you to the house that the party was being held in. Everyone at the party was handed a red plastic cup. Classic. One of the rules for the party, was that everyone had to have their cups filled at least once before they entered. As you and Jin lined up, you noticed that every girl’s cup was filled to the rim, while the some guys had their cups filled only half way. Obviously everyone knew that this was to get girls drunk, so knowing their tactic, you never finished your cup.

When it finally came to your turn to have your cup filled, the guy pouring the drink smirked at you and asked,

“You here alone baby girl?”

You were a little taken back by him calling you baby girl, because no one else but Taehyung has called you that. You felt a sudden gush of memories with Taehyung rushing in, and you became speechless.

“The cat caught your tongue darling?” He playfully smiled.

Glaring at him, you took your filled cup and walked straight into the house not saying a single word to him. Fuck. I was fine just minutes ago. God dammit. Why now.. Seeing your reflection through the filled liquor in your cup, you wanted to badly to get drunk. Anything to forgot about Taehyung. I’ll do anything. With the decision made, you took a big gulp of the cup enjoying how the hard liquor burned down your throat. You were about to take another sip, when you felt a hand halt you. You looked at the hand and saw that it was Jin, and he was giving you a surprised look.

“You planning to get drunk tonight?” He asked.

“I hope so. Need to let loose eventually. I think I’ve been feeling a little too uptight lately.” You said taking another long sip.

Just as you were about to attempt and chug the rest of the drink, Jin halted you and switched his cup with yours. Seeing that his cup was only a quarter filled, you pouted at him. He simply laughed at your reaction and said,

“If you’re planning to get drunk, drink slowly. I want to enjoy myself tonight too. I still need to drive you home remember.”

You scrunched your face at him, and took a little sip of the drink. You were starting to feel the effects of the alcohol getting to you, and you were slightly regretting being so adventurous and chugging the drink. You tried to stand straight, only to tumble a little bumping into Jin. He had his arm around your waist to steady you.

“I told you to drink slower.” He said.

You gave him an apologetic smile as you straightened up. You looked around the whole first floor of the house and noticed that the rest of the boys weren’t here yet, so you asked Jin where they went.

“Jimin said that he was going to wait for his friends to come along and then meet up with us. And I got just a text from him saying that they’re here.”

You were trying your best to concentrate, but it was hard when all you could think about was Jin’s warm arm still wrapped around you. You felt your cheeks blush at the sudden physical contact.

“Are you okay? Your cheeks are really red.” Jin said cupping your face.

Maybe it was the fact that the alcohol was finally getting to you in full power, because usually around Jin you would be able to suppress your shyness. You nodded staring at him, feeling everything spinning, you griped onto his forearms, which to your surprise are very firm.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He worriedly asked again.

As you were about to assure him, you heard Jimin’s voice interrupting the two of you.

“Ahem. Guys. Not trying to ruin your moment, but I wanted to introduce you to my friends.” He smiled.

You blushed at Jimin, and tried smoothed out the imaginary ruffles in your shirt, as Jin happily sipped his drink.

“So.. These are my friends Andrew, Jackson, Youngjae, and…. lastly Taehyung.” Jimin said.

You eyes instantly shot up at Jimin, and saw that Taehyung, the Taehyung that broke your heart months ago was standing behind Jimin, and was glaring at you and Jin. But Taehyung wasn’t alone, you saw a girl beside him, who has her arms wrapped around his arm. She must be Angelica.. You always wondered who this Angelica would look like. In your mind you always imagined her beautiful and flawless, something that you would never describe yourself as, and you saw that she wasn’t too far from what you imagined. As you observed Angelica, you noticed that compared to all the other girls in the party who were dressed in tight revealing clothing, she was wearing a big baggy sweater, a couple sizes bigger than herself, which most likely belonged to Taehyung. It hurt to see someone else wearing his sweater. It used to only be me..

“Y/N? You okay? Is something wrong?” Jimin asked as he saw your saddened look.

“No.. no. I’m fine.” You weakly said.

You felt Jin wrap his arm around your shoulder, and you knew that you didn’t need to explain to Jin for him to know what is happening. When you looked up at Jin, you saw that he gave Angelica a questionable look, but you were too distracted to ask him about it.

“Right… We’re all going to and party now. We’ll see you around.” Jimin smiled as he walked away with his friends, leaving just you and Jin alone with Taehyung and Angelica.

“Can you get a another drink baby? I’m all out.” Taehyung sweetly said to his girlfriend, but he didn’t look at her as he was staring at you the whole time.

She happily agreed and went to the kitchen to get his drink. You felt your heart break at Taehyung calling Angelica the same pet name that he once gave you. Feeling stupid for being jealous, you wanted to leave him.

“Let’s go Jin.” You said as you started to walk away.

“Wait.” Taehyung said holding onto the arm with your cup in it, almost dropping your drink.

“Let go of her.” Jin sternly said.

“This has nothing to do with you.” Taehyung glared at Jin.

“I could say the same thing for you. Y/N has nothing to do with you. You’re the idiot that left her.” Jin stated.

Taehyung froze at Jin’s words, because as much as he wanted to think otherwise, Jin was right, he was an idiot for leaving you.

“Y/N.. I just want to talk to you that’s all.” Taehyung said looking into your eyes.

Taehyung had such beautiful eyes that you knew would melt your heart no matter under what circumstances, including now. You were boiling in anger, and yet you felt yourself slightly melt under his stare. It was no secret that you still loved him, you hated to admit it, but it was true. You still love Taehyung. You tried so hard to not answer his text messages and phone calls in the past few months, and just when you were starting to succeed in moving on from him, you seem to have lost all your strength and willpower to walk away.

“We can talk but let go of me.” You calmly said surprising yourself, because you were anything but calm.

“Y/N….” Jin quietly said, warning you.

“It’s fine Jin. We’ll only take a few minutes. I’ll be back.” You weakly smiled at him.

No matter how hard you tried to act brave in front of Jin, it was no use, he could see right through you. He knew that you were anything but fine, but still he stopped himself and let you talk to Taehyung. He knew that as much as he hoped, this was none of his business.

Turning your attention to Taehyung who was attentively staring at you, you said,

“I’m sure there is at least one room that is empty for us to talk.”

Pointing upstairs, he followed you as you walked up. As suspected, there was one room empty, but it was only because a couple was done using the room, after finishing with their business. You almost felt sick at the smell of fresh sex mixed with the alcohol in your system, but you decided to ignore it, since there were more important things to think about, like what the hell Taehyung has to talk to you about.

“It reeks in here.” You grumbled.

Although you tried your best to pretend to be sober, the alcohol was slowly overtaking your body, causing you to feel dizzy. You steadied yourself by sitting on the bed as Taehyung leaned against the desk across from the bed, observing your every movement, but he never said anything.

You impatiently stared at your fingers, hating how you felt so powerless under Taehyung’s stare.

Finally breaking the silence, you asked,

“Are you not going to say anything? Because if you’re not, I’m just going to leave.”

Nothing. He said nothing. I guess I’ll leave then…  You started to walk towards the door, only to have Taehyung pull onto your arm, pressing you onto his chest as his lips crashed onto yours, begging for forgiveness, that you wouldn’t accept. You pulled away from him wiping your lips with the back of your hand, as your snapped,

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m sorry Y/N.. I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. I just missed you so much..” He quietly said.

You had ran this scenario through your head many times, imagining what it would be like if Taehyung apologized, but you never knew the answer. Now that he’s finally apologized to you face to face, you didn’t soften up, instead you felt even angrier.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry. I don’t care if you’re going to apologize for the rest of your life.” You snapped.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. I really didn’t. I wanted you to be mine so badly. I wanted us to work.”

You felt tears threatening to fall, so you shifted your gaze elsewhere to try and stop them.

“I missed you so much. I tried calling you day after day, but you never answered me. I tried texting you too, but you never answered me. I can’t live without you, Y/N. I can’t do anything without you. I can’t sleep without you. I can’t eat without without you. Baby I can’t be me without you, and I know you feel the same.” He continued.

“Don’t act like you know me. You don’t. I’m fine with you.” You calmly said, but you knew that it was all a lie. You were miserable with Taehyung, but you couldn’t tell him that. What is telling him that I miss him going to change? He chose her.  

“Don’t try to lie to me Y/N. I told you before, you’re as clear as a piece of glass, I can see right through you. You’re hurting just like me Y/N. We can’t live without each other.”

You knew that it was the truth, you were hurting, probably even more than he ever could. You didn’t know if you really couldn’t live without him, but you weren’t dumb enough to try and fix the things between the two of you.

“You chose her over me. That tells me more than enough about how you truly feel about me.” You quietly said as you continued to stare elsewhere.

“Y/N.. you have to listen to me. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I didn’t want to lie to you. I meant it when I said I love you. I still do.” He said hugging onto your shaking body.

You tried to calm your body, but it was no use, the alcohol was causing you to feel angry. Pulling yourself away from him, you said,

“Then just tell me! Don’t go on about this bullshit saying you love me. I’m tired of all this. I’m tired of trying to get over you. You’re right. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t do anything right anymore. I hate you so fucking much, so just tell me your dumb reason so we can end this once and for all.”

Tears were now streaming down your face, and you had no intentions of stopping them. After holding them for so long, it felt nice to finally let them all out.

“Y/N… baby.. Don’t cry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to hurt you. I didn’t mean for any of this to hurt us.” He said bending down to your eye level and wiping your tears while bringing you into a hug.

You wanted to push him away, but at the same time you also wanted to hold him tight. You hated him for leaving and lying to you, but you also didn’t want him to let you go.

“Why… Why would you do this to me? Why would you do this to us….” You said in-between sobs, as he held onto you.

Soon he walked the two of you to the bed where he placed you on his lap, and held onto you.

“I’m sorry Y/N.. listen to me.. I’ll explain everything.” He whispered into your ears and he tightened his arms around you.

You didn’t know when but eventually the tears stopped falling, and you felt your eyes getting tired from all the crying. You leaned into his hug, and placed your head at he crook of his neck, taking in the scent of him that you don’t know when you will be able to smell again. You knew that there was a good chance that tonight will be the last time that you’ll ever see him again, so  the least you could do for you and Taehyung is to know the truth. Taking a deep breath in, you prepared yourself for the worst.

“Tell me. Tell me everything.”

Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 18

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Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,303

“I can’t,” I heaved out after being forced to work out every morning for three hours to build up my strength. “I can’t do anymore.” I finished looking up at Alex who I learned was the only girl in Jai’s gang though almost every guy in Sydney knew not to mess with her. She wasn’t like me or Lux, she was tough like one of the guys always knowing how to stand up for herself and never letting a man take advantage of her.

“Come with me.” Alex knelt down to my level holding out a hand. I hesitated before placing my small hands in her calloused ones. Alex was probably the only person I could ever say I trusted here, she reminded me of a sister I never had. She was misunderstood as someone who would only cause trouble when really she had a big heart, kind of like Luke.

The thought of Luke made my heart ache. It had been nearly two weeks since the last time we’ve seen one another, when he left Jai’s flat after he threatened both our lives. 

The thought left my head completely when Alex raised her arms with padding covering her hands. 

“Put those gloves on over there and show me what you got.” I let out a low sigh not wanting to do this but knowing I didn’t have a choice. I walked over to the bench that had a pair of red boxing gloves lying carelessly on it. Picking them up, I made my way back over to where Alex stood as she towered over me with her height. If she ever wanted she could be a runway model. She was beautiful with her lean body and bright green eyes. She looked as if she had a natural tan to her skin but it faded over time. Her hair was cut short into a pixie cut that shaped her face nicely, bringing out her sharp cheek bones. 

“What now?” I shrugged, awkwardly holding up my now gloved covered hands.

“Hit me,” She ordered holding up the pads that were attached to the front of her hands showing me where to aim. With no effort, I punched a sloppy hit at her. “Come one, Grey,” She smiled. “Pretend the pads are Jai’s face. Show me what you’d do to him if you could without him hurting anyone you loved.”

My jaw clenched as I tried to picture Jai’s face where Alex’s hands were. Once I got the image, I sent my arm flying hitting the pads with as much effort as I could give. Alex staggered back from the force of the punch smiling as she did.

“Now that’s a punch that could knock out someone.” I felt a smile tug at the corners of my mouth from the comment. I watched as Alex made her way over to her bag, indicating that today’s session was over.

“Why did you join Jai’s gang?” The question slipped from my mouth before I could stop myself. Alex stiffened when she heard the words. After a moment she turned towards me.

“The same reason you did,” She told me. “I had no choice.”


I lied in the bed that I was suppose to claim as mine, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t home. Jai insisted that I lived in the same flat that he bought just outside of Sydney with him while the others lived in motels near by. I felt grateful enough to at least have my own room thinking that Jai would have made me sleep in the same bed as him.

My eyes focused on the ceiling above me as Alex’s words played over in my head. Did Jai also threaten her one time? If he did, wouldn’t he have shot her after being bored with her like he did to Lux? How many others were forced into Jai’s gang? Were they even loyal to him?

More and more questions began forming after each one I asked myself. I was so focused on these questions that when the door to my bedroom opened I didn’t notice. 

“You’re sexy when you’re in thought.” I jumped when I heard Jai’s voice, sitting up to see him watching me from the doorway. 

“You say I’m sexy no matter what I’m doing.” I countered before relaxing more into the bed. My body stiffened when I watched him cross the room, taking the place beside me on the queen sized bed.

“Maybe that’s because you are sexy.” He whispered in my ear bringing me against him but I pushed away easily, moving to look out the window.

“I’d appreciate it if you left.” I told him. “Actually,” My body turned to face him as I gave him my full attention. “I’d appreciate it if you returned me back home.”

“What,” He began, starting to move from the bed to where I was standing. On my behalf it wasn’t the best move to stand by the window when the door was on the other side of the room, Jai’s body blocking it. “Is this not home enough for you?" 

"No.” I hissed at him once his face was inches from mine.

His fist slammed into the window beside my face making me think it would shatter. “You are an ungrateful little bitch,” He spat. “I give you everything and yet you toss it to the side like it’s nothing.”

I felt myself grow taller not letting his strength frighten me. From the past two weeks I’ve gained more confidence around him than what I could have ever imagined. There wasn’t even a piece of me left to fear him.

“You could give me the world,” I told him between gritted teeth not breaking eye contact. “And I would never feel gratitude towards you." I watched as his jaw tensed while his eyes stared daggers into my soul. I hated him beyond belief. Hate almost sounded like an understatement. There was no word to describe the feeling I felt towards Jai. "You want to know what would make me feel grateful?” I asked him after searching his eyes, his face still inches from mine. “If you gave me my freedom back.”

The anger that was painted on his face seconds ago was now replaced with amusement. “You’d enjoy that wouldn’t you?” He smirked knowing the answer. “But I’m afraid your freedom is mine until I can trust that you won’t do something stupid.”

We stared at one another for a long moment without words before I spoke up again. “And Alex?” I questioned. “How long did it take for you to grant her freedom? Two months, a year?”

The anger returned to his face, his smirk turning to a frown. “She had no right telling you that." 

"Maybe she didn’t,” I shrugged. “Maybe it was just a guess from how she acts around you and you just confirmed it. Do you see how much it kills her to be here? How her loyalty will never lie within you? She’d let you die a million times before she’d ever think about stepping foot in front of a bullet for you.”

His eyes turned a shade darker from rage before he pushed himself harshly away from me.

“How many others have you done this to?” I called out after him as he made his way to the door but he continued without stopping like he didn’t even hear me. “You know Jai,” I began once he was at the door. “You’ll never have my heart.”

With that, he stopped but didn’t turn to me. His head slowly moved to the side as he looked at me in his peripherals. “And why’s that?” He asked.

“You took everything away from me.” I told him. “Including the one person who will always have my heart.”


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