two mom families

how much do I gotta pay dreamworks to give us an episode focusing on hunk’s back story/family history  

Ovulation confirmed via ultrasound.
As in yesterday I had a 22mm follicle + today it’s gone -with some free fluid hanging around.
So if nothing else, at least we have the timing right.
During my last (two years worth of) attempts I never even had an actual confirmation of ovulation; just many days of positive opks and follicles that turned into giant cysts and wanted to kill me, basically. So i’ll take this little win.

Attention all lesbians who want a family

You and your wife and your kids are going to be absolutely adorable and you can be the most soccer-mom-y mom around if you want.

You are going to have an adorable family whether you adopt or use a donor or whatever else you might do. Your kids are going to me extra lucky to have two awesome moms and your family pictures are going to make everyone jealous.

👭❤👭❤👭❤👭 all lesbians who want to be moms and have families are awesome and yall are doing great 💖💖💖💖💖💖

WHAT MY MOM SAYS: [The breeder] and I are going to co-own [puppy] and he’s going to come live with me for a while so I can do his puppy training.



You know.. I really didn’t think people would have trouble with his name. I kind of just thought it was pretty simple to work out how to pronounce it. A no-brainer. But I can’t tell you how many people are struggling. So here it is, folks:

Silas (sigh-lus)
Orion (oh-rye-on)

Photo is from when they were both in hospital.


I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too, I saw the most beautiful family today and honest to God, they looked like they were what the percabeth family would look like. I tried my hardest to capture their beauty and just pure love for each other but honestly, this doesn’t even hold a candle to their perfection.

Some thoughts about Opal Lynch-Parrish

- I feel like Ronan would get her a bunch of books with stories about queer parents and families that are formed in a variety of ways (two dads, moms, single parent families, adopted kids, artificial insemination conceived kids, etc.) so that she wouldn’t get this one idea of what a family is and feel abnormal. 

- He would probably dream her a book about families made up of 4 friends and one dream child and a pet raven who live on a farm where the animals are all asleep and where magical impossible fruits grow year-round.

- I feel like Henry, through his mother’s connections in the world of magical things, would be able to find a doctor who’s dealt with magical creatures before and who could look after Opal without dissecting her or doing any weird experiments on her. After that, Ronan would officially invite Henry to Opal’s 8th birthday (they estimate her age by gauging her intellectual capacities and what drives her the most, and they celebrate her birthday on the day she came out of Ronan’s dreams). Ronan gets her a piece of opal that glows when she gets excited or happy.

- Ronan does his best to home school Opal because he knows that eventually, she might want to go out into the world, or at least to high school, and he wants her to be able to do whatever she wants. He has a really hard time with it, never knowing what’s crucial and what’s government issued bullshit, so he eventually consult Helen, a neighbor he vaguely remembers from his youth who has young kids whom she teaches. She gives him pointers and offers to host a play-date with her kids.

- Opal loves Gwenllian. It’s probably because she sings all the time and jumps around furniture sometimes, but she treats Opal like a wild princess and when Ronan picks her up from 300 Fox Way, Opal’s always babbling in Latin-English-Unknown all the way back to the Barns about the leaves they found in the yard and the sordid stories she was told.

- Ronan makes sure that Opal knows Adam is family, but he’s always surprised by how naturally Adam takes to parenting her. At first, he tries not to get her hopes up about Adam being committed to raising her with him, but a year and some months later, she makes him realize that Adam’s here to stay when she asks Adam when he’ll be back for good and Ronan’s heart trips because he doesn’t expect anything, but he hopes, he hopes, he hopes, and Adam tells her as soon as he’s done with school. They have a talk about it later, about what it means that he’ll be back for good, what he wants to do in Henrietta and what that’ll mean for their family, and it hits Ronan that all this time, they’ve been forming a family, and he breathes more fully and calmly that night when he falls asleep with Adam’s arm thrown across his stomach.