two men fencing

A rare conversation between Daryl and Axel

“Man, that woman is one fine lady” Axel stated as he accompanied Daryl across the open court toward the guard fence.

“Who you talkin’ bout?” Daryl asked the man, eyeing him quizzically.

“What’ her name… uh … shit!” Axel stammered. “Yer friend, um… CAROL!”

Daryl looked at the man as though he had tendrils growing out from his head. “Carol?!”

“Oh yeah..” Axel responded with a sheepish grin. “Shoot. At first I thought she was a Lesbian, with her short hair. Then I found out she wasn’t. Man was I the fool!”

Again, Daryl looked at the man like he was on something, all-considering as Axel was a convict. “Carol, a Lesbian?” Daryl stated back. “Don’t think so”

The two men reached the guard fence as Daryl fumbled with his set of keys.

“Yah–I already felt stupid as it was. And was I ever relieved! Besides, she’s too beautiful to be a real Lesbian” Axed replied. Daryl glanced sharply at the man while unlocking the gate.

“She single, by chance?” Axel asked. Daryl was now just plain irritated with the man as he slid open the guard gate. It was one thing for some dude to compliment Carol on her appearance, quite another to boldly or blindly inquire about her status.

“What difference does it make?” Daryl replied back. “The world’s gone to hell. Last thing I’d be worried about is gettin’ hitched or repopulating”

“Oh, I ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout her gettin’ laid, Mister. Though it’s a kind idea”

With that, Daryl lost it, grabbing Axel by the collar, shoving the man up against the guard gate. “I better not ever hear you speak of Carol in that way again…You got me? She don’t look at you. She don’t talk to you. Hell, you ain’t even her type!” Daryl growled deep.

“Please, mister” Axel pleaded as Daryl released the man’s collar. Axel looked as though he’d crap his drawers any moment.

“Daryl!” Daryl barked back with tight frown.

“Um, Daryl”

The two men continued walking.

“I know she’s yer friend. Hell, I kin see that. Any fool kin see that. I just didn’t realize how you liked her, until just now.” Axel responded.

“Just keep movin’” Daryl replied gruffly as they headed out toward the Walker fence.

“But I will say this…” Axel continued. “If ya don’t tear my face off in the process" Axel paused slightly. "You got a thang for her. Didn’t see that 'til now. Damn, you one lucky sonofagun." 

Daryl stopped a moment and shot the man a look. "Ain’t none of yer business… or concern”