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Between Us (Part Two)

Title: “Another Love”

Pairing: Scott McCall x Reader

Summary: On a whim, you announce to an ex-boyfriend that the man beside you is your boyfriend; that man happened to be your best friend who was in a relationship with a woman you already didn’t get along with. With spontaneous announcements comes complicated decision-making, but everything will fall into place when you keep this between yourself, or will it?

A/N: I am an absolute sucker for faking dating series’, I love them so much so I decided to why not start my own one? And I thought Scott McCall deserved a bit of love as well. So enjoy, love it and give me feedback, pretty please <3

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

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“Your boyfriend?! Y/n, why would you say that to him?” You refuse to look at Scott who was pacing around his house that held the scent of men and pizza. A permanent blush has been on your face since you left the coffee shop and decided to meet at Scott’s house.

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Sanvers Week Day 2 - Nerd Girlfriends

In all her years of being wined and dined by well-intentioned young men she tried so hard to love, Alex hoped she’d learned a thing or two about how to treat a lady.

But when Maggie first came over to her apartment with pizza and beer, to make all her hopes come true and kiss her for what felt like the first time, Alex had blurted out that she wanted to take her on a date before she even realised that she’d never planned one in her life.

Where the hell did lesbians go for dates anyway? She didn’t think she’d ever seen any at the movies, at a restaurant… Did they just go to gay places? Is that why she’d never noticed?

The doubt must have shown on her face, because Maggie had smiled a little and tucked some of Alex’s hair behind her ear. “Danvers, you really don’t have to. I feel like I should take you out first. You know, to show you how the other half live,” she joked.

“Pfft, thank you, but I’ve got this,” Alex chuckled, eyes flitting anywhere but into the too-warm intensity of Maggie’s. “I can plan a date. I’m the best at planning dates. I’m…I’m known for it.”

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Tomatoes?  They’re Poisonous! {Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader}

Prompt: Y/N and Laf try to convince Herc,  Alex and John to eat pizza.

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Word Count: 520

Warning: Ugh doesn’t make sense because it’s a modern time relationship but I just thought it was a funny idea…

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  • Suga: Wipe your feet before you come in the gym!
  • Asahi: Listen to that. First thing out of his mouth, he's telling us what to do.
  • Daichi: Well, that stops today. We're not kids anymore.
  • Asahi: We go in strong.
  • Daichi: And we let him know he's done bossing us around.
  • Suga: Why are you here so early? Daichi, did you help Asahi with that bully that was harassing him?
  • Daichi: No, Suga. I was kicked out for punching a really misunderstood kid, thanks to you.
  • Suga: Thanks to me? What did-
  • Asahi: We've been talking.
  • Daichi: And you know what we realized? You tell us what to do all the time.
  • Asahi: We're not kids.
  • Suga: Ay, look at you two, standing up to the big, scary bully that loves you and protects you and wants you to be safe in this world.
  • Asahi: You're overprotective.
  • Daichi: And we're not gonna take it anymore.
  • Asahi: Yeah.
  • Suga: You know what? You're just tiny, little men to me right now. And you need to leave this place and come back later with more respect! And a pizza!
  • Asahi: [in a whisper, to Daichi] He seems very upset. What do we do now?
  • Daichi: [in a whisper, to Asahi] Well, we do need to eat.
  • Suga: What the hell are you whispering?
  • Asahi: We wouldn't mind some pizza, after all.
  • Daichi: But we're not getting any pineapple.
  • Suga: You are getting pineapple!
  • Daichi: We're taking it off our slices.
  • Suga: Don't waste any food, Daichi!
  • Daichi: [to Asahi] I think we made our point.
  • Asahi: Totally.

Pizza Night Ft. Suitors

Sid: He takes you to the best Pizza Food Truck in town, where you eat, drink, talk shit, laugh, and have a good time.

Louis: He invites you to his house for dinner, where you two prepare pizza together. It’s a mess and you don’t know what you’re doing, but in the end it all taste good because it was made with love.

Alyn: He makes four types of pizza and have you taste them–blindfolded. Who would have thought eating pizza was so sexy?

Leo: He takes you to the same restaurant his father used to take his mother for dinner. He didn’t know how it would turn out, but as the date progresses, it feels so right. You two end up feeding pizza to each other.

Giles: He’s all about the romantic feel. He reserved a table at an Italian restaurant, with candlelight and everything. He was about to eat his slice with a fork and knife, but when he saw you eating yours with your bare hands and such gusto, he threw the etiquette out of the window.

Robert: He’s all about the nostalgia, as he takes you to your favorite restaurant from your childhood, to eat “the best pizza in the whole world”. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a festival going on in town, too.

Nico: There’s this new place in town that serve unconventional pizza–and of course, he wants to check it out with you! Strawberry Balsamic and Goat Cheese Pizza? Bring it on!

Albert: He’s an old-fashioned gentleman. He takes you to the second floor of a Bar & Restaurant for an intimate atmosphere. He’s so nervous, though, that he absently takes the hot peppers shaker instead of the grated cheese, and now he’s coughing and crying tears and can’t see a thing.

Byron: He wants to know you better, so he asks you to take him to one of your favorite places the next time he’s in Wysteria. Fast-forward to a couple of weeks and you two are on top of a hill, admiring a meteor shower together and eating organic pizza slices.

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Something just like this. Part 5.

Name: Something just like this. Part 5.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Captain America

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader; Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff; Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner.

Warnings: Cheating; alcohol consumption; AU.

This story is going in two timelines: one in a plain letters; the other one - in italics.

Summury: Bucky Barnes.The man, who has everything he might desire: beautiful girlfriend; money; power and loyal friends. Or so he though. What will happen once he is late for his flight and fired from the job he loved so dearly?

People always say: Fate has a twisted sense of humor.
What can go wrong on a day, when nothing can go right?

Something just like this. Masterlist.

Here is my Masterlist. (It’s Up to Date)


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Murder Might Not be Best

“You know what will make you feel better? Murder.”

“Who are we murdering?” Selina asks as she comes in your front door, Pamela by her side.

“(Y/n)’s boyfriend,” Harley says.

“No!” You say sitting up from your spot on the couch. “That’s the whole reason we had a fight in the first place.”

“So he found out about your night job?” Pamela asks.


“You know what will make you feel better?” Selina asks sitting down next to you, pulling your head into her lap and running her fingers through your hair. She knows that your boyfriend, Dick Grayson, is Nightwing but you don’t, she had decided it was for the two of you to work out later. Out of all the men of Gotham for you to fall for you had fallen for one of the few heroes you fought almost every other night. “Pizza and Cookie-dough,” Selina continues, making you sit up and hug her.

“You know me so well!” Your parents had died when you were young, and so you had been on the streets as a kid; that is until Harley found you one night and took you in. Since then you had been raised by Harley, Pamela, and Selina, all of them taking turns depending on who was around and not in prison. “Hold on I’ll grab some plates and spoons,” you say standing up and heading to the kitchen.

“So, what are you going to do?” Pamela asks, after you’re all eating pizza and sharing the tub of cookie dough.

“I, um, I think I’m going to stop killing, ya’ know if he even want to stay with me,” you say, watching the surprised expressions on their faces, as you were known to be very stubborn and set in your ways.

“Wow, you must really like this boy, (y/n), to change your killing ways,” Harley says teasingly.

“Yah, I’m willing to change a little for him,” you say.

“So when do we get to meet this boy?” Pamela asks you.

“Probably not soon, ‘Hi Dick meet my three moms, two of which will kill you for hurting me, the other one will just hurt you a bit, cause she likes your dad’,”You say mockingly switching their teasing to Selina. The four of you burst out laughing, you spend the rest of the night hanging out with them and watching Netflix.


“Uh, hi Dick,” you say when Dick comes back the next morning, having spent the night at his dad’s house, at least that’s what you thought he did.

“Hi (y/n),” Dick says, thinking how he really loves you, but you kill and have punched him before, you have a mean right hook.


“Before you say anything I just have to say that I really love you, but I don’t think I can ignore the fact that you kill, and probably more,” Dick says cutting you off.

“I- I really love you too, and I’m willing to stop killing for you,” you say, desperately hoping that he won’t leave you.

“You’d stop killing for me?” He asks, as shocked as your mother figures. You nod.

“I haven’t done anything else except being an accomplice, like I haven’t actually stolen anything myself I’ve just been in the building and watched. But I’m still going to go out at night but I won’t kill,” you say ,telling him everything so he can’t say you didn’t warn him, looking for anything in his, unfortunately, unreadable expression. The two of you stand there for what seems like hours, as he thinks about what you’ve said. Suddenly he steps forward wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into a kiss. “So thats enough,” you ask pulling away slightly.

“That’s more than enough,” he says pulling you back into the kiss.


“Awww, aren’t they cute,” Harley whispers to the others, outside your open window on your fire escape.

“Looks like we won’t have to kill him today,” Pamela whispers back.

“Lets leave before they notice we’re here,” Selina says as they begin climbing down the stairs.

Pokemon Going

A bunch of people were talking about a Sterek Pokémon Go AU, and since I’ve been playing the game a lot myself… 

(On AO3)

Stiles is intently focused on the screen, just about to throw his Pokeball, when he’s grabbed around the waist and hauled backward. He startles so hard he almost drops his phone, but then he hears a hissed, “Stiles, what the hell are you doing?” in his ear, and he relaxes immediately.

It’s Derek.

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REQUEST: Loved reading “Hate”! Hope to see more platonic fics like that :) like maybe the younger reader developing feelings for Tom Holland and going to Seb and Chris for advice

WARNINGS: flufffffffff?!?!??!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: thank you, anon! I enjoyed writing this request! .xx


You had set your eyes on Tom since the first day you started working with him. He was awkward and nerdy and quite good at dancing, too. Sebastian had taken notice of your crush on the new Spider-Man. He caught up with you at the end of the day and threw his arm over your shoulder.

“Hey!” You smiled up at him.

“How’s the Tom thing going?” He raised his eyebrows at you, returning your smile.

“What Tom thing?” You quizzed, but you knew exactly what he was talking about.

“You know, you and your obvious feelings for that Holland kid.”

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Steven Universe and Moms and Dads

There’s a vocal contingent of fans of Steven Universe crying out for more representation. Why aren’t there MALE Crystal Gems, they bleat and moan, even though Gems are genderless and their physical bodies shape-shifted manifestations that almost but not quite approximate human bodies.

This complaint manages to miss one point entirely, that Steven’s world is almost completely devoid of moms. There’s one place where men are dominant and its in parenting roles. 

Steven’s mom, Rose Quartz, is famously absent. Onion’s mom has (apparently) been seen in flash back but it’s his dad we’ve seen a few times day to day and who Sour Cream mentions as a parental figure. The Pizza family has a matriarch, but Jenny and Kiki’s mom isn’t there. The Fryman family is all male, a father and two sons. Buck Dewey’s dad is the mayor, his mom hasn’t been seen. The only moms we HAVE seen/heard about are Connie’s, and Sadie’s mom who still makes her lunches.

Men play a big role in Steven Universe. They are supportive and caring and they might not understand their weird kids they still love and protect them. They do the physical and emotional work that’s usually expected of women, and they do it whole-heartedly. They are kind and brave and selfless and strong.

It’s a portrait of masculinity that we rarely see, in a world where men are generally portrayed in shows, commercials, etc as bumbling fools who need to be parented by their wives. It’s beautiful.

Lashton Pizza Delivery AU a.k.a. I'm sorry for existing

There’s not much to say. Ashton’s shirtless, Luke delivers pizza. Stay tuned for the next instalment. Hope u like:))

Word count- 1,754

Type- Lashton drabble

Part 1

Ashton’s stomach swells in a sickening manner as he pushes himself up from the bed, only to collapse back down again five seconds later with a groan. Fuck. He’s really pushed his limits this time. He thanks the lord that Calum somehow managed to navigate them both down the road steaming drunk at 2am, without one or both of them passing out at his doorstep.

The fuzzy-haired boy is nowhere to be seen in his room, and Ashton assumes that he’d just continued to his house a bit further down the street once he’d made a stop here. His eyes move around the bedroom, stopping at the pile of clothes on the floor, beneath which nests a large, mostly empty bottle of vodka. He remembers wielding it- rather violently if he recalls correctly- as they staggered down the street last night. He thinks he might be sick.

His head throbs violently as he claws blindly at the surface of his bedside table for an ibuprofen. He finds an old pack and rips it open desperately with one hand. One topples out into his hand. Score. Popping it into his mouth and grimacing as it falls down his throat like shard of glass, he reaches down and picks up his phone from the floor. It’s conveniently close to the bed, so he doesn’t have to move much more than shuffle slightly to the left, which is good since Ashton never wants to move again. Ever. Also, he’s never drinking again. Ever.

The first notification to catch his attention as he presses the home button is a text from Dominos for some discount. Oooh, pizza. He could seriously do with demolishing a Meatilicous Dominos pizza right now. Well not to demolish…to nibble and try not to fiercely eject from his stomach. Either way, he’s getting one. He doesn’t think it’s going to be physically possible to slide out of bed to the fridge in the state he’s in, and thanks the higher powers for pizza delivery guys. Saints.

Tapping in his home address and number, Ashton selects a pizza with almost every topping under the sun. Today is definitely a ‘go big or go home’ kind of a day. Medium, or Large? Hmm, Large. He sticks out his tongue with concentration whilst filing his order. It’s serious stuff.

Any special instructions? A grin spreads across Ashton’s face as he remembers the guy on the internet who got the pizza lady to bring the pizza right up to his room. He wonders if it’d be a total dick move if he were to do the same. It would be so amazing- like room service in his house. Calum would probably call him a massive twat, but Calum isn’t here experiencing the Worst Hangover Ever, so Ashton’s going to do it.

Hello! Am so hungover am finding it hard to move, lol. Could you bring it up to my room, pretty please???? The back door is unlocked and my room is up the stairs, first door on the right. If it makes you uncomfortable, feel free to just ring like a normal person, but I might vomit on you at any moment if I have to move. Drive safe dudes x’ he types, re-reading it twice and cringing at how much of a dick he is when he types. Whatever. Hunger calls.

He places his order and collapses back on the bed, skimming his eyes across the floor for his wallet. There it is. On the other side of the room, peeking out of the back pocket of yesterday’s crumpled jeans. He has forty minutes-ish to get it, so he’s not in a rush, but even the thought of moving from his spot makes Aston want to die. And his room is so warm, and his head is so throb-by and just the thought of pizza just makes him sleepy and he wants a cudddllleee…



‘Excuse me?’

Ashton’s eyes snap open and he sees a pair of black converse shuffling around awkwardly in the doorway of his room. What the-

‘Fuck!’ he scrambles up to greet the pizza guy and is reminded all too suddenly of his vicious hangover, as his whole body decides to lurch forward off the bed, and he crashes to the floor at the feet of the delivery guy. ‘Sorry! Sorry.’

‘Fuck, are you okay?’

‘Yeah! Yeah,’ Ashton grimaces, pretending like he’s not about to start dry heaving onto the carpet. This is the most embarrassing this that’s ever happened to him. Instead he gets up with his wallet now in his hand, and smiles at the boy standing in front of him. WHO, by the way, is absolutely fucking gorgeous. Oh, wow, Ashton thinks. All soft blonde hair and pretty blue eyes framed by the curliest lashes he’s ever seen.

‘Have I got the wrong house? You’re Ashton Irwin, right?’ says the boy, dipping his hand into his pocket to retrieve a bit of paper with Ashton’s order on it.

‘No! I mean- yeah, yeah I’m him. You haven’t got the wrong house,’ Ashton smiles. The boy smiles back and Ashton thinks he might’ve gone to heaven. If he’d thought all pizza delivery guys were this damn attractive, he’d be getting pizza every fucking night of the week. He has a lip piercing. ‘So do you deliver pizzas often?’

What, the fuck is he talking about?! Smooth fucking going, Ash. He’s a pizza deliverer. He must never deliver fucking pizzas. He struggles not to slap himself in the face, clutching his hands together tightly as if he’s caught an insect.

‘No, actually. This is like, my first day,’ replies the guy, scratching the back of his neck with a pale hand.  He laughs nervously.

‘Oh,’ say’s Ashton, feeling embarrassed, ‘well I’m sorry that I have to be one of your first sights of the job. All hung over and shirtless and…gross.’ Oh god, he actually wants to dive out of the window. The guy laughs though, placing the pizza box down on the bed and waiting for Ashton to retrieve twenty dollars from his wallet. Oh lord, the guy’s teeth are like tiny white shrines and Ashton wants to kiss them more than he wants to eat pizza, right now. Well, maybe about the same- he does seriously want pizza. But he also wants to kiss this guy’s face, so he’s really quite conflicted.

‘You’re not gross, the last people I went to had a really loud, dog. Which was, like, pretty scary. And plus, you look kind of…you look sorta cute when you’re ‘hungover’.’ He motions his fingers like quotation-marks as he says ‘hungover’ and Ashton scoffs. Partly, because the absolute Greek God in front of him just called him cute (like, what?! Is this real life?). But also because how dare he imply that Ashton would lie about being hungover, just so he can have his pizza delivered up to his room?!

‘I am too hungover!’ he protests, fishing a note out of his wallet and handing it to the guy.

‘You look like you’ve just woken from eleven sober hours of sleep and then had an hour of spa treatments! I refuse to believe it.’ This leaves Ashton slightly lost for words, as he didn’t actually expect to engage in flirtatious conversation with someone this gorgeous, this early in the day. Especially not the pizza delivery guy. He’s also flattered because standing here in his boxers, with his hair sticking up in places, and two great bags under his no-doubt very bloodshot eyes- he’s far from cute.

‘T-thanks. You look good, too?’ he attempts back.

‘In my pizza shirt?’ the guy tugs the hem of his red polo shirt and looks up at Ashton, biting his lip. Fuck, Ashton wants him. It’s animalistic and bad that he’s getting like this after not ten minutes of the guy being in the room. But then again he hasn’t gotten off in like three days.

‘What can I say? Men in uniform,’ he retorts back, raising a slightly suggestive eyebrow at the boy in front of him, who now looks has nowhere to go but back to his car. He looks like he’s trying to find a reason to stay and talk, but they both know there is none. They stand for a moment, Ashton in his boxer shorts and the guy pulling at the bottom of his shirt.

‘Well, anyway…I should probably-’ he starts.

‘Do you wanna share this with me?’ Ashton blurts out before the boy can leave. He looks a little startled at the offer and before he can duck his head completely, Ashton notices he’s blushing fiercely. He smiles at the ground and looks up again.

‘Um…I can’t really because I’m working…’

‘Oh, okay,’ says Ashton. He should’ve known that, Jesus. Why did he ask that? He’s such a twat.

‘But do you wanna maybe, like- we don’t have to- but do you want to go for a drink or I dunno, like a Starbucks or something, later?’ asks the guy. He stumbles over his words so adorably that Ashton has to restrain himself from screaming ‘FUCK YES’ at the top of his lungs almost immediately.

‘Yeah, man. That’d be cool, I guess,’ he tries to say nonchalantly, but his voice tilts up threateningly high at the end, and he cringes like there’s no tomorrow.

‘Do you want…my number?’ says the guy.

‘Dominos number?’

‘No, like…my actual, personal number?’

Ashton is an absolute mess. Oh lord. Obviously not Dominos number. He’s such a blithering idiot, sometimes.

‘Oh, fuck, right. Yeah. Yes, please.’

‘I’m Luke, by the way.’

‘I’m Ashton- oh fuck, wait, you knew that…’ he says. Luke giggles and tugs at his lip ring with his teeth again. Fuck. Ashton’s vision is hazy and it’s not due to last night’s alcohol intake. He hands Luke his phone and they stand in silence for a few moments while he types in his number.

‘So, I’ll see you tonight, I guess?’ he says, gently putting the phone back in Ashton’s hand.

‘Yeah, I guess you will,’ says Ashton in disbelief, not quite understanding how or why this encounter turned out like it did. Luke huffs a laugh and swings a little on the balls of his feet before backing out of the door, leaving Ashton to his pizza.

He stands still for a moment, and upon hearing the backdoor click shut does a little hop, skip and jump onto his mattress. He grins like a maniac down at his phone screen, where it says ‘Luke:))’ with about six pizza emojis. Luke’s already texted himself with ‘Hey Luke, it’s Luke,’ and Ashton comes to the quick realisation that he’s going on a date with a massive dork. But hey- it’s not even 12 o’clock and he has a cute boy’s number and a pizza. What a fantastic start to the day.

Neat Freak

I HARDLY write anything destiel. This is maybe my second or third, but here ya go: (oh and my internet is being a bitch, so hopefully this even posts). 

Basics part two should be up tomorrow. 


This is the first time I’m living on my own and my parents decided to spontaneously drop by in a few hours to see how I’m doing pls let me borrow some cleaning supplies and food so that my parents will believe I’m a functioning, responsible adult who totally cleans and doesn’t just have condiments and eggs in my fridge AU

Stacks of dishes proudly stood in the sink, which itself was surrounded by empty bottles of beer.
“Tonight?” Cas asked into the phone while staring at the mess. “See you then” he punched in the end button before setting the phone down.
On a spur of the moment decision he ran his hands through his hair and walked outside, his bare toes on the leaf coated driveway.
Once he knocked at the neighbors door did he realize he stood clad in nothing but his light striped pajama pants and a grey t-shirt with a hole on the side.
He saw Dean’s figure walk towards the door before swinging it open.
“Something wrong?” he asked and Cas nodded.
“Can I ask you a favor?”
“I’m not burying any bodies” Dean joked, a light hearted smile so wide his eyes crinkled. Cas chuckled and shifted his stance.
“This is the first time I’m living on my own and my parents decided to spontaneously drop by in a few hours to see how I’m doing…” he trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.
“And I fit in this how?” Dean asked, raising a brow. He was a nice neighbor. Quiet, but when he did have parties the whole town knew. No one minded though because the whole block was there. That’s how Cas became friendlier with him. One party a few months back led to Dean passed out on his couch so Cas stayed a little longer to usher everyone out by four in the morning. Dean came over the next morning with a thank you.
“Well I was wondering if I could borrow some cleaning supplies and food so that my parents believe I’m a functioning and responsible adult who actually cleans and doesn’t just have eggs and half a bottle of orange juice in the fridge” Cas rambled. Dean looked over his pajamas and mussed hair, playfully rolling his eyes.
“Really, man? Just eggs?”
Cas laughed and nodded sheepishly.
“Let’s get crackin’” Dean said and Cas nodded disappointingly at the pun, earning a punch to the gut from Dean.
They both left the house with handfuls of different types of cleaning bottles, sponges, and brooms. Cas couldn’t believe how clean Dean’s house was - a damn neat freak.
“Are you serious?” Dean dropped the glass cleaner and bleach before grabbing the empty beers, shoving them into a garbage bag he placed in the center of the kitchen.
“They’ll be here in five hours” Cas said, still standing by the counter.
“Then get working” Dean commanded in a low voice, as if Cas was his entire platoon. The blue eyed man grabbed an equally blue sponge and began scrubbing the dishes clean and drying them. Shamelessly he watched Dean scrub the tiles, his jeans riding lower on his ass.
“When was the last time you washed the floors?” Dean looked up to catch Cas’s gaze.
“What?” Cas cleared his throat and widened his eyes. “I only moved in a couple months back”.
“You’re supposed to clean it every couple days at least” Dean sighed, dipping the rag back into the water.
“Sorry I’m not a neat freak” Cas chided after a few moments of silence. At first the running water was the only answer but then Dean swallowed hard.
“I’m a what?” he began standing up, squeezing the water from the rag into the bucket.
“Look at your house. Spotless counters, expensive furniture - you’re living the apple pie life” Cas  placed the last dish into the cabinet before turning around. His blue eyes meet Dean’s green ones, both colors melting into each other like a light show.
“And you?”
“Me what?”
“It looks like you just moved in! A plain couch in the middle of the house, there are two chairs in the kitchen and I’m doubting much more upstairs. Let’s not forget-“ Dean swung the fridge open, pointing to a bare inside, “two slices of pizza, which should be in the freezer, and some eggs. Not to forget a fourth of a bottle of orange juice” Dean stood accusingly, both men silent.
“Damn you” Cas finally laughed, his whole body shaking. “I’m a lost cause aren’t I?”
“Well I wouldn’t say lost” Dean said and chucked the rag at Cas who fumbled before catching it. Cas furrowed his brows, turning and switching places with Dean who began wiping the counters down.
It was nearly an hour later, and the kitchen was sparkling. Dean even wiped the cabinets clean.
“Now we need food” Dean said, staring into the empty fridge once more. “Do you have a pan?”
Cas shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. Dean sighed, exhaling slowly.
“I’ll be right back” Dean shut the door behind him and was back in minutes, his hands overflowing with bags of vegetables and various meats.
“Jesus” Cas muttered, helping him place it on the counter. He reached for the bag of peppers, his bare arm brushing over Dean’s. Cas pretended like he didn’t feel the same nerves he did with a high school crush.
Dean didn’t realize he was smiling while teaching Cas how to chop an onion. Or how hard he was laughing when Cas actually attempted to himself.
“Like this” Dean put his hand over Cas’s on the knife, and the other on the onion, trying his hardest not to cut either of them.
Cas looked up at Dean, then quickly back at the vegetable. They both loaded the veggie’s onto the pan then some cake Dean baked into the oven.
“You bake too? Damn you’re the whole package” Cas joked, smiling up at Dean.
“You’re not half bad. You might be a mess, but…”
“But what?” the words rolled quickly off Cas’s tongue, like a child asking “why” over and over to their parents.
Deans lips seemed to twitch upward, his soft gaze hitting the floor. Cas looked expectantly at Dean, waiting for a continuation.
“How about a beer?” Dean asked, grabbing two from the fridge.
“Yeah” Cas agreed, popping open both bottles.
“To…” Dean began.
“To a clean house”
“To a clean house” Dean laughed, clinking his beer with Cas’s. Both men lazily strolled to the couch, letting their muscles relax as they plopped down on the couch.
“So” Dean asked, and Cas watched his adams apple bobbed as he gulped. “Why’d you move here anyway?”
“Well” Cas started, “I finished school, and I never really settled down. I got a decent job but, I just felt like I was missing something. At first I thought it was a house, so I bought this one. But it’s not” he suddenly opened up and Dean nodded.
“I know what you mean. A couple years back my brother decided to go back to college. Again. Friggin’ nerd, but man I felt like I needed something too. But now I’m thinkin’. Maybe I need a someone, you know?” Dean said, taking another swig of his beer. Cas nodded and drank some more, both men sitting in the comfortable silence.
“Thanks for helping” Cas said suddenly and Dean chuckled.
“No problem. You helped me out more than a few times” Dean smiled and Cas mimicked the motion.
“Your parents’ll be here soon, so I’ll see you around” Dean said and Cas nodded, forgetting all about his parents.
“Yeah…see you” Cas said, slowly following Dean back to the kitchen.
“Oh and hey, give me a call sometime?” Dean said from the door and Cas’s heart stopped.
“What? Yeah, yeah I will” he smiled and Dean nodded. He ducked under the door and Cas watched from the sink window as he walked back to his house, fighting the urge to dial his number as he opened his door. He didn’t end up having any self control.

Long Luke Hemmings Imagine


As soon as the plateau descends, me and the other boys take a bow and shout how much we love the fans. Making our way backstage I see Ashton wipe his forehead with a small towel. I look at him and say:

Luke: “What’s the matter?” *smirks*
Ashton: “Damn it’s so hot out there.”
Calum: “It’s not as worst as it back home.”
Ashton: “Yeh but still I’m sweating so much it’s disgusting.”
Luke: “That is pretty disgusting you smell pretty bad too.”
Michael: “Nah mate I think that’s just you.” *chuckles*
Luke: *smirks* “I’m pretty sure we all stink.”
Calum: “I don’t care how I smell, to be honest I’m starving.”
Ashton: “Definitely. We should go out and eat something. We may even run to some hot chicks.”*winks*
Calum: *shrugs* “You never know.”
Luke: “Food to me right now sounds better then girls.”
Michael: “Amen to that.”
Ashton: “Then let us depart.”


Walking out of the venue is so dreadful. Girls are staring at me as if I had something on face and others who dressed up like sluts keep giving me dirty looks. I just want to punch them in the face right now. I’m a bit over dressed because my friend told me we were going clubbing but then surprised me with the concert tickets. She definitely took me by surprise.

You: “Hey [your best friend’s name] my feet are killing me and I’m thirsty as hell.”
Best Friend: “No one told you to wear those shoes.”
You: *gasps* “Um excuse me but who’s the one who told me we were going clubbing?” *look at her with deadly look* “Oh that’s right, you.”
Best Friend: “Well I couldn’t think of anything else and besides you look good.” *winks* 
You: *laughs* “Beauty always comes with a price.”
Best Friend: “True but hey it’s always worth it.”
You: “Eh depends on the situation. Anyway do you know anywhere we can eat that’s open at eleven pm?”
Best Friend: “Well there’s this small pizza parlour not far from here that’s open 24/7 we can there. Plus it’s not that expensive.”
You: “Yes let’s go before I eat you.”
Best Friend: “Woah ok calm down there it’s just three blocks away.”
You: *sighs*


Walking down the streets of this beautiful city, the boys and I find a pizza parlour not to far from the venue. All I see is Ashton and Calum rush towards the doors. Michael’s stomach and mine start to growl when we smell the delicious aroma of baked doe and melted cheese. The place is small, about a four by four. I look at the four seats on the right corner and go sit down. Ashton goes ahead to order two large pepperoni pizzas. Calum waits for him at the counter as Mickey sits beside me.

Michael: *looks at me* “Crowd was insane today.”
Luke: “Yeah it’s crazy that this happened to us and in such little time.”
Michael: “Remember that video when we asked the fans to make us famous? I said, ‘make us famous’.”
Luke: *nods* “And I said ‘yeah that’d be cool’.”
Michael: “That feels like such a long time ago. It was the time when Ash was taller then all of us.”
Luke: “Yeah I don’t even think he was even in the band,” *chuckles* “but it seems now he’s the shortest.”
Ashton: *walking our way and retorts* “I heard that and for the record I’m above average of men heights. Here’s your pizza gentlemen.”
Calum: *walking behind him* “I got the coke. I’ll be back I’m gonna ask for plates and napkins.”
Ashton: “Don’t take too long we’re starving.”

Once Calum comes back, we basically feast. We place the pizzas on the side left side of the table and serve ourselves Coke. I didn’t know how hungry I was until I have one slice and then another, then another. We’re finishing our first pizza as we hear the door open. We all look up and then these two girls walk in.

Ashton: *whistles lightly so that only we can hear* “They’re cute.”

He can’t be more right. The first girl who walks in is wearing one of our merchandise t-shirts with our faces on it and short shorts and white and red converse shoes. The other girl though, is so out of my league that it hurts. She makes me forget that I’m hungry.

Her lips are the colour of a red rose and her eyes are accentuated with the black liquid eyeliner. Her skin is radiating with such a glow. She’s wearing these caramel brown high heel pump wedges that make her legs look so lean but toned at the same time. She has a peach coloured skirt that goes above the waist with a bit of skin showing off between her boustier and skirt. Her boustier has some kind of floral design to match the skirt. Then she has a caramel jacket to match the heels. She doesn’t look too fake, but there’s something so exotic about her that it has me staring at her. I have never seen any girl like that in my life before. She looks our way and starts blushing insanely which is extremely adorable.


I walk inside and all I see are these four boys stuffing their faces with pizza. Going to the counter with my best friend, I turn around to notice it’s actually 5SOS. I blush as I notice them looking at us and get extremely nervous.

You: “Look,” *shows her hands* “I’m shaking I probably look like a mess.”
Bestie: “You look like a mess?” *look at you and whispers venomously* YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING TUMBLR MODEL WHILE I’M HERE LOOKING LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON WHO LOVES 5SOS!”
You: *laughs* “I just realized the subway (or metro) doesn’t run after midnight. We need to get our food and leave right away.”
Bestie: *jaw drops to floor* “Who cares about the god damn subway our idols are here right in front of our faces. WE NEED TO MEET THEM.”
You: “Think about it. They’re probably tired and don’t want to hear other screaming fangirls. They’re humans too you know.”
Bestie: *sighs* “Damn it why do you have to be so wise?”
You: *chuckles* “Let’s get our pizza and wave bye to them.”

That’s when I hear one of the boys get out of their seat and make there way towards us. Ashton looks at the man at the counter and smiles with those damn cute dimples.

Ashton: “No need to get them anything they’ll eat with us.”


Mickey with his eyes wide open looks at me and Calum.

Michael: “The little fucker did it. Great I’m going to be a total idiot and goof ball in front of them.”
Calum: *chuckles* “Just chill bro they’re just girls.”
Luke: “Yeah how nervous can you actually be?”

I say that but as soon as Ashton gets up I can feel my mouth getting dry. I can’t stop fidgeting with my leg and my heart starts racing. As they walk towards our table, I try to calm myself as much as I can.


Ashton: *look down shyly* “That’s if you girls want? I don’t mean to intrude on anything or if you want me to leave you alone I…”
You: “I don’t see why not.” *smiles*
Ashton: *smiles* “Perfect by the way I like your shirt.” *points at bestie’s shirt*
Bestie: *squeals* “The concert was amazing I love you guys so much.”
Ashton: “You guys make it worth it.”
Bestie: “Hope this isn’t to forward but can I take a picture with you?”
Ashton: *chuckles* “I’d love to.”

Calum is the next one to come up to us.
Calum: “Hey if you didn’t know names Calum, this guy,” *puts hand on Ashton’s shoulder* “this is my man Ashton.”
You: *giggles* “Pleasure to meet you. I’m [your name] and this is my best friend [bff’s name].”
Calum: “You know you can kill yourselves in those heels.” *states down at your feet*
You: “I think I can manage it. After all it’s not my first time wearing them.” *grins*
Calum: “Did you also go to the concert?”
You: “Yeah I actually love you guys so much. It was a surprise, she told me we were supposedly going clubbing so I got dressed up.”
Calum: “I think she did you a favour. You look great.”
You : *blushes* “Thanks. Do you mind if I took a picture with you?”
Calum: “Sure no problem.”

I take out my phone and get ready to take a selfie with Calum and that’s when I feel someone else beside me. Both Ashton and Calum kiss my cheeks at the same time as I take the picture.

You: “Sneaky boys.” *smirks*
Ashton: “We try we try. Please come sit with us. We’ve still got some pizza.”
You: “Ok.”

I look towards the table and I can feel myself shaking and getting nervous. Approaching Luke makes it even harder to breathe. I think I’m having a heart attack.

Michael: *awkwardly shifts in chair* “Hey there.” *smiles nervously*
Michael: *smiles* “Sure and don’t be a stranger pull up a chair.”
Bestie: *shrieks* 
Ashton: “Please [your name] pull up a chair as well. Don’t be shy.”
You: “Oh right.” *pull up chair and now are next to Ashton*
Calum: “Don’t be so quiet Luke say something.”
Luke: *stutters* “Oh yeah umm hi the name is Luke.”
You: *blushes* “Hi Luke, I’m [your name] and that’s my friend [bestie’s name].”
Luke: “Pretty neat names.” *grins*
Bestie: “Why thank you Luke.” *smiles proudly*
You: “Can someone pass me a plate with pizza?”
Luke: “Um yeah no problem would you like a beverage with that?”
You: *giggles* “Yes please.”
Ashton: “Ok let’s finish this pizza because I’m still hungry.”
You: “Hey Michael can I have a picture with you? I already have one with both Calum and Ashton.”
Michael: “Um yeah sure.” *grins*
Ashton: *faces Mickey* “You and Luke should take the same picture as we did with her. You know to keep it consistently.”
Luke: “What did you guys do?”
Calum: “We both kissed her on the cheek.”
Luke: “Oh.”
You: *notices how uncomfortable Luke is* “You don’t have to we can just-“
Luke: “Nah it sounds good.”
You: *smiles* “Ok.”

I get up to go on the other side of the table. I’m getting my phone ready as I feel Michael and Luke get closer to me. I can literally feel myself shaking because I don’t want to screw this up.


As I approach her, I can smell her sweet scent of cucumber/vanilla fragrance. She smells so good can she not get anymore attractive?

You: “Are you ready boys? On three, 1, 2 and… 3!”

I lean in for her cheek and lightly kiss her.


I take the picture and try acting totally cool. Inside though I’m about to scream and cry tears of joy. I have now officially have a picture with the boys… my boys. Then it completely slips my mind that the subway stops at midnight so I look at the time on my phone a screech.

You: “[bff’s name] it’s like 11:40 we need to leave soon or we’ll never make it for the bus.”
Bestie: *eyes widen* “Oh shit I forgot.”
Luke: *looks at us* “What’s the matter?”
You: “We need to leave before we miss the last bus home.”
Michael: “You’re going to leave so soon? We haven’t even ordered dessert yet.” *winks* 
Ashton: “Hey it’s fine you can crash in our bus if you’d like.”
Bestie: “But don’t you have a concert tomorrow?”
Michael: “We actually have tomorrow off.”
Luke: “Totally forgot about that.”
Ashton: “So will you stay?” *fakes puppy eyes* 
Bestie: *doesn’t hesitate* “Of course we would!”
You: “Um…”
Luke: *stares at you* “It’d be pretty amazing if you can stay.”
You: *gulps* “I don’t see why not just going to let my parents know that I’m sleeping over her house.”
Bestie: “Perfect. Anyone down to get some fresh air?”
Ashton: “Yeah let’s go on a midnight walk.”
Calum: “Sounds like fun.”

Leaving the pizza parlour, I feel the fresh hair hit my face. The breeze feels so nice. The boys and my best friend are already ahead of me and Luke. Luke and I start walking side by side.

Bestie: *shouts* I know the perfect place we can go.”
Ashton: “Lead the way captain.”
Luke: *looks at me* “If we don’t catch up we’ll lose them.”
You: “I’ve been there I know where it and besides,” *grins* “I’m in no rush.” *blushes slightly*
Luke: *smirks* “So do you usually dress like that?”
You: “Like how?”
Luke: “Like that.” *checks you out head to toe*
You: “Nah this is my Ariana Grande inspired look.”
Luke: “Why her put of everyone?”
You: “I love her style. The skater skirts and boustiers are so pretty and I love to match. She’s such a beautiful girl.”
Luke: “She is pretty gorgeous. Not really my type though.”
You: *chuckles* “Why’s that?”
Luke: “Don’t know, she just seem so—-” 
You: “Unreal?”
Luke: *grins* “More like too perfect. I like girls with some faults that—-” 
You: “Looks like a hipster punk rock?”
Luke: “No, what makes you say that?”
You: “I ship you with a girl like that. You know, the fedora with a band shirt and those light blue American Apparel high waste shorts and the black patterned nylons. Oh can’t forget the red lips and the Doc Martins.” *winks*
Luke: *shyly looks at you* “Just kinda want my girl to be down to earth. I don’t care too much—- I mean so much on her looks. Like sure it’d be cool if she dressed like me but as you said ‘girly’ style is nice.”
You: “That’s actually really sweet.”
Luke: *shrugs* 
You: *abruptly says* “Can I hug you?”
Luke: “Wait what?”
You: *awkwardly adds* “Um I’m sorry I didn’t know where that came from I just…”
Luke: *smiles and opens his arms* “Come here I don’t bite.”

I walk towards him and wrap my arms around his body and feel his heart beat against my chest. I feel his arms slip around my waist which makes me shiver. His warmth radiates from his chest and his scent of sweat mixed with cologne fills my nostrils. I feel him squeezing me a bit tighter. I hesitate at first to bury my head into his neck wondering if it’s too much but he seems ok. After that moment I slowly let him go.


I squeeze her a bit as a sign to not let go. I can feel her hesitate to bury her head in my neck. I don’t mind. Actually I want her to… badly. She leans in and I can feel her breath on my neck. That really makes me go crazy. My heart’s pounding against her chest and I can feel my pulse go faster then usual. Before I know it, she’s letting me go.

You: *puts hair behind ear* “We should go before we actually lose them.”
Luke: “We’re walking aren’t we?” *smiles*
You: “Yeah and we aren’t that far.” *smiles*
Luke: “You liked the concert?”
You: “Damn I loved it. Especially your vocals in ‘Heartache on the Big Screen’ that’s my favourite part.”
Luke: *chuckles* “Really?”
You: “Yeah like when you start singing…” *sings chorus of song and starts dancing*
Luke: *laughs* “Don’t think I sound like that.”
You: *retorts* “Sorry I’m not you.”
Luke: *chuckles* “To be honest I don’t think we need another me in the world.”
You: *laughs* “Well there’s apparently 7 people who look like us in the world.”
Luke: “Well then we’re pretty much fucked.”
You: *laughs* “They might look like you, but there’s only one Luke Hemmings.”
Luke: “My grandfather’s name was Luke Hemmings.”
You: “You know what I mean.”
Luke: “Yeah I get. Only one of me, unique weird ass me.”
You: “You’re amazing just the way you are. Yes I just quoted Bruno Mars.” 
Luke: *smirks* “I can say the same.”
You: *blushes* “Well yeah who else do you know bursts into song at midnight who’s completely sober? I mean that’s pretty weird.”
Luke: *chuckles* “No one.”
You: *winks* “Oh look we’re here.”


The pier looks the same as usual. It’s a steady wooden platform that leads to the docks. There’s border like fences on the borderline of the dock. I notice Ashton and Calum attempting to do the Titanic scene on the fence when Jack and Rose are in front of the boat.

Ashton: *dying of laughter already* “AM I FLYING JACK?”
Calum: *laughs even more* “YES ROSE YOU’RE FLYING.”

I start dying of laughter hysterically. I’m losing my breath. Luke starts laughing with me. I notice towards the extension of the dock, I see my best friend with Mickey on the edge with their feet in the water talking. I walk towards the fence where I hold it.

You: “Isn’t the water beautiful? Some times I can just stare and see all the wonders of the world in the ripples of the waves.”
Luke: *raises eyebrow* “Really because all I see is my reflection in the water.”
You: “You have to open your eyes like look at the full moon. The rays of it’s light is hitting the water making it shine like small pieces of diamonds. It’s like imagining a whole different world under. Here come closer, c’mon.”
Luke: *walks and stands beside you* “Do you see everything this way?”
You: “I try. And you feel that?” *breeze hits your face and you open your arms* “You can smell the fresh air. You have to try it. Here,” *grabs his arms and helps him lift them up*
Luke: *chuckles* “Ok now what?” *looks at you*
You: “Now close your eyes and imagine yourself anywhere. It’s such a exhilarating experience.”

He closes his eyes and slowly a small smile appears on his face.
Luke: *nods* “This is actually nice.”
You: “You should try it with a girl one day. It’ll be cute, cheesy yes but nonetheless cute.” *winks* 
Luke: “Ok I feel like I’m part of the Titanic.” *smirks*
You: “I didn’t picture you so much as Rose but it’ll do.” *winks*
Luke: *turns to you* “Oh c’mon I’d make the perfect Rose.”
You: *looks at him* “You wish.” 
Luke: “Like you can be any better.”
You: “Oh I can.” *moves to fence and opens up arms again* “See I already look more like her then you ever will.” *mimics Ashton from before* “Oh Jack, am I flying yet?”
Luke: *stares at you* “You know what? I think I’m starting to get the beauty of the bay.”
You: *raises eyebrow* “Oh really?”
Luke: “Yeh just look over there you see?”
You: “What I don’t see anything?”
Luke: *leans in and points towards the bay* “There’s a boat coming in. It kind of reminds me of some kind of fairy tale. You know, lost boat at sea, sailors hook up with a couple of mermaids.”
You: *laughs* “That’s not what I meant but good try.”
Luke: *puts hands in his pockets* “If this was a fairy tale I’d be that guy eating all the food.”
You: *leans back against fence* “Well they’re the most important character.” *winks*
Luke: “Yeah if only he got the girl at the end it’d be the perfect combination.”
You: “He can if he didn’t eat so much food.” *grins*
Luke: *takes out hands out of pockets and stands in front of you* “But if he didn’t eat, he wouldn’t be in shape for his girl.” 
You: “It’s what in the inside the counts.” *smiles*
Luke: “You know you’re right as cheesy as that sounds.”

He looks down at you and smiles awkwardly before slowly leaning in. His soft lips touch mine sending shivers all around my body. I can feel his lip piercing against my own lips. He slips his arms around my waist pulling me closer towards him. I feel his lips pressing harder against mine as he tilts his head. I’m getting a bit dizzy from so much intensity. I feel his hands tracing the curves up to my breast from my waist. He touches the skin that is exposed which causes me to tremble under his touch from pleasure. He tilts his head and kisses me deeper. This time he raises his right hand to my left cheek and cups it using his palm. He caresses my cheek as he slowly stops kissing me. He leans in for one last kiss as he places a feather light kiss on my lips. He leans back and just smiles at as he let’s go of my cheek. I’m literally breathless like damn.

Luke: “Pretty cheesy also to kiss the girl on the same night you meet her.”
You: *smiles* “This girl doesn’t mind. I love cheesy.”

He grins and leans in until we hear.

Ashton: *whistles* “WOOHOO LUKE GET IT IN MATE.”
Bestie: “Wtf did I miss?”
Luke: *grabs my hand and mimics you* “The beauty of the bay.”
You: *laughs*

The TMNT Fandom For Season Two:
  • The Mutation Situation: "OH MY GOD APRIL'S DAD! NOOOO!"
  • Invasion of the Squirrelanoids: "MIKEY!!!! WE LOVE YOU!"
  • Target April O'Neil: "APRITELLO, NOOOOOO!..........APRITELLO, YESSSSSSSS!"
  • The Kraang Conspiracy: "April, April, April, April, April, Kraang sweet sixteen birthday party, April, April Derp, April, RAPHRIL, April, April, APRITELLO."
  • Metalhead Rewired: "OH MY GOD METALHEAD WHYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
  • Of Rats and Men: "ICE. CREAM. KITTY. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."
  • The Manhattan Project, Part Two: "1987 TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Mazes and Mutants: "REFERENCE ALL THE FANDOMS!!!!!!!!"
  • The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman: "My feels are all over the place right now and I just can't even........"
  • Newtralized!: "No, Slash, you are a bad guy!!!!!!"
  • Pizza Face: "If Jason Biggs was replaced, WE RIOT......................."
  • The Wrath of Tiger Claw: "Karai. You in danger girl."
  • The Legend of Kuro Kabuto: "THE RUSSIAN GUY IS BACK! YAY!"
  • Into Dimension X!: "GO MIKEY GO MIKEY GO."
  • The Invasion, Part One: "NO. NOT IRMA. NOOOOOO."
I’ve Been Watching You

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there, especially mine! Here’s a little story from Owen’s point of you to celebrate the day. Inspired by Rodney Atkins Song ‘Ive Been Watching You

I never noticed how much kids actually pick up on before I was a parent. Every little thing you do, every itch you scratch and the way you scratch it they notice it. If I cough and don’t cover my mouth, they notice. The way I walk is constantly mimicked, the words Amelia and I say constantly repeated. The good, the bad, they catch it all.

The first time I realized it I had my son in the back seat of my car. We were meeting my wife and daughters for lunch after their girls day, when we were running late. Amelia had reminded me four times to meet at the restaurant at 1:00 that way Olivia could get a nap in before we had to go to Merediths later. We left the house late, sped through three yellow lights, just making it before they turned red. The fourth and last light was pushing my luck. We made it before it turned red, but I wasn’t so lucky when the cop parked on the side of the street flicked his lights on.

I pulled over to the side of the road, mumbling under my breath something about being late now, when I noticed my five year old squirming in his boaster seat. He was peaking out the window, trying his best to get a look at the cop car. He furrowed his eyebrows, looking exactly like his mother, one of the few traits he got from her besides his coloring, when he said something I can assure you I will never forget. “What the fuck, we’re gonna be late now!”

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He Changes When The Sun Goes Down

Summary: “Dan works at Pizza Hut, Phil works at Dominos. Somebody orders pizzas from both places and they stand outside the person’s house and Phil sings Why Can’t We Just Be Friends” (aka a prompt I remember vividly seeing on @phanfic once).

Warnings: nothing really, cussing (it’s Dan what do you expect), internalised self hate?? (idk if that’s a thing or not but it’s nothing too major so dw peeps I gotchu)

Genre: Angst, AU, fluffy ending tho

Word Count: 1.5k (roughly, also the longest fic I’ve ever written)

A/N: this wasn’t based off of When The Sun Goes Down but the title fits and I was listening to the song a lot while writing this okay? also this is my second fic so hi frens how is y'all it’s been a while! I feel like I want to actually start properly writing fics forreal this time so lemme know if you think I should! have a nice day my lovelies!

Also this was written for @fromlatojapan as they were paired with me for the phandom valentine’s this year! I hope you like you this!! ^_^ <3

Dan was an average human being. He had an average job at Pizza Hut, earned an average amount of money to pay his rent, owned an average flat and had an average life. In all honesty he did enjoy his job, even though he was the delivery boy and the thought of talking to new people filled him with a crippling amount of awkwardness. Besides, Chris worked with him and he was a nice person. The only real problem, however, was the other pizza place across the road. Dominos. What a stupid name. Luckily for both businesses, the owners were happily married and had no wishes to compete with each other. Even though Dan was still aware of that it still didn’t make him hate the other pizza place any less, especially their delivery boy. God, Dan hated him. All smiles and childishness, Dan hated him with a burning passion and he didn’t even know the (admittedly rather nice seeming) guy!


 “Oi Howell! Delivery for ya!” Chris shouted in Dan’s face, snapping him out of his inner monologue.

“Ouch. My hearing, Chris. Keep going on like that and I’ll be deaf by the end of my shift!!” Dan joked as Chris pretended to take offence

“That is incredibly rude! It’s not my fault you’re always trapped inside your thoughts!”

“Oh shush, you love it really!” Dan teased as Chris shoved the order in his face and sashayed off to serve another customer.

Dan checked the order and smiled to himself. 36b Ilchester Road, Louise’s house. Louise was a regular customer and she always tipped him more than needed. Slipping his phone out of his pocket, he walked over to the company car and plugged it into his aux cord. Jamming along to MCR, he pulled up outside the house and got out of the car only to lock eyes with his worst nightmare.


“Hey Dan! Fancy seeing you here!!” There, clad in Dominos uniform, stood Phil Lester, all bright and cheery and ugh. How did he even know Dan’s name anyway? Name badge, Dan, name badge.

“What are you doing here?” Dan’s expression remained stoic as he walked up the gravel drive and reluctantly stood next to Phil with a scowl evident on his face.

“Guess we got the same delivery, huh!” Phil smiled so brightly Dan had to stop himself before he punched his teeth out.

“Leave me alone.” Dan muttered with a tight lip before ringing the doorbell.


 “Dan! How are you? And Phil? How are you both?” Louise asked as the door swung open.

“I’m doing great! How are you?” Phil replied, beaming with that great big goddamn smile of his and… Dan, calm…

“Great.” Dan murmured sarcastically.

“Good, good! Now, uh, this is gonna sound really strange but my friend got me some vouchers for both of your places, and I’ve got some friends over so I thought hey, why not? Did someone mention it to either of you?” Louise gushed and both of the men hummed in agreement as she handed them both their, unnecessary, tip. “Oh my god, I only just realised! Can I get a video of you two guys? Please? I mean Pizza Hut and Dominos, c’mon!”

“Sure!” Phil laughed.

“Fine, but I better be invited over for cold pizza tomorrow.” Dan huffed.

“Awesome! Just text me whenever Dan, okay guys… 3, 2, 1, go!” Louise giggled.

“Why can’t we just be friends?” Phil sang in a teasing manner, while Dan glared at him with a tight upper lip. Who the fuck did this guy think he is?

“Perfect! Thank you so much guys! See you soon! Don’t forget to text me Dan!” Louise beamed as she exchanged the boxes of pizza for vouchers while rapidly texting on her phone, probably uploading that clip for the whole world to see.

“Bye Louise!” Phil giggled, he fucking giggled what the fuck, waving.

“See ya Lou.” Dan grimaced as Louise shut the door on the both of them.


Phil turned to look at a scowling Dan.

“Dan, can I ask you something?”

“What?” Dan spat.

“Why are you always so angry with me? I haven’t even done anything! Please tell me if I’ve done something to upset you, I would actually really like to be friends with you.” Phil sighed.

Wait what? Phil wanted to be friends? Fat chance. “Haha, nice one! Become friends with the delivery and then what? Use him to find out all the company’s secrets? I don’t think so.” Dan huffed with a bitter laugh before storming off to the company car and driving off.

Phil stood there for a moment, shoulders hunched and bottom lip trembling. This was about the businesses? That’s why Dan hates him? But they had nothing to fight over, the businesses were both owned by a couple and there was no reason to compete as both the pizza places were doing just as well as each other.

“No. I will not give up.” Phil whispered confidently, straightening his shoulders and marching towards the company car, driving to Pizza Hut with a determined smile on his face.

Phil Lester was not one to give up. He would start something and stick by it, unless it was causing him pain or he felt as if he wasn’t getting anywhere with it. So, as he usually did, he started out simple and decided to go from there.


The bell dinged and Phil walked up to the counter.

“Hey Chris! Is Dan in?” He beamed.

“Uh yeah, he’s in the back – let yourself in, just don’t let the boss see you.” Chris smiled back, smile wavering for a second as he realised that Phil was asking for Dan and oh my god this wasn’t going to end well was it

“Thanks!” Phil smiled cheerily, too cheerily for Chris’s liking, as he slipped past the register and into the back room while Chris watched with worried eyes.

“Dan! How are you?” Phil grinned from ear to ear as he opened the door to the backroom and spotted Dan sitting in the corner on his phone.

“What are you doing here?” Dan looked up from his phone with a look of utter disgust. What the fuck was Phil doing here?

“I just came to say hi, I guess. And I was wondering – could we forget about where we work and become friends?” Phil pleaded.

“No. Now fuck off and get out!” Dan complained.


So, Phil tried again the next day.

“Dan! How are you doing today?” He would smile.

“Go away, you should be working.” Would be the reply he’d get. Though Dan didn’t want him to leave.


And the day after that.

“Woah, Dan is that a Muse shirt? I love Muse too! And Origin of Symmetry is my favourite album as well!” He was so happy that he might be able to get closer to Dan this way.

“Whatever. Get out.” Dan’s voice stuttered a bit, obviously not expecting the compliment that brought a slight red hue to his cheeks. Someone else liked Muse? Really? Dan really wasn’t expecting that.


And the day after that, and the day after that.

“Your hair looks cute today Dan. I like it better like this.” Phil grinned.

“Fuck off.” Dan really didn’t mean that. Honestly, he was kind of overwhelmed and he wanted to be nice but his mouth would always fuck it all up and say something spiteful instead.

“Alright then.” Phil sighed before walking off back across the road, leaving Dan wanting to hit his head against the wall until the look of hurt in Phil’s eyes was forgotten.


And the day after that, and that day after that, and the day after that.



Phil didn’t even bother to wait around this time before leaving.


 And the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that.

Dan sighed, Phil hadn’t even bothered coming in today. He’d blown it, he’d fucking blown it. Why does he have to be so fucking stupid? Why can’t h-

“Dan, you alright?” Phil asked, worry evident in his eyes.

“Oh, uh yeah I’m fine now.” Thank fuck you showed up, I missed you.

“You sure?” Phil was finally getting somewhere with him!

“Yeah. You’re here, that’s all that matters.” Dan blushed. Shit, did he just say that aloud?

“Wait what?”

“Fuck, uh, I mean, oh my god, shit I, I-…” Dan was flustered, his brain flashing red lights and the sounds of alarms filling his ears.

“Dan. Calm, I’m here. I’ve got you.” Phil wrapped his arms around Dan and held him bound to his chest. After a few minutes of Dan’s steadying breathing reaching Phil’s ears, he leant down to whisper in Dan’s ear.

“Care to tell me what that was all about?”

“Well, uh, I guess I kinda liked it when you started talking to me. I really like you, Phil.” Dan admitted, a huge blush forming on his cheeks.

“I really like you too, do you mind if I…?” Phil asked, albeit shyly this time.

“Not at all.” Dan answered, leaning out of the hug to wind his fingers into Phil’s hair and connect their lips peacefully.

And this is why Phil Lester doesn’t give up.

Sam X Reader: No romance

Request: Heyyy! Your writing is amazing, and I was wondering, could you do a oneshot where the reader breaks up with Sam and he tries to get her back but she won’t get back together? Only if you have time! I don’t mind waiting :-)

Request: Hiya, I was just wondering if you could do a one shot based on the song Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer? Any member of team free will is fine, and I know you are busy so no pressure :)

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