two master assassins

  • thanos: what have i to fear?
  • tony: the avengers.
  • thanos:
  • tony: it's what we call ourselves, sorta like a team. "galaxy's mightiest heroes" type thing
  • thanos: yes, i've met them
  • tony: yeah. took us awhile to come together, but let's do a head count here
  • tony: your daughters, master space assassins
  • tony: the demigod of thunder
  • tony: an empath who can put you to sleep
  • tony: a bird-man
  • tony: the super soldier, a living legend
  • tony: a witch with terrifying telekinetic abilities
  • tony: a man called "the destroyer"
  • tony: a man with breathtaking anger management issues
  • tony: the panther prince
  • tony: a moody-teenaged walking tree
  • tony: the mightiest magician in the cosmos
  • tony: the cybernetic-armed superhuman
  • tony: two master earth assassins
  • tony: a weapon savvy, talking raccoon
  • tony: the teenage spider boy
  • tony: an energy projecting, superhuman, flying woman
  • tony: a telepathic insect communicator
  • tony: a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist in a suit of armor
  • tony: an android with an infinity stone in his forehead
  • tony: and a man who was a god - lowercase g
  • tony: and you, big fella, you've managed to piss off every single one of them
  • thanos:
Definitely A Stark


 Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic)
 Yay! Could I request a Bucky one then? The reader is Tony’s niece and lives in the tower, Bucky has recovered a lot. The reader also knows Russian and she hasn’t told anyone except Sam who asks her to keep him updated if anyone says anything about him. The reader and Sam are close like Bros, she likes Bucky and over hears him and bat talking about her, she talks with Sam and Bucky shows up and it’s just all fluffy and cute, maybe a bit angsty too! Thanks Love!
Warnings: None
Notes: Part 2 of Who Do You Think You Are should be out in the next few days, in the meantime I hopefully should have a Steve one shot to post later on tonight. Enjoy!

Sitting in on a Friday night was a rare luxury when you were a Stark, mainly because of your Uncle Tony, he always was one for parties. However you preferred curling up on the couch with a good film and some fluffy blankets. “How are you a Stark?” Sam grumbled sauntering into the room with a large bowl of popcorn in his hand. “What’s that meant to mean?” you protested. “You know exactly what it means Y/N, everyone one else is out and here we are sat watching a shitty film!” Sam objected. “You can go out if you want Sam, you know that right, we’re not literally joined at the hip, despite what Tony says.” You joked. “I know that, but who would keep little old you company, and I was hoping from some gossip from the Russians, you know not important” He replied with a shrug. Sighing you got up and grabbed your notebook from the side. “You know Sam they will find out eventually right?  You know that I can speak the same language as them…” You muttered half heartedly “Anyway there was no gossip about you but apparently Steve finally went on that date with the Carter girl and Clint sleeps with a teddy bear, nothing all that interesting” You chuckled. “Right I see, I will catch them out one day, Bucky and Nat need to learn not to mess with me!” Sam grumbled puffing out his chest “Oh yeah I bet the two master assassins will be quivering in their boots once your done with them, Birdbrain 2.0” you joked “Anyway I’m gonna go get more blankets…since SOMEONE hogged them all!” You said throwing your arms out and practically skipping out the room.

 As you pranced down the hall you heard grumbling coming from Nat’s door, pressing your ear up to the crack you listened in on her conversation.  You heard Bucky’s voice first “Что я собираюсь делать?” (What am I going to do?) He asked dejectedly. “Вам просто нужно спросить Y/N из, вот и все!”  (You just need to ask Y/N out, that’s all!) Natasha replied making you gasp, he wanted to ask you out? You had had a crush on Bucky since he had first entered the tower, with only Sam knowing about your secret infatuation with the soldier. After a few more seconds of silence Bucky’s gravelly voice caught your attention “Изысканные буду.” (Fine I will.) “Хорошо!” (Good!) Natasha replied forcefully, and with that you scurried away to tell Sam about everything you had heard.

 “So what do I do Sammy boy?” you questioned. “I don’t know Y/N, and if I’m honest I don’t care” Sam mumbled with his face hidden in a pile of blankets. “Errgghh your no help” you muttered storming out.  Of course you being you walked straight into Bucky, in an attempt to make things less awkward you moved to left, for him to only mirror your movements. Huffing he picked you up by your hips and swivelled you around so you were on the other side of him, and with that he strode into the kitchen. Furrowing your brow you decided the only effective form of action would be to follow him and speak to him.

 Swinging the door open behind the soldier you exclaimed “Я слышал, что вы сказали Nat.” (I heard what you said to Nat.) “И что , что будет?” (And what would that be?) He stuttered.  “Что вы хотели спросить меня.” (That you wanted to ask me out.) You responded, noticing his jaw go slightly slack as if he were searching for the right thing to say. Putting your hand up to his mouth you grinned and said “С удовольствием!” (Id love to!)” О гм … Как в субботу в 7 звук?” (Oh um…How does Saturday at 7 sound?) Bucky grunted in a daze. “Отлично!” (Perfect!) You purred and with a kiss to the cheek flounced out of the room to be met with Sam with a grin on his face “I take it back, you most definitely are a Stark Y/N” He chuckled.

Pacific Rim Headcanon:

Kaiju reincarnate. The hive mind is useful for maintaining communication, but each kaiju clearly(and is confirmed by the director to) has its own consciousness and personality.

After they took out Trespasser, he came back later as Knifehead. After they took out Karloff, he came back in as the much stronger Hardship.

And Otachi and Leatherback? They’re not mere superweapons. They’re veterans who have seen to the conquering of countless worlds before. They’re also a couple, and Otachi’s baby was not planted there by the Masters. Mating is discouraged by the masters, as it only devotes useful biomass to unapproved, unrefined babies of pure chance, rather than the corporate-approved constructed bodies. But in recognition of their service, the two master assassins were given some measure of freedom.

After Newt drifted with the hive mind, however, it made waves. Creatures who were taught nothing but violence and conquest were exposed to new emotions, most notably curiosity.

The older veterans are not swayed by this: Especially those who hold grudges against the humans who killed them again and again. But new lives aren’t as hardened or set in their ways. When Otachi and Leatherback’s baby was added to the network, its programmed rage was pushed aside in favor of curiosity; Just what ARE these creatures they’re sent to exterminate?

When the infant is given a new, fully developed body and sent loose in the sequel, it will seek Newt out. It will force a drift upon him. And then it will indulge its curiosity: “Who are we?”

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (12/15)

Originally posted by captainamerica1-6

AU Summary: Y/N meets an old figure from her past that she thought dead with evil intentions.

Notes: so yea this part’s a little messy because it seems like its out of context but trust me okay? it will all makes sense soon. im sorry for this crap but thank you for still reading it :)

Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13


“Did you or did you not fondue?”


“Y/N, come on. Whatever you and Spangles did, I’m pretty sure I’m better than him.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and focused on getting in position inside the quinjet. Tony was being difficult when he found out about the date. They’ve been called for a mission and he just wouldn’t stop.

“Tony, drop the topic. Please.” she said, checking up on her weapons while Clint activates the jet ready for flight. Tony stood beside his suit with his arms crossed still looking at Y/N when Steve entered the jet.

“Ahh. Here he is. Mr. I-don’t-have-any-dibs-on-Y/N-but-I-still-went-on-a-date-with-her.” Tony sarcastically implied. Steve glared at him and shook his head. “The betrayal, Rogers.”

“Don’t, Tony.”

Y/N turned around to face them both. “Wait, you called dibs on me?”

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Imagine Steve convincing the other Avengers to go to a regular gym to work out as an appeal to the public for health awareness (or some such reason, you can pick). Natasha, knowing this will be hilarious, encourages everyone to as well.
Imagine your first day at a gym, trying to finally muster up the courage to get in better shape and all the effort with it and watching two Norse gods, two super soldiers, master assassins and Tony along to watch arriving in all their glory and exercising.
Imagine Loki spotting for Thor but keeps getting distracted because he sees you trying to maintain your composure but failing miserably as you ogle him in his tight fitting gym clothes.

Assets Attract

Okay so this totally started out as a request but my hands have a mind of their own and typed this instead. Not totally sure how I feel about it but I spent four days writing it so it’s absolutely being posted. (Plus, the title I came up with is cute and punny) This is dedicated to @italwaysendsinafightcap for getting my mind going and I will get your actual request started soon!

Bucky Barnes x reader

Brother!Tony Stark x reader

Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of death, some fluff, some angst, protective!Reader.

All credit goes to Marvel

Word Count: 5.6k 

    Your story with Bucky Barnes all started on December 16th, 1991 after you watched him kill your parents. Nick Fury had recruited you in secrecy when you were 16. You were his asset. Not even Natasha had known about you (she had her suspicions). Your own brother had believed you were dead. He believed that you were in the car with your parents when it “crashed”, despite there being no body to prove it. You knew the Winter Soldier had killed your parents. 

    You were tracking him down when it happened, but you were too late. As soon as your parents’ bodies went limp, you attacked, lunging down from a tree branch, wrapping your legs around his neck and squeezing your thighs together as hard as you can, blocking the airways. You repeatedly brought one of your elbows down on his head while your other arm was busy trying to slice at any body part you could get. Somehow, he had been able to reach his gun, and he shot you in the thigh. When you collapsed off his body, he made eye contact with you, but it was not a look you were expecting to receive from the man who had just killed your parents and attempted to kill you. He looked at you with a mix of guilt and anger. You sat next to your mother’s lifeless body, brushing her blood-matted hair from her face while you waited for Nick to get you. You thought of Tony and how he would react to the news and for the first time since being a recruited agent, the thought of him pulled at your heartstrings. You were nineteen at the time.

       Nick allowed you to see Tony when it was discovered that he was dying from the shrapnel in his chest. He almost didn’t believe it was you, he even wanted a copy of your birth certificate. When he didn’t believe it, you pulled the collar of your shirt to reveal your shoulder, where you had a big scar from when you and Tony had a contest to see who could climb the highest tree when you were 10 and 12. All your brother could do was stare in shock and almost hurt. Nick had to explain the situation to him and that currently, your mission was to find the man who had killed your parents and that it was a very sensitive mission. Nick and you had promised each other to not tell him about the Winter Soldier part, because, well, it’s Tony and his approach to the Winter Soldier would end in a blood battle. Your specialty was being a fly on the wall that happened to be carrying guns and knives, which was crucial in this mission.

    He promised to keep you a secret on the ground that he could see you and hear from you when it was safe. He would also be the first to know if something happened to you, and reserved the right to throw caution to the wind and come get you if needed.
    Because nobody knew you even existed at the time, Nick sent you to track down the Winter Soldier, knowing that his brain would have been wiped of any memory of you. If you could hide in plain sight and nobody would suspect a thing, you were his perfect match. Fury’s best chance to take that guy down. And you thought of Bucky Barnes every damn day.

    You were there when the helipads went into the air, when Captain Rogers had to replace the chip that would’ve killed seven million people. You watched as he fell from the helipad, and you wished that you could grab him, but you couldn’t do that. Not without blowing your cover, and Fury would have your ass on a silver platter if that happened. 

     Instead, you watched the Winter Soldier drag Steve onto the sand from your hiding spot and you instantly drew your weapon, aiming at his face if he tried to kill Steve, if he wasn’t already dead. “Don’t even think about it.”

     He dropped Steve to the ground and just stared at him for a while, before walking away, his back turned to you. You took your chance and got behind him, pressing the barrel to the back of his skull. He stopped. He didn’t even make a move to kill you. “I recognize your voice.” He said and your jaw clenched and you spoke through grit teeth.

     “You should. I almost had you dead the minute you killed my parents.” He slowly stepped forward, away from the gun and turned to look at you. He had the same look in his eyes that he did after he killed your parents. But there was no anger this time, only guilt and sadness.
     “You’re Howard’s daughter.” He said thoughtfully. You clenched your jaw harder, willing the tears in your eyes to dry at the sound of your father’s name. You weren’t going to give this bastard the satisfaction of seeing you cry. He dropped all of his weapons onto the sand beneath your feet and stepped forward.
    “Don’t.” You demanded, a little too loudly. He raised his hands, taking another step forward, hesitantly grasping your forearm in his flesh hand. You stared at him in disbelief.
    “Listen, I know you want to kill me, trust me, I know. But right now, I’m considered a refugee, and when they find me, they’re going to take me back to HYDRA and make me kill more people. They’re going to wipe my brain all over again. People might be watching us right now. If they see you with me, they’re going to kill you. Believe it or not, I’ve seen enough people killed and I don’t want that to happen. My name is James Buchanan Barnes,”
    “I know who you are.” You spat.
    “I know you know, but I need you to trust me because your life could depend it. I have a safe house in Bridgeport, Texas. You need to come with me,” he was nearly pleading and you felt yourself crumbling. You didn’t know if he was dragging you off to kill you or genuinely wanted to get you out of here. You felt tears finally leaking out of your eyes, your arm holding your gun slowly wavering. He slowly grabbed it from your hand, and dropped it to the ground. “Please.”
    You were downright crazy, but you found yourself slowly nodding.

    Because you couldn’t go through TSA with Bucky’s metal arm and they would definitely take him, you used Fury’s escape to Europe and the definite lack of communication between you two to steal one of the jets. You had all but ushered Bucky onto the plane before Maria could see him. She would definitely tell Fury if she didn’t try to shoot the plane down, but you gave her a heads up that you were going away for a while and taking the jet, so you didn’t think much would happen.
     Flying from Washington to Bridgeport was supposed to take roughly two and a half hours, and after today’s events and the pure shock at what you were doing, you were tired. The vast expanse of sky made you feel like you weren’t getting anywhere. You sat in the cockpit, lazily holding up your head with one hand, practically nodding off when you heard footsteps behind you. “I can take over from here,” Bucky said gently, you could tell he was tired too, but hell, he knew where he was going. You got up and went to go to the back of the plane, but Bucky quietly called after you. “Can you sit up here with me?” He turned towards to the wheel. You paused, opening your mouth only for nothing to come out. You let out a silent breath, and sat in the seat next to him. Before you could say anything, he began asking questions, rushing them out because he was so eager to get the answers he needed. “Who was that man that I pulled out of the water? He said he knew me all my life and that he wasn’t going to fight me because I was his friend. He looked so familiar and my head hurts every time I try to think of him.” He looked off in thought before pulling out of his trance and focusing back on flying.
    “His name is Steve Rogers. He does know you all his and your lives. He was your best friend. He was the scrawny kid that did everything possible to get into the army during World War II. Bucky, I don’t know if anyone’s told you or if you even remember, but you were born in 1917. You fell out of a train and were presumed dead.  You were captured by HYDRA, obviously,” you said, gesturing to his arm. “Steve found you a couple days ago.” He nodded, seemingly still trying to wrap his head around the new information.
    “So who are you?”
    “Y/N Stark. I was recruited by Fury when I was 16, trained to the absolute best of my abilities. Tony knew that far. They faked my death the night my parents were killed and I became a fly on the wall. Some minor plastic surgery, dyed my hair, colored contact lenses. If nobody knew I existed, it’d make my mission a hell of a lot easier.”
    “And your mission?”
    “That’s where things get awkward. My mission was to find you, or the Winter Soldier, and well, kill the Winter Soldier.”
    “You tried to. After I killed your parents, you dropped out of a tree and tried suffocating me,” you nodded, biting your lip as he began to remember more information. “I shot your thigh.” You nodded a little more and he pursed his lips. “Would you tell me if you got me on this plane to kill me?” You laughed.
    “Bucky, I had the chance and instead I’m here on a plane with you leading me to the middle of nowhere, I think I should be more worried about you killing me.” You turned over in your seat and smiled at him, watching as the corner of his lips curled upwards, exposing a bit of teeth.
    “Well then I solemnly swear that I won’t kill you if you don’t kill me. Deal?” He stuck his pinky finger out and you laughed, looping your pinky with his.

    Three weeks had gone by since you and Bucky had made it to the safe house. Things were surprisingly easy as far as two master assassins living together who were once trying to kill each other. Dare you even say there was romantic tension between you? You two had fallen into a routine. You’d get up in the morning, taking turns making breakfast. You liked to make jokes that if you put Bucky out in the sun for a little while, you could just fry the eggs on his arms. After breakfast, you would talk to Tony on the phone for about an hour while Bucky would do some work around the house (even though it looked fairly well kept, anyways). You had told Tony about Bucky and that you were staying with him. Reluctantly, he agreed to keep quiet about it because if you knew what you were doing, he trusted you. For dinner, if neither of you felt like cooking, you’d go get Chinese takeout. Every night, however, would be spent catching Bucky up on all the movies and music he had missed. Eventually, he started binge-watching Impractical Jokers episodes with you and always asking: “One more episode? Please?” After that one last episode, you’d go to bed. Bucky would stay in a bedroom on one side of the hall and you slept in the bedroom right across from him.

    He’d have you dance with him, showing you how people in his time used to. He would take your hand and twirl you around, dipping you while old Lionel Richie albums played in the background.
    You woke up early on Monday morning, around 4 in the morning and you couldn’t fall back asleep. Deciding now would be the perfect time, you began to clean the dishes from dinner last night. You stared out the window and watched the few streetlamps illuminate the street below. Your reflection in the glass showed your hair up in a messy bun, eyes with surprisingly no bags underneath them, perfectly pink lips, and clear skin. For one of the first times lately, you felt beautiful. Inside and out. You smiled at your reflection, but only when you saw Bucky coming down the stairs behind you, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. His shirt had been stripped of him and his shorts hung onto his hips. “What are you doing?” He mumbled.
    “I couldn’t sleep so I’m cleaning syrup off of plates from the massive amount of pancakes you made last night.” You laughed and you watched a tired smile creep onto his features. You fell into a comfortable silence.
    When you finished up the dishes, you turned from the sink and faced Bucky who was only 2 feet away. You couldn’t read his eyes, but there was an entirely new emotion in his eyes. “Buck?” His head snapped up to meet your eyes and you gave him a soft smile. He started coming closer and you couldn’t find it in you to move away.
    “Can I try something?” He asked quietly, practically a whisper and you nodded, swallowing a lump in your throat that you didn’t realize was there. He stepped closer until the tips of your toes were touching. He brushed his flesh fingers down your arm, causing goosebumps. With an even gentler hand, he brought his left hand around to the back of your neck. His right hand grasped your hip, and you couldn’t take it anymore. You reached up onto the tips of your toes and pressed your lips to his, relishing in the way he held you even closer at you making the first move. Your arms went around his neck, tangling in his hair. You could feel his chest heaving against yours and his lips perfectly molded into yours. You pulled apart when you became breathless, keeping your hands where they were. Looking into his eyes, you could see he looked a little scared and you pressed another kiss to his lips and pulled back.
    “Hey, it’s okay. You’re not going to hurt me. I know you won’t.” He looked at me through his lashes.
    “They’re going to take you away from me too, now.” You gave him a confused look before realizing what he meant.
    “No they won’t, Bucky. I know that you’ll protect me, that’s why you brought me here. God forbid something happens, and I can defend myself too. If I can almost take you out, I’m sure I can take out a few other bad guys.” You laughed, lightening the mood and smiled when he did. “But for the record, you cheated. You brought a gun to a knife fight.”
    “Maybe you brought a knife to my gun fight.”

     It had been another 5 weeks since you and Bucky shared your first kiss and 8 weeks since you began living with one another. You guys became even closer and eventually you agreed to become an item. You weren’t angry at him about your parents anymore because you knew that if he wasn’t brainwashed into doing, he wouldn’t have done it.
    Since then, you guys had gone to Bucharest, deciding that the longer you stayed in Bridgeport, the more likely the chances of someone finding you guys would be.
    It was going great until one day, Bucky had gone out to a farmer’s market to grab some food for your dinner that night. Within 20 minutes, he had come back running into the house, slamming the door shut and securing all the locks on the doors and window.

    “You know that bombing that killed T’Chaka?” You nodded and he pushed a newspaper in your chest, your eyes quickly scanning the paper and widening. “They’re coming for me, the guy at the stand called the police. Hide, don’t come out until you’re absolutely sure no one’s here.”
    “What’s going to happen to you? You can’t leave me here.” You whispered, worry instantly flooding your words.
    “Nothing that won’t stop me from coming back for you. Hide, Y/N. Please.” With that, he pulled you in for a kiss so passionate and so rushed that you swear your heart stopped. You watched him as you made your way to a hidden closet. Right as you closed the door, you heard the police, banging on the window and telling Bucky to come out with his hands up.
    The front door ripped open and you swear you heard Steve Rogers talking. Then you heard one of the floor boards being ripped apart. Your hand flew to your mouth, not knowing what was going on at all and fearing the worst. Then you heard a window shatter and tears began to flood your eyes. You heard police raiding the house and quietly hid further into the closet.
    It felt like hours since you heard the police leave, but you were paranoid that one may have been directly outside, watching for any activity. Slowly, eyes scanning the perimeter of the house, you crawled out. You checked the time, it was about 3 in the afternoon. The house was invaded at 11. Because you heard Steve, you did the one thing you could think of to get any information about where he was.
    “Hello?” Your brother’s voice rang through the phone.
    “Hey, I heard the Bucky was found in Bucharest. Know anything about that?”
    “Great to hear from you, too,” he said sarcastically. “But yes, I do. He was arrested along with Rogers, Wilson, and the Prince of, wait, King maybe, of Wakanda.”
    “Why were they arrested?”
    “Apparently the royal families of Wakanda have a suit they pass down along the kings. It’s made of vibranium and has very long claws. The Black Panther. Pair that with a very angry man who is convinced James Barnes is the one who killed his father and you don’t get a good mix. Long story short, there was a fight on a highway between them all and because they’re now being seen as a threat, they were arrested.”
    “What do you mean they’re being seen as a threat, Tony?”
    “Look, Y/N, we don’t have any boundaries. We might as well be considered the bad guys. We’ve killed so many people trying to do what’s best, but lives are still lost even if we do save the day. It’s not enough. I’ve helped put together the Sokovia Accords, which will be handing over our power to government officials. They’ll decide when we go out.”
    “Do you really think that the rest of the team will agree to that?”
    You heard Tony sigh, “No, Steve, Sam, and Wanda are already going against it, but it’s worth a shot. I need to give it a shot if it means I’m doing more good than harm for once.” You were going to give him a speech on how he is a good person and how he has saved so many lives, but he knew that deep down, and you were calling to find out where Bucky was.
    “Where is Bucky now?”
    “He’s getting a mental eval- woah, hey, the power went out.” You heard alarms going off and people yelling but you couldn’t make out much.
    “Y/N, I’m going to have to go. Something happened with Bucky.”
    “What? Tony Stark, don’t you dare hang up on me. You need-“ The line went dead. You groaned. Tucking your phone in your pocket, you knew you only had one thing to do. You tracked Tony’s phone, grabbed your guns, suited up, and hot-wired a car that was parked on the side of the street.
    The ride to the penitentiary was only 30 minutes, because you were hardcore speeding. You put your hair up into a ponytail and holstered your guns. You knew you had to be very careful, you may have found the Winter Soldier, but you still needed to be a fly on the wall, which would be very, very hard in these circumstances. You slid on a pair of sunglasses and pulled the hood of your suit over your head.
    Scanning the building, you looked for areas to get in that wouldn’t attract attention. Setting your eyes on a small, ground-level window, you went in, sliding your body easily through the glass. You heard people shouting and glass shattering and you hid behind a pillar near an elevator with your gun drawn.
    Bucky was pushing Steve towards the elevator, punching and swinging at him, and you saw your chance. As Bucky ripped open the elevator doors and pushed Steve, you swung your legs up around Bucky and threw both of you down the elevator, landing next to Steve with a thud. Bucky had been knocked unconscious from the drop and you stepped on his back, just to be sure.  
    You didn’t even realize that you were being stared at until you heard Steve awkwardly cough. “And you are?” You raised your gun once more, aiming it at him but he didn’t seem scared and you were slightly relieved.
    “Don’t worry about it,” you jumped up, grabbing onto whatever you could get your hands on to lift yourself out of the elevator shaft. You took one last look at the unconscious man. The man that you loved and would fight until your very last breath for. “Take good care of him, Steve.” With that, you had successfully lifted up and out of the elevator, leaving behind a very confused Captain America.

      Bucky woke up with a throbbing headache and his arm in a vice grip. He groaned and looked at his surroundings, expecting the vague memories of a house around him and music playing and a…girl? Instead, it looked like he was in a basement and two men were watching him. Steve. “Where am I?” He found himself asking. The man who he believed to be Steve answered.
    “Depends, who am I talking to?” A shooting pain erupted in Bucky’s head, but he was too exhausted to complain as the memory blew into his mind.
    “Your mom’s name was Sarah,” Bucky spoke. “Where’s Y/N?” Sam and Steve gave each other a wary look. “Where is she?” He was starting to get agitated, his arm vibrating with frustration.
    “Where is she? Let’s start with who is she?” Sam questioned. He stood up straighter, stiffening his posture to stand against Bucky. Bucky quieted down, feeling a sadness consume his heart, believing that you must’ve been a memory of his old life and that you weren’t coming back.
    “I didn’t do it, the bombing in Vienna. The guy who did this, he kept asking for the mission report December 16, 1991.”
    “Why would he ask you that?”
    “Because I’m not the only Winter Soldier. There are 5 more. The most elite death squad, more kills than anyone in HYDRA history. And that was before the serum.”
    “They all turn out like you?” Sam asked, arms crossed.
    “Worse. They speak over 30 languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They can take a whole country down in one night and you’d never see them coming.
    You watched the men from the skylight, pushing the window open the tiniest bit to hear what they were saying. You were assuming the guy who was supposed to give Bucky the mental evaluation either didn’t show up and someone else got ahold of him, or the actual doctor did this to him, but you listened to their plan of getting to Siberia to stop the man from getting control of the other Winter Soldiers.
    Based on what they were saying and what Tony had confessed to you earlier, you predicted that it wouldn’t go over well. Your brother wasn’t going to let them go anywhere if they didn’t sign the accords and because Tony was so thick skulled, he wasn’t going to let any excuse fly with them.
    You pulled back from the window, sighing to yourself and wondering what the hell you were going to do. You could either follow them wherever they would go, go to Siberia and stop the guy yourself, or blow your cover by joining the fight. None of these seemed like good choices, but you knew you had to pick one.

    “Does anyone have the feeling they’re being watched or is that just me?” You heard Steve ask. You slunk lower into the one of the beams on the ceiling, flattening yourself out as much as possible. You knew Bucky thought something was up, but you also knew that you couldn’t blow your cover by leaping down and smuggling him with kisses like you wanted to. Nobody knew that you existed still, besides the one time Steve saw you, but he had no idea who you were anyway.
    Your heart nearly stopped when you felt someone’s eyes trained on you. Carefully peeking over, you saw Bucky. His eyes displayed nothing but surprise and joy at you. You smirked at him and put your finger to your lips, signaling him to stay quiet about your presence. He made a show of sneezing, nodding his head forward as he did and you grinned, flattening yourself out again before you heard alarms going off. “They’re evacuating the airport,” Steve said, turning to his captain voice. “Time to suit up.” Bucky subtly looked up at you with concern, fearing what you might be getting yourself into. You gave him a thumbs up and slightly turned onto one hip, letting him see the outlines of your guns and knives. He gave you a single nod before walking away, following the rest of his team.
    Once there was no one in sight, you jumped off the rafter, landing with your knees bent. You looked around, looking for anyone before breaking into a sprint, looking for anywhere you could watch over the scene that was about to play out in front of you, planning to get a few shots in as well.

    You watched as Steve and Bucky left in one of the quinjets and Tony follow shortly after. Groaning inwardly, knowing the fight would only continue in Siberia, you hopped into a nearby helicopter and took off, hoping no one would question who was flying it. You had to get out of here if you didn’t want to get exposed. 

    “I almost killed the wrong man.” T’Challa said, putting his helmet down.
    “Hardly an innocent one.”
    “So is this what you wanted? Them to rip each other apart?”
    “My father lived outside the city, I thought we would be safe there. My son was excited, he could see the Iron Man from the car window. And I told my wife, ‘Don’t worry, we are far from the city, we are miles from harm. And the dust cleared and the screaming starts. It took me two days to find their bodies. My father, still holding my wife and son in his arms. And the Avengers; they went home. I knew I couldn’t kill them. Men more powerful than me have tried. But, if I could get them to kill each other. I’m sorry about your father. He seemed a good man with a beautiful son.”
    “Vengeance has consumed you,” T’Challa spoke softly. “It’s consuming them. I am done letting it consume me,” He declared, his voice shaky, his claws beginning to poke through. “Justice shall come soon enough.”
    “Tell that to the dead.” Zemo spoke coldly, aiming a gun underneath his chin, getting ready to pull the trigger when T’Challa placed his vibranium covered hand over the barrel of the gun as he fired it, then pulling Zemo into a headlock.
    “Believe me, I am not done with you yet.”
    “Oh fuck me! I sure as hell am.” And you shot Zemo twice in the skull after popping out of your hiding spot. T’Challa looked at you with eyes of disbelief and didn’t even move a muscle, he couldn’t. You turned on your heel to face him as Zemo’s body fell limp to the ground, his eyes still open in shock. “Your highness.” You bowed quickly to him before turning on your heel to get into the shelter.

    You stalked quietly through the hallways, following the voices of your boyfriend, your brother, and Captain America himself. When you walked in, you instantly knew what was being played on the screen that Tony’s eyes were fixated on and you grimaced, unprepared for what was to happen next. Tony’s eyes began to register what they were seeing, and his arm raised towards Steve, the gauntlet glowing with energy.

    “Tony. Stand down.” You had your gun raised at his head. You weren’t going to shoot him, and you’re pretty sure he knew that.
    “Okay is someone ever going to tell me who she is or where she came from?”
    “She’s my sister.” Tony said at the same time that Bucky said: “She’s my girl.” And you swear that the room got sufficiently tenser. Steve looked back and forth between all of you before you sighed, putting your hand out to the man who looked like he had just seen a ghost.
    “Y/N Stark,” He shook your hand, about to introduce himself as well before you cut him off. “I know who you are.”
    “He killed our parents, Y/N.” Tony cut in, wanting to keep the introductories short.
    “We know better than anyone that sometimes innocent people have to die to get the job done. HYDRA made him do it. Do you think he would’ve done it on his own free will?”
    “Then what about Steve? He knew, Y/N. He knew.”
    “Tony, look at Bucky’s arm. Then look at your suit. You didn’t ever think you’d become Iron Man. That wasn’t in your five year plan or even your lifetime plan. You think Bucky wanted to become the Winter Soldier? He didn’t have a choice. Neither did you. Drop. Your. Gauntlet. Now!”
    Never had you raised your voice at Tony, at least since you guys were in your teen years. You had always been very gentle with him given everything he had gone through after it was revealed to him that you were alive. His everlasting anguish over the loss of your mother and father. Losing your father was especially hard on Tony, never knowing that your dad loved him until two years ago when he watched a video and Howard said that Tony will always be his greatest creation. By then, Tony had been so lost in his own brain that he didn’t know how to handle his newfound sorrow.
    Tony lowered his arm and turned around, facing away from all of you. You turned to Bucky and Steve, and waved them to leave while you consoled your brother who had ejected himself from the suit. You stepped out of yours when Steve and Bucky were out of sight and went to stand by Tony. Wrapping your arms around his torso, he instinctively buried his head in your hair and you could feel tears slowly soaking your shirt.
    Crying was a rare occurrence for Tony Stark. You had only seen him do it after nightmares and after Pepper had left. This probably had hurt him worse than those two combined. You stood there, rubbing his back while you let him cry into your shoulder. From over his, you could see the screen replaying your parents’ death on loop, then yourself jumping from the tree and beginning to fight off the Winter Soldier. You had always been better at coping than Tony had been, but seeing that, you did start to feel an ache in your heart. You felt for Tony. “You were there. You tried to kill him.” Tony’s voice was shaking and wavering with every word he spoke.
    “Yes, I did.”
    “Why didn’t you?”
    “Well, for one, he shot me through the thigh. Second, I watched him pull a knocked out Steve Rogers out of the water after those helipads that were launched into the air came crashing down. Yes, I had the chance to shoot him, I absolutely did. Then I really looked at him. Tony, he isn’t a cold blooded killer. The Winter Soldier is. And as long as no one gets their hands on that damn book, he never will be again. I watched what he did, good and bad. They weren’t the same person. I can’t be angry with a person who never did anything wrong.”
    “He’s a weapon.”
   “No, his arm is. But you know what? So is your brain. You built the Iron Man suit on your own. If I got kidnapped, I sure as hell would have just accepted my fate. I wouldn’t have even thought to build a fucking suit that would go on to help me save the world a billion times. And yes, I said saved. You do more good than harm, Tony. But you can’t always have just one. Come on, we’re going home.”

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 sexual scenes

“Nat- didn’t you hear?” The red-head looked up from her tablet, an eyebrow raising as her best-friend spoke. She’d been happily minding her own business until Clint had come ambling into the lounge area, looking sombre. The marksman looked surprised to see Natasha sat there, legs drawn to her chest and tablet balanced in her nimble hands. Clint just frowned before continuing, catching Natasha’s confused look. “It’s James- he’s been assigned the job to Russia.”

He watched as her facial expression fell, her eyes darkening as the words processed in her brain. He was going to Russia? He was going away? Without telling her? Clint’s face contorted as an angry look rose in his friends eye, and his mouth fell open as he saw the emotions play clearly across her face. He knew that there was something going on between Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes, but he’d never quite seen it.

Until now.

“Excuse me.” Natasha said stonily, and Clint made no time in stepping backwards and letting the fiery Russian assassin past. A slightly exsasperated look was burned onto his face as he noticed the deadly look on her face. With clenched fists and a set jaw, Natasha went stalking through the door and through to the corridor, where she went in search of the familiar man with the metal arm.

Clint watched her go and let out a low whistle. “Someone’s going to get a mouthful.”

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The Illusion of Truth (Part 3/?)   (Natasha Romanoff x reader)

Part 2

“I don’t care what you say, Barton!  You’re cheating!”

“I am not!”

Clint stood up and lunged at Natasha, the pieces of board game flying everywhere from the table that sat between them.  Before he could reach her, she stood and grabbed his arm to spin him away and onto the large couch next to her.

“You guys,” Steve groaned, “does it always have to end with this?  I feel like I’m babysitting.”

Clint rolled off the couch and onto his feet, standing defensively towards her in the event of another attack, pointing at her with an expression of shock at the Captain’s insinuation.  “She started it!  She said I was cheating, but she’s just a sore loser!”

“There’s no way that you got that far ahead of me without cheating!” Natasha argued.

“Alright, that’s it,” Steve huffed, standing up with his arms crossed, “play time is over.  No snacks for either of you, and now it’s off to bed.”

The two master assassins stared at him in surprise, both of them with mouths wide open, but Clint was the first to speak.  “Cap, come on, are you serious?”

“Yeah, Steve, what the hell?”  Natasha agreed, but was interrupted by her phone vibrating in her pocket.  She pulled it out and pointed at Steve sternly, turning to step away for privacy.  “You are not the boss of me, Rogers.”

Tash, I need your help.

Natasha sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, her eyes squeezed shut tightly in frustration. She hadn’t heard from you in months after you had left her in the infirmary, but she wasn’t surprised by that; she was surprised that you would need her for anything, and even more so that you would ask.

“Nat?”  Steve moved to her side and waited, watching her text you back and reluctant to push, but knowing that something serious was happening. “Romanoff?”

What did you do, (Y/N)?

There’s a price on my head.

Natasha felt her heart skip slightly, unable to deny to herself that she cared about what happened to you.  She couldn’t deny that she was afraid for you; afraid that she could lose you even though she was nowhere near having you.

How high?


Where are you now?

“Behind you.”

“Son of a-“ she yelped, spinning around just as you changed your form to your true self.  “You can’t do that, (Y/N)!  How the hell did you get in here?”

With a smile you shifted into the form of another, wearing dark rimmed glasses and a white lab coat. “Hi, I’m Amy.  I’ve been sent by Director Fury to upgrade your lab interface,” you replied calmly.  When Natasha’s expression changed to realization of what you had done, you transformed back to yourself.

“You’ve been here for a week?!”

“I needed a place to hide,” you shrugged.  “There’s nowhere safer than this tower.”

Clint had now joined Steve, watching the display from only a few feet away, not entirely sure about what was happening, other than that Natasha looked livid and he didn’t like it. “Hey, (Y/N).  I thought that you and I had an agreement that you would stay away from her.”


“No, Nat, this is ridiculous.  She does nothing but taunt you and now she needs your help?  No,” he said, shaking his head, “I’m not gonna let this happen. Let her fend for herself.  I sure as hell won’t miss her.”

“Barton, you need to step away,” Steve warned, taking a few steps between him and where you were standing. “Let’s give them some time alone, alright?”

“No, Captain, let’s hear it,” you encouraged, stepping around him to be face-to-face with Clint, “I would just love to know what he thinks he’s gonna do about it.  I’ve kicked his ass before, and I can do it again.”

Natasha rushed forward and grabbed your arm, trying to pull you back while Steve pushed against Clint to make more room between you.  “Clint, I’ve got this,” she huffed, “just go with Steve.”

“Yeah, if I heard correctly, it was bedtime, Barton,” you hissed.

Clint’s face was immediately red with rage, and he yanked his arm away from Steve’s grasp.  He pounced at you, knocking you flat on your back with his arm raised to strike.  You were able to catch his hand as it came down, flipping him onto his back with your knee pressing deeply into his abdomen.  Each time he tried to move or push you away, you only dug in deeper.

“At least make it a challenge for me.”

The two of you had moved so quickly that Steve and Natasha were just now pulling you each away, making certain that you wouldn’t try anything else; the Captain led Barton away with his hands behind his back, and Natasha had you by the front of your shirt, twisted so it threatened your airway.  Once the two men were gone, she threw you down onto the couch firmly and stood over you to wait for your explanation.

“I never liked that guy,” you mumbled, rubbing your neck where the material had pinched.

“I think the feeling is pretty mutual.  Now tell me what you want from me.  Do they want you dead or alive?”

“Alive, I think.  But I only need your powers of persuasion, my dear,” you smiled, making her even more uncomfortable, knowing that nothing with you could ever be simple.  “I need you to convince Nick Fury that I’m not worth the price he’s ready to pay.  I know he listens to you.”

Natasha’s face went pale and her eyes widened in shock, “(Y/N), are you serious?  Please tell me that you’re just making a sick joke.  That’s more your style than coming to me for help anyway. Please tell me that this is a joke.”

“Sweetheart, if this was a joke, do you think that I would hide out in the Avengers tower?  Although, I guess it’s only safe until Fury tells you to come after me too.”

Nat could feel knots building in her stomach and a slight wave of nausea at the thought of her long-time friend being the one hunting you down.  If Fury wanted you captured, then you would be; it only now occurred to her that she had the perfect opportunity in front of her.  

“So,” she sighed, reluctantly sitting next to you, “what exactly did you do to get on his radar?”

“I might have killed a few diplomats…” you groaned, “that were on your side…”  You paused, glancing over at her but not holding her gaze, “but I swear, they were really bad people!”

Natasha slowly turned her phone over in her hand, holding it down against her leg where you couldn’t see. As she looked at you and listened to the story of how you found your way back to her, she was making contact with Nick.

“You should turn yourself in, (Y/N).  It’s the right thing to do, and you know you’ll survive.  And…I’ll know.”

“Sentiment, Tash?  I didn’t know you had it in you.”  You took a deep breath and stood, taking a few steps towards the massive bank of windows overlooking the city.  “I guess we’re both full of surprises.”

Her fingers still danced frantically over the screen, trying to get messages to the director before you turned back to see her.  “I guess we are.”

You leaned forward over the railing, looking down at the busy street below, gauging how many floors were between you and the hard asphalt.  Natasha wasn’t as clever as she thought, and you could see her in the reflection on the glass.  From the corner of your eye, you spotted the brigade of black vehicles making their way closer, and the sound of Tony’s suit suddenly filled the room.

“Don’t run, (Y/N),” Nat pleaded, “if you do this right, you can still have a future.  With us.”

“Or with you?”

“Maybe both,” she conceded quietly.  Tony had taken a few steps closer but she raised her hand to stop him.  Clint and Steve were at the ready on the other side of the room, with the shield and bow in their hands.  “Don’t run.”

“I’m not going to run,” you whispered, still staring at the ground below for a moment before finally turning to look at her.  “Running is so…anticlimactic, don’t you think?”  With a broad smile you grabbed a chair as if to throw it into the window, knowing that between the three men, you would be assaulted with at least a repulsor blast or a throw of the shield.  As luck would have it, you got both, ducking quickly so that their efforts shattered the window behind you just as you had hoped.  

“Bye, babe.  Until next time,” you laughed, taking the form of a hawk just to get one last dig into Barton before you flew away.

Clint lowered his bow with a huff and an annoyed look on his face, “Dammit, she’s good.  She knows I can’t shoot at her now, she’s a hawk.” He walked heavily over to Nat, who stood in awe of your power, not caring that you had escaped her and hoping that you would return again.  “She’s good,” he reiterated, “but I still hate her.”

Part 4

Hello loves! ♥ Sorry for the late intro, but thank you for joining us for day 3 of Clintasha Week!

Today’s theme is Friends and Family! So what about it? Can friends become family? How would the others react to Clint and Natasha together? Do Clint and Nat make a family of their own? Or do they need to be reminded that sometimes, family is two master assassins (one a spy and the other an archer), a dog, and a cat.

Remember the rules, loves, and check on back for tomorrow’s theme! ♥


…imagine when the Avengers find out Coulson is alive, though.

Tony would be shocked into silence, Steve tries to process the whole thing because recently he’s finding a lot of allies are back from the dead thank to unknown technologies, Banner is just sort of relieved…

Thor accidentally drops Mjolnir through three floors of Stark Tower before he remembers to summon it back… Pepper Potts comes through the door at great speed to ask why her morning coffee had been taken out by an Asgardian elevator… and the words die in her throat. She never thought…


But Natasha and Clint… he was Clint’s handler first, and then Natasha’s (when Clint came home and pulled the wide-eyed ‘I founded this, and they followed me home, can I keep her? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?’ trick all children are evilly capable of, and he has mastered)…

The two master assassins are just… unsure of anything for the first time in a long time. They’re pleased, but afraid it’s a lie… they’ve both known what it’s like to have their memories, their vision, changed and manipulated… knowing is never certainty for them. 

And he knows this. He was keeping an eye on all of them, but particularly those two… 

So, as they all stand staring at one another in confusion, [the Avengers on one side of the room, and the small team that Coulson had managed to lead during SHIELD’s downfall, the other]… he just opens his arms wide and says, in that way of his, “I’m real, it’s okay”…

And is nearly bowled over by the two Master Assassins dropping their weapons and hurdling furniture to reach him; clinging to him like children whose lost parent had just returned, when all hope was lost.

[And he was, in a way. For Clint, the circus brat. For Natasha, child of the Red Room.]

Members of Coulson’s team are a little shocked that the legendary Black Widow and Hawkeye (as much legends at SHIELD as FitzSimmons), would act this way.. but at the same time, they aren’t. He’s that important to them all, too.

May is smiling, FitzSimmons are pleased but mostly wondering when they and Skye could maybe ask for an autograph, Mack and Bobbi are on the periphery pretending not to be affected by the whole thing (but they are totally feeling the warm fuzzies). 

It’s that moment that breaks into a tidal wave of action. 
Questions start flying about, Tony has to sit down, Thor strides over to also hug the Son of Coul (getting his two fellow avengers in the process), Steve disappears… returning with Bucky, and an entire set of vintage Captain America trading cards (he had Fury find, that he signed, in memorium)…

Pepper comes flying across the room faster than any person in heels should be capable of, “Phil Coulson, you made me cry at your funeral, I demand a hug!” and she, being a CEO and capable of getting whatever she wanted, whenever… parted the red sea of heroes and slid into the middle of the group hug to get to the man. 

Bruce pats him on the shoulder, not a huge fan of great physical contact, but very much excited he’s alive.

Tony pokes him a couple of times, to be sure he’s real; gives a brief almost-hug and then wanders towards the nearest screen, muttering about protecting assets. Which seems to mean making Coulson his own suit, if the holographic displays are anything to go by…


Then Coulson notices the look on Clint’s face, and sighs, “You adopted more of them, didn’t you?”
Hawkeye looks to Widow, she looks to Coulson, “We can neither confirm nor deny that development, but there’s three of them (five if you count Falcon and Bucky)… and we’re keeping them.”

[They say, glossing over the part where Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch had come onto the scene.]

“Of course you ar- rrrrrrrrrrrrrre?” 

…which is exactly the confused/excited noise you make when your Childhood hero picks you up midsentence to super-soldier-squeeze the hell out of you…


“What are all you motherfuckers doing in here? It’s like Woodstock all over again… we have a situation people!” comes the unexpected voice of fury, nearly sending Fitzsimmons through the godsdamned roof in surprise.

“Sorry sir, emotions got a little heightened. What’s the situation?” responds Coulson, cordially, extracting himself from the middle of everyone with some reluctance.

“Avengers, Agents, you are needed on the helicarrier for an emergent situation.”

“Is it Loki again?” asks Steve, glancing towards Thor.

“If it’s Chitauri, shotgun NOT having to throw the missile through the wormhole again…” added Tony, distractedly.

“What’s the situation sir?” asked Natasha, glancing to Clint, beside her.

“The situation? The situation is all of y’all motherfuckers are standing around here being sappy, when you could be at the party we set up on the helicarrier… now get your pert little asses over there before I make you. And yes, that’s an order.” 


Fury watches them all make for the roof where the quinjets are waiting to chauffer the groups to the helicarrier… and notices a certain guest of honour is waiting behind. 

“Coulson, if I have to carry you to the quinjet myself, I will be doing it bridal style… for all the avengers and your team to see.”

“Sir… you were right.”

“Of course I was. What about exactly?”

“Oh… that they missed me as much as I did them.”

“You stop getting sappy and get on that quinjet, enjoy the party.” 

As Coulson left the room for the elevators, he heard Fury mutter to himself.
“So much for ‘they won’t even remember me’ nonsense… they damn near destroyed an alien race cause Loki hurt your compassionate ass.”

Then a sigh, and the sound of a commlink turning on, 

“Hill, take a note. Widow and Hawkeye are gonna be some clingy little sons of bitches for the next few days… take them off active roster until they get right with themselves about their parent getting back.” 

A grainy technovoice responded sharply, “Are you sure you’re not just jealous they’re no longer following you around like ducklings, sir?”

A snort, “Agent, that sounds like a lot of sass… from someone who did exactly the same thing.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, sir.”

“Suuuuure you don’t. The Avengers are on their way as we speak, and Coulson will get there as soon as he stops eavesdropping on my conversations…” 

“Sorry sir!” he shouts from the hallway, “And thanks… for looking after the kids while I was away!” 

Coulson sets a dead sprint for the elevators, laughing the whole time.

Tailed by the echo of, “Whatever you say, Mother…” 


Trying to explain why he was a pink-cheeked giggling (and panting) mess when he got out of the elevator on the roof, was impossible. 

He managed, “Fury’s… furious… run…” before he started laughing again.

Everyone just shrugged, got into the quinjets and clicked into their seats. 

May leaned over to speak to Coulson (having to angle herself over Black Widow’s lap, as she and Hawkeye totally took the seats either side of him for various totally-not-concerned-he’d-disappear-if-they-blinked reasons), and said, “You are totally the Mum.” 

“Not you?”

The Agent huffed a laugh, “Oh no, I’m the  Cool Aunt who lets them get away with most things…”

“Raising them all is going to be a nightmare with you around…”

“We survived FitzSimmons, and Skye, we can do anything, Phil.”

“Good Point.” he turned his attention across the quinjet, “Anthony Stark, Bruce Banner, you get your butts away from FitzSimmons or so help me… we are not going to have the world explode because you four were allowed in the same vicinity.”

“I second this, motherfuckers, now strap in.” Fury intones, as he strides into the ship and makes for the pilot’s seat. He stops in front of May, “Aunty Cavalry better not teach our assassin twins anything too damn deadly while our backs are turned, they’re dangerous enough as it is…” 

“Yes, sir.” she smiles back, expression reading she is TOTALLY going to do that.

Skye has found herself a comfortable niche between Captain America and the Winter Soldier, pestering both with rapid-fire questions they are trying to answer before the next one comes their way. She occasionally touches their arm or leg and giggles.
At one point, Steve looks at her and asks why she’s doing that… with the widest eyes you can even imagine, all innocence, Skype beams and responds, “Vintage…” 

And Bucky loses it.
“Fair enough, you never usually get to touch the relics, in museums.” 

Steve looks conflicted for a moment there… but shrugs and grins.


Pepper is talking to Bobbi, and Thor to Mack; which often turns into a four-way conversation before dissolving into separate ones once more. No one else could seem to keep up. 

As the quinjet tilted upwards, something slide past with a torturous screech of metal on metal.

With a sigh, Coulson unbuckled himself, grabbed it and strode over to it’s owner. “Thor, we’ve talked about stowing away loose items while in transit… you need to keep a better hold on this thing.” 

The god of thunder takes Mjolnir with an expression of… well, it was like the lovechild of delighted surprise and smug justification. “As well you have reminded me many times, Son of Coul, I thank you for the return of Mjolnir.” 

…that tiny smirk at the end makes everyone think that maybe, just maybe… Thor had done it on purpose. Infamously devious as Loki was, there was something unsettling about having someone as normally open and supposedly easy-to-read as Thor…pulling off something a little underhanded.

“We’re almost there, put your damn seatbelt back on… we’re not going through the whole funeral thing again.” Fury directed back at him, the helicarrier landing pads visible through the forward viewscreen.

“Was that an order?” he challenged, playfully.

“It will be if I have to come back there and strap you in for landing manually… but I’m pretty damn sure if we crash, they’ll have to pick you out of a protective ball all all your damn kids back there.” 

With thinly-veiled amusement, Coulson sat down, strapped himself in, and looked around at the faces of those around him.

“I think you might be right, sir.”

“…I’m always right, motherfucker. Now everyone clench up, we’re going in…”


It may be weird, and a little ridiculous at times, but Coulson was glad that everything was back to (the closest approximation they would ever get to) normal. 


Even if no one else in the room barring May, Fitzimmons and Fury got why, when asked by Tony where they’d all like to go for a celebratory holiday (Stark Industry’s treat!), he’d immediately said, “Not Tahiti.” and laughed.

fanfic by @execution-empress
fanart by @hozumi13

They’re only a few blocks away when it starts to rain. At the first drop they run; dog at his side, cat carrier at hers. Though try as they might, there’s no escaping the rain. They’re soaked (all except Liho) by the time they reach the apartment. The two master assassins thought they could relax, but Lucky proves them wrong by shaking himself. Though the two shield themselves, all it does is make them wetter.

“At least someone’s dry,” Clint says with a hint of a chuckle. Natasha grunts as she sets the cat case down and opens it.

“He’s not dry,” she replies. “He’s still wet and we’re gonna dry him off. “Get your hair dryer while I get changed.”

“What? Why?” Even as he protests, Clint does as she asks and heads for the bathroom closet.

“I’m not having this place smell like wet dog. It’s bad enough that it smells like wet Clint.” Natasha is sure that he’s rolling his eyes, which he is, just as Clint is sure she’s smirking and proud of herself, which she is. She goes into the bedroom, changes into a pair of yellow shorts with a matching top, then comes back out towards Lucky. Along the way, Clint hands her the hair dryer and a towel. Liho watches on top of his cat carrier, knowing he’s in for a show. All the while, Lucky doesn’t suspect a thing.

Rather, he thinks Natasha wants to hug and play with him. The fluffy, golden dog runs to her, jumping up on his hind legs to plant kiss after kiss to her cheek.

“Hey! Wait!” she cries out, though there’s a small chuckle and a frustrated groan in her tone. She kneels down so Lucky is back on all fours and quickly plugs the hair dryer into the nearest socket. “C’mon, boy, just stay still. It’ll be over soon.”

And of course, the dog does everything but that.

He rolls on the floor and on the towel. He tackles her just to lick her cheeks again. He bites at the air from the hair dryer and shakes any and all excess water. Finally, he flops down on his side, onto the towel, just to relax and catch his breath.

And of course, the dog is completely dry.

Sitting back up with a sigh, Natasha wipes the sweat from her brow. At least Lucky was dry and wouldn’t smell, but her shirt was wet again. Before she could even think of what to do next, a certain voice helps her out.

“Tasha, take off your shirt and lift up your arms.” While anyone else would have been met with sarcasm and snark, this voice is different. She complies as she takes off her shirt, tossing it to the side, and lifts her arms above her head. Something soft and warm slides down over her arms and her body. Glancing down, Natasha notices an all too familiar bullseye and her lips curl in an all too familiar smirk.

“Your shirt?” she asks, leaning back against him. Clint kisses her shoulder as an arm wraps around her. While she was drying off Lucky, he was getting changed and made them coffee. The coffee cups sit by the window with their small stream of steam, just as he sits behind her to kiss and nuzzle the crook of her neck.

“Mmhmm. As thanks,” he replies. Natasha rolls her eyes and the two chuckle.

“That’s my thanks? Your shirt?”

“Yep!” He laughs as there’s a teasing tone to his voice. “Would you rather have something else?”

“Yep.” Turning around, Natasha wraps her arms around his neck. Her lips meet his as they kiss, soft and sweet at first, until passion has them falling back on the floor. And it’s times like this that they’re both thankful for little things like the rain, wet dogs, and one another.


Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Clint Barton x reader
Summary: Master assassins are strong, fierce, and emotionless. They never shed a tear over anything. Except for The Lion King.
Warnings: None
A/N: @you–were–my–everything @multi–fandom-imagines @ladywiseowl @marvelximagines @cocoobbesses

“Double check.”
“Uh, not check.”
You frowned. “How did you forget the soda? Is that even possible?”
Clint shrugged. “I must’ve left it in the kitchen. Gimme a minute.”
You wrapped your blankets around your body, snuggled up on the sofa by the TV. A few seconds later, and Clint reappeared, hurdling the back of the sofa and landing with a bounce.
“Check,” he announced, putting two bottles of coke on the coffee table. “Play the movie.”
“What’s all this?” asked Bucky, appearing in the doorway. The two of you turned and glared at him.
He raised his hands in surrender, backing away slowly. “Forget I asked!”
You and Clint turned back to the screen, grinning as your favourite song played.
“Shut up!” came Tony’s annoyed voice from down the hallway.

There’d been silence from the living room for a while now. The rest of the avengers had spent the day hiding in their rooms, knowing that it wasn’t worth risking their lives to get you and Clint to put a better movie on.
Nat crept out of her room, her phone on video as she approached the living room. She clapped a hand over her mouth to stop herself laughing out loud at the scene before her.
You and Clint were sat only inches away from the screen, tears pouring down your faces as you watched the movie.
Nat raised her eyebrows; two master assassins…crying over Mufasa?
She cleared her throat, and the two of you nearly leapt out your skin.
“Um, Clint’s just had some bad news and I’m comforting him,” you said hurriedly. “His, um, Clint, tell her why you’re upset.”
He panicked. “Well, my cat got hit-”
“Clint, you don’t have a cat,” Nat pointed out. You bit your lip, kicking him subtly in the shin.
“Wait, are you filming this?” you asked, staring at the camera in her hand. She grinned.
“Oh yes. The internet is loving the two master assassins crying over The Lion King.”
You shoved Clint playfully as she left the room.
“This is your fault.”

not to rain on your stucky parade, but I just thought of how freaking adorable Nat and Bucky would be together. two of Steve’s best friends just awkwardly refusing to acknowledge their feelings and Steve being the little shit who tries to set them up in the most hilarious rom-com ways possible and enlisting the entire team to lure the two idiot master assassins into broom closets and locked rooms and dinner set up with candle light and ugh

Daredevil (Part 5/?) (Steve Rogers/Matt Murdock x reader)

Part 4

“This is the warehouse that I found the woman in.”  Matt said as he led you and Steve towards the now abandoned building as Clint and Natasha waited on a nearby rooftop, watching for any motion from the shadows.  

You cautiously moved to the door of the building with your gun drawn.  Pulling with all you had to open it, you met resistance and the door wouldn’t budge.  Steve attempted as well, but it felt like it was secured from the inside.

“If this thing is locked from the inside, then who’s in there?”  

Steve pulled at the door again, using his weight as leverage, creating only a small gap between it and the frame.  With a quick glance towards you, he nodded, commanding you to try to fit into the opening so you could open the door from the other side.  

“You can’t be serious?”

“Matt, not now.”

“I’m sorry, do you have a problem with how I command this team?”  The Captain was still holding the door ajar, but you had paused to try to convince Matt to drop the topic altogether.

“Yeah, I do.”  Matt took a few steps closer to Steve, his fists closed and his jaw set firmly.  “You don’t know what’s behind this door.  I heard a woman screaming for her life in there, and you’re sending (Y/N) in, alone?! Have you completely lost your mind, or is this dementia setting in?”

Oh, Matt, no.  

“You listen to me,” Steve began, “(Y/N) is entering the building alone, but I’m right here, along with two master assassins and expert marksmen, who happen to be currently aiming at you.  If we break thru the door, we risk exposure and could lose any chance at finding out what happened here.  Now, you asked us to help you, and we are, so I suggest that you correct your tone and mind what you say.  I’m in charge of this mission, and if you don’t agree with my decisions, then you’re free to go.”

“Look, I get that you’re pissed off about this whole situation, and maybe your ego got a little bruised when she chose to spend time with me rather than with you, but this decision is careless!  You’re gonna get her killed because you can’t have-“

Steve had now lost his restraint and released the door as he lunged at Matt, grabbing him by the throat and lifting him into the air.  His strong fingers gripped tighter as he spoke, “I think it’s time for you to leave. And time for you to stay away.”  

Matt pulled his knees to his chest and thrust his feet into Steve’s chest, pushing him back.  As the grip released, Matt dropped to the ground, coughing and regaining his breath.  “I’m not going anywhere, sorry.”  His head snapped quickly towards where you had been standing, realizing that you had already pushed your way into the building.  “Dammit!”  The opening was too small for him to fit thru, so he listened, holding his head against the door.  He listened for any sign that you might be in trouble; he listed to your breathing, to your heartbeat, and for even the faintest whisper from you.  He knew that you knew he would be able to hear it.


You were supposed to open the door from the inside so that Steve and Matt could enter, but with the way they were behaving you felt it best to just go it alone.  The table that likely held the woman Matt saw was at the center of the room.  There were vials and syringes strewn across the nearby cabinets, most of them empty, but you were able to find one with just enough liquid inside for Bruce to analyze. Very delicately, you wrapped the vial in a towel found next to it and slid it into your pocket.  A computer had been left open, it’s screen still illuminated with information that you didn’t understand.  Someone may still be here.

You startled and spun as a sound came from your left.  Raising your gun in front of you, you guardedly moved towards the source, unsure of what it could be.  As you came closer, you thought you heard a voice.  A woman’s voice.  “Hello?” You kept your own voice a whisper, as to not attract any attention to yourself.  “Is someone there?  I’m not here to hurt you, I promise.”

A few steps further, and she became visible.  Her hair was a mess, her clothes were torn, her hands were bound behind her, and she looked…different.  You kept your gun raised as a sense of uneasiness came over you.  Kneeling down in front of her it became clearer as to why she looked different to you; her eyes were red and her skin was translucent.  The small amount of light in the room danced on her skin, and it was beautiful.  

“What did they do to you?”

The woman wouldn’t, or maybe couldn’t speak.  She looked at you with urgency in her eyes and you knew that you needed to get her out quickly.  Looking towards the door, you hoped that Steve and Matt were out there and not still trying to kill each other.  

“Come on, let me untie you.” She began to shake her head as you reached behind her, the anxiety within her clearly growing.  “What’s wrong?  Can you try to tell me?”  Her eyes kept darting to the same spot, directly over your shoulder.  Looking closely at her glowing eyes, you could see the reflection of a man standing behind you.  Firming the grip on your gun, you spun on your heel to face him. The shock of seeing the man who stood before you almost made you drop your weapon.  

“Rumlow?”  No, this can’t be right.  “Sam said you were dead.  What are you doing here?  What did you do to her?”

He cocked his head to the side as if to consider how to respond.  A slow smile crept over his face and an uneasy look in his eye made shivers run down your spine.  His scarred and beaten body stood motionless as he regarded you, until his hand moved from behind his back.  You armed your gun, setting your stance for a fight.  A deep, guttural laugh came from him as he opened his hand, holding a grenade.

You reached back and grabbed the woman’s arm to drag her towards the door as fast as you could. “Steve we gotta move!”  But there was no response; they must be blocking your communications.  Just a few feet from the door, your arm stretched out to grab it, almost close enough to think that you might just make it.  

Two more shall take its place!”

The tips of your fingers barely reached the splintered wood of the door beneath them as the searing heat and force of the explosion threw you violently against it.  Your grip on the woman faltered, and you lost sight and sense of where she was.  The walls bowed and the door broke free as your body was flung into Steve, who was standing just outside.


Consciousness was a fleeting concept as your eyes fluttered open to the sounds of Steve’s voice and the growing howl of sirens.  

Barton, we need to get these two back to the tower

Your eyes began to burn from the smoke that surrounded you and from the flash of the explosion. Just closing them for a moment should help…

No, I’m fine.  Romanoff, I’m fine.  Just get her out of here.

“Steve, the woman…” Your voice was barely above a whisper.  It was strained and rough from the smoke inhalation.  “Where…where is she?”

“She’s here, (Y/N), she’s alive. You got her out.  Now we need to get you back to the tower, okay?”  You made a weak effort to push yourself up so that you could see her and to see if Matt was okay.  “Hey, no, (Y/N) lay down.  Now.”

“I want to see.”

“Matt’s with her. Please lay down, (Y/N).  I don’t know how bad your injuries are.”

Your body wasn’t really in any shape to go find her anyway, but knowing that Matt had found her would have to be enough to satisfy your concern.  All you could do was lay and wait until Clint came for you.  The sound of hurried footsteps came closer; opening your eyes, you saw a frantic Matt stop next to you.

“(Y/N)…it’s Karen. The woman you saved is Karen.”

Part 6

Unusual Way to Start the Year.

Originally posted by graffnfun

Author’s Note: Inspired by Hope you enjoy. More of a drabble; wrote it in a three-hour duration. Happy New Years!
Words: 1093

Damn it, you thought as Natasha was wrapping duct tape over your hands. This is not how you wanted to start the new year. Tonight was yet another night where Tony Stark held one of his parties at the Avengers Tower. But this time, he had a reason, New Years Eve.

It was well passed midnight, and Steve and you were enjoying your time at the party, when Clint and Nat challenged the two of you to a pool game. You thought you had a a pretty good chance, since you and Steve had a clear state of mind. Unfortunately, you underestimated the aim and skills of the two master assassins and lost the bet. And here you were. Playing Edward FortyHands with Steve.

At the moment, Natasha and Clint were explaining the game to your guys. Of course, instead of regular beer, you were downing Asgardian mead. Somehow, Thor got a not-as-strong liquor, so it was more like beer and less like hard alcohol.

“What you do is duct-tape a forty to either hand and you can’t take them off until drinking both forties,” Nat explained, with a smirk on her lips. You looked at Steve with a nervous expression. You never mind parties, including since, like Steve, you could never get drunk. You were thankful, because you knew you were a light-weight and you never liked drinking because you rather not get drunk and make a fool out of yourself. So of course, the world gave you an Asgardian friend.

“This should be interesting, because back in the day, half a sip of a wine cooler and you were out,” Steve joked. Only Steve knew your true side. You’ve been friends with him since you were little and were part of the Super Soldier Project back in the 40s. It took some time to get used to the new millennium. New technology, new movies, new music, and new…. drinking games?

“This is going to be amazing,” Clint laughed as he was duct-taping the forties to Steve as well. “We’ve never seen the fun side of Y/N L/N and Steve Rogers.” You see, in the Tower, you were known as a sweetheart. You only opened up with Steve, and both of you knew that you guys can be little shits. “I guarantee that one of you are going to be in a loin cloth at the end of this.”

You chuckled nervously. Half of you just wanted to chug it and get it over with, but you knew that the alcohol can hit you hard and you definitely didn’t want to be embarrassed tomorrow morning. “Now it’s called Edward FortyHands because of Edward Scissorhands, starring Johnny Depp where he has scissors for hands,” Natasha continued. You and Steve both gave each other a confused look.

“We’ll show you the movie tomorrow if you aren’t too hungover,” Tony included quickly. He too was excited to see this. Everyone was getting a kick of it. Fortunately, the party has already died down and it was just the Avengers crew. Nat and Clint were finally done and unscrewed the caps of the bottles. Let the show begin.

“Cheers,” Steve exclaimed while clinking his two bottles with yours.

“I’m counting on you to make sure I don’t do or say anything stupid that I’ll regret in the morning,” you said directly to Bruce who was sitting on the couch adjacent to the one you and Steve were sitting on. You two started gulping the alcohol.

“How are you feeling?” you ask Steve.

“Sober,” he answered.

“Responsible,” you responded back with a clink of yours and his bottles. You drank more of your ‘beer’. “Remember when Dum Dum took five shots and Jones ended up carrying him bridal style to his tent?” Steve almost choked on his beer at this memory. He was challenging Bucky to a drinking game, not knowing that Bucky could take his liquor well.

“He kept muttering ‘The British are coming!’ like Paul Revere,” Steve remembered still laughing.

“The meatball,” you muttered nostalgically.

“Now that you two are the most vulnerable I’ve seen you so far, if you need any food, please ask Nat or I,” Clint informed. You looked at Steve with a blank face, then you both off broke with laughter.

“We’ve officially been doing this for a minute and a half,” you sputtered.

“It’s been a minute and a half and you’re like, ‘Do you guys need anything? Some condoms? A snack?’” Steve joked.

The night continued on and slowly you were consuming your forties. You were halfway done with both bottles and they were getting warmish, which made it taste like piss. At the moment, you were feeling buzzed. You and Steve were sharing memories of the past, being all nostalgic and crap. But mostly, you guys were just bringing up embarrassing stories of each other. The team were amused of your guys’ silliness.

“Remember that time when Billy asked you out in third grade saying you were the sun of his life and you just punched in the the nose?” Steve laughed.

“You are my sunshine,

my only sunshine.

You make me happy

when skies gray,” you sang drunkenly.

“These ten year-olds don’t know what the fuck you are singing about,” Steve said directed to the team.

“Well, look it up assholes,” you exclaimed. Steve was cracking up. “It’s called history. The world didn’t start spinning in 1970, you dicks.” You said this with a completely serious voice. Steve was noiselessly laughing. The other five were just smiling at your new profound caricature.

More time passed, and you finished one of your bottles with only a few ounces left in your second. You were planning on just gulping it and finish this prolonged game.

You stared at your bottle, not wanting the warm beer to to be tasted in your mouth. “Okay,” you sighed with a vague expression still staring at your bottle. “One……………….Two,”

Steve laughed again. “It’s like you forgot how to count.” You started laughing now. “You’re like, ‘One,… okay what’s coming up next?’” He continued to laugh and his hand went to his left boob, forgetting he had a beer attached to it. He ended up getting beer on his chin, which he just wiped off with his sleeve.

After you caught your breath again, you looked at him with a determined, yet drunk, expression. “Ready?” you asked. He nodded, then you chugged the rest of your drinks, ending the game. The team cheered. Not your ideal way to start the new year.


It’s the last day of the year and I bring forth fic goodness. So much goodness. As always, divided into two categories: Canon and AU. Favorites are marked with a ♥.
↳ for more detailed fic recs, visit wintershield recs // monthly recs tag.


4 Minute Window series by Speranza (59,742, E) ♥

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”  

and from the darkness we have light by glitteratiglue (3,444, M)

This Christmas, Steve’s got back Bucky back, and he can’t think of a better reason to celebrate.

and though the storm outside grows wild by littletrenchcoatangel (2,154, G)

“So what you’re telling me,” Sam says. “Is that Bucky did what you guys always do – saved some poor thing – and you’re just mad because you haven’t had sex in three days.”

“Yes!” Steve says. Then, “wait, no!”

Barnes & Rogers series by Brenda (25,483, M)

The grooves around Bucky’s mouth deepen when he grins, rakish and wide. “Don’t lie, you loved every decadent minute of it.”

“Yeah, well, I never claimed to be smart where you’re concerned,” Steve shrugs, but answers with his own smile, because he doesn’t think he could ever see Bucky smile and not want to in return.


Bucky discovers the horror of Wikipedia and Steve sort of fails to make breakfast. Post-Winter Soldier domestic fluff, because there isn’t enough, and they deserve it. :)

Between the Sinners and the Saints by glitteratiglue (7,104, E)

“You know I don’t care what the hell you’ve done,“ Steve says. “That wasn’t you.”

“It was.” Bucky makes a small, defeated noise. His head comes down to rest on his hands. “Sometimes I enjoyed it, Steve. That wasn’t HYDRA. That was all me.”

(In which Bucky is put on trial for the Winter Soldier’s crimes, Steve pines and many social media references are made.)

Keep reading

So I have a new headcanon of sorts bouncing around. People keep mentioning that she:

(aka Natalie Dormer)

looks like the child of these two:

(aka Hawkeye and Black Widow)

but people have also pointed out that Natalie Dormer is actually older than Scarlett Johansson (Dormer is 32 while Johansson is 29)

and also that Dormer was actually in Captain America: The First Avenger

So now I have a story idea going on in my head that is basically the same idea as what happened with Rory/Amy and River Song in Doctor Who. Sometime down the road Clint and Natasha have a daughter, a miracle since nobody thought Natasha could possibly have children. However the child of two master assassins (one of which may even have a form of the super soldier serum running through her veins) is a valuable target and the little girl is kidnapped almost immediately after her birth by the very people who ran the Red Room, in a long awaited act of revenge against Natasha. However kidnapping her isn’t enough, they raise and train her almost exactly as they did her mother, molding her into a killing machine with one mission, kill the Black Widow. The organization has grown even further since Natasha’s days and they’ve managed to get their hands on time travel technology which they use to send their young assassin back in time to train alongside her own mother, to learn how to best defeat her back in her own time. However she turns out to be far more like her mother than anyone realizes and she too abandons the Red Room, taking their time travel technology with her. Using this technology she inserts herself into various points in history, doing everything from eating dinner with Queen Elizabeth I to flirting with Captain America. I think she would eventually find out the truth about her parents, and she’d watch them from a distance; sending them unsigned cards on their birthdays and on mother’s/father’s day, leaving the most adorable puppy she could find on their doorstep on the anniversary of her disappearance, and a couple times even taking down an attacker that got just a little too close during a battle. Maybe she’d even go back farther in their lives, maybe she’d go watch Clint in the circus as a kid, and then give him candy and some tips on making his act even more amazing. Maybe she’d live in the apartment next to Natasha’s right after she joined SHIELD, when she was lonely but wouldn’t dream of admitting it, and she’d make sure and give her a dorky ‘welcome to the building’ gift that coincidentally includes her favorite chocolates and tea. Maybe she’d push things along to make sure her parents get together in the first place. She has to stick to the little things, anything too big, just a bit too much interaction, and she could prevent her own existence, but in those moments she can pretend that she has a family, that she isn’t a time traveling assassin with parents the same age as she is, she can pretend that she’s just a normal girl.