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Latest & Greatest Sherlollilist 04/26/17

Date Night by Gypsy_Rose_2014 (Rated M, In Progress, Multi-Chapter) Dom/Sub, Post Reichenbach AO3 2017

Distraction by flowerstar5 (Rated K, One-Shot) Married Sherlolly tumblr 2017

The Jungle Out There by TheAuthor1996 (Rated T, In Progress, Multi-Chapter) Tarzan AU, Adaptation/Crossover, Victorian 2017

My Sherlock Isn’t You by Sympathetic Wishes (Rated M, In Progress, Multi-Chapter) Mirrorverse 2017

Once Upon A Mystery by TheAuthor1996 (Rated T, Complete, Multi-Chapter) casefic, Ghost!loc 2017

Things You Said In Your Sleep by SimplyShelbs16 (Rated K+, One-Shot) S4/NAG AO3 2017

Two Man Tent by rainbow letters (Rated M, One-Shot) PWP 2017

What If This Storm Ends? by rainbow letters (Rated M, In Progress, Multi-Chapter) Dystopia/End of the World fic 2017

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vmin and sope are my top ships and ive been craving for good fics to read~ i was wondering if you know some? (any kind or smut would be ok too)

I know a lot, VMin and YoonSeok are some of my favourite ships out there! Well, let’s see how many fics I can rec until I have to go ;;


tell me we’ll never get used to this by cumulus [rated E, 3k]

game face on by stoplight (orphan_account) [rated E, 8k]

kinky sex makes the world go ‘round by polymaknaes [rated E, 3.8k]

you are my sunshine (my only sunshine) by wowoashley [rated M, 7k]

tonight, we’ll defy the stars (hello my old heart) by fifty-one sunsets (idyleski) [rated G, 22k]

i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents) by bazooka [rated E, 9k]

‘til morning comes, let’s tessellate by maxx [rated E, 8k]

to be alone with you by knth [rated E, 10k]

you’re the best (i wanna know about your day) by kaythebest [rated T, 8k]

Of Copper and Tellurium(You’re CuTe) by Crystallurvesft [rated G, 2k]

never shoot to miss by umji [rated T, 14k]

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [rated T, 22k]

And then the rest in my small collection right here!


can you trust me? by tvxq [rated T, 3k]

father forgive me (for i have sinned) by sungmin (jeonggukkie) [rated E, 7k]

happy birthday, love of mine by jjks [rated E, 4k]

sometimes i think that i know by shikae (39smooth) [rated T, 1k]

I could breathe easier (once I brought you back in) by sonyeondanbiased (orphan_account) [rated T, 4k]

Home by almostblue (fictionalaspect) [rated E, 1k]

Fated to You (It’s Pretty Great) by infinitizeit [rated T, 2k]

dear me (from ten years ago) by shikae (39smooth) [rated G, 4k]

Conversations And Exhortations To One Min Yoongi by shikae (39smooth) [rated E, 9k]

Calm by interrupted [rated G, 1k]

placeholder come and take mine by shikae (39smooth) [rated T, 2k]

Comatose by infinitizeit [rated G, 2k]

You Should Let Me Love You by infinitizeit [rated T, 7k]

And all this devotion (I never knew at all) by inkingbrushes [rated T, 8k]

drive to the stars by inkingbrushes [rated T, 13k]

Down For Your Rhythm by taethereal [rated E, 17k]

Okay I had time for more than I thought! Hope you enjoy all these and if you’re done and still want more check out the VMin, and Yoonseok tags but also send us some more asks!

-Admin Nana

(10) Ignis’ pick-up lines.

Prompto: If we were food, I’d like to be a bowl of Peppery Daggerquill rice. Noct is a Tenebraean dessert, Iggy’s a cup of Ebony, and Gladio’s Cup Noodles.
Ignis: I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Gladio wouldn’t be Cup Noodles.
Gladio: What else would I be?
Ignis: A hot tea.
Gladio: …
Gladio: Oh. 
Prompto: …
Prompto: But he doesn’t like tea. Or does he? Do you, Gladio?
Noctis: He’s not listening, Prompto. Forget it.

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loins ! what are your all time favourite vmin fics ? like 11/10 would read again, changed your life, best of the best fics ? like there are alot of fics to look through and its hard to know which will be written well or have a good plot or good characterization or not and I just trust your judgement (sorry if this is over whelming you dont have to answer this if you dont want to)

So vmin fics can actually be kind of hard for me, because I think that I have such a specific idea of their dynamic and characterizations in my head that it can be tough for me to find fics that fit how I feel about them? Like, that’s actually why I started writing them myself in the first place. I feel like it’s weird that I don’t have a ton of vmin fics to offer you, because they’re my otp and all, but there ARE absolutely some great ones. I know there are some missing but again my fic organization system is just abysmal:


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could you please recommend some bottoming tae fics?


Vmin : i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents) | i’ll be your daydream

Vhope :  you got me so excited (you got a magic power on me) | do you like me now (do I turn you on?) | i lost (my mind) | in case you don’t know (i’m warning you)

Vmon : Not So Innocent

Taekook :  I was. |  you’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be | Hot For You |every man got his patience, and this is where mine ends | All You Need is a Drink (and a Good Fuck) | School Girl

Taegi :  “Go Find A Dick to Suck’

Taehyung x everyone : The Water Bottle |  I’m a Screamer Baby (Make Me a Mute)


Bronze (Kyungsoo x Reader)

How’s it going everyone? The moment so many people have been anticipating has arrived: my newest Kyungsoo scenario is ready now! Ever since I posted ‘Bookstore Shenanigans’ it has become one ,if not my most, popular work of writing on this blog. I’m so, so very pleased with the amount of hype that’s been cropping up around the blog for this scenario, so I hope it lives up to your guys’ expectations! I’m just so nervous as to how it will go over with you all. Anyway, please enjoy!

P.S. I’d like to thank Do Kyungsoo for being a human being and for putting me through my Kyungsoo Sexual Awakening faze. 

P.S.S. Just look at bae…Look at him! My feels for him have jumped up so much since I wrote this!

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

 You’ve never really been much of an outdoors kind of girl. You liked to much rather spend your time doing what you called ‘meaningful activities’ like watching Netflix or snuggling with your boyfriend. You didn’t like to tell most people that your everyday life consisted of your job, school, eating, Netflix, reading, and sleeping. You especially hated to admit that you were jealous of the happy and lithe, athletic girls who spent their weekends hiking with friends or taking romantic kayak trips with their boyfriends.  

 You knew any moment you could ask Kyungsoo to take you out into the country or forest anytime, and he’d be willing because he loved that kind of stuff. You just didn’t understand his incredible fascination with starting fires, setting up tents, and sleeping with bugs that could crawl into your ears. It was evident he was always a bit disappointed when he’d ask you if you wanted to take a day trip to hike and you’d always make up a not so valid excuse. You felt terrible for constantly disappointing him, but you just couldn’t find anything to gain from sleeping in the woods.

 You scrolled through Netflix, searching for a new show to binge watch over the weekend. You heard the door open and close, the sound of a bag dropping unceremoniously on the floor with a tired groan accompanying it. The familiar rich voice of your boyfriend reached your ears, “I’m home, ____.”  He walked into the living room, scoffing as he saw you were up to your usual Friday night activity of being unproductive. He lifted your legs from the couch and slipped underneath them, he tutted you, “Sometimes I wonder if you ever do anything else than this.” He slung his arm at the television in annoyance, looking at you earnestly.  

 You pouted at him, twisting your cold fingers through his, “Hey, I deserve this. I work almost full time and attend university, so I don’t want to here it, Soo.”  

 He shook his head wryly, lifting your joined hands, and kissed the back of yours softly, “That’s true. But don’t you think you should try getting out more often? When’s the last time you hung out with Nana? She’s your best friend after all, don’t you miss her?”

 You averted your eyes from his huge gorgeous ones, as you mumbled bitterly, “She’s been busy with her new boyfriend. I’ve been calling her and talking, but I only ever see her at school sometimes.”

 "Well, since you don’t think you can get together with Nana, how about you and I do something this weekend?“  

 You looked up at Kyungsoo, pursing your lips, “I thought we could just stay in this weekend,” you sat up and let your hand trace the lines of his chest through his t-shirt that still smelled faintly of his cologne, “And do things." 

 He swallowed at your touches, but his eyes hardened, "Oh no. As much as I love having our little sex marathons, I’m not letting you stay in this house one more weekend.”

 Your jaw dropped, surprised your usual tactics weren’t working, “What are we supposed to do then, Kyungsoo?”

 He smirked at your distress, loving how you realized you had no way out of his plan, “We’re going to go camping, babe.”  

 You just gaped at him while he smirked that evil smirk you both loved and hated. He closed your mouth with his hand, “Don’t waste your energy, babe. You’ll be doing plenty of that this weekend.” He raised his eyebrows at your dropped jaw with a mischievous grin.  

 You blushed at him furiously, “Yeah, right! You’ll be sorry this weekend when you don’t get any!" 

 He stood up smiling, "Oh, I’m not too worried about that. You should be though." 

 You crossed your arms stubbornly, "Yeah? What’s that supposed to mean?”  

 He smoothed your hair gently, grinning amusedly, “I’m just not sure you’ll be able to resist." 

 You rolled your eyes at him, "Ha! Like hell, Kyungsoo.”  

 He rolled his own eyes laughing, “Alright, ____. We’ll see.”

 You found yourself in your two’s shared car, your head resting against the window. The country side rolled by and soon the car was swallowed into a miriad of twisting green trees. You sniffed disdainfully just to spite Kyungsoo, even though you had to admit, the forest was rather gorgeous. 

 Your boyfriend could tell you were trying hard not to look excited, so Kyungsoo just smiled to himself and murmured, “Almost there, babe." 

 You spoke toward the window, still pretending to be mad at him, "Oh, goody,” you deadpanned. 

 Twenty or so minutes later, Kyungsoo pulled down a gravel drive that led to a small parking lot where few other cars were parked. You grumbled at the sight, disliking how run down everything seemed to be.

  After parking, Kyungsoo popped the trunk and took out all of the gear: two hiking packs, a cooler of food and drinks, and a bag containing the two-man tent you’d bought for Kyungsoo a few Christmases ago. You took your pack and the tent, while Kyungsoo took his own pack and the cooler.  

 You could already notice a brightening in Kyungsoo’s demeanor as he led the way down the dirt trail that led to several of the most scenic campgrounds. There seemed to be more purpose in each of his steps, his mouth had a slight turn to it, a boyish curve of the lips that tempted you to kiss them, feel them. His eyes were gushing a thousand words, but he remained silent all the while you walked slightly behind him. You amused yourself on the long hike by studying the curves in his back, the flexing of each muscle under his tight, dark green shirt as he took his pack off and carried it by hand for a while.  

 You watched your feet for a while too, watching as they stepped over little grass sprouts or rocks. You were hardly paying attention anymore to where Kyungsoo was leading you, until you ran into his back clumsily.

He chuckled goodnaturedly, “Careful, ____. We’re here.”

 You looked up from the dirt path and gazed at the lush scenery around you. A small, but lovely clearing created the perfect space to pitch the tent, a fire pit already in place from the previous campers. A deep blue lake peeked shyly between the gaps of the oaks, beeches, and pines that guarded the clearing. Over the treetops, blue mountains saluted the sky with their jagged tops. It was absolutely breathtaking and you had no idea what to say.

 You didn’t have to though, because Kyungsoo was just quietly smiling at you, pleased with your reaction. While you were still gazing contently at the little flowers that sprouted around the clearing, Kyungsoo took your pack and tent bag from you. 

 You shot a glance at your boyfriend, who was already busy setting the tent up. Leaving him to his devices, you padded quietly toward the path that led to the lakeshore, delighting in the refreshing coolness the breeze that skated through the trees. As you broke the tree line, you gasped. No words could hardly do the scene before you justice. It wasn’t one of those dingy and murky lakes, instead it was like crystal azure sparkling silently over a few miles. You stood there for a few moments and then returned to see what progress Kyungsoo had made. 

 Kyungsoo had finished neatly erecting the tent, now diligently working on chopping firewood and starting a fire. He had rid himself of his shirt, his lean muscles rippling as he swung the hatchet down on a piece of wood expertly. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, but his eyes still read elation.
You bit your lip at the sight of his skin though. Recently, since the weather had gotten warmer, Kyungsoo returned to his habit of hiking shirtless on the weekends. His usually flawless pale skin had tanned to a golden bronze, darker than you’d first expected. Yes, you saw him shirtless all the time and you knew he was tanner than usual. But with his back, shoulders, and chest glistening slightly with sweat and the sun casting its warm rays onto his body…you couldn’t help yourself from staring.

 Oh, Kyungsoo definitely knew you were checking him out too. He smirked to himself, making sure to show off as much as he could to you. This was your payback for being so stubborn the other day. You watched as he straightened, swiping a hand across his forehead as he suddenly made eye contact with you. 

 Oh, boy.

 If his physical behavior said ‘make out with me and tangle your fingers in my soft dark hair’, his sultry dark eyes screamed 'I’m going to take you fast and hard against the closest tree’.  

 You were about to practically throw yourself at him and let him have his wicked way with you, but you remembered his cocky little smile from yesterday. You shook yourself, lifting your chin defiantly as you walked briskly past him to grab your back pack. Kyungsoo half wanted to laugh out loud at your resilience and half climb into a tree and never come down because he just failed at seducing you. 

 You climbed into the two-man tent, zipping it up, but leaving a crack large enough to peek out without being conspicuous. You smiled to yourself as you watched Kyungsoo pass a hand over his blushing face, a soft groan leaving his lips, “Idiot.”  

 As you unpacked, you grinned to yourself, thinking about how cute Kyungsoo had been. Yes, he looked like a completely innocent cupcake, which he really was. But he also could flip a switch and become so masculine and seductive in a nanosecond. Usually he acted sweeter and had to try pretty hard to be the latter, so it was a little hilarious to see him get embarrassed. 

 You moved to grab your and his sleeping bags, but could only find one. With your eyebrows drawn together in confusion you stepped out of the tent, “Kyungsoo? I could only find one sleeping bag. Do you know if we left the other one at the car?”

 If he was distraught from earlier, you couldn’t tell because he smiled up at you and said, “Why would we need two?" 

 You quirked an eyebrow, "Oh I don’t know, so that one of us doesn’t have to freeze?”

 He was completely nonchalant as he poked at the fire, “It’s a really big sleeping bag, I thought we could share it. Thought it would be more…intimate.”

 Damn him. Sneaky little shit. 

 "Oh, okay,“ was all you could reply with. You weren’t going to let him win. 

 He rummaged around in the cooler, pulling out two sandwiches, offering one to you, "Hungry?”

 You took it, grateful that he wasn’t trying to jump your bones every moment he could. You settled down beside him on the ground, the fire crackling softly. The two of you ate in companionable silence, occasionally commenting on the scenery. 

 You polished off your sandwich, leaning your head on his shoulder, “Thanks for bringing me out here, Soo.”  

 He kissed your head, smiling against you, “No problem, ____.”

 The two of you walked off from the campsite, exploring the area, and seeing all kinds of things. You spotted a fox, he picked you some wild flowers, and the two of you romped in the cool lake. The whole time, you hated to say that you were suspicious when he was going to make his move. Why couldn’t you just be normal and enjoy a camping trip with your boyfriend? 

 The sun set quickly and the two of you huddled around the campfire once again, talking very little as you both stared into the embers. You both were similar in the fact that you were content with just being with one another. You didn’t always have to talk, you could just be.

 You yawned loudly and he chuckled, his beautiful heart shaped lips curving into a grin, “Looks like someone’s ready to go to bed.”

 You nodded tiredly, allowing him to take your hand and lead you over to the sanctuary of the tent. Before you knew it, you were in one of his t shirts tucked against his chest as he settled into the sleeping bag.

 Big sleeping bag my ass, you thought grudgingly as you felt the rise and fall of Kyungsoo’s chest behind you, which was, mind you, bare. It was more distracting than you cared to admit, every little movement he made seemed to brush up against you in a way that was only a little teasing, but not enough. His fingers traced up and down your arm, causing goosebumps to tickle along your skin. He propped his head onto his elbow, humming in that velvety voice of his, a low and sensual song that invaded your senses. He was controlling all the senses that he new set you on the most delicious edge, your sense of touch and hearing. He knew you loved the sound of his voice and the feeling of his skin sliding against yours. 

 You swallowed hard, heat dripping into the pit of your stomach, as he let his hand sneak up your shirt, fingertips dragging along your sides. You let out a muffled moan, practically feeling the smirk on his face. 

 "Fuck it,“ you suddenly spit out viciously, twisting in the sleeping bag so that you straddled his waist. His eyebrows were raised in genuine surprise, not expecting you to be so forward and aggressive.

 You leaned down and connected your lips to his, your mouths gliding in a well practiced dance. Your hands slid over his chest, relishing the feeling of his smooth skin as he let out a soft groan. 

 You bit his lip gently, but hard enough to make his breath retreat with surprise, "That’s for being such a damn tease." 

 He grinned, his hands setting on the curve of your hips, "I’m not complaining if this is my punishment.”

 You rolled your eyes, brushing his hair from his eyes, “Of course you aren’t.”

 He laughed, his smile now wolfish as he rolled you over, his body hovering over yours, “So,” he lifted your shirt, immediately pressing kisses to your breasts and stomach. “How exactly is this my punishment? I’m getting what I want.”  

 You bit your lip as his satin soft lips and tongue traced over your naval, “Frankly, I’m not sure at all.”

 A warm, calloused hand came up and cupped your breast, “Maybe it’s best you’re not sure, babe,” he squeezed and you gasped, “Now let’s get back to my so called punishment. Or should I say, yours.”  

 You nodded frantically, his hand pressing to your aching core through your underwear. He looked more happy to be pleasing you than you could ever remember. Your voice choked out as his fingers nimbly slid your panties off, then deftly thrusting two digits into your soaking heat. His other hand was busy rubbing your clit in an almost studious manned, his focus only on your pleasure as you mewled led his name over and over.

 You propped yourself up on your elbows, eager to watch him doing his good work. You bit your lips at the sight of his tongue reaching down and licking up your essence. You loved the feeling of him pleasing you with his rough hands, and you wanted him, badly, but you wanted to surprise him as well. 

 You sat up suddenly, pushing him back down onto his back, loving the startled look on his face. Even in the dark you could see the glint of arousal and lust in his eyes, practically mind fucking you right then. You let your hands slide all over his chest, pinching his nipple hard enough to make him gasp. You smirked, leaning down so your lips brushed the shell of his ear, “It’s okay, baby. Moan as loud as you want, no one will hear." 

 He groaned softly, teasing you with a quaver in his voice, ”______!…“  

 You straddled one of his thighs, rubbing your dripping center up and down his leg, "Come on, Kyungsoo. Moan for me.” You rode his leg hard, knowing when you would whisper dirtily to him how aroused he would get. You hadn’t even touched his dick yet, but it was painfully erect, his hands shaking as they grasped your hips and pulled you into his lap. He sat up, biting up your arms, chest, and neck, leaving small bruises in his wake. His full lips soothed each bite as you lifted up, his hand guiding his throbbing cock to your heat.
You shivered as the head brushed against your folds, allowing a shaky moan to escape your lips.

 Kyungsoo took a hold of your chin roughly, locking his eyes with your own as he whispered huskily, “I want to see the look on your face when I put my dick in your pussy, _____. If you dare look away,” he smirked at your awed face, “I will pull out and leave you quivering in your own desire. So be a good girl and look at me.”  

 You nodded obediently, staring deeply into Kyungsoo’s dark orbs, and he into yours. You could see each other’s reflections in each glassy surface, projecting both of your greatest desires.  

 He slid you slowly onto his member, watching you carefully to see if you looked away. You were a disciplined individual, so you focused on the feeling of his penetration and the delicious look on his face as your walls tightened around him. Each of you moaned at the familiar feeling, loving how you were Kyungsoo’s first, and how he was yours. He was the only man you’d have desired to have in this way, filling you to the brim with his being. You’d been together with him for years and years, but the feeling of surprise never left you as he slid you down to the hilt, his well endowed member stretching you in the most desirable way.  

 "Kyungsoo!…,“ you gasped as he rolled his hips up towards you, one fluid motion that sent a thousand feelings racing throughout your body.

 You matched his rhythmic pace, running your trembling fingers through his dark hair, occasionally bucking a bit faster in order for him to see you wanted it faster and harder. Kyungsoo loved gentle love, you liked it a bit more rough and kinky, and he was always more than happy to oblige.  

 His fingers bruised your hips as he whispered darkly in your ear, "Does my baby girl love the way my dick fills her up? Does she want me to cum all over her?”  Kyungsoo’s pace had picked up dramatically, and you were struggling to keep up with him, so he roughly pushed you down onto your back and began to take you against the floor of the tent. 

 He hooked your knees over his shoulder, causing your moans to only be choked out, “Yes, Kyungsoo!…Yes…Yes!…”  

 At the sound of your voice he moaned loudly and you couldn’t stand it anymore because just his voice could make you come. Your release was violent with your heart skipping, your legs twitching, eyes fluttering, breathing choked as your world shattered around you in burst after burst of pleasure. Kyungsoo watched you writhe in pleasure beneath him, your name spilling from his lips as he came as well, his hot seed shooting in powerful spurts into you, your walls greedily milking him of all his release, “Holy fuck, _____!…" 

 The two of you road your releases out together, whispering your names, clutching onto arms, and kissing bruised skin. Oh, how you both loved the feeling of being completely one with each other. 

 Kyungsoo pulled out, watching as you winced at the feeling of him leaving you. He leaned down and kissed your forehead, hushing you gently as he pulled you into his chest. You pressed soft kisses to his body, wrapped up in his strong arms while he hummed contentedly. 

 "You win,” you mumbled into his chest, just loud enough for him to barely hear. 

 He grinned at you, “What was that?" 

You looked up at him pouting, "I said you win, Soo.”

He laughed that one lovely boyish laugh he did only for you, the laugh that took your breath from the first moment you heard it, “To be honest ____, I would say we both win in this situation." 

 Your pout spread into a small, shy smile, a hint of mischievousness underlying it, "For now, I guess." 

 He sighed, a tired smile on his lips, "You’re always ready for some competition, you know that?" 

 You nestled your head into the crook of his neck, whispering softly as you drifted off towards sleep, "Only if it’s with you, Kyungsoo.”

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do you have any favorite vmin fics? id appreciate it~ thank you

Wow man, I was almost finished with answering this and then I deleted by mistake oh well fuck me. But here you go again!

baby i’m the one (and you’re the only one) by causeitsred [rated M, 11k]

up for air by idolrapper (wonwoo) [rated E, 4.5k]

space is just a word (i want you close enough) by dollyeo [rated E, 10k]

the invention of ordinary every day things by knth [rated T, 6.5k]

call me (whenever you want me) by jhopeg [rated M, 23k]

for you, anything. by kadotas [rated T, 25k]

two birds, one scone by kadotas [rated G, 8k]

Let’s Make the Most of the Night (Like We’re Gonna Die Young) by Bangtanbananas [rated E, 52k]

cut it out / pull me in by minfairy [rated E, 7.8k]

drunk and in love by taebyte [rated T, 24k]

i keep forgetting (my mistakes were made for you) by peachguk [rated E, 22k]

Once In A Lifetime by SevenSoulmates [rated M, 34k]

Second Chance by Toshiba19 [rated T, 13k]

i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents) by bazooka [rated E, 9.4k]

mysteries and dictionaries by minfairy [rated M, 23k]

locked up (in love) by minfairy [rated E, 46k]

‘til morning comes, let’s tessellate by maxx [rated E, 8k]

Shooting Stars and Silver Moons by mucha [rated E, 20k]

never shoot to miss by umji [rated T, 14k]

everything feels like a dream (don’t try to disappear) by kaythebest [rated T, 9k]

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [rated T, 22k]

and when you think of me, am i the best you’ve ever had by causeitsred [rated E, 12k]

This Confession Note Wasn’t Meant for You by Toshiba19 [rated T, 24k]

let’s get going by gangbang [rated E, 7.3k]

Jammed by minverse [rated E, 11k]

all of your sides are good by knth [rated E, 16k] aka the fic that got me into vmin

I Will Make You Whole by lethallergic [rated E, 36k]

roll with it by conversehigh [rated T, 6.8k]

Ahh, it didn’t get deleted this time, #bless Hope you enjoy all of these wonderful VMin fics!!

-Admin Nana

Harry Potter - Oliver Wood - I like you too

hello! can you do a Harry Potter imagine where y/n, and all of the Weasley’s go to the quidditch World Cup and y/n sees Oliver wood and y/n meets his family and stuff (and they both have a crush on each other) and Fred and George keep trying to get them together? thank you!! xxx


 "Breakfast!“ Molly yelled from the kitchen. You, Ginny and Hermione got out of bed and pulled your clothes on. You were in the same year as Hermione and were good friends with her, Harry and Ron but you were better friends with Fred and George, Ron’s twin brothers who were older than you. For obvious reasons Molly wouldn’t let you share a room with them but she didn’t have to worry. They both knew you had the worlds biggest crush on the captain of the Gryffindor football team, Oliver Wood. You walked downstairs and sat at the table where you were greeted by Harry and the other Weasleys. You sat opposite Fred and George and began munching on a slice of toast. 


 You had met the Diggory family at the portkey and were now in a massive campsite full of small battered looking tents and wizards who clearly knew nothing about Muggle fashion. Mr Weasley had paid an old Muggle man for two tents. Surely that wouldn’t be enough but you were certain he knew what he was doing. As you walked to where you were going to put up the tents you saw a fair few familiar faces. Seamus Finnegan was collecting water from a tap wearing a massive green shamrock pinned to his chest making it incredibly obvious who he was supporting. And amongst the sea of green and white you saw a few more of your friends from Hogwarts including Lavender and Neville who was here with his grandmother. After setting up the tents, you, Fred and George decided to take a walk. After seeing several of their friends and talking to Lee Jordan for a while you came across someone you had been hoping to see here. 

 "Hey Oliver!” Fred called over to him. 

 "Fred!“ You hissed. "Why did you do that?" 

 "Because you love him.” Fred laughed.

 "Just shush he’s coming over here- Hey Oliver". You smiled. 

 "Hi y/n.“ He chimed back.

 "Looking forward to the match later?” You asked.

 "Yeah definitely! I reckon Ireland will win but I don’t know Bulgaria could really pull it out the bag with a seeker like Krum.“ 

"Yeah I know. Best seeker of his age isn’t he?" 


 "Oliver!” Someone called 

“Oh sorry that’s my mum.” He smiled 

“Yeah?” He yelled back.

 "Could you collect some wood for the fire please.“ 

 "Yeah okay.” He yelled. “Sorry I’ve gotta go.”

 "Oh we can help you.“ George said.

 "Yeah we don’t mind do we y/n?” Fred agreed.

 "Yeah sure.“ You said.


 After the four of you had collected enough fire wood, you returned to Oliver’s tent and set the wood down by the fire. 

 "Thanks you lot.” His mother smiled at you. “Can I offer you some hot chocolate or anything?”

 "Oh no thank you, we should be heading back now.“ You said politely.

 "Oh no y/n please stay.” Oliver said. “I mean -ahem- all of you, stay it’s no trouble.” He blushed.

 "Okay.“ You smiled blushing slightly as Fred and George smirked at each other. The four of you sat down and Oliver’s mother handed out mugs of hot chocolate. 

 "So Oliver.” Fred started. “Any girls caught your eye.”

 "There is one girl but I don’t know how she feels about me.“ He said. 

 "What about you y/n? Anyone in particular.” George asked watching you blush.  

“Umm I guess so. But I don’t want to talk about it." 

 "Oh hey Oliver. Ever considered maybe dating someone like y/n?”

 "Fred.“ You hissed. "Shut up." 

 "Well yeah actually I would.” Oliver blushed as Fred and George exchanged looks.

 "Really?“ You smiled. 

"Yeah really.” He grinned back at you.


  AN: heyy!! So this one is kinda long but I hope you still enjoy it. Thanks for the request ^•^

Title: i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents)

Pairing: Vmin (Jimin/Taehyung)

Writer: bazooka

Genre: smut

Summary: Jimin’s birthday was in October. His best friend, in his infinite wisdom, had decided for some unfathomable reason that the perfect choice for a birthday celebration would be going camping. In the mountains. Where the temperature was 9 degrees celsius and sinking fast as the sun set slowly in the west.

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Hi there :3! Prompto struggling with insomnia scenario? Not the city. He can't sleep for some reason or another? Thanks!

Sure, I’ll take a shot at it! I haven’t written a scenario in a loooong time so bear with me!
Warning that this will be spoilery to my friends who have yet to finish the game! I’m writing on my phone tonight (html will be the death of me), so I have no idea how to put in a read more type thing, so sorry! ^^;;


The tent was cramped. Prompto let out a sudden groan as Noctis elbowed his friend firmly in the ribs as he rolled over. The prince was asleep and there was nothing anyone could do to wake him from his slumber. On Prompto’s other side, Gladio was taking up at least half of the tent, sprawled out with a flailed out arm heavily on Prompto’s back. To make matters worse, Gladio was snoring what felt like directly into Prompto’s ear. Sure, the times around the campfire were great, but the nights could be miserable. Fitting three full grown men and Gladio inside a two man tent wasn’t an easy task.

Prompto managed to pull his arm out from where it had been trapped by Noctis rolling over onto it, feeling blindly for his phone underneath his pillow. He carefully cupped his hand over the screen and tapped the home button, only to let out a deep sigh as he read the numbers “4:19.” There wasn’t a chance he was going to fall asleep. He hadn’t slept all night because of his racing mind. Freed from Noctis on one side, Prompto rolled onto his side and began to push Gladio’s arm off of him, which was greeted almost immediately by Gladio’s sleepy voice.

“What’s going on? Daemons?”

“No no, nothing like that. Go back to sleep. I just really need you to get off me, big guy” Prompto said quietly, this time forcefully pushing Gladio’s arm off of him. Gladio grunted and adjusted, turning himself over so his back was now facing Prompto and the rest of the gang.

‘Why couldn’t he just fall asleep like that in the first place?’ The grumpy thought ran quickly through the blonde’s mind, shaking his head with a sigh and a roll of his eyes as he looked at Gladio’s back.

As carefully and quietly as he could, Prompto pushed himself to his knees, grabbing his phone and backing out of the tent.

The camping chairs were still set up, so he plopped himself down in one, opening the game of King’s Knight on his phone.

As he waited for it to load, Prompto looked toward the horizon. Cape Caem was close. Altissia was close. A few errands had needed to be done before they set off, so their journey had been put on pause once more.

Prompto’s mind began to wander, and he glanced down at the now loaded game. The title screen played music softly and his character, a level 80 knight that specialized in using polearms, was looking up at him. His eyes fluttered closed as he turned off his phone’s screen, immersing himself in the dark silence once more.

Beyond Altissia was Niflheim. Prompto felt his chest tighten as he let out a shaky breath. It was no surprise to him that this was the reason he was unable to sleep. The thought of returning horrified him. How would his brothers react to knowing his darkest secret?

Prompto’s hand instinctively moved to his right wrist, adjusting then gripping the wristband tightly. The thought of telling them flickered into his mind for a mere moment. He knew they loved him as much as he loved them, but his past, where he was from, could change everything. His eyes grew hot, tears beginning to well at the thought of losing them. They were all he had. He had lied time and time again about his having parents that traveled frequently. Truth was that he was always all alone.

He had put up a strong front for so many years now, hiding the sorrow and fear deep within him. How could he tell them now? After so many years, so many laughs, so many miles on the road… It all could be shattered by a simple sentence.

Prompto quickly wiped his eyes on the back of his hand, letting out another shaky sigh. He looked over to the tent, taking in the image of the three figures, his best friends, sprawled out inside. Smiling slightly, Prompto looked back to the sky. It was beginning to turn a light purple with the dawn. Deep down, he knew they would accept him. They weren’t shallow enough to let this get in the way… were they? But now wasn’t the time to tell them. He would prefer to never tell them, but not all secrets can stay hidden forever. He knew it would come out someday. For now though, he could enjoy what he had with them, pushing away the painful thought of the future.

A few moments later, he heard a rustling coming from the tent. Looking back over, Prompto saw Ignis emerging from the small opening, wiping his glasses off on his shirt.

“Good morning, Prompto. You’re up early.”

Prompto forced a smile and he knew immediately that Ignis could tell something was wrong.

“What’s the problem?” Ignis asked as he adjusted his gloves, walking over to their makeshift kitchen.

“Nothing! I figured I’d help out with breakfast!” Prompto said cheerily, jumping up from his chair and walking over to Ignis. He couldn’t possibly tell Ignis he hadn’t slept. That would cause questions.

Ignis stared at Prompto for a few seconds, debating what to say next. Prompto began working on setting up a pot of coffee, flashing a smirk and an eyebrow raise at Ignis, whose only response was to roll his eyes. It was unusual for Prompto to be so bright first thing in the morning, but he’d take what he could get.

“After you finish that, you can get the water boiling,” Ignis ordered, almost hesitantly, as he began chopping the veggies.

Prompto turned to Ignis, smiling brightly, “Got it!”

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49 (and luke ofc) :-)

“Well, this is awkward…”

“Yeah, well, this is why you don’t put Michael in charge of sleeping arrangements,” You groaned, surveying the tent in front of you. Luke shrugged to your left, his hand flying to scratch at the back of his neck awkwardly. It wasn’t ideal, camping with your ex-boyfriend; especially when you still had feelings for him – especially when you couldn’t really remember why you’d broken up in the first place. Something about it being easier while he was away on tour. It hadn’t been. But you’d planned the trip months ago, and you were still friends with everyone, you didn’t really want to back out now.

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OTP Questions: Berena


Who has the most embarrassing taste in music?

Serena doesn’t quite know what’s worse: the fact that Bernie knows all the words to ‘Yes sir, I can boogie’ or that she’s still adamant that it was sung by Tina Turner.

Who collects something unusual?

They’re halfway through boxing up Bernie’s flat when Serena discovers them: a row of little metal poles, curled into hooks on one side, most silver-grey others copper-brown but all gleaming like a set of polished medals. Serena hesitates for a moment, unsure if she should call Bernie or close the door and pretend that it’d never happened. The decision is made by her own fingertip, extending to the largest hook, on the far right. She strokes up the length of smooth, cold metal, aluminium, she guesses.

The first clue she gets to Bernie’s creeping up behind her is the shadow, covering the gold line of reflected sunlight in black silutette. “Tent pegs, from when I was out in the field. As a medic, you’re usually one of the last ones there. Took a tent peg home by accident first time, the habit stuck.” Slightly pink, Serena turns around to face her, “More original than medals, I suppose.” It wasn’t Bernie’s smile that suprised her but the way it crept up on her, practically melting into place,

“There are those, yes. Some of the men I served with kept little jars of sand but I had a feeling it’d only be too long until one of her kids knocked it over. And these - I don’t know, these just seem a bit more- mine, if that makes sense?”

Serena nodded. Seconds later, thier lips touched. Hours and the rest of the furniture was packed neatly in shapie’d cardboard boxes. They never really spoke about the tent pegs again. Yet, when Bernie came back to them, God-knows how many weeks later, she found each other tied up with delicate brown string and on that, a label: '2000, Bosnia’, '2007, Iraq’, '2014, Afghanistan’, '2016 Afghanistan’ that’s when she realised there was one more, a smaller peg, vaguely familiar, like it’d anchor down a two man tent, three at most and on it, in the same swirling font as the others: '2017, new forest, Home, soider’

Who takes the longest to get ready?

On the rare occasions that Bernie is coaxed into staying in bed, she sometimes watches Serena get ready through hazy, half-open eyes. It’s mesmerising, seeing her expertly brush and blend, straightening a bit here but not there, just enough lipstick in that shade of pink that makes the rest of her face radiate. The look of concentration, Bernie is certain she’d find the same one had she been twirling a brush against a canvas or tying up a bleed. It’s not unheard of for her to fall asleep like that, softly smiling in her golden bubble of vanilla perfume and Serena’s voice, whisper-singing a welcome to the new day.

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HELLO THERE GORGEOUSLY TALENTED GINGERSNAP! (our-stitch-lab here!) <3 Meet the Stitcher Day 5 one-word prompt: Camsten + Skyline! =]

Here you go! This became something kind of off-topic, and it was more sunset than skyline, but hopefully it’s okay.

“This is ridiculous.” Cameron puffed from somewhere behind her. Kirsten rolled her eyes.

“It’s good for you.”

“Broccoli is good for you. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for you. This is torture. I think I’m having a stroke.” His whining hadn’t stopped for nearly forty-five minutes now. At first Kirsten had thought it was irritating, but now she just found it amusing.

“A lot of people hike, Cameron. We live in California, it won’t kill you to try it once.”

“Actually, I think it might. I think it is.”

She stopped, turning to face him with a skeptical expression. They’d been hiking for six hours so far, and he was barely breaking a sweat. He liked to call himself a nerd, and sure, he was. But she’d seen what he looked like under all that plaid and that was not the build of someone who didn’t take care of himself. He would deny it, probably, but she also happened to know that he went running almost as often as she did. She wasn’t sure what the point of all this complaining was, because it certainly had nothing to do with him being out of shape.

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Tayvin, Friends and a Campfire

This is an idea I have had for awhile and it is kind of like several of the Tayvin Fanfiction Festival prompts all together. Anyway enjoy….


“Babe, wake up. We are almost at the campsite,” I woke up to the sound of Adam’s voice in my ear. I was resting my head on his shoulder while Burns was driving and Ellie and Charlie also occupied the other seats in the car. It really was quite funny to watch Adam; a 6ft5 giant sit in the back seat of a Range Rover. And with Adam’s voice drifting into my ear, continuing to tell me to wake up, I finally lifted my head, only to find Charlie and Ellie smirking at each other and then start to whisper something about ‘tayvin drought’ and ‘picture.’

Only a few minutes later, Burns had pulled the car into our camp spot. A clearing of grass nestled amongst trees. And I could see that Karlie, Cara and the Haim girls had already arrived and were attempting to put up their two three man tents. The Haim girls together in the tent and Ellie, Cara and Karlie sharing a tent. With Burns and Charlie sharing the third tent, Austin was arriving later that night and Adam and I in the last tent. We were by ourselves because apparently we were too icky together to share a tent.  We set up our tents, got a fire pit ready and really just did nothing in between.

Hours later we were still all being lazy, but that all changed the moment Austin arrived. He got everyone to either start readying the food or get the fire going. I really have no idea how he was put in charge, he was one of the youngest and he isn’t even the tallest. But for some strange reason everyone listened to him, everyone but me. I refused to take orders from my brother, so I jokingly sat down on the log and I just started humming along to the newest melody in my head. I just sat there and hummed while everyone else did the work and I was peaceful until I felt a hot breath on my neck and familiar toned arms grab my stomach and haul me from my sitting position, from there is was shifted in Adam’s arms for him to carry me bridal style. I finally gathered my bearings and I realised that everyone was walking with us and they all had bathers on and we were heading in the direction of the lake. It dawned on me what was happening and in that moment I started screaming, “No, Adam put me down, Adam don’t do this. Please babe.” The only reply I got was laughter. Laughter from my boyfriend, my brother and my friends. I continued to protest but to no avail. And within seconds of Adam hitting the edge of the lake, I was soaring, soaring and falling and splashing. I was instantly drenched and as soon as I pulled my head out of the water I once again heard the laughter and the shouts of, “this is what happens when you don’t help out.” I pulled myself out of the water, laughing, actually more like giggling. As I walked back up to where the group were sitting on towels I came up with the perfect revenge plan and I didn’t even have to do anything elaborate for it. I just plopped down on Adam, for he was stretched out in the sun, he was previously dry but not anymore for my clothes were soaked and I had my whole body wrapped around him. Everyone else just laughed at us and our banter. For the next hour we were by the lake, swimming and splashing and just enjoying ourselves.

By the time I finally felt dry it was dark enough for me to see the stars and that’s what I did; just look up and stare at the stars because it is so rare that I get to see them. I was staring at them for so long that I didn’t even realise everyone was waiting for my answer. “Huh?” I said because I honestly had no idea what I was asked. “We said are you in for a game of truth or dare, with the penalty being you have to take a shot,” Cara asked me. My only reply was a single nod of my head and with that the game was under way. “Ok, Austin. I dare you to text your mum and tell her you got a girl pregnant,” Charlie told Austin. Austin was never going to agree with that and I was right because he simply took a shot. The next few rounds I wasn’t asked until Burns turned to me and said, “Truth or Dare. That was easy, these dares have been horrible and cruel. "Truth,” I said and by the smirk on Burns’ face I instantly thought that I said the wrong answer. “Ok, when are you finally releasing that song about Adam?” And with that simple question there were gasps around the campfire. “You said you wouldn’t tell anybody. It was bad enough that you found the song in the first place but now you have to go and tell everybody. And for your information, the release date is in 13 days time,” I smirked back at Burns because that surely wasn’t the answer he was expecting. “Babe when we’re you going to tell me you wrote a song about me? Adam asked. With that I gave him a look and one that he understood perfectly, "You weren’t going to tell me until it was released were you?” And to that I simply shrugged my shoulders. Again the game went around the circle with people getting more and more drunk until my attention was brought back to the surface, simply by Ellie saying my name to Adam. “So Adam, tell me. Why did you swipe left on Taylor and swipe right and me?” Ellie asked. Adam’s only reply was to take a shot, his first of the night. And once again everyone was laughing at the two of us. But all of a sudden Adam turned to me and said “Baby, truth or dare.” Me not wanting a repeat of my earlier then replied with dare. Adam let out a slow smile with that and simply said, “I dare you to post that selfie of the two of us at the Elle Style Awards in 2015.” And that was a dare I couldn’t refuse, so I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my Adam photo album until I reached the first ever photo of us. I pulled it up on Instagram and simply captioned it, ‘I don’t back down from dares.’ I also tagged Adam in it and then simply turned my phone off and paid attention to the game again.

I got drunk that night because the questions got worse and worse but I honestly wouldn’t trade that night for anything and when I went to bed with Adam, as I was snuggled up in his arms and I simply whispered to him. “I wouldn’t have swiped left.” And with that I was out like a light.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this, I might do a second part depending on your reactions