two live crew

We never got to meet Hardison’s Nana and that should be changed.

So everyone else on the team had people from their past showing up.

In Archie we met the person who introduced and trained Parker for a life of crawling through tight spaces, gymnasticing (know that’s not a word, don’t care) through moving laser traps and rappelling down extremely tall buildings.

With Eliot there was his first love Aimee. There was Moreau. And there was Vance.

From Nate’s past we got to see his ex wife Maggie, his ex-best friend/kinda frenemy Sterling, his childhood best friend Father Paul and his dad Jimmy Ford.

Even Sophie, whose past and identity will forever be veiled in mystery got like four. Marcus Starke from The Two Live Crew Job, who she worked with at some point. Tara, who owed her an apparently pretty big favor. That Russian hockey player who helped her steal the Stanley Cup. And auntie Countess of Kensington.

And I don’t think we ever got even one person from Hardison’s past.

What I’m trying to say here is that we need a Leverage movie and it should be about Alec’s Nana and how the trio pulls Sophie and Nate out of their “retirement” to help bring justice to whoever it was that did her wrong. 

But it should also include embarrassing baby pictures, a bunch of Hardison’s foster siblings, and at least one scene that showcases both where Hardison got his good heart and his fierceness from.


some of my favorite parts of Leverage are when other thieves or police or whoever recognize the crew as the best 

like in the Two Live Crew Job when Chaos was yelling about Sophie all “you don’t con Sophie Deveraux!”

or in the Girl’s Night Out Job when Mattingley learned Parker’s name and was immediately all “Parker? the Parker?”