two little thieves

Introducing The Noodles

Chapter technically 7 of my poly!hanzo and jesse fic. Stand alone chapters. You don’t need to read the others to enjoy this one imo. It’s fluff, no warnings. 


Fic Summary: You meet the noodle dragons for the first time! A little over 1K

Taking a shower is one of the favorite parts of your day. You’ve got your favorite shower music playing, with your eyes closed, while you sing along to the tune. Badly. Washing your body with a loofah. Completely zoned out, and unaware of the visitors who are making their way into the bathroom. The shower curtain rustles as they poke their heads underneath it. They hook onto the tubs edge and hone in on the brightly colored loofah you are using. They would very much like to have this brightly-colored thing and are going to take it.

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