two lights of my life tbh

My Life Updates

Alright, well, i havent been on tumblr in hardly ever, and with school starting back up soon ill probably be online less than now (starting in august). I’ve had a lot of different things happen since ive not been updating so ill make a short concise list below of my uninteresting shit :)

  • I still havent gotten a new laptop (I know, I procrastinate and I’m broke)
  • My hair has changed from light brown, to blonde tips, to blue ombre in the past two and a half months
  • I’ve started practicing volleyball again so I can be ready for tryouts
  • I’ve been working out and running more frequently
  • I’ve decided to start learning a new language (Korean, but I’ll have to take latin again during school anyway, so if anyone has tips for korean or learning a new language in general hmu)
  • I’m going to have to start looking for a job soon
  • I’m going to be going back to a school I used to attend when I was younger
  • I’ll be back in advanced classes but only on campus half a day (if I do half of my classes off campus by myself, I’ll have more time for a job, extra curricular, and other shit I occupy my time with, plus i wont have to wake up at 5am and not get home until 7pm )

Aaaaand that pretty much it! I’m sorry for not being online recently, and I cant promise I’ll be back soon… but I’ll try to be on as much as I can be! Please message me too! I haven’t talked to any of you in forever! <3