two lights of my life tbh

Get to Know Me

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Time and Day: July 16th, 15:05

Average hours of sleep: 3-12 (it really depends on the day tbh….)

Last thing I googled:  Anansi’s Goatman

Nickname: Momo, Mo, Thug Life

Birthday: July 7th

Gender: Female

Height: 5′6.5′’

Favorite Colors: Blues, silvers and purples

One place that keeps me happy: My room. My bed and couch in particular. 

How many blankets do I sleep under: One sheet and a comforter during the summer (it gets brick). A sheet, a fleece blanket and two comforters in the winter.

What am I wearing: Blue, white and pink dress with a light pink cardigan 

Last book I read: I just reread Crime and Punishment last month. 

Favorite beverage: Coffee. 

Favorite food: Spring rolls

Last movie I watched in theaters: Jurassic World

Dream Vacation: Backpacking through Europe and not getting murdered 

Dream Wedding: Destination wedding? If not, then I shall settle for a nice Fall one.

Dream job: Winning the lottery and sleeping all day

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So this is our concert experience! Erin was so kind to make me her plus one at night two of 1989 Foxboro! This was my first Taylor concert ever! Our Meredith poster got taken away because it was too big for seats on the floor. :( I also almost got my string lights taken away because I had “too many batteries” oops. We ran into the line since we had tickets in the pit at the end of the runway, which was really exciting. We ended up in the corner of the pit, right in front! There was no one in front of us and we were very excited. We made friends with two security guards who were really nice. The only downside was that we had to stand from 6-9:20pm before Taylor came on, so our feet were killing us. Not complaining though, we literally had some of the best seats in the house, I am very grateful!!!! Taylor’s dad also walked by us before the show, which was funny. When Taylor finally came out, the feeling was something I cannot describe, I could not believe it was actually her! When she finally came all the way down the runway for Blank Space, she stopped right in front of us and I literally could not believe it was happening. Taylor was right there! It’s strange finally seeing someone in person after so much time. She put on such a great show, there was always something going on! Every time the runway would lift, she would sing and float above us, like the angel she actually is. 👼😂 Also, it’s a feeling you can’t describe when you have something in common with 60,000 people in a stadium. We all sang and danced together and our bracelets lit up the night. It was hands down the best night of my life and I am so happy that I finally got to see you. Thank you for the amazing show! taylorswift erinmcanespie

things i’m currently in love with

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one song: euRGH i would say rhythm inside by Loïc Nottet

two movies: he LL BO Y. loVE THAT r E d MonKEY. also the phantom of the opera coz im musical traSH.

three shows: House of Cards, Defiance, & The Following

four famous people: Robin Wright obviously; the meaning of my life; the light in the unending darkness, Alan Cumming, u M… i guess Kevin Spacey and then Jaime Murray

five foods: PASTAAA, my order from taco bell bruV, dark chocolate, fucking graham crackers i fucking can’t tell u why tbh, & chicken pot pie B| fuck yeah B|

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Listen UP



Name: Pastel / Sierra / Play / Lion
color: Im White?
Hair color: Light blonde!
Height: 5′2 ½ “

Clothing style: High waisted shorts, crop top or flannel- hipster usually tbh


Your fears: Being alone and nobody liking me, and being worthless
Your guilty pleasure:
Ambitions for the future: Being a violinist in the New York philharmonic, or playing in a Broadway symphony! Oh yeah YouTube too


Your first thoughts waking up: Oh god why did I wake up so late in wasting my life

What you think about before going to sleep: Something deep or how much sleep am I going to get

Single or group dates: Single.

Beauty or brains: Brains.

Dogs or cats: Dogs.

Lie: Not usually

Believe in yourself: yes!
Believe in love: yes! Of course!
Want someone: I’m not thirsty I swear


Been on stage: I love being on star when I’m not nervous
Done drugs: my back pain medication does some weird stuff man
Changed who you were to fit in?: Yep


Favorite colors: Anything pastel
Favorite animal: Dolphins
Favorite movie: If I stay
Favorite game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time and Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl, and Platnum


Day your next birthday will be!: IN FIVE DAYS
How old will you be: 14
Does age matter: I believe that people of every age can be friends. It matters when we’re dating


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girl geminis are the best possible kinds of geminis

boy geminis are the worst
like i think of the stereotypical gemini in its utmost negative light and make them a boy its as though you fulfill the prophecy those geminis are the most repulsive

libras get along with them but i rarely truly befriend boys anyway

cancers are just babies tbh
and virgos have something up their ass all the time

wtf-i-cant-with-life: 5sos and one direction pls. my zodiac sign is aries. tbh i have a gut felling you would be really good with calum/zayn idk about other ships. i have light brown eyes, natural ombre hair that is half way down the chest, ummm i dont really have a strong jaw line and i have really high cheek bones.



A ship: Michael
Your ship based on your zodiac sign: Michael ♏️
Best Friend: Ashton
Secretly has a crush on you: Luke 
Who is the louder of the two: You I Him I Both
Who kills the bugs: You I Him I Both
Who is more cuddly: You I Him I Both
Who buys the other more gifts: You I Him I Both
Who cooks: You I Him I Both
Who calls/texts the other more when they’re away: You I Him I Both


A ship: Niall
Your ship based on your zodiac sign: Harry♒️
Best Friend: Zayn
Secretly has a crush on you: Harry
Who is the louder of the two: You I Him I Both
Who kills the bugs: You I Him I Both
Who is more cuddly: You I Him I Both
Who buys the other more gifts: You I Him I Both
Who cooks: You I Him I Both
Who calls/texts the other more when they’re away: You I Him I Both

A mini playlist of 5 songs of my spotify:

  • Wonderful by Oasis

  • Not In That Way by Sam Smith
  • Last Stop by Landon Pigg

  • Marigold- B-Side by Nirvana

  • Out On The Town by Fun.

A blurb (if you do the bonus): Okay, so I think you and Michael would look really cute together, and your lazy days would always be the best because Michael’s lazy days just seem like the best. It would be a Sunday morning, and you guys would wake up at like 8 in the morning and just decide that you want to accomplish nothing that day. The minute you guys’ favorite pizza place was open, you’d order two boxes of pizza and would drift towards the couch, playing videos games and having mini movie marathons for most of the day.


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‘Photograph’ by Ed Sheeran. The man is a lyrical genius and puts heart and soul into every song he writes.


'Man Of Steel’ and 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. Do I really need to explain myself?


'Criminal Minds’, 'Arrow’, and 'Young Justice’. Probably my top 3 favorite shows at the moment.


Natalie Dormer, Ryan Reynolds, Candice Patton, and Gal Gadot.
^actual lights of my life tbh

FIVE FOODS (in no particular order)

Grilled chicken caesar wrap
Pizza (any kind)
Mozzarella sticks
Any kind of peanut butter flavored ice cream or ice cream related products
Chicken nuggets!

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