two last performances


“When You Become a Man” and “One For My Baby” - last two songs performed on NYE 2015 at Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco.

So sorry for the delay!

Spent the 1st of the New Year praying to the porcelain God.

The video is blurry and seems like it is from far away even though we were in the front row.  Regardless, I very much appreciated the kindness of my friend for recording it since all my devices are slow and antiquated.

Phenomenal show.  All Seth.  I enjoyed Measha when she opened for him last year, but I really just came to see Seth.

Knockout songs for me were:  “Old Man River,” (his interpretation was emotional and beautifully performed); “Rosie,” (what a wonderful whistler he is!); and “Goody, “Goody.”  (Loved this song ever since I tapped danced to it at my first dance recital!)

So yes, he wore the gold pinky ring that we saw on the IG picture posted from his Holiday Party.  It is the Sinatra Family Crest given to him by Tina Sinatra for good luck when they met for the first time at one the 100th birthday specials back in early December.

I was close enough to fully enjoy all things Seth, including his gorgeous, kissable, lovely profile.  Even more magnificent in person.  I could also tell that he had his phone in the back pocket of his pants.  This was later confirmed when he pulled it out after intermission and joked that he just received a text message from Steve Harvey saying, “Happy New Year!  It’s now 2017!”  And, at times, I read along with his teleprompter.  He pretty much followed it word for word except, at one point, he said, “fellow” instead of “guy.”  Very important, I know.

Ron was there with his wife!  A fellow fan I befriended online after last year’s show actually spoke with him.  He was friendly and gracious.  After the show, she actually escorted him to the backstage area so he could meet up with Seth.  He informed her that Seth had a obligation he needed to attend within the next hour and 20-minutes.  I later met up with her outside by the theater back exit to see if we could catch a glimpse of Seth leaving.  We did!  As were we talking and trying to figure out how he was going to leave, a lady approached us and asked if we had come a long distance to see the show.  She then introduced herself (shook our hands even!) as Seth’s assistant, Jen…Jennifer.  (Kessler!)  She confirmed that Seth had to leave immediately, but said she would go back inside and wave to us through the glass door to let us know when he was going to walk by (and into the garage).  She did!  And so we saw him…walk away from us!  But hey, better than nothing!  VERY cool of her.  (She didn’t have to do that and could have ignored us if she felt like it.)

So again, I saw Seth be driven away in a nice car with tinted windows.  He waved back though!  He was alone in the backseat and his vehicle was followed by two vans this time.

A spectacular show and a wonderful way to bring in the New Year!  I’m still on Cloud 9.


synchronized fistpumps starring taka and mr. & mrs. sato
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it’s interesting that the boys supposedly choose their singles yet:

  • there has been almost no acknowledgement of Infinity being the next single aside from Liam’s tweet
  • they chose to perform History instead of Infinity on the Late Late Show and Alan Carr: Chatty Man (two of their last performances)
  • they chose to perform Drag Me Down instead of Infinity at the BBC Music Awards (their last award show performance before the break)
  • the only true single performance of Infinity (where it isn’t just part of a set list) is going to be on Simon Cowell’s show, the X-Factor

like sorry but there is just no way the boys chose Infinity as the single lol


Women in Metal Duets: Sharon den Adel + Charlotte Wessels