two last performances

I don’t have many notes today, apart from my James notes from earlier, and the following observations:

-When the boys are on top of the train, the lights in the strip across the back of the stage illuminate to follow the visible width of the train. Basically, when you can see the whole length of the train, the whole strip of lights is lit up, and when you can only see the end of the train, only the centre of the strip is lit up.

-James L did the back drumming on the second hug as well as the first (when Albus hugs Scorpius, Scorpius pats Albus’s back with his hands). Also, Scorpius made the most delighted noise when that hug happened.

-I loved Draco’s office today. It was really simple, just the two of them standing and looking at each other, but there was so much strength and determination in the two of them just facing each other and talking. Lovely.

-The end of the Owlery scene was incredible. Delphi grabbed Scorpius’s hand at one point, and held onto it while he was beginning to distrust her, presumably to stop him going for his wand. And Albus was just glaring at Scorpius the whole time. It was one of Sam’s best moments of the whole day.

-The scene in Harry’s office was devastating. Jamie broke so much earlier on than he has been recently, even before the second bit of Dumbledore’s speech. And Draco had a really long pause before saying that the day Scorpius was born was the happiest day of both his and Astoria’s lives. Also, he had to stop to wipe his eyes and gather himself together before he even reached ‘Astoria always knew she wasn’t destined for old age’. I’ve never seen him get so emotional so early on. It rivalled the very best Harry’s office scene I’ve ever seen I think. Both Harry and Draco spurring each other on to greater heights of emotion.

-In Godric’s Hollow, when Scorpius did his 'help, help, help!’ routine, instead of going across the stage on his knees, miming asking Harry for help, he took Albus’s face in both his hands and looked into Albus’s eyes, and did the 'help!’ bits to him. Albus was slightly bemused. (And James L told us at stage door that she wished she’d had that idea sooner, so she totally knows what she’s doing to use all.)

-After the battle, when Delphi was falling to the ground, the last thing I saw before the lights dimmed apart from the spotlight on Delphi, was Draco reaching out to Scorpius to protect him and check he was alright. <3

-The penultimate scene was really something. Scorbus shippers look away now. So basically Rose arrived and kind of planted herself in the middle of the stage, and she beckoned to Scorpius and he just went to her like he couldn’t help it. Then she adjusted his robes for him, and grabbed him by the jumper and reeled him in when she said 'okay, Scorpion King’, and it actually looked like she was going to kiss him. But at the last minute she let go and he went sprawling back and ended up in a grinning, dazed heap at the bottom of the stairs. He was delighted. And if anything could ever make me ship Scorose it was that. Such an electric moment.

-Pro-tip: when you next see the show, don’t think about how it’s the last/nearly the last time you’ll see Sam and Jamie do the last scene. I made that mistake and ended up crying. It’s just a bad idea.

Imagine your first time with Danny

Thank’s to @jb3islife for your support!!! read her Danny story on her blog

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Just watched Harry’s Two Ghosts performance from last night on LLS. I have to admit, I’ve never gotten emotional from watching a performance of the boys before. But holy shit, this one. Really did it. I actually teared up when his voice broke a little on the “fridge” line. The raw emotion you could see on his face and hear in his voice was just so fucking genuine. I truly can’t understand how anyone can think this emotional song could be written about you know who. Like, open your eyes.


GDxTaeyang, “Good Boy” -  MAMA 2014 [fancam]

kylo is a conflicted boi
(do i have a thing for conflicted bois?  ¯\(ツ)/¯)

if you’d like, i can post a mini process gif of this piece

anonymous asked:

i don't understand. what's going on with ken's musical, hamlet?

it’s all really a mess…

the last two performances of ken’s got cancelled 30 mins/an hour after they were supposed to start. the first excuse was a technical issue, and then today there was no excuse given at all, just ‘sorry’. 

there’s an official statement to be made on monday, but articles are reporting that the musical is being cancelled repeatedly because members of staff (actors, orchestra, etcetera) are not being paid for their work, so they are protesting. there’s also rumours circulating that staff members have said the musical will be cancelled altogether because all the cast, crew and staff can’t be paid. this includes ken.

there was also a drama the first time it was cancelled, caused by antis saying that it was cancelled because ken was late. however there were witness/fanaccs saying that he was there with his manager, and that even his boys over flowers cast were there to watch him that day. antis -___-

Arisha’s 3rd Fan Meeting Experience


As many of you have seen from my updates, I finally had the chance to see Arisha live at her Fan Meeting, which happened on 16 July 2017. Here is a small report of what I could remember and my spaghetti on everything that happened!

More under the cut~

(Warning a lot of spaghetti/random fanboying happened while I was typing out this post…)

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I will never not be in awe by her performances. Whether it’s hyped up or toned down I always know Taylor is going to do an amazing job at it and we’ll, those last two performances are a testament to that.

Ben is in the last two episodes. His performance and work adds so much to the story. Obviously Danny played such a pivotal role in the entire series, the events of the first season and the second season that we thought it would be very fitting to have him come back. Without ruining anything, it’s something we’ve never seen with him and this character in this series so far. We’re very excited to give that to the audience.
—  Todd A. Kessler on Ben Mendeloshn’s return as Danny Rayburn [x]

SBB 2017 Preview

Written by softobsidian1974

Art by ellebeesknees 

If you wanna feel like a rockstar, you call Bucky Barnes, owner of Shining Star Karaoke and DJ Services. Bucky has gained faithful followers for making people feel like the main event. When different men with the same Dorito physique pop up at his gigs all over NYC, he isn’t sure if he’s just a magnet for gym bros or being pranked. Spoiler: The man in the uncanny disguises is on his own mission to sing any time, anyway, and any song he wants without being judged as Steve Rogers or Captain America.

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Just Imagine... [Yurio’s Crush on Yuuri 2/3]

Yuri Plisetsky’s POV (PART 1 HERE)

THE PICTURE (Episode 5)

  • Sees picture of Yuuri jumping into Viktor’s arms. Jealousy digs deep. Yuri hurls his phone away, but the picture stays emblazoned in his mind. So intimate. It couldn’t mean they’re together, could it?
  • Mila teases him about the picture, and for a moment Yuri freaks out inside, worried she knows about his crush. But, no. She couldn’t. If anything, she thinks he likes Viktor, that old geezer.


  • Watches Yuuri skate at the Cup of China. It’s even better than his performance at Onsen on Ice. Seriously, how did he improve that much since then? But his heart’s fluttering again and he’s totally forgotten about his juice box. A perfect performance. Yuri tries to calm down. Don’t let the girls notice your feelings. Just keep them inside. Keep everything inside. It’s not like you could do anything about it anyways.
  • “Love wins!” the announcer says, and that just pisses Yuri off. Whose love? Viktor’s? Are those fools actually getting together? Yuri can’t stop the tears, and the only way he can hide them from Mila is to face the wall and pretend like he doesn’t care about Georgi’s performance. It takes everything he has to keep his voice level as he says, “Whatever.”
  • Glances at Georgi’s emotional performance. He’s never thought Georgi was anything special as a skater, but this performance intrigues Yuri, probably because it churns familiar feelings inside of him. Mila comments that Georgi recently got dumped by his ice dancer girlfriend. Then Mila goes and asks him, “Did you know that, Yuri?” Without thinking, Yuri yells for her to shut up. Does she know about the heartbreak he himself is going through? Is that why she’s asking him? To jab at his sore spots?
  • “Wow, he’s actually crying,” Mila says of Georgi. “Seriously?” Yuri says, though he’s not really one to talk since he was just crying himself.
  • “Oh, that’s right, his ex is competing in the Cup of China too,” Mila says. “Seriously? That’s gotta suck,” Yuri replies. His voice comes out wistful, so he lets his hair fall over his face and watches the last two performances in silence.
  • Then Yuuri is on the screen for an interview. “With my coach, Viktor, I’ll win with the power of love!” Dammit. Yuri had just gotten his tears under control and Yuuri had to go and say that? That pig really is trying to stomp on his heart. Yuri storms out of the room before the girls can notice.

“YURI ON ICE” (Episode 7)

  • Pulls out his phone to look at banquet pics of Yuuri again, only to see an article pop up about Georgi. Crap. The free skate is today, isn’t it?
  • “His program is called ‘Yuri on Ice’” For a moment, Yuri’s heart skips a beat, but then he remembers it’s based on Yuuri himself. No way would he dedicate his program to him, but a part of him still feels special all the same. “Yuri on Ice” a program about Yuuri’s love. It’s an impossible dream, but it sends Yuri into the clouds for most of Yuuri’s performance.
  • Then out of nowhere Yuuri does a quad flip, Viktor’s signature move. Yuri can’t even do that one yet. He’s shocked and a bit awed too. It was beautiful, despite the fall.
  • Mila chats to her friend, but Yuri can’t take his eyes off the screen. The camera angle is distant, but Viktor appears to be jumping on Yuuri. Wtf was that a kiss? Yuri doesn’t even notice as he starts jamming his spoon into his food.
  • Viktor shows up in the interview, confident that Yuuri will win the Rostelecom Cup. Yuri is determined to win now, or Viktor will just shower Yuuri with more kisses. He is friggin’ pissed off. It’s stupid, he knows, but he saw Yuuri first. Viktor didn’t even know he was a competitor. So how did Viktor charm his little heart? Why did Yuuri have to be 23? If he’d just been 16, Viktor wouldn’t be interested in him and Yuri would have a chance.


  • Can’t help but talk about Japan to his grandpa, especially the katsudon he enjoys so much. The food, that is. Though, he can’t help think about ‘Katsudon’ Yuuri either.
  • Is blown away by Yuuri’s short program again. It’s even better than at the Cup of China. Calm down. Calm down. His face is only flushed because he just skated. He’s not blushing because he’s seen you.
  • Now he really wants to impress Yuuri. He’s gotta show Yuuri he’s just as good. But Grandpa isn’t here, and he was supposed to be his link to “agape”
  • Almost has a panic attack, but calms down when he hears Yuuri’s score. Almost 110. He’s so proud of him. Finally, Yuuri is getting the scores he deserves.
  • Viktor kisses Yuuri’s skating boot. Anger courses through Yuri, and he remembers why he’s there. He has to prove how strong he is. Will Yuuri be impressed? How the heck can he feel “agape” now?
  • He’s so angry that he misses a jump he hasn’t missed in a full year. This was supposed to be his chance to show Yuuri how good he’s gotten, to prove that he’s a strong skater too, but it’s not working.
  • He remembers the humiliation at Onsen on Ice, and the jealousy he felt, but he reminds himself that Yuuri is 23. He’s done this years more than Yuri. That’s right. Yuri is just inexperienced. The thought calms him down, and he manages to get through his performance without any more mistakes.


  • Grandpa shows up for the free skate and gives Yuri pirohzkis to eat before. As soon as Yuri realizes they have katsudon inside, he fills with energy and joy. His favorite food and Yuuri’s favorite food combined. It’s so perfect. Just what he needs to fuel his performance. He’s going all in this time. He’s got to show Yuuri how good he’s gotten.
  • “With Viktor gone, I’m the only one who can win. Everything should be on my side.” He doesn’t mean with Viktor taking a year off. No, he means with Viktor not here to work with Yuuri. It means Yuuri won’t skate as well, and the only real competition will be JJ.
  • He moves two jumps to the second half to get his score higher. Now all he has to do is skate a flawless program. Will Yuuri watch him again this time?
  • It’s difficult, but he makes it through and scores a new personal best. Immediately, he looks around for Yuuri, but he’s already on the ice, not looking so good. As expected, Viktor’s absence is affecting him. It’s worse than he thought…
  • Starts to cheer for Yuuri (in Japanese, so he’s more likely to hear it), but stinking JJ interrupts. Then Lilia tells him to come along. He wants to finish watching Yuuri skate, but he doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, especially in front of JJ, so he follows Lilia.
  • Afterwards, Yuuri randomly starts hugging everyone like some crazed hug zombie, so Yuri runs away from him and changes back into regular clothes, then he goes to see his grandpa.
  • Grandpa hands him another bag of pirohzkis. “Isn’t your Japanese friend here today? Why don’t you give him some?” he says. Friend. The word doesn’t sound right to Yuri. It’s not enough to describe everything Yuuri means to him. But he wants him to try the katsudon pirohzki. He’ll love them, won’t he? Will he make that really happy expression again? Yuri wants to see it…
  • Races around the stadium looking for Yuuri, only to discover that he’s already left. He’s so frustrated that when he finds Yuuri outside, he gives him a good kick.
  • “You made me look for you.” He’s so exhausted that it just slips out, but he’s quick to cover it up by criticizing Yuuri. That always seems to work well. Though, if Yuuri hadn’t made it to the GPF (narrowly with his 4th place), Yuri wouldn’t have said a word. In fact, he would’ve been disappointed.
  • So he changes tactics quickly. “Katsudon, you have no right to feel more down that me.” Then he tosses Yuuri the pirohzkis before he can say anything lame like “Are you trying to cheer me up?” Because the only thing he can think of to reply to that is, “You got a problem with that?”
  • “You can have it. It’s almost your birthday, right?” he says. Oh, wait. Did he just admit that he memorized Yuuri’s birthday? Crap.
  • Averts his eyes as Yuuri opens the bag. Goodness, he didn’t realize it would be this embarrassing. He just wanted to make Yuuri smile after his miserable day. Viktor can’t be the only person that can make him happy.
  • “Eat!” he yells when Yuuri doesn’t get the message. And Yuuri does, and he recognizes the katsudon, and Yuri can’t help but smile and brag about his grandpa.
  • “They’re vkusno,” Yuuri says, and Yuri’s heart skips a beat. Hearing Russian words from Yuuri’s lips is something special. It’s better than his “Davai!” shout when Viktor was there. Or probably it’s better because Viktor isn’t here.
  • Yuri wishes that moment could go on forever, but it doesn’t, and he thinks about Yuuri all the way home. The Grand Prix Final is coming. Yuuri will be there. He’s so excited he can hardly breathe. Will Yuri finally perfect his “Yuri on Ice” program? The program that still feels like a love poem to Yuri, even though it’s clearly aimed at Viktor.



“When You Become a Man” and “One For My Baby” - last two songs performed on NYE 2015 at Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco.

So sorry for the delay!

Spent the 1st of the New Year praying to the porcelain God.

The video is blurry and seems like it is from far away even though we were in the front row.  Regardless, I very much appreciated the kindness of my friend for recording it since all my devices are slow and antiquated.

Phenomenal show.  All Seth.  I enjoyed Measha when she opened for him last year, but I really just came to see Seth.

Knockout songs for me were:  “Old Man River,” (his interpretation was emotional and beautifully performed); “Rosie,” (what a wonderful whistler he is!); and “Goody, “Goody.”  (Loved this song ever since I tapped danced to it at my first dance recital!)

So yes, he wore the gold pinky ring that we saw on the IG picture posted from his Holiday Party.  It is the Sinatra Family Crest given to him by Tina Sinatra for good luck when they met for the first time at one the 100th birthday specials back in early December.

I was close enough to fully enjoy all things Seth, including his gorgeous, kissable, lovely profile.  Even more magnificent in person.  I could also tell that he had his phone in the back pocket of his pants.  This was later confirmed when he pulled it out after intermission and joked that he just received a text message from Steve Harvey saying, “Happy New Year!  It’s now 2017!”  And, at times, I read along with his teleprompter.  He pretty much followed it word for word except, at one point, he said, “fellow” instead of “guy.”  Very important, I know.

Ron was there with his wife!  A fellow fan I befriended online after last year’s show actually spoke with him.  He was friendly and gracious.  After the show, she actually escorted him to the backstage area so he could meet up with Seth.  He informed her that Seth had a obligation he needed to attend within the next hour and 20-minutes.  I later met up with her outside by the theater back exit to see if we could catch a glimpse of Seth leaving.  We did!  As were we talking and trying to figure out how he was going to leave, a lady approached us and asked if we had come a long distance to see the show.  She then introduced herself (shook our hands even!) as Seth’s assistant, Jen…Jennifer.  (Kessler!)  She confirmed that Seth had to leave immediately, but said she would go back inside and wave to us through the glass door to let us know when he was going to walk by (and into the garage).  She did!  And so we saw him…walk away from us!  But hey, better than nothing!  VERY cool of her.  (She didn’t have to do that and could have ignored us if she felt like it.)

So again, I saw Seth be driven away in a nice car with tinted windows.  He waved back though!  He was alone in the backseat and his vehicle was followed by two vans this time.

A spectacular show and a wonderful way to bring in the New Year!  I’m still on Cloud 9.

Because it's not one person.

Good evening.

Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu Tokyo return performances day 3 has ended.

To our guests and everyone supporting us, thank you very much !

This morning, while I was walking on my way to the theater, I thought back on the time that I went towards the theater at the beginning of practice for this play.  

At the beginning I really didn’t understand the basics and rules of volleyball, and everyone was really clumsy during our sessions, but actually getting to use the ball to practice volleyball from the start was fun to experience.

We were being taught by someone experienced in coaching, and little by little we succeeded in having longer passes back and forth with the ball.

All kinds of memories came back to me.

I’m still immersed in those memories, it’s fast isn’t it? (lol)

Volleyball is a ‘connect’ sport

But you’ll never be able to connect with just one player

In volleyball and Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu, there are teams

Because it’s not one person, but a group, and because we believe in each other we’re able to fl

It feels lonely knowing there are 2 performances tomorrow and then it will end,  the group will be there and everyone will be there too

For the last two performances, I feel like I want to hold onto my self-confidence and soar !

Tomorrow, no matter what injuries, as long as the ball is there in front of my eyes I will fly


So, everyone, however you can, please lend us your strength until the end, please support Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu until the very last moment ! !

I’m taking great care in spending time and being with everyone, together
We’ll have fun tomorrow.