two kids in love

„Again”? Is that a common occurrence? Oh wait, this is comics, so yes.

Spider-Gwen #18. We’re finally done with this crossover. But in the finale we still have a visit in some alternate Universe where Gwen and Miles fell in love, got married and have two kids and alternate version of Spider-Ham is their baby-sitter and they pretty much live in an utopia.

You know, I’m not really surprised at the end our Miles and Gwen decide to for now be just friends after that. I wouldn’t like to be told I’m destined to hook up with this other person and we will make our world best ever if we do either. They leave the door open for it in the future, but settle for friendship for now.

So yeah, this entire crossover was a big damn tease that didn’t go anywhere. Although I liked how Latour wrote interactions between Miles and his dad and Jefferson being determined to stop Earth 65 Scorpion because he isn’t going to let a guy with his face become multiversal terrorist…that’s a pretty strong moment. I hope Bendis will continue with that and show us how it will affect Miles view of his father.

The new Power Rangers movie is one of the most fun and heartfelt experiences you can possibly have all crammed into two hours. If you loved this as a kid, as I did, it’s like comfort food for the soul to see the homage to your childhood play out on the big screen again. If you’re new to it, you’ll fall a little bit in love with this uncomplicated and yet also groundbreaking take on five teenagers defending our little planet and becoming friends in the process. It’s a bundle of joy that I couldn’t recommend highly enough!


i’m so full from all the hanhao feast

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

She ran her fingers over the delicate stitching on the fabric. The gold thread shone in such a brilliant way that her eyes began to water. Off in the corner of her room she heard the sound of her kwami stirring.

“Marinette?” her soft voice called from her little bed.

Marinette didn’t say a word. She stared blankly down at the fabric as she read the embroidered words over and over again.

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

How those words burned into her eyes.

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but first, some music

biracial kid problems

- not looking like either of ur parents

- ”oh, you look (other race)”

- ”is that your mom or is some woman kidnapping you?”

- not being able to fit in to either side of the family

- “but mixed babies are so cute!!”

- “where are you from?”

- people trying to guess ur race

- people speaking languages to u that you don’t know because they assume ur race

- oh dear god what box do I check

Biracial kid perks

- you’re beautiful!

- having two cultures to learn about/love

- having friends of all races

- cultural fluidity 

- being totally unique! go you!

learn to love your mixed self!


Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together.