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I Meant Something Like That - Steve Harrington x Reader

[AN: Based off the an amazing request I received asking for a Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader based loosely off the ‘Cooler’ Episode from New Girl with the first ever Nick and Jess kiss and also one of my favourite kisses in the history of television. You don’t understand the happy dance I did when I received this prompt!

To maybe follow some of this fic you may have to look up the rules to True American, just for the fist couple of paragraphs of this fic if you aren’t familiar.]

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You weren’t exactly sure how you had found yourself partaking in the excited games of your younger brother and his friends, upon turning thirteen and suddenly becoming interested in the boys in your classes you hadn’t spent much longer than half an hour in the presence of Dustin or his nerd squad. However something to do with Steve Harrington turning up to your house with a bottle of stolen liquor for you both to share and a promise that it ‘wouldn’t be all that bad’ had swayed you into playing a game with rules that were not all that clear. 

‘Okay so remind me again,’ you giggled swaying on the spot, ‘the soda cans?’

‘Are the pawns, Y/N, God!’ Lucas shouted, he was standing on top of a sofa cushion. ‘Whoever’s team drinks all the soda’s on their side first gets a chance at claiming the stack of comic books.’

‘Right!’ You hiccuped and took a sip of your spiked root beer, your eyes lazily glanced over at Steve. 

Steve was stood poised with one foot on the sofa armrest and the other on the reclining chair, he grinned as he caught you staring.

‘One, two, three, JFK!’ He shouted.

‘FDR!’ The party responded, each downing the respected soda cans and then picking another up.

Each of you took another step in the weird formation of a circle you had created in the basement of your house. Cushions and pillows lay scattered in between chairs and place mats, providing a safe-haven from the ‘molten’ floor.  

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Sparks Chapter 17

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: So I totally got this from New Girl 2x15 when they played True American, the drinking game. Drunk Steve and Bucky being cute. Sam, Wanda, Nat, Cho, & Everyone locking y/n and Bucky in her bedroom until they kiss. Spoiler they finally kiss.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendshipand then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: boy squad playing the floor is lava and Even being his usual extra self climbing in the most ridiculous places

skjdskdjskdj I LOVE THIS PROMPT!!! 
i took the liberty of forming it into them playing true american - and now im so hyped to play it soon with my friends hahaaaa - the rules are the ones we play it with i hope you like <3

It started out as one of the most normal pregames. They all planned to go to some party with Eskild and Eva later and the boys were at Isak’s and Even’s and had brought a lot of beer (even though Isak now was a bit offended because he finally was able to do that officially and wanted to do it but then again, he knew he would never see the money of those dudes before the year was over).

So, after they all settled in their usual pregame at Evak’s places (Mahdi, Isak and Magnus at the little table, Even and Jonas on pillows on the floor, their backs against the bed), they somehow got to the point where Magnus asked “Did anyone of you shotgun before?”.

This resulted in Isak’s head whipping around as he shot a warning look towards Even who grinned in his beer and raised his brows innocently as if to say what? And Jonas to ask, “What you mean with weed?” at which Isak relaxed visibly.

“No, what? No, I meant shotgunning a beer.” Mags explained and Mahdi nodded. “Yeah, you mean where you put the pencil in it and then open it.” Mags nodded and pointed a finger at Mahdi gesturing his agreement.

“Yes! Exactly! You ever done that before, Mahdi?” Magnus voice was excited (when was it not, though?) as he asked that. Mahdi shook his head.

“No, man. I just know it from this show, New Girl.”

“Oh, I love that show!” Came Even’s voice (the moment he didn’t have something to say about shows or movies was yet to come), Isak rolled his eyes. “You mean this ridiculous game they play there?”

So, this is how they ended up playing True American. Of course they googled the rules which let them to find, there are indeed no real rules to the game. At one point Mahdi held his phone in the air and signaled them to all stop talking.

“Ok, ok. Let’s just make up our own rules. We have five stations where each of us starts out and three obstacles between those and whatever you can find but you have to move on. Just whoever’s turn it is asks a question and we have to write it down and whoever is wrong needs to move forward. When you’re at the next station you need to take another beer and you can’t have more than two beers in your hand which means you need to chug if it comes to that. Oh, and the floor is lava, obviously.”

“Obviously.” Jonas replies and exchanged a grinning but eyerolling look with Isak. But Isak’s face morphed into pure fondness when he heard an excited giggle come from Even who rubbed his hands together and bounced bounced bounced up and down.

So, they placed the table in the middle and put the beer on it and after that decided on official obstacles in the tiny flat (pillows, chairs, duvet, the bed, basically everything was ok except from the tv stand and the table as they all agreed).

Isak and Mahdi took place on chairs, Magnus was on a pillow, Jonas on the bed and Even was sitting on a sideboard (this obstacle took the longest to convince the boys of as official).  

“Haha! Awesome!” Magnus exclaimed as Isak had all handed them pencils and they took their positions.

“What exactly happens now again?” Asked Jonas – they’ve gone over it at least three times already, so he was met with a lot of groans. Jonas lifted his arms to gesture sorry! And rolled his eyes again.

“We shotgun the beer.” Said isak, wiggling the can he was holding towards Jonas and Even added “Mags counts down from four to one and shouts JFK and we answer with FDR. First to finish their beer is the one that starts the game.”

Magnus lighted up (even more) at that and clapped his hands together. “I get to shout JFK?” he looked so happy that all the boys just smiled and nodded. “Awesome! Ok! Ready?” Again, all of nodded after they took position, pencil in place.

“Four, three, two, one, JFK!” dutifully the other answered with shouting “FRD!” and rammed their pencils in the beer. Mags, Isak and Mahdi got it right (which means they turned the beer can around before they hit the pencil in) but Even and Jonas didn’t which means before they could put their mouths on the can they were splashed with beer. (They may or may not have screeched while this happened, which may or may not resulted in Mahdi choking on his beer because he was laughing so hard.)

The game was basically a mixture of the best friend game and childhood memories of the floor is lava and their faces were soon red from laughing and when Jonas almost slipped on a pillow and caught himself with a hand on the floor. Isak, Mahdi and Mags all made “HGM!” sounds – all had their mouths full with beer – and pointed at him. While Even shrugged and said “Guess your hand is gone.”

“What?” He asked disbelievingly.

“Just don’t use it anymore.” Isak put in and Jonas shook his head with a frown,

“But I’m holding two beers and need to climb on stuff!”

Mags turned to look at a spot in the middle as if he was in an episode of the office and said: “And that kids, is why you shouldn’t touch molten hot lave.”

Which they all complained about was the ridiculous of obstacles Even found. He had the longest legs by a mile (“literally!” as Mags yelled) and could easily go from one station to the other and found safe places everywhere. Isak got nervous every time he chose something where it looked like he could fall like a windowsill and they all pleaded the case to exclude the ‘if you find a safe place you’re good’ rule after Even managed to balance on a freaking pot with the plant Liv got them (Isak lifted a finger in warning bc it was his birthday plant ok?? Don’t you hurt it, Even!).

The questions were mostly harmless: what’s your favourite breakfast food (which got them a revival of the pancakes vs. waffles discussion), longest relationship, favourite spice (at which both Isak and Even grinned and Isak exclaimed KARDEMOMME! Which had him drink 3 punishment sips because well now he already said it), what’s the thing you always have with you and so on.

Then of course there were the not so harmless questions: wildest position you ever tried, where was your most awkward/badly timed boner in public (“In English, all Isak’s fault” – “Whatttt??”), best blow job of your life, who took your virginity (when Even answered that with both Isak and Sonja you bet’cha that Isak – because he had a lot of beer and after a few he didn’t blush so easily anymore – looked smug and received high fives from Mahdi and Jonas (which was almost impossible from their different stations) and Magnus lifted both arms in the air and exclaimed “I finally have an answer!” before Even winked (attempted, he attempted to wink) and said “Are you sure?” Which left Magnus confused and Isak laughing.

So, when they finally made their way to meet up with Eskild and Eva, they were long passed tipsy and more than on the way to drunk. Mahdi walked in the middle of Mags and Jonas, an arm around both of them and told them over and over that he loved them both to pieces. Mags gushed about Vilde with a dreamy look on his face and Jonas nodded and agreed but at the same time was in the middle of a completely different monologue about capitalism.

Isak and Even were so tangled in one another that it was actually a miracle that they could even move. Both just nuzzled and hugged and gave each other sloppy, sticky kisses.

(Eskild and Eva were no different so all was good - It. was. fun.)


‘We’re going to carry two states next year if we don’t carry any others: Massachusetts and Texas.’

The speaker was John F. Kennedy. The time was Friday morning, November 22, 1963… They were the last words John Kennedy ever spoke to me.

I was just going out the door when he said this. I turned and smiled at him. ‘Oh, we are going to do better than that, Mr. President,’ I replied. He returned the smile and nodded.”

-From The Vantage Point by President Lyndon Baines Johnson

Reuqest: Electrical Correspondence

Request: Can you do a part 2 to the French mistake one?

Word Count: 1,352

Note: This was so much fun to write, I almost cried. Enjoy!

Part One

It’s late at night when you get the email. You’re not exactly surprised by the time. It’s a miracle you’re awake. Time zones are weird.


It’s me. Dean. If you hadn’t noticed. Uh, yeah.

Want to hear a story? It must be boring there. I’ve heard it’s rainy.

So yesterday, we got back from a trip. Cas says he’s seen you there, and you know about Raphael being a dick. So he was going to come get us, and we had to go away.

Nowhere nice. We went to an alternate universe. Yeah, really. Like, our entire lives were a freaking TV show. Yeah. Everyone thought we were the actors. Totally crazy.

But it got weirder.

Get this- we were married. Us. And even weirder- you were pregnant. Like, really pregnant. Huge. My baby.

Yeah. You’re probably freaked out right now. It’s kinda early over here and we’re not busy so if you just so happen to be awake by some miracle, I’d love a reply.


PS. Sam says hi.

The email makes you smile. He’s probably drunk. You decide to send a reply.


Nice to hear from you! Are you sure you’re sober because that’s kinda crazy. I guess I could be more freaked out, but what can’t angels do?

I’m trying to learn quite how to not be so freaked out by angel stuff.

Last week’s Cas visit was interesting to say the least. It was nice to hear from him though, it’s good to know you guys aren’t dead. I do worry.

You’re right, it’s always rainy as hell over here.

Hanging with my family is nice but I can’t wait to be back. I’m maybe hoping to be back in a couple of weeks, with a bit of luck.

Tell Sam I said hi back.

How are you guys doing?


After a moment, you press the ‘x’ key, leaving a kiss at the bottom of the email, and click send.

A  matter of minutes later, you get a reply.


You’re awake! It’s what, four in the morning over there?

Always the night owl, huh?

I can’t wait to see you again. I’m sure England is great but I want you back over here.

It’s been so busy. I’ve missed you a lot, Sam does too. He’s always miserable at the moment. We need you to lighten him up.

Was Cas a bother? He doesn’t half scare us sometimes, popping in randomly. Please tell me he didn’t give an elderly a heart attack. Or you, for that matter.

Don’t come back with a Crowley voice. Please.

Dean. X

You smile at the kiss, and quickly type out a reply.


Don’t worry about it, everyone still comments on my accent. It gets irritating but I like mine the way it is, thanks.

Why is Sam so sad? Is it the usual? Poor guy’s got a lot on his mind.

Also, Cas managed to make my mom think he was a burglar. He pops into existence outside my door, forgets about knocking. In hindsight, it was funny. It didn’t go down well with my dad, though. Y’know.

‘This is my friend from America.’

‘Actually, I’m from heaven.’

I kid you not, this happened. Note my dad is atheist.

Y/N x

You don’t get a reply for a while, and fall asleep. When you wake up, there’s another message.


Whoops. He’s a little insensitive to non-believers sometimes. Have you noticed?

I like your accent too. It’s funny because growing up, I heard so many different accents and dialects but yours is definitely my favourite.

Before forget, Sam says you have to get your ass back here before he explodes because I’m annoying him. Why he can’t send you that message himself I’ll never know.

Make sure you get some sleep. Can’t have you falling asleep on the job. Are you even working at the moment?

Dean xx

Two kisses? You laugh, and get back to him with some good news.


I’m not really working. The weapon situation here is kind of terrible. It’s almost impossible to get a gun without being arrested. I caught a couple ghosts- almost got arrested there for the grave desecration- and there was a rugaru about two weeks back. Poor bastard hadn’t a clue what was going on until he’d chomped on his wife.

Also, great news! Plane ticket’s booked for two days. That’s right. Two days. Landing at JFK on Monday evening, local time! I’m really excited to see you guys. Where will you be? I’ll meet you there.

Y/N xx

You’re really excited to see them again, and get an email in two minutes flat. It’s short but sweet.


That’s great! We’re in Pennsylvania dealing with a serious case of Witch-itis in a little town. The residents are dropping like flies. Only a state over. We’ll meet you there. Give us a time and we’ll be there.

I can’t wait to see you.

Dean xxx

Is he just going to keep adding those little ‘x’s? You like it, though. You’re so excited to get back and see them.

On the day of your flight, you can barely stay still. Getting on the plane is hard- flying was never fun for you and this seven hour stint wasn’t something you were looking forward to.

Knowing that you’d see them soon made it better.

On the plane, the memory of the kiss replays over and over in your head. It was probably a bad decision. It was spur of the moment and left you wanting more. You’d been away for nearly three months now. It had killed you waiting.

Would he even want to? He kept adding kisses. The last email you got has no less than eight kisses.

“Going to see someone special?”  You hear a voice beside you. You’re in the aisle seat. You turn to see the guy next to you smiling. He’s pretty old, maybe seventy?

“You could say that. I haven’t seen him in a while.”

“Oh, you’re going back to him?” He guesses, presumably by the accent. You nod with a smile.

“Been visiting family. How about you?”

“I’m going over to get surgery for my wife.” He nods towards a woman covered by a blanket by the window. You can’t tell if she’s sleeping or looking out of the window.

“Really? How long have you been together?”

“Forty eight. Married for forty five.” He says with a smile. You notice that his hand is locked with hers.

“That’s so nice. I’ve seen so many couples break up and lose touch recently, or one lose the other. It’s great to see people in love for so long.” You smile back at him. “You guys are adorable.”

“Thank you. I just hope the surgery goes okay.”

“It’ll be fine. You’re in my prayers.” You promise. You don’t pray much but maybe you could put a good word in with the angels. Or, angel.

“Thank you, miss. Much appreciated.”

After that, you land. You grip the armrest for dear life, the plane drops heavily onto the surface of the runway. You race along as the plane slows.

It stops, you make it through customs and collect your two bags. Once in the lobby of the airport, you start looking around for Sam and Dean.

Luckily, due to Sam’s height, you spot them quickly. You wave and they see you.

It’s a struggle to push through the crowd but you realise Dean is doing the same. As soon as he sees you, his eyes light up and he makes a leap towards you. He wraps you up in his arms and presses his lips against yours, hard.

It’s everything you’ve been thinking of and more. His arms wrap tightly around you, unwilling to let go.

You realise that the people around you have separated, giving you space. As you pull apart, he stares into your eyes.

“No more leaving for three months. I miss you too much.” You can only nod as he presses his lips to yours again and the crowd bursts into applause.

Bowling for Soup Lyrics sentence starters

“I don’t want to tell you I love you anymore.”
“I woke up today, that was my first mistake.”
“Sorry I sent you all the flowers. I heard your boyfriend wants to shove them up my ass.”
“We like the Queers, we like beers.”
“You know I hate that; admitting I was wrong.”
“I’m okay as long as you’re happy.”
“This single bed was always meant for two.”
“I wonder if JFK ever felt this way.”
“I used to think Poprocks were magic.”
“If it were up to me, I’d like to buy you flowers everyday.”
“But if we’re goin’ out, we’re goin’ out in style.”
“So thank me at the podium for a lifetime of contribution.”
“In the sequel honey— I’m the guy who gets the girl.”
“Can I get something for this lovesick stomach ache?”
“Tomorrow might be hazy, but we always pull through!”
“The tatooed mistakes are gonna fade over time.”
“I hope someone squirts you with a water gun. A super soaker filled with pee.”
“I quit. I give up; nothing’s good enough for anybody else it seems.”
“She’s got my truck, she’s got my stuff packed into it.”
“She says I need some therapy.”
“You left me for a drummer ‘cause you said I couldn’t sing!”
“7 months was just enough of putting up with me.”
“It takes a tough man to slap her around.”
“I could put back all the pieces, they just might not fit the same.”
“Did I fuck it up, or did we just get bored of losing at the same old game?”
“Lately I feel so small, or maybe it’s just that my bed has grown.”
“When you took your keys out, you took a little piece of me.”
“Your friends think you’re an asshole, and I do too.”
“I can’t believe that summer got here so fast.”
“My wena is lonely tonight.”
“You got inside through a hole in my defences. How you fit I’ll never understand.”
“This is something I’ve dreamed of all my life!”
“I just want a new girlfriend– I want someone to laugh at me.”


 True American.

Clint found Kate and you dealing with many cans of beer and a bottle of wiskey. You two were setting up the “True American” game from New Girl. You invited all the Avengers and a couple of friends to have the first party at the new house, Kate arrived earlier to help you set up things and ended up with the two of you chatting and dancing. Playing True American wasn’t in your plans but you were glad she mentioned it.
You grabbed all the beers you had and the bottle of wiskey your father brought you, those were the King, the pawns and the soldiers of the Secret Order wich made the Castle. Then you picked the cushions and the chairs to create safe zones from the lava ground: there were four zones, each with five spaces where a player could stand; the center space in each zone was the only space where the Pawns and the soldier of the Secret Order could be taken and thus it was the closest space to the Castle.
“The futz are you two doing?” asked Clint, opening the door.
“True American!” the both of you exclaimed.
You sighed and quickly explained the rules: “What do you think?”
“Why didn’t you mentioned it during Tony’s parties?” he smirked.
You laughed: “Never steal the limelight from Stark”
When all the guests was finally there, Kate and you explained the rules. It was technically easy to understand the game but playing it was harder.
The teams were randomly taken: you ended up with Bucky; his bestfriend was teamed up with Bruce; Tony and Nat; and the Hawkguys.
“Can I change my sidekick?” asked Clint.
“Nope, and you are my sidekick” Kate scoffed him.
“One, two three, JFK!” Natasha said.
Everybody alse yelled: “FDR!” and the game started.
Natasha started with the Count, so as all of you put a number of fingers between one and five on your forehead you wish you’re the one who was showing the only one number no one else had chosen. Kate won the reound, she moved clockwise and looking at every single person in the room slowly said: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys…”
“Make your lives extraordinary!” Clint fineshed the line before Bruce or anyone else could.
The first one who lost the game was Tony, he tried to cheat pretending his can was full of beer. Then was Clint (who fell in the lava) and Bruce’s turn. You joined them too: you forgot to pick a new can when you was near the table, running out of beer. You pretended your can was still half empty but you weren’t a good liar.
Nat, Cap and Bucky could hold their liquor very well, Kate too, but not that much… She almost fell but kept her balance holding Bucky’s arm, whom fell insted.
“Welcome to the night club!” you giggled, showing the sleeping men on the couch. You were on the ground, the soldier sat next to you.
“I won’t fall asleep” he assured you.
“Fine, because I could do that soon. I just needed a shoulder to lean my head to” you replied, and you were serious, your eyes were litterally burning of tiredness.
“It’s your house, you can’t fall asleep” he reminded you “You must clean up after Steve has won”
“Why Steve should win? Look at Natasha, she looks like she only drunk a couple of glasses of water! And, for the record, no one is walking out of that door if can’t stand on his own legs” you firmly said.
He glanced at you: “Nat pretty drunk too, but Steve can’t get drunk. That’s why he’s going to win” he simply replied.
“Wait… How can’t Steve get drunk?” you asked surprised.
“He didn’t tell you?!” he smirked “That’s cheating. Well, the serum doesn’t allow him to get drunk”
“So, you’re telling me he’s going to remember everything about tonight and any other night and…” you stopped “Note to myself: remember to not get drunk when Cap’s around”
Bucky laughed pushing his head back.
Natasha landed on one of the center spaces, she finished her beer and took a swig from the King - she was the winner.
“I shoul’ve bet” you mumbled.

Photo collage, date unknown. Photo courtesy of Felder family. 

As my contribution to this “people’s museum” I present this photo collage concerning my grandfather, Ned Felder.  It shows a newspaper clipping, his 48 star flag, and his Presidential Memorial Certificate from JFK.  Born two days before Christmas 1894, my grandfather grew up in Alachua County Florida.  When he was 19 years old, WWI began in Europe in August 1914.  By early 1917, the call to military duty was seen an opportunity for African Americans. 

On April 2, 1917, Woodrow Wilson issued a declaration of war against Germany. The black press framed the war as a struggle for African American civil rights; an opportunity to demonstrate their patriotism and their place as equal citizens in the nation. “Let us have a real democracy for the United States and then we can advise a house cleaning over on the other side of the water,” The Baltimore Afro-American asserted. For African Americans, the war became a test of America’s commitment to the ideals of democracy and the rights of citizenship for all people. So in 1917, Grandfather joined the military. He was a part of the 92nd Infantry Division, a unit formed with African American soldiers from all states. The 367th Infantry regiment was a part of the first contingent of the 92nd Division that sailed for overseas on June 19, 1918. The regiment made a notable record in France.  The entire First Battalion of the 367th Infantry was cited for bravery and awarded the Croix de Guerre.

A spirit of determination, inspired by the war, surged throughout black America. W.E.B. Du Bois was quoted in the May 1919 Crisis editorial “Returning Soldiers”:: “We return. We return from fighting. We return fighting. Make way for Democracy! We saved it in France, and by the Great Jehovah, we will save it in the United States of America, or know the reason why.”

However in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Fla., Grandfather makes headlines. It seems that on the word of a single white onlooker, Ned was collared, jailed, and fined for speaking ill of white guardsmen on parade in downtown St. Pete. The article brings home the point, that even after giving blood, sweat, and tears for America, the colored soldier returning home had yet another war to wage.

After the war, he then marries my grandmother and together they create a family. In later years my mom remembered that he changed. In a word, she described him as “crazy.”

“We won the war, but lost the man,” she would explain. I still remember her passing the letter from JFK, which my grandmother proudly displayed in our living room. “I gave them my daddy; they gave us this paper.”

As I researched info on him, I was shocked when my genealogy search led me to hospital records from the Florida State Hospital for the Insane. The records describe a patient with “Manic Depressive Psychosis thoroughly detached from reality and his family.”

So what happened, why had this tender, loving man wound up a patient in a state mental institution? His medical record reports that, “Since admission he becomes upset; fights other patients or anyone with whom he comes in contact; requires restraint to control him.”  “When admitted, did not know anything about his family, nor cared.  Good physical condition; much ego. “

What happened? I believe the answer is racism – Jim Crow happened.

Homecoming parades for returning black soldiers attracted thousands of people and signaled a determination to translate their service into social and political change. But this acceptance was not to be. Black soldiers fought for their country and won decorations for bravery in Europe. The awards and praise from wartime efforts contributed to a new racial pride.  But little had changed in terms of race relations in the United States.

Grandfather returned to a world where he could be beaten, detained, even killed for wearing his Army khakis or dress uniform in public. Angered at the humane treatment with which the French had treated African Americans during the war, white mobs lynched seventy black veterans — many still in uniform — in the first year after the war.

What do you do with that? Many African American troops fought bravely side-by-side with whites and expected more respect and equal treatment when they returned home. Many had learned skilled trades in the service, and looked forward to better jobs on their return. Instead, they were subjected to increased racism. Jim Crow laws made it illegal for them to attend “white” schools or drink from “white” water fountains. Skilled jobs were closed to blacks regardless of training or education, or they were paid a fraction of the wages whites earned for the same labor.

After fighting overseas, Ned returned to fight at home. Memories of the war and now the war that raged inside of him, proved too much for him.

I discovered records from the hospital that reveal a deeply troubled man. 

Society gave him a situation where it would be nearly impossible for him to get the help he needed to heal.  When the Tuskegee Veterans Administration Medical Center home opened in 1923 as an old soldiers’ home, it was fully staffed by white doctors and nurses. Imagine if you would, a black man in an institution being questioned by white folks in medical uniforms. Can you believe the answer to “How are you today, boy?” would return anything close to the truth – in a society where black men were routinely hanged for telling a white man what was truly on their minds.

The home-hospital, was created next to the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute campus (now Tuskegee University) on 464 acres donated by the Institute. Grandfather died there on February 4, 1939.  He is buried at Bay Pines National Cemetery in St. Petersburg, Fla. Racism in America has shaped the American experience for me and my family as it relates to healthcare, patriotism, and education.

Story from Alonzo Felder 

Fifty years ago, on Feb. 7, 1964, The Beatles touched down at JFK airport. Two days later they broke TV viewing records and changed music, fashion, history — and basically an entire generation — when they appeared live on The Ed Sullivan Show.

For the anniversary of the Beatles’ first weekend in the U.S., Fresh Air listens back to a 1995 interview with Ringo Starr and a 2001 interview with Paul McCartney.

An estimated 73 million people saw that first Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, says TV critic David Bianculli. “The Beatles were a blast of fresh energy from overseas, and America was eager to embrace them.”

image via NY Daily News

True American
“The actual fuck are you watchin’?” Looking up from your spot on the couch, you spotted your roommate Niall at the door, his friend Mikey trailing behind.   Niall had promised that he wouldn’t be home for the rest of the day so you decided you weren’t going to change. Curled up in a pair of an ex’s boxers and an old football jersey, you had spent a good 6 hours watching Netflix and eating all the junk food Niall had stocked up on.  

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Jack and Jackie Kennedy Story Time! (the dating edition)

1. When Jack and Jackie were getting pretty serious and had been dating for a while, Jack took her out to dinner (as usual) at a fancy restaurant, but what they both loved about their dates was doing spontaneous, adventurous things. (c'mon, it is Jack and Jackie we’re talking about) So, Jack decided to drive to a beautiful view where they could sit in the car for a while, but he had other plans. Jack crawled into the back seat with Jackie following closely behind. Before you know it, Jack and Jackie are notoriously making out and soon, he unbuttons her blouse which leads to the coming off of her chest undergarment. So, we have a tickled, topless Jackie with a mischievous Jack Kennedy sitting in the dark in the backseat kissing. A police arrives only to shine his flashlight in on a topless Jackie, who at this point is terribly embarrassed but Jack finds it amusing. Jack happened to know this policeman who also was quite upheveled at finding a topless girl with Jack Kennedy, but Jack managed to make him swear to never ratting the young couple out to the press. (take in mind, all the police could see was Jackie’s arms wrapped around Jack)

2. After their engagement, Jackie’s mother, Janet, and Jack’s mother, Rose, decided to get together to decided wedding plans and Jack and Jackie happened to tag along. The mothers were in the front seats with the love birds in the back. Jack was so scared to touch Jackie because Rose was notorious for yelling at him for bad manners, etiquette, etc. Jackie found her bashful fiancé quite amusing. All through out the car ride, Jackie would lean over and whisper into Jack’s ear while laughing because she knew how Rose could be. when they arrived at their lunch in New Port, Jack and Jackie went for a swim to avoid the tense mother feud. They frolicked about until called in to lunch like two little children. Jackie got out to dress but Jack refused to get out. Jackie eventually went down there and ,made him get out but she didn’t do it without a beaming laugh. Jackie later said, “we just sat in the back like two little children who’d disobeyed.” At the table, they continued to whisper back and forth.

3.  Jack asked his friend, Morton Downey Jr. if he could borrow his car to take Jackie to a party on night. Later that night, Morton and another of JFK’s friends saw the car going down a small ridge and pull off to the side of the road. They decided to follow it and surprise the two. The boys sneaked down the hill on all fours to avoid being seen in Jack’s rearview mirror. Morton whispered, “one…two….three.Surprise!!” Morton jumped up and stuck his head in the open window Jackie was lying on her back. Her head was next to the driver’s door.Her dress was bunched up above her thighs. her right leg was slung across the seat. When Jackie saw Morton, she let out a piercing scream. Jack was down on the floor, and he smacked the back of his head on the steering wheel, “we–uh—lost the cigarette lighter” Jack stammered.

4. Jackie’s driving skills were much like that of Jack Kennedy’s. She drove at breakneck speed all the time and was really quite dare devilish on the roads. After all, she took a few pointers from Jack on dates and such. One incident, she and Lee asked their cousin, Louis Auchincloss to accompany them to dinner at Chantilly. Jackie was in a rented car, and Louis observed a woman in black standing on the sidewalk trying to decide if she had enough time to cross in front of Jackie’s car in time, which she did not! Jackie was driving incredibly fast when the woman decided to step forward. Louis cries out, “Jackie, for Christ’s sake!!” Jackie slammed on her brakes as they lurched across the road ad back, landing in a ditch (no injuries). The woman however was franctically crossing herself as Catholics do when Jackie bluntly says, “She should be thanking my good brakes and not the good Lord!…And by the way, Louis, we don’t mention this to Cousin Hughdie when we get home.” on they drove, at the exact same speed as before.

5. Arriving from the plane from England (she was covering the Queen’s Coronation), Jack Kennedy promised to meet her at the airport. She went to the bathroom to freshen up, but couldn’t because it was occupied by Zsa Zsa, who Jackie had “pestered” about lotions and creams and keeping your appearance for your husband. When Jackie got off the plane, Jack apparently knew Zsa Zsa because he was throwing her in the air and making a fuss over her. Jackie stormed over to Jack, shoved Zsa from him and embraced Jack herself. Zsa murmured, “Don’t corrupt her, Jack.” Jackie quipped, “But he already has.” as she smiled triumphantly over her shoulder at Zsa Zsa.