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today I stumbled upon your haikyuu au~ oh its so sweet. I really like your drawings and it´s great that everyone of the 4 seijous is in another tribe. Iwaoi is my fav of all times but I like it that Iwaizumi and Tendou were playing together as children~ (Iwaizumi were watching over him on the picture is so sweet)

Actually that’s how this idea was born, I wanted to draw the seijou 4 as different benders, each one with their own element. And about Tendou, when I decided make him a waterbender, I thought, Iwa is a waterbender too, why not make them friends?! But that’s in their childhood, I don’t think they would have the best relationship now lol


I can’t draw flowers. Cheers to Goku and Chi-Chi’s long, happy marriage 🍾🥂💙 …tho I pray just putting this up won’t cause any needless commotion. I ain’t here for repeats of that. ’S'why I don’t bother posting these two together anymore anyway. (This was done like, last year actually… part of a DBZ art meme. But it never really got posted till now, huh? (at least on my terms anyway on my blog))

The first image was also featured as a thumbnail on Geekdom101’s video here: and used for the GoChi Week (March 12-17th 2016) Banner~ (cuz well… I had something beforehand)

Random DA:O Thoughts - Pt 10.
  • Leliana told me about her Mother. It was a very sad story. She said her Mother used to hang a certain flower up in her room, she loved the smell of them. I found one of the flowers in Redcliffe :D when I gave it to her I said “Smell it” then she remembered. Awwwwwwww <3
  • Doggo keeps barking in camp. It’s annoying ugh. Shut up!
  • Ahaha I accidentally removed Al’s armour (I swear just to change it to another one lol) and now he’s in camp in just his undies. Omg I cant stop laughing.
  • Not too sure where to go next so I travelled to the forest where the elves are. They look so cool! All of them have tattoos as well.
  • Just found a new mage robe which has a very low neckline. How is Al meant to concentrate? hehe
  • I’m a grey warden/matchmaker now. Talked to an Elf who hasn’t had a chance to hunt and become a hunter, so his crush won’t agree to join with him. I convinced her to give him a chance :) such a cute scene of them being all lovey dovey awww. <3
  • Aww a poor Elf lost his wife in the forest. I have to find her. She might have been turned into a werewolf. :( He seems so nice too!
  • Not too sure about this Elf leader, he doesn’t like to disclose much. I love his first, she is very cute. She has Ashley’s voice haha. ^^ We have the same type of robe. Well the old one I used to use with the amulet. Now I’ve been using the slutty low neck one hehe ;)
  • Now I have to get some wood for some shop keeper haha.
  • Wow the werewolves are brutal. If you’re not careful they can surround you and quickly kill you.
  • Found an injured elf huntsman. Initially I looted his body after the second time he fainted, then took him back to the camp. I knew I’d load I just wanted to see what I’d get/what could happen. Haha how evil is that though?! You end up stealing armour that was passed down to him from his grandfather. Talk about mean! I loaded, took him back to the camp right away since he doesn’t really tell you much.
  • Ooh there are ent trees like from lotrs. They attack us though awww.
  • Spoke to a nice tree. :) He’s really cool! He want’s me to find his acorn. A hermit stole it. Jerk hermit!
  • There’s a camp that has been abandoned. Seems weird. The fire is going and there are beds. Checked out the fire, the tent and the beds. Each time it was like the camp was hypnotising us. Okay so now we’ve fallen asleep… seems suspect. Omg creepy! I woke up and the rest of my party was dead! There were dead bodies everywhere, well skeletons, and a creepy shade demon was trying to kill me. It was a trap! Have killed the demon now. Suck it, bitch!
  • Weird misty barrier I can’t get through. They walk through it to come back in the same spot. Reminds me of The Hobbit.
  • I found the hermit. He’s crazy! I ended up killing him cause I couldn’t be bothered trying to trade for everything. The tree gave me an awesome oak branch staff for finding his acorn. I really like how he rhymes everything he says.
  • Right after I came across the elf Wynne thought the templars had killed. She had a lot of guilt over it. He lives in the forest, isn’t really part of the Dalish elves. This gave Wynne piece of mind so I’m happy about that :D I wonder if I can cure her of the demon, or help keep the demon alive somehow.
  • I like the werewolf swift rider. He’s cool! I’ve had to fight him twice so far, then the spirit wolf got in between us to save him.
  • Oh no I found the elves wife and she’s been turned into a werewolf :( she asked me to be merciful, to put an end to her pain plus let her husband know. I have her scarf to give him. He was sad :(
  • I was thinking about this the other day but forgot to add it to earlier post. I wonder how time progresses in the game? Cause after the circle tower mission, I spoke to Wynne about being a grey warden etc. She said I’d been a grey warden for a year so far. In game I sometimes forget about the actual time. Since they walk to each place then maybe it’d take months of travelling just to get to one town. Also in the forest the keeper leader elf said that if I get bitten by a werewolf that I’d know after a couple of weeks. Just reminded me that to me the time is a few hours, but to the characters it would be weeks or even months.
  • The underground ruins area was fun to explore :D I found a lot of cool items but sometimes have to destroy some (the ones that aren’t that great) cause I run out of room. I have upgraded my pack about 4 times though.
  • I have the arcane specialisation now. Felt super bad for the arcane warrior trapped in the life stone. I wonder how long he was in there for.
  • Not sure what to think of werewolves. Are they bad or misunderstood?
  • They have taken me to see “their lady”, she is a green lady with vines. I’m guessing she’s the spirit wolf, shadow fade? It was the main elf keeper who created her and brought the curse to the forest. Such a sad story! I ended up convincing him to end his life, and that of the spirit too, so that the werewolves and elves would be cured. I teared up a little when she died :( the poor werewolves were sad.
  • The elves have joined the cause! :D woo!
  • I have so many gifts! When I get back to camp I’m gonna be like: “Gather round everyone! Mama Warden has some preseeeents for yoooou!”
  • Al’s heart is gold now ^_^
  • Decided I’m going to search for the urn of sacred ashes now.
  • Travelled to Denerim for the first time. Was worried Loghain would imprison me lol.
  • Genitivi wasn’t there but his assistant Weylon was. He was acting shifty. When I tried to look in the lab he attacked me. I was worried at first that was the wrong decision but I found the real body in the room. Creepy!
  • What the..? A super man reference?! Ahaha. This was when I was travelling.
  • Omg that lake pub has shady people watching the owner. I thought it was weird last time I visited it ages ago.
  • This town is sooo creepy! All these creepy cultists trying to kill me.
  • Found Genitivi. He’s taken us to the temple. I get a bit worried leaving him in there, that he might die. Hmm…
  • Lots of dragons and baby dragons to fight. I really hate killing the baby ones.
  • Note to self: don’t sell the drake scales. Oops! I didn’t think i’d need them.
  • I’ve decided I’m going to focus on the spirit healer specialisation.
  • Btw haven’t given Alistair the locket yet. Not sure why. I kinda wonder if he’d have different dialogue if I give it to him before or after saving the Arl.

There was nothing more rich and intoxicating than taking in the sound of Gon’s laughter. The sound was bubbly, warm and filled with a joy that quickly became memorized in Killua’s mind. It caused Killua’s heart to pick-up pace and a large grin to come to his face. It was delightful to listen to the teen laugh again and so close to his ear. Especially after everything that had been occurring in his life. It was the closest thing to a break from reality and the fact that Killua had to accept that what once was five had now become four…

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32 38 and 50 for... elandras 😇 sorrynotsorry

*curls into a ball and weeps because my tiny babies*

32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?

ANDRAS. Mostly with Elain, I think? She just loves listening to him talk and he has all these ideas and they have really intense little sessions where Lucien wanders in and they’re just talking away and it’s all eager and excited and they’re just bouncing off of each other at a hundred miles an hour and it’s just so Good? Lucien joins in too sometimes but while I think Andras and Elain tend more towards human (fae?) nature and people and motivations and that sort of thing Lucien gets more into the realms of philosophy - especially morality and ethics. 

But sometimes Andras just sits there and watches Elain and Lucien debate and he’s just like :O my husband/wife are both amazing, remind me never to do this with either of them ever. But Lucien and Elain love that, they love the challenge and the contest and they love the tension and the friction and it keeps their political claws nice and sharp which is also good. 

38. Who likes to star gaze?

ALL OF THEM. Sometimes they just all pile outside in the middle of the Spring Court and gaze up at the heavens. Rhys talks a lot about how the stars/nights in Velaris are better than anywhere in Prythian but Lucien, frankly, begs to differ. Spring is just so raw and wild and the nights are so devoid of light - Velaris is a city and it’s always lit up but Spring is pure darkness at nights and the three of them will sometimes just line on the lawns very late gazing upwards. 

Andras is the only one who actually knows the proper names of the constellations. (Lucien knows the ‘names’ too but they are..not correct and used only for making Elain giggle and Andras (affectionately) roll his eyes) But Andras knows the names and shapes of each and every one of them, and the stories behind them. Elain absolutely loves listening to him talk about them (he has this lovely, rich, slow, measured voice that just…gilds the eardrums with deliciousness or…something idk) Lucien has heard each and every story several times over but he just closes his eyes and lets them wash over him again. They’re comforting, familiar, they remind him that not all the days that belong to the past are tainted and bad. Some of them…Some of them were good, too. And Elain…Elain is just filled with so much wonder staring up into the dark sky while Andras talks to them. 

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Okay Andras is definitely a mushy romantic (he blushes lots when he flirts and brings Elain flowers and Lucien…sparkly things) But Lucien is the hopeless romantic with the real soft spot for it. He likes like having all these huge elaborate dates planned out for both Elain and Andras and sometimes them both together and they’re just so dramatic but also just so deeply personal and well thought out? And neither Elain nor Andras likes that much fuss (especially not Andras) but Lucien can’t help himself? He just…He just has to do it for them? It makes him so happy and it makes them so happy and that makes him even happier and it’s just. So much drama and flare and romance but he doesn’t do it too often and…well, there’s no harm in making the people he loves most feel special, is there? 

ask me for ship headcanons and I’ll answer!


My English teacher asked us today what 2 things we hate about ourselves

I said my body and my face

Our “homework” is to go home and say nothing but nice stuff about those 2 things

So now basically this is my body/just regular positivity post

Everyone is beautiful on the outside
It’s the inside we should all really be focused on