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One Day

The bold parts are excerpts from ‘In Case You Come Back’ by Marla Miniano, Reese Lansangan & Jamie Catt, while the italicized are flashbacks :)


I am insecure of the history
Of you and her

  It started on one night, one you’re still determining whether if it was a blessing or not.

  You were the server at Café Habana while Harry was a customer. Given on who he is and what’s his charisma all about, he became good friends with the owner, benefits being given by each other unrequested for. Harry would recommend it to his friends as willing as he is, the owner granting him after-café hours with everything he would like on the house.

  The both of you started as that, one night when he gave a brief text to the owner and he’s already in the after-café hours privilege, you being the one who need to overtime for it.

  It was Harry, crying as he was sat on one of the booths from a break-up, finding yourself staring at him and inviting him in since it was cold outside.

  As consolation for him on getting everything off his chest to say to you, you offered your shoulder for him to cry in which he did without a doubt, giving him a jacket that fit him snugly which was supposed to be a present for a friend; the weather being too cold for both your likings.

  Because Harry said everything that happened from the start and you listened to every single word, something you thought of now whether it was best that you did or not.

Already you have a whole book written
A whole world plotted out

  “’M just, I — I needed to get away from ho — well it isn’t home anymore, I guess. She left.”

  Harry cried, unable to talk straightly before rubbing his eyes again, your hand on his shoulder to comfort him because you noticed he was calmed by it.

  “I even had the plan of marrying her.”

  Your blue apron was now taken off since there was no use for it now, leaving you in your black denim pants since it was allowed as long as it’s black and your black long-sleeved polo that’s rolled halfway.

  “We were okay, we really were. Then — then I don’t know what happened. She, uh — she left me a letter. She said she fell out of love with me.”

  He said the last words slowly and hesitantly, he couldn’t bear hearing those words from his own mouth. It was poison and he was sick of it, he couldn’t repeat it ever again.

  You didn’t know how to react, appropriate words for the situation lacking since you didn’t even know how to feel about it, hands fiddling with your handkerchief.

  “Do you think you could forget about her?”

  Harry’s breathing dropped, a tight-lipped and straight smile that wasn’t filled with joy appeared on his face, fingers going over his rings.

  “That’s the thing,” he fiddled with his lip, breathing deeply as he found no reason to be happy that day, hands tapping anxiously at the table.

  “I couldn’t.”

And of course I’m the seed
I’m fresh parchment, crisp sheets

  After that night, Harry came almost every night to Café Habana with you being the only one who’s entitled to stay with him at his after-café hours since he wanted to get away, breathe a little.

  He was there until he was accustomed to coming down to his house again that he said isn’t a home anymore, until he was accustomed that he had a reason to.

  So he stayed at yours for the meantime, things happening sometimes and sometimes not.

  It was almost a relationship, but without a label. Without assurance of anything that could happen.

  It was unspoken on what the two of you were, almost all of the time.

  Harry decided to get a new place instead, keeping the house that was once a home under the list of his properties which he hoped only for the meantime, until he found a reason to come home there. He asked you to move in, for companionship.

  He didn’t want to be alone this time. Concern was there, maybe one-sided love too.

  And from the back of your mind, you knew what was happening. You knew what you were. Something more than a distraction, something less than his love.

  Something that’s nearly temporary.

They say it always takes time
Just a bit of getting used to
But your rough hands know hurt
And your arms have carried burdens for two

  Harry decided to make himself alone today, sat on the chair in his office, in front of his desk with nothing in mind.

  He wasn’t there to do work, he was there to be alone on what was supposed to be their monthsary; another month they would’ve overcomed if she just hadn’t left him.

  So all you did was stand on the doorway, hands gripping the door shakily, not daring to make a single sound.

  Harry knows. Harry knows every time he feels your eyes on him and he pretends that he doesn’t know it.

  But this time, he didn’t. He’s alone with his thoughts of being left and self-doubt, on what he did to deserve this.

  You know. You know what today’s supposed to be and what didn’t it turn out as.

  You know that there’s hollowness on Harry’s chest on what used to be complete, on what used to be full with love.

  He’s empty, and you’re the temporary cement he’s filled with at the moment. One day that’s about to be true to its word of being temporary. A moment where it would chip off and crack.

  The both of you know the truth. And yet it was still unspoken.

  Even if it was, it wouldn’t change anything. Because voicing out the truth isn’t as changing as knowing it to yourself and being the reason for it.

  “’M just getting used to you.”

  Harry spoke, finally feeing your eyes on him without looking, fingers going flat on his desk.

  So this time, you let your hand fall with your breathing. The words that are finally coming out of your mouth, being words that aren’t supposed to assure him everything’s going to be alright.

  That everything’s gonna turn out good for him; that the pain in his chest would disappear with him knowing it later on.

  You smiled sadly, breathing become shallow and eyes looking on anything else that isn’t Harry because you couldn’t handle the truth, not when it’s in front of you, but because it is you.

  “You’ll learn to love me one day.”

honestly at this point i’m just convinced that they keep shoving rebecca into scenes with everyone even if she doesn’t say anything just bc they have to fulfill her contractually defined episode numbers

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What's the most ominous but vague ask you ever got?

I get ominous/vague asks almost DAILY but i think one of the most GENUINELY foreboding asks was when a dude tracked me down from okcupid thru a selfie that i’d also posted here and sent me a string of asks abt how he’d found me / i’m obligated to at least give him a chance, w his freshly made new account

Acting like strangers// Harry Styles imagine

Titel: Acting like strangers// Harry Styles imagine

Summary: The reader and Harry are in a difficult phase of their relationship, so the reader decides to talk about it with Harry. 

Warnings: Yelling. 

You sat on the opposite couch, arms crossed in the front of your chest. You were staring at your boyfriend Harry, who sat on the other couch. The TV was on, but neither of you was watching it. Instead, you both stared at each other without saying anything. It had been like this for the whole week, hell, even for one month. Instead of acting like a lovely couple, you two were acting like strangers. 

‘ Are we gonna to do this for the whole day? Staring at each other?’ Harry said, he was clearly mad. ‘ No’ You respond. Every conversation was like this, a question with a short response. ‘ I’m done with this’ You said. Harry did not react, he just looked at the TV. You wanted to yell at him, but instead, you just signed. When you walked out the door, you heard Harry calling someone. You didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but what if he was cheating on you? It was possible since Harry had been very distant from you for the past month. You wanted to ask him about it, but you didn’t know where to start. It also could be someone of the management or just one of the boys. It should be either of them, otherwise, Harry was much trouble. While walking, you thought about the problems you and Harry had. There were many but ignoring each other was probably the biggest one. At the evenings, that you mostly spend together, the both of you were silent: A short conversation maybe, but you would always end up lying in bed, wondering what went wrong. And you still didn’t know it: Maybe it was Harry’s job, your job, the fame, there were so many possibilities. When you opened the door of the apartment, you heard the TV. It was loud, too loud for you likely, but you didn’t mind at all. Maybe you could turn the volume lower when you were in the living room. When you entered the living room, Harry didn’t even look away from the screen. This pisses you off. Even in this difficult phase, Harry would look up to you. Instead of going mad, you decided to begin a normal conversation. 

’ Did you already went to the supermarket?’ You asked, sounding so sweet and nice as possible. ’ No’ Harry said, his green eyes were still on the screen of the TV. His reaction was cold and harsh, but you weren’t giving up. ’ You told me to do it’ You said. Harry sighed loudly and for the first time, he looked at you. ’ Why don’t you do it by yourself?’ He said rudely, his tone was ruder than before. ’ Well maybe because you told me yesterday you would do it! That’s the only thing we said to each other yesterday!’ You said, slightly raising your voice. ’ Why I’m even trying?’ You muttered, your voice was low and almost not hearable but Harry heard the words very clear. You sat down on the couch, head in your hands. Harry looked at you but didn’t say anything. ’ What do you mean?’ He asked. ’ WHAT DO I MEAN? WELL, TO BEGIN WITH, THE FACT THAT WE HAD IGNORED EACH OTHER FOR A MONTH!’ You yelled at him. You didn’t surprise only him, but also yourself. It was so unlike you to start a fight, it was mostly Harry who began with the fights. Harry was still silent, it was like he waited for you to continue. ’ THE ONLY THING WE ARE SAYING TO EACH OTHER IS ‘HELLO’ OR JUST PRACTICAL QUESTIONS! AND IM SICK OF IT. WE ARE NOT ACTING LIKE A COUPLE, WE ARE ACTING LIKE STRANGERS WHO ARE LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSE!’ You continued with yelling at him. Your face was red of the anger, you were breathing heavily and you stared at Harry with dark eyes. Harry didn’t know where to start, he knows it was pointless to argue back. You were right. You two were indeed acting like strangers, not like a couple. Even not as friends. Just strangers. ’ You are right, Y/N. You really are. But do you know how we can fix this?’ Harry asked. His tone wasn’t rude anymore, which makes Y/N relax a little. ’ Well maybe we need space from each other or something..’ You did not know it. ’ No. I don’t want that. What if we just can start again? Forget about this phase, Y/N. We don’t have to start again, just going on a holiday. Without our jobs, family or friends. Just us. Maybe that would help’ Harry said. You liked Harry’s idea, maybe that was a good one. Just you and Harry. ’ What do you think?’ He said.  ’ I like the idea’ You said as you stepped one step closer to them. Harry wrapped his arms around your waist and smiled. ’ I love you’ Harry whispered. The words made your smile widely. ’ I love you too’ You whispered. 

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Hi hello so sorry to bother you but this (the roses drawing) !!! looks so much like me !! it's the first time i see a drawing looking so much like my body type, and it is so beautiful ??? like thank you so much for this i love it

IM SO HAPPY… this means a lot to me, tbh, i made that piece to make myself feel better about my *own* body and i’m really glad other people are getting that same thing from it

have a sleeping mickers, because the stressed mouse deserves some rest

“I think I’ve been pretty stressed these days, a good rest might help me”

Mick’s mun- Thank you so much for this my dear! dat Mr. sleepy mouse tho Someone finally noticed Mick’s sweater sometimes says different things lol


A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO @heartamplifier for making my dreamy-dreams come true.

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Hey, Zinnia! Are you on friendly terms with any Legendaries or Ultra Beasts?

“Ultra Beasts? Is that what those critters are called? Huh. Badass name.”

“Anyway, no, I can’t say I’m on… explicitly friendly terms with any of the Ultra Beasts. Mostly because I can’t understand a word they’re saying, and Aster’s no help translating for them. Legendary Pokemon, though…”

“…I may be on good terms with one of them, yeah.”



just look at the right side n admire how handsome Guk is ♥️

I was tagged by the absolute cutie @joonjulyagustd to do the bias selfie !! thank you, lovely ♥️♥️

soo.. I know that i JUST did one of these, so I won’t tag anyone.. I feel like I’ve tagged you all too many times anyways, so I won’t bother you w this. 🌸 just know that I still love you ✨♥️