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Things they don’t tell you about top surgery

- Talk to the surgeon about the size you want your new areolas/nipples (don’t be afraid to ask)

- Numbness. No one talks about this for guys who are about to have surgery. You’re going to be numb all in your chest area, especially where the incisions were. They cut nerves as they pass along your chest, and it can take up to a year to regenerate those nerves. Still, feels super foreign for the first two weeks

- Make your bed into a pillow chair, body pillow, two on each side, and two for your head. 

- Sleep alone. I tried to sleep with my girlfriend and it was miserable. You really do need the entire bed for yourself

- Go on Groupon, & get yourself a 10 foot lightning cable iPhone charger, BEST THING EVER, can reach from wherever you are

- Don’t take a week off from work, take two. You will regret the one week, and love the extra time

- When they say “don’t move too much, even after the first week”. LISTEN. I moved way too much and got so sore super quickly. 

- Drink lots of water & eat if your taking the pain medication, otherwise your stomach feels super funky.

- Get stool softeners, & don’t be afraid to take those babies. Don’t wait a week to poop. you’ll surely regret it. 

- The drains are scary & they may hurt while draining or rewrapping your dressings, but once they come out, the second they do, its no more pain, its crazy. 

i hope this helps someone, because i wish i knew all of this when i was having mine a month ago. Looking back its like everyone forgets all the real negatives, its a great experience, & i healed very well & quick compared to most, but the first few days are crazy. They hurt, suck but it gets better. 

  • Most books: One plot twist, maybe, sometimes two???
  • S.J Mass books: More twists than a fecking pretzel
  • Most books: Love triangle!!!!! Lots of ships
  • S.J Mass books: Love dodecahedron. infinite amount of ships
  • Most books: ONE character w/ a tragic past that breaks your heart OR an upcoming tragic future
  • S.J Mass books: Literally any time I think about ONE of the character's backstories or futures I get chest pains and a head ache
  • Most books: none :( or one or two gay couples (maybe more if it is a book specifically about the LGBT community)
  • S.J Mass books: a couple gays relationships, BUT SO MANY POTENTIAL GAYS. r u gay? how bout you? You could be. gay sexual innuendoes all around. I see it. swinging both ways. ok. GaY SHiPs
  • Most books: pretty great
  • S.J Mass books: LITERAL WORKS OF ART

Super Sweet

You could hear Richard and Rob singing. They’d reworked the ‘Where’s Misha’ song into ‘Where’s Jensen’ and ‘Where’s Y/N’ on the fly. The lyrics were horrible, mostly because they’d never had to do this before. The two of you had never been late to a panel before.

“Where the fuck are you guys?” Jared yelled into his mic. 

“Go!” You shoved Jensen toward the stage while he continued to laugh at you and shake his head. “Jensen! Go!” 

“I’m going!” He took one last look at you and laughed again before running to the stage, bursting through the curtain to thunderous applause. 

“Fucking finally!” Jared sighed.

“Wait.” Rich stopped Jared, putting a hand on his chest. “We’re still missing Y/N. Where’s she?” 

“Well…” Jensen raised his fingers to his lips, sucking each one clean. 

“Right here!” You burst through the curtain, completely out of breath, buttoning and zipping your jeans. “Sorry!” Rob, Rich, and Jared just stared at the two of you. You, looking disheveled and buttoning your jeans. Jensen, sucking and licking his fingers clean. The audience caught on relatively quickly too, screaming and gasping.

The truth of the matter was you were in the greenroom during some very rare downtime and you were eating a slice of cake, which you dropped on your pants. Knowing you didn’t have a lot of time until your panel, you quickly changed out of them and threw your cake covered jeans at Jensen while you dug clean ones out of your bag. As a result, his right hand was covered in icing, which he was licking off. But you knew damn well what it looked like. 

“Were you two - “ Rich pointed between the two of you. 

“Don’t.” Jared deadpanned and shook his head. “I don’t need to know.” 

“I kinda wanna know.” Rob stepped forward, crossing his arms over his chest. “Were you late because -” 

“Because…” Jensen led him on, wanting him to finish the sentence. 

“Stop, stop, stop!” Jared threw his hands over his ears and violently shook his head. 

“What, like you’ve never had a quickie before?” Jensen snapped at Jared.

“Yeah, like you’ve never ate pussy before?” You shrugged, shocking everyone in the room, including Jensen. 

“She’s super sweet.” Jensen added. “Like cake.” 

“I’m gonna go…bathe in bleach now…” Jared muttered, dropping the mic and walking off the stage.  

“Ladies and gentlemen…Jensen and Y/N Ackles…” Richard laughed into the mic and left the stage with Rob, leaving you hysterically laughing with Jensen. 

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ammoth  asked:

I've seen you mention 'the proper way to restrain a bird' a few times recently, could you elaborate on that? How do I hold a bird? Out of… general interest and also because I have had to pick up hurt birds or lost young birds before (to put them in a safe place or bring them to rescues) and I'd love to know if there's a proper way to do it.

Basically, you want to make sure you’re restraining the wings so they can’t open them against you. If it’s a small bird, wrap your hand around it from the back so their wings are pressed into your palm and your fingers rest on either side of their chest. If it’s a larger bird, use one hand around the back and cup the chest with your other hand - their head should poke out from between your two hands, but you should have a decent amount of control of it. In theory, if you’re handling a larger bird or a raptor (which you shouldn’t be unless it’s a professional setting, fyi) you can pin them to your chest with one hand to restrain their wings and hold onto their ankles with the other. 

It’s always a good idea to wear gloves if you have to handle a bird, since you don’t know what parasites or diseases they might have. Even babies. 

The Secret (2)

prologue; part one; part two; part three;

You immediately froze on the spot, acutely aware of Baekhyun’s arms wrapped around your shoulders and your face buried against his broad chest. So many thoughts were running through your head: happiness at seeing your best friend for the first time; apprehension at the secret you held from him; not to mention flustered to be back in his arms and pressed up against his body.

His hand sliding down your back brought you back to reality and made you step back out of his hold. “What are you doing here?” you stammered nervously, tucking your hair behind your ear.

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REQUESTED: “How about a fluffy Credence x Reader where he really notices for the first time how much smaller Reader’s hands are than his and finds himself feeling all protective”

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse

Word Count: 1,052

Quiet days with Credence were your absolute favorite. He was always most confident when it was just the two of you, gaining the comfort he needed to act exactly how he wanted without wariness lingering in his every movement. Today was one of those days where you both just basked in one another’s company. It was deep into the winter, and you were huddled up together against the cold in a couch next to the fireplace. He was cradled gently between your open legs with his head on your chest, closing his eyes contentedly at the rise and fall of your chest under his cheek as he turned his face out to the fire.

Credence’s favorite thing about lying close to (or in this case, on) you was that he could trace his hands along every one of your curves, and you were usually doing the same thing. Today was no different. You had a hand in his hair, gently scratching at his scalp and eliciting soft hums from him, and the other was trailing up and down his back and sides. Credence, on the other hand, let his fingers trail lightly over your legs before gripping more firmly at your thigh and dragging it up to your hip. At your side, he let his fingers take over most of the work, letting them tickle under your shirt. He then let himself follow the length of your arm and then spread his fingers to hold your hand in his.

It was here that he stopped, falling still. Some part of him, of course, had already acknowledged this, but Credence couldn’t help but stifle a warm, beautiful glowing kind of feeling spreading in his chest as he acknowledged anew exactly how much smaller you were than him. Your hand was resting daintily in his, almost lost in the way his had folded to hold it. He kept moving his hand into different positions to see how your hand would fit inside. He was overcome with how adorable it was, and how much he liked it, and he really liked the giggle that escaped you when you realized what he was doing.

After considering all this, Credence also felt a surge of defensiveness as he considered how someone could so easily hurt someone so small. After all, he had been hurt, and he wasn’t small. How much easier would it be to injure you? He felt a twinge of anger at the idea of anyone trying to harm you and made a silent vow to protect you always.

You shifted a little underneath him, so he propped his chin up, still holding your hand rather defensively now, to look up at you. Your head was tilted curiously at him. Of course you had noticed a change in his demeanor; you knew him better than anyone else did (and he knew you just as well). You had noted the shift from lazy touches to stiffer, tenser ones. “What’s wrong?” Your voice was raspy from having not used it in a while, and Credence was once again stilled by how precious you were.

He nosed your collar bone before placing a kiss there. “I was just thinking about how small you are, ‘s all.” He noted that his voice was equally as raspy as yours and a little more shy, since he wasn’t confessing the whole truth.

You smiled gently down at him, closing your eyes and drawing him up so you could rest your chin on the top of his head. He trailed light kisses across your shoulder, still gripping your hand fiercely in his. He liked the feeling of your soft breaths moving his hair around, but he was still mostly taken with your tiny hand, so tiny, and—“Credence, no one is going to hurt me, you know.”

Credence didn’t look up at you this time. “But someone could.”

You sighed softly, not in exasperation but in thought, as you considered your answer. “Anyone could hurt anybody, Credence. It’s not right or good, but it’s true.”

Credence’s voice came out even softer than before, barely above a whisper. “But I really don’t want anyone to hurt you.”

You brought your other hand to the back of his head, spreading your fingers into his hair, pulling gently, and shifted your face down so that you could press soft kisses against the top of his head. Credence noticed so clearly now how soft everything about you was. “And no one will, Credence. You’re strong enough to protect me—more than strong enough, really—and I trust you to.”

Credence looked up at you then, and you were always fond of that light they had in them, that intelligence, that curiosity. He was always…noticing, always present, always aware. It was unnerving and inspiring, and you loved that about him. You also found that you loved the protective hardness that had begun to form in his eyes and solidified the longer he looked at you. “You really trust me to protect you? After everything I’ve done?”

You knew he was still upset about how out of control he’d been in New York and that he thought about it often, and you knew it would always be a concern for him. But you never minded reassuring him that it didn’t bother you and that it didn’t change how you felt for him or how you two were together. “Of course I do, Credence. You would protect me, wouldn’t you?”

That edge was back in his eyes. “You know I would.” His voice was raspy, but this time from emotion.

“Then I trust you to.” Your smile was bright, and soft. You were always soft, Credence thought, and he knew that wasn’t such a bad thing. He raised himself up high enough so that he could hover above you briefly before pressing his lips to yours firmly. He felt you smile into the kiss as you brought your hand to his face with reverence, cradling it like he was something holy, and continued holding his hand with the other one, never letting go. With great fondness, he noted the smallness of your hands again and found that their diminutive size was a marvelous thing—he liked how long a trail your finger had to make to trace his jaw.


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i really like how vulnerable astra is as a character. like, you don’t see this a lot in big bads, but her body language tends to be?? very, like, self-conscious and uneasy?? like, when she’s putting up a front she’s very composed and well-postured, but when she’s alone with her family she holds herself like someone who isn’t comfortable in her own skin or who feels unsafe in her surroundings. two examples i can think of off the top of my head: she stares at her hands a lot in the flashback scene where alura is confronting her, and when she and kara are talking in the deo cell, she sits there holding her knees up close to her chest. that scene was striking to me because like. that is one very powerful being trying to make herself very, very small. and we know she’s capable of emotional manipulation, but that scene seemed blatantly honest to me because she’d spent her entire time up until that point trying to justify her actions and sway kara to her side, but at that point she just gives up and insists that kara stop trying to reach the good in her.

and that’s another thing?? her body language is sometimes backed by these v. self-deprecating statements she makes, like “you give me too much credit”, “i am not worth your faith”, “i know you hate me”, etc. etc. it’s like she rushes to condemn herself before anyone else can.

like she has really really strong convictions but they’re all focused on other people and things and not on herself, like she’s so fiercely insistent about not being able to watch another world die and this is after she not only lost everything, the same way kara did, but then proceeded to spend years in a dark, isolated space prison with no real means of coping with anything.

idk astra reads to me as a character who’s struggling with a lot of trauma and self-loathing and it makes me. rEALLY SAD.

I’m so tired and stressed out right now, and I could just imagine Percival could be the same, and he’s working late again one night, and he’s just had enough, and he’s drinking scotch at his desk again because he just can’t get warm.

And somehow, Newt just always knows, and he comes knocking on his office door at two in the morning, and he looks as tired as Percival does. Newt shuts the door with a gentle click, and locks it, and Percival looks up and towards the clock and just curses and holds his head in his hands.

Newt clears his throat, and holds his suitcase close to his chest in both hands, and tells Percival that ‘If you can’t come to home, then home could come to you‘. So Newt sets the case down and open on a safe space of Percival’s floor, and reaches out a hand to Percival, and together they descend into the case.

And Percival is expecting Newt’s workshop, but instead, they find themselves in the loft area of a cosy one bedroom cabin. And Percy can see snow gently falling outside the window. It’s warm, the heat from a fireplace burning downstairs, and a gas lamp glowing next to the bed. And there is a large, plush, comfortable looking bed at their feet, and it’s flush on the ground with two piled mattresses, and reminds Percival of a nest.

And his whole body just aches to sink into those plush pillows and thick blankets.

“You can explore in the morning.” Newt slid his palms up his chest and around Percival’s neck, long and strong fingers working at the feeling of tight muscles and knots that he could feel there. “I thought that my little workshop was a bit too… well, unprepared for my new want to spend every night by your side. This is our own enclosure, it’s creature proof, which will most likely work out for the better. But then again, Niffler always seems to find a way. I thought this might be less stress inducing than waking tangled together in a coat with a Mooncalf asleep on your back.”

“You did this for me?” It was the sleep deprivation, it had to be, but Percival’s eyes seemed to glaze over, and he smiled, softly, before bowing his head to rest against Newt’s shoulder, shivering as his love’s fingers scratched therapeutically through the short hairs near the nape of his neck. “You are just so perfect. What did I do to deserve you.”

Newt doesn’t answer, just hummed in response as he gently slipped the blue scarf from around Percival’s neck. The director was already dressed down. He had already discarded his jacket and vest, still sitting on the coat rack in his office. Left was a crisp white shirt, rolled up at the sleeves to show off strong forearms. Suspenders and a wand holster, and dress pants and shoes. Percival was just the perfect package, and as much as Newt admired the aesthetic that a hard-at-work Percival displayed, he was asleep on his feet, and hardly ready for any kind of bed time fun.

“Come to bed, Percy.” Newt’s hands toyed with the buttons around Percival’s collar, slowly undressing his love, and sighing in slight disappointment but utter pleasure as Percy just muttered something against his shoulder, and waved his hand, and they were suddenly down to just their undergarments. Their clothes neatly folded on the dresser.

“Gods, I need sleep. I need you.”

Percival pressed slow and sleepy kisses to Newt’s shoulder, nuzzling his nose into the crook of his neck, and the younger man sighed in pleasure.

“Darling, you’re about to fall asleep on your feet. As much as I love you, this can wait till tomorrow.”


Newt grinned in triumph, before pulling Percival towards the bed, pulling back the covers and playfully pushing the older man down onto the mattress. The effect was instantaneous, and Percival groaned in pleasure as his tired body sunk into the plush of the cushy mattress and the crisp white sheets.

“Ohhh my god. This is heaven.”

Newt fell to his knees and curled up into the bed, leaning over to cast a silent Nox charm on the lamp beside the bed. The room was silent, and in the distance, they could hear the sleepy sounds of Newt’s creatures, and Newt smiled as he went straight into Percival’s arms, drawn into their first slow and sweet and sleepy kiss for the morning.

Still in the kiss, Newt reached down and flipped the covers back over them, and groaned at the feeling of warm skin pressed against his own, and Percival’s long and elegant fingers teasing the waistband of his undergarments, and he very reluctantly pulled his lips away.

“Darling. Sleep.”

And he turned into his side, pressing his back against Percival’s chest, and the Auror got the hint, wrapping his arms around Newt and pulling him flush against his own body. Pressing his face against the back of Newt’s head, burying his nose into the clean scent of Newt’s curls.

“Hmmm, you spoil me, doll.”

Newt smiled at the term of endearment, and wiggled backwards, pressing more into Percival’s arms.

“I love you too, Percy.”

Soft puffs of breath against his neck, and Newt could feel that his love was already asleep. And he happily curled up against Percival’s heat, nuzzled his head into his new plush pillow, and let himself drift off to sleep.


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Since he moved to Russia, Yuri’s been hearing two words with alarming frequency. 

He hears them after getting home from the grocery store, a jog or walking Maccachin around the block. He even hears them after taking the trash outside one day.

It’s only when the words are whispered into his neck as he crawls back into bed from getting a cup of water that he mentions it. 

“You’re always telling me that.” he says, resting his head on Victor’s chest. “‘Welcome back’.”

Victor’s hold around him tightens. “I guess I’m just happy you’re here.”

At two o’clock in the morning, Yuri smiles a true smile.

“Me too.” he says around a yawn, “I love coming back to you.”

Victor has the loudest heartbeat, is his last thought before falling asleep.


Imagine: Your daughter calling Dean for help after she hears you screaming in your shared bedroom with Sam

Warnings: None, just implied smut.

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You let out a sigh of satisfaction as you felt Sam roll off of you. Without missing a beat he pulled you into him as you rested your head on his chest. Sam placed a kiss on your forehead as you both caught your breath. A thin layer of sweat covered your bodies and your hair was matted. But, neither of you could careless as you were in the afterglow of tumbling in the sheets.

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Imagine Your OTP on a rainy, lazy day in watching movies

1. One half of your OTP is sitting on the couch and doesn’t dare move an inch because their partner is lying on them, using them as a giant cushion, while watching the movie.

2. One always selects tear-jerker movies because that gives them an excuse to cry into their love’s shoulder/chest and get a long snuggle in.

3. One insists on watching really bad movies because they enjoy hearing their beloved’s snarks

4. Imagine your OTP throwing a blanket over each other’s legs and snuggling in against them, head on their shoulder, just as the movie starts.

5. Imagine your OTP having to immediately go to the bedroom after a movie because it had a particularly steamy sex scene (or two)

6. Whenever there’s a particularly cute romantic moment in the movie, one murmurs “That’s us.” in the other’s ear.

7. One of your OTP always rates kissing/sex scenes much to the other’s amusement.

8. When watching particularly sexy parts, one of your OTP is always the one that comments “We gotta give that a try.” or “We gotta try having sex in [e.g. the bathroom/on the table/etc].” The other half isn’t even fazed by this anymore and even manages to beat them to it on occasion too.

9. Imagine your OTP watching feel-good family movies about cute little animals, all the while cuddling up with their own little puppies or kittens on the couch.

10. Imagine one half of your OTP putting in their favourite movie, and then afterwards pop the question to them, pretending to be one half of the on-screen couple. (Will you be the Carol to my Therese?)

Shifted - Part 3

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Author’s Note: This part contains only one chapter. Part 4 will begin next week!

Previous installments…

Part 3 - The Dream

Lallybroch, Spring 1753

“This is what you get for thinking The Odyssey is suitable bedtime reading.”

Claire sighed as Brianna’s head snuggled deeper into her chest, sniffing softly. One soothing hand stroked her daughter’s back as she glared at her husband, who had propped up on one elbow and wrapped his other arm around his women, holding them tight.

Jamie’s determined gaze met hers in the candlelight. “I dinna want her filling her heid wi’ only the Bible and fairy stories. She’s smart – she should learn the classics, and appreciate them.”

“She’s six, Jamie.”

“I ken that. But she’s got such an imagination – I thought -”

“You should think again.”

He sighed. Brianna had uncharacteristically padded down the hallway from the room she shared with her cousins and pushed open her parents’ door – running directly to her father’s side of the bed, tears streaming down her face.

Jamie had bolted upright at the noise, quickly wrapping his arms around his daughter and lifting her to sit on his lap. “What is it, a leannan? What’s wrong?”

Brianna hiccupped, wrapping her tiny limbs around Jamie’s torso. She mumbled something into his shirt.

Jamie’s brow furrowed. “What?” One big hand stroked her back, and he felt her nod furiously.

“Jamie?” Claire, now awake, sat up gingerly, carefully negotiating the bulge of a five-month pregnancy.

“It’s all right, Sassenach – wee Brianna had a bad dream.”

Jamie turned to face Claire – and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, nestling Brianna safely between them.

“Mama’s here, love,” she murmured, kissing her daughter’s red curls. “Do you want to tell us about it?”

Brianna’s face pulled away from Jamie’s shirt, blinking slowly. “It was the Cy-clops, Da. He was here.”

“The Cyclops? From The Odyssey?”

“Aye, he was here, and in the dooryard, and he was chasing me and Maggie and Katherine and Mrs. Crook, too.” She squirmed in Jamie’s lap and turned to face her mother. “He was going to eat us and some of Auntie Jenny’s lambs were there too and – ”

Seas, a nighean.” Jamie’s hand cupped Brianna’s small shoulder. “Stop now. Dinna get yerself all worked up again.”

Brianna sniffed. She shifted to curl herself around Claire’s belly. “I couldna let him get in the house, Mama. I couldna let him get you or Baby William.”

Claire’s palm met Jamie’s on Brianna’s back, squeezing his fingers. She swallowed. Brianna was so convinced that the baby was a boy – and she’d decided he would be named William, after the uncle she’d never known but seen every day in the portrait hanging over the stairs.

“Shh. I’m fine, the baby’s fine. Awake right now, thanks to you – but fine.” Claire slowly eased back onto the pillows, drawing Brianna down with her. Jamie followed, holding them tightly and stroking Brianna’s hair. Slowly, slowly they felt their daughter settle back in to sleep.

“I know it’s maybe not the best book in the world for her to learn, aye?” he said at length, voice low. “But Claire – she’s never been more than five miles from Lallybroch. She’s never seen the world as you and I have. And I dinna want her to think that this is all there is.”

Claire sighed. Jamie had long been frustrated with the terms of his pardon – he hadn’t left the estate in almost seven years. But it was a price he’d been more than willing to pay – well worth his wife and daughter’s safety.

“I know you only want what’s best for her. But do you remember when you were her age? How easy it was for you to believe anything?”

Jamie’s thumb traced the base of her neck. “That schoolmaster down in the village will never help her understand the world as I wish her to. So I must do it myself.”

She leaned toward him across Brianna’s peaceful dreaming face, kissing him gently.

“Shh. I know. She’s lucky to have a father who cares so much.”

He kissed her again, lightly. “I worry that one day, when she’s grown – she’ll think this is a dull place, she’ll no want to stay here. I – ” He exhaled. “I want her to live her life in the way she pleases, but Claire, if that means she wishes to part from us – ”

Claire butted her nose against Jamie’s and kissed him for a long while, silencing him.

When she finally pulled back, she drew her nose up along the side of his, kissing his closed eyes.

“She’s six, Jamie. We have years and years until that may come to pass. And now with this other one – she’ll be such a wonderful sister. That will be a motivation to stay.”

He nudged her chin with his, finding her lips again.

“I dinna wish her bad dreams – but it’s nice, the four of us together like this, aye?”

“You say that only because you don’t have one child kicking you on the inside and the other kicking you on the outside.”

She felt his smile against her lips.

“Ye’ve made me so happy, mo nighean donn. I dinna tell you often enough.”

Claire’s hand traced his jaw in the candlelight. “You don’t need to tell me, idiot. You show me every day.”

He hummed, and she delighted in the feel of it under her fingers.



“Maybe the fairy stories for a bit, all right?”

He sighed, settling his head directly next to hers on the pillow.

“All right then. But ye willna begrudge me if I share wi’ her a tale I’ve been thinking of on my own for a while?”

She rubbed her nose against his, intrigued.

“Tell me?”

He kissed her chin. “Ah well, it’s just a wee story about a beautiful brown-haired lass who fell through magic stones, ken? And somehow ended up 200 years in the past.”

Jamie’s hand slid to her side and drew her palm away from Brianna’s back. He tangled his fingers through hers, thumb tracing her iron ring.


He smiled. “She missed her own people, and her own time. But her life was full of adventure – living in castles, sleeping in the heather, seeing waterhorses. She was a rare healer, too – with a kind touch, and a good knowledge of plants and herbs.”

Many times they’d lain together like this – in the deep of night, noses touching, limbs tangled or bodies still joined after the act of love – whispering to each other. The topics always changed – her time, his time. Brianna, Jenny, Ian, his parents – and even Faith. Recently, this new child. But always they discussed whether – and when, and how – to share Claire’s secret with Brianna. She had a right to know – but how much? And to what end?

Perhaps this was the best way to introduce her to the idea – after all, the best fairy stories are those with a bit of truth to them. And on the day when Claire and Jamie would tell their daughter the full truth – she’d be at least familiar with the idea.

She squeezed his fingers. “What about her knack for getting caught by enemy soldiers? Or sticking her nose in clan politics?”

His thumb caressed her knuckles. “Aye, she got into heaps of trouble along the way. Did I mention that she was English, but fell back in time to the Highlands? So she didna fully understand where she was, or why people thought of her the way they did.”

“Part fairy story, part morality tale. I think Brianna would like that.”

“I hope so. One more part, though – right after falling through the magic stones, this beautiful lass met a young lad whose shoulder was in need of mending. And after she patched him up, he was drawn to her – he knew she was a stranger in a strange land, and he swore an oath to protect her. And she needed protecting from the fairies and witches and waterhorses, though she didna ken it at the time.”

Her heartbeat quickened. He swallowed.

“He admired her spirit, her knowledge, her character. Her beauty. He always wanted to be wi’ her when she got into scrapes. And slowly the lad fell in love with her. But he didna say anything to her about it.”

“Why not?”

“Because she wasna ready – she wasna sure whether she wanted to stay, or go back through the stones, to her own time. He didna want to say anything, because he didna want to pressure her to do anything. But it tore the lad up inside, ken?”

Tears slipped out of Claire’s tired eyes. “I ken,” she said softly.

He kissed the tip of her nose. “Ah. And one day, the beautiful lass got into trouble again – but this time, she realized she needed the lad’s protection. And he gladly helped her. And then she realized that she loved the lad, too. And from that day forth, she wanted to live in the land of fairies and castles and waterhorses – not on the other side of the stones. She told him she loved him, and he was filled wi’ such joy.” His forehead met hers. “So they quickly got married – but it was still proper, though – in a kirk wi’ a priest, her wearing a nice dress, and wi’ witnesses, because that’s what she deserved. Then the lad swept her up on his horse and took her home with him.”

Claire sniffed. “Let me guess – and they lived happily ever after?”

Jamie’s thumb brushed away her tears. “Yes. It wasna easy – they didna always agree on things, because they came from different times, and she sometimes didna think she needed him to protect her. But they loved each other too much to stay mad for long. But they were – are – happy. So happy.”

Claire had no words – she could only kiss him, long and hard.

“I think she’ll like that story,” she whispered against his lips, several moments later.

He kissed the tip of her nose. “Ah well. I suppose I can fit in the Greek and Latin somewhere else then.”


Vulcan’s don’t need as much sleep as humans, but neither of them can fall asleep without Spock between them. Bone likes to curl into a ball with his head on Spock’s chest, Jim likes to sprawl on his stomach with his head on Spock’s chest, and one arm thrown across his stomach. Spock, of course, sleeps on him back, one arm around each of his humans.

Jim and Bones tried to sleep without Spock once, it didn’t turn out well. Jim ended up kicking Bones, and they were both freezing without Spock. So the Vulcan resigned himself to watching the two sleep, it turned out to be easier than he thought. Spock likes to watch their facial expressions while they sleep, he can pinpoint the moment a nightmare begins, and gently ease they into a more peaceful slumber.

He does “experiments “, sees how they each react to his touch subconsciously. Jim’s nose will wrinkle whenever Spock runs his hand through his hair, Bones will just curl closer when Spock runs a hand down his back.

Spock will never admit it, but he loves to watch both of them sleep. He never grows tired of making sure that they are safe, that they are warm and comfortable.

The Fire Was Screaming Out Your Name (And I Watched You Burn) Pt. 1

Pairing: Jungkook/Jimin

Warning: dark themes, implied murder, some subtle violence

Description: Mafia au, “I don’t love you.” 

“Jungkook…come here.” Jimin crossed one leg over the other, arms folded across his chest. The taller male strode over in two long strides, head bowed down.

Jimin tilted his chin up and Jungkook followed the movement like Jimin was controlling a puppet with a twitch of his fingers.

Jimin leaned in right beside his ear, “Eliminate him.”


Jeon Jungkook belongs to him. Jeon Jungkook lives for him. Park Jimin, the most feared Mafia Leader can’t say a word in response.

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Bodhi Rook x Reader
Word Count: 684

Description: You’re exhausted and desperate for a second of sleep, but once Bodhi starts kissing you, the need to rest is the last thing on your mind.

You don’t know what time it is, but you’re tired.

He’s finally with you, in bed underneath the covers and in your arms. Bodhi’s head is on your chest, arm lazily slung over your middle and you can’t help but let your fingers run through his hair, fingertips delicately running against his shaved undercut and he hums sleepily at the affectionate touch.

“You like that?”

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 The fairy sisters! Ive been waiting for awhile to get these two sisters finished, but I had to wait on the wings and hair, but I think it was worth the wait! 

Odette and Odile, my back and white fairies. =)

Their hair is viscose and made into a wig, which is glued onto the head. Eyes and lips glossed. False eyelashes. I have also drawn headdresses onto their foreheads and added gems to their heads and chest.

The wings are magnetic, with one small magnet glued to the doll’s back.

I’m very pleased with how these turned out and I am hoping to do more fairy dolls!


Prompt: Something sweet and fluffy

requested by: @jorgiepiie

AN: Sometimes we just need some fluffy little one shots

          It might surprise some people, but Bruce Wayne likes to cuddle. Oddly enough, it never surprised you. He’s always been someone who likes contact; holding hands, quick kisses, and arm around your waist or shoulders. So it just kind of makes sense that it would progress. When the relationship is still new, he starts coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around you while you cook. You joke that he’s too hot and he’s going to start a kitchen fire.

          When the two of you get married you tend to wait up for him. You like knowing that he’s back safe from his extra activities. It’s after a particularly bad night where it seems as though every villain in Gotham has escaped Arkham that you kind of just curl around him. One arm goes under his head to run your fingers through his hair. Your other arm goes over his chest, and you kind of lie part of your weight on him. One of his arms go around your shoulders, while he uses his other hand to hold your hand that resting on his chest.

          It becomes the norm after that. He comes home, and then makes his way up to the bedroom, and just dives into your arms. The position is always different. Sometimes he’ll just lie his head in your lap, other times you drape your body over his.

         When he’s in the middle of a big case, and can’t sleep he likes to do push-ups. So you’ll lay on his back while he does them, and you may, tease him just a bit. Place kisses on the back of his neck, nibble on his ear, run the tips of your fingers gently over his shoulder blades. Eventually, he calms down and you’ll go to bed.

         Other times you’ll sit in between his legs and you’ll read together. He’ll rest his chin on your shoulders, his hands will gently stroke against your stomach, or your thighs, or your arms, and you’ll just relax into him.

       They’re small moments but you can’t help but love them. They’re the quiet, intimate little moments. They’re personal, and no one can ever take them away from you.

Addictions (Part Nine)

Genre: Smut / Angst (Cheating)

Part One Part Eight

Originally posted by bibimbao

“Wake up,” Jiyong shakes your shoulder softly. He cups your small face in his hands and leans in closer to you, trying to see if your eyelids would flutter anytime soon. He sighs in desperation and picks you up bridal style. Your head falls on to his chest and into the inside of his jacket. 

Mino stands in front of Jiyong blocking his path into the elevator. “Put her down,” his body was still shaking from the adrenaline from the fight that had just happened between the two men. He had a crazed look in his eyes alerting Jiyong that he was in no way finished fighting- he didn’t care he wasn’t either. There was still a couple of punches reserved just for Mino’s face. 

“I don’t want to.” Jiyong tightens his grip around your frame. He looks down at your face and mutters to himself. “She doesn’t want me to,”

A noise between a snort and a cough comes out of Mino’s mouth as he stares at you and Jiyong. He rushes his fingers past his hair and bites down on his lip. The memories of you sprawled down on the bathroom floor passed out in the tub with empty bottles scattering the floor flashed in his mind. He remembered the words you murmured in your sleep, “please, don’t leave me.” as tears rolled down your cheeks. He would have to change you into your sweats and personally tuck you into your bed. Mino was madly in love with you but he knew that you weren’t in love with him. 

Jiyong ignores the urge to slam Mino’s head into a wall and instead focuses on you. “Does she faint a lot?” he questions softly. 

“Yeah,” Mino replies, he exhales heavily letting his anger melt away. “She’s vomiting all the time too.” his rambles until he puts two and two together. 

“Is she… pregnant?” 

Mino tightens his fist once again but before he can even swing, your body violently moves in Jiyong’s arms. Just as he’s about to put you down on your feet something rises up your throat and splatters all over Jiyong’s white button up shirt. He looks down and expects to see vomit but instead he saw dark red blood coating him. 

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Despite what everyone thinks, Bruce Wayne loves to cuddle.

More often than not, he would pull you in his embrace and just have you sit in between his legs and leaning back against his chest. As much as this helps you feel relax and at ease, you know it also helps to reassure him that you are still there and you are still with him. Sometimes when the two of you are on the bed, he would pull you to him, tracing small circles on your waist with his thumbs, just staring at you before resting his head in the crook of your neck.

Obviously you wouldn’t complain – cuddling with Bruce is after all one of the things you loved about him. Outside the bedroom, he can still be Batman but it has been a promise between the two of you that Batman will not be brought in to the room and when it comes to you, Bruce has always managed to keep his promises. You couldn’t fully describe how good it feels to have his arms wrapped around yours.

“Thank you.”

You simply patted the back of his head before running your fingers through his hair. Bruce takes the chance to bask in your calming presence. Bruce feels your fingers tightening at the back of his head before you slowly pull him away so that he is now staring at you.

Bruce lifts one of his calloused hands and placed it on your cheek, using his thumb to caress it. You leaned in and pressed your lips against his – the kiss is soft, so soft that he almost couldn’t feel it but Bruce did and he took that chance to deepen the kiss. When he pulled away, your face is flushed and you were slightly out of breath and that sight has never failed to warm his heart.

“What was that for?” You asked him, a little breathless.

Bruce gave you a smirk and gave you another kiss. “Just felt like it.”

You rolled your eyes before pushing him back so that he is now laying on his back and you rolled on top of him. “Stay put now so I can take my nap before the boys get back.” You tell him and Bruce chuckles and wraps his arms around you, caging you in his embrace. You placed your head on his chest and close your eyes. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep to the steady rhythm of his beating heart.

Just One Date

Request: anything kim namjoon or kim seokjin maybe like a lil fluff scenario of a cute date perhaps? i have coffee shop, bus stop or rainy day date vibes hehe :)

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

A/N: I literally wrote this in two hours, but I’m happy with how it came out. Starting the new year off with Rap Mon because this boy needs all love. I hope that you like it! Enjoyyy :)

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