two hundred and thirty seven

Six Years and Seven Days

This is pretending that Bellamy could hear Clarke talking all those years, she just can’t hear him responding, and that the ship at the end is them coming back to Earth. 


Day Three

“Bellamy…are you up there? Are you alive? Is anyone alive?”


“I only woke up yesterday. At least, I think it was yesterday. I barely made it into the bunker in time, but I made it. And the computer says it’s been three days since the radiation hit, and I was so hungry I thought I might die. Please tell me you didn’t die.”


“Bellamy, my mom was right. In a way. My face is disgusting, covered in boils. You’d be laughing at me…probably. Because she was right but so were you. I’m not dead Bellamy. I hope you aren’t either.”

His fingers slammed on the respond button, pushing it down to the point of it feeling like it would crack from the pressure.

“I’m not dead, Clarke. I’m not dead.”

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She Was Mine {Part 1}

Jinyoung x Reader x Jaebum
Genre: Angst

Two years. That was seven hundred and thirty days, seventeen thousand five hundred and twenty hours and the amount of time you had loved your boyfriend Park Jinyoung. You couldn’t make eye contact with him as he stared at you. A look of confusion on his face as he tried to process the words that you said to him.

“Let’s break up,” you repeated, your throat hurt from choking back the tears.

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21000 = 10 715 086 071 862 673 209 484 250 490 600 018 105 614 048 117 055 336 074 437 503 883 703 510 511 249 361 224 931 983 788 156 958 581 275 946 729 175 531 468 251 871 452 856 923 140 435 984 577 574 698 574 803 934 567 774 824 230 985 421 074 605 062 371 141 877 954 182 153 046 474 983 581 941 267 398 767 559 165 543 946 077 062 914 571 196 477 686 542 167 660 429 831 652 624 386 837 205 668 069 376 — ten novemnonagintillion, seven hundred fifteen octononagintillion, eighty-six septennonagintillion, seventy-one sexnonagintillion, eight hundred sixty-two quinnonagintillion, six hundred seventy-three quattuornonagintillion, two hundred nine trenonagintillion, four hundred eighty-four duononagintillion, two hundred fifty unnonagintillion, four hundred ninety nonagintillion, six hundred novemoctogintillion, eighteen octooctogintillion, one hundred five septenoctogintillion, six hundred fourteen sexoctogintillion, forty-eight quinoctogintillion, one hundred seventeen quattuoroctogintillion, fifty-five treoctogintillion, three hundred thirty-six duooctogintillion, seventy-four unoctogintillion, four hundred thirty-seven octogintillion, five hundred three novemseptuagintillion, eight hundred eighty-three octoseptuagintillion, seven hundred three septenseptuagintillion, five hundred ten sexseptuagintillion, five hundred eleven quinseptuagintillion, two hundred forty-nine quattuorseptuagintillion, three hundred sixty-one treseptuagintillion, two hundred twenty-four duoseptuagintillion, nine hundred thirty-one unseptuagintillion, nine hundred eighty-three septuagintillion, seven hundred eighty-eight novemsexagintillion, one hundred fifty-six octosexagintillion, nine hundred fifty-eight septensexagintillion, five hundred eighty-one sexsexagintillion, two hundred seventy-five quinsexagintillion, nine hundred forty-six quattuorsexagintillion, seven hundred twenty-nine tresexagintillion, one hundred seventy-five duosexagintillion, five hundred thirty-one unsexagintillion, four hundred sixty-eight sexagintillion, two hundred fifty-one novemquinquagintillion, eight hundred seventy-one octoquinquagintillion, four hundred fifty-two septenquinquagintillion, eight hundred fifty-six sexquinquagintillion, nine hundred twenty-three quinquinquagintillion, one hundred forty quattuorquinquagintillion, four hundred thirty-five trequinquagintillion, nine hundred eighty-four duoquinquagintillion, five hundred seventy-seven unquinquagintillion, five hundred seventy-four quinquagintillion, six hundred ninety-eight novemquadragintillion, five hundred seventy-four octoquadragintillion, eight hundred three septenquadragintillion, nine hundred thirty-four sexquadragintillion, five hundred sixty-seven quinquadragintillion, seven hundred seventy-four quattuorquadragintillion, eight hundred twenty-four trequadragintillion, two hundred thirty duoquadragintillion, nine hundred eighty-five unquadragintillion, four hundred twenty-one quadragintillion, seventy-four novemtrigintillion, six hundred five octotrigintillion, sixty-two septentrigintillion, three hundred seventy-one sextrigintillion, one hundred forty-one quintrigintillion, eight hundred seventy-seven quattuortrigintillion, nine hundred fifty-four tretrigintillion, one hundred eighty-two duotrigintillion, one hundred fifty-three untrigintillion, forty-six trigintillion, four hundred seventy-four novemvigintillion, nine hundred eighty-three octovigintillion, five hundred eighty-one septenvigintillion, nine hundred forty-one sexvigintillion, two hundred sixty-seven quinvigintillion, three hundred ninety-eight quattuorvigintillion, seven hundred sixty-seven trevigintillion, five hundred fifty-nine duovigintillion, one hundred sixty-five unvigintillion, five hundred forty-three vigintillion, nine hundred forty-six novemdecillion, seventy-seven octodecillion, sixty-two septendecillion, nine hundred fourteen sexdecillion, five hundred seventy-one quindecillion, one hundred ninety-six quattuordecillion, four hundred seventy-seven tredecillion, six hundred eighty-six duodecillion, five hundred forty-two undecillion, one hundred sixty-seven decillion, six hundred sixty nonillion, four hundred twenty-nine octillion, eight hundred thirty-one septillion, six hundred fifty-two sextillion, six hundred twenty-four quintillion, three hundred eighty-six quadrillion, eight hundred thirty-seven trillion, two hundred five billion, six hundred sixty-eight million, sixty-nine thousand, three hundred seventy-six (302 digits, 4085 characters)

Fate (Bucky x Reader)


Pairings/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female), Steve x Peggy makes a brief cameo

Prompt: Soulmate AU where a timer on your wrist counts down until the moment you meet your soulmate, then underneath appears the date and time that you met your soulmate and the initials of your soulmate written in their handwriting.

Summary: It didn’t matter to Bucky that his timer was extremely long, or that it wasn’t on his left wrist like everyone else’s. No, he just lived his life to the fullest as per the words of his father. A soulmate didn’t matter to Bucky. Until it did. Until a big buff Steve rescued him from the HYRDA base and he saw how happy they were together, Steve and his soulmate Peggy. Until he fell off that train and he realized, that he wouldn’t live to see his own soulmate. Then he regained his memories and realized that he didn’t deserve a soulmate. But then he found her.

Word Count: 2286

Warnings: Holy fucking shit I don’t think there’s any swearing in this, well I just swore but that doesn’t count, I don’t think there’s any warnings, maybe some sad Bucky and a bit angsty. If you see anything that you think is a trigger or warning, please let me know.


Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of its characters. Marvel belongs to Disney blah blah legal stuff, don’t sue me I’m poor.

Disclaimer No. 2: I know that a lot of people have written Soulmate AUs about Marvel characters and the timer seems to be the most popular one, this has been sitting in my docs for months on end and I just cleaned it up a bit. But I have read a couple stories about the timer so if you do see anything familiar to something you wrote here chances are that I’ve read your story and somehow remembered little details and wrote them in. If this is the case and you aren’t comfortable with it just message me or send an ask OFF anon and we’ll work it out.

A/N: OMG I’m alive! My first Bucky x Reader fic I’m screaming internally I have my laptop (YAY!) and I’m spending the night at my grandma’s place so I have WiFi (double yay!) and I found this sitting in Docs from like, way back when i don’t even remember and I haven’t written anything soooooo long, so I cleaned it up and I thought why not? Feedback is always welcomed, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a command, you tell me what you think! jk. On with the story!

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When he’s in fourth grade the word ‘soulmate’ is one of the questions his teacher asks the class if they know the meaning of. Bucky does, but still he copies down the statement written on the board.

Soulmates – People that the universe destined to be together.

There’s a box on the underneath, for him to draw a picture that represents the word. The girl and the boy in front of him try their best to draw pictures of themselves, writing their names underneath, their timers having stopped two weeks after the start of the initial school year when the girl transferred into their class. Bucky draws the best stick figure of himself, holding hands with another mystery figure, a question mark in the place of their head.

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276! = 2 788 080 104 957 639 191 680 903 001 314 480 365 358 208 808 594 579 728 293 284 812 921 096 767 321 237 014 975 648 559 809 402 832 080 216 720 845 635 210 496 880 141 845 495 936 417 355 321 351 495 199 230 301 718 310 340 364 607 456 251 452 629 551 945 091 569 444 362 117 400 247 244 754 510 080 815 710 039 408 642 004 413 313 259 312 731 475 441 990 221 075 975 772 090 870 168 192 957 569 821 358 384 057 572 518 460 332 424 123 112 546 009 218 539 458 350 498 795 914 485 125 737 116 013 596 593 452 093 236 702 874 134 234 197 830 946 061 763 324 118 761 731 635 414 950 062 979 415 154 163 942 499 193 567 649 728 095 700 240 303 338 291 200 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
Name: Two quattuoroctogintacentillion, seven hundred eighty-eight treoctogintacentillion, eighty duooctogintacentillion, one hundred four unoctogintacentillion, nine hundred fifty-seven octogintacentillion, six hundred thirty-nine novenseptu

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2999 = 5 357 543 035 931 336 604 742 125 245 300 009 052 807 024 058 527 668 037 218 751 941 851 755 255 624 680 612 465 991 894 078 479 290 637 973 364 587 765 734 125 935 726 428 461 570 217 992 288 787 349 287 401 967 283 887 412 115 492 710 537 302 531 185 570 938 977 091 076 523 237 491 790 970 633 699 383 779 582 771 973 038 531 457 285 598 238 843 271 083 830 214 915 826 312 193 418 602 834 034 688 — five novemnonagintillion, three hundred fifty-seven octononagintillion, five hundred forty-three septennonagintillion, thirty-five sexnonagintillion, nine hundred thirty-one quinnonagintillion, three hundred thirty-six quattuornonagintillion, six hundred four trenonagintillion, seven hundred forty-two duononagintillion, one hundred twenty-five unnonagintillion, two hundred forty-five nonagintillion, three hundred novemoctogintillion, nine octooctogintillion, fifty-two septenoctogintillion, eight hundred seven sexoctogintillion, twenty-four quinoctogintillion, fifty-eight quattuoroctogintillion, five hundred twenty-seven treoctogintillion, six hundred sixty-eight duooctogintillion, thirty-seven unoctogintillion, two hundred eighteen octogintillion, seven hundred fifty-one novemseptuagintillion, nine hundred forty-one octoseptuagintillion, eight hundred fifty-one septenseptuagintillion, seven hundred fifty-five sexseptuagintillion, two hundred fifty-five quinseptuagintillion, six hundred twenty-four quattuorseptuagintillion, six hundred eighty treseptuagintillion, six hundred twelve duoseptuagintillion, four hundred sixty-five unseptuagintillion, nine hundred ninety-one septuagintillion, eight hundred ninety-four novemsexagintillion, seventy-eight octosexagintillion, four hundred seventy-nine septensexagintillion, two hundred ninety sexsexagintillion, six hundred thirty-seven quinsexagintillion, nine hundred seventy-three quattuorsexagintillion, three hundred sixty-four tresexagintillion, five hundred eighty-seven duosexagintillion, seven hundred sixty-five unsexagintillion, seven hundred thirty-four sexagintillion, one hundred twenty-five novemquinquagintillion, nine hundred thirty-five octoquinquagintillion, seven hundred twenty-six septenquinquagintillion, four hundred twenty-eight sexquinquagintillion, four hundred sixty-one quinquinquagintillion, five hundred seventy quattuorquinquagintillion, two hundred seventeen trequinquagintillion, nine hundred ninety-two duoquinquagintillion, two hundred eighty-eight unquinquagintillion, seven hundred eighty-seven quinquagintillion, three hundred forty-nine novemquadragintillion, two hundred eighty-seven octoquadragintillion, four hundred one septenquadragintillion, nine hundred sixty-seven sexquadragintillion, two hundred eighty-three quinquadragintillion, eight hundred eighty-seven quattuorquadragintillion, four hundred twelve trequadragintillion, one hundred fifteen duoquadragintillion, four hundred ninety-two unquadragintillion, seven hundred ten quadragintillion, five hundred thirty-seven novemtrigintillion, three hundred two octotrigintillion, five hundred thirty-one septentrigintillion, one hundred eighty-five sextrigintillion, five hundred seventy quintrigintillion, nine hundred thirty-eight quattuortrigintillion, nine hundred seventy-seven tretrigintillion, ninety-one duotrigintillion, seventy-six untrigintillion, five hundred twenty-three trigintillion, two hundred thirty-seven novemvigintillion, four hundred ninety-one octovigintillion, seven hundred ninety septenvigintillion, nine hundred seventy sexvigintillion, six hundred thirty-three quinvigintillion, six hundred ninety-nine quattuorvigintillion, three hundred eighty-three trevigintillion, seven hundred seventy-nine duovigintillion, five hundred eighty-two unvigintillion, seven hundred seventy-one vigintillion, nine hundred seventy-three novemdecillion, thirty-eight octodecillion, five hundred thirty-one septendecillion, four hundred fifty-seven sexdecillion, two hundred eighty-five quindecillion, five hundred ninety-eight quattuordecillion, two hundred thirty-eight tredecillion, eight hundred forty-three duodecillion, two hundred seventy-one undecillion, eighty-three decillion, eight hundred thirty nonillion, two hundred fourteen octillion, nine hundred fifteen septillion, eight hundred twenty-six sextillion, three hundred twelve quintillion, one hundred ninety-three quadrillion, four hundred eighteen trillion, six hundred two billion, eight hundred thirty-four million, thirty-four thousand, six hundred eighty-eight (301 digits, 4100 characters)

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Still not over how big bad Savitar melts underneath Iris's touch ;_____;

If they’re close enough to touch you they’re close enough to kill you.

It’s a rule that applies to other speedsters.  In the field.  It’s his strategy, his go-to: get underneath their armor as fast as he can.  His enemies are human, and they’ll die without their swords and shields and powers.  (He built the most powerful suit of armor because he knew he’d never need it if he was smart if he played his cards right if he never let anyone that close, but it’s what he needs to crush the thought of easy target.  Let them fight.  Let them break themselves trying to get to him.  He’ll be busy winning.)

When Iris puts a hand on his face he can’t move, frozen, because letting her this close is against every rule he has and he has enforced them for five-thousand four-hundred eighty-two years seven hours thirty-two minutes forty-eight seconds

Aching for his armor, he tries to force his hand, do it do it now, but his fists clench hard, hard enough his nails cut into his skin, and he does not hurt her.

It’s the one word he possesses that still carries real meaning: Iris.

He closes his eyes, daring for a moment to be tired, to soften his shoulders, to relent, and then a knife plunges into his side and he takes off before the warmth of her palm fades.

Extra 18 / おまけ18 / 附加18

I still have trouble converting large numbers between Chinese / Japanese to English, so I created this cheat sheet

An example for 1,234,567,891,234:

1 trillion, 234 billion, 567 million, 891 thousand, 234
one trillion, two hundred thirty-four billion, five hundred sixty-seven million, eight hundred ninety-one thousand, two hundred thirty-four

Traditional Chinese:
1兆, 2345億, 6789萬, 1234
一兆, 二千三百四十五億, 六千七百八十九萬, 一千二百三十四

Simplified  Chinese:
1兆, 2345亿, 6789万, 1234
一兆, 二千三百四十五亿, 六千七百八十九万, 一千二百三十四

1兆, 2345億, 6789万, 1234
一兆, 二千三百四十五億, 六千七百八十九万, 千二百三十四


Though countless calendars are used across Muka, by far the most widely-used is that of the Uratemba Hegemon, which marks its first year as the date when the legendary king Vidzo consolidated the Uratemba states into the Uratemba Paramountcy. The current year is 732 ALC; seven hundred and thirty-two years after the Leopard Crown.

This is a short timeline of events known (or theorized) to have occurred on Muka from the perspective of the Uratemba Hegemon. Much of it may not be wholly accurate.

~13,000,000 BLC: The universe begins. The early universe is filled with a hot, roiling mist, with constant winds that blow in a great vortex across the whole of the cosmos at such great speed that no worlds can form. Strange beings inhabit this windy expanse; large flying creatures with great intelligence sadly wasted on their featureless home glide along the gusts of wind at the edge of the universe, constantly hunted by living clouds that cannot move of their own will but devour any flesh that passes through them.

~5,850,000 BLC: The winds and heat of the early cosmos dissipate, leaving a cold, quiet universe with little movement. The creatures that had come to exist during the earliest times slowly die out as they starve one by one, and their bodies break down into dust and water. Some of the largest of these bodies begin to collect into large spheres, which become the first planets, and some continue to gain even more size until they become stars. It is during this time that the planet Muka takes form, as well as its sun.

~400,000 BLC: Life begins on Muka. Humans emerge soon afterwards. 

~80,000 BLC: Deities begin to settle in the cosmos around the planet Muka. Human worship of these deities may have occurred. It is still some time before the arrival of the deities known to modern humans. The earliest gods that came to Muka moved on to other worlds before the advent of recorded history.

~30,000 BLC: The ancestors of the Uratemba people spread northward from Sitepe, introducing nomadic cattle and goat herding to much of southeastern Pakate. Likewise, the Perqai cross the Chagar Toktar and spread westward, displacing the Ostis-Weiksai as they do so and encountering massive beasts, which they slaughter in great numbers.

~20,000 BLC: The ancestors of the Achak people begin to practice magic in relation to their honored dead.

~15,000 BLC: The ancient Matkat begin their westward trek towards their modern home of Rikamatka. The Pibbern discover metalworking.

~12,000 BLC: Agriculture begins on Pakate. The Perqai slaughter all land-dwelling megafauna south of Aus-Notlom and drive the Ostis-Weiksai northward.

8000 BLC: By this point, all deities now acknowledged to exist in the cosmos around Muka have arrived. Human societies slowly begin to recognize their presence over the next several thousand years, and the religious practices of today take form.

~6000 BLC: The Worijaya begin to colonize the mainland of western Pakate and make contact with the Chran Nong.  

5290 BLC: Chatsrilan Achak comes to rule the people of Brasat Hot. They build the city of Krong Saraob with their bare hands and slay an army of one thousand tomb-defiling sorcerers before disappearing from Muka altogether. No corpse is ever seen.

4000 BLC: By this point, agriculture has reached nearly all the peoples of Pakate. The Pibbern have perfected the art of bronze casting.

3960 BLC: The Ultïn Haganate is founded by an unnamed hagan. The Jasïr dynasty begins.

3928 BLC: The Jasïr dynasty ends with a brief civil war. It is replaced by the Tolkustai dynasty, founded by Hatun Hulkarïm I Tolkustai. The Haganate capital of Talarïn is founded.

~3900 BLC: The early city-states of the Uratemba begin to emerge. Mukotange is founded and is one of the earliest cities on Pakate to be built from stone.

~3000 BLC: The dual gods Moqos-Yorunnos, likely with assistance from many other deities, construct the Dawn Beacons, two anchoring points for an unimaginably complex array of transmundane mathematics that act as a cosmic barrier preventing the entry of any more deities into the cosmos around Muka. Wizards come to recognize the existence of these anchors, and worship of them as two minor gods, called the Sweirai by the Perqai, becomes widespread.

~2800 BLC: The city-states of the Ashibtu begin to emerge. The first dedicated places of learning for non-divine magic are likely founded.  

~2400 BLC: The horse is first domesticated.

~1800 BLC: Metalworking begins somewhere on Pakate. 

1200 BLC: By this point, much of Pakate is familiar with the casting of bronze.  

~800 BLC: Written language first emerges on Pakate. Three distinct writing systems are developed: one by the Achak, one by the Uratemba, and one by the Ultïntar. Most written language on Pakate today is either derived from or heavily influenced by one of these three systems.

~700 BLC: The Pibbern discover how to smelt iron. The chariot is invented.

680 BLC: The Ultïn Haganate, making use of advanced bronze military technology and early chariots, conquers much of central Pakate. At the peak of their empire, their holdings represent nearly one third of the continent’s landmass.

400 BLC: The Achak people learn how to use the magically-preserved spirits of their ancestors to imbue their warriors with ghostly power. The Ultïntar abandon the forests of Prai Staeng Hao and Prai Klar Chrantaet to focus on holding the Moldweru, an invaluable source of timber, against the Perqai.

350 BLC: The Prekstai use magic to temporarily make all the plants in the Moldweru extremely poisonous. The Haganate abandons the forest to focus on holding the mountains to their east.

200 BLC: By this point, most magical and priestly traditions on Pakate have developed to largely resemble their modern forms.  

140 BLC: The Pibbern construct several dozen Nilpin Brillimp, confluence-towers, allowing safe travel between the surface world and the Pibbern Warren. Most are abandoned and fall into ruin as the Pibbern discover that the surface world is not as interesting as they had hoped.

60 BLC: Northern raiders – perhaps Medgas in origin – begin to harass the city-states of the Uratemba. 

0 ALC: The poet-king Vidzo, honey-tongued child of a traveling merchant, convinces the leaders of the Uratemba city-states to unify into one state in order to repel the raiders. His plea is made in the form of a song; they are so impressed with his poetry that they unanimously elect him king of their new state, called the Uratemba Paramountcy. Mukotange, seat of the most influential among the old city-states, is selected as its capital.

40 ALC: The Uratemba Paramountcy conquers the islands to their west. They begin to expand northward.

216 ALC: The Paramountcy stops its conquest. The Chambered Seas and Idinu-Mush-Ut mark the borders of their territory. 

200-400 ALC: The Paramountcy grows wealthy from trade in the Chambered Seas and begins to develop ambitions to conquer their northern coasts.

491 ALC: An influential organization of disgruntled nobles and powerful wizards forces Kupongesi Ya Vidzo, final monarch of the Uratemba, to abdicate the throne. The Paramountcy becomes the Hegemon, ruled by a senate rather than a monarch. Senate membership draws heavily from the noble families of the Uratemba, and wizards, much to their disappointment, are prohibited from holding political office.

~520 ALC: The Uratemba discover the secret of smelting zvachosimbi.

547 ALC: Instituting several reforms to their military and equipping their soldiers with weapons and armor of zvachosimbi, the Hegemon conquers Idinu-Mush-Ut and Gam-Riktu from the Haganate with little difficulty.

606 ALC: The siege of Dannu-Meru ends with victory for the Hegemon. The realm of the Ashibtu is now fully under Uratemba control.

650 ALC: The Uratemba Hegemon makes contact with the continent to their east, which they learn is called Yakni. Though the inhabitants of Pakate had been made aware of this continent through magical observation centuries ago, no successful voyage had yet been made to its landmass. Dignitaries from the city of Tichay Puk on Yakni visit Mukotange and offer the Uratemba very profitable trade opportunities in exchange for zvachosimbi.

650-732 ALC: The city of Tichay Puk equips mercenary armies with foreign zvachosimbi and expands its territories by a factor of more than ten, becoming the dominant political entity in the far south of Yakni.

690-698 ALC: The Uratemba Hegemon conquers Bweikstanom and moves on to take several islands from the Warosmai.

712 ALC: Warrenlord Tilb IV of the Pibbern contacts several of Pakate’s most influential leaders and extends his greetings to them. The Pibbern Warren begins construction of two massive elevators powered by Pibbern magic outside the cities of Mukotange and Krong Saraob.

729 ALC: Sporadic raids by well-armed warriors and competent battle-wizards from the Perqas tribes begin to harass the Hegemon’s northern border. 

732 ALC: Hatun Tïrïmek II Japïlak takes the throne of the Ultïn Haganate after her father abdicates due to illness. She claims she has secret plans to reclaim her nation’s land lost to foreign invaders over the past several centuries and assigns an absurd number of wizards to her court at Talarïn.


420! = 1 179 832 395 293 178 259 148 587 778 443 982 767 423 908 163 629 667 689 799 210 969 550 884 231 351 169 347 804 766 799 500 510 294 050 388 349 696 532 084 729 374 087 533 384 204 019 322 892 961 178 819 464 698 121 263 533 012 685 335 273 004 294 789 382 652 477 324 465 427 001 701 326 230 145 911 466 316 029 644 714 371 748 823 861 128 004 214 806 081 770 714 277 374 544 632 880 180 009 063 325 310 867 611 466 814 559 562 175 609 414 340 177 417 478 580 290 981 292 661 586 700 768 075 544 788 360 242 053 436 899 439 186 009 859 147 147 653 878 644 064 667 799 709 427 693 731 208 035 920 284 052 203 131 022 083 688 425 805 265 631 534 978 481 761 954 009 800 546 844 281 261 649 619 610 291 306 374 918 025 956 972 209 823 833 523 561 696 079 181 976 208 783 662 818 235 613 615 149 296 343 931 089 295 234 402 130 043 253 489 826 928 097 199 211 074 340 929 916 161 625 854 705 227 595 565 090 740 962 113 793 308 742 649 598 603 963 747 960 941 063 835 474 664 306 971 892 700 806

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Notes: For the lovely @palmettomonsters for the @aftgexchange. She asked for andreil and road trips and that’s all I could think of. I was listening to Troye Sivan’s Wild while writing this. Hope you like it!

Length: ~1k

Summary: Sometimes home didn’t mean a place. Sometimes home was a person, or a feeling. And for Neil, a wild creature, home would always be the wild feelings that Andrew evoked on him.

Also on AO3

It was the small things.

It was Andrew looking at Neil and fighting a smile. Andrew’s fingertips brushing Neil’s as he handed him the packet of cigarettes. It was the way Andrew’s hand lazily gripped the steering wheel.

It was Andrew’s slightly parted lips before speaking.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

It was the quirk in his mouth, betraying his words.

“Or what?”

Neil lighted his cigarette and shifted his gaze back up at the other boy.

It was Andrew’s teeth unconsciously biting his lower lip.

Andrew smiled devilishly.

It was the small things that drove Neil wild.

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Our Whole Life Is A Prank: Jack Barakat

Okay so this might sound weird, but could you do an imagine in which y/n is Alex’s sister, and he’s been really overprotective and annoying lately, so y/n and Jack decide to make him think they’re together when they’re really just friends? But things kind of spiral and they realize they actually like each other? Lol I hope this makes sense! Either way, you’re such good writers that it’ll be beautiful regardless ☺️


You and Jack sat on the side of your daughters bed. She said she wasn’t tired yet, so the three of you were just talking.

“We pulled a prank on my brother, your Uncle Alex time time. We made him think we were together.”

“Oh my God.” Jack whispered. “Our whole life’s been a prank!”


Day 1:

You and Jack sat in the lounge of the tour bus playing video games.

Alex, your older brother walked in and sat between the two of you. You and Jack had been sitting pretty close, so he really just sat in both if you.

“Alex, what the fuck?” You threw your hands up, as he had caused you to lose, and Jack to win.

“You were sitting too close. Go put some clothes on!”

You looked down at yourself. You were still in your pajamas: just your underwear and a long shirt.
You rolled your eyes, but left anyways. After changing into leggings and a baggy sweatshirt you had stolen from him years ago. You returned to find only Alex.

“What was that all about, Lex?” You asked. “We were just playing video games.”

“Yeah, but you know Jack, he’s a little…”


“Yeah. Plus, you’re my baby sister.”

“Lex. Two years. Only two years.”

“Hey. Seven hundred and thirty days.”

“You’re only trying to make it seem longer.”

“You are correct.”

Jack appeared in the doorway. “Hey, Y/N? Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Sure.” You stick out your tongue at Alex, who rolled his eyes and walked out. “LOVE YOU!” You called after him.

“I KNOW!” He shouted back.

“Yes, Jack?” You asked, sitting down.

“I heard what Alex said to you.”


“Wanna piss him off?”

“More than anything I’ve ever wanted ever.” You spoke slowly.

“Fake date?”

“Fake date.” You grinned.


You watched Alex out of the corner of your eye as Jack put his arm around your waist as you and the guys walked to a nearby coffee place. You leaned into him, hoping to get a reaction, but Alex did nothing. He looked pissed, yeah. But he didn’t say anything. Still watching your brother, you grabbed Jack’s hand and kissed his cheek. Alex groaned loudly and stepped between you two.

“Enough, no. No more of… what ever this is.” He gestured to you and Jack. “FUCK!”

You and Jack both cracked up, almost falling over from laughing so hard. Still laughing, the two of you fist bumped.

“What’s happening?” You heard Zach whisper to Rian.

“What?” Alex asked, his voice strained. “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing. Nothing.” You waved your hand in dismissal, still laighing slightly. Then you turned to Jack and whispered, “What’s next?”

Day 2:

You pulled Jack into your bunk and straddled him. You felt your cheeks warm up as you realized how you were sititng on him, in a VERY SEXUAL WAY. ‘Its just Jack’ you told yourself. You messed up his hair, then your own. Then you smacked your hand on the wall.

“What the…” You heard Alex walk to the bunk area. Waiting until he was right outside your bunk, Jack let out a loud moan.

Alex flipped out. “NO. NO. GOD DAMN IT, FUCK!”

You suppressed a laugh and looked down at Jack who was grinning massively.

“Jack!” You moaned. That’s when Alex pulled the curtain open and pulled you out. You were laughing so hard you couldn’t breathe. When he set you down, you collapsed on the floor. You heard Jack cackling in your bunk.

“Why are you laughing?” Alex cried exasperated.

“You……..” You tried to explain but ended in a another fit of laughter.

“This was a joke. Wasn’t it?” Alex asked. Zach and Rian looked up grinning. You guessed Jack had told them before hand, or just weren’t dumb enough to actually believe it.

Probably both.

“YEP!” Jack shouted triumphantly.

“You guys are the worst.” Alex muttered, turning and walking off.

“That was awesome.” Rian high fived the both if you.


It had been a few weeks since you and Jack messed with Alex.

You stood back stage, watching your best friends and brither perform their last song. You found yourself staring at Jack quite a few times. How he ran around the stage, how happy he was, his smile…

You shook your head. ‘Its just Jack, you’ve known him forever.’ You thought to yourself, turning to watch the others, not just Jack. You couldn’t start liking him now, he’s your brothers best friend! Alex would flip, you knew that much based on what happened when you and Jack had pretended to be together.

You shook your head. You didn’t like Jack. You sighed and sat down against one of the huge speakers.

You remembered the butterflies you felt when you and Jack were in your bunk, how he made you feel…

Just utterly happy.

You put your head in your hands. 'Just forget it. This is Jack. You don’t like him, you just think you do.’

You stood up and took a deep breath. 'Forget it.’

The guys finally finished their set and ran off stage. Alex hugged you tight.

“Aw, Lex!” You scrunched up your nose. “You need a shower!”

Before you could stop them, Jack, Rian and Zach all hugged you, despite the sweat.

“Ew!” You said, laughing. You felt Zach kiss you on the cheek, a friendly gesture he’d always done.

You heard the boys run off, but someone was still hugging you.

You opened your eyes to dind that Jack was still there with a silly grin plastered on his face.

“Uh, Jack?” You raised your eyebrows. “You can let go now.”


“Jack.” You said again, cheeks flaming from how close he was.


“You’re still hugging me.”

“You love it.“He said, standing back up.

"Sure.” You nodded sarcastically.

“You did.” He said slowly.

“Excuse me?”

“Can you even feel how fast your your is beating right now?” He laughed. “I’m pretty sure the others noticed it when they hugged you, too.”

“It’s not beating fast.” You rolled your eyes and turned away.

“Really? So if I were to kiss you, nothing would happen?”

“If you were to what-” Jack cut you off by pressing his lips to your. That little shit. You placed your hands on his shoulders and stood up in the tips of your toes and kissed him back.

“I told you.” Jack said as he pulled back, smirking.

That cheeky little shit.


“And that is how your father forced me to love him.” You concluded. Your daughter stared at you.

“What!? Wow.” Jack rolled his eyes.

“I’m kidding, I love you!” 


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