two hug day


Preparing for cold winters by always staying warm  ♡

Voltron shipping in a nutshell

Klance: Brings the opposites attract and the love/hate dynamic to its limits, MUTUAL PINING


Hance: Bros before hoes 一OH WAIT THERES NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO, hugs all day

Shallura: space power couple, has like 4 kids to feed, “conquered the universe last tuesday now what’s next”

Shidge: cuddly, tol n smol dynamic, mostly a family kind of dynamic, pidge is somehow always riding on Shiro’s shoulders

Heith: a lot of hugging and crying, but also A LOT of mutual support. Anything involving Hunk is sweet and precious :)))

keidge/kidge: THEORY!!! CONFIRMED!!!!! EXPOSED!!!!! basically the alien couple, probably has 10 drawing boards in their room

Shance: the dad jokes duo, a lot of saving each other’s ass 24/7, suprisingly compatible, looks like a pure wholesome ship but actually have 20000 kinks

Lancelot: Romeo & Juliet. its a crackship but hey!! it works!! usually involving a kidnapped Lance

edit: there’s shance now

We all know Hunk is really warm, it’s those type of people that stay at a really sunny temperature even when it gets colder like in Autumn. So here’s a Hunk, just chilling with a fallen leaves CROWN and a nap pile of mice snuggling in his hand, keeping them really cozy. Not what most would think when “group hug” is mentioned :P

I was very busy for the first day of @hunkweek so I couldn’t make anything AND I WAS SO SAD so I sneaked a little bit of the first day theme in here. 

in total i bought four yugioh movie gold packs to get dark magician and dark magician girl


“Lamp Shade”

All puns aside, though I love both of these characters, I have a feeling they (or at least my versions of them) wouldn’t quite enjoy each other’s company–hence, this drawing! Plus, it was an excuse to keep drawing nerds in this style.

Art © @ticktocktimepiece 2016

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god i just…. i want everybody to listen to alvarez kings but i want you to listen to them live they’re so good and it’s such a difference the songs sound so soft recorded but then live its like,, so fucking amazing i cant even explain but christ they’re sooooooo good i love them

actually u can get a good idea from this here please listen to them im crying


fifteen thirteen day otp challenge  → day three four

favorite hug → no sanctuary reunion

Long distance relationship is one of the best relationships

It’s really sweet to see two patient hearts that are willing to wait because they think that everything is worth it anyway. Yes it’s hard not being together physically, you can not hold each other hands. You can not kiss and hug each other, but still you know that one day you will.