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This is random but I had this dream that Drarry had a class together and they each thought the other is really cute but they don't know who each other are so they keep passing notes in class until they work up the courage to speak to each other. Do you think you could write something about that? I just thought it was cute.

Harry was expecting his “experimental” phase of University to happen during the first class on his first day. But as he walked into the lecture hall and sat down, he noticed an extremely hot blond guy sitting two seats down. The moment Harry saw him, his first internal thought was “bollocks, I think I’m kind of gay.” 

He’d had an inclination towards blokes before. There had been a guy at his previous school, Cedric, that had been really fit and nice. 

This new blond guy though…Holy crap. 

Before he had a chance to talk, the professor walked in and started the class. Professor Binns was the very definition of dull and Harry quickly zoned out, his attention going back to the guy two seats down. There was no one sitting between them so Harry had a very good view of him. And he was striking. 

Harry got out a piece of paper and quickly scribbled on it. 

Hi, I’m Harry. 

He passed the note over and watched the blond’s reaction. He glanced over and then began to write something back. 

What of it? 

Harry had to admit he was a bit disappointed. He had hoped for something a little more encouraging than that. 

Just saying hello. Trying to be friendly and all that. 

He waited patiently for the note to be returned to him. 

And your “friendliness” has nothing to do with the fact that you’ve been staring at me this whole time? 

Can you blame me? 

Do you send notes to all the men you find attractive in your classes or am I a special case? 

Special case. Definitely. 

My name is Draco. 

Harry took it as a personal victory that Draco had revealed his name. It felt like it had been hard won and the start of something exciting.  Whenever they were in Binns’ class together they were always passing notes. Harry had started to look forward to his history class most of all, not because of the content or the professor, but because it was the only one he shared with Draco. 

Because the class was at eight in the morning, Harry started bringing coffee in for the two of them. In response, Draco started bringing in breakfast, either granola bars or muffins. 

They also sat side by side, no chairs between them. 

But they had also never spoken, only communicating through their notes. Unfortunately because the class was so early, neither of them ever got there with time to chat before Binns was talking. 

Finally, after nearly a month, Harry decided he was going to talk to Draco for real. He showed up for class ten minutes early and watched the door for that familiar blond. He was disappointed when class started and Draco still wasn’t there. 

He was worried when fifteen minutes passed and Draco still wasn’t there. Five minutes later, Draco finally slipped into the seat next to Harry with an apologetic smile and a chocolate chip muffin. He slid the muffin over to Harry and took a sip of his coffee like he was desperate for the caffeine. 

Harry ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook for them to write on. 

Everything okay? 

Yes. My father called this morning and talked for about an hour. 

About what? 

He had some choice words to say about my major. 

What’s wrong with medicine? 

He wants me to study law.

He shouldn’t really get a say in it, right? I mean it’s your future. 

His money. 

Tell him if he doesn’t back off you’ll drop out of school and go work at McDonald’s. 

Beside him, Draco laughed and Harry felt relieved. Draco had looked so distraught when he’d first walked in and Harry was glad to ease some of the tension. He glanced at Binns at the front of the lecture hall, droning on and on about the Spanish Inquisition, and then back at Draco. 

Grabbing his stuff, he tugged at Draco and the two of them made a break for it out the back. They were both laughing as they ran away and towards the center of campus. They ended up outside the library, leaning against each other for support as they continued laughing. 

“Do you think Binns noticed?” Harry asked, struggling to regain his breath.

Draco grinned. “I think he’s too in love with the sound of his own voice to notice anything else.”

Harry’s lips curled up into a smile. “We’re having an actual conversation!” he noted excitedly. 

“So we are.”

Harry glanced up at Draco, they were still standing so close. Harry experimentally put his hand on Draco’s hip to see what Draco would do. But Draco’s face was a complete mask and Harry felt a bit foolish. “Draco, I -”

Harry didn’t get a chance to apologize because Draco leaned down and pressed their lips together. Harry gasped and then pulled Draco closer, their bodies fitting against each other. Harry opened his mouth and allowed Draco to deepen the kiss, his tongue slipping in, hot and slick against Harry’s own, tasting of coffee and chocolate. 

Draco hummed in appreciation and brought his hands up against the wall, blocking Harry in. Harry didn’t mind, he had no intention of going anywhere. He grabbed Draco’s other hips and pulled Draco flush against him. 

When Draco eventually pulled away, Harry dropped his head back against the brick of the library building and panted with Draco buried his head in the crook of Harry’s neck. “Fuck, I’ve been wanting to do that since the first day of class.”

Harry grinned. “Why didn’t you?”

“It seemed impolite to snog a bloke I’d never spoken to.”

Harry laughed. “Good thing I thought to send you that note, eh?”

“I was going to introduce myself after class anyways,” Draco insisted, nuzzling Harry affectionately.

“Yeah, sure you were,” Harry teased, running his fingers through Draco’s hair. “We’ve been oh so verbal with each other.”

Draco snorted. “Perhaps I prefer to use my mouth for more important things than talking,” he purred lowly, sucking a mark onto Harry’s neck and making Harry shiver in response.

“I’m fine with less talking,” Harry said breathlessly, tugging Draco up and kissing him again. 

Draco smiled against the kiss and brought his hand up to Harry’s face, gently drawing on Harry’s cheek with his finger. It took Harry a moment to realize what he was writing over and over. 


Harry chuckled against Draco’s lips and wrote with his finger on the nape of Draco’s neck.