two heads are better

Two Heads Are NOT Better Than One

[Context: a friend and I are playing a pair of identical twins in a Pathfinder game, with all the expected nonsense. Everyone in the party is a kineticist of varying elements. Twin #1 is water/ice, and Twin #2 is fire. We are currently being trained by a more experienced kineticist, who is throwing things at us.]

DM: Ok Kadara (Twin #1), that was a really good shot and she was impressed.

Kadena (Twin #2): I run over and high five him!

DM: All right, now she’s firing back. You see a wave of earth coming at you both. Roll reflex.

Twins: Oh shit! *both roll nat 20s* Hell yeah!

DM: …..Wow. You both make shields out of your elements (fire and water), and it’s so perfect you even manage to merge them together into a solid wall of steam. It’s amazing.

Twins: Yeah! Ok, we’re gonna go back to messing with each other now.

Kadara (Twin #1): I want to make ice to make my brother slip. *rolls nat 1*

Kadena (Twin #2): Ha! i’ll roll to dodge! *also rolls nat 1* CRAP.

DM: Kadena (Twin #2) you go flat on your ass, Kadara (Twin #1) you face plant. Good job, boys.

Moral of the story: the dice approve of twin shenanigans.


Speculation I’ve seen about the “it’s never twins” thing, in no particular order and with zero judgement attached (I just wanted to list all the twin theories I’ve seen so far):

  • Sherlock has a twin (Sherrinford)
  • The Lady in Red/E IS Sherlock’s twin (Sherrinford)
  • The Lady in Red and E are twins
  • John has a twin/was replaced by a twin (possibly Harry, who he lied about being a sister)
  • Jim Moriarty has a twin
  • Mary has a twin/Mary’s twin died rather than Mary

I honestly think a twin will play into this story arc but I have no idea which theories/which twin it could be. Fun!

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So yeah, hopefully none of these will be blank eventually. Please feel free to request things! I absolutely love writing things for you guys! x

More art + some sort of small ficlet under the cut!


You had to hand it to the Pink Girl, sometimes she did have some good ideas. Not that she realized it, of course, but what could you expect from a mere child? She said whatever went through her mind and didn’t think much, but to someone brilliant enough, that incessant blabbering could give birth to some interesting ideas.

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when i write i write in scenes & when i save them the first sentence ends up the name of the file to remind me which scene i’ve written.  my brother prints them out for me & brings them by for me to edit & yesterday i called him up to ask him to add page numbers because i’d forgotten.  since i’d sent him three separate e-mails with a file each, & we’d had a miscommunication in the past, he made sure they were all files i wanted printed.

hearing my younger brother say “eunsook swiveled her hips” is a sentence i NEVER want to hear again & has been haunting me for the last twenty-four hours.


Thank you.

tifa week
 ↳day four // favorite relationship

I’m dressing as Sonny from Rock and Riot for Halloween!

Head cannons for JunexRick wedding

Cause I need more and there’s never enough!!!

• Rick proposed to June immediately after the events of the movie; he saw the dream that Enchantress showed him and he’s going to make it a reality. Plus, you don’t go through all /that/ and not propose
• Rick is content with just sending the Squad “Save the Date” cards that he fully intends none of them to make it to the wedding–to his horror June thinks it’s a great idea and pushes to have strings pulled to get the team to attend
• Waller does it, cause she owes the couple, but Flag still doesn’t invite her; quite the opposite he bans her
• She still sends a wedding gift: vacation days for Flag for their honeymoon
• The Squad is strapped and escorted to the wedding and they sit in the front in their own third row, neither for the groom or bride because each sides’ family is terrified
• Flag takes pity on the team and has them released but only if they swear not to ruin June’s big day–he threatens Enchantress will return if any of them do and only Captain Boomerang believes him but none test him
• Harley guilts June into becoming a bridesmaid of hers last minute–she does her make up, pushes her way to become MoH, and catches the bouquet (foul play may have been involved)
• Croc gets the couple the best wedding gift–and the most sentimental card that they read privately and put on their mantle place in their home: the rest of the Squad desperately try to find out what it says
• Deadshot tries but fails to hide his tears when Rick asks if Zoe will be the flower girl, and he’s so proud to see his little girl walk the aisle and nods encouragingly when nearby ladies comment how she’s the cutest little girl
• He holds a gun to Digger’s temple when the Aussie notes that the next time Zoe walks this aisle she’ll be marrying some bloke who will–“say one more word more, Harkness….”
• Boomerang missed most of the wedding hanging at the open bar but cries the hardest at the vows and upon seeing June’s dress–he was the top contender to catching the bouquet before Harley beat him for it (literally)
• SEALs hoot and holler whenever Flag has to take the garter off June with his teeth and the couple find it incredibly embarrassing especially when Harley is shouting the loudest and encouraging the military boys’ comments
• June dances with everyone of the Squad members–she’s the first to dance with Croc as no one else will approach him but after he dances with the bride a few brave souls take a chance on him: her dance with Floyd is cut short because Floyd is paranoid leaving Zoe alone for too long and has a Father/Daughter dance every dance the entire night: Harley swing dances with June during a waltz: Boomerang also has a short dance because two comments in and after non stop flirting and trying to coerce June to leave Flag, Flag steps in and keeps his eye on Digger for the rest of the night
•Until Katanna takes over babysitting Digger (her wedding gift to Flag and June)
• When the Squad has to go back, Flag personally thanks them and when Harley catches sight of the year in his eyes she immediately jumps on that and from then on the Squad teases during missions that Flag secretly loves them
• He denies it, but personally delivers his and June’s Thank You letters and even sends them postcards from their honeymoon
• Joker sends a gift but again Flag tosses (burns) it without opening