two hands revy


Revy initially is and appears to be tough, savage and strong-minded, her exterior actually covers up a profound lack of inner-strength and fear of the powerlessness she felt as a child, and her independence is actually more of a reactive attachment disorder, alienating others as much as possible to prevent the exposure of her own weakness and vulnerability.
Revy is considerably warmer and more empathetic towards Rock, becoming more concerned and protective of him. 

This video i made of her is to try and show people that do not understand her, that Revy is a very powerful character that also is afraid. Afraid of being betrayed, and loosing the people she cares about. (Really just Rock though)

I think this scene alone is evidence enough that Revy worries too much about Roanapur changing Rock. Sure, his marks as a salaryman in Tokyo didn’t literally have a gun to his head, but he’s always had a mind for strategy and known exactly what he needs to say to get what he wants when he’s truly motivated or backed into a corner.

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