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James/Thomas Appreciation Week

Day 3Favourite episode -> XIII 

Men like Thomas need men like you. To protect them from the world.


My drow wizard (divination) boy from a D&D campaign I’ve been playing with friends… He literally lost his left hand/lower forearm in a session just two days ago so I had to redraw this ref, lmao. It’s cool he uses Mage Hand instead now! He’s also got a kickass broken zweihander that he uses as a wand/arcane focus…

ANYHOW. His name is Indrik Moonthrone and he’s Lawful Evil and he loves to drink and smoke and read books and yell at the people around him >:3c

justlex hc ??

before they were dating justin would always try to subtly get alex to take off clothes like “alex wanna go for a swim” “those aren’t high waisted sweatpants, standall, you can tug them down a little” or maybe he accidentally walks in on alex in the locker rooms (too many times) and perhaps alex would notice and one day he lounges around bryce’s pool shirtless (i like to believe bryce went to jail but justin and the guys still crash around there bc bryces parents were never home anyways and the maids like them) but instead of loving shirtless alex justin’s a bit jealous that everyone else can see alex half naked and (after a beer or two) sweeps alex away inside the pool house away from the guys which makes alex ????? but justin, once they are out of sight, just reaches his hand out to touch the fragile boys chest and curling both hands possessively around his sides and just letting his hands guide him up and down “you’re a skinny motherfucker” “you suck at flirting” an then justin laughs n he leans forward to kiss alex who obviously obliges

There are times Yuuri feels so full he fears bursting at any moment. Sometimes it’s from anxiety, sometimes from stress and, sometimes, an unholy combination of the two. Once in a while he wonders what would leak if he could honest-to-God explode, like a time bomb going off after 24 years of delay, instead of keeping it all inside until it makes him sick.

Now, lying in a queen-sized bed with Victor in his arms and tracing his features with careful fingers, he wonders again why he never thought that could happen with love, too.

With a happy sound, Victor scoots closer to him, burying his nose on Yuuri’s shirt. Yuuri moves his hand, tangles his fingers in Victor’s hair.

“I could stay like this forever”, says Victor, hand tracing lazy circles on Yuuri’s back.

Once again, Yuuri imagines himself exploding, but this time what spills out of him is pure light.

He presses his lips against Victor’s - one, two, three, ten, twenty, a hundred times, a million times.

“Then stay”, he whispers between kisses. “Please, stay.”

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i’ve seen so many posts about how parents never stay together, or if they do stay together they’re not happy or in love, so here are some cute/important things my parents do after being married for 26 years:

-my dad still opens doors for my mom, this extends to the car door, which he also does for me.
-they hold hands across the center console when they’re driving.
-my dad is really ticklish so my mom sometimes comes up behind him and pokes him in the sides. then he usually ends up chasing her around the living room while she squeals.
-they watch tv together. this seems like a small thing, but they have shows they both genuinely enjoy, and then they each watch shows just because the other likes it. like my dad watches vanderpump rules and other trashy reality shows cuz he knows my mom likes to watch and laugh at it.
-they go on vacations together and take pictures of each other with captions like, “look at my hot wife!” and, “what a handsome guy”
-they always exchange cards for birthdays/valentine’s day/anniversary, and they are both equally likely to cry.
-they go to spin class together and make sure to save a bike next to each other in case they have to drive separately.
-they make a conscious effort to honor their love languages. for example, my mom is NOT touchy feely at all, ever. but my dad’s love language is touch, so she makes an effort to hug him and put her arm around him and stuff cuz she knows it means a lot to him.
-they bought some random shooting game for our wii and stayed up late every night for over a month playing and trying to beat it.
-my mom only holds my dad’s two middle fingers when they hold hands, cuz her hands are too small for them to comfortably intertwine their fingers.

anyways, marriage is hard, but it’s absolutely possible to marry your best friend and be blissfully happy almost 30 years later ❤️

First Dates w Seventeen: Soonyoung/Hoshi
  • So you and Soonyoung knew each other from childhood
  • You always enjoyed going over to his farm and helping him out with the animals
  • Heartbreakingly enough, you had to move away from that area of the country because it just wasn’t the place for your family anymore
  • Turned out the best place for them would be in a bigger city
  • So the two of you had to part ways when you were eight years old
  • And, because you were eight, you didn’t really keep consistent contact with one another
  • But you never forgot each other
  • Your thoughts always seemed to drift to him whenever you were cooking eggs in the morning, and you always seemed to feel forlorn about the fact that the two of you never kept contact
  • You’d wonder if he ever thought about you, but you’d just get on with your day
  • Until one day, you were just chilling in line at your favourite coffee joint, when there’s this guy staring at you
  • At first you don’t really think much of it; he looks like he’s deep in thought, so you just think that he hasn’t noticed he’s looking at you
  • But like. He’s still looking, even after you’ve gotten your coffee and you’re starting to get freaked out
  • You don’t know if you should approach him or not
  • So you just sort of glare at him and hope that that’ll scare him off
  • Instead, his eyes widen in alarm
  • And then he starts making his way over to you
  • And you’re like oH NO
  • Because you really don’t want to deal with any bullshit this morning before going to work
  • But instead, this man walks up to you with the biggest, warmest smile
  • And you can’t help but think something is really familiar about it…
  • “Y/N? is that you?”
  • And you’re just like “what how do you know my name”
  • “it’s me! Soonyoung!”
  • You look at him for a second before being like hOLY SHIT IT IS HIM
  • How could you ever forget that eye smile?
  • And you’re
  • You’re so happy
  • You pull him into a back-breaking hug
  • And Chan looks between the two of you and says “hey, hyung, isn’t this the girl you said you had a massive crush on as a kid?”
  • And Soonyoung freaks out
  • And he’s like “no, no, no, it’s not like that!”
  • You just laugh and tell him it’s okay because. It’s Soonyoung. And you were like. Seven. So it doesn’t matter
  • You find it a little weird that a childhood crush was worth mentioning, but you don’t think much of it
  • So to your relief you and Soonyoung hit it off again
  • And it’s like you guys never stopped talking
  • And you’ve filled each other in on all the relevant things that have happened since you left and you guys are just super excited to be in each other’s lives again
  • And as much as neither of you want to admit it, the time you spend together is a lil excessive for people who are just friends
  • Like, the performance team rightfully misunderstands what’s going on and referred to you as Soonyoung’s date once and that was a mess
  • But you try your best not to think about it
  • Because, whether you like it or not, he’s grown up to be kinda attractive?
  • You know it’s kind of weird to think of him in that way, but you can’t help it?
  • Like, he’s fun to be around, and he’s quick-witted and he’s always so bright and cheerful and he always has a massive smile on his face and you just?? You always feel happy whenever you spend time with him
  • You actively look forward to spending time with him it’s usually the highlight of your day
  • And you’ve only been reunited for a few months you’re already Soonyoung Trash TM
  • But, unbeknownst to you, he’s You Trash TM

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Boys in Plaid || Peter Parker x Reader

i have no excuse for this drabble other than the fact that i love peter parker too much.

this isn’t a sequel to {{beloved season}} since I feel pretty torn about it. on one hand, i feel like it’s gr8 on its own, but on the other hand–

i wanna give peter the happy ending he deserves 。゚(TヮT)゚。

i’ll think about making a sequel later. Maybe it’ll happen sometime in the future but idk bc the original requester never really spoke about wanting it to be a two parter so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so to make it up for making any of you readers cry with {{beloved season}}, have a fluffy drabble with peter (●♡∀♡)

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine!!



[key: =reader’s text

=peter’s text]

boys in plaid are so cute.

really? you think so?

petey, i don’t just think so. I KNOW SO.

so are you saying that you’d date any guy, as long as he wore plaid??

welllll, i do have standards tho. not any guy can date me just from wearing plaids alone.

then what do you look for…in a boyfriend?

hhhhh i can’t believe im telling my best friend this (/ω\) okay what i look for in a bf is that he has to be super sweet with a genuine personality. like, he’s not a lowkey asshole when im alone with him and only a sweetheart in public, you feel???

he has to be like SUPPPEEERR SMART and he has to be willing to spoil me with cuddles and nights spent watching cheesy 80s movies (/ω\)

also boys who wear plaid with jeans and converses are my absolute weakness (/ω\) ♡ ♡

i see…


Peter Parker couldn’t help the wide grin that showed on his face after reading the series of texts between him and [Name]. He could practically feel his confidence skyrocketing to the roof because he finally had proof that he had a chance with her.

Setting his phone to the side, he stands and searches through his closet, picking out all of the plaid shirts that he could find before setting them aside.

Despite how foolish Peter felt about doing this, he knew that it would all be worth it in the end if he managed to have [Name] in his arms.


You go into Midtown the next day with a sluggish walk that usually came with Monday mornings. Internally groaning at having to deal with chemistry and lab first thing in the morning, you unlock your locker and pulled out a thick textbook, your lab workbook, and binder. The weight of each book was becoming uncomfortable against your arms, and you were struggling with closing your locker when you felt someone take away your stack of books from the side.

“Here, let me help you [Nickname].” Recognizing Peter’s voice, you face him, about to thank him when you felt your words die against your throat.

Holy shit, had Peter always been this fucking cute?! The boy was standing next to you, looking positively delectable as he wore a black and red patterned plaid shirt coupled along with a pair of jeans and his signature converses. The fact that he wasn’t covering the plaid shirt with his usual Midtown High hoodie made you see his physique as a whole in a totally different light.

As you stared at him, you were loving how broad his chest was as his left arm seemed to bulge a bit as he carried your books in one hand, making you nearly drool at how his veins were shown on his wrist.

“Oh my god, you’re so cute-” you catch yourself at the very last minute, feeling a deep blush paint your skin when you cover your mouth with your hand. You had just told Peter that he was cute!!! And that was the one thing you were absolutely terrified of admitting.

When you had texted Peter last night about your love for boys in plaid, you had unconsciously (and automatically) described Peter Benjamin Parker in near perfect detail. Only after you had sent those texts did you realize the error of your ways- however, you were confident that Peter was too nerdy to understand your (un)intentional description of him.

But the fact that he was in front of you, (dressed to absolute perfection in your favorite aesthetic) was making your knees weak as you shivered at his proximity. You should have known better, dammit. Peter had been your friend for years now, and there really wasn’t much you could hide from him.

Peter seemed pleased at your embarrassment as he shifted all of your books beneath his left arm. Using his right hand, he gently runs a finger down your face, stopping at your lips before lingering against them, “I’m so nervous right now, and I want nothing more than for you to finally put me out of my misery and be my girlfriend. If the fact that I literally spent some time the night before picking out this exact outfit in a pathetic attempt to get you to notice me isn’t enough proof that I’m already madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

You close your eyes and lean into the palm of his hand when he begins to caress your cheek, “Yeah? Well if the fact that I described you in perfect detail the night before isn’t proof that I’m madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

Peter laughs, the sound making your heart flutter when he leans down to place a quick kiss against your lips, “How about we both put each other out of our miseries right now and become that gross couple who hold hands and kiss all the time?”

You cutely scrunch up your nose before nuzzling Peter with it, laughing while staring into his sweet brown eyes, “I think I’d like that.”


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crystal getting goodbye kisses in 2x13

What’s In My Bag Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @simwithsparkles, thank you! When I saw I was tagged in this my inner wanna be beauty blogger screamed! I love it omg, lol!

I don’t usually go out for full days lately, so my go to bags are a little smaller than when I used one for college and stuff. 

Currently in my bag: anti bacterial hand gel, a hair tie, a salt packet (bc I have low blood preassure lol there’s one of those in all my bags), hand cream, sunglasses, kate spade wallet (yes I had to say the brand because <3), eyedrops because I wear contacts, and not one, not two, but THREE lipsticks (you can never have too many). *Not shown: phone, house keys.

This was so much fun omg, I’ll tag @randomcoffeesimmer @mysimblruniverse @unicorninthemosh @nadinemaee @wanderlust-sims @lunarian-sim @sandy-sims, do it if you feel like it! :)

   hey yall!   this group verse is actually happening at a pretty busy time for me, so for the first few weeks i might be popping on sporadically and would really appreciate updates/notifs on k!k!! that would really help me out and ensure my activity. sorry for any inconvenience i may cause!

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i may need a little more convincing ..... hmmmmmm... (do u have any fic recs? *is trash*)

u have come to the right courferre dumpster my friend

With All The Pretty People - this is my fave honestly, i reread it constantly. it reads like a fairy tale and is adorable and skdfjndsjgn

Under Your Skin - au where ferre is a tattoo artist and courf gets his first ink

In Your Hands - in which courf has a thing for ferre’s hands. pretty much porn without plot haha.

Heaven in a Wildflower - FLOWER SHOP AU

The Shortest Distance Between Two People - HONESTLY SO CUTE lmao these nerds start laughing during sex bc they’re adorable

As Fate Would Have It - food blog au

Love Goes Towards Love, As Schoolboys From Their Books - the best damn hogwarts au u will ever read, trust me on this. it’s almost complete, i think there’s like one or two chapters to go? the main pairing is exr but there’s a lot of courferre in there too, and just. read it. please.

I Know How to Love Only When You’re Holding Me- ace!courf!! and weddings!!! a really cute one <3

also i may have written a couple courferre drabbles myself over at my main blog. >.>

ENJOY (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

okay but if i make my inquisitor who tf is gonna b my egg wolf :/

Werewolf!Jin Part Two

So someone requested werewolf!Jin falling in love with a human and I thought it sounded really cute so without further ado, here is our lovely, ever so talented sweetheart, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka can we take a minute to talk about his hands bc I am a huge hand girl I love hands and his are just so wow like they’re unique and adorable and they’re beautiful can I just say that like they’re w o w wow the fingers are all long and nice and they look warm and he just seems like he’d be great at hand holding I love Jin and his hands

  • Part one is here, werewolf!Jin as a father is here
  • Falling in love with humans isn’t exactly forbidden but it also isn’t encouraged
  • It can be kinda tricky tbh
  • There have been countless times where the human finds out their lover is a werewolf and then breaks up with them
  • Werewolves fall d e e p so when their partner leaves, it’s crushing it just absolutely breaks their hearts
  • That’s actually the main reason they avoid dating humans bc there’s always a huge risk of them being rejected
  • There’s not really that risk when it comes to dating fellow werewolves so a lot of them just try to find their loves within their packs or packs that are close by
  • When werewolves do love someone though, that someone becomes their everything, human or not
  • Jin is the first of the boys to find his love
  • It starts off super casual, he has no intentions of falling in love
  • You two start off as friends who happen to be in the same class and have the mutual friend of Namjoon
  • The three of you hang out together a lot, whether it’s studying or getting something to eat or just chilling out together
  • But you start developing a crush on Jin bc he’s Jin
  • He’s lovely and a total sweetheart how do you not have a crush on him when he’s being all cute 25/8
  • Like this one time, all three of you are hanging out and it starts raining
  • Namjoon has a class to get to so he can’t drive you home (he’d been your ride to the café)
  • Jin, without a single bit of hesitation, gives you his jacket and is like I’ll give you a ride no problem
  • The entire car ride he’s making sure you’re all comfy like is the heater high enough do you like this song do you want to stop for food on the way
  • And despite the both of you being a bit drenched from having to run to his car in the rain, it’s actually a shit ton of fun
  • He makes you laugh and smile the entire time and it’s never awkward like he doesn’t push for conversation but he also doesn’t allow awkward silences and he balances it really well
  • At one point, he starts singing along to the radio and his voice is all soft and he’s giggling through most of it
  • And his laughter is so infectious so you have to laugh too and eventually you start singing along with him
  • You can feel your heart doing the thing and it’s just like here we go
  • It takes a while for either of you to make a move
  • Like the both of you spend months giving each other secret love filled looks and staring at each other’s hands while really just wanting to reach over and grab it
  • One day he takes your hand without realizing it bc werewolves tend to just rely on their instincts and his told him to hold your hand so that’s what he did
  • It all kinda just goes from there it’s really natural and simple and no one worries too much about it
  • It’s just a hey I like you, you like me, why not do something with that???
  • There is one thing he’s worrying about though
  • You’re human and he’s not and he’s really !!!! over how he’s gonna tell you
  • Here’s the thing, Jin is a really honest person like I don’t see Jin as someone who would lie about things like that
  • The second he realizes he’s in love with you, he starts thinking of ways he can tell you
  • Should he be upfront and just say it, get it over with?? Should he try to ease you into it?? Should he get Namjoon to help him??
  • In the end he decides it’s best to just be honest bc that’s what the both of you have always wanted from each other
  • He explains the entire situation to you, answers all of the questions you have
  • He’s completely honest with you and tells you all the good things about being a werewolf and all of the bad things
  • He’s like holding his breath bc he’s trying to figure out what your reaction is
  • You haven’t left yet so that’s a good sign but you also haven’t given much of a reaction like he’s just really curious as to what’s on your mind
  • He loved you with all of his lil heart and the thought of you leaving him over this was just no mm mm
  • You’re kinda ??? when he asks if you’re gonna leave bc that thought never even came to mind
  • “Why would I leave?? It’s a part of who you are it’s not like you can help the way you were born I still love you”
  • He honestly almost starts crying bc he’d grown up with stories of humans rejecting werewolves after finding out the truth and now you were staying and his lil heart is so so happy
  • He gets this huge smile on his face and he just hugs you really really tight
  • “Thank you”  

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If you wanted a certain topic, maybe you could elaborate on stuff like boy advice, her dating, etc. Those were so gOod though

ONG thank and YES I LOVE THESE TOPICS THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN (I’m gonna use the name Penny bc it’s easier)

— “Remember, if he makes you pay—”
— “Do NOT do anything more than kiss them on the first date I swear to—”
— “If he starts caressing your hand while you’re watching a movie LEAVE—”
— “If he dresses better than you—”
— Two-Bit always jumps on Penny’s bed and leans onto his hands
— As if they’re at a sleepover talking about boys
— It’s soo disturbing
— Two-Bit insisted on helping Penny pick out her outfit for her first date
— “Purple? God, no. This? Penny, are you alright? Have your eyes been checked, kid?”
— Two waited up for her to get home after the date
— And they talked about it, even tho Penny didn’t even like the boy that much
— Two-Bit tells her girl stories
— Including about his first date


Monsta x and make-out


  • he’ll be super shy?? like for real tho.. he’ll just give a little peck and start to giggle and blush so much.
  • he’ll hold your hands and keep some distance between you and him but soon enough he’ll get confident to bring you closer.
  • small and sweet kisses as he cups your face in his hands and he’ll mumble a thing or two against your lips saying he has to go but he just keeps kissing you
  • he wouldn’t be super dominant maybe a mix of the two?? he’ll let you straddle him and atm he’ll be red not bc he’s shy but bc he just wants you.
  • he’ll whisper a “i love u” in between the kisses bc he wants you to know he loves you soo much. 
  • little sighs will be heard from him and he’ll never go too far with you unless you want it.. and then it’ll be REAL GOOD


  • this little flirt will be soo mean to you i swear to god! he’ll tease you by leaving your lips and not kissing you  
  • he knows you want him and his kisses will be slow and never fast since he knows you want him to go fast
  • he’ll never give a proper kiss unless you pull him back and you can feel his smirk 
  • he’ll run his tongue over your lips and tug on the lower lip letting out a deep moan, also them neck bites.. have a good concealer or something bc there will be many of those.
  • he’ll for sure have you against the wall or the table where he can control you.
  • his kisses will leave you breathless 1000% and whenever he pulls back he’ll stare at your lips and kiss you more.
  • tbh he’ll be the type to have full out make-out session no matter what.. whether you’re getting late or he is.. nahhh he won’t let you go until he’s done.


  • sloppy kisses will be his thing, he’ll just attack your lips with them and hold your waist keeping you close to him.
  • he’ll let out a laugh or so and he’ll be smiling so much 
  • he’ll also let out a few words of you being too cute.
  • he’s a mix of cute and shy so he’ll be messy with his kisses but do know he wouldn’t hesitate to bite your lip or go down your neck and leave hickies.
  • he might leave your lips to give a smile and like stare?? bc you’re so cute to him  and ansdeflfemfwmfnwlnwm!!
  • he’ll keep kissing you and there will be shaky breaths and sighs 
  • he’ll whisper something but the kissing has both you occupied a little too much so no effs given 
  • hands brushing your arms or your back making you shiver.


  • he’ll be cocky af with his kisses you will literally feel his smile through the kisses
  • he won’t go easy on you, hands will be tangled up in your hair and puling you closer as he tugs on your lips.
  • lots and lots of TONGUE ACTION UP IN HERE and few deep moans and he’ll make sure to get a reaction from you too.
  • he’ll need to keep kissing you no matter what and the only time he’ll leave your lips is to get some air so he can kiss you more.
  • he’ll give a good mix of rough and soft kisses through out the session
  • so many neck bites!! like make sure you hide them or else the secret will be outt!! 


  • he’ll grip your hips tightly and make you wrap your legs around his waist and since his so tall.. he’ll get on his toes and TEASE YOU BY NOT LETTING YOU KISS BACK. this fucker
  • he will like to be in control so he’ll have your body pressed against his and not letting you go anytime soon
  • once the kissing begins it gets deeper and deeper.. so yeah he’ll kiss your jaw,your neck and nibble your collar bone and oh lord..
  • he’ll 100000% know your sweet spot and purposely kiss/bite there and just make you moan and groan.. srsly.. he ain’t making this easy
  • sighs against your lips and lots of lower lips being tugged, no games straight up hard kisses 
  • it’ll start with little pecks and then full kisses and he’s the type to give “i want you right now ”kisses.


  • he can’t keep his hands off you so hands will be all over your sides and back and maybe even under your shirt?!??
  • his kiss will be like a surprise and he’ll just kiss you soo much you won’t see it coming.
  • all soft and sensual af even though he seems the type to be rough his kisses for sure will be soft 
  • neck grabbing and pulling you closer by the waist, and many shaky sighs and if you gasp or moan umhmhmhm he’ll go harder 
  • soo many lip bites and neck kisses!! ohh man he won’t leave a inch of you that isn’t covered in hickies 
  • tease you by pulling back when the kissing got a little fast making you suffer..
  • lots of tugging and pulling up of shirts and holding your bare back and rubbing his thumb on your lower back..


  • he likes it real rough and messy, so expect alot of neck kisses and lip biting
  • hands running down your sides and gripping you by the waist tightly and pulling you closer as the kisses get heated 
  • dominating from the start to end and no breaks, just your lips pressed hard with his.
  • moans and groans from him and if you let out a moan he’ll laugh and tease you about it even moreee.
  • intimate, sensual, and heated aff
  • he will push you against the wall and just unnfff… srsly he’ll make you moan every now and then..
  • rough kisses which get softer or vice versa doesn’t matter he’ll be using lots of tongue
  • he’ll leave you with soo many hickies all over your neck and jaw so hide them real good gurll..

I feel it important to mention that 1) Yaelle is Haurchefant’s right hand and second in command and Corentiaux is third in charge and his left hand and 2) they both have really bad crushes on Haurchefant they do nothing about bc Haurchefant looks so happy with Steph and they know he’d feel bad about not returning the sentiment.

Family Trip at the Fair

A/N: So…I’ve been having dreams about the boys for the past couple of nights, so I thought I’d write about them. DO NOT JUDGE THEM BC DREAMS ARE WEIRD SOMETIMES. If it doesn’t make any sense in writing, it made perfect sense in my dream. Let’s begin with dream number two…

I watched as my two-year-old son pranced through the ball pit with a huge smile on his face. “Hi, momma!”

“Hello, my dear! Are you having fun?” I asked.

My son nodded and lifted his hands, asking me to pick him up. “Alright,” I said, holding him close. “Let’s go see daddy!”

I walked over to my husband, Luke, and handed him our son. “Hello, my love.” He said, kissing my forehead. “I saw this new activity over by the Ferris Wheel, and I was thinking we could go try it out as a family!” 

“So what exactly is it?” I asked, heading towards the area Luke was talking about. “Like, what will we be doing?”

“Well, do you see that black building up here?” Luke asked. “It is in there. Basically, we can get inside this glass box and they will play music of our choice. It’s supposed to be a new form of meditation. However, rumor has it that there is a big surprise that they won’t tell customers about.”

I laughed. “So, you basically just want to do this for the surprise…”

“Yeah, pretty much. But, children under three get in free!” He exclaimed, bouncing our son in his arms.

When we walked inside the building, a lady with long, black hair greeted us. “Hi, would you like to try our new - ohmigosh…are you Luke Hemmings?”

Luke smiled. “I am!”

“Oh, please come in and try our new activity! Free of charge, of course! In fact, we have a glass box big enough for a family of three right over here. Please follow me.” The lady said, trying to calm herself. “As you may know, you have an opportunity to choose any type of music you wish. Any suggestions?”

I looked at Luke and he smiled back at me. “Do you have 5 Seconds of Summer?” I joked.

“Absolutely!” The lady exclaimed. “Just climb into this box right here, and I will begin the relaxation method.”

Luke laid on the right side of the box, I laid on the left, and our son was snuggled up in between us.

Not long after the lady closed the glass box, 5 Seconds of Summer began quietly playing in the closed area.

“That is daddy’s music!” Our son smiled.

Luke and I nodded and closed our eyes, trying to relax. Eventually, we opened our eyes to see white smoke filling the box.

“Um, how is this relaxing?” I asked Luke. “I feel like they are going to suffocate and kill us!”

“Don’t question the process, [Y/N]. Just go with it. Besides, the sound of the smoke is quite relaxing!” Luke said, squirming to get in a comfortable position.

I closed my eyes, trying to take Luke’s advice. 

“Pink!” Our son said, pointing to the smoke.

I looked up and saw bright pink LED lights flashing from the top of the box. “Oh dear, this could be hazardous!” I said to myself.

“Calm down, m’love! Close your eyes and take deep breaths. It will all be okay.” Luke smiled.

After what seemed like a decade, the young lady arrived at our glass box and opened the door. “I hope that was a relaxing time for you! Please let us know by filling out one of our surveys located at the front desk. Please enjoy the rest of your time here at the fair!”

Luke was more than happy to jump out of the box and grab a survey sheet. I was just excited that I had made it out alive. I grabbed my son, and we walked over to Luke, who was still filling out the sheet. “I think we are going to get something to drink.” I said to Luke.

Not taking his eyes off of the survey form, Luke said, “Yeah…okay, cool. I’ll meet you guys there.”

Laughing, I took my son to the nearest food stand. “Daddy’s silly, huh?”

“Daddy’s silly!” He repeated, laughing.

“Well, I’m glad you had fun today! Now, let’s get you some food.” I said, smiling.

buy you a rose - (jily drabble) i actually don’t know what this is, i was listening to buy you a rose by AJR and suddenly i was writing. there was no plot in mind, literally no direction. just two little idiots and some background music. could be described as firsts and lasts w/ colors. hope you don’t hate it–if you do that’s cool too though. also, listen to AJR bc their music is rad af. 

james swears on his mother’s favorite blue sweater that he’s never seen eyes such a bright shade of green–like the color of the frogspawn in his father’s potions kits, or the stems of the roses he carefully grows for his mum in the back gardens. really, james hasn’t seen eyes that weren’t blue or brown and had assumed that it wasn’t possible for people to have eyes any other color–but he’s eleven and naive, cut him some slack. he wants to ask her if they’re her real eye color, (you can’t actually have eyes the color of clovers, and moss, and caterpillars) but he and his mum had discussed inside thoughts and outside thoughts for three hours yesterday and he really thinks she’d be disappointed if he couldn’t last a week without mixing the two up.

but really, her eyes can’t possibly be real.

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