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Flour Sack Baby (short story)

i couldn’t not write a quick story about the classic flour sack baby project and our favorite cinnamon rolls




it was the fifth time Adrien dropped Petunia, their project, that counted for 60% of their grade

“please just try and be more careful”

Marinette said plucking the heavy sack from the bakery floor and blowing away the evidence.

“i’m not very good at this nurture thing, i’m gonna be the reason we fail”

Adrien said, still crumpled on the floor.

“i’m so sorry Marinette”

She thought that this project was a gift from some god above her, she got to spend all this time with Adrien and be with him for hours on end, now it just seems more stressful than blissful. But at the same time she pitied him. He didn’t have any brothers or sisters, but then again neither did she, all Marinette did was babysit from time to time. But Adrien didn’t have anything, a loving family, a sibling, he didn’t even have the opportunity to babysit any child. it just broke her heart to see him beat himself up.

“it’s okay”

She wanted to touch him, to offer some comfort, but she couldn’t muster up the courage.

He got the comfort himself by leaning his head into her shoulder and letting out the biggest sigh of his life, making Marinette as stiff as a board.

“here, let me try and put this in a better scenario”

She needed to say something so this head leaning thing didn’t become awkward.

“let’s pretend that this isn’t a baby, but a-ah-”

“a cat” he mumbled

“yeah! a cat! Think of it more as a pet than a baby, or a baby kitten!”

“Okay, i think that can work” She helped him to his feet and brushed whatever flour had gotten on him.

He sauntered over to where the sack was sitting on the floor, picking it up with both hands instead of one like he’s been doing. “i’m not going to drop you anymore, i promise”

Marinette giggled.

“What’s so funny?”


The next couple of days went swimmingly. Adrien hadn’t dropped Petunia once and they aced the midway check-up. He was learning slowly but surely, he even drew a little face on the bag. After spending all this time together Marinette’s parents invited Adrien over for dinner, after much protest from Marinette her parents insisted. They were only halfway through dinner and thunder bolts cracked across the sky.

“are you sure you don’t want to stay here for the night Adrien? That thunder storm seems very violent”


Marinette hissed

Adrien turned around in his seat and looked out the window, it was down pouring.

“Let me ask my father”

Marinette let out a sigh of relief

there is no way his father would ever let hi-

“He said it’s okay, so i guess i’m sleeping on the couch?” He said, shooting a cheeky grin to Marinette.

“Oh! i’ll go grab a pillow for you sweetie, Marinette go into our room and get some of your father’s pajamas for Adrien please”

She scurried off into the other room and rummaged through her father’s drawers to see if there was anything that could even fit Adrien.

But the same thought kept running through her head

Adrien Agreste is spending the night at your house, what?

“Marinette! Have you found anything?!”

Her mother was shouting for her, snapping her out of her fan girl day dream.


She grabbed the smallest pair of flannel pajama pants and one of Papa’s old shirts from high school, nothing else would fit him

“Yeah Petunia is quite the handful”

Marinette heard Adrien talking down the hallway. She could see him sitting with Petunia in his lap, talking with Papa.

“I have to admit i’m probably the worst candidate to be a parent but Marinette? She’s going to be a fantastic mother” Adrien said, while blushing like an idiot.

“Here’s some clothes for you”

“Oh, thanks”

Her parents both stood there admiring the two, until Marinette shot them a harsh look saying to back off.

“Well we’re off to bed, it’s your dish night Marinette so no going to bed until their finished” Papa shook his finger at her.

“I got it”

And then they were alone.

Marinette immediately ran over to the sink to avoid any conversation with him, she always managed to make things awkward whenever she was around him.

She jumped about ten feet in the air when she saw two more hands dunk in the sink next to hers.

“Your parents are really nice” He smiled

“They like company, and they seem to really like you”

His face got bright red, he seemed as if he was beaming.

“I’ve never really had a family dinner like that, it was nice”

There were a couple moments of awkward scrubbing. She didn’t really know what to say. She knew his father wasn’t very involved but it was never her business in the first place.

“Do you think i can come back for dinner again?”

A smile split across her face

“Of course!”


They finished off the last dish and Adrien walked around the living room not sure where to go.

“You can change into these and then sleep on the couch, o-only if you want to”

“Yeah, that’s fine”

She nodded and headed up to her room.

“Hey Marinette?”


“Thank you, for everything”

She nodded again and turned to continue walking up the stairs, tripping on her way there.

“Oh no”

She just remembered that they never gave him any blankets. She gathered whatever leftovers were on her bed and ran downstairs.

“Adrien i-”

She tried her best not to break out in an audible “aww”. He was already passed out on the couch, holding Petunia.

Marinette made her way down the stairs and covered him up with the blanket, placing Petunia beside him. While she was making sure he was settled, he’d woken up and risen enough to kiss her cheek.

“Goodnight Marinette” oh my god


~🐱🐞 (sorry about the name Petunia btw)


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