two girls on couch

The Choi Twins are in love with the same girl

I really like the idea of this one somehow and I can totally see this happening. I hope you enjoy :3

  • see the thing is, it would take them a thousand years to figure out they had feelings for the girl, another thousand to realize their brother liked someone too and the another thousand to understand that the girl they liked was the same girl their brother liked

  • because the problem with those two is that they rarely ever talk about meaningful stuff and when they do, one never listens to the other

  • imagine the following if you will: 

  • the two brothers sitting on the couch, Saeyoung talking about this girl, this beautiful, kind hearted girl, he’d fallen in love with for what felt like an eternity to Saeran. Saeran of course tunes out around two minutes into his highly detailed description of your lips, not realizing his brother was describing the very same lips he’d dreamed about kissing many nights

  • or that one time at breakfast where Saeran finally admits, talking to his cereal more so than his brother, that he likes this girl he’s recently met and Saeyoung not putting two and two together, despite the fact that the only girl Saeran could have met despite never leaving the house is, in fact, you

  • when they finally figure it out by some miracle – said miracle being you coming to visit and both of them swooning so obviously the other actually noticed for once – things turn very awkward very fast

  • their relationship isn’t yet recovered enough so that the two can simply move past it, resulting in a mixture of avoiding one another and having passive aggressive fights about it

  • Saeyoung takes the whole thing a little harder, seeing as he’s the one who’d always looked out for Saeran only to now be the cause of his pain

  • Saeran on the other hand feels once more betrayed by his brother, wondering just how much more the world wanted to take from him just when he thought he had nothing more to lose

  • without talking about the topic, the Choi twins somehow settle on a sort of truce where neither of them pursues you until you show interest in either of them on your own

  • and it works for the better part of it, since neither of them has to give you up and they don’t have any reason to fight anymore, gradually moving past the issue

  • that is until Saeyoung opens his eyes for once, actually listening

  • he catches glimpses of Saeran working on a flower to breed it into a certain colour, because you when he asked you which flower was your favourite, you couldn’t decide between two so he made it his mission to create the perfect one just for you

  • or the way his brothers face lights up whenever you enter the chatroom, watching Saeran blush down at his phone while secretly reading along to what looked like the most mundane of conversations but seemed to make Saeran so excited to be part of

  • or just the way he talked about and acted around you, gravitating to you like he couldn’t help himself, playing with your hair and listening to your every word while at the same time opening up about himself, something he hadn’t done with anyone so far

  • it was then that Saeyoung realized that no matter how much he might have loved you, Saeran simply needed you more

  • “Hey Saeren.”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Go ask her out on a date.”
  • “What? But I thought…you liked her too?”
  • “I thought so too, but I was wrong. Every time she comes around you look at her like you’d drink her bathing water. If that’s love, I want nothing to do with it.”
  • “Are you sure?!”
  • “Yes, 100% sure. I was in love with the idea of being in love and she was a convenient choice, nothing more. Go for it, brother.”
  • “Thank you.”

  • A short while later Saeran actually musters up the courage to ask you out and your friendship turns into a relationship
  • sometimes it’s hard for Saeyoung to watch the two of you, cuddling up on the couch or giggling over shared ice cream, but then he sees the way his brother looks at you and he knows he made the right choice
  • it’s a couple of months later that you seek Saeyoung out while Saeran isn’t around

  • “So, why did you do it?”
  • “What?”
  • “Not ask me out. Let Saeran do it instead.”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “I know the two of you both love me…”

  • you’re probably the only person Saeyoung ever heard saying a sentence like that and not sound arrogant but apologetic

  • “It’s true, I’m in love with you there is no denying it, but I love my brother more.”

  • and that was probably the most honest thing Saeyoung had ever said in his entire life

  • you’d kissed his cheek then, a gentle smile curling around your lips

  • “Thank you.”

  • the two words were simple, but Saeyoung knew the many meanings behind them

  • thank you for taking that hard decision from me
  • thank you for letting me go
  • thank you for not pressuring me
  • thank you for being such an amazing brother to Saeran
  • thank for making the right choice
One for me, One for baby // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Can you do a imagine where the reader is pregnant & well chilling with him & his sister on the living room couch the readers odd pregnancy cravings go through the roof & Shawn has to go around look for stores that sell things like Sour Pouch & pickles among other odd combos & also he comes home to drop the food off & then goes back out within a few minutes to get more stuff & by the end he’s exhausted & just slips down on the couch with the two girls & it’s just funny fluff?

requested: YEppp

Authors note: I actually had so much fun writing this and I hope you guys like it oh and I know I’m a little late but this is celebrating me hitting 1000 followers!! (crazy)

“I think we should call him Y/n junior,” I smile fondly at my stomach where my 28 week old was growing. 

“Babe,” Shawn looks at me from where he was putting in a DVD for Aaliyah and I to watch on the TV. “You know he’s a dude right?” He smirks and I glare mockingly.

“I know that babe,” I joke back, my hand rubbing gentle circles on my baby bump.  “Y/n is a pretty cool name and I think that any baby would be lucky to have it,” I huff, slightly offended. “Especially our baby,”

“Definitely, because our son would love us for giving him a girls name,” He sasses me.

“Watch the attitude Shawn,” I say lowly at him. 

“I can’t believe you two are having a kid,” Aaliyah laughs from where she lays across the couch, legs chucked up on the arm rest. Shawn sends his best death glare at her. 

“What that’s supposed to mean?” He asks, tone sharp.

“It means that the both of you bicker so much when it comes to the baby,” I chuckle while Shawn just looks insulted.

“Shawn’s just jealous because I don’t want to call him Shawn junior,” I hum, Shawn letting out a cry of indignation.

“Babe we’re not calling our baby junior anything,”

“I guess that rules out Aaliyah junior,” Aaliyah and I laugh as Shawn scowls, turning to walk out the room.

“Oh wait, Shawn,” I try to turn to look over my shoulder to where he stands at the door.

“Yes Y/n,” He raises an eyebrow at me.

“Can you please get me some sour patch kids and a glass of caramel milk?” I ask, sending him an innocent glance.

“We don’t have caramel milk, I don’t even know if that’s a thing?” He questions, looking mildly confused.

“Please Shawn, I’m really hungry,” I plead, pouting my bottom lip. “Baby and I are hungry,” as soon as I add the last bit Shawn is grabbing his keys, laying a kiss on my forehead and heading out the door.

“Since he’s gone, want to go tell dad we’re calling him Y/n Junior?” Aaliyah asks, smirking at me.

“As much as I want to go do that, my sour patch kids hang in the balance and frankly I don’t think I’m willing to risk that,” I laugh, running a hand through my hair tiredly.

“Aw damn,” Aaliyah murmurs.

“Maybe next time,” I reassure, looking out the window in hope of Shawn returning in a miraculous 2 minute shopping trip.

10 minutes later however the sound of the door opening alerts as and Shawn walks in holding a bag.

“Turns out they sell caramel milk,” Shawn grins at me, placing a carton on the coffee table and chucking me the sour patch kids.

“Thanks baby,” I smile, leaning forward to kiss him, Aaliyah letting out a sound of disgust.

“I’ll never get used to seeing my brother do that,” 

Shawn chuckles at her mortified facial expression while I’m too busy opening the sour patch kids to respond.

“Babe,” I ask, a few minutes later, turning my head to look at him.

“Yes,” he trails off, eyes flicking to meet mine. 

“Can you get me some biscuits and cheese, the one in the blue packaging with the cow on the front?” I smile sheepishly.

“You are so lucky I love you,” Shawn groans getting up again .

“Can you get me some candy Shawn?” Aaliyah yells grinning at me.

“Get your own,” Shawn calls back and I laugh, hearing the door slam shut.

“He never gets me anything anymore,” Aaliyah pouts.

“I’ll see if I can bribe him next time,” I tell her and she nods, our attention back on the movie.

This time when Shawn returns, he falls back on the couch, passing me the single packet.

“Do you know how many weird looks the cashier lady gave me when I went through only buying one packet of damn biscuits with cheese?” 

“No,” I answer peeling open the wrapper.

“I’m not going again,” He mutters, chucking an arm over my shoulder.

“Next time buy two, one for me, one for baby,”

Aaliyah chokes back a laugh.

We sit there in a comfortable silence while I eat my food, the TV providing a faint background noise.

“Hey Shawn,” I test the waters softly. 

“What,” He asks suspiciously

“Can you get me like, one of those tubs of tomatoes?”

“Get away from me,”

Doodle | Jungkook

genre: fluff, fluff, and more fluff, a nice pinch of angst if you squint, soulmate!au, slight artist!jungkook

word count: 1,655 i tried

description: “soulmate!au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker, it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well”

warning: cuss words, innocent baby kook becomes fuckboy kook

i got inspiration for this post from a text post about a list of soulmate!au ideas, couldn’t find it though yikes.

Originally posted by nnochu

Soulmates. A term to describe two people that were born for each other– a term so strong in this world it would be completely unacceptable to call anyone that unless you share the same markings on your skin.

The day you learned what soulmates were exactly and how your world viewed soulmates was the day you first began to notice how once in a while, little doodles that looked like they were made by a ballpoint pen etched their way onto the skin of your arms and hands. You had just turned eight and as all eight year olds are, you was curious. You approached your mother and asked her about it and she squealed in joy. That day, both of your parents sat you down and explained that there was another person somewhere out there, that was drawing that exact design on their skin and that they were your soulmate. At the time, you didn’t exactly understand what they were saying but as you grew older, you began to understand what a soulmate exactly is. 

By the age of 15, you would stare at your skin in awe and wonder during class as small but intricate drawings slowly spread across your forearm. You would always look forward to what your assumed soulmate would come up with next. However, you never really thought to draw anything on your own skin as you were so encompassed and enthralled by the little sketches that would decorate your entire left arm. 

After many. many years of having doodles fill up your arm, you began to learn about the person that was considered your soulmate. He was right-handed for sure, as the drawings only appeared on your left arm. He was also very creative because no drawing had ever been the same. But, there was almost always a star involved which showed he enjoyed the night sky. He also drew constellations. Slowly, you found myself falling for this boy you had never talked to, but only seen the drawings that he would sketch out.

When you were nearing the end of senior year in high school, your mom began to bug you about writing a time and date and place on your skin so this mysterious boy and you could finally meet up but every time you would tell her that if it really was fate, you both would meet without arranging a meeting.

Once you hit sophomore year of college, the drawings stopped. It was like he had dropped off the face of the earth. After two weeks of no drawings, marks, even just small doodles that used to appear every single day, you began to freak out. You thought that the boy that was your apparent soulmate had died. But then a phone number appeared on your skin at 11 on a Friday evening. And then another one the next day. And then another one the next Friday. And another. And another. Some of them came with hearts and others came with blatant phrases like “let’s fuck another time” or “call me for another round, baby.” It absolutely broke your heart once you saw the first message and you began to realize that maybe, the man that you thought would be your soulmate thought that it was complete bullshit.

After that night, you never dared look at your arms and always wore long sleeve, never wanting to see the amount of phone numbers or “love notes.” Now, you’ve completely blocked your so-called “soulmate” from your mind and began to go out more and hang out with friends.

You woke up one morning and looked at the clock. “Fuck!” you exclaimed as you shot out of bed, realizing that you were an hour late to your morning class. You rushed to get ready, grumbling to yourself about how you need to get a new alarm clock that actually wakes you up on time. You rushed out of the dormitories after grabbing your backpack and began to speed-walk to the building where your classes were on campus. But, of course with your luck, you were stopped by a friend.

“Heyyy! Y/N!” Yoona– your friend– called out once she saw you, grabbing your arm.

You looked over to her in a rush and nodded, “Hi, Yoona, what is it? Sorry, I’m in a big rush.”

She nodded in understanding and got to the point, “Are you still on for coffee at the new cafe downtown at 3″

“Shoot! I totally forgot!” you cursed to yourself, “I’ll be there but I completely forgot what it’s called and I’ll most likely forget the time.”

“Don’t worry! I can just write it on your hand,” she offered, already grabbing a pen and your hand and writing down the name of the cafe and the time to meet before you could protest. She said a quick goodbye and let you be on your way. You read your hand and shrugged, realizing that even if your “soulmate” saw it, he wouldn’t even care. You then rushed into class.

Ever since Jungkook was little and had heard about the whole soulmate thing when he was six, he began to avidly practice drawing on pieces of paper so he could impress what he called his “future wife.” Once he was eight, he finally gained enough courage to begin to draw on his skin to start telling his soulmate that he was alive and here. He continued to draw every single day on his skin for the rest of the week, hoping he would get a drawing back. Sadly, he didn’t. Instead of jumping to the worst conclusion, he was hopeful and thought that it was because she was also practicing her drawing for him. Little did he know that the one who was his soulmate was just so fascinated in his drawings that she never thought to draw any back.

Years passed and Jungkook’s faith in soulmates slowly began to fade away. In high school, he believed that his soulmate was never even born, or had died early and that he didn’t deserve “true love.” But because of hope, he continued all throughout high school. It wasn’t until sophomore year of college did his friend Taehyung tell him to give up, as it was tearing Jungkook up so much. Taehyung began to introduce Jungkook to the party scene so he could forget all about the ‘dumb idea of a soulmate’ as Taehyung put it– although he was a complete believer in true love, he only did it for Jungkook’s sake.

After partying for two weeks and not drawing anything on his skin during that time, he slowly pushed back the thoughts of true love and began to focus on a temporary love.. in other words, a temporary lust. He started with flirting which he had never done before other than to a mirror or his friend to practice for when he met his soulmate and once he was confident enough, he began to invite him home. Many girls wrote numbers on his wrists and no one would ever see him without a girl on his arm whether it be at a party, or on campus. If someone did see him without a girl right next to him, it was when he was in front of them and telling them that they were done, without an expression on his face. He soon developed the nickname “Iceboy” due to his icy and cold appearance and heart.

A couple months later and he was still at it, but this time he had a different girl every night and maybe even two or three a day. While chatting up a girl in the hallway of a class building– having her against the wall as he propped up against the wall with his own arm– he saw something slowly appear on his arm. His eyes widened and he stopped what he was saying to stare at the thick black lines of words on the back of his hand. He realized that the thing written on his hand was a place and time, and it could’ve only been written by– no, no way– his soulmate! He looked at his watch and realized the time written on his hand was only five minutes away and he immediately pushed himself off of the wall and made his way to the parking lot where his car sat. Of course, the girl that he had against the wall called out his named in her whiny, high pitched voice but he ignored it, persistent to see if he really did have a soulmate. 

He hopped in the car, pulling out his phone and typing in the destination’s name to get instructions on where to go. He followed the directions into this quaint but modern-type cafe and made his way inside.

He looked around, noting that there was only two girls sitting at a table and a family sitting on the couch. He kept his eyes on the girls and grabbed a Sharpie from his bag. His eyes traveled down to her hand that lied on the desk and began drawing one of his favorite constellations right on the back of his other hand. He watched her glance down at her hand and gasp before slowly bringing her hand up to look at the drawing that began to appear. A smile pushed past his lips as he began to walk towards her quickly. He placed his hands on the table, showing both of the same exact matching markings on their hands. He could feel his heart quicken once their eyes met and he found himself not wanting to look away. He lost his breath before another grin framed his lips.

He took a deep breath before saying the words that he’s wanted to say for a very long time. 

“I finally found you.”

better late than never ❣ scott mccall

summary : action has been rather slow in good ol’ beacon hills lately, so the mccall pack takes it upon themselves to stir up some excitement with a lovely albeit somewhat childish game of truth or dare. ( based off this )

word count : 2.2k ( way longer than usual oh my god )

   Lydia Martin was on a mission. A mission, that is, to not only drum up some fun in the town that’s behavior was, strangely enough, completely mundane for once, but to do so by getting two of her best friends together. As a couple, of course. Y/N Y/L/N and Scott McCall were ridiculously perfect for each other in every conceivable way. They were practically together already, but neither of them wanted to be the first to say that they were in love. Scott’s had two relationships end in flames already, and Y/N’s last boyfriend was in freshman year and had ended so awfully she had sworn off men for the rest of her life and vowed to become a nun when the time was right. 

    Of course, then she met Scott, and everything changed. Who wants to be a nun when you can be with Scott McCall? 

   But the fact that Y/N and Scott hadn’t admitted their feelings to each other yet irked Lydia to no end. She heard Scott absolutely gushing about the other girl to Stiles and Liam on a daily basis, a dreamy sigh escaping his lips when she walked past him with a shy smile on her face when she waved. He’d turn to his friends right after she was out of earshot, his face flushed with happiness from a gesture as simple as a smile and wave, and say, “Oh God, isn’t she just… like, wow?” And then he’d shake his head with that same wistful grin, thinking about all the ways he’d show his affection toward her if only he could work up the courage to tell her. 

    Of course, everyone had tried to get him to do so already. “You’ve defeated like, eighty million villains, Scotty, and you can’t tell one harmless girl that you’re in love with her? She’s not even scary. She’s adorable.” To which Scott would reply, “She is, isn’t she?” And move along with his day. 

    The girls had tried to convince Y/N to tell Scott about her feelings once they realized Scott himself wasn’t going to budge. “Aw, guys, I just can’t. He’s so Scott. He’s so cute and he’s sweet and he’s funny and I don’t wanna fuck it up like I know I will so I’ll just love him from afar and be happy with it.” This comment earned a copious amount of groans and complaints that Y/N tuned out by daydreaming about what would happen if she was actually able to work up enough courage to tell Scott that she kind of, sort of, pretty much loved him. That was all they were though, simple daydreams. Until Lydia set her well thought out, expertly crafted, born from the mind of a genius -direct quote from Lydia- plan in motion. 

   It was a simple plan, really. She had issued out a mass text to everyone, including Y/N and Scott, that she was having a mandatory pack sleepover (she had previously called it a slumber party but Stiles and Liam had been adamantly against the usage of the term because they were convinced that they were too manly to use such words) and everyone was invited because as per usual, her mother wouldn’t be around this weekend. Then, she began a separate text thread with everyone excluding Scott and Y/N, explaining the rest of the plan to the pack to ensure that no one would mess it up. 

   The night of the sleepover, Y/N and Scott showed up at the exact same time. She was struggling to pick up her duffle bag that was clearly overpacked and carry it up Lydia’s extensive front staircase. Scott, being both smitten with the girl and a gentleman regardless, jogged quickly over to her. 

   “Hi,” he said, a sweet smile passing over his face as he took the bag from her arms. “Let me get that for ya. How are you, Y/N?” Most of the time, when someone asks such a question, they aren’t looking for a genuine answer. They don’t really care how you are, or what you say in response to their query. When she looked at Scott, however, she could tell that he genuinely wanted to know and cared about how she was doing. 

    “I’m good, Scotty,” She replied cheerfully, returning the smile. “And how is my favorite true alpha doing on this lovely night?” With a slight roll of his eyes, not out of annoyance, Scott said, “I’m the only true alpha that we know of.” 

    She shrugged, poking him in the side. “But you’d be my favorite even if I knew, like, ten true alphas.” Surprised at herself for even saying something she considered as bold as that, she slipped back into her introverted shell and fell silent once again. Sensing that Y/N no longer wanted to talk to him and trying not to appear as disappointed as he felt, Scott quietly walked into the house, Y/N trailing behind, with her bag still slung over his shoulder. He placed it on the ground next to the others’, and she thanked him in a soft, almost inaudible voice. Then, she hurried off to find the girls. 

   Scott ran a hand through his hair, unsure of what to think. He went into the kitchen, greeted by Stiles and Liam. “So,” Stiles said the moment Scott made his entrance, “I saw you and our dear Y/N come in together,” he wiggled his eyebrows. “Have you finally grown a pair and admitted your stupidly adorable crush to her, or did you back out yet again?” 

   Not bothering to argue, Scott shook his head. “I’m not even sure if she likes me, man. I mean, I think she does, everyone says she does, but the way she acts doesn’t make it seem like she does, you know?” 

   Stiles glanced up to the ceiling with a deep groan, looking to Liam. “They never learn, do they? Scott, even baby wolf over here understands girls better than you do sometimes.” Before Liam could defend himself, Stiles placed a hand over his mouth. “Not now. Adults talking. Anyway, Y/N’s insanely shy, Scotty. You should get this by now. She’s never gonna tell you first because of the anxiety thing she’s got going on. You make her nervous. She likes you, and trust me, you’ll be together before the night is over, all right?” 

   Confused for the second time that night, Scott asked, “What? How do you know that?” Opting not to answer, the other two boys simply patted Scott on the shoulder with supportive grins and made their way to the living room. He followed them into the room, brows furrowed. He tried to sit next to Stiles on the couch, but his best friend practically shoved Scott across the living room to the other couch, where no one was sitting. The entire pack, save for Y/N and Lydia, were situated around one couch. The other two girls were up in Lydia’s room. 

    “Lydiaaaa,” Y/N was whining. “You totally did this on purpose. You’re trying to set Scott and I up and it’s weird, Lydia. You’re gonna freak him out and he’s gonna hate me.” 

    With a scoff, Lydia pushed past Y/N, forcing her to follow. “Puh-lease. Scott could never hate you even if he tried, even if you were his worst enemy in the world. He’s head over heels in love with you. And I’m not trying to set you guys up,” she added as an innocent afterthought. “You guys are soulmates, so everything will work itself out regardless of whether or not I extend a little bit of a helping hand.” 

    Rushing after the strawberry blonde, Y/N asked, “But… doesn’t that mean you are trying to set us up?” She received no reply as she marched into the living room after Lydia, noting with annoyance that of course the only seat available was squished next to Scott on the tiny love seat across from everyone else. Hesitantly, Y/N sat down beside him, aware that her heartbeat was terribly loud and that every were-thing in the room could hear it as well. 

   And boy- did he hear it. Her heartbeat was practically deafening with her being so close to him, and her scent betrayed all other emotion. She was terribly nervous. Scott, not wanting to embarrass her or bring it up in front of everyone else, subtly moved his hand over hers so that their fingers were interlocked, and he squeezed lightly. Alarmed but pleased all the same, she reached over and grasped his hand for a split second. She smiled shyly down at her lap, knowing he was looking at her but too afraid to look back. 

    Clearing her throat, Lydia stood up. “Hm, I’m not really feeling a movie right now, what about you guys?” As if reading from some sort of script, the members of the pack that were situated on the other side of the room shook their heads in unison. 

    “Maybe later,” Stiles suggested. 

    “We could always do something else,” Malia agreed quickly, trying to casually glance at Lydia to make sure what she said had been correct. Lydia gave a not so subtle nod of her head before switching topics. “How about we play truth or dare? It’s classic,” she said, glaring at Y/N before she could protest, which Lydia knew she was bound to do. 

     “Aw, Lyds, we’re not in seventh grade anymore,” Y/N said defiantly. 

     Scott, eager to make Y/N like him even more, agreed quickly. “Yeah, I mean, it’s just a little childish.” 

     “Whatever,” Lydia dismissed. “It’s four against two, and majority rules. And Y/N,” Lydia began, with a devilish grin on her face, “since you were so eager to disagree, you can go first. Truth or dare, best friend of mine?” 

    Y/N bit her lip, mulling it over in her head. See, if she picked truth, she knew Lydia would force her to tell Scott about her not so casual crush on him. But Y/N always picked truth. It was her thing. She preferred the safe choice. This time, truth was the risky choice. She couldn’t figure out what Lydia would do if she picked dare, so before the time was up, Y/N said, with a slight confidence boost from the encouraging nod Scott gave her just then, “I’ll go with dare.” 

    “Oh, perfect.” Lydia turned toward Stiles, whispering something in his ear. Stiles let out a laugh, grinning like a maniac. “Y/N, don’t hate me but… we dare you to kiss Scott.” Feeling like she was in seventh grade again and being dared to kiss her crush at the time, an unwitting and painfully shy Isaac Lahey, Y/N felt her face heat up and her chest constrict. 

    Scott, now blushing himself and feeling more nervous than he had in a long time, turned to her and said quietly, “Hey, you know you don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable.” Y/N placed a hand on his shoulder, said a quick little thank you, and leaned over to press a kiss against his soft cheek. 

    The grin that Scott wore on his face the moment her lips made contact with his cheek was enough to melt her heart and seize it all at once. Now, with newfound confidence and loving her personality and shyness and loveliness more than he already had when he arrived at Lydia’s house, Scott placed a hand on her face. His finger tilted her gaze toward him, and he licked his lips nervously.  

   “C’mon, Y/N,” he murmured. She swallowed a lump in her throat. She knew what was going to happen next as he leaned a little more. “We both know that..” he licked his lips again, his other hand on her face now, “that’s not what she meant.” He pressed his mouth against her own, never letting his hands stray from her beautiful face. If he could stay in this exact position forever, he would choose to do so in a heartbeat, maybe even less than that. They pulled back from each other, but just barely. His lips were still brushing over hers, the tips of their noses touching as they could do nothing but stare at the other with an expression that was mixed with awe and surprise. 

    Neither of them had expected that to happen tonight. With a shaky breath, Scott moved his hands away so he could grasp both of hers. Y/N had the most lovestruck look in her eyes, Scott was practically blown away. Forgetting that they had a very attentive audience gazing at them from across the room, Scott said to Y/N, “Um, well, if it isn’t obvious yet, I’m, um, kind of completely in love with you. And I have been for awhile. I should’ve said something sooner but…” 

    Y/N grabbed him and kissed him first this time, short and sweet. “Better late than never?” She proposed. And he nodded gratefully, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her toward him, engulfing her body in his. He just felt the desperate, needy desire to hold her for all of eternity, or something like that. Stiles and Liam dramatically wiped fake tears from their eyes, loudly joking about how they grow up so fast and soon enough they’ll be off getting married and having babies and the like. Neither Y/N nor Scott minded. They were simply happy to be in each other’s arms after all the months of waiting and dreaming for a moment such as this, and Lydia, ever the supportive best friend, made sure to snap about eighty-seven million pictures of Y/N and Scott when they dozed off on the couch together, her cheek pressed against his chest, curled up in the safe space that was Scott McCall’s comforting, loving arms. 

“For all of his seeming ability to relate to people in an animated and warm exchange, Kemper also has the ability to withdraw without warning into a kind of frightening reverie, reliving his acts of violence. I watched it happen.

He had paused in his outpouring of talk about himself and looked at me curiously.

‘You haven’t asked the questions I expected a reporter to ask,’ he said.

‘What do you mean,’ I replied. ‘Give me some examples.’

He drawled, ‘Oh, what is it like to have sex with a dead body? … What does it feel like to sit on your living room couch and look over and see two decapitated girls’ heads on the arm of the couch?’ (He interjected an unsolicited answer: ‘The first time, it makes you sick to your stomach.’)

He continued, ‘What do you think, now, when you see a pretty girl walking down the street?’

Again, an unsolicited answer: ‘One side of me says, ‘Wow, what an attractive chick. I’d like to talk to her, date her.’

‘The other side of me says, ‘I wonder how her head would look on a stick?’

(The public defender appointed as Kemper’s attorney told jurors in his closing argument: ‘There are two people locked up in the body of this young giant, one good and one evil… One is fighting to be here with us and the other is slipping off to his own little world of fantasy where he is happy.’

–Excerpt from an interview with Ed Kemper in the March 1974 issue of Front Page Detective Magazine, Marj von Beroldingen

In Your Dreams » Youngjae

Pairing: Fuckboy!Youngjae x Reader

Summary: Youngjae lives with y/n and has for a while now, she had learned that he is a major fuckboy and has a thing for trying to get into her pants. What will happen when she is woken up in the middle of the night to his stupid nonsense?

❝ Please, please let me cum.❞

 Just moan already, I’ve heard them before.

Genre: Smut, Angst

Warnings: Swearing, dirty talk, wet dreams, oral (giving), oral (receiving)

Word Count: 5.4k

Note: I think the gif problem is fixed now, if it is could someone please let me know? 

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BTS Reaction: Finding out you’re a contemporary/ballet dancer [request]

We are so sorry this reaction took so long. Both Admin Satellite and I have been really busy this past week. We both worked hard on this reaction and really hope you like it.

Sorry for any errors.

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

Jin had paid for tickets to go see a ballet show with his mother. It was something you had recommended it to him saying it was a really good show. He was happy for the recommendation, but was thrown off by the fact that you weren’t going to be tagging along. When you said you already saw the show with a friend, he shrugged the idea away. “More time for you and your mother.” he remembered you saying when you said you wouldn’t go.

So he did as you said, and now he was sitting in the audience in the third row right next to his mom. The play was an reinterpretation of The Ugly Duckling and according to all the chit chat he was overhearing, the dancers were “extraordinary” and “beyond talented”. 

His expectations were high, but nothing could prepare him for the shock he felt when he saw you of all people on stage as one of the ducklings.You had never told him you could dance. 

He could only stare at you in awe as you moved gracefully over the stage. He only snapped out of it when his mom nudges his arm. 

“Isn’t that Y/N?” she asked as his eyes were still glued on you.

“I… yeah” he mumbled as he sat in a trance.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

Suga had been in the studio all day, working on the new album. As usual you had left after three hours, bored of just seeing him press random keys at the piano and looping things on the computer. 

You left the studio without a word, letting him work in peace. He didn’t panic at your absence, he knew you were going to go down to the practice studio with the others and joke around like you all usually do when you get together.

Next came a part of the song that involved someone else’s voice. This voice in particular being Jungkook’s. He loved that maknae, he really did, but he hated that fact that the boy wouldn’t;t answer his phone. The only way to get him to the studio was to walk to the practice room and drag him back to record vocals. But it was when he saw you spin on your toes and elegantly jump over the floor, that the forgot the whole reason he went to the practice room.

“Like this Kookie” were the words that left your mouth and snapped Suga back to reality.

“Ya, Kookie I need your help in the studio” he called out and both you and Jungkook turned to him, unaware that he was even in the room.

“Hyung did you see what she just did?!? Isn’t Y/N (Noona) amazing?” Jungkook said in amazement as he gathered his things.

“Yeah, I saw…” he said as he turned back to you. “It’s cool and all that you can stand on your toes, but can you spit fire like me?” Was what automatically came out along with a cocky smirk. But in reality, he was quite mesmerized by it. And since that day he’d secretly walk past the studio just to see you dance.

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Rap monster:

It had been a long day of practice for him.They had new choreo today and he just wasn’t picking it up as fast as the others. “Your hands have to be more flowy!” “Can’t you be more graceful with it?” “Just pick your leg up a bit higher” “Be like air, not a rock” were the comments that were repeating themselves in his head.

He came to your apartment, it was his night to finally meet up with you and sleep over. He remembered that pin number to your door and let himself in. Right when he opened the door, your body fell on top of him and he caught you before you went face first into the tile. “Baby, are you okay?!?”

You jumped up without a scratched and gave him a peck. “Thanks, baby!” you smiled. “I am fine, i just tripped. Thanks for catching me!”

He looked down at you and that’s when he took notice of his surroundings. There was loud instrumental music playing, you were in black tights and ballet shoes, and your living room furniture was pushed out of the way so you had room to dance. “W-were you dancing?”

“Yeah, i was doing ballet.” you said 

“Since when do you dance ballet?”

“I have for a while! I took it up again when i recently joined a local school here. We have our first recital in 2 months.” 

“What?!? Why didn’t you ever tell me?!?” 

You only shrugged at him. “I don’t know, i just felt like you practice so much you don’t want to talk about it more that you have to, I like talking to you about music more than dance anyway.”

“Ok later, we are going to talk about your dancing history, but right now I want you to show me what you’ve been practicing!” he smiled. 

It was after your little performance that he clapped at you with a smile. “Y/n, you are honestly amazing! You really need to show me to be as graceful as you! Boy, if Hoseok or Jimin could see you do that, they would be so jealous!” he laughed.

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JHope/Hobi/Jung Hoseok:

You were used to tagging along with Hoseok to underground dance battles all the time. Usually there were only hip hop competitions, hence you’d never felt like participating. You mostly ever went to cheer Hoseok on.

But what was different this time, was that today, it was a freestyle competition. And since you had you fair share of contemporary dance, you had the urge to compete in a battle for the first time.

As they announced the winner to the earlier battle they asked for the next competitors. You hand was the first one in the air. Hoseok immediately looked at you in confusion. 

“Your gonna dance? Since when do you dance? You only know what I taught you.” 

“Of course I know how to dance!” you smiled as you walked to the center of the circle.

As the music started, you got into the beat and dance however the music moved you. You were mostly doing your contemporary style, blending it with the hip hop moves you picked up from observing others. Hoseok was in a trance as you danced about. He only snapped out of it when they announced your win and he then broke out in a fit of shouts and shrieks. 

He had the biggest and brightest smile as he ran up to you. “Babe! Why didn’t you tell me you could do all that?!?” he exclaimed as he hugged you. “Oh my- Y/n you gotta teach me to do that! Babe, we can do a tag team!”

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You and your boyfriend sat on the couch as you watched the two little girls run around the room in their tutus. 

“Thanks for baby sitting with me… these girls can be a handful sometimes.” you added in a whisper.

“No problem, you know I love kids! Besides how can I say no to spending some more time with you.” he said with that box smile of his.

You were about to lean in for a kiss when the oldest of the two girls ran up to you.

“Y/n! y/n! Did we show you our tutus?” 

“Yes, you did Mina!” you smiled, “What ballet school are you two going to?” you asked them.

“Mrs. Kim’s school of ballet!” the youngest, Jisoo, cheered.

“Really? Did you guys know I went to that school too?!” 

“You did?!?” they both asked. “You did?” V copied leaning forward to pay more attention to you.

“Yeah, for ____ years!” 

“Do you still know how to dance?!? Can you show us?!?” Mina asked.

“Of course!” you jumped up from the couch and made your way to the center of the living room.

V sat back with as smile as he watched you teach the girls. But it looked like so much fun, he just had to join you all. “Y/n, wait I want to learn too!” 

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Today was the day Jimin was going to meet up with an old dance buddy of his. He hadn’t seen this friend in years, but heard that he just opened a dance studio in Seoul. Well, not “just opened”, the school was about two years old now, but this was the first time Jimin actually had a chance to drop by and catch up with his friend.

“Here it is!” he cheered to himself as he walked into the room. He went up to the desk, asking the secretary if the owner was avaiable, lucky for him the class was on a break and soon his best friend was walking up to him. “Jimiiiiiin!”

“Chulsoo!” he smiled as they greeted each other with a hug. “How have you been?!? Its been way too long since we’ve hung out!”

“RIght?!? But I’ve been great.What about you Mr. Big shot idol?” Chulsoo laughed. 

“Great also, I finally have a decent break as you can tell.”

“Well that’s fame for you!” Chulsoo said with a chuckle. “Why don’t I show you around the place? After I can introduce you to my advanced class! They never believe me when I say I am friend’s with an idol.”

The tour around the place wasn’t long and soon Jimin was lead into one of the many dance rooms. “This is my advanced ballet class!” Chulsoo beamed as his students immediately swarmed around the two of them. “Oh my! He wasn’t lying!” You are Jimin! Jimin from BTS!” “Wow you are real!” were the comments he was hearing in the many voices. 

“Okay guys, why don’t  we show Jimin what we’ve been working on?” Chulsoo said in his louder teaching voice. Immediately they dispersed in their placed and that  was when he spotted you. For a moment he thought he was crazy, that he was just seeing things, but no it really was you. It was you, his girlfriend, standing in the front of the class, the only one not overwhelmed with excitement over his presence. 

“This girl! Why didn’t she ever tell me?!” was his first thought.

The music began and you all began dancing. The entire time Jimin’s eyes never moved away from you. His mouth was always open in shock and amazement as you fluttered all over. 

When the dance was over, he resisted the urge to run over and hug you, trying to keep your secret relationship a secret. He also resisted the urge to bombard you with questions over the fact that you never told him you could dance However, for the most part, “Damn, she is so amazing, more amazing of a human being than i already thought!” was the only thinking going through his mind.

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You were all together at the BTS dorm in celebration of Jhope’s birthday. It was a fun evening, one full of food and games. Currently you were all in the midst of a dance battle, tall people versus short people. The team names were the “giants” versus the “We ain’t that short!. The tall team consisted of Rap monster, V, Jin, and your boyfriend, Jungkook. The short team was made up of you, Suga, Jimin, and Jhope. It wasn’t that Jhope was short… you all just needed an even number of people. 

The last round was between Jhope and Rap monster, so it was obvious who won that round. Up next was you and Jungkook. You both stepped into the middle of the living room. Jungkook bounced in place, relaxing his limbs and over exaggerating his warm up. You on the other hand stood calm, smiling him down. 

‘No offense babe, BUT YOU ARE GOING DOWN!” Jungkook grunted.

“I think you are forgetting something baby,” you said with a smirk.

“Oh yeah? And what is that?”

“I get to choose the dance style!” you said in a devilish grin as you played the song. “This is a contemporary round!” you stated as the music began.

Immediately you got into the groove of the music, letting yourself show your years of dance. Jungkook on the other hand moved around awkwardly trying to figure out what exactly he should be doing. For the most part, it was more shock and awe over your skill that kept him from moving with the music.

Soon the round came to an end and it was an obvious win for “We ain’t that short!”. All the members especially Jungkook were amazed at how you were able to move.

“Baby, that was amazing! But how dare you keep your power a secret! You planned this all along didn’t you, you were just waiting for the right moment to try and beat me at something!”

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-Admin Boat and Admin Satellite 

Bad Girl ; c.g.

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Word Count: 3,187

Warnings: smut, cursing, violence, drug dealing, basic Shameless shit


Part: 2/3


I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing and look to my left.

2:26 a.m.

I let out an unladylike groan before pushing the covers back and grabbing my phone. I pull on my ripped black skinny jeans and a hoodie, not bothering with a bra since it wouldn’t be on for much longer. Pulling on my combat boots, I quietly open the door to Debbie and I’s shared room before going down the stairs as quietly as I can.  

Grabbing a cup I move in front of the sink before filling it with water and downing it all at once. I put the glass in the sink before turning around to find Carl standing at the bottom of the stairs.  My hands flew to my chest as I tried to control my breathing from the small fright the boy gave me. His grey shirt is baggy but not too baggy, even though you can’t really see the boxers that he’s wearing under it.

“What are you doing up Carl?”

“I should be asking you the same thing.”

I move to walk out of the kitchen but Carl is standing there to block my way. I sigh softly before looking at him in the eyes.

“Get out of the way Carl.”

“Not until you tell me where you’re going Y/N.”

I quickly pull my hair up before looking at the phone. 5 minutes before he calls again.

“I have to go, you won’t like what happens if I don’t go Carl.”

Carl stands there looking at me. I look back down at my phone, 2 minutes. Taking advantage of his distracted look I turn around and head of the back door.


I don’t look back at him as he continues to follow me. I quickly look down at my phone and notice a text instead of a call.

“There is a car waiting for you by the Alibi Room. Hurry up, I’m getting impatient.”

I run quicker trying to make it to the bar. When it comes into view I turn back to look at Carl. His hair is a mess, and his eyes are still heavy with sleep. I turn back and run up the the black Sedan waiting for me, I quickly open the door and jump in. I barely have time to hear the click of my seat belt before we’re taking off down the road.

*Time Skip*

Feeling the bed move behind me I turn over and see G-Dog getting out of bed. The early morning sunlight pours through his blinds causing me to see what a mess his room is. My hoodie is thrown across his TV and my panties are hanging on the door knob. Running my hands down my face I groan loudly. I feel on the table for my phone and when I grab it I turn it on.

*6 missed phone calls*

*4 new texts from Carl*

I’m quick to grab my clothes that are scattered around the room and pull my panties up my legs. I quickly rush to put on my pants and hoodie before rushing down the stairs. G-Dog is sitting at the table with some men I don’t know and when I come bounding down the stairs they all look at me. My eyes flash to G-Dog and I realize the act I have to play.

Running into the kitchen I grab a poptart from the cabinet beside the fridge.

“You couldn’t have woken me up earlier? I missed the bus you asshole.” I say in fake frustration.

I lean down and kiss his cheek quickly.

“I’ll be home at 4, and I’ll cook dinner tonight too. Be safe.”

I quickly grab the keys to the Sedan that picked me up last night and rush out the door. Quickly climbing into the vehicle I plug in my phone and make my way to school.

*Time Skip*

Pulling into the school with 10 min before the bell rings I unplug my phone before walking through the front doors. The halls are still packed with kids and all the at the end I can see Carl. His cornrows peaking through the crowds and his arm around Dominique. My heart settles in its place at the pit of my stomach and I suddenly feel sick. Almost like he knew I was looking at him, he looks up and stares right at me. I pull at the hoodie I’m wearing trying to cover the marks I know litter my neck. They look exactly like his but darker, more rushed and with the need to claim.

I walk towards him, but only to get to my locker and when I pass the couple I make sure to keep my head to the ground. His arm brushes mine and just like the first time my arm tingles. My breath catches in my throat, but I keep walking away. Hoping he’ll stop me and notice something is wrong.

I had no plan to come to school and stay here all day, no my only plan was to come here to get my bag. I open my locker and grab the dark blue backpack that hangs on the hook. I swing it over my shoulder and turn to shut the door. Before I can I notice Carl standing behind me looking in the mirror. His face shows pure anger and disgust. Turning around I glare at him the best that I can while I cross my arms over my chest.

“What the fuck is your problem Gallagher?”

“You left at 2 in the morning and when you finally show up to school you’re sport major fucking sex hair and hickies up and down your neck. What the fuck is up with that?”

I hand automatically moves to cover the bruises on my neck, not even wanting to know how bad the others are. The ones he can’t see..

“Well? Do you have a fucking answer?”

“I got mine the same way you got yours asshole.”

I move past him and push the school doors open as hard as I can. Carl lets out a subtle “ouch.” so I’m assuming the door hit him when he was following me. I continue to walk towards the blacked out Sedan so I can leave.

“Where did you get the car? Can you even drive?”

I continue to ignore him and open the driver side door. I hear the passenger door open and immediately pull out the gun from under the front seat and aim it at the person. Carl looks at me in shock when I finally lower it and put the gun back where it was. I can feel his gaze on the side of my face while I start up the car. Carl climbs into the passenger side and buckles up as I drive out of the school’s parking lot.

“Where did you get the gun?”

I tense, not wanting to tell him anything. I couldn’t trust him anymore, he didn’t need to know right?

“You have a lot of questions today Carl. I thought you didn’t care?”

I stop at a red light and turn to face him.

“I don’t.” He says with a shrug.

“Then what the fuck are you still doing in my car?” I shout as the light turns green and I press on the gas.

“Wanted to make sure you wouldn’t crash this baby. You know, G-Dog has one just like this. Gun below the driver’s seat, bumping bass and even..”

I look over at him to notice the overflowing condom glove box. I tense up and realize Carl has been in this Sedan before. Carl isn’t stupid but he is usually slow, but the look in his eyes tells me he knows where I was last night, because that’s the only place I could get this Sedan.

“Even a condom filled glove box. Were you with G-Dog last night Y/N?!”

I don’t answer, maybe if I ignore him he’ll drop it.

“Pull over.”


“I said pull over Y/N. Now!”

I notice an alleyway and turn down it. At the end I make a right and place the car into park. I shut off the ignition and hop out. Carl meets me on my side and looks at me in disgust.

“Don’t fucking look at me like that Carl, you have no idea what the hell is even going on.” I say while I grind my teeth together.

“Then how about you explain it! You been fucking G-Dog? Been keeping his fucking bed warm and being his little booty call when he’s bored?!”

My arm swings back before connecting with his jaw just like it had two weeks ago. I shake out my hand in frustration that I hit him again and also for the fact that he got it so quickly. I hop back in the driver side of the car and start the ignition. I watch Carl who is holding his jaw still walk in front of the black Sedan before getting into the passenger side. We sit there for a few minutes before Carl speaks up.

“What’s been going on Y/N?”

I quickly grab my pack of cigarettes from the console and light one up. I inhale and watch the smoke swirl out of my mouth.

“The day I got your letter, I decided to go to a party 3 or 4 blocks away from the house. I wanted to get away. I met G-Dog there. It wasn’t a big deal until I noticed some of his guys were walking around tryna sell some ecstasy.” I laughed, it wasn’t a real one, I haven’t laughed in a very long time.

“Every time they sold a hit they would shuffle back to this corner. Me being the nosey ass I am, I followed them back there. G-Dog was sitting on this ragged old couch with two girls on each side basically passed out drunk. At first I didn’t even realize he was the guy you worked for until I noticed his rings. I almost killed him, but instead I showed him how big of pussies his guys really are. I made him a bet. I told him I could sell to more people in an hour than his boys. They were selling around 20 an hour, maybe more. So when he put the pills in my hands I went straight to work. You know me, I’ve always been about the money. I went back for more over 3 times in 45 minutes. He was shocked to say the least. From then on I become the best dealer in our little ghetto. He gave me your corner, and called me “Baby Cakes”.

I take another hit of my cigarette and look out the windshield. I refuse to look at Carl, taking one more hit I continue.

“Shit got worse from there, I was selling percs, oxy, weed, acid, You name it I was selling it. Shit really hit the fan one night at a party. This guy was mad at G-Dog, something about shitty product. He came storming into G-Dog’s house and when he saw him, he whipped out a gun. I knew the game, I’ve been in it since I was living with my mom, but this was new. Everyone had a gun pointed at someone, but by the way they all stood, they weren’t willing to shoot and every single one of them had their safety on. I wasn’t really scared, more aggravated because I just wanted to party. I was high as hell, and all the tension was ruining it. So I took a gun from one of G-Dog’s men, I think it was Tyler honestly and pointed it at the main guy. I was the only one with enough balls to take off the safety and when he called me a dick licking bitch I shot him without a second thought.”

My voice has become as hollow as I felt. It held no emotion, I felt nothing. It had been way too long since I had actually felt some kind of emotion. Lust, anger, sadness. It was all the same to me.

“From that day forward G-Dog called me his ride or die. He thought me shooting that guy was an act of loyalty when in reality I hate him almost as much as I hate myself. I don’t know when we started sleeping together. It started with putting his arm around my waist, and claiming kisses when other men looked, then it become phone calls at 2 am telling me to come over. I sold my soul to G-Dog. I can’t get out. At this point, I don’t even know if I want to.”

I put my foot on the brake and start the car. I back out of the alleyway and head towards G-Dog’s house. I notice that a new car is here and automatically know who it is. I throw my cigarette out the window and rolls my eyes.

“Fucking hell.” I whisper to myself.

“What’s wrong?”

I point to the black 2016 Jeep Wrangler sitting in the driveway.

“That’s G-Dog’s fiancee. When we get out I need you to put your arm around my waist. If not she’s gonna freak because she already suspects that G-Dog and I are a thing.”

I look at Carl and notice he looks skeptical. I roll my eyes again.

“Just go with it okay? I’m not in the mood to deal with her shit. Plus the last time she was actually here in Chicago we were together. So just help me out.”

Carl nods. We walk up to the door before I open it and walk in.



G-Dog and Lilliana (A/N not a real Shameless character) walk into the hallways from the living room. Carl’s hand on my waist is causing my body to tingle a slight bit and I can feel G-Dog glaring a hole into Carl’s hand.

“Lilliana I didn’t know you were coming to visit!” I send her a fake smile.

The woman glares at me and pulls a pair of black panties from behind her back.

“Do these belong to you? I found them in my husband’s room hanging from the door.”

I feel Carl’s hand tighten on my waist, I stiffen slightly but look at her and force myself to blush.

“Uh- well.”

“That’s my fault.”

Lilliana looks over at Carl with disbelief all over her face.

“Y/N and I came home late last night and we were kinda drunk. Every time we drink we end up having sex in the wrong places, last night it just so happened to happen in G-Dog’s bed.”

Carl looks over at G-Dog with a look I don’t recognize.

“I’m sorry about that man. Didn’t mean to get you in trouble with your woman.”

G-dog looks back and forth at Carl and I for a moment before shrugging like he doesn’t care, but I can see the look he’s giving me. Carl must have to because before anyone can say anything else he pulls me to the stairs and smacks my ass as a way to tell me to walk.

“Excuse me as I have a ‘talk’ with my woman. Lilliana, G-dog.”

I make my way upstairs with Carl right behind me. His hands rest on each side of my waist sending shocks where his fingers touch my bare skin. When we make it to my door I unlock it and walk in. My baby blue walls are covered in black and white photos ranging from Chicago at night, to Debbie and I, baby Liam and even some of Carl and I before he left. Carl notices some of the old pictures and his hands tighten on my waist once again.

“I never want to do that again Y/N.”

I nod in understanding. I never want to have to ask him to do it again. I hate that I had to ask this time.

“I know Carl.”

His lips touch my neck delicately and his warm breath sends a chill throughout my body.

“You said earlier that you hate yourself. I don’t know why. You’re the strongest person I know Y/N. No one could handle the shit you’ve went through and still be able to stand every morning. I know I was a pussy with how I left, but in the time I was gone it was you. It’s always been you. You’ve been my girl since day one ma and you’re always gonna be my girl.”

I turn in Carl’s arms and before we can say anything I press my lips to his. His hands wander on my bare skin, getting used to the feel of it. Things have changed in the last year. Neither of us are the same. We can both feel it. My hands come to the bottom of his shirt and we separate to remove it. My hoodie comes off next and then his pants followed by mine.

We don’t say anything as he backs me up to my bed. I can feel his hard on pressed against my thigh. There is no teasing or foreplay because this is what we’ve both wanted for years. His lips attach to my collar bones adding to the purple splotches that already litter my skin. I wrap my legs around his waist pulling him towards me impossibly closer and he pulls back. For a second doubt passes through his eyes and I melt it away with a smile. A real one, the one made just for him.

I gasp loudly when he enters me. It felt foreign, something new, but it was exciting all the same. I loved the way my body lit up wherever he touched. How neither of us could get enough. We didn’t move fast, but I knew I was being loud. I didn’t care though because this feeling was better than any drug could ever give me.

His hand rests on my waist with a tight grip while his other is entwined with mine. My free hand was clawing at his back as he rocked his hips into mine harder. I couldn’t hold on for long because this was Carl. My whole heart and this was the closest we’ve ever been. I came around him, moaning loudly as he continued to fuck me through the earth shattering orgasm he has brought me to before he came too.

We lay there, his head buried in my neck and hand still on my waist. My room smelled of sex and weed. While he smelled like me, weed and sex. Something I thought would never happen. We don’t say anything, he just climbs off of me before grabbing his boxers and putting them on before throwing me his t-shirt. He climbs back onto my bed and gets under the covers, pulling me with him. He lays his head on my chest and rubs circles on my thigh.

I hear him whisper something but I don’t hear it because my eyes are already closed and I fall into a deep sleep.

Paul Lahote // been a while

request: y/n hasn’t seen paul in a while because of some vampires trying to cross onto their lands, and goes into a slump untill he comes back to her. 
pairing: paul x female reader
warnings: fluffy
word count: 
a/n: turned out a bit different but hope you enjoy it!

It has been a while since (y/n) had been in his arms. Wrapped under his muscles, keeping her warm and safe from harms. His breath would fan over her neck and she’d cuddle up tightly against his warm body. His scent would fill her senses, he smelled of the forest and spices and she couldn’t get enough of it.

It has been weeks since she’d seen him properly and it was slowly dimming her light and personality. The pack was on patrol twenty-four-seven, not able to take decent breaks with the vampire coven trying to come onto their lands for a reason they could not figure out.

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Consequences of a Drunken Night

Part 1 - Drunken Night

Pairing: young!Sirius Black x reader

Words: 1811

Warnings: swearing and drunkness

Summary: you get drunk with your best friend Lily Evans and the Marauders take care of you but there’s something they didn’t expect to happen that night.

A/N: So here’s the Sirius Black x reader. It has two parts (I’ll post the other one tomorrow). I hope you like it!! I’ll post the James Potter x reader on Sunday and part 1 from the Supernatural series on Monday!

You were at The Three Broomsticks along with your friends James, Peter, Remus and Sirius and your best friend Lily. You were close friends with all of them and you did almost everything together but Lily was your closest friend. You were the most synchronized people in all Hogwarts and you told each other everything. You both knew what the other was thinking about with just a glance and your list of inside jokes was endless. You couldn’t ask for a better friend, and she felt the same about you. Bearing this in mind, it wasn’t a surprise for the boys that you were counting the drinks together so you would be equally drunk.

“Slow down, girls. You’ll regret this tomorrow,” Remus said with a chuckle as you drank your 11th shot of fire whiskey of the night, while they were still on their second butterbeer. They were so relaxed and careless during the year when it came to drinking that it surprised you they were taking it easy in summer vacations.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, you monkey,” Lily slurred her words laughing at the way she called the poor boy that had to put up with her drunkenness. “You heard that, y/n? I called Remus a monkey!” she said to you. You laughed hysterically with her, almost falling from your chair.

“Woah there, love. You should be more careful,” Sirius said, showing concern with his words while he put you back on your sit grabbing you by the shoulders. He had been acting like if he was your mum all night and it was starting to piss you off. Of course, you liked that he cared about you so didn’t say anything at first, but now you were fed up of him not taking his eyes off you so you wouldn’t do anything stupid. You didn’t know why he did it. Maybe it was because he wasn’t used to you being this drunk.

“And since when do you care, Black?” you snapped at him trying to keep a straight face, but failing miserably. Lily was already exaggeratedly laughing beside you while Sirius looked at you with surprise. You were usually very kind and quiet, though didn’t fear to stand up for yourself. He liked how he got to know a new side of you every time, and this was no exception.

The four boys looked at you, amazed by your and Lily’s behavior. Sure, you did help them on some pranks when they needed it and sometimes you snicked out to roam around the school after care few. Getting in trouble didn’t scare you at all, but as far as they knew, you were quiet and bookish girls who had admirable grades and always turned in your homework on time. You were careful while drinking and oftenly you were the group’s moms while your friends got wasted. But now summer vacations had started and that meant no more exams or homework, so Lily and you just threw your quiet personality a side and had fun. Taking all this in consideration, the boys were startled when they saw you in this state. You were totally wasted and falling over each other, losing balance every time someone said something funny.

As you raised your hand to order more drinks, Sirius put it down and started helping you up your sit. At the same time, James was helping Lily. “I think you should stop with the drinking, y/n,” Sirius expressed his concern, guiding you to the door.

“I agree with Pads in this once, girls,” James acknowledged his friend’s opinion. “C'mon, Lily.” He was grabbing her shoulders and helped her stand up.

When the six of you were out, you felt the warm Summer breeze and smiled childishly at the feeling. Lily, on the other hand, felt the urge to dance. She didn’t really know why, so she blamed it all to the alcohol. She pouted and said to you, “Can we dance? I want to fucking dance.”

You put your hands on her shoulders so you wouldn’t fall and looked at her intensely, though drunkenly, in the eyes. “Well yes, my dear,” you shouted, throwing your arms in the air. You smiled and laughed together. “You guys sing, we dance,” you pointed at the four boys, who stood still and amused, and put an impatient face.

“C'mon I won’t be drunk forever!” Lily shouted, stumbling with her words and making a wide sweeping gesture with her arms. She fell over you and you, barely keeping balance, smiled widely at the four stunned boys.

“You’re gonna be so pissed at us for letting you drink this much tomorrow,” Remus said warningly. The other three could hardly contain their laughter, but nodded agreeingly with their friend.

“Sing!” your best friend demanded indignantly. Lily grabbed James’ hand and started dancing. Peter, who had had a few more beers than the rest of the Marauders, started singing something off-key with a big smirk on his face.

“Dare to dance, princess?” you asked Sirius with a grin, offering your hand. He looked at you with a suspicious expression squinting his eyes playfully, but took it anyways.

“So I’m the princess here?” he asked trying to contain a smile. He liked how careless you were, sober or drunk. In fact, he liked everything about you. Your concentrated face when you were studying something hard, which he found beautiful. The way you bit your bottom lip whenever you thought about a happy memory and the way you hummed muggle songs when you weren’t aware someone was listening. Yes, he liked you a lot. He even dared to say he loved you a couple of times, though never out loud. He didn’t know how to approach you in a more-than-friends way because he thought you wouldn’t like him back.

Boy, he was wrong. You liked him as much as he liked you and you could hardly hide it. Lily knew it, of course. You didn’t have to tell for her to figure it out. Sometimes you stared or smile at him without realizing and as a good friend Lily was, she teased you about it all the time. You were okay with her being like that but you were worried that Sirius would find out and started to distance himself or letting things get awkward. But being too busy checking if he was staring or smiling like an idiot at you, he didn’t pay attention to your staring and smiling.

“I was the one with the balls to ask so yes,” you answered matter-of-factly. Sirius burst in a full body laughter and kept dancing. He had one hand on the small of your back and the other was clasped around your hand. You both enjoyed it though he knew you wouldn’t remember it in the morning, which made him sad.

After the third time you almost fell, only staying on your feet because your dancing partner caught you, Sirius was starting to realize you should go home.

“Oi! Lily fell like five time over here, Pads. I think we should take them home,” James said to his friend, who nodded as a response, with worried eyes. James liked Lily, and, of course, she knew it. She liked him too but wouldn’t dare tell him. She acted hard to get so that he learned a lesson because he could get annoying and cocky as hell sometimes. It was starting to work, which made Lily fall even more for the boy, if that was even possible, as he was now a better person. You teased her when she talked about how James helped a younger student that day or how he defended a group of muggleborns from Snivellus’ bullying. You knew they would end up together somehow.

“Okay, love. I think we should get going before one of you gets hurt,” Sirius told you as he stopped dancing.

“Oh Merlin, relax mom!” you answered now dancing with Lily, both laughing till your stomachs hurt. But you suddenly stopped everything, as an idea crossed your mind. A stupid one. You smirked at the thought.

“Wait, no. We all know that look, y/n. You have a stupid idea,” Peter said concerned at what a drunken y/n could think about.

“We will only go,” you paused making sure they were all paying attention and continued, “if James kisses Lily and Sirius kisses me,” you said slurring your words and grinning widely. Both of the named teenagers blushed violently and the other two, Remus and Peter, burst into laughter.

“Yeah, you do that,” your drunk friend demanded pointing at them. They both gulped and looked at each other nervously, taking a few slow steps towards where you and your best friend were.

“For Godric’s sake, come here,” you said and walked towards Sirius, tripping on the way, though never actually falling. You grabbed him by the collar of his black leather jacket and pressed your lips to his. It was short, but passionate. Suddenly, you felt self-aware of your action and realized what you did. You pulled away and you smiled at him, biting your bottom lip, still feeling shivers going down your spine. Sirius smiled back, realizing he just kissed you, his crush since Merlin knew how much time. Everyone had their eyes wide open at your daring action, considering how shy you were when it came to romance, except for Lily who was waiting for her kiss impatiently. James got near her slowly and leaned in melting in a wonderful kiss with her. They both felt butterflies in their stomachs and pulled away softly, smiling widely at each other.

“Good, now we can go,” she said joyfully. Sirius took your hand in his, trying to enjoy the last moments with you before you would pass out on the couch forgetting everything you did.

Now, two drunk girls, two boys with bright red cheeks and two boys laughing at the show in front of them were walking home to rest and probably sleep until midday. Other teenagers that went out that night were looking at you realizing something happened and wondering what your story of that night was.

When you got to Lily’s house, where you were staying for the weekend, you both laid down on the couch and fell asleep almost instantly. The boys covered you both with a blanket and went on their way to James’ place.

“Do you think they’ll remember?” James asked, not as hopeful as he sounded.

“I don’t think so, Prongs,” his best friend answered.

They were disappointed as you wouldn’t remember the events of the night. Nonetheless, they shrugged it off. All of them were tired and wanted to sleep, there would be time to think about it the next day. Taking care of their drunk friends had drained all their energy and they needed to rest.

Part 2

Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - Nine

The questions started almost as soon as Y/N reached her apartment door to see Garcia sitting on the floor outside it. For once she wasn’t wearing her trademark pretty dresses and heels. She was still in pink, but it was pink sweats and her hair was pulled up into a pony tail. She wore sunglasses on her face and Y/N knew that underneath would be the remains of last night’s make up smudged around her eyes. Hungover Penelope was someone that she’d had the pleasure of meeting a few times before.

“Who was he?” Garcia reached her hands up and Y/N grasped them, tugging her colleague and friend up off the floor and unlocking the apartment door. They both entered, Penny carrying take out cartons, the smells of fresh coffee and bacon permeating the air. Y/N ignored her question, kicking her heels off by the door and rummaging in her bag for her cell phone.

“Who was he?” Penny asked again and Y/N rolled her eyes.

“The dude from the chat room, okay. Lemme get changed into my sweats and plug my cell in. Batteries almost dead. Set the food out and put the TV on.”

Twenty minutes later and the two girls were curled up at opposite ends of the couch, under the soft throw blankets that Y/N kept in her living room. An omnibus of a daytime soap opera that they both pretended to hate but secretly adored was playing on the TV and they were hungrily scoffing down pancakes and bacon.

“So…..what happened? You didn’t even tell us you were leaving, neither did Spencer. I was beginning to think that you’d sloped off together somewhere until Rossi told me you’d left separately.”

Y/N choked on her pancakes, using the hot coffee to swill them back down.

“Spencer left ages before me. I walked out with Hotch. And… erm.. We started messaging again two weeks ago and I just decided to go for it. A girl has needs that sometimes she can’t sate herself.”

“And were those needs sated?”

Y/N was in two minds how to answer this one. Because.. well it was Spencer she was talking about here, but Garcia didn’t know it was Spencer. But it still seemed weird.

Penelope was raising her eyebrows, waiting expectantly, her food now finished and the containers discarded onto the floor.


Screw it. “Yes my needs were sated. Three times.”

Penelope summoned up enough energy to gleefully clap her hands together. “Are you seeing him again?”

Well technically they’d see each other on Monday but that wasn’t what Penny meant.

“I think we’re gonna see how it plays out.”

“So do you like him then?”

“Penelope it was just sex.”

“But you’re thinking about seeing him again?”

Yes, yes she was.

“Just for sex.”

Penny had removed her shades and Y/N could see her eyes narrowing momentarily.

“I mean it Pen. If I see him again it’s solely for the sake of orgasms. Don’t you dare go reading into this.”

“Will you at least tell me his name? Or his user ID.”

“Not a chance in hell. Same reason I won’t tell you mine, because you would somehow hack it and find out exactly what I’m doing or saying and there’s some things that even best friends don’t want to share. No offence like.”

She did looked offended, her lips turning down into a frown.

“Pen… Come on. I really don’t want you knowing some of the filthy things I’ve said in that chat. And you know you’d look, don’t even try to deny it. I love you and all but there’s some things that I need to keep for my own.”

Y/N reached across the couch and squeezed Penelope’s hand lightly.

“Just…. If anything else happens, if this person becomes more important to you, then you’ll tell me?”

“You’ll be the first to know, I promise.”

Garcia smiled at her and the two girls settled back into the cushions and spent the rest of the day watching movies and gossiping idly, ordering takeout in the evening and cracking open a bottle of wine. Penelope ended up stopping over that evening too, Y/N excusing herself for a quick bath at around 8pm and taking her phone with her.

Spencer hadn’t messaged her all day and she wasn’t sure whether to message him either. Now they’d done the deed she wondered if they’d stop hiding in the chat room and switch to conventional texting. She logged in quickly to check, seeing a message left around two hours after she’d left his company this morning.

Dr: Erm so. This is all kinda new to me. Sleeping with someone I know and all that when I’m not actually dating them. But I just wanted to say that last night and this morning was pretty amazing. And I hope things with Penelope weren’t too awkward. Or that things will be awkward between us on Monday.

She grinned to herself, wiggling her body under the bubbles.

Raising her arm out, she snapped a photo and pressed send, choosing to send via WhatsApp rather than the chat so she wouldn’t have to wait until he logged on. She sent a message along with it.

“Penny is still here. She accepted the story about it being the guy from the chat which technically isn’t even a story. And yes, it was pretty amazing. I believe I’ve said this once before but you’re full of surprises Spencer Reid. It won’t be awkward, it’s not been up until now and we’re both adults here; we both know this is just sex.”

She rested her phone on the chair she kept at the side of the tub for towels, hearing it vibrate around five minutes later as she was shaving her legs. She picked it up when she was done.

“You have said it before. I could give you the date and time and the conversation if you’d like without even having to check, lol. But yes, we’re both adults. Have fun with Penelope, and thanks for the pic and the underwear under my pillow.”

“Just to keep you going until next time, yeah.”

“Yeah, until next time.”

When Y/N climbed into bed later that evening next to a tipsy Garcia, she lay there thinking. When exactly would the next time be. And how many more next times would there actually be?

Across town Spencer was wondering the same thing.


No?… just me?… okay sounds good…

Kang Daniel Babysitting Scenario
  • you and your boyfriend kang daniel were babysitting your neighbor’s 2 year old twins together since their parents would be out of town for a business trip
  • and for the first few hours, things are going pretty smoothly
  • you and daniel played games asking the twins to choose their favorite out of you and him, playing hide and seek, playing with dolls, etc.
  • you’re surprised at how much the twins love climbing over daniel’s shoulders and tackling him
  • and you’re kind of sad that you weren’t able to make as good of an impression on the twins as daniel had
  • but of course he sees the glint of jealousy in your eyes and he whispers something to the kids and they come running over to you smothering you in hugs
  • and everything is fun and games and butterflies and fairies….. but then its dinner time
  • “WHAT ?!”
  • so yeah you guys are just one giant mess
  • but eventually you find the carrots and prepare the rest of the food and get the twins under control, and you lean against the kitchen island as you watch daniel feed the kids as you take a break
  • he does the classic “here comes the airplane!” trick and the two twin girls are in love with daniel and he can totally tell because he keeps looking up at you with a giant grin on his face every time he gets them to laugh
  • after dinner you take the twins to the bedroom to get them changed into their pajamas while daniel washes the dishes
  • and as you finish up, holding both of them in your arms to take them to their cribs, daniel comes up behind you and grabs one of the twins out of your arms
  • “thanks” you gave him a smile before you two set them down
  • you and daniel quietly left the twins to sleep and you both collapsed in the living room
  • “i’m so tired” you said as you sprawled yourself out on the floor
  • “come on” daniel said as he picked you up and carried you onto the pull out sofa bed “get some rest. you worked hard today y/n y/l/n!” 
  • “shut up” you laughed as daniel continued to tease you.
  • but both of you dead and drained, fell asleep really quickly until…
  • “what the hell…” you rubbed your eyes as you woke up and you saw daniel stir awake as well
  • you both realized that the sound was one of the twins crying through the baby monitor, and as you started to get up to check up on her, daniel shook his head and made you lie back down
  • “ill go check up on her. you go back to sleep”
  • you nodded, still groggy and just barely awake
  • you sighed with relief when the crying finally stopped, and you watched as daniel came out of the bedroom with both of the twins in his arms
  • “they said they wanted to sleep with us” he laughed.
  • “theres definitely room” you smiled and the two twin girls cuddled in between you and daniel
  • the next morning both you and daniel woke up when the girls started jumping on the couch and shaking you two awake
  • “what’s happening” daniel said in his scratchy morning voice
  • you chuckled at his tousled hair and swollen face before responding “looks like the girls are already awake” 
  • “daniel oppa!!!” the girls squealed as they tackled him, and you couldn’t help but laugh at how startled he looked
  • “y/n help” he said over the twins’s screams and giggles
  • “good luck with that!” you yelled as you escaped the bed to find some peace and quiet

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Never Grow Up - 4


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff lol



Ella was now 17 and going on her first date. She felt nervous and embarrassed that she had never been on a date before when it seemed like everyone else already had. Sebastian watched from the California King bed as she ran in and out of her room and into the master bedroom, asking for help with a couple of things.

“Dad!” She shouted and Sebastian looked over at her. “How do I look?” She moved her hands up and down her body to show him her outfit.

“Fine.” Ella let out a groan and Sebastian laughed. “What now?”

“Dad, you’re supposed to say I look beautiful or gorgeous and that any guy would be super lucky to go out with me.”

“I don’t need to tell you that. You already know that.”

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Jumin Cheating Fanfic part 2

Here’s part two~! Part 1 Hope you enjoy haha -Admin Abby

The sunshine peeked through the curtains as the sun came up. A quiet grunt escaped your lips as you tried to cover yourself from the light. Your head pounded as you felt your stomach toss and turn. You quickly sat up and ran to the bathroom, throwing up everything you had ate the previous night. Standing up, you realized that you weren’t at the penthouse anymore. You were at the old apartment where that ‘unknown’ person led you. ‘So… it wasn’t a dream..’ you thought to yourself. 

 You had only hoped that this was all big nightmare, but it seemed to be the heartbreaking reality. You looked at your phone to see that you have 23 missed calls and 19 text messages. Most were from Jumin whiles others were from some of the RFA members. The horrific scene replayed in your mind. Just the thought of Jumin and that woman made your stomach turn, you felt the need to puke again and ran to the restroom. You entered a chat that looked that only Zen and Yoosung were in. 

 - MC has entered that chatroom - 

 Zen: MC! Have you eaten today? You haven’t been on since last since night. 

Yoosung: I heard what Jumin did.. are you okay???

 - Jumin Han has entered the chatroom- 

 - MC has left the chatroom - 

 You couldn’t do it yet. You weren’t ready to talk to him yet. The love you had for him was still buried deep within your heart. He was the only one who helped you heal your scars from before. He was the only to show you that true love did exist. He always said that he loved to you for you. You were perfect? You were enough for him? Those were the things he had always told you, but did he truly mean it?

 You walked into the bathroom, staring into the mirror. The woman he was with.. she has beautiful ocean blue eyes and long dark black hair. Her skin was pale and she had that perfect hourglass shape. You blinked as tears began to blur your vision as you examined your own body. All you had was boring brown eyes and basic brown hair. You didn’t have the greatest body in your opinion. You had ever been the pretty girl. 

 'What did you expect? Of course he would want someone else. I can’t blame him. I should’ve known that I was never good enough for him.’ Those thoughts repeated over and over in your head as the hot tears streamed down your cheeks

. A sudden ding on your phone pulled you out of your trance. You quickly wiped your tears and and looked at your phone seeing that Zen was calling you. You went to decline the call but a sudden dizziness hit you as you struggled to stand still, holding onto the wall so you wouldn’t fall.

 A lump in your throat formed as you wrapped your arms around your stomach. It wasn’t possible was it? Could you be pregnant? It had only been a week since you last made love with Jumin. Was this the reasoning behind your sudden sickness? 

 You stopped by a store and bought a couple pregnancy tests. You paced across the bathroom floor as you waited for the test to show your results. The thought of you being a singe mother was terrifying. If you were pregnant you couldn’t tell Jumin. You knew that this would only be a bother to him. You couldn’t possibly ruin his new relationship. You both had always talked about wanting to start a family together. One boy and one girl. The memories of you two together on his couch in each other’s arms as you talked about the future you both wished to have was now nothing but false hopes. 

 Suddenly all the memories that the two of you had shared raced back into your mind. The day he proposed. You remember crying in happiness finally being able to devote your life to someone you truly loved. When did it all end? Were you too stupid to notice that he didn’t love you anymore? Had you done something wrong? Was he just… tired of you? He was great at always making sure you felt loved. He made you feel like you were his everything, that he would always love you. Of course they ended up being lies. A handsome amazing perfect man loving an imperfect woman? That never happens.

 You should have seen this coming; however you must have been blinded by all his ‘love’. You took a deep breath before walking up to the counter and looking at the pregnancy test. You eyes widen as you stared at the two red lines.


Press X To Respawn Ch. 1 (Trixya) - Rainbow

Author’s Note: Hey guys, it’s Rainbow! I know I’m hella behind on Paint the Town but I’ve been wanting to write a Youtuber AU for a really long time, ever since I saw a request for one. I also waste about 99% of my life on Youtube, so I suppose I have “experience” in this field… Well, I hope you enjoy this chapter! -Rainbow

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3.4 Fredag 18.08.17 20.58

((( LOVE. - Kendrick Lamar )))

Elias wilted in his seat after yet another wistful glance around the room. The loud thumping of some very unimpressive music and the boisterous voices of people sitting in clusters filled his ears. He found himself searching for one face in the massive crowd. But it was pointless. Eventually, he was joined by the rest of the boys, who were all laughing at some joke Mutta had made. Elias grumbled to himself in frustration. Being at a high school party with a bunch of kids and some shitty music was the last thing he felt like doing right now, but if there was even a slight possibility of seeing Laila, he definitely wasn’t going to say no.

He was resolved on fixing things between him and Laila. No matter what it took. If only she’d let him.

Elias drummed his fingers on the table, refocusing his attention on the conversation at hand. Chris had joined them at the couch and she and Mutta were chatting animatedly. As for the rest, Mikael was in a heated discussion with Yousef about which was better; Naruto or Avatar. Meanwhile Adam and Even laughed at the both of them. Leave it to Mikael and Yousef, the only 19-20 year olds on the planet to have a legit discussion about Naruto and Avatar.

Yousef turned towards Mikael and threw his hands in the air exasperatedly. “Naruto is a 12 year old ninja! It’s so unrealistic?”

“Oh so it’s realistic for an airbender to go around and throw elements?” Mikael questioned.

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