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Sunday: Bechloe week


“You won’t know until you try,”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Beca, really? I’ve been building this for years, and with the help of Stacie I think it’s going to be fine.”

That time travel bechloe au PREVIEW OF A FULL FIC IM GONNA WRITE EVENTUALLY nobody asked for, as the Sunday prompt.

It started when they returned from worlds, Bellas began packing up their rooms and boxes of stuff started to clutter the living room. By the end of the week, Cynthia Rose was leaving and Amy soon after. Emily had already gone home for the summer, and the rest of the bellas were leaving Saturday.

Except Beca and Chloe.

Becas flight to LA didn’t leave until 10pm Sunday, Chloe driving her to the airport before making her way back to her parents house in Florida.

Many tears and hours of loading different girls boxes into cars, the two sat curled up together on the couch for one last night.

“Strip monopoly?” Chloe offered after close to an hour of cuddling in silence, all other bellas gone.

Beca gave an amused yet sad smile, Chloe mirroring her. “I’ll grab the booze.” She slowly got off the couch and made her way to the kitchen.

Chloe pulled out monopoly and began setting it up, placing a small metal pair of headphones and a music note (courtesy of Lily) on Go.

Beca returned, plopping onto the ground across from her friend and pouring two shots of Jiggle Juice, leftover from the other night.

“One last time?”

“Hand it over Wierdo, let’s do this.”

No less than fifteen minutes into the game, Chloe owned 7 spaces and was currently only wearing her bra and underwear, as well as taking her 4th shot. Beca however in the same amount of clothing, on her 6th shot.

“You landed on go, finally!” Chloe exclaimed, grabbing the empty bottle they kept for the game and spinning it in the middle of the board.

“Dude there’s nobody else here, why are you even spinning the bottle?” Beca laughed and smiled when it pointed towards Chloe.

“Truth or Dare, Becs,”


Chloe began thinking long and hard, she needed something from Beca before they left tomorrow evening. Something to let her know that the brunette could possibly care about her in the way that she did.

“I dare you to kiss me.” Chloe said, locking eyes with her best friend.

“What? Chlo, come on,”

“A dares a dare. Either you kiss me, or take off that sexy bra of yours.” Chloe challenged, either would be a win in her book, but the first all the better.

“Fine,” Beca said, getting up and sitting on the couch where Chloe had moved to not to long ago.

The ginger grinned, pulling Beca closer and waiting for the other woman to make the first move.

“Do I have to?” Beca asked, hands already on Chloes cheeks, her friends at the back of her neck.

Chloe nodded, smiling that smile that said ‘I am so in love and happy right now’ that she always seemed to have on around Beca. The brunette groaned quietly but slowly moved forward, inching their faces together.


It was 1 in the afternoon when Chloe woke up, Beca wrapped tightly around her which wasn’t unusual, they often fell asleep in eachothers beds and woke tangled together.

She didn’t remember much, only that they had been playing strip monopoly and had kissed on the couch. That’s where she couldn’t remember anything.

She remembered what they had been wearing, and that it was only a short time until they were in their underwear, but how they had gotten into Chloes bed? And how they had ended up…underwear-less?

As in naked.

As in why were there hickies all over Becas neck.

As in why the hell did Chloes back hurt and—

And they were currently naked together in Chloes bed.


The day wasn’t awkward at all, actually.

They had taken a shower together, testing the acoustics for the first, and last time together in the Bella Household before snacking on the couch all day.

Chloe wanted to ask so bad, what had even happened last night, besides the obvious sexy times.


The hardest part was quite possibly when all of Becas boxes, a total of 2 and a suitcase, as well as Chloes stuff was in the gingers car, and they were locking the house.


“Yeah?” The brunette asked, smiling as she took Chloes hand after walking down the front porch.

“Last night was…the best night of my whole college career.” Chloes eyes misted over, her voice becoming thick with emotion quite quickly.

“Chloe,” Beca said softly, cupping her best friends face with her hand and pulling them into a soft kiss.

“I just want you to know that– that I really love you Beca. And I don’t know what I’m going to do without you anymore, we’re going to be on opposite sides of the country.” A tear fell down the red heads cheek, followed by another and another.

“We’ll call and Skype and text Chlo, don’t cry–”

“Come with me.”

“What? Chloe I–”

“Beca. I’m in love with you. I need you, please come with me to Florida, you don’t have a job yet in LA, just come with and we can build a life together. Please?” Chloe asked, tears falling quickly.

“Chloe I can’t I just…LA’s my dream and it has been for like 5 years, I can’t just drop everything and go to Florida,”


The car ride to the airport was silent. Uncomfortably silent, like it had never been before.

“Goodbye Beca.” Chloe said, tears once again falling as she held tightly to her best friends hands at the gate.

“Goodbye Chloe, I’ll call you when I land, okay?”

Chloe nodded, and Beca pulled her in for a tight hug, burying her face into red hair.

“I love you too, and I’m so, so sorry,” she whispered as she pulled away, someone calling for the final minutes to board.

Chloe only nodded and allowed herself to be pulled into a kiss, long, passionate, and filed with all sorts of emotion and tears on both sides.

“I’m sorry,” Beca said, turning and not looking back as she boarded the plane to LA.


She didn’t call, didn’t text, didn’t Skype or even Snapchat Chloe when she landed.

Worst. Sunday. Ever.


(3 years later)

“You won’t know until you try,”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Beca, really? I’ve been building this for years, and with the help of Stacie I think it’s going to be fine.”

“What if I say yes this time and we make it to Florida, but she changes her mind?”

“The woman is getting married tomorrow Beca, the best shot you have is to go back to that Sunday, Saturday night actually, and fix what you broke 3 years ago.”


Basically just some parts of a story I’m going to write in the near future, in which Beca travels back in time to that Saturday and Sunday where things finally happened between her and Chloe.

snow days ~ Killa


Kit would never admit it, but he was secretly glad that Ella had volunteered the two of them for babysitting duty. Kel’s kids were adorable, and he was pretty sure he’d have more fun watching Frozen for the second time that evening than he would attempting to talk to people and wearing an uncomfortable suit. Plus, he had the feeling that Ella was not a formal party goer. It would probably end badly.

“Uncle Kit, is the popcorn done?” He rolled his eyes as he dumped the popcorn into a giant bowl, checking the clock as he did. It was almost time for the two to go to bed, which was good. He kind of wanted to get Ella alone again, this evening had been startlingly domestic, and he wasn’t sure if he felt entirely confident with all of this. He went back in the living room to see both girls and Ella on the couch, the two of them mostly laying on top of their aunt, and he wedged himself in on the end, popcorn bowl in his lap. “You want some?” He offered, holding it out to her.

“After I had graduated college a few friends and I planned a “camping trip” together. By that I mean we set up a tent in my friend C’s parent’s backyard which happened to be in a forest in eastern Ontario. The trip was me, C, her boyfriend S, and V and J, two girls from my hometown. 

The first night we slept in the tent I brought, the second night was raining all day so we gave up and decided to sleep in her house. Her house was an old house that her mom had inherited from her parents. They also had a bunch of creepy antique pictures of people they didn’t know as decoration. So anyways, J and I slept on the two couches in the living room. V slept in C’s sister’s room, and C and S slept in her childhood bedroom. 

The first night we slept inside I had a hard time sleeping because two girls were whispering in the kitchen behind the couches we were sleeping on. At the time I assumed it was C and V chatting all night. The next night in the house J and I stayed up talking after the other girls had gone to bed. Once I settled down to sleep I heard the whispering start again but I knew for sure everyone else was asleep. It lasted hours. I couldn’t really understand what was said but it was pretty clear it was two girls talking in hushed voices. It was really creepy but unfortunately I’ve heard stuff like that before so I just tried to ignore it. 

The next day I mentioned to J that I heard whispers the past two nights we were in the living room. She asked me if I meant the girls whispering and I said yes. I felt better knowing I wasn’t just crazy or making something out of nothing. The next night we decided to stay up and do some ghost hunting. We listened really hard to make out what was being said. The only times I made out what was being said I heard “Hey” and “There they are!” The kitchen was empty but it was obvious that’s where the sounds were coming from, right behind where we were sitting on the couch. S had come out at some point and was sitting with us while we tried to communicate with the ghosts. We recorded us asking if there was someone there to make a noise, we heard nothing and asked again. Still nothing. When we listened back to the recording each time we asked whatever was there to make a noise there was a knocking in the background we hadn’t heard while recording. Creepy, but we didn’t feel scared since there were three of us. 

At some point after that J and I fell asleep, and S was reading in the kitchen. He told us he heard a loud crash in the basement, then heard us whispering about it. So he walked back into the living room to talk to us about it but he found us both asleep. He woke us up because he was scared and told us what happened. We convinced him to go to the basement and check it out. He went to the bottom of the stairs and ran back up. Apparently there was a rocking chair down there that was rocking with nothing touching it. This might have been a cat but based on what happened earlier I’m thinking maybe not. 

The next night, J, S, and I were all in the basement in a sort of rec room. There were couches, a tv, a bar and pool table. We stayed up all night watching tv and playing risk. Early in the morning we all started to drift off but then we heard someone in the basement. I thought the other two were sleeping so I kept my eyes shut and pretending to be asleep as well. Whoever it was stood in the doorway and watched us on the couch for what felt like forever. I assumed at the time that it was C’s dad but it was still unsettling hearing him in the room with us just breathing and not moving. Then whoever it was left the room and I could breathe again. Afterwards I found out S was still awake too and he heard the person in the room as well. 

That’s everything that happened that week that I could remember. We told C what happened but she was in denial about it and didn’t believe us at all. I have other stories like that about different places but I just thought I would tell this one. This may sound lame but I swear it’s true.” 

By: xSANGUISUGENTx (What is the creepiest, scariest, strangest unexplained experience/ story you’ve had, heard or know?)

On its Own

As cliche as it sounded, Eli was intrigued by the girl next door the moment she laid eyes on her.

She stood in the doorway of her new home, bag snug on her shoulder and duffel fallen on the cement pavement. Her eyes bugged out of their sockets, cerulean irises taking in the sight before her.

“Welcome!” chirped a rather high-pitched voice, the girl at the door sending a bright smile Eli’s way. Eli flinched and stood frozen for a minute, wondering where her eyes should land; on her new roommate’s face, her pretty eyes or her rather shapely chest.

Shakily bringing out a hand to shake, Eli smiled nervously in response. “Hi… I’m Ayase Eli.”

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