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Consequences of a Drunken Night

Part 1 - Drunken Night

Pairing: young!Sirius Black x reader

Words: 1811

Warnings: swearing and drunkness

Summary: you get drunk with your best friend Lily Evans and the Marauders take care of you but there’s something they didn’t expect to happen that night.

A/N: So here’s the Sirius Black x reader. It has two parts (I’ll post the other one tomorrow). I hope you like it!! I’ll post the James Potter x reader on Sunday and part 1 from the Supernatural series on Monday!

You were at The Three Broomsticks along with your friends James, Peter, Remus and Sirius and your best friend Lily. You were close friends with all of them and you did almost everything together but Lily was your closest friend. You were the most synchronized people in all Hogwarts and you told each other everything. You both knew what the other was thinking about with just a glance and your list of inside jokes was endless. You couldn’t ask for a better friend, and she felt the same about you. Bearing this in mind, it wasn’t a surprise for the boys that you were counting the drinks together so you would be equally drunk.

“Slow down, girls. You’ll regret this tomorrow,” Remus said with a chuckle as you drank your 11th shot of fire whiskey of the night, while they were still on their second butterbeer. They were so relaxed and careless during the year when it came to drinking that it surprised you they were taking it easy in summer vacations.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, you monkey,” Lily slurred her words laughing at the way she called the poor boy that had to put up with her drunkenness. “You heard that, y/n? I called Remus a monkey!” she said to you. You laughed hysterically with her, almost falling from your chair.

“Woah there, love. You should be more careful,” Sirius said, showing concern with his words while he put you back on your sit grabbing you by the shoulders. He had been acting like if he was your mum all night and it was starting to piss you off. Of course, you liked that he cared about you so didn’t say anything at first, but now you were fed up of him not taking his eyes off you so you wouldn’t do anything stupid. You didn’t know why he did it. Maybe it was because he wasn’t used to you being this drunk.

“And since when do you care, Black?” you snapped at him trying to keep a straight face, but failing miserably. Lily was already exaggeratedly laughing beside you while Sirius looked at you with surprise. You were usually very kind and quiet, though didn’t fear to stand up for yourself. He liked how he got to know a new side of you every time, and this was no exception.

The four boys looked at you, amazed by your and Lily’s behavior. Sure, you did help them on some pranks when they needed it and sometimes you snicked out to roam around the school after care few. Getting in trouble didn’t scare you at all, but as far as they knew, you were quiet and bookish girls who had admirable grades and always turned in your homework on time. You were careful while drinking and oftenly you were the group’s moms while your friends got wasted. But now summer vacations had started and that meant no more exams or homework, so Lily and you just threw your quiet personality a side and had fun. Taking all this in consideration, the boys were startled when they saw you in this state. You were totally wasted and falling over each other, losing balance every time someone said something funny.

As you raised your hand to order more drinks, Sirius put it down and started helping you up your sit. At the same time, James was helping Lily. “I think you should stop with the drinking, y/n,” Sirius expressed his concern, guiding you to the door.

“I agree with Pads in this once, girls,” James acknowledged his friend’s opinion. “C'mon, Lily.” He was grabbing her shoulders and helped her stand up.

When the six of you were out, you felt the warm Summer breeze and smiled childishly at the feeling. Lily, on the other hand, felt the urge to dance. She didn’t really know why, so she blamed it all to the alcohol. She pouted and said to you, “Can we dance? I want to fucking dance.”

You put your hands on her shoulders so you wouldn’t fall and looked at her intensely, though drunkenly, in the eyes. “Well yes, my dear,” you shouted, throwing your arms in the air. You smiled and laughed together. “You guys sing, we dance,” you pointed at the four boys, who stood still and amused, and put an impatient face.

“C'mon I won’t be drunk forever!” Lily shouted, stumbling with her words and making a wide sweeping gesture with her arms. She fell over you and you, barely keeping balance, smiled widely at the four stunned boys.

“You’re gonna be so pissed at us for letting you drink this much tomorrow,” Remus said warningly. The other three could hardly contain their laughter, but nodded agreeingly with their friend.

“Sing!” your best friend demanded indignantly. Lily grabbed James’ hand and started dancing. Peter, who had had a few more beers than the rest of the Marauders, started singing something off-key with a big smirk on his face.

“Dare to dance, princess?” you asked Sirius with a grin, offering your hand. He looked at you with a suspicious expression squinting his eyes playfully, but took it anyways.

“So I’m the princess here?” he asked trying to contain a smile. He liked how careless you were, sober or drunk. In fact, he liked everything about you. Your concentrated face when you were studying something hard, which he found beautiful. The way you bit your bottom lip whenever you thought about a happy memory and the way you hummed muggle songs when you weren’t aware someone was listening. Yes, he liked you a lot. He even dared to say he loved you a couple of times, though never out loud. He didn’t know how to approach you in a more-than-friends way because he thought you wouldn’t like him back.

Boy, he was wrong. You liked him as much as he liked you and you could hardly hide it. Lily knew it, of course. You didn’t have to tell for her to figure it out. Sometimes you stared or smile at him without realizing and as a good friend Lily was, she teased you about it all the time. You were okay with her being like that but you were worried that Sirius would find out and started to distance himself or letting things get awkward. But being too busy checking if he was staring or smiling like an idiot at you, he didn’t pay attention to your staring and smiling.

“I was the one with the balls to ask so yes,” you answered matter-of-factly. Sirius burst in a full body laughter and kept dancing. He had one hand on the small of your back and the other was clasped around your hand. You both enjoyed it though he knew you wouldn’t remember it in the morning, which made him sad.

After the third time you almost fell, only staying on your feet because your dancing partner caught you, Sirius was starting to realize you should go home.

“Oi! Lily fell like five time over here, Pads. I think we should take them home,” James said to his friend, who nodded as a response, with worried eyes. James liked Lily, and, of course, she knew it. She liked him too but wouldn’t dare tell him. She acted hard to get so that he learned a lesson because he could get annoying and cocky as hell sometimes. It was starting to work, which made Lily fall even more for the boy, if that was even possible, as he was now a better person. You teased her when she talked about how James helped a younger student that day or how he defended a group of muggleborns from Snivellus’ bullying. You knew they would end up together somehow.

“Okay, love. I think we should get going before one of you gets hurt,” Sirius told you as he stopped dancing.

“Oh Merlin, relax mom!” you answered now dancing with Lily, both laughing till your stomachs hurt. But you suddenly stopped everything, as an idea crossed your mind. A stupid one. You smirked at the thought.

“Wait, no. We all know that look, y/n. You have a stupid idea,” Peter said concerned at what a drunken y/n could think about.

“We will only go,” you paused making sure they were all paying attention and continued, “if James kisses Lily and Sirius kisses me,” you said slurring your words and grinning widely. Both of the named teenagers blushed violently and the other two, Remus and Peter, burst into laughter.

“Yeah, you do that,” your drunk friend demanded pointing at them. They both gulped and looked at each other nervously, taking a few slow steps towards where you and your best friend were.

“For Godric’s sake, come here,” you said and walked towards Sirius, tripping on the way, though never actually falling. You grabbed him by the collar of his black leather jacket and pressed your lips to his. It was short, but passionate. Suddenly, you felt self-aware of your action and realized what you did. You pulled away and you smiled at him, biting your bottom lip, still feeling shivers going down your spine. Sirius smiled back, realizing he just kissed you, his crush since Merlin knew how much time. Everyone had their eyes wide open at your daring action, considering how shy you were when it came to romance, except for Lily who was waiting for her kiss impatiently. James got near her slowly and leaned in melting in a wonderful kiss with her. They both felt butterflies in their stomachs and pulled away softly, smiling widely at each other.

“Good, now we can go,” she said joyfully. Sirius took your hand in his, trying to enjoy the last moments with you before you would pass out on the couch forgetting everything you did.

Now, two drunk girls, two boys with bright red cheeks and two boys laughing at the show in front of them were walking home to rest and probably sleep until midday. Other teenagers that went out that night were looking at you realizing something happened and wondering what your story of that night was.

When you got to Lily’s house, where you were staying for the weekend, you both laid down on the couch and fell asleep almost instantly. The boys covered you both with a blanket and went on their way to James’ place.

“Do you think they’ll remember?” James asked, not as hopeful as he sounded.

“I don’t think so, Prongs,” his best friend answered.

They were disappointed as you wouldn’t remember the events of the night. Nonetheless, they shrugged it off. All of them were tired and wanted to sleep, there would be time to think about it the next day. Taking care of their drunk friends had drained all their energy and they needed to rest.

Part 2


No?… just me?… okay sounds good…

Once Best Friends v - luke hemmings au

this is finally here!  it also seems like so little for so long, but i promise that it’ll make a comeback.  i’ve just been dealing with writer’s block and drama right now, but don’t worry.  I’ll be back.

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i - ii - iii - iv

words: 2310

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Altered Fate

Scenario: My best friend is marrying my soulmate, so I made a few changes and now you’re my soulmate.

Pairing: Taehyung + Reader

Genre: Angst (not really) + Fluff + Soulmate AU (in which The Red String of Fate exists)

Words: 2,750

A/N: My second soulmate au. Inspired by one of the many ideas on here. I hope you enjoy it ♡


Not a sound could be heard in your apartment as you stared at your best friend’s hand.

“You’re what?” You gasped.

“Engaged!” Yuri beamed, showing off the new diamond ring adorning her finger.

Not wanting to sound disappointed, you quickly put on a smile and looked at her. “That’s amazing! When did Minho propose?”

“Yesterday. It was so romantic, Y/N, you have no idea,” she glanced back down at her hand. “I called my parents right away, of course. I was going to call you, but I wanted to tell you in person instead.”

“I’m really happy for you, Yuri.”

In all honesty, you weren’t. Not even in the slightest. You wanted to be for her, but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel any joy.

You had kept a secret from Yuri ever since she started dating Minho. You had hoped that they would break up shortly after their relationship began, but now they’re engaged.

You couldn’t tell your own best friend that she was marrying your soulmate.

“There’s another reason why I wanted to tell you in person, though,” she admitted.


“I need you to knot our strings together.”

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Aunt Carrie

Aunt Carrie was always her favorite aunt.

Well, she was her only aunt, but still, Maggie loved her.

She loved her farm and all the animals that she got to play with. She loved rolling in the mud with the piglets when she was six years old and coming inside to Aunt Carrie fussing over her mucky clothes and running a bubble bath for her. She loved petting the soft lambs after they were sheared and helping Aunt Carrie’s border collie, Bud, heard them all into their pen. She loved picking eggs in the chicken coop and patting the hen’s feathery heads and getting her fingers lightly pecked in affection. She liked how one particular brown hen, Hattie, treated her like a big chick, nuzzling her and sitting on her lap while Maggie giggled. She loved the single horse her aunt had, Cinnamon (whom Maggie had named herself), and how his mouth would tickle her palm when she fed him carrots. She loved how he listened to everything she said and how his trot would become slow and gentle when he felt her start to drift on his back, her cheek resting in his mane. She loved how Aunt Carrie would carry her into the house after a long summer day, slip Maggie’s boots from her feet, and lay her down in the guest bedroom, where she would drift off to sleep.

She loved how Aunt Carrie made five kinds of breakfast food every morning and fresh-squeezed orange juice. She loved how Aunt Carrie let her feed all the animals in the morning and made iced tea to enjoy with sandwiches in the afternoon, as they sat on the porch and looked out at the big blue sky over Nebraska. She loved how Aunt Carrie told her stories about her father as a little boy and made Maggie laugh so hard that her sides hurt. She loved how Aunt Carrie called her Maggie, instead of Margaret like her parents did.

She hated leaving Aunt Carrie’s farm at the end of every summer, because it’s the only time they really ever saw each other that wasn’t a holiday or a birthday, and those were too far in between. She hated watching the farm disappear in the rearview mirror as her father’s country music filtered through the old pickup truck.

She tried to call Aunt Carrie at least once a week, on Sundays. Sometimes she would miss a week, because her father or mother was taking up the line and sometimes Aunt Carrie wouldn’t answer, because she was probably tending to her animals. As Maggie got older, she started spending her Sundays with friends and, specifically, in Eliza Wilkie’s basement, smoking cigarettes and watching horror flicks. Eliza’s parents were cool about smoking in the house (hell, they did it, too) and the two girls would sit close together on the couch and blow smoke at each other and giggle at the hilarity onscreen. Maggie felt her feelings develop quickly and without her permission, but she felt more for this girl than she’d ever felt for any of the boys who’d wanted to hold her hand or sent her notes in class, asking her to be their girlfriend.

It was scary, but she took the risk.

When it landed her with a slap across the face, courtesy of her father, Maggie decided that the risk wasn’t worth it. When her father threw his old army duffel at her and told her to “pack your shit and get the hell out of my house, you pervert”, she decided that she would never take another risk again. When Aunt Carrie was already waiting for her out on the street, she decided to keep her mouth shut and her eyes to the ground. When, halfway to the farm, Aunt Carrie reached over and wrapped her fingers around Maggie’s hand, she finally let the tears fall.

Aunt Carrie was silent as she cried—as silent as Maggie’s mother had been—but she squeezed her hand every so often and played a station that she didn’t particularly have a taste for, but she knew had the kind of music that Maggie liked. And, when they got home, she took her hand back, turned off the car, and stepped out, walking around and opening Maggie’s door for her.

Maggie fell into her arms and sobbed, burying her face into Aunt Carrie’s shoulder and just allowing herself to fall apart a little bit. Aunt Carrie just held her for a long moment, before pulling back and looking her straight in the eye.

“Don’t you ever let nobody tell you how to live your life, Maggie Sawyer,” she said. “Ain’t nobody know how to live your life better than you do. You hear me?” Maggie nodded, tears in her eyes and a quiver in her chin. “Good. Now come on inside. I made us some comfort food.” She reached past Maggie and grabbed that old army bag, hefting it over her shoulder. Then she took Maggie’s hand again and held it all the way to the door.

It wasn’t smooth-sailing after that, though.

Living full-time with Aunt Carrie was nice, because she was somebody who cared deeply about Maggie and accepted her for who she was, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t miss her parents. She’d found herself staring at the old phone in the kitchen, wondering if she could pick it up and call home; if they would even answer. If they would even want to talk to her.

She knew that Aunt Carrie called sometimes. Knew that Aunt Carrie would talk to her mother and give her updates on Maggie, but that her mother never wanted to talk to her, even when Carrie offered to put her on the phone. She knew that her father refused to talk to Aunt Carrie because she’d taken in his ‘blasphemous’ daughter and taught her that being ‘that way’ was okay. Maggie knew that she’d probably never get to speak to her parents again; that their love had dried up as soon as they learned who she really was.

She tried not to cry herself to sleep thinking about that, but she did. Most nights, she did. And most mornings, Aunt Carrie already had a stack of blueberry pancakes waiting for her on the kitchen table, with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Aunt Carrie never had children of her own, but she packed Maggie’s lunch with such care that you’d think she’d done it all her life. And while the teenage girl in Maggie groaned at any sort of affection from her guardian, the girl abandoned by her homophobic parents reveled at every little bit of love she got from her aunt. Especially when girls like Eliza Wilkie suddenly acted like she was diseased when she was still showing up at school (just to finish out the year before she started closer to her new home) and spreading rumors about Maggie forcing herself on them.

Maggie ignored them and focused on the notes that Aunt Carrie slipped into her pocket, which she usually found by second or third period. Maggie would smile at the tiny, lumpy hearts that Aunt Carrie would draw and the poorly done sketch of Bud and she’d breathe a little deeper and fight the tears in her eyes, because suddenly everything was alright.

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Number 117 for Tree Bros Please! "She's 6, how can she scare you?"

Connor usually avoided his extended family. He was the gay AND ‘emo’ cousin, so when his dad’s siblings and their children came over it was rather uncomfortable. 

This time was different. His dad’s brother had come in for a visit with his wife and brought their six year old daughter, Allison. Somehow he’d been forced, despite having plans with Evan, to babysit.

But he was making thirty bucks off of babysitting this child so sometimes you had to make sacrifices. Evan would still be coming over anyways so it wasn’t too bad. 

Connor knew his cousin was a bit much. She talked loud, loved to run around and scream. Connor liked none of those things. Plus from Zoe’s previous babysitting stories he heard that Allison was rather vicious. 

So one hour into babysitting the six year old girl had already wreaked havoc and bit Connor. Twice. So here he was watching her from the couch and she slowly ate the strawberries he so nicely took out for her.

“Evan please get your ass over here.” Connor whispered as he stood up and made his way into the kitchen.

“Connor what’s wrong? Why are you whispering? Is something bad happening?” Evan questioned. The hushed tone of his boyfriend’s voice was enough to cause several horrible scenarios to run in Evan’s mind.

“I’m babysitting my cousin, she’s the devil incarnate and I’m terrified. The house is a mess, Evan please save me.” Connor muttered.

Evan let out a small laugh. “Connor she’s six, how can she scare you? And I’m sure she isn’t that bad.” 

“Come over and see.”

Evan did in fact go over and see what Connor’s fuss was about and he regretted. Allison Murphy was in fact the devil incarnate. She was snappy, hyper and liked to destroy things.

“I am so sorry, she’s terrifying.” Evan whispered. The two were hiding behind the couch and the little girl ran through the house.

“Fucking told you.” Connor grumbled. “I’m never babysitting ever again.”

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Andromeda spending time with Kid!Nymphadora ? That would be cute.

  • okay, so i have this headcanon that they really loved to bake together.
  • even though tonks never actually acquired the skill after years of practice.
  • she loved watching andromeda roll dough in silence; it was almost therapeutic.
  • but there was this one particular time where tonks was getting rather rowdy, and this upset andromeda.
  • but rather than show her temper, she flicked flour in her face and laughed.
  • at first, little tonks was surprised and irritated.
  • but then she laughed too, and they laughed for hours after they got into a huge flour fight in the kitchen.
  • which is a big deal because andromeda hated messes.
  • and that night when ted came home from a long night at work, he came to find his house covered in flour, and his two girls asleep in each others arms on the couch covered in flour.
  • and in his opinion, that was the best sight he could have ever come home to. 

No idea where this came from, but apparently I needed a break from revising for my dcjbb. This is Destiel future-fic, kid!fic, pretty much outsider POV, and not beta’d, or even re-read (’cause if I re-read it, it’ll never see the light of day!). 

Also at AO3

“Night, Papa!”

“Goodnight, Mr. Cas!”

Castiel bit back a laugh as he watched his daughter, Mary, and her friend. The girls snuggled down into their sleeping bags with badly muted giggles.

“Mary, I understand that you two are excited tonight, but you do need to get some rest.”

“Okay, Papa. We promise.” The two pre-teens looked up at him just a little too innocently. He thanked his lucky stars that Mary seemed to have not picked up Dean’s ability to lie straight-faced. At least not yet.

He shook his head as he closed the rec room door behind him.

Mary and her best friend, Abby, waited until the sound of Cas’ footsteps had faded before they wriggled out of the bags and started the sleepover in earnest. A couple of hours later, they were finally winding down. Mary was curled up on the couch doing her nails, while Abby flipped through the Netflix menu looking for something good to watch.

“Huh,” Abby said suddenly.

Mary looked up briefly. “Find something good?” She returned her attention to the nail polish when she didn’t see anything exciting on the menu.

“You guys don’t have a dog, right?”

“No. Why?”

Abby tilted her head, motioning for quiet. After a few seconds, she shrugged. “Thought I heard something moving around outside.”

Mary quickly capped her nail polish and stood up, fanning her hands as she walked over to the window.

“What are you doing?” Abby asked.

She peered out the window into the dark. “Gotta tell my dads,” she answered.

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More beronica + baby?

  • veronica finds betty leaning over the crib most nights before they’re off to bed. veronica will join her for a bit, watching the steady rise and fall of their daughter’s stomach as she breathes before she coaxes betty into bed, kisses the line of worry that parts her brows, squeezes her hand underneath the sheets. she doesn’t know why betty worries the way she does but assuring that yes, “she’ll be okay,” seems to make her breathe easier
  • when veronica was still pregnant they spent so much time singing to her belly. the warmth veronica feels the first time baby’s crying and a soft lullaby gets her to calm down is unlike anything she’s ever felt before.
  • betty comes home with groceries and take out when she finds her two girls passed out on the couch. the soft snores they let out mirror each other. carefully, after taking a few pictures, betty scoops her daughter into her arms and tucks her into her crib properly. and then she does the same to veronica, carrying her bridal style to their bed - only pauses when she bumps her head against the wall by accident and veronica lets out a soft, “ow,” and nuzzles into her chest
  • it’s passing out as soon as they get in bed, it’s taking turns getting up in the middle night to feed her. it’s veronica singing and rocking her to bed, betty blowing raspberries on her belly after she towels her off from a bath, the sounds baby makes when she laughs, the heartache they both feel when she cries, and the two of them nearly crying themselves when her first word is mama. and really - despite the exhaustion and the tears - neither of them would have it any other way
Jumin Cheating Fanfic part 2

Here’s part two~! Part 1 Hope you enjoy haha -Admin Abby

The sunshine peeked through the curtains as the sun came up. A quiet grunt escaped your lips as you tried to cover yourself from the light. Your head pounded as you felt your stomach toss and turn. You quickly sat up and ran to the bathroom, throwing up everything you had ate the previous night. Standing up, you realized that you weren’t at the penthouse anymore. You were at the old apartment where that ‘unknown’ person led you. ‘So… it wasn’t a dream..’ you thought to yourself. 

 You had only hoped that this was all big nightmare, but it seemed to be the heartbreaking reality. You looked at your phone to see that you have 23 missed calls and 19 text messages. Most were from Jumin whiles others were from some of the RFA members. The horrific scene replayed in your mind. Just the thought of Jumin and that woman made your stomach turn, you felt the need to puke again and ran to the restroom. You entered a chat that looked that only Zen and Yoosung were in. 

 - MC has entered that chatroom - 

 Zen: MC! Have you eaten today? You haven’t been on since last since night. 

Yoosung: I heard what Jumin did.. are you okay???

 - Jumin Han has entered the chatroom- 

 - MC has left the chatroom - 

 You couldn’t do it yet. You weren’t ready to talk to him yet. The love you had for him was still buried deep within your heart. He was the only one who helped you heal your scars from before. He was the only to show you that true love did exist. He always said that he loved to you for you. You were perfect? You were enough for him? Those were the things he had always told you, but did he truly mean it?

 You walked into the bathroom, staring into the mirror. The woman he was with.. she has beautiful ocean blue eyes and long dark black hair. Her skin was pale and she had that perfect hourglass shape. You blinked as tears began to blur your vision as you examined your own body. All you had was boring brown eyes and basic brown hair. You didn’t have the greatest body in your opinion. You had ever been the pretty girl. 

 'What did you expect? Of course he would want someone else. I can’t blame him. I should’ve known that I was never good enough for him.’ Those thoughts repeated over and over in your head as the hot tears streamed down your cheeks

. A sudden ding on your phone pulled you out of your trance. You quickly wiped your tears and and looked at your phone seeing that Zen was calling you. You went to decline the call but a sudden dizziness hit you as you struggled to stand still, holding onto the wall so you wouldn’t fall.

 A lump in your throat formed as you wrapped your arms around your stomach. It wasn’t possible was it? Could you be pregnant? It had only been a week since you last made love with Jumin. Was this the reasoning behind your sudden sickness? 

 You stopped by a store and bought a couple pregnancy tests. You paced across the bathroom floor as you waited for the test to show your results. The thought of you being a singe mother was terrifying. If you were pregnant you couldn’t tell Jumin. You knew that this would only be a bother to him. You couldn’t possibly ruin his new relationship. You both had always talked about wanting to start a family together. One boy and one girl. The memories of you two together on his couch in each other’s arms as you talked about the future you both wished to have was now nothing but false hopes. 

 Suddenly all the memories that the two of you had shared raced back into your mind. The day he proposed. You remember crying in happiness finally being able to devote your life to someone you truly loved. When did it all end? Were you too stupid to notice that he didn’t love you anymore? Had you done something wrong? Was he just… tired of you? He was great at always making sure you felt loved. He made you feel like you were his everything, that he would always love you. Of course they ended up being lies. A handsome amazing perfect man loving an imperfect woman? That never happens.

 You should have seen this coming; however you must have been blinded by all his ‘love’. You took a deep breath before walking up to the counter and looking at the pregnancy test. You eyes widen as you stared at the two red lines.


Home Sweet Home (Shalaska) - jazz

A/N: Hi again - my fluffy boy Shalaska one-shot took an unexpected semi-smutty turn. I also just now came across the Season 4 Episode 2 of Untucked where Alaska sends Sharon the cutest video message (I’m so late to the game with this & I’m bitter about it), so that was the original inspiration here. Sorry it’s so short, I’d like to start working on something longer next! xx

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“You’re Adrien, you cracked walnut!”

I may have just written my all-time favorite line and it only makes it a million times better that I have Plagg saying it. Read the rest here. :)

Adrien groaned and flopped down onto the couch. “I don’t know what I’m doing, Plagg. I’m in love with Ladybug.”

 “Well, apparently you’re in love with Marinette.”

“I can’t be in love with two girls,” he mumbled into the couch cushion.

Plagg thought it better to not respond.

“Besides, she likes Adrien,” Adrien added.

“You’re Adrien, you cracked walnut!”