two full grown men playing this game

modern au with mudad and dadtaro and dadseph as competitors

dio spoils his son, but that just has him take up pickpocketing for excitement. dio’s still proud, somehow. jotaro is a strict father whose idea of bonding is sharing his love of marine life with his daughter, aka fishing trips where lil jolyne is mostly playing with the live bait.

joseph knows his son is Mad Greedy and tries to offset that by being reasonable… but then he sees these other two grown ass men trying to parent and is just PFF. PFFFF. THIS IS HOW YOU PARENT.

shows up at josuke’s baseball game in full team colors as the only heckler in the crowd against the rest of these ten year olds. poor josuke is so embarrassed.

These beautiful boys went to bed last night as 5-year-olds and work up today a year older.

Since Monday isn’t really party day, we did a full-tilt boogie weekend of fun stuff (as evidenced by the past two days of posts). My wife and I even gamed the system at Knott’s an won each of them a huge stuffed critter playing Whack-a-Mole. Tonight we have one more shindig-ish event, then the boys and my wife will head up north for our annual Thanksgiving/Additional Birthday Celebration with my in-laws.

In all the activity, it might be easy to loose sight of the fact that Wyatt and Boone have grown into amazing young men. Their creativity stuns other adults they meet and their compassion for others known no limits. Sure, they may forget to say thank you every once in a while, but they worked together to stand up to a schoolyard bully, protecting some classmates, and they always welcome new friends into their imaginative world.

So, happy birthday, Boone and Wyatt. It’s been a pleasure growing up with you these past 6 years. A can’t wait to see what happens next.